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no cause this is still the funniest twst ss to ever exist
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Y/n: *happily walking around campus*
Riddle: oh hi Perfect! What are you doing today?
Y/n: *holds up a sign that says free hugs for all dorm leaders* going around making sure you all get hugs!
Riddle: *nods* well how many have you given out so far?
Y/n: well every time I try heading to savannaclaw malleus shows up… so I’ve given out 47 hugs… 1 to Kalim, 1 to Idia, and 45 to malleus!
Riddle: *nodding to shy to ask for a hug*
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The entire collection
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malleus’ one brain cell working in overdrive
context: he is looking at a goat
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☆— Lolita has posted a new fic¡¡¡ “I just want to give you kiss¡…” ft. Diasomnia members. In which our Diasomnia boys gives you a kiss for the first time in the relationship!
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— Playing Darte un beso —
★ MALLEUS¡ — Your lips. So soft looking and just simply beautiful. Recently you two have been dating but you two haven’t kissed yet; isn’t that what lovers do? Malleus has been waiting for that special moment. Lilia has once told him how beautiful it feels like to kiss that one person you love, it feels like fireworks and you get a sudden warm feeling; the feeling of love.
So now that you two are walking alone at night, it should be the perfect time to finally kiss you, no? He wants to know that feeling that Lilia has been talking about. He wants to feel your lips against his, he wants to show you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you. It’s already been two weeks of dating you, he’s sure you’re ready.
“Hey.. Child of man” he said stopping his tracks making you stop yours too. He looked at you in the eyes; he was a bit nervous to tell you this, he isn’t sure if you are ready or not to finally have your first kiss and he really doesn’t want to make things awkward for you “We have been together for two weeks now and I must say I’ve enjoyed them very much, you make my days better. We have been doing many activities together and for the first time I feel like I am not alone” he said.
You smiled at him softly, love was shown in your eyes making him more confident “And I wanted to show you how much I love you. Therefore… Will you let me, darling?” He said. Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned into a rosy shade. You have been waiting for this moment too, but you were far too shy to make the first move.
“Oh Malleus” you said and got on your tippy toes to reach up to him a bit more “You didn’t have to ask” you said with a smile. Your eyes shined; the moon’s light made you look unbelievably beautiful even he would’ve mistaken you for an angel. The way you look at him and the way he looks at you, both your hearts race for each other. Slowly he leaned down to you, your lips almost touching until finally they locked together.
And there it was, the feeling Lilia has been talking about. He could feel it; the fireworks, he could feel his stomach flip and his heart race faster, it felt beautiful he could cry. This is what love is, beautiful just like you. The kiss was passionate, soft, and slow, he felt like he was in a fairytale.
You are his fairytale.
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★ LILIA¡ — He has lived for many years, centuries even. He has kissed many women and men from many species, he has fallen in love with many people and yet he feels different around you. You are just a mere human, nothing more nothing less, so how can you make him feel this way? The urge he has to kiss you and hold you and just show you how much he loves you. Peepaw is in love fufufu~. It hasn’t been too long since the two of you have dated, it’s already been a week or so but you still haven’t kissed oh my! He simply can’t just leave it like this! So he builds a plan!
It was a normal day at NRC, Ace and Deuce making trouble like always, Crowley calling himself gracious, Grim whining and wanting Tuna, almost getting into a fight with some of the Savanaclaw students. Exhausting but normal non the less. While walking through the empty hallway you wondered where Lilia was. Normally he would walk you to your next class but he hasn’t showed up in a while now that you think of it.
You were too deep in thought to notice your boyfriend hanging upside down on the ceiling. You didn’t realize it until you felt someone’s lips against yours out of nowhere. Their lips were cold but soft. Your eyes were wide until you realized that those lips belonged to Lilia, your partner who was closing his eyes passionately.
Your cheeks grew red, it felt like everything went slow motion. Slowly you kissed back and closed your eyes enjoying the sweet taste and feeling of his lips against yours. You could tell he was experienced; he was too much of a good kisser. You slowly pulled him closer to you. This was your first kiss, you never knew it would feel so magical. Even Lilia was enjoying the kiss a lot, he feels like a young boy who has fallen in love for the first time!
It was a long passionate kiss with a lot of emotions in it. Each minute you felt like wanting him even more, what this man does to you is insane!
He makes you insane, and you make him insane too~.
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★ SILVER¡ — At first it wasn’t something he thought of, your company and conversations you two would have was enough. That is until his father told him if you and him have kissed yet, then he started to realize that you still haven’t had your first kiss. Ever since then something has been bothering him. He has been thinking more about it than he would admit. Even when he sleeps his dreams are about you and kissing you. Even in class he spaces out and starts imagining how your lips would feel. Would they be soft? Warm? Either way… perhaps he should make the first move?
It took him a lot of courage, he had to ask his father for advice since he wasn’t so sure. He wasn’t exactly shy; just nervous. He wasn’t sure if you’d find it awkward or still isn’t ready to give your up your first kiss yet. But Lilia has given him a few tips and tricks to make it as smooth as possible.
So when you two finally are outside alone together sitting on the grass and just in general talking, he makes his move. Silver lets out a small chuckle “So I did fall asleep?” He sigh “No wonder why Lilia looked at me in a scolding way” he said. His father always scolds him when he catches him sleeping, although it’s something Silver can’t control he know his father does it for good. You giggled but soon stopped when you realized Silver kept staring at you “… Um.. Silver is something wrong?” You asked him genuinely concerned. Silver snapped out of it and cleared his throat “Well… There is something I have been meaning to talk to you about” he said. Now you were intrigued “Oh really? What is it?” You asked him.
It’s now or never…
“Well, something has been on my mind lately. It’s nothing bad don’t worry. But it has been a bit… Troubling I guess… ” Silver said. You leaned closer to him “Well what has been troubling you? I bet I can help you!” You said with a soft smile. Silver gained a bit of confidence and leaned closer to you too “Well… Lately I have been thinking about you” he said. You two were now an inch away from each other’s faces “And how you would feel like against my lips” he finally said. The gap between the two of you closed.
Magic. Your lips fit perfectly against his, the feeling in his stomach was strange, he could feel his heart pounding fast especially when you kissed back with the same passion as him. He wrapped his arms around your waste and pulled you a bit closer while you caressed his now rosey cheek. So this what kissing someone feels like? How beautiful.
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★ SEBEK¡ — How did he even fall for you, a human in the first place? Even he doesn’t know. But he has gotten soft around you ever since you two started yelling. Sure he still yells at you when he thinks you’re getting to close to his master but not as much as before. He reminds you he loves you though that’s only in public. He may be loud and brave to others but truth is he can be a bit shy, especially when it means confessing about his feelings and stuff.
However Sebek has lately noticed something. Many couples always kiss and yet you two still haven’t!!! How come!? This is not ok! You two must do what lovers do and kissing is something so common! HE WILL MAKE THE GIRST MOVE AONCE HE KNOWS YOU’RE TOO SHY TO DO IT! Like him—. But Sebek will put his big boy pants and confront you!
For you it was just a normal day. But when you saw Sebek run towards you it soon became rather… interesting? You were shocked and a bit worried, did something bad happen? An emergency? Many thoughts raced into your head until you felt Sebek grab your shoulders and push you close to him. You looked up at him and noticed how he was blushing. What is going to do? “Uh, Sebek? What’s wrong?” You asked him. Something was off, you know it. “LISTEN HUMAN! WE HAVE BEEN DATING FOR WEEKS NOW! AND JUST TO SHOW MY LOVE TOWARDS YOU, I SHALL GIVE YOU MY FIRST KISS!” He said and quickly pulled you into a kiss.
Your eyes widened. Everything went fast and it did take you time to process what was going on before you kisses him back. Although your first kiss wasn’t quite planned to be like this, you still got to experience your first kiss with your lover. His lips were surprisingly soft and kissable, they felt like cotton candy, soft and sweet. The kiss was lovely and slow and a bit long. You two simply wanted to make the moment last for a while. You wanted to enjoy the feeling of love. Did this all happen because he saw some random couple kissing and realized he wanted to kiss you too? Probably. You are in love with an idiot… But he is a cute idiot and is yours.
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Bros the type of guy...
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
bros the type of guy to visit you at midnight to see if you're awake and if you were, he'd asked you if you'd like take a walk with him and you feel safe knowing he's there with you when you both take a midnight stroll while holding hands (and because no one is dumb enough to attack him)
bros the type of guy who would try to help you study and is very patient about it and understanding. he's never irritated if you're slow at learning or struggling to memorise, he'll take his time with you (as it is also an opportunity for him to spend quality time with you) and try to explain and teach you things
bros the type of guy to trust you with his tamagotchi, gao gao-kun when he's really busy and is unable to tend to his virtual pet. if you also have one, he'd do the same for you if you're unable to care for yours either
bros the type of guy to use "love", "my love", "dearest" as petnames
bros the type of guy to brush a strand of hair out of your face in the morning when you're still asleep, leaning down to kiss your forehead and stroke your cheek
bros the type of guy to bring you up in conversations with zero awareness of him doing so such as "ah yes, i remember the prefect talking about this. perhaps I'll get it as a gift." "the prefect enjoys this activity as well, it's quite endearing seeing how cheerful they get when it comes to it." prefect this, prefect that
bros the type of guy to send you letters when you're both far apart from each other since he has no knowledge on how technology works. his letters are always so sweet and heartwarming. he'll mention things that remind him of you, and how he wishes to bring you with him next time
bros the type of guy to randomly kiss you when you rant about something you're interested in and as he listens, his eyes trail down to your lips and without a second thought, he bends down to peck them. it catches you off guard, with you going "huh?? what was that about???" he simply smiles and says, "forgive me, i couldn't resist myself. please continue with what you were saying, my love."
bros the type to be a little jealous. not in a way that it's unhealthy, he would trust you and fully believes you love him just as he loves you and he would never stop you from having friends and spending time with them. i feel like the most he'd do is get a little pouty and try to spend more time with you, you were his first friend and first love, he just loves you a lot. he wouldn't get jealous much if people hit on you because he knows you wouldn't indulge them nor cheat but will intervene if they start going too far and making you uncomfortable but that's assuming there's actually people bold enough to even try to flirt with you if they know Malleus is your boyfriend otherwise if not, they'll find out once they see him approaching when they do too much
bros the type of guy who'd love being both being big spoon and little spoon
bros the type of guy to hold your hand while sitting next to you and say, "I'm here, love" when you're upset and/or crying. you can lean against him or even embrace him and he'll do the same thing back because he loves you. he's a great listener and will do whatever you ask him to do try and help you through whatever you're going through and may even ask Lilia for some advice unless you didn't want him to tell Lilia about it or something that could hint to you being upset
bros the type of guy who'll get anything that interests you and would also gift you some of the rarest rocks, stones or crystals on the damn planet
bros the type of guy to keep everything you give him, whether it may be considered junk or not. he'll keep it like it's treasure and will get upset if any of it goes missing. even if you tell him it's fine, he'll feel bad it's missing because anything you give him, he cherishes
bros also the type of guy to literally wear a friendship/love bracelet or necklace everyday if you ever decide to match with him and he would never take it off and would refuse to do so. only exceptions is necessary like cooking or showering/bathing or in a situation it could get ruined
bros the type of guy to listen to everything you tell him, even if it's just about drama, something random, or your interests. even if he doesn't understand nor isn't interested in the topic it itself, he would always listen because he loves to listen to you talk and knowing what makes you happy just as you do the same for him
bros the type of guy who doesn't really dwell on the fact that you are human and therefore have a shorter life span than he does. he's probably has moments when he thinks about how short your life span is and the fact that one day he'll lose you and he's afraid of it happening. otherwise at the same time, it's more of a reason to really cherish every moment. rather than focusing on his worries and fears of losing you, he spends every moment he can with you, spending quality time together and makes sure you know he absolutely loves you and how much you mean to him
bro highly appreciates you as a person, his friend/lover. you make him feel like he's not alone, and you are his whole world. bro would defend you with his life if anyone had something against you, would always support you, always there for you, listen, spend times with and would love you endlessly
I'm hopeless man
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iii. SOBER UP ! ‹ housewardens ›
⇝ . texting them that you're hungover !
⇝feat. idia and malleus (and lilia)
← pt. 1 • ← pt. 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
idia shroud ‹ ignihyde ›
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
malleus draconia ‹ diasomnia ›
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i dont know what prompted me to draw this
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Caught Singing
Fandoms: Twisted Wonderland
Characters: Malleus Draconia
Warnings: None
Reader's Gender: Gender Neutral
Summary: Malleus hears you sing a familiar song and offers you a trip to Briar Valley.
The ask: Cool, can I request Malleus finding Mc singing Once Upon a Dream after being gifted his holiday card saying that the image cover is familiar.
In the halls of NRC, Malleus's presence commanded attention from every student. Many avoided his path, while some braver students, notably all from Savanaclaw, attempted to look unaffected. Their fear, however, was still expressed through ducked heads and quick walking.
Though their reactions bothered Malleus in a way, he ignored his peers in favor of getting to the library. The hallway got quieter as the group of students passed, the sound of their polished shoes tapping away on hard floors dimmed with distance.
Turning down a particularly empty corridor, Malleus heard light humming. Farther down the hall, Y/N sat on a bench under a window, writing something in their notebook. They looked peaceful, clearly working on something engaging. Possibly homework, but he doubted it due to their relaxed posture.
Pausing to take in the melody, some part of Malleus tensed in nostalgia. The light sounds of pen and paper were drowned out as Y/N began singing a familiar song.
"...I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam."
Unlike the students he had passed before, Y/N hadn't immediately noticed him, something he was particularly thankful for at the moment. He leaned against the archway at the corridor's entrance as his mind went a bit hazy, his horns scraped against the dark wood it was made out of. Before he could be caught, Malleus pulled himself from the wall, putting his weight back on his feet.
"Good Morning, Y/N."
Looking up, you saw Tsunotarou standing in front of you. "Oh! Good Morning!" You set your doodles to the side, scooting over slightly to give him a place to sit. He glanced at the seat you offered, but made no move to take it.
"You can sing?", he asked suddenly.
Cringing lightly that someone had caught you, you nodded while closing your notebook. "Couldn't help it. That song's been stuck in my head for a few days now."
You shifted awkwardly after a moment of uncomfortable silence between you two. Attempting to fill it, you added, "It's a bit funny, actually. That holiday card you gave me is what triggered me to remember it. The image on it seemed familiar too. Do you know where that picture is from? I could have sworn I've seen it before."
With that, Tsunotarou finally sat next to you. "I do know, though I'm sure you haven't been there." He gave you a tight lipped smile and shifted to face you better. "Now that you say that though, would you like to go? I'm going back to Briar Valley for winter break, and I don't believe your planning on going anywhere, are you?"
"No, I'm not."
He leaned closer to you. It was getting a bit difficult to hold eye contact with how intently he was staring. "You should come along with Lilia, Silver, and I. I'm sure my grandmother would love to meet you."
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Why does he do this? 😭 to show off I guess
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◇ Not requested
Tumblr media
Twst reacting to Mc returning to NRC after being able to return tot their world.
It can be either platonic or romantic :)
• He was overjoyed , almost forgetting all about his rules ! Impossible!
• Probably would be very happy, smiling a lot, some bone crushing hugs here and there and trying to catch you up on what’s happened
• He sets up a tea party just for your return
• Trey was shocked , speechless.
•he’s very giddy, smiling and giving lots of hugs
• Carter dropped his phone after seeing you so suddenly and at his dorm too!?
• He made a livestream and took so many photos of the two of you his storage was about to explode-
Ace & Deuce:
• These two…. Almost sent you to the infirmary after one of the most bone crushing hugs they could manage to give you (I thought u felt something crack)
• They talk nonstop , sometimes even talking too fast
• Very surprised, holding a smug look on his face he asked if ‘You missed me that bad?’ (Cringey ik- bare with me)
• Deep down he was very excited which showed by the twitch of his tail
• If he naps you will be coming with him. No ands, ifs or buts about it. He fears you leaving again
• Ruggie was ecstatic, he offered to cook you a meal while his tail wagged happily doing so
• He talks your ear off as well but not like you mind
• Jack.. instead of a bone crushing hug he gave you a ‘forever hug’. He did not want to let go of you, fearing that this was a illusion or some sort of messed up trick
• Oh boys was he happy, he gave one of the longest hugs (next to Kalim)
• Despite this they all know how to keep a good enough composure
• You two went for a swim (accompanied by the tweels ofc, who were also excited you were back. Especially Floyd)
• He showed you some of his newest favorite places to stay at
• You all (twins were there as well) went back to have a sleepover
Jade & Floyd:
• While Jade was on the calmer side Floyd was very excited
• Yes Floyd almost squeezed you to death 💀
• Jade showed you his newest collection of mushrooms meanwhile Floyd was messing with your hair while asking you random questions he wanted to ask for a long time
• Oh boy… he gave one of those hugs where they run at you at full force then jump onto you
• He did not let go after that, a bright smile on his face and a few tears
• He asked Jamil to make you a feast and invited everyone, even the teachers + Sam (who were happy to see you back)
• You guys had a sleep over
• He cried a bit, tears of joy ofc (would be funny if it wasn’t lmao)
• He gave a normal hug, with a little squeeze before letting go
• He cooked for you three (yes Kalim was there & he made sure he didn’t invite every person alive)
• He probably made all of your favorites
• Bro was dramatic asf HE WAS LITERALLY IN TEARS
• A very tight hug (though wasn’t bone crushing) felt like you were about to pass out
• You guys had a spa day so you could catch up, definitely eat your favorite foods
• Rook was surprised but kept his composure… or he knew you would come back… hm.. nonetheless he was happy and spent some time with you
• You two went exploring in the woods
• Epel was very very happy, he stayed by your side so you two could talk about your newest interests
• He freaked out for a second, wondering if all that nonstop gaming caused him to hallucinate
• When he in fact confirmed it was a hallucination he clung onto and wailed asking what took so long for you to come back
• Definitely had a gaming session, ate junk food and watched anime & read manga
Orthro (platonic!!):
• Very very happy, he was jumping around all over the place
• You two spent the entire day playing games outside until it got dark out
• You both then tried to cook dinner together (ended badly and just ordered)
• He was really happy, big smiles very big smiles coming your way :)
• You two go to a library to read together while drinking some coffee (or drink of your choice)
• you two just have a day out in the rain :)
(Might turn this one into a one shot)
• Silver was surprisingly calm but you two spent a lot of time together, napping, cloud gazing etc
• Sebek was very shocked, he actually screamed (rip yo ear drums😭) while hugging you with those (dramatic) tears streaming down his face
• Lilia was calm as well, you two hugged & tried to cook.. lilia kept messing it up 😭
Grim (platonic!!):
• You guys spent most of the time in the ramshackle dorm, watching tv (yes u have one) eating snacks and eventually took a nap (only to wake up with ace & deuce there lol)
• He was so glad you were back, he followed you around like a lost puppy(Kitty) not letting you out of his sight for one second
♡ I think that's all of em :) hope you enjoyed ♡
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hebidanshi · 2 months
Tumblr media
Little Malleus edit...
Let me know if you like it. I'll edit his other cards if requested. (Send requests via ask if you have any.)
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