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twst4t · 2 days
The Meaning of Flowers -Loneliness-
Malleus x Reader again
Maybe angsty????? Not as explicitly romantic as some of my other stuff. Also a glaringly obvious reference to a Certain piece of media I like.
Tumblr media
There was a thick field of flowers right past the woods behind the Ramshackle dorm. They were purple, blooming in stalks and clumps.
And one evening you found yourself there. Drained after everything, your feet dragged you to where the flowers had started to bloom. The heat of the day hung heavy in the air, unusually hot for the season.
And alongside the heat was a tingling spark of electricity in the air. The world around you felt like a live wire. He was here.
"Hi Tsunotarou." you said, not needing to turn to know he was standing behind you.
"Good evening child of man." he responded pleasantly.
"I'm not used to seeing you while the sun is still up," you joked looking over to him.
The setting sun cast him in a warm glow, contrasting his usual cool ethereality. He seemed to bask in the warmth. He looked out over the field of blooming purple flowers blowing in the wind. Despite the beauty in front of you, your eyes were on him.
"They bloomed early this year," he says, staring into the field of flowers.
"Do you know what they are?" you ask, curious.
"Ericas. They're also called heathers." Malleus is transfixed on the sight of the flowers, staring off into the distance.
"Do you know what they mean, child of man?" he asks, leaning down to pick a sprig of the purple blossom.
You shake your head quietly and he hums, holding the sprig in his hand tenderly.
"They represent solitude and loneliness." Malleus sounds solemn as he says it.
"They used to grow in a field right outside the castle in Briar Valley. I remember seeing the blossoms every summer."
You take his hand in yours and uncurl his fingers, observing the flower for yourself.
"It doesn't look very lonely. Look, there are so many right next to each other!" You look up at Malleus with a soft smile.
"Maybe they are born alone. Maybe they'll die alone, too. But right now, they all bloom together and they'll inevitably wilt together. They'll always bloom and wilt together. They're not alone at all." And you both know that you no longer speak of the flowers.
And Malleus looks at you with this mixture of shock and awe. He didn't expect you to say that. He didn't know what he expected you to say, but it definitely wasn't that.
Malleus definitely doesn't expect it when you pluck the stalk from his hand and reach up, placing it to rest behind the sharpened point of his ear. The splash of purple in his onyx-black hair leads you to flash him a smile that makes his heart leap, and he feels he must reciprocate.
So Malleus does the same, placing an erica sprig behind your ear. And he smiles down at you. His smile is soft and a little awkward, his fangs showing where the corners of his mouth curl upwards. In this moment, you cannot understand how anyone could possibly fear him.
"Thank you, child of man. I appreciated this. You always have such a curious wisdom about you that I cannot seem to place. I'm very fond of it, of you." and with those words, he is gone. He disappears in a flash of fireflies, leaving you to sit in solitude under the coolness of twilight.
Malleus, back in his room, gently pulls the flowers from his hair. He presses them in a large book, hoping to preserve the memory for as long as he can. Even after the flowers bloom and wilt for hundreds of seasons, this memory will still remind him that they once bloomed beside you.
Tumblr media
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cancerdust96 · 2 days
The moon was envious of your beauty
The sun on your glow,
And I was imvidious
That I could not have you all my life.
Tumblr media
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
—Random School Game Show—
Host: And for your final question! Please identify this statue.
Ace: …Like are we supposed to know that??-
Deuce: How could you have possibly guessed that?
MC: I attend all of Malleus’s Gargoyle Appreciation meetings.
Malleus: *from a distance within the crowd* YOU DO CAAAAAARRREEEEE!!!!
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little-missy-mei · 2 months
Lilia: So, Malleus, there's a rumor going around that you're into Yuu.
Malleus: Rumor?
Malleus: Are you telling me some people doubt it?
Lilia: Where are you going?
Malleus: I need to fix this. There shouldn't be any doubt.
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minx-iv · 3 months
Tumblr media
No one told him about the update...
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oepionie · 1 month
— "HIS COMPLETE DEVOTION" malleus draconia
SYNOPSIS: "Don't touch me! I have a lover!" - After accidentally getting hit in the head with a powerful spell, Malleus is left delirious and confused. You try to help him but he doesn't seem to recognize you.
Character/s: Malleus Draconia x GN! Reader
Tags: Fluff, Established relationship, Malleus is a loyal dragon, Reader is part of the gargoyle appreciation club, Mentions of nausea, He keeps a locket of you aww
A/N: This prompt/idea was requested by a friend!
WordCount: 800+ | 💌Masterlist | PART II HERE
Tumblr media
Green lightning began to strike and forsake the grey sky. Every student on campus could hear the wind howling through the thick dripping rain, a sinking feeling of dread permanating through the atmosphere.
The aged concrete walls shook from a shrill scream, the anguished cry echoing out through the hundred chambers in the castle.
"YOUNG MASTER!" Sebek drove his fingers into his scalp, screaming as thick tears dribbled down his flushed face. From his reaction, you'd think he was the one who got hurt instead.
Lilia tutted and carefully inspected Malleus' head. The young prince was laying on the ground writhing in pain. Lillia pressed his thumb against the dragon's temple, examining the Fae's reaction.
Sebek and Silver surrounded the two, ensuring that no one could get past them. Malleus was in a vulnerable state right now, he had to be protected at all costs.
"The spell was quite powerful however it's not serious. Other than some temporary mental confusion, he should be fine." Lilia muttered, helping Malleus stand up. The young prince stumbled around for a bit, almost as if he was intoxicated.
"Malleus!" You threw the doors to the dorm open, running over to the group. It's only when you got closer did you notice your lover's spinning eyes, glazed over as he blinks at the blank concrete floors. Worried out of your mind, you rushed over to him.
"Tsunotarou! I heard what happened…are you okay?" The fae appeared a little puzzled. You stood before him and he fixed his gaze on you, confused and...disgusted?
With a hint of hesitance, you reached your hands up to cup his cheeks. Only to gasp when Malleus glowered and grasped onto your wrists, ripping your hands off of his face.
Silence fell over the room as he dropped his grip on your arms, allowing them to hang limply by your sides. Everyone gawked at Malleus as if he had just grown two heads.
Malleus? Malleus rejected your affection? The Malleus who waits outside your dorm an hour before classes just to walk you to school? The Malleus who once caused a week-long storm just because he couldn't sit next to you in class? Your Malleus?
You felt your heart sink. They say drunk words were sober thoughts. Did Malleus secretly despise you?
"Listen here-" Malleus snarled, his unfocused eyes flashing a luminous emerald green. The radiance and illumination hypnotizes you for a while. A kaleidoscope of green and blue swirling around the gems that were his eyes.
"No matter how alluring you look-you can't tempt me. I-" Malleus lurched forward, nearly falling over. You ran to catch him but he pushed you away, stepping back blindly. He raised a finger at you. "I-I already have a lover!"
"Yes-That's…me?" You blinked, confused out of your mind.
Malleus only scoffs at you, shakily taking a few steps towards the entrance. It was clear that his head still shook and ached from the spell's blow. Sebek was quick to stop him, holding Malleus steady. "Young Master! Where are you going?!"
"To my-my treasure. My darling prefect." Malleus slurred, leaning against Sebek for support. He continued his rambling. "It's Thursday- We have a club meeting."
"Tsuno-I mean-Malleus, today is Tuesday." You piped up, pressing a hand against his back. With shaky legs, he pushed Sebek off and turned to glare at you.
"Silence. It is not."
Lilia laughs hysterically, doubling over and grabbing onto his knees. Oh, this was comedy gold for him. Shaking his head at his father, Silver strode up to Malleus and placed his hand on the young prince's shoulder.
"Malleus, you're still delirious. Why don't you sit down."
Both Silver and Sebek started to guide the woozy fae onto the couch. You followed suit, taking a pillow and placing it under his head. He turned to face you, his head spinning, a loopy snarl and glare on his face.
"I...I already told you- I have a lover." He groans into his hands, nausea washing over him like waves.
The fae begins frantically rummaging through his pocket. He yanks out a little locket in the form of a heart, holding it up for you to look at. He hands it to you with an arrogant smirk on his face.
"O-Oh?"Gently taking it into your hands, you flipped the metal cover over to see a picture of you inside.
It was a photo from your very first anniversary. You were wearing a flower crown made with roses Malleus grew himself, it was one of the many gifts he gave you that day.
Though only your head and neck could be seen in the picture since his coat had almost completely engulfed you. It was a chilly day and Malleus graciously lent you his coat after you had forgotten to wear one.
You stared at the photo fondly, shutting it close before handing the necklace back to the fae.
"Your partner must be lovely." You whisper softly and Malleus sighs, lolling his head back to stare at the ceiling lovingly.
"Oh. They are much more than that."
Tumblr media
PART II | Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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demon-lover-669 · 7 days
Malleus: how is silver and his wife?
Lilia: she is great she sent me some great videos!
Video 1
Y/n: I got your compaction on the phone right now *hold a toy phone*
Silver: *barely awake* give me that! *has 5 minutes argument with the fake phone*
Video 2
Y/n: baby! *shaking silver awake* you gotta go my husbands home!
Silver: *falls out of the bed* oh shit! *scrambling to get up and leave*
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rs-wonderland · 1 month
Malleus: Child of man told me a joke today. Do you want to hear it?
Lilia: Alright, im listening.
Malleus smiling innocently: What goes in stiff but comes out soft?
Lilia: ○-○
Malleus: :)
Lilia: Oh my, is it-!?
Yuu running in from another room: SPAGHETTI! Its not what you think, it's spaghetti!!
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Mallues x MC/(Y/N)/Yuu/OC
Tumblr media
{Scenario, Mal-Mal overblotted}
Mallues: I'll show you a fairytale ending..
(Y/N): There is no "happily ever after" without you in it!
<Lilia starts preparing wedding and Mallues overblot stops immediately.>
[Feast on that yah simps]
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random-twst-things · 28 days
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Won't you come in, Malleus?
Malleus: you- you know who I am?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: But of course! You were the most handsome man in twisted wonderland! And I was very lonely...so I thought "Tonight I'll have an adventure, I'll make the acquaintance of of the distinguished Malleus"
Malleus: how do you know my name?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: it was not difficult to find out
Malleus: How did you know I wouldn't hurt you?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: I took that chance *Chuckles*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu:...are you angry?
Malleus: ahahahahaha noo, no I am not angry *smiles*
Malleus: if some kind fate wishes to send a beautiful/handsome human to dine with me I can only be grateful *smiles*
Malleus: ....you will do me the honor, won't you child of man?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: I would be delighted!!
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miliinmi · 3 months
Tumblr media
MC: Look Malleus, a shooting star! Did you wish?
Malleus: Oh, I didn't have time...
MC: And there is something you wish for?
Malleus: Yes..
MC: What did you wish?
Malleus: I was wishing we were two other people,
Malleus: Two people who need not to say goodbye..
Tumblr media
why am i doing this to myself
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cancerdust96 · 2 days
If you are the sun and I the moon
I would like to be eclipse forever.
Tumblr media
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equestriagirl16 · 3 months
MC: So what are you guy’s New Years resolutions?
Grim: Same as always, become the greatest sorcerer the world has ever seen!
Deuce: I just hope to keep doing well in my academics. Make my friends and family proud.
Ace: Boooo!
Deuce: Like you have a better one!
Ace: To be honest, it’s a toss up between being a basketball champ or getting a partner..
Deuce: Pffft-
Ace: HEY!-
MC: *finds Malleus down the hall before the girls start fighting* Mal-Mal!
Malleus: Hello MC, I hope you’re doing well today.
MC: I’m great, but I’ve got a question. You have any resolutions for this New Year?
Malleus: *pulls out paper from his blazer* As a matter of fact I’ve complied a few on a small list right here.
Grim: I dare you to cross out anything that has to do with MC.
Malleus: …
MC: …
Malleus: *slowly eats the paper*
MC: *flabber and gasted* MALLEUS SPIT IT OUT!-
Malleus: *muffled* NO!
Grim: *WHEEZE*
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little-missy-mei · 2 months
Malleus: Child of man, do the thing.
Yuu: What thing?
Malleus: The thing that never fails to make me happy.
Yuu: Oh!
Yuu: *smiles*
Malleus, smiling back: Thank you, child of man.
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malleusfucker · 7 months
malleus draconia relationship headcanons
Tumblr media
this is basically a part 2 of his kinks & hcs post but i am very much a whore for this man so i NEED. TO. WRITE SOME SHIT.
warnings: smut/nsfw, malleus being a loser virgin, it gets very smutty at the nsfw part so, oral (receiving + giving), unprotected sex, two dicks, implied corruption/humiliation kink, mentions of pregnancy/breeding, choking/biting, mal being lowkey sadistic, sleepy sex, holy shit there are alot of warnings i am sorry, reader is afab but no gender or pronouns are explicitly specified
words: 2.5k
this is some serious sappy shit but i can’t help it 😭😭 i am literally so in love with this man damn
~ right off the bat, malleus would definitely be the best boyfriend ever and no one can convince me otherwise (or at least one of the best out of the twst cast cuz there’s some uh questionable characters in that list *idia and leona i am directly looking at you*)
~ the way your relationship builds up with malleus is agonisingly slow. he’s very cautious about who he gets close to and is definitely not one to make any bold moves—especially if he doesn’t feel like you’re reciprocating the same feelings—but oh boy. once you do, that’s when he gets a bit more excited. 
~ it won’t take long before you pick up on the little things he suddenly starts doing for you. waiting for you after class, asking to visit the library with him after college hours, hell, even just waiting outside ramshackle dorm until you notice him just so he can spend time with you alone. his signs of affection are very straightforward because that’s what he likes them to be. he doesn’t want to confuse you or think that he might be giving false signals. though he might as well be holding up a sign saying “i love you” with the way his infatuation for you is so painfully obvious.
~ malleus is so new to all this stuff, so it’s down to you to show him the ropes. kiss him, hold his hand, hug him. he needs these acts of affection practically every hour of the day as that's what all the books he’s memorised word for word have drilled into his head. he’s completely clueless. but that’s what you’re here for - to help lead the way and show him just how special a relationship can be. 
~ and once you initiate things, a stupid smile will permanently be plastered over his face. not missing any opportunity to pick you up from your classes and walk you to your dorm—his love language is just being with you—not even having to touch you but still feeling his heart racing with him just being in your company. he can never get over that someone like you can accept everything about him, loving him for all that he is - ignoring all of the labels attached, and just showing you genuinely care for him as a person.
~ gifts will be a reoccurring thing that you will have to grow accustomed to, expressing his love for you by showering you with kind sentiments such as little presents and items. whether it's gems or tiny rare crystals, it'll always find its way to you - he particularly loves giving you things you can wear, like necklaces or bracelets, crafting them just for you so that every time you wear them, you're reminded of him.
~ but one thing you’re unfortunately going to have to get used to is sebek basically praying on your downfall every single moment he gets. he’s appalled that such a lowly human—one that’s not even capable of performing magic—is hanging around with malleus, let alone being intimate with him. you’re gonna get an earful any time you head over to diasomnia - with you and malleus having to rush straight to his room to avoid prying eyes from not only sebek but also the students too.
~ on the topic of prying eyes, people will be curious - more specifically, lilia. this little shit will tease you both all day every day. asking you very personal things so then he can have his “proud father” moment. cheering and applauding at even the sight of you two simply holding hands - he is embarrassing and it’s evident when you spot the faintest blush spreading across malleus’ cheeks as you walk around campus, muttering under his breath if you can both go somewhere “quieter” (aka as far away from lilia as possible).
~ these wandering eyes definitely don’t help with the fact that this man is extremely possessive. he wants you to have your freedom and experience your time at the college to the fullest but it doesn’t mean that his eye won’t start to twitch at the sight of you being “friendly” with your classmates. having experienced the happiness of being in a serious relationship for the first time, he never wants to let that sensation fade. he’s making up for lost time. being so alone for all the long years of his life will only make him needy, clinging to the thing he loves the most with such an iron grip that he's certain it can't possibly escape from him.
~ but once you do have your alone time, malleus is milking every second of it just pampering and giving you affection. nuzzling his face against your neck, he always loves trailing small wet kisses down your collarbone, mumbling sweet nothings in your ear as you feel yourself drift off with the way he’s lovingly holding you in his arms. when he wants to be, this man is the epitome of gentle. treating you as if you were carved out of glass as he softly caresses your skin, feeling your warmth against him as much as possible just so he can then later reminisce about how soft you feel.
~ did someone say big spoon? nope. not quite. despite how giant this man is, he enjoys taking the roles of being both the big and little spoon quite seriously. with his arms wrapped around you tightly, he’ll cling and cuddle you the entire night, the sensation of his embrace never leaving your side once and waking up with him still gently holding you. 
and expect to return the favour on your part. who said that this man won’t become pouty if you don’t snuggle up and spoon him? cuz he sure as hell will. you won’t ever realise it, but when you end up doing the cuddling - malleus literally ascends to heaven. this is so unfamiliar to him so having your warmth just envelope him for the night makes him act as if he was a baby, curling up and intertwining his fingers with yours as he holds your hand close to his chest.
~ if you’re not a morning person, then luckily for you, you’ll become one. not only will you wake up with malleus having his arms around you but no matter the time - he’ll be ready to awaken you with endless kisses, gently planting one on your forehead as you slowly open your eyes. since you and malleus rarely have any quality one-on-one time outside of the morning—he will always devote them to you. he’ll constantly be on you, getting you ready and dressed for the day, preparing you breakfast whilst taking careful note of what you like and dislike so that he can always improve. 
he does it all basically.
~ fortunately or unfortunately for you, pda is something malleus isn't too big of a fan of. he deems that anything intimate or romantic should only be shared between the two of you, alone. though he definitely won't deny your advances if you lightly kiss him on the cheek outside of class - he won't exactly encourage it either. a brief peck is all it takes to send him scurrying back into his shell since even being alone with you makes him nervous. though he wishes he could shout out to the world how much he loves you, even the most powerful mage in the college have their weak points sometimes, his eyes widening and cheeks heating up at the idea of you merely hugging him.
~ the first time you had sex with malleus - yeah, it was a straight up nightmare. his wide and extensive knowledge of everything apparently stops specifically at sex with the way he’s so clueless. it was to the point that you didn’t think it was even possible for this to be the same person. teach him and he’ll learn - that’s all that there is to it. these moments of blatant naivety fade pretty quick with malleus picking up on everything you tell him almost instantly. this man is so determined to pleasure you with everything that you’ve done for him, prioritising your needs above his 99% of the time so that he can feel like he’s finally giving back to you.
~ he manages to master everything so well in such a short span of time that it’s scary. not even being able to recall your own name by the time he’s done with you, and that time being hours. he spends so long pleasuring you, doing everything in the book so that every time you have sex together, it’s something new and not anything you’ve experience before. but merely just having sex with this man is anything but usual, it. is. overwhelming. even when he’s being gentle with you, you will still be crying with him hitting every spot so good that it makes you think that you may have genuinely gone insane.
~ malleus doesn't see it as just having sex, but rather as one of the few opportunities he has to demonstrate his love for you, and thus he loves making the experience go as long as possible. he wants you to feel it, and feel it; you definitely do. your legs will be shaking so viciously just from his tongue being in between your legs, fearing for how much your body can physically take before he finally decides to fuck you.
~ and once he does, run. RUN AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE cuz this man won’t let you rest, not even once. his immense stamina soon becomes apparent after the first round, his breath still being as even as it was to begin with, the only difference being - his hunger. increasing so much each time you cum, it becomes practically impossible for him to stop fucking the daylights out of you and breaking the bed every. single. time.
~ speaking of bed breaking - you’re fortunate that malleus has the power to fix and put things back together because if he didn’t, it’d be pretty embarrassing having to ask for a new bed every week. it happens 90% of the time with the way he’s so fucking intense, thrusting and driving into you so deep you swore you saw the roof crumbling at one point. he’s so passionate in devoting all his love to you that he can’t help taking it a bit overboard, though what 5 rounds are to you feels like child's play to him. that just being a small portion of how he really feels, if he wanted to, he’d probably spend days just fucking and filling you up non-stop.
~ although being someone so polite and well-mannered, all that decorum is left right at the door. make out sessions will become heated with his fangs wandering and hunting for the best place to dig into, marking your skin so much that he’s confident he claimed you as his own. malleus just loves seeing how much his touches can affect you, the imprint of his fingers still lingering on your neck from when he was gently squeezing it with your eyes rolling back as he repeatedly pounded you with his cocks.
~ for someone as loving and gentle as he is, it feels wrong with how sadistic malleus’ intentions sometimes seem to be. he won’t hesitate to suddenly shove your face into the mattress, brutally stripping you of any remaining innocence as he quietly praises how good you are to him. malleus really brings a whole new meaning to the term “mind-fuck”, drilling into both your body and your mind that he can only make you feel like this and that no one can pleasure you to the extent that he does.
~ he’ll forever love the sight of you pathetically crawling up to him, fumbling with his belt as you desperately try to get his dicks out of his pants, only for you to choke any time you want to suck him off. when you attempt to give him a blowjob, he surprisingly prefers just watching the sight of you get yourself off whilst trying to take him into your mouth more than the actual feeling of it. best believe if you become that horny to try this, he’ll rarely spare you a glance; instead, he’ll just continue reading his book until he finally looks down and sees you hopelessly lapping up all of his cum like a starving animal.
~ malleus would never humiliate you. more so, he just likes messing you up so much that you end up doing it yourself. getting so drunk on his words and body that you can’t resist but beg for him to fuck you full of his semen, being so limp and frail you’ll have to rely on him carrying you everywhere you go - which he’ll definitely be delighted to do, the sensation of your feeble grip on him as he guides you gently to bed never fails to make him smile.
~ of course, sex and foreplay come with his inescapable thirst for wanting to breed you. whether you can have kids or not, it doesn’t matter to him - he’ll pin your legs up to your chest and fuck into you so hard, relentlessly pumping his seed into you to the extreme that you start to believe that he might actually just miraculously bless you with his offspring. here is when his collected and calm facade starts to slip; he is so genuinely terrified of losing what he has with you, and if reminding you of who your boyfriend is is what it takes to keep you from leaving, then he will be more than willing to do it constantly.
~ sleepy sex will be a thing, so get used to it. or rather, you’re the sleepy one in the situation. god forbid you have a wet dream because he’s going to POUNCE. he always thinks of these instances as your mind subconsciously pleading for him to fuck you—and while that might actually be the case—he was gonna do it regardless. carefully pulling your delicate body towards him to avoid waking you before slowly slipping himself inside you. he can’t get enough of the way you writhe beneath him so helplessly, your eyelids fluttering as you involuntarily start to moan and whimper. when i say this man won’t let you rest, I MEAN IT. even in your sleep, he won’t give you any peace. gently thrusting into you when you begin to feel yourself start to awaken, his giant form looming over you in the darkness with your mewls growing louder by the second.
~ but overall this man is a sweetheart when it comes to sex (most of the time), only behaving in such a frantic way to display how much you mean to him, which is a lot. sex is definitely a big thing for malleus because it’s really one of the only ways he thinks a couple can truly express their love to each other. despite being a complete menace one day with all the marking and bruising he gives you - he'll always turn around and love you tenderly the next.
the malleus brainrot is REAL and its here to stay good lord im not called malleusfucker for nothing 
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oepionie · 1 month
— "PUFFS AND RUFFLES" malleus draconia
SYNOPSIS: On your birthday, Lilia hands you a black dress claiming that you should wear it for your date with Malleus later. He fails to mention how it's a traditional wedding dress in Briar Valley. Oops...?
Character/s: Malleus Draconia x GN! Reader
Tags: Drabble! Fluff, Established relationship, Reader wears dress, Mentions of marriage, Lilia third wheel era, Kissing and making out, Not proofread!
A/N: My last fic before I dip and go study for midterms lolz
WordCount: 600+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Lilia?" You peered through the curtains, calling the old bat over. Lilia gave you a quick glance before sneaking into the dressing room with you, keeping an eye out the corridor to make sure no one was watching.
With a click, the door closed, and Lilia turned to face you. He gazed at you fondly, a smile spreading across his face.
The dress he gave you fit perfectly on your figure. When you walked, the long skirt with it's ruffled edges trailed behind you, it's puffy sleeves draping across and towards your chest exposing your neck. Atop it, a necklace proudly sat, it's vivid green gem gleaming against the sunlight.
That was Malleus' courtship present to you years ago, as Lilia had recognized it. You were such a funny little thing back then. You had misinterpreted it as a birthday present, not realizing its actual significance in dragon culture. It took months of miscommunication and Malleus' sulking before you finally realized what it truly was.
"Are you sure I should wear this? Would Malleus really like it?" You fumbled with your hands, staring down at your outfit. Lilia gifted you the dress as a birthday gift and it was beautiful—almost as if it emanated some sort of mystical glow. Now you weren't sure how he managed to get your precise measurements, but you chalked it up to magic.
"Would he 'like' it? My dear, of course he would! " Lilia beamed, raising his finger and twirling it around, signaling you to spin for him.
You did as asked, twirling slowly. The flowy black skirt of the dress swirled around you like petals dancing around a flower bud, it looked almost weightless as it delicately floated up the air. When Lillia enthusiastically applauded for you, you grinned, stretched out your arms, and spun around the room.
While tapping your bare feet on the chilly marble flooring, you burst out laughing.
"Lilia? Have you seen the pre-" Gasping, you whipped your head around to face the door, the skirt of your dress pooling around you. Malleus stood by the entrance, jaw slack as he shamelessly stared at you. Embarassed, you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. The last thing you wanted Malleus to see was you dancing around the room like a little kid.
'Oh sevens, you looked so precious.' Malleus snapped out of it and marched towards you, a giddy smile growing across his face.
Thump Thump Thump.
His heart pounded in his chest as he took notice of the necklace clasped around your neck. The dress had already sent him into frenzy but paired with the necklace, it was overkill for him.
"You look beautiful." He whispered, cupping your face in his hands.
His hands trailed over your shoulders and arms before landing on your hips. Your head spun, face flushing as he pulled you closer, your shaking hands finding recluse on his chest. Malleus chuckled and drew you into a slow sensual kiss, his thumb gently rubbing circles on your waist.
While Malleus showered you with affection, Lilia awkwardly stood in the middle of the room. Becoming the third wheel was definitely not part of his plan.
Clearing his throat, Lilia raised an eyebrow at the dragon. Malleus huffed and drew away from you but still kept a hand placed on the small of your back. He turned his attention back to you, examining the dress once more.
"How interesting…" he muttered softly, trailing off. "I'm quite surprised you managed to find a wedding dress in that style."
"Wedding dress…?" You froze, letting Malleus' words sink in.
"Khee hee-Ah that's right! I forgot to tell you, that dress is a traditional dress used for weddings in Briar Valley." Lilia mused, walking over to you and pinching the fabric between his fingertips. "A bit old fashioned but they look like such a dear don't they?"
Malleus gazed at you fondly, clasping your hands tightly in his own. As he fixed his attention on you, his eyes appeared to be gleaming.
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