breadcheese444 · 2 days
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All I want is to fly with you
ⓒ encodory
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minx-iv · 2 months
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No one told him about the update...
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ranimotia · 1 month
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little-miss-mei · 1 month
Malleus: Child of man, I need you.
Yuu: For?
Malleus: Ever
Yuu, voice cracking: Oh.
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ventique18 · 29 days
Fatal weakness
Tumblr media
???: "-- and then the mighty dragon was finally felled by a little human."
???: "The dragon died?!"
Yuu: "No he FELL in love and then we had you, Malleus II, Malleus III, Malleus IV, and Mathilda."
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ginneko0 · 23 days
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luxthestrange · 8 days
TWST Incorrect quotes#332 Debating
Baby: Mah...
Mal*Looking at his child*No
Baby: abUA ama bu!*"Glares at Papa*
Mal: Dont you talk back to me!*Frowns at the baby
Baby *Starts puffing small fire out of their mouth and tail slapping on the ground in a tantrum*ABU!BUH BUH!
Mal: I said "NO" and I overrule you youngling!
Yuu*Knitting their firstborn socks sitting near the fireplace, with a sigh*Would you please stop arguing with our child...
Mal:...I might as well my love, I think they are winning...
Tumblr media
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zvezdacito · 1 year
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A bit late to the occassion but yolo whatever 恭喜发财‼️🐯🎆
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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auntietanuki · 2 months
Im still not over the fact that Malleus ask us to dance with him
Tumblr media
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apoorhuman · 2 months
Malleus is walking with Yuu right now while the both of them eating ice cream.
meanwhile the rest of Diasomnia family just watching in the bushes
Lilia: and he told me it wasn't a date, ck ck ck
Sebek: unacceptable! a human like them is not suitable for the great Malleus sama!
Silver: calm down sebek, you don't want to be noticed by Malleus sama right? also father, how long are we going to spy on both of them?
Lilia: now be quiet first ok, i need to see this in detail for report
silver and Sebek *visibly confused*: ?
Lilia: continue staring
Yuu: how long are they going to stare at us?
Malleus: let them be child of man, let's just enjoy this dat- i mean hangout ´・ᴗ・`
Yuu: oh okay!
Malleus: may i try that rose flavor child of man?
Yuu: sure (●'▽'●)
Prequel sequel
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gottabegenki · 2 months
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I don’t have an exact birthday month for Yuu/Jo yet ^^:
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breadcheese444 · 3 months
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Yumeweek Day 2: Supernatural 
 ⓒ nugetoss1
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anekogiawritings · 2 months
I rewatched the scene from Maleficent 2, where Maleficent fixes Aurora up for her wedding and she and the other fairies turn Aurora's dress into her wedding gown, and it gave me some what of an idea.
After stopping Rollo's plan and grouping back together at NBC, Malleus realizes that Yuu's clothing is a bit tattered and their cape is missing. Yuu explained to him that while aiding the people of the City of Flowers, they use some of the fabric from their clothes to use as make-shift bandages for those who got injured.
Impressed and amazed by their selfless action, Malleus offers to help repair their clothing, not wanting them to feel left out from the party.
"For your selfless act and kindness, this is my gift to you."
And with his magic, Malleus Transforms Yuu clothing with ones more beautiful than the one they wore. A very Cinderella-eque moment happens, captivating everyone present, including Rollo.
Tumblr media
(^Off topic, but I LOVE this scene so much)
Yuu stares down at their new outfit, thoroughly amazed and extremely grateful.
Yuu/MC: It's beautiful. Thank you, Tsunotarou.
Malleus: Hmm, for you, my dear Child of Men, anything.
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moonlightequin1 · 2 months
I was just replaying some parts in the Firelit Sky event to see the alternate dialogues for choices AND I DID NOT EXPECT THIS ONE AT ALL
Tumblr media
Malleus is really feeding the Malleyuu enjoyers and he's not even trying to avoid it 😭
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little-miss-mei · 21 days
Yuu: You've been stalking me!?
Malleus: You call it stalking, I call it "lovingly lurking in the shadows"
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ventique18 · 3 months
Tumblr media
You: Hornton, this is a to do list, not a priority list.
Malleus: :]
You: What does it mean?
Mal: :]
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