Regulus: *cooing at baby Harry and giving him all his attention*
James: *disgruntled noises*
Regulus: If you have a baby you can’t be the baby.
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fairysilk · 2 days
Tumblr media
SIRIUS MODERN MODEL AU!!!!! Shoutout to the insomniacs, here's a late night post. Tumblr privilege is seeing everything hours before instagram does.
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that-bitch-kat3 · 2 days
regulus: hello, i’m here as sirius blacks emergency contact
nurse at st. mungos: oh great, he took a nasty fall off that mechanical bull, are you here to pick him up?
regulus: no im here to be removed as his emergency contact.
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themarvelmarauder · 2 days
Pandora: Oh Reginald
Regulus: you're the only one that calls me that Dora, Reginald
Pandora: what does James call you
Regulus: my lord
Pandora: honestly, I see that
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familyvideostevie · 3 days
hi love! could I request a boyfriend!sirius where maybe you’re shopping together or doing some mundane tasks but he keeps flirting and distracting you but you’re not really mad bc he’s so cute?
thank you for requesting! this is short and sweet and a little suggestive, hope you like! | fem!reader, flirty jokes, fluff, 0.7k
"I genuinely think this looks like James," Sirius says, nudging you with his elbow. You look away from the oranges and see that he's holding up a misshapen sweet potato. 
You just raise your eyebrows at him and bite the inside of your cheek. He wiggles the spud and clears his throat. "Oh, Lily, I swear I didn't mean to break my glasses again," he says, voice pitched up in a deliberately poor imitation of James's lilt. You flare your nostrils in an attempt to keep your expression neutral.
"It hasn't got glasses," you say. "Actually, it kind of looks like you." Sirius's eyes go wide and his jaw drops in mock offense. 
"I'm wounded," he cries, pressing a hand to his heart. "My own girlfriend thinks I look like a potato." The corner of your mouth twitches and you turn away from him to put the fruits from your list into your cart. 
"Don't be dramatic," you say, pushing your way around the produce section of the store. "Potatoes really are quite versatile."
Sirius hooks his chin over your shoulder to take a peek at the list and to say, softly, "Are you saying I'm easy, darling?" You can feel his stubble on your neck, smell his cologne over the sterile air of the supermarket.
"I'm saying that I like potatoes," you tell him. He laughs suddenly, delighted at your flirting, before crossing the aisle to grab garlic. 
"I'd hope so," he says. "Otherwise it's going to be real awkward when we get home and you have to share a bed with me." You roll your eyes and continue through the store. 
He tugs your hand as you leave the fruits behind and you stop. "You know, pineapple is supposed to make your pu--"
You level him with a glare and he stops talking, though his grin is smug and not at all sorry. "Don't think I won't leave you here," you say.
Sirius taps your chin with a knuckle. "You'd miss me." His eyes crinkle at the corners, like he can't help but smile when he looks at you. 
You sigh like the most put upon girl in the world. "Unfortunately," you drone. "Go get some cereal and I'll meet you by the bread." He presses a quick kiss to your cheek and spins on his heel.
Idiot, you think, but you're smiling. Every moment with Sirius is heightened, is more alive than you thought possible. He's practically spilling over with whatever he's feeling at any given moment and it spreads to you. His excitement, his flirtation, his love. Even this -- going to the grocery store -- is a small adventure. 
He's only gone for a few minutes, finding you in front of the pasta before you've made your way to the bread. He always finds you, somehow. He gasps when he sees you. 
"Fuck me," he says. "You've gotten prettier since I last saw you. How did you manage that?" You ignore him, studying the options on the shelf instead, but your mouth turns up at the edges. "There she is," Sirius says, softer. "Got you."
"You're incorrigible," you mutter. He moves to stand beside you, tucking his hand into your back pocket. 
"Oh, big word," he says, breath hot on your ear. "Talk dirty to me."
"If you keep distracting me we're never going to get home," you tell him. He shrugs. 
"This would not a bad place to live, actually. Lots of food. Shit to do. I'm sure there are break rooms with couches we could fu--" You level him with the same glare from the fruit aisle and he laughs again. "Sorry, sorry, I'll behave. And then we can go home to our couch." He leans in to kiss the corner of your mouth. 
"I'll believe it when I see it," you say. He plucks the list from your hand and gives it a once-over. 
"Meet you at the check-out in 10 and I swear I'll have all of this stuff." Before you can say another word he's off.
"Ridiculous," you say to the pasta. I love him, you think, cheeks starting to ache from your smile.
thank you for reading <3 reblog, send feedback, masterlist here!
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kevindavidday · 3 days
when you don't have a specific fanfiction consuming your entire being for a little while after finishing a specific fanfiction that already consumed your entire being so you're sitting there untethered and useless like you have no purpose or joy because you read everything by the author who wrote said specific fanfiction that consumed your entire being and you need to find another fanfiction that feels like feelings but someone else's feelings so you don't have to feel your own feelings because if you do that you'll explode into a billion pieces like that one person in crimson rivers which is ending in 3 chapters and i don't know what to do with myself after that happens help
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luveline · 12 hours
can I request more bodyguard James? he’s just the cutest and I’m happy to read anything about it!!
thank you for your request! you and James go shopping and get mistaken for a couple ♥︎ fem!reader 1k
James looks like your boyfriend, sometimes. There are moments that he deems low risk in your life where he won't wear his radio or his utility belt, opting instead for plain black civilian clothing. In those moments, you aren't proud of yourself for doing so, but you like to pretend he is your boyfriend. 
He's looking through broccoli's for you. You hadn't asked him to. His hands sift through huge trees until he's found the most vibrant, holding it up for your inspection. 
"Perfect," you praise, opening your small paper bag so he can drop it inside with the rest of your hand-picked veggies.
The only thing left on your list is extra virgin olive oil, but you don't want to go home yet. You like the way people look at you and James when you're together,  awed and a little jealous. They might wonder how you nabbed a man like him, and of course you haven't nabbed him at all. That's your secret to keep. 
You meander down the vegetable aisle, your eyes skipping over snap peas and cabbages, bags of wonky carrots and parsnips. James grabs a bag of rooster potatoes before you can stretch over the crates for them. 
"Gotta wake up earlier in the morning to beat me, angel," he says. 
"I don't think I could." 
James wakes up at 3AM every morning, if he's to be believed. It makes sense. He wakes up, does bits around the flat, works out, has breakfast, and is waiting smiley and bright-eyed when you emerge from your room at 6:30. You're never as put together as he is, usually in your nightgown or one of those matching pyjama sets that make him look you up and down (though you both pretend he doesn't). 
No matter how bleary your vision is, it's impossible to miss the way he smiles at you every single day, like you're the sun coming up over the horizon. His pretty brown eyes squint, his thick crop of eyelashes threading together at their corners, and he says some warm variation of, "Morning, princess. Is it me or did you get prettier while I was gone?" 
"We could try it out. Of course, if you wake up at three, I'll have to start waking up at midnight," he says now. 
"I don't know how you do it," you say. Your voice is softened by genuine admiration. 
"I get to see you. Makes it easy." 
He's flirting, but with James you can never make out where the line is. Does he want you to flirt back? Does he want you to want him? You'd say without hesitation that James is your best friend in the whole world. He'd say without hesitation that his best friend is actually a duo, Sirius and Remus. That makes it hard. 
But it's okay. You don't need anything more than this: his hand on your shoulder guiding you across the aisle to the fresh fruit punnets, the smell of his cologne a familiar treat. 
You pick up a couple of things you like, mostly stuff you know you can convince James to share. He likes oranges best, so you grab a bag of huge ones and drop them in your basket with the veggies. It's getting heavy. You can practically see James' holding in an offer to carry it for you.
You're somewhere in the spreads and grains aisle when an older lady approaches you, or rather James, tapping him on the elbow gently.
"Hey, hun, you couldn't help me reach something?" 
"I'd be happy to!" he says cheerily. 
"Thanks so much. I've never been very tall, and every year I seem to shrink. It's just over here." 
James legally isn't supposed to stray from your side, so he threads his hand under your upper arm and pulls you with him. 
The elderly woman points to a box bragging organic, dehydrated strips of applesauce. "It's those right there if it's no trouble for you, hun." 
"No, of course not." 
James grabs her box with little to no effort expended. He doesn't even need to go on toes. 
"God, he's so tall," the elderly lady says to you. 
"He's super tall," you echo, your sunny talking-to-strangers voice in play. 
"And very handsome. You're a lovely couple." 
You fall into silence with your lips parted, not sure what to say. It isn't worth correcting and potentially embarrassing her for a harmless assumption, especially when you like that she thinks it, but you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of James by looking to eager. 
"She's the lovely one," James says, offering the applesauce with a huge beaming smile. 
She presses her hand to her collar, basket proffered until James places the applesauce carefully on top of a punnet of plums and a TV magazine. 
"Thank you," she says. "Getting old's no fun when you're short. And my husband was even shorter than I am! You hold on to this one, love, you never know when you'll need something from a tall shelf."
You and James laugh in a mirrored delight at her easy-going joking, his hand falling against the top of your shoulder, fingers spread and clasping. You swear, heat radiates like the sun from his touch alone. 
"I'm holding on about as tightly as I can," James says, "she couldn't get rid of me if she wanted to." 
You look at him, startled, and meet his earnest gaze. "I don't want to. I don't think I'll ever want to." 
James smiles. 
The elderly woman nods like this is something she'd suspected. 
"Good. You're a perfect pair," she says.
James rubs the space between your shoulders affectionately while he finally steals the heavy shopping basket from over your arm. You're too flustered from his touch to kick up a fuss. 
"I've been thinking the same thing," he says. 
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letraspal · 2 days
Tumblr media
Time may change me, but I can’t trace time… *
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neuteredsirius · 2 days
Tumblr media
Idk if I love or hate this so here it goes to tumblr I guess
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st0nesnglitter · 2 days
Hey, I just read your “truth or dare” smut with Sirius and loved it, that is pure art. I was wondering if you could write another smut with Sirius being very dominant and having a size kink and lots of degradation, if you feel comfortable, of course. Thanksss
SIZE KINK!!!!!! Ugh I’m a whore for size kinks
Tumblr media
A/N: this is absolutely not my best work, my writing is a little rusty. But at least it’s meaty so hopefully you’ll like some part!
Word count: 3.7k
Ever since the night of the game Sirius had become more affectionate. You discussed what your friendship meant to each other and agreed to take it slow, not labeling it and letting it grow in its own pace.
But with the addition of a sexual relationship on top of friendship he has been paying you a lot more attention, being more touchy and you feared that the rest of the group had caught on. So in your mind, to try and lure off any suspicions, you had to be more flirty to the other Marauders. And as a similar night as the night of truth or dare was beginning to form you opted to sit next to Remus instead of Sirius.
“Wait, so are you meant to drink if you have done it or if you haven’t?” Lily slurred before reaching over to Peter to grab the joint floating around.
“If you have done it,” James explained, again, “but I think we should just say stuff, we don’t have to have done it to say it, y’know?”
“Okay does everyone get it?” Remus asked, ever the organizer, “drink if you’ve done it, say anything you can think of”.
The game started rather slow, people getting up to fetch things and to refill cups, but as the game progressed and the questions got juicier the players got more stagnant.
“Okay, never have I ever… slept with more than three people in a week?” Morcas asked, slowly scanning the crowd.
You didn’t really expect anyone to drink but as your eyes fell on Sirius you saw him take a sip. A pit formed in your stomach as you thought about the question. You knew he had a salacious history, certainly more extensive than yours, but you didn’t really want to think of it. The confidence you’ve built up during your sexual escapades with Sirius slowly crumbled as your thoughts ran away from you.
“I’ve got one! Never have I ever had a threesome?” Marlene asked with a wicked smile.
Lily raised her cup to her lips, as did James and they shared a giggle. The attention was directed toward them as people exclaimed and tried to get some more details as Sirius took another drink. You saw it, eyes slowly meeting his and you saw his eyebrow move towards each other in silent questioning.
You felt yourself shrink, averting your eyes and trying to focus on the ruckus that James created around the threesome. In the chaos the game kind of slipped everyones minds and sub-groups started to form around the room. You decided to top off your drink by the table where Remus stood, slightly leaning, mixing his own drink.
“Hey darling” Remus handed you some lemon juice for your drink.
“Hi Remmy” you mumbled and taste tested your little creation, scrunching your nose at the foul taste.
Remus chuckled at your reaction, “not tasty?”
You shook your head and looked up at him. In your peripheral vision you saw Sirius looking toward you. The pit in your stomach from earlier returned, and defiance grew in your body. If Sirius was so flirty and promiscuous, you could be too. Your hand found its way to Remus’ forearm, letting your fingers trace upwards.
“I just can’t get the mix right, your always turn out so tasty” you said, words slightly slurred from equal parts attempted sultriness and equal part intoxication.
Rem chuckled and turned around so he could get a fresh cup and started mixing a new drink. As he worked Lily and Marlene came up to the table.
”Surprised to see you over here” Marlene snickered and reached for a candy from the big bowl.
Your brows furrowed and looked up with a tilted head, obviously confused.
“What do you mean?” You said as Remus handed you your new drink. With just a glance down you knew that it was better than the one you’d mix.
“Just figured you’d be over by Sirius” she replied with a slight twinkle.
As the words reached your inebriated mind your face heated up to a couple thousand degrees. The worry of not having been slick was confirmed and you took a breath to conjure up a plan before replying with a smile.
“Oh no, not when Remmy looks this good” you murmured, sliding your hand over the lycanthropes bicep.
He looked down at you with a smirk and leaned over to place a kiss on your head.
“Well I’m flattered, darling”.
Marlene and Lily shared a look before walking away, mumbling to themselves about whatever. Remus turned to you again and smiled.
“So have you and Sirius stopped fucking or what?”
The question came at you like a couple hundred bees and you have to take second to realize he actually said that.
“Oh come on sweetheart, Sirius and I know everything about each other, you had to know he told me, right?” He said and his smile fell slightly.
“I-I just thought we were, y’know, secret” you mumbled and took a sip for courage. Remus let out a chuckle.
“You wanna be secret? Cause it’s pretty obvious, for everyone” he said over his cup and let his eyes sweep over the room as to prove his point. You let your gaze follow his before taking a step closer.
“Well, that’s kinda why I’ve been around you tonight” you started, quickly taking another swig, “ wanted to throw people off the scent”.
Remus’ face cracked up into a bright smile and let out a chuckle.
“Or are you tryna get him jealous?”
The thought hadn’t even crossed your mind before. He got you jealous during the game, why not retaliate?
“Want my help sweetheart?” Remus asked with a smirk, seeing your thought process like a movie outside your head.
You threw a glance over at Sirius who sat over by James, who had put up cups for a beer-pong tournament. Siri was so pretty from the side, cheekbones sculpted by some divine creature, lips slipping into such an easy smile so it was practically impossible not to smile back.
“Yes please” you almost begged him.
The rest of the night you and Remus circulated the rest of the group, like a moon to a planet, always keeping an eye out for Sirius. The beer-pong had started and with Lily and James teamed up it was quite impossible for the rest of the duos, but as they were down to the last cups Dorcas called out.
“Hey, Beauty and the Beast we need another team!”
You looked over and saw her stand next to Sirius but without any opponents on the other side. You glanced over at Remus as he rolled up his sleeves.
“Let’s go”.
You had Remus behind you, trying out your throw. With four misses in a row, and with Dorcas and Sirius leading with two cups, you tried to gather yourself. Playing with Gryffindors meant that every game is practically life or death.
“Oh come on! Just throw it!” Sirius exclaimed.
Your eyes shot up, a surprised look drawn over your whole face. His eyes had a very intriguing twinkle and he smiled in a way that made your stomach turn. So you threw it. And you made a perfect shot.
Remus let out a celebratory shout and wrapped his arms around your waist, hoisting you up slightly. You laughed and let yourself celebrate with him, lifting your arms into the air. But as Remus put you down you looked over at your opponents. As your eyes landed Sirius you saw that the twinkle had disappeared, which scared you. The second thing you noticed was that his smile had not disappeared, which scared you even more.
“Please, you’re still down a cup” Dorcas said with an eye-roll, “now stop dry humping and let’s get on with it”.
The rest of the game Remus’ left hand was always found on your person, on your shoulder, resting on your waist, guiding your own hand to make a perfect throw. And with the cloud of intoxication getting thicker as the night progressed the game got stretched out, by bathroom breaks, cup refilling and joint rolling. In the end you were tied with a single cup each and Sirius had one throw left. He looked up at you and winked before throwing the ball, making it in.
Dorcas threw herself over Sirius and whooped loudly, “ha! Suck it!”
“Better luck next time” Remus mumbled and walked over to Marlene who had the joint at this time.
Sirius sauntered over to you with two cups in his hands, “can we have a little chat?” He said through gritted teeth.
You followed him, sharing a mischievous look with Remus, before you were out of sight and earshot of the rest. He led you down a dark hall with a fast pace, gracefully not spilling your drinks. And just as you were about ask where you were going a big door appeared right by Sirius’ side. He opened the door and threw a quick, cold glance at you.
“In you go” he said and waited for you to move.
You took a few hesitant steps inside and heard him slam the door shut behind you, causing you to turn to him. He didn’t look angry, he looked peeved.
“You looked really pretty tonight” he said and handed over a glass to you.
The words confused you but you accepted the glass and looked up to him. His eyes had an intensity to them you didn’t expect after a night of drinking and it made you slightly uneasy, as if he had some sort of masterplan.
“Thank you, Siri” you mumbled, “that’s really ni-“.
“Which is one of the reasons why I’m so pissed you decided to waste it on Moony” he cut you off.
“Not because you’d ever do something with him,” he walked toward the middle of the room with slow, deliberate steps. but because you thought you could make me jealous”.
A smile crept over your face and you locked eyes with him over the brim of your cup as you took a sip. The drink was strong, one of Sirius’ drinks signature, but it still felt refreshing.
“I’d say you are a little jealous” you suggested lowly.
As those words registered in Sirius head he whipped around and looked at you again. Then he walked up and took the glass from you, placing it somewhere behind him.
“You think you’re so cute, huh?” He practically growled, “going around groping my best friend in front of me?”
His hands came up to your face, slowly pushing your stray hairs aside with care. You glanced to his lips, hopeful, but he just shook his head.
“Nuh uh, you’ve spent this whole night trying to prove some stupid point” his breath fanned over your face as he spoke, “all for what?”
You assumed it to be rhetorical question but after a beat of silence he still looked down on you expectantly, his big hand wrapping around your face and pushing your cheeks into a small pout.
“All for what?” He repeated.
“I-i uhm, I wanted to make you jealous, o-or maybe just to get your attention” you stumbled out, his lips forming into a sly smirk.
“Well isn’t that cute” he hummed, “do you like having my attention?”
You nodded and let your hands fall onto the waist of the slacks he was wearing, trying to ground yourself by grabbing onto something.
“And you’d do anything I ask, right?”
The hand not pressed into your cheek met yours by his waist, darting past them to unbuckle his belt as you nodded a second time.
“I want you to get on your knees, darling”
Your body acted even before you really understood what he was saying, sinking slowly down onto the hardwood floor. Your hands traced his thigh as you sank, making Sirius throw his head back momentarily.
When you were situated below him he took a few steps back, inspecting you like a work of art. The act was degrading in way that made your skin crawl with excitement. His eyes fell down onto you with a newfound darkness and his already tall body towered over you like never before. Your mouth fell open by itself and he chuckled, walking back up to your small frame.
“You have such good natural instincts, love” he remarked as his hand tilted your chin upwards, “what do you want?”
“I want to..” your words died down as your confidence diminished, but as you saw Sirius’ gaze you knew he wouldn’t let you get away with it.
“I want to suck your dick” you mumbled and he patted your cheek lightly in approval.
“Well what kind of monster would I be if I didn’t let you do just that”
Since his belt already was unbuckled he could just reach down and unzip his trousers, letting them pool by his ankles. You got a great view of his not so unimpressive bulge from where you were sitting and felt yourself leaning forward. With an approving smile from Sirius you let your hands slide upwards again and you delicately wrapped your fingers around the outline. As you let your hands massage him a small, wet spot formed on his dark grey boxers.
“Fuck, you’re so pretty” he groaned, tangling his hand in your hair as he pulled his underwear down.
His beautiful, pink cock sprung out, bobbing in the air as he stepped out of his boxers. He gave himself a few slow strokes as he took in your blown out eyes and flushed cheeks. He grabs his dick as you let your tongue lull out, his smile turning almost sinister as he slaps his tip down onto the pink muscle repeatedly. Without warning he thrusts forward into your warmth, pulling a loud gag from you as he groans. Sirius sets a slow pace after your initial shock dies down, savoring the feeling of your wet mouth.
“This is really what you should be doing” he murmurs, disguising a particularly shrill moan, “not dicking around with my best mate”.
In an attempt to show your obedience you try to nod but the movement makes his length shoot right down into your throat. You pull away as tears well up in your eyes and coughs escape you.
“Fuck m’sorry” you mumbled with an apologetic look over your face.
“Gods, you’re gonna make me cum way too quickly” he groans as he leans his forearms onto the wall behind you, making his cock bob against your face. You licked the thick vein displayed over you and saw Sirius’ face scrunch together tightly
“Nuh uh” he murmured and hooked his hands under your armpits to yank you up from the floor, “I just can’t wait anymore, I gotta have you”.
In a fit of passion he pulled you as close as humanly possible, the kiss being all teeth clashing and tongue wrestling. As he kept pushing you up against the wall he unbuttoned his shirt, dark fabric slipping off of his lean shoulders.
“You know you’re really too dressed for my taste” he said, mumbled by your lips.
When you got back to earth from the kiss a pang of confidence flooded your body and you felt your arms push him away before really realizing.
“Sit down” you ordered with more dominance than you’ve ever had in your voice.
The raven haired man smirked as he sat down on the comfy bed the Room of Requirement housed, legs spread and leaning on his arms, accentuating his lean muscles.
You started to unbutton your slacks, fumbling slightly with the zipper, working for it to look seductive. Pulling them down slowly over your hips you slowly turned around to give him a view of your bum. You noticed, to your delight, when you faced him again his right hand had migrated to his cock, keeping a steady pace as he watched you intently. You stepped out of your trousers and kicked them away as you got to work to pull your shirt over your head in one swift motion, leaving you in black underwear.
“C’mon love, get over here” Sirius muttered out almost so quietly that you didn’t hear him. You sauntered over to him and straddled his hips, careful so you didn’t crush his member. As your lips reconnected you pulled his open shirt off of him, tracing the panes of muscle over this back before your hands got back to his hair. With his hands on your hips he guided your movements, making you grind down into his thigh. When it hit a particularly good spot you whimpered into his mouth and it opened up into a grin.
“This feel good huh?”
You could only nod as you steadied yourself with your hands on his shoulders and focused solely on hitting that spot over and over.
“Feel better than my cock?” He asked and you forced your eyes open to meet his as you shook your head. He chuckled and kissed your jawline.
With one swift motion he flipped the two of you over, ripping your panties with minimal effort.
“Hey!” You shrieked, looking at the fabric in his hand.
“Oh get over it, you’ve already soiled them” he smirked, feeling the wetness that resided in the clothing.
You felt your face heat up, diverting your eyes.
“Aw poor baby, are you embarrassed?” Sirius turned your head back to him with two fingers, making you look at him.
“Embarrassed that you’re so desperate to get fucked?” He asked with eye-contact that burned.
You nodded again and felt some tingling in your stomach at his words. He smiled at you, slightly sweeter than you expected in this situation, and held up his hand to your mouth. When your eyes flitted up to his in confusion he sighed.
The simply word made wetness pool between your thighs and you complied quickly, to Sirius’ content. He used the saliva as lubricant over his dick before dragging a finger between your slit. He chuckled again and placed a kiss on your hip.
“My filthy girl, getting this turned on from a little degradation hm?”
The heat residing over your cheeks ignited once again and you opened your mouth to say something but could not think of anything in your defense.
“That’s fine” he mumbled as he lined himself up against you, “I’ll give you anything you want”.
He pushed in slowly, both for your comfort but also for his enjoyment. Seeing your face contort, right on the edge between pain and pleasure, and hands flexing as you tried to figure out what to do with them. He set a slow pace, intent in making sure you felt every inch of him.
“Such a little cockslut” he moaned out, feeling you squeeze him at the words, “fuck, getting tight at my words huh?”
In the cloud of pleasure where you were in made his words float together, your jaw falling slack as he increased his force. He took a hold of your hair and tighten his fist slightly to get your attention.
“Feel so fuckin’ good sweetheart” Sirius groaned out.
His cock hit you right where you needed and your hands went to his biceps, gripping onto them to ground yourself, but just as you grabbed on he moved his right arm. His fingers found your clit and he began to carefully rub circles over it, feeling you clench around him again.
“Gods if you keep doin’ that you’re gonna make me cum” you slurred out, rolling your hips to meet his thrusts.
“That’s kinda the point darling” he chuckled.
As his gaze fell down where the two of you connected he saw as he thrusted in a little bump formed in your stomach. He slowed down to watch it closely and moaned loudly.
“My cock is basically splitting you in half” he said, more to himself. The words made you flex around him and his hand went to grab your face.
“Bloody hell, don’t do that!” He reprimanded, wrapping an arm around your waist and hoisted you up slightly before flipping back over so you straddled his lap.
“If you’re gonna be a tease you’re gonna have to do the work.”
You whined at his words but started to grind against him immediately, not wanting to lose the momentum you’d already built up. From this new angle he prodded even deeper inside of you, so deep it almost hurt, and your head fell back feeling all those explosions of pleasure.
“Can’t even hold your head up” Sirius stated, hand coming up behind your back and cradling your head, “just a little toy fo’ me huh?”
His words barely registered at this point, you were too wrapped up in your impending orgasm that you only noticed his voice, tone indicating that he said something mean.
“Please Siri” you mumbled, legs slowing down slightly at the effort of riding him.
“Please what?” He grinned, eyes watching your face intently.
“I jus’ need a little help, need your help to cum” you opened your eyes properly and gave him a pleading look. His face softened and gave you a soft kiss before planting his feet on the floor to thrust up into you. He let his hands wander down to your hips and he started helping you go up and down.
“Fuck that feels so good” you moaned, letting your hand play with your clit to get you closer, “‘m about to cum Siri”.
His determination grew as he heard those words, increasing his pace to watch your face fall into bliss. When you toppled over the hill of your orgasm your legs buckled underneath you, Sirius keeping strong hands over your hips to fuck you through your climax.
As the mist of white pleasure started to clear out from your head you let out a breath you didn’t knew you held in. Sirius’ eyes were impossibly dark, making you nervous.
“How about we flip you around and let the real fun begin?”
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lilyevansisluv · 3 days
regulus "at least im trying" black PLEASE
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championship cups
tensions run high during the quidditch league cups. when your favoured teams loses, there’s an annoying git that keeps replying to your tweets. not one to back down from a fight, you respond. chaos then ensues
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fun facts:
— remus wasnt actually serious but best believe sirius pestered him enough to actually do it
— james actually got to 125 but he had to stop because yn kept yelling boo! 🍅
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part..1.5? how james got his glasses and pandora’s introduction!
pandora is what is considered by many a witch: she creates potions and accessories with what everyone considers magic, but is actually science.
the kingdoms’ opinions on these “witches” varies from admiration (gryffindor) to persecution (slytherin, ironic i know), however a kingdom in particular (ravenclaw) has academies where students can learn this “magic” (aka chemistry and physics)
pandora studied in one of these academies, but dropped out and moved to the forbidden forest to focus on her own experiments and be closer to nature’s resources.
if regulus’ parents found out his best friend is a witch, and that he is actively helping her in her studies, it would surely be a disaster (hence the “just like someone else in this room”)
pandora and regulus having the same sense of humour <33
foot-blind means that he he’s short sighted (he can’t see his feet because they’re too far) and hand-blind means that he can’t see things that are close (like his hands), and the number of fingers is how serious the “blindness” is
giving james doe eyes might be one of the best design choices i’ve ever made
don’t think too much abt the fact that the first thing james saw clearly was regulus x
i lied in my last post, the wolfstar part will be in the next one w remus and marlene’s backstory (and lily’s) 🙈
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that-bitch-kat3 · 3 days
sirius: guess what i’m about to get?
regulus, not looking up: on my nerves?
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shadyblacklin · 2 days
James: I've found a Valentine's card in my pocket
Sirius: Yes, I put it there
James: But... Why did you sign it 'from R.'?
Sirius: What?? I- Remus????
Regulus: Yes, I've seen, he did it
Remus: *remember when Regulus made it in front of him* Okay, I did. Do you want to go on a date, James?
Regulus and Sirius: *aggressively jealous* NO.
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Drunk James: I like hot guys, and girls. Mostly hot guys. Mostly Regulus.
Peter: I want my galleons Moony
Remus: fuck
Sirius: what
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