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Achilles and Patroclus 馃 James and Regulus =
tragic, beautiful love
Tumblr media
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James: I've found a Valentine's card in my pocket
Sirius: Yes, I put it there
James: But... Why did you sign it 'from R.'?
Sirius: What?? I- Remus????
Regulus: Yes, I've seen, he did it
Remus: *remember when Regulus made it in front of him* Okay, I did. Do you want to go on a date, James?
Regulus and Sirius: *aggressively jealous* NO.
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written with @wolfstarmicrofic prompt: inspiration
Remus looked warily down at each of his three best friends, who were sitting on the floor of their shared dormitory, looking confused but patient as he paced uneasily in front of them. Remus paused, faced them and took a deep breath.
鈥淚鈥檓 gay,鈥 he said.
His breaths came out shakily. He twiddled with his fingers. His eyes were nearly all white with how wide he had stretched them.
The reaction was sort of disappointing, really.
鈥淲e know,鈥 Sirius said bluntly.
Remus blinked once, fiercely. 鈥淲hat?鈥 he rasped, then cleared his throat. 鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥
James looked rather amused. 鈥淥h, mate,鈥 he said softly, 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to be so worried. We all figured it out around 4th year.鈥
At this, Remus looked positively mortified. 鈥淵ou鈥 But鈥 I鈥斺
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, Moony,鈥 Peter crooned, hiding a fond chuckle, 鈥淲e don鈥檛 care.鈥
鈥淲ait鈥 really?鈥 Remus asked, sounding heartbreakingly hopeful and yet still weary, as if he didn鈥檛 quite believe them.
鈥淥f course, mate!鈥 Sirius assured him, grinning, 鈥淲hen have we ever lied to you?鈥
Remus raised his eyebrows sardonically, but sat down between his friends feeling sufficiently lighter.
鈥淲ell then,鈥 Peter started, sounding suddenly business-like, 鈥淲hat prompted you to make this sudden confession? Any particular inspiration behind it?鈥
He shot a pointed look at Sirius, who was casually leaning back on his palms and staring fixedly at Remus, an odd, flaming sort of look in his eyes.
鈥淎h well鈥︹ Remus replied, 鈥淚t鈥檚 our last year at Hogwarts. Figured it was about time you guys got to know anyway.鈥
James hummed understandingly, but there was a mischievous look on his face.
鈥淪o鈥︹ James purred, slowly leaning forward and reaching out a hand to trace circles over Remus鈥 bicep, 鈥淎ny other confessions you want to make?鈥
He waggled his eyebrows and exaggerated a lip-bite.
鈥淧rongs!鈥 Remus protested, shoving James away as they all barked with laughter.
Undeterred, James sat cross-legged, elbows on his knees, head propped up on his hands. 鈥淥h, come on, Moony,鈥 he said, 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 look me in the eye and honestly say you鈥檝e never wanted to snog me.鈥
鈥淣ope,鈥 Remus said, grinning, 鈥淣ever.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 be shy, Moony,鈥 James insisted, ruffling his hair and winking, 鈥淭here鈥檚 got to be at least聽one聽time鈥斺
鈥淗e said no,鈥 Peter cut in, 鈥渂ecause his one true love is聽obviously聽me.鈥
Remus laughed loudly at the scandalized sound that James made. As he and Peter got into a heated argument over the rightful owner of Remus鈥 heart, Remus himself looked over at a smiling Sirius, and knew with certainty who his heart truly lied with.
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After Work Angel (1/1) (jegulus)
Regulus was in the library, typing furiously for hours and hours. Headphones on and classical music playing so no lyrics would distract him but he could still drown out the sounds of people making too much noise on the silent floor.
He liked that he could focus for so long but often once he got in the zone his other needs were long forgotten.
James knew to text him when he got off work, often knowing no response would come for a few more hours. Today was no different.
When regulus鈥 hunger finally took over completely he started to pack up. He knew it was finally time to go home when even the way he was typing was a sound that sent his heart pounding. He knew he should listen to his body before it had to sound every alarm, rattling all of his senses, making everything else feel like nails on a chalkboard directly next to his ear.
So as he packed up his things and walked toward the entrance he texted James he was on his way home. Usually Regulus just walked, the cool evening air filling his lungs and soothing his nervous system. Today, when he made it just a few blocks from home a car pulled up next to him, instantly recognizing it as James鈥.
James of course rolled down the window. 鈥淕et in, we're going to get take away because you need food now,鈥 James said and Regulus couldn't help but laugh.
He gets in the car, and James kisses his cheek. 鈥淗i,鈥 Regulus says sweetly.
鈥淏urgers or tacos?鈥 James asks in reply.
鈥淵ou're an angel, you know that,鈥 Regulus says, grin spreading on his face. 鈥渁nd tacos please,鈥
鈥淥h good that's what I want too,鈥 James says as he drives away.
鈥淗ow did you know, by the way?鈥 Regulus questioned. He should know better than to question though, James knows him better than he knows himself.
鈥淲ell because usually you come home 2 hours after me, but it's been 4 and half hours which means you got lost in your work and only left because your body told you too. That also means if you came home and had to make something you probably would forgo it because it's too much energy.鈥 James accurately explained.
鈥淎nd I wanted tacos so I thought maybe you'd want them too,鈥 James added slyly.
Regulus laughed. 鈥淎lright yeah that sounds about right.鈥
Regulus turned to look out the window, finding the moon and stars in the sky, thanking them for his love and grateful that today turned out to be pretty great.
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wolfstardaughter-jj 3 days
You ever just write a love letter at 1 am to one of your closest friends ever with no intention of giving it to them because love and confrontation is something you are not willing to deal with just yet but at the same time your feelings are on the verge of basically exploding out of your heart that doing nothing is torture?
-remus lupin at some point (and also me)
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I need to talk to someone about Barty..
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the three genders are literally princess (james), slut (sirius), loser (remus)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
narrator: but they were flirting, and continued to do so, for the entire rest of the game鈥
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reggieslocket 1 month
how do i explain to my parents and relatives that the reason i put effort into my studies and my exams is not to have a bright future and a nice job but because i can't possibly fail remus lupin
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breathingdisaster08 1 month
James: I'm the most responsible in the group.
Remus: You've literally just set the dorm on fire.
James: I know, and I take full responsibility for it.
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Tumblr media
more jegulus
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englishboylover 4 months
WHAT IF sirius was sorted into slytherin as he was supposed to be?? black brothers being the casanovas of slytherin while remus and james being the casanovas of gryffindor?? enemies to lovers wolfstar/jegulus?? first they hate each other but then evan and james slowly becoming friends so they get the chance to know each other without trying?? idk about you but i need this immediately.
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alexsays-no 8 days
James could NOT resist the urge to do this.... Isn't it like Regulus complains
Tumblr media
*plays Karma by Taylor Swift on the background *
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floralembarrassment 2 days
Can you do a few stories about wolfstar?
Hi! Yes I absolutely can. While I'll work on some more and if you have an ideas you'd like to see please request! But for today, my brain said to give them wolfstar means consoling pain. This one is for you anon - with love 馃挏
He鈥檒l be Alright (1/1) (Black Brothers | wolfstar)
(CW: inferred self harm/SI - handle yourselves with care my loves!)
鈥淚 need you to promise me you won't do that again,鈥 Sirius says. It's pleading and desperate, and his eyes are filled with so much pain, his own and that which he shares with Regulus. So much hurt that Regulus has to look away.
鈥淚 can promise you that I'll try鈥︹ Regulus answers dejectedly.
鈥淩eg, please,鈥 Sirius begs.
Regulus eyes shoot back to find Sirius' and his arm reaches out gingerly to grab Sirius' wrists.
鈥淣o Sirius, I'm being real with you right now. Because I can't take being a disappointment to you on top of everything else going on and I can't promise that it won't happen again but I can promise that I will try,鈥 Regulus says, always matter-of-fact but this time with the threads of honesty in his exhausted tone.
Sirius let out a heavy sigh. 鈥淥kay Reggie, okay. I love you, you know that?鈥
鈥淚t's nice to hear it,鈥 Regulus replied. He knows it's harsh but it's also true. Sirius made him promise to be honest. Actually he's making him promise a lot tonight and Regulus isn't sure it's really the best use of their time. 鈥淚'm sorry that was mean,鈥 Regulus says into the silence.
鈥淣o Reg, you're right. You're right." Sirius says and he closes the space between them to place a gentle hand on his shoulder. It's not a lot but it's enough for them for now.
鈥淵ou going to be okay for the night?鈥 Sirius asks when James and Remus show up to the door. Regulus nods, and then his eyes move over to James鈥 whose are sad with concern but soft with love.
James hugs Sirius as they swap places.
鈥淭ake care of yourself Regulus,鈥 Remus calls from the door, as Sirius falls into his side.
As they walked out, down the long sterile hallway, Sirius clung tighter to Remus. Remus held him, hushed his silent cries, and once they were out in the fresh air pressed a kiss to Sirius鈥 head, as Sirius weeps 鈥渉e's my brother, my baby bother.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 okay and he鈥檒l be okay,鈥 Remus reassured.
鈥淚 love you, Remus,鈥 Sirius said as he stopped walking and he turned to look at the other boy. 鈥淗es uh Regulus so going to need more of me for a while, so um I love you I want you to know that and if if Regulus was okay maybe things would be different a-鈥 Sirius began. His voice breaking with every other word.
鈥淪irius we aren't breaking up, stop it,鈥 Remus said, gripping Sirius鈥 jaw lightly. 鈥淚'm here for you, and that means through all of it. Even if you're brother is going through it. You are my family Sirius which makes Regulus my family. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here for you, I love you, and we will all make it through this. Together,鈥 Remus鈥 words are firm and final but with so much compassion.
Sirius melts into his arms and cries for real now. 鈥淭hank god, thank you I love you so much,鈥 is all that comes out coherently.
Remus wraps him in his arms, and they stay like that for a long time. They stay like that even as they walk home, and once they get settled in bed, and how they stay all night.
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mooomoony 5 months
James: Did you have to stab him?
Regulus: You weren't there you didn't hear what he said to me.
James: *hands on his hips* Well what did he say?
Regulus: "What are you going to do Baby Black? Stab me?"
Barty: That's fair.
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regulusunset 7 months
[James apologizing to Sirius after a fight]
Sirius: it's ok! it was nothing it's not like you fucked my brother or anything
James: actually, now that you mention-
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