#marble hornets headcanons
j0eyj0rdis0n · 2 months
This was a request in the comments of one of my posts a while back. I totally forgot about it for a hot minute until I was scrolling through my drafts. I hope whoever requested this enjoys!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's pretty open when it comes to a partner.
He doesn't care what you're interested in because he'll just tease you no matter what
But he does like someone whos clean (even though he's literally the grossest creep)
I feel like it's something about the contrast he likes? Or maybe it's just because you need everything to be clean so you do it for him?
Wash his clothes please
Tumblr media
He probably wants someone quiet like him
Someone who likes to read as well!
Quality time is a must for him!!
He's interested in someone who's more covered up when it comes to clothes? Maybe more professional looking?
Honestly he's happy with whatever as long as you accept him for the beast he is
Tumblr media
Housewife. Housewife. Housewife.
PLEASE cook and clean for him
It's not that he's incapable, it's just the act of service melts his heart
Would love it if you waited at the door for him to come home, or were just setting the table as he walked in
"Honey I'm home" type vibes
Tumblr media
Someone innocent
Good LORD would this man fall so hard for an innocent s/o
He wants to be your only source of protection, the one who shows you things, teaches you, tells you what's right
It's the manipulation talking, but it's out of love
He'd give you so so so many gifts (wear the outfits he gets. NOW!)
Tumblr media
Someone who's down for adventure!
He needs someone who can handle his up's and his down's and who's always ready to do something together
Probably would fit better with an outdoors person
If you like the same music as him it's a HUGE plus
He'll talk to you for HOURS about his favorite bands
Tumblr media
Gamer. Obviously.
Dude needs a player 2
Also someone who smokes! If you'd smoke it up with him he'd be happy forever
Aaand you should probably know how to cook because this man burns water
Make him mac n' cheese
Tumblr media
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littleventcrawler · 9 months
creepypasta/marble hornets headcanons that would probably give other people the ick but i love them
Toby drools due to a combination of poor muscle control and his cheek gash
Tim/Masky smells like sweat and beef jerky all the time
Brian/Hoodie has a tooth gap that always whistles when he pronounces certain letters and when he sleeps
Laughing Jack, being made of the same material as a stuffed toy, will sometimes cut himself open and store things in his body
Jeff has weeks old soda and monster energy cans laying around his room
Eyeless Jack smells everything, like literally everything
additions welcome
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pyrondeeznutz · 3 months
The entire plot of Marble Hornets is just Alex holding a gun to Jays head and saying “you have marbled your last hornet” and pulling the trigger while Tim and Brian have a gay lovers dispute
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creepy-friday · 4 months
Just came across your blog and I ended up binge-reading everything! I'm in love with the way you write the characters, specially the Proxies. And the female Proxy is definetly my favourite👌.
How it would be if, instead of being Slender's trusted minion and already a experienced Proxy, she was a newbie and fresh meat? Kinda like Cody, younger and dragged there with little to no choice because the Operator saw potential in them. Would the dynamics change, since she doesn't have a high rank to rely on?
Maybe Brian is appointed as her mentor and he gets advantage of her inexperience by corrupting her?
Creepypasta Proxies x Newbie!Female Proxy
The overbearing silence after the buzzing static faded away was bringing in a new damned life.It's been a month since you were bought here,locked in your room until The Operator decided it was enough for you to settle in
It was time for you to meet again with the masked men that dragged you here-the same killers that were supposed to be your team, "allies" even
Every resident was looking down on you,even EJ that pitied you and looked at you with mercy behind his blue mask.The first time you had to pay a visit to his clinic he even asked if you are scared because deep down,his instinct made him to enjoy it
The harassing is real,but this time it's more dangerous.Remember,you're a helpless outsider in a place full of rapists,killers and awful fantasies.Walking down dark hallways is always in a hurry,same as eating and showering.
Since Brian was assigned to your ass,you're almost totally saved and worry free next to him,but he's also a piece of shit
He sees your potential,after all, if The Operator views you as valuable-then you're most certainly priceless.
He's a gentle guy,takes his sweet sweet time to teach you everything you need to know.
Sure,he respects you,but during training sessions he will do everything in his power to get you under him,sort of helpless.
"See,it's not that hard" he breathed out as he guided your hands on the right places "if you ever happen to find yourself in this position you know what to do now,right?" he smiled in a gentle manner,slowly standing up from above you,taking you by your hand with him."Do you want to reverse the roles?"
He will defend your name even if you are in the wrong during proxy meetings.He will keep on bringing up how fucked up all of them felt when they arrived there,and this point always works.(more or less for Masky)He knows how to pull the strings when he wants to
You already know the drill,Masky is a menace to work with,especially with newbies.Don't get me wrong,he doesn't expect you to be fully prepared to know shit,he enjoys having you dumb,but he will always make you feel like shit,he will try his best to bring a pained expression to your face because it makes him feel better and he's bored of Toby
Definitely uses you as a vent chat,no restrictions for him,from inventing some fucked up story to telling you about his miserable life from before the mansion and during the present since he doesn't expect you to stay
The only time he stops is when his friend gives him the sign.It's crazy,but he respects Brian more than he cares about breaking some of your lovely bones
Toby was more than glad to know another woman "joined in",especially since you're new and vulnerable,he now has the chance to look out for someone and to be needed
Altough Toby was the most unusual individual,Cody was the one to give you the creeps most of the times.And he does it on purpose
Since he's no longer the fresh meat everyone looks down to,he feels superior that now he has you around
He wouldn't bully you or make you feel bad on purpose, but he will definitely baby you around A LOT
Kate is complicated.She doesn't talk,she doesn't look at you,she doesn't make any effort to teach nor to train you.She looks down on you,and the only time she will open her mouth is to either tell you to stop what you're doing or to answer any of your questions with a phrase so vague it will make you have even more questions
Time is precious,so don't waste it.Every hour can be spent becoming stronger,but also every hour goes by terribly slow when around every fucking corner someone is gawking their eyes at you
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milkycarnations · 1 year
What Good Deeds Do The Creeps Do?
Tumblr media
Will always give his jacket to you/a friend if they look cold. Always waits until everybody has their food before he starts eating - even in restaurants.
Holds the door open for everyone. Brings hand sanitizer to share and carries little tissue packets in his pocket.
Will always tell you if you have something in your teeth/on your face. He also makes sure your outfit is always good (skirt not tucked into panties, shirt not stuck under pants, jeans cuffed evenly, etc).
He will pull peoples plants out of the sun if they look underwatered or like they're dying. He's been secretly keeping your neighbors porch plant alive for 3 months.
Steals medications as a middle finger to big pharma. Gives medical help/advice to his friends for free.
Will scam back scammers. Wastes their time, destroys their software, scares the shit out of them.
Grabs the meal trays at fast food places and puts them on the front counter so employees don't have to go into the lobby to collect them. He also cleans up after himself.
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mouschiwrites · 13 days
Creepypasta/MH - Going To Sleep With Them
Characters: Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, Nina the Killer, Clockwork, Jane the Killer, Brian/Hoody, Tim/Masky
Eyeless Jack
He goes to sleep pretty early; he’s in bed no later than 8 PM
But he gets up in the middle of the night for… feeding purposes
He tries to be discreet, keeping a close eye on your sleeping form as he slips out of the sheets and out the window
He won’t kiss you goodbye, he really doesn’t want to disturb you
But he’ll gaze longingly at you right before he drops from the windowsill to the ground
When he comes back, he makes sure to wash up thoroughly before getting back in bed
If you don’t wake up at the sound of the shower running, you will when he crawls in next to you
He smells nice and clean, completely void of the irony tinge of blood
If he’s upset he won’t touch you, he’ll just curl up on the far edge of the bed, trying to make himself small and unnoticeable
He’ll squirm away from your touch if you try to comfort him
He just needs to feel alone for a while
But if he’s not upset, he’ll curl around you
He clings to you like a koala, pressing his cheek against you
He’s not very warm, but his skin is soft from showering
Plus, as mentioned earlier, he smells nice :)
Once settled, he won’t move until morning
Jeff the Killer
He has no sleep schedule
When he’s tired he’ll conk out on the bed, barely bothering to change clothes
He’ll take off his hoodie and maybe his jeans, but that’s about it
If you happen to be in bed at the same time, he’ll cuddle up to you
You better hope that he’s showered recently, because he doesn’t see sleeping as an “occasion” to shower for
He likes to have your head on his chest with his arm around you
The pressure comforts him
Plus it allows him to sprawl out a little, which he likes a lot
He isn’t the type to curl up when he sleeps, he goes full starfish if space allows
He also moves in his sleep
You might wake up to him smacking or kicking you, or even shoving you to the edge of the bed
It’s unintentional, but if you mention it to him he thinks it’s hilarious
He will get upset if you actually try to sleep somewhere else, though
Even if you’re not touching, knowing that you’re near helps Jeff feel peaceful while he sleeps
Fortunately he’s not a blanket hog, so at least you have the blanket to yourself
He can sleep blanketless even in the dead of winter
He might crawl under the covers at first, but he manages to wiggle out of them by the time he wakes up
Nina the Killer
She goes to bed whenever you do
But if she’s really tired, she goes to bed by herself, telling you that she’ll be waiting whenever you’re ready to join her
She loves to cuddle
She doesn’t care what position, she loves them all
Her favorites are the ones where she gets to wrap her arms around you though
Kind of like Jeff, she does move a lot in her sleep
But instead of pushing you away, she tries to get closer
She still might end up hitting you, but it’s in an attempt to hold you
If you mention it to her she’ll laugh, but she actually feels pretty bad
She’ll sadly say she understands if you want to sleep somewhere else :(
She has so many pairs of cute PJs and old T-shirts to sleep in
She usually tries to get ready before bed, but if she’s not in the mood she’ll just conk out in her clothes
At least she’s not stinky like Jeff though, she actually wears deodorant and sometimes perfume
You might wake up with makeup smeared on you/the pillows
She generally tries to go to bed around a set time, but if she’s busy she’ll stay up
You can’t coax her to bed if she’s busy, but she’ll gladly come if she’s not
She’s pretty chill when it comes to cuddling
She will if you want to, but she’s fine if you don’t
Unless she's had a nightmare, then she does prefer to cuddle
Or if she's not in the mood, then she'll flat-out refuse
She likes to be the big spoon when you do cuddle
She's pretty warm, which is always nice in the colder months
She's eerily still when she sleeps
It's almost like she dies for a few hours
Unfortunately that means that if you need to get up and you're cuddling, you are trapped
You'll have to wake her up if you want out
She'll just grunt and turn to the other side of the bed, then proceed with her stone-still slumber
Which means you won't be cuddling anymore when you get back :(
She always changes her clothes before she goes to sleep
Even if it's just a T-shirt, she makes an effort to sleep in different clothes than the ones she wore during the day
Jane the Killer
You can tell she's getting ready to go to bed when you hear her showering
She's a night shower person, and she always showers before she goes to bed
She'll change into nice PJs and climb into bed, smelling clean and feeling soft
Unless she has... plans... for the evening, she sticks to a specific bedtime
She likes to have you in bed with her, but she won't force you to adhere to her schedule
She isn't a huge fan of cuddling, she prefers to just know you're there
She might reach out and rest her hand on you during the night, just to reassure herself
She won't object if you decide to hold her hand
If she's out for the evening, she looks forward to coming home to you
She doesn't like to sleep during the day, so she'll just take however much time is left in the night to sleep in bed with you :)
Her favorite thing ever is to climb under the covers and see/hear you sleepily acknowledge her before drifting back off
It makes her feel seen and loved
Also, she always kisses your hand before she goes to sleep
No matter how tired or upset she is, she never forgets
He doesn't go to bed until very late at night
You're usually in bed before he is
But that's the way he likes it; he loves knowing that you're waiting for him whenever he's ready to sleep
He'll slip under the covers silently, wrapping himself around you and allowing your bodies to melt against each other
If you wake up while he does this, he'll apologize and kiss your cheek before telling you to go back to sleep
He usually changes into different clothes to sleep, but sometimes he forgets
You can always tell when he forgets; his clothes reek vaguely of earth and sweat
He doesn't move a whole lot in his sleep, but when he does move he'll try to keep physical contact with you
Sometimes he'll literally heave you over him so that you're on his other side and he can keep cuddling you
He's a pretty lonely guy, and he sees sleep as his solace
Having you to hold makes him feel like he's not really alone
If he wakes up in the middle of the night and you're gone, he'll get up and find you
Once he finds you he just waits, rubbing his eyes and yawning until you go back to bed
He does not sleep often
Or well
Sleeping next to him is both nice and a nuisance
For one, he tosses and turns constantly, and when he finally drifts off, he usually wakes with a start not even two hours later
He gets nightmares almost every night, which makes him anxious to fall asleep
You'll probably end up getting only a little more sleep than him
On the other hand, he does like to hold you
It calms his nerves when you're in his arms, so he'll hold you against him while he tries to get some rest
Sometimes he doesn't even try to sleep, he just stares into the darkness with you in his arms
He presses a kiss on the top of your head when his anxieties start to get to be too much
It's honestly more refreshing than sleep for him
But if he falls asleep while holding you, be prepared to be jumpscared when he suddenly sits up with a gasp
He'll apologize, but it won't sound all that sincere
He's more occupied trying to calm himself down
He doesn't bother to shower at night because he wakes up in a cold sweat too frequently, so he prefers to shower in the morning
He tries to change clothes before bed so that he doesn't smell too bad though
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed :) take care my sweethearts <33
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bumdaspooderman · 2 months
how the proxies react when flustered🤭🤭
How the proxies react when flustered
((I’m running out of photos))
Tumblr media
Ticci Toby
-Toby is really nervous when he’s flustered, but not in a shy way.
-He’ll of course give much appreciation to whatever made him flustered that you said tho.
-as I said in my last post, When Toby’s riled up or has strong emotions, his tics act up. So he’s a big ‘ol flustered mess right now. Congrats!
-“Toby, did you fall from heaven? ‘Cause you look like an angel~” “omg-(Y/N) you’re gonna kill me, stop-bfhjehdudj-“
-when he tells you to “STAWP”, don’t stop. He loves it.
-this man may seem hard to fluster, but I assure you, that’s false.
-But he tries to keep his composure when flustered, given you a “really?” Smirk.
-“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put “U” and “I” together~” “Omg (Y/N)-“
-would just chuckle and shake his head at your cheesy pick up lines. He loves ‘em anyway :)
-Brian flusters you right back. You got cheesy pick-up lines? He’s got more!
-it will end up with you just throwing pick-up lines at each other for an hour, he loves it. It keeps him young.
-“Brian, if you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable~” “Feel my shirt. Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material~”
-and it goes like that back and forth, over and over again. Brian’s a sweet boy<3
((Yay! Another one done!))
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jtkys · 2 months
Anyone who draws Tim/masky slim/skinny/whatever word you wanna use will be publicly executed by the guillotine. A similar punishment will be delivered to anyone who thinks of Toby as a incapable little baby that loves waffles and would never hurt a fly.
I will find you and I will make everyone throw rotten fruit at you.
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1-800-cr33py · 2 months
’’ Let’s try that again hm? “ Brian’s voice was low, teasing. You almost wanted to whine, to cry out in desperation.
But you couldn’t. Despite every fiber of your being telling you to as your lover’s hand crept back up the column of your throat. His hand was calloused, yet his fingers traced the muscle with a care only he could provide you. His hazel eyes studied your face, checking for any signs of discomfort, distress, anything; his eyes held a sadistic glint to them, he was enjoying this.
The power he had over you at this moment was absolutely exhilarating.
Brian laughed at the sight below him, in all honesty it was both pathetic and endearing. You, below him, watching him like he was God himself, like he hung the very stars for you and you only. This was how he liked you; pliant and obedient. Brian drug his thumb across your jaw, tracing shapes as he reveled in your breathless whines and squirming for any kind of friction to alleviate the burning ache between your legs. The sight of you brought a delighted groan from the man; doe-eyes watery from the previous edging he’d inflicted. Brian could almost feel sorry for you.
But he didn’t.
Because this was all your idea.
You trembled as you felt Brian’s free-hand slowly find its way down your body, squeezing at your curves every so often before finding purchase between your shaking thighs. Practically keening as your hips jerked upward to meet his palm, which brought a sharp ‘tsk’ from your lover. The hand around your throat tightened, cutting off the sweet air you’d be gasping for. Mouth agape, eyes already rolling into your skull as Brian plunged his fingers into your weeping core, wetness dripping down you thighs and onto the sheets below. Brian’s eyes never left your face as your hips jerked, hands wrapped around his wrists as you begged. Your sweet voice bouncing off the dark walls.
“ Sweet baby, always trying to please me hm? Yeah, I know, feels so good. “ Brian rasped, curling his fingers, effectively drawing a squeal from your kiss-swollen lips. You face flushed. Though the moment was short-lived, your eyes bulged as your lover withdrew his fingers.
“ Poor babydoll. You never said you wanted to cum tonight. “
Author’s Comments: Heyo! Mod 800 here, 888 is busy tonight so this is really really rushed as smut isn’t my forte so I do thoroughly apologize. I don’t really like this so if it seems edited later on it was most likely 888 (god bless her I love her sm)
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divijohm · 5 months
Tim/Masky Headcanons
Tumblr media
A/n: I heard the people's call here it is my Tim/masky Headcanons. Disclaimer that I haven't seen marble hornets YET (just itty bitty parts on tiktok) so it will be based of what I know of the character outside the show
Tumblr media
🚬 Many people think "masky" is like an entire different person than Tim. But the reality is that both are pretty much the same, just differents sides of a coin. Masky is a more sadistic and violent version of Tim. Is like his worst characteristics are pulled to the max when he is Masky ((Like what Monika (ddlc) did to the other 3 in the game))
🚬 He has constant headaches, they aren't that intense but they're always there. He learned to just ignore that (honestly I mostly projected that one because yes)
🚬 He's constantly a little queasy, some of it is because of the operator/slenderman influence and some of it is because he's mixing medicine with cigarettes like the headache he learned to just ignore
🚬 He really likes spicy food, any type, but mexican cousine is his favorite
🚬 He listens to ASMR to fall asleep
🚬 He and Hoodie/Brian have knitting sessions together
🚬 He loves to cook and bake. It calms his mind
🚬 He's hypersexual
🚬 He engages in some self harm behaviors, smoking being the principal
🚬 Ironically (or not) he hates horror films it reminds him of all the things he did
🚬 if you believe in/like the slender mansion. He acts like that uncle who's just "fuck everything go wild I don't care" to everyone who lives there but Sally. He's a protective big brother when it comes to Sally
Tumblr media
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static-brained · 11 months
brian thomas meows back at cats
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j0eyj0rdis0n · 2 months
How dare you assume I don't know what a dump truck is!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Unfortunately he's a tits man...
But he supposes he can settle for someone with a fat ass instead
Smacks it every time he walks by. No exceptions.
Looooves it when you wear those tiny booty shorts. He's mush in your hands when you wear those. Bonus points if there's text/writing on the back
Tumblr media
Good LORD he's down bad for someone with a fat ass
Hop on his lap RIGHT NOW. No literally. Take off your pants and start riding. Reverse cowgirl of course.
But honestly when you wear those jeans that hug your ass just right, he's a total simp and a fat mess. Will do anything you could possibly want when you wear those jeans.
Tumblr media
Put on some leggings with a pretty thong and he's in love. Actually... Scratch the leggings, just the thong.
Gives you a nice squeeze when he's leaving for a mission
It's his way of telling you how he loves you
But he loves seeing the way your ass jiggles as he drills into you
Tumblr media
Worships your body. Like more than Brian or Tim does, and that's saying something.
Begs you to sit on his face
Did I mention he's a simp?
Like he's complimenting you 24/7, 365. No matter what you wear he's still just as down bad as the outfit before
Tumblr media
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littleventcrawler · 7 months
Hiya, hope you're having a pog day <3
I wanted to make a request if possible (also if you're comfortable with it, if not, feel free to ignore this ask!! no worries)
nsfw headcanons for Hoodie and Masky with a trans masc s/o (with top surgery scars)
Masky + Hoodie w/ a trans masc partner who has top surgery scars 
Masky + Hoodie x Reader (separately) 
Genre: Fluff + NSFW, headcanons 
Content/warnings: There’s a lot of talk of reader’s body but it’s all positive, Tim is insecure about his scars, chest + tummy kisses, tooth rotting fluff AND some soft romantic NSFW 😌 
Like my writing? I take requests! NSFW or SFW for any fandoms in my bio (request rules + masterlist in pinned post)!
Also, please reblog! it’s free, takes two seconds, and really helps me out 
Feedback is encouraged and appreciated:)
Not fully proofread! Let me know if you see any errors!
A/N: Sorry if you wanted like…hardcore nasty NSFW, this is really sweet 😔 
Tim Wright/Masky 
Although I don’t personally headcanon Tim as trans (though i definitely enjoy trans tim content 👌😋), he certainly has his fair share of scars 
They’re mostly on his arms and hands
Some are from fights, others are from miscellaneous accidents, some have been there as long as he can remember and he’s not even sure where they came from
But theres one thing he knows for sure:
He HATES when people point them out 
He can’t really explain it, he just hates having attention drawn to them 
You may not feel the same way, but even if you say you don’t mind he’ll be careful not to point them out 
That’s not to say you won’t catch him staring when he thinks you’re not looking, though 
The scars just look so…natural, on you 
Like they’ve always been there 
He forgets that they’re scars, really 
He’s not sure why he feels so different about scars on you than he does on him 
The longer he’s with you the less he notices your scars anymore 
And the less he notices his own too 
Over time he becomes less insecure about them as he watches you not only live with but accept and maybe even embrace your scars 
And there’s something he loves about being able to run his hand down your bare chest, the marks on his hand matching with your scars 
Especially when he finds you in bed with him, climbing on top of him and straddling his lap 
He cant stop himself from reaching out and pulling your shirt off, his large hands splaying out over your torso as he admires you, feeling your heartbeat thump behind your ribs 
If your position allows him to see your chest, don’t be surprised if he can’t pull his eyes away 
He’s not very talkative during sex, but he’s always sure to remind you how handsome you are 
He knows sex can sometimes trigger dysphoria, and he doesn’t want you to forget that you’re his sweet boy, forever and always
You can thank him for the praise by taking one of his scarred hands and pressing a soft kiss to it, a silent reassurance that his feelings about you are not unrequited 
Brian Thomas/Hoodie 
Brian, on the other hand, is very vocal about how attractive he finds your scars 
Although he’s got a few of his own, they’re generally not very noticeable 
And even if someone did point them out, he’d simply laugh them off 
So he feels comfortable telling you how much he loves your scars 
They’re a reminder of how strong you are, he says 
It’s not easy embracing your true trans self in this world, and you should wear your scars with pride 
He’s got an artistic streak, so don’t be surprised if he asks to draw on them 
He may even suggest getting a cool tattoo to emphasize them! 
Like barbed wire or a flower chain or something 
But if you don’t want that, he’s perfectly content simply being allowed to run his fingers over your scars 
He’ll often absentmindedly begin tracing them whenever you’re laying together, sometimes not even realizing he’s doing it 
He loves to kiss your chest too 
He’s a romantic type, what can I say 🤷 
He just loves to give your scars all the gentle attention they deserve, he can’t help it 
Don’t be surprised if his hands find your scars as if they have a mind of their own, always wandering to your chest whenever you’re standing at the counter or sitting on the couch with him 
And don’t be surprised if those wandering hands lead to more than just gentle touches 
If you allow him his way during sex, he’ll always insist on having you on your back 
He’ll pay extra attention to your chest, and i don’t just mean your scars (although they certainly aren’t ignored) 
He’s much more vocal than Tim, a constant stream of praises and reassurances spilling from his mouth and he drones on and on about how handsome you are and how lucky he is to have such a beautiful boy like you to take care of 
You’re an absolute beauty to him, and he’s going to make sure he tells you every chance he gets  
Brian Thomas: The Dysphoria Miracle Cure 
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pyrondeeznutz · 4 months
Brian is a military geek and a fucking nerd for cryptology. Like this mf knows morse code by heart and is the most cryptic fucker ever when it comes to leaving random ass codes around. He seems like one of those guys who’d get bored and make a huge internet goose chase for people to solve codes and whatnot
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creepy-friday · 9 months
Fem. proxy NSFW headcanons with the three proxies? (separately) I love the way you write them, and you really don't find people who write them accurately anymore. Thank you!
Hi! Thank you so much,I am glad the fandom is still alive! :D
Creepypasta Proxies x fem!Reader
|NSFW headcanons|
Warnings: implied nsfw,suggestive language,mental illness mentions,dub-con/non-con mentions,misogyny, various kinks mentions including dacryphilia,knife play and somnophilia
Side note: Sex is meant to be a pleasure experience for both partners (or more,whatever y'all are into) and it isn't limited to a particular "style", it is okay to explore and feel good and confident about it.Stay safe everyone!
Toby would be the one who would think about engaging in sexual activities the most
I ain't gonna sugarcoat it,he's still very mentally ill so he would only assume you don't necessarily find him attractive enough if you seem to reject all of his affection that would lead to something more
That's why during some of his breakdowns he might push you and get pretty violent,forcing himself onto you while kissing roughly,altough he wouldn't continue to a very end if you're extremely uncomfortable about it
Considering the amount of trauma he has,the few moments he can feel at his best are during the highs of an orgasm tbh
Did I ever mention he has a mommy kink? I definitely fucking did he will let you use him as you please,dirty talking also gets him last a few more rounds.He just wants to know he is the one who can please you the most,that he's doing a good job,that he's your pretty good boy~
Degrade him a little,he also doesn't mind if you want to crave a little something into his skin.Even tough he cannot feel pain he definitely likes it,it's something that makes him feel like he belongs to you
Toby would do the same if you let him.He has his moments where he wants to feel in total control,but at the same time he's all sloppy and needs to touch and lick every part of your body
Holding you into a tight grasp while you bounce on him makes him all vocal,he doesn't hold back on moans either, looking up to you like you're all that matters to him in this world
He loves to hold you as close as possible during intercourse,as close as he can get to hear your fast heartbeat or to lick the tears that escape from your pretty eyes
Masky is rough and would often not let you cum until you beg and further humiliate yourself to get it from him
He would fuck you in front of a mirror as exposed as possible while praising and shaming you at the same time
Holding your hair into a fist while pressing your head into a pillow and holding both of your hands between your back as he doesn't stop thrusting into you until you're left breathless is what he loves the most
He can still act arrogant and bossy, blowing the smoke on your face while forcing you to take all of his length in your throat,maybe even putting his hands under his head while acting like you blowing him off it's such a chore fucking douchebag
Tim can be a sweet and loving partner,making sure you are okay while leaving soft kisses on the spots Masky left on you
The white masked man still loves to be in power and would talk disgusting things to you because of it
"You were made for this,weren't you?" ; "Finally learning where your place is,am I right?" ; "I bet your cunt deserves more atttention,after all you've been a good slut lately" and so on and so forth,would make you agree and be vocal while saying the exact words he wants you to say
Would engage in fear play and grind onto you while you sleep,staring at you while he strokes himself off and finally covering your mouth and thrusting all of his length into you while letting out grunts and low moans
Hate fucking is nothing that he isn't familiar with,he secretly adores when you put him in his place and fuck his brains out,if you're not easily intimidated and take the lead you can make him roll his eyes into his skull and use this to shame him later he deserves it
Hoodie adores when you start crying while desperately holding onto him if you're not tied up,of course while you're overstimulated and shaking from the last few orgasms.
"C'mon,I know you can continue,one more time for me,hm?"
He's isn't as much of a jerk like his friend,but I totally can see him taking his sweet time to ravish you just for his fucked up pleasure
He would often tease you in semi public spaces or legit under the table while other residents are talking to you,he has no shame about it either
Cannot keep his mouth shut for anything,he will whisper the dirtiest filth to your ears while soft grunts escape his mouth
Except to be touched while sleeping next to him.He would gently pet your hair while you sleep on his chest,then his hand would move across your body.He cannot help it,you look way too peaceful while you're dozed off,so defenless and utterly at his mercy
If you insist to use a safe word with him he would respect it while smirking,his ego would be over the roof,especially knowing on how good he makes you feel
"You feelin' good?" he asks as he takes his sweet time to make you beg for him to go faster,he's okay to take orders and doesn't mind instructions on how to make you feel even better than before
As long as you allow him in and ask nicely he's all yours to break or to use to break yourself into~
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bronyalexkralie · 2 months
College Days! Marble Hornets Headcanons !
Tumblr media
Alex talks during movies. A lot. Which wouldn’t be that bad if he didn’t invite friends to go see “films” with him all the time. Jay is the only one who can handle it without strangling him.
Brian is the resident “pretty boy” of the school. It’s one of the main reasons he was cast as the lead in Marble Hornets (aside from being one of the only people who auditioned).
Tim is really good at housework. His family is a little more traditional so he learned how to clean and cook at a very young age. He also knows a lot about cars.
Somehow, Jay has a lot of girl friends. Everyone assumes they like him because he’s good at schoolwork until they overhear them actually scheduling plans together during class. Jay doesn’t know how it happened either.
The only reason Tim knows anyone at their school is because of Brian. He’s dragged to parties. Tim acts like he’s always annoyed by it, but he does admit when he has a good time.
Jay and Brian have known Alex the longest out of anyone in the cast and they have running bets about who he’s going to blow up on next and why during shooting.
Before college, Jay and Alex were each other’s only friends. Alex because he’s a kind of an asshole (affectionate) and likes having someone like Jay who can balance him out. Jay because he’s pretty shy and is the only one with the patience to befriend Alex. They’re also both huge nerds and bond over old games and cartoons.
Despite how much they argue while shooting, when they’re in private, Alex and Tim are very chill with each other. After everyone has gone home for the day, they usually share a drink and take a breather after the day (Tim always offers Alex a smoke, but is never taken up on it).
Brian is actually a pretty good actor, and Alex is aware of it. One time, Brian showed him a monologue he was working on because, “all the professional actors do it, right?” And it was good, a lot better than Alex was used to while filming. Since then, he’d been tweaking the script to really bring out Brian’s actual talent for it.
Jay and Tim were usually the quietest people on set. Tim could talk back and stand up for himself, but he preferred just finishing his scenes quickly, having a smoke break, then leaving. Jay was only good friends with Alex while shooting, so he wasn’t used to most of the people they were working with.
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