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nowritingonthewall · 2 days
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my-secret-shame · 3 days
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Summon The Suit
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eternalsams · 2 days
What if Miguel met the Moon boys?? 👀🌙🕷️
Very interesting question!
Tumblr media
I think Miguel would like Jake the most, they're both 'Hispanic', I mean that, it's canon that Jake speaks Spanish even when he's talking to English speakers, probably because he feels more comfortable with his mother tongue(?). So I think that he would like Miguel a lot because they could talk in Spanish all the time and the others would be like "wtf are you saying". I also think they're very similar.
Now, with Marc, I think Miguel would get pretty quickly annoyed. The whole "I wanna save everyone and I don't deserve the love people give me" persona gets on his nerves. But wait, doesn't that remind you of someone? Oh yeah, Miguel. They're the same, but you know what they say, the Nile is a river in Egypt.
Speaking of Egypt! Steven would be soooo intimidated by Miguel. Do I really need to explain myself here? The man is supposedly 6'9'' while Steven's only 5'7''! And that's when he straightens all the way up, because I'm a firm believer he lowers himself a bit down with the whole introverted persona. But while Steven is scared of him, I think Miguel would be rather fond of him (secretly).
"He's got fangs, Marc!" Steven whisper-shouts at his reflection in the mirror in the bathroom where he locked himself after receiving the weirdest visit. "I saw that! Give me the body and I'll deal with him." Marc reponds softly, trying to calm Steven down. "You really think you could handle a guy that big? You've gone mad!" Steven glances through the opening of the door and sees Miguel in their kitchen.
"You're gonna get the three of us killed..." He sighs and Marc rolls his eyes in the mirror before he feels Jake trying to front too. "Come on. If he wanted to kill us, he would have tried sooner, don't you think?" Jake's thick accent reaches Steven's ears and he opens his eyes wide. "Wait... He said his name is Miguel. Do you think he's Mexican or something?" "Or something." Jake shrugs. Not another second was wasted as Steven abandons the body to Jake and he hears Marc groan. "Really? Him? Do I have to remind you that he's the guy who went several times into killing sprees!"
"Ahora me toca a mí jugar." Jake smirks as he opens the bathroom door and joins Miguel in the kitchen.
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sylustration · 3 days
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I've had a MONTH, so to make myself feel better, here are the Moon Boys as cats.
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melodygatesauthor · 2 days
OMG CONGRATS ON HITTING 2k!! I only been reading your stuff for a couple months now but i’ve read like almost everything you’ve written and i love all of it. Not sure if you’re still responding to peoples little queries but if you are i have one.
I love smut obviously, i wouldn’t be here if i didn’t, but i also love aftercare and dare i even say i like it more than the actual sex. I commented on a fractured moon part about an aftercare scene so like you totally don’t have to respond to this, but it’s so hard to find smut with like cut little aftercare in it. So i was wondering if you have any head cannons or thoughts about the moonboys and how they’d go about aftercare.
Ooooh yes, we love some good aftercare. I'm happy to do some HCs for this.
The Fractured Moon - moon boys aren't super inclined to worry about aftercare, but I'll write some below the cut here about regular MK headcanons for aftercare...
NSFW Below the cut
Tumblr media
Steven's going to use his mouth to clean up most of it first.
He's not even focused on your clit, he's mostly concerned with helping you get his mess out of you.
"Push f'me darling, gotta get it all out of there. Yeah...that's it."
He's using his finger and his tongue to get his cum out of you, curling and dragging along your walls to get as much out as he can.
When he's finished he's getting a warm washcloth and gently moving between each fold so he doesn't miss a single bit.
He gives it a little kiss before putting your panties back on as though he were kissing your pussy goodnight.
Marc is making you a whole damn bath.
Considers any time you are willing to have sex with him a blessing and wants to make sure you're comfortable afterward.
Makes you a hot drink or glass of wine to enjoy while in the bath.
When you're out of the bath he's looking to make sure he didn't stretch you too much or hurt you too bad.
He's more than likely eating you out to soothe any ache he may have created.
He's also obsessed with the way your pussy smells so there's that.
Jake often destroys you in the bedroom, so he's got a lot of aftercare to complete when he's done.
He's caressing your sore muscles and bruised skin after he's manhandled you into oblivion.
If he spanked too hard or left hickeys, he's applying some lotion and using a warm cloth to soothe the ache.
There's always pain relievers involved in Jake's aftercare.
He's also getting you some comfortable clothes to put on for bed.
He's the one demanding you go pee when finished as well haha.
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Melody's 2k Celebration Masterlist
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rmoonstoner · 22 hours
Me picking up an old Moon Knight WIP and reading the notes that I left my self.
Tumblr media
'The reader rides Marc. He comes too fast. She rides him, until he's a mess.'
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ivystoryweaver · 3 days
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Moon Boys (Moon Knight System)
Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley
Tumblr media
"With You" 16 parts || CONCLUDED || 18+
"Spectre: A Moon Knight Halloween Love Story" ongoing || 18+
Tumblr media
"Moonglow" 805 words || (Jake is mentioned)
Tumblr media
Which Moon Boy Texts You the Most 120 words
Tumblr media
"Moon Boys + Where They Like to Put it" Steven 720 words || Marc 830 words || Jake 600 words || 18+
Moon Boys listen to you after a bad day 305 words
Moon Boys' Kinks 404 words || 18+
Moon Boys as Dads 682 words
Moon Boys Respond to you Coming Out as Genderfluid 465 words
Moon Boys Celebrate Your Birthday 635 words
Tumblr media
Moon Knight Masterlist
Main Masterlist
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midgardian-witch · 2 days
thinkin about biting hard on marcs inner thigh right when hes about to cum,,
Ooo I love this 👀
I think Marc has a complicated relationship when it comes to mixing pain with pleasure. But even when he feels conflicted about it he can't help but enjoy it.
So when you kneel in front of him, making a show of kissing, sucking, stroking and teasing his weeping cock he can think of nothing but the pleasure you're giving him. Marc is watching you, mouth hanging open and panting. You're a vision and he can't believe he is lucky enough to have you in his life.
He's getting close, his cock twitching violently as you wrap your hand around the base of it and stroke him.
"-m close, baby," he groans and right as he can feel his orgasm build, his balls growing tight, you take a chance and bite into the meat of his thigh. The sharp sting takes him by surprise. Marc doesn't comprehent what happend as he splatters his abdomen with his cum.
"F-Fuck...baby," he feels delirious, hazy eyes looking down at you and the pleased grin gracing your lips.
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Moon Knight Vol 5 #26 (Cover art by Gabriele Dell’Otto)
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why-i-love-comics · 14 minutes
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Strange Academy: Moon Knight #1 - "Solve For X" (2023)
written by Carlos Hernandez art by Julian Shaw & Edgar Delgado
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Headcannon- self defense
Tumblr media
Marc leaves you his moon-shaped crescent darts for self-defense whenever they're away. Steven can't very well leave a baton. Jake offered to leave a gun. No one agreed to that. But the crescents are like knives, which makes Jake feel better about the whole thing. He likes knives. Sharp. Personal. And he has guns stowed at your place anyway. Not that you know about that.
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megidolan · 13 hours
Tumblr media
Moon knight magical girls doodles (no suit version)
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my-secret-shame · 20 hours
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Summon The Suit
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deceasedream69 · 1 day
Safe word
Tumblr media
Warnings: kinda NSFW, somnophilia, use of the safe word, mentions of anxiety and bondage.
Training an assassin isn't easy, but training a group of kids to be assassins, to easy for a group of adults, specially considering the strength advantage.
When you got out of duty from being an assassin, ran away obviously, you didn't exactly follow you fellow's, Natasha Romanoff, steps, but rather kept a low profile, yes, using your skills for the sake of the people, bit in a much more secret and anonymous way.
Less secret now that you'll help your boyfriend (or boyfriends?), moon knight.
The sun made your skin look like pure gold, the sheets tangled around your waist and legs, your hair obviously a mess, but to Marc Spector you couldn't look more beautiful than right now.
It was a thing for both of you to wake the other up this way, it was something both of you really enjoyed, specially when it was really out of the blue, not for special occasions or anything like that.
You stirred a little on your sleep. The morning smelt great today for some reason. You slowly opened your eyes and blinked a few times, that's when you felt something off.
You looked up and noticed both of your hands tied right above your head, no one else was there.
You tried putting your fingers between the rope to try to find a weak spot to pull but failed, desperate you tried pulling a few times but nothing happened. That's when your eye caught the sight of something else in the room.
You quickly turned to look at him, your chest rising up and down, not something you were really controlling right now.
- "awwww, look at the poor y/n"
I pulled the rope one more time, I really didn't want to say it, I didn't want to seem weak, and if this is Marc's kink, why's he doing it without asking me first?!
He got on the bed, crawling on top of me, grabbing my cheeks with one hand and squeezing them.
- "look at the poor y/n, so vulnerable like this"
I couldn't take it anymore, the flashbacks running through my head, mostly after the cheek squeeze. I just couldn't.
- "Marc..." it came out barely as a whisper, as tears started to scape from my eyes. "Red, red, red" I said tiredly.
Marc's eyes went wide and his hands ran to untie mine.
I just fell into his embrace, crying my eyes out, the whole thing just made me think of so many things I just wanted to forget about entirely.
He stayed quiet, just holding me until I broke the hug, his hand going to my face immediately, making soothing movements.
I leaned into the palm of his hand, looking at him directly into his eyes.
- "I'm sorry", he whispered.
I blinked a few times.
- "I should've ask before doing something like this"
- "I'm kinda hungry"
He chuckled.
- "do you forgive me?"
- "if you make me breakfast, and promise to ask before doing anything like that, I forgive you"
- "I promise", he planted a kiss on my forehead, then putting them together, we stayed like that for a couple of seconds. I look up at him, and he did the same.
- "right, the breakfast", he said getting up, I laughed and quickly followed him.
The end:)
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nowiamcoveredinyou · 2 days
Marc Spector x reader
Word count:- 247
30 days writing challenge
Tumblr media
Exactly when you gave up calling Marc Spector, and got up to go outside your phone rang. You immediate came and recieved it, with a sigh of relief knowing it was actually him, Marc.
"Don't you have any idea I get frustrated when you don't call" you yelled at the phone.
"Listen" he said, you closed your eyes hearing his voice, "I'm sorry okay, khonshu didn't let me call you cause of stupid discussion."
'Stupid bird' you muttered under your breath.
"When will you come?" you said , a little tired, a little upset, "I can't wait to see you, I'm tired of waiting, it's been six months Marc."
Marc stood with phone in his ears, only his breath was heard, he was searching for words,
"maybe" he finally broke the silence, "maybe a few months more".
You felt like it's too much to deal with now,
"more months?"
"but hey" he said in a more cheerful tone, "atleast we have this phone, we can hear eachother everyday, it's not like the world war time, when you'd have to wait for a letter to know how I'm doing.. isn't it?"
He was right, you giggled, atleast you have something. You thought how those lovers survived and loved then, atleast you can hear your man everyday, "just a few months then".
"just a few" Saying so Marc cut the call, his smile was gone, knowing those few months can even increase, Khonshu won't let him go so easily.
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soba-riri · 3 days
Marc and Steven freaking out over a roach. And then Jake appears, crushing said bug with a slipper.
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