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~♡~Dating the Mikaelsons~♡~
Klaus, Kol, Marcel and Elijah ❤ if you are a Finn fan, sorry. But I'm not.
Tumblr media
18+ ---- {Masterlist}
This is just some headcanons on what I think dating & sex would be like with the Mikaelson men. Warnings: Description's of sex, kinks & dirty phrases.
Tumblr media
Klaus {Hybrids First!}
Tumblr media
❤--Klaus is an unrepentant charmer and flirt, and will not be shy about pursuing you, but he will make it clear if he's after more than just sex.
❤--He has a way with words, and will say the most romantic things to you. I like to think he hung around with Shakespeare, so his poetry skills are insane. Like, he will casually say something about your beauty or personality, and you will still be thinking about it when you are in the nursing home.
❤--He's an artist, so he will love the way your body looks and will love drawing or painting you naked. He will have a secret place for his sketches of you, where only the two of you can see. He will create new paint colors to try and capture the color of your eyes. You will always find little folded up doodles he hides in your things, some romantic and some humorous.
❤--He's not one for pda, not because he thinks it's improper, like Elijah does. But because he's afraid his enemies will see him and use you against him. So in public, he's all about flirty glances and whispering something filthy in your ear. He has a way of making you feel seen and special, without making a scene.
❤--His ideal date is a long walk through the city, he will tell you countless stories of his conquests and past adventures, and will not shut up. But it's cute and will make you laugh, and you will find out more about him. He's less of a romantic than Elijah, but will still do sweet things. Like, he will surprise you with a trip somewhere just because, and he will always send you a bouquet of flowers.
❤--When it comes to sex he is a little more modern than Elijah and won't mind a more casual approach. He's fine with just having a quickie in the bathroom or against the wall, as long as you are both enjoying it. Out of all the Mikaelsons he is by far the roughest. He will pull your hair, slap your ass, bite, compel you, tie you up, etc. It's all consensual, and he would never actually hurt you. Klaus will absolutely eat your ass, and loves a good rimjob. He'll also love anal, and will be very vocal about his desires. He's also not against compelling you to cum over and over again until your legs are shaking and you can barely breath.
❤--Despite his roughness in bed he will never do anything degrading or shameful. If you want to experiment and try new things, he will not object. He's open minded and will indulge almost any fantasy, as long as you both feel comfortable. He will never force you to do anything, and will never call you names or belittle you.
❤--His favorite position is with you bent over something, with him fucking you from behind. This way, he can be in control and dominate you, while also allowing him to reach the perfect angle. He also loves to fuck while standing, and will often pick you up and fuck you against the wall, or against a table. He needs to feel in control and the way you cling to him is a huge turn on. He knows he's doing a good job when your nails dig into his back and when you scream his name. He loves dirty talk and is extremely good at it, he loves to whisper filthy things in your ear like: ~♡~ "Louder love," ~♡~ "Fuck, you're so wet for me," ~♡~ "You like when I do that, don't you?" ~♡~ "Don't be shy, sweetheart," ~♡~ "So pretty and all mine," ~♡~ "You feel so fucking good,"
❤--In terms of oral sex, he loves receiving it. He will demand that you get on your knees and suck him off, and will pull your hair as you do it. He will be very vocal, telling you how good it feels and will have a string of filthy praises falling from his lips, like: ~♡~ "Such a pretty mouth," ~♡~ "Take all of it," ~♡~ "Look at me when you're sucking my cock," ~♡~ "Just like that, love," ~♡~ "That's it. Swallow it all"
❤--He also loves to fuck your face, he will have a firm grip on your hair and will thrust into your mouth at a rough pace. He's not ashamed of the noises he makes, and will make sure that you're looking at him as he comes undone. He will make you gag, and he will love it. He will love the way your mascara runs and the tears that run down your cheeks. But he will only do this if you enjoy it. If you tell him no or show any signs of discomfort, he will stop immediately, and make up for it by making you cum.
❤--He loves to drink your blood and will often bite you during sex. It's not just the pleasure, but it's also a claim and a sign of possessiveness. He likes to mark his territory and show others that you are his, and only his.
❤--Because of his possessive nature, he will not be able to control himself when someone else flirts with you. He'll have his hands all over you, making it clear that you're his, and anyone else would be stupid to try and touch you. He's also paranoid, and will have a hard time leaving you alone. Fear of abandonment is a big issue with him, and he needs constant reassurance that you love him.
❤--Once you break down his walls, he becomes very sweet and vulnerable. He will hold you and tell you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are. He will be endlessly thoughtful, but can easily take offense if you don't respond to his affection as he expects. It will take a lot of work to earn his trust, but it's worth it.
❤--Being in a relationship with him would be eternally wild and passionate, but after a millennium of pain, abuse, and trauma, the slightest betrayal can set him off. He's a little obsessive and can have a short temper. He can also be extremely manipulative and will lie to you and use his powers of compulsion to get what he wants. But it's not malicious, it's mostly a defense mechanism, and once he trusts you, he will open up and not use compulsion anymore. But he can't help his temper, and if he ever loses control and hurts you, he will hate himself and be full of self-loathing. He will apologize and ask for your forgiveness, and will not stop trying until he's earned your trust back. But he is not one to be trifled with, and if you betray him again, he will kill you, no matter how much it will hurt him.
Tumblr media
Kol {this is the superior version, sorry not sorry}
Tumblr media
❤--Kol is the funniest of the siblings and will constantly be cracking jokes and making quips. But he is also very charming and will sweep you off your feet with his smooth lines and devilish smile. He's the wild child of the family, and doesn't care about societal conventions, so he will not hesitate to ask you for sex, or inappropriately touch you in public.
❤--But his wild nature doesn't mean he is disrespectful. He respects boundaries and won't push you further than you're comfortable with. He's the kind of guy who will ask to have a threesome, and then not be mad if you say no. He loves to tease and make fun of you, but will stop if he goes too far. He knows where the line is, and will never cross it.
❤--His ideal date would probably involve going to a concert and drinking. He likes clubs and parties, but not fancy events, like his brothers do. He would love for the two of you to get absolutely hammered and have an adventurous night out on the town. But he would make sure that you were safe and would never take advantage of you. And he would definitely have a witchy hangover cure to give you afterwards.
❤--He is surprisingly intelligent and loves to teach you new things, especially if it involves science or the supernatural. He also loves to learn, he would be thrilled if you took him out and showed him things about the modern world. I personally think he would be stoked about VR or space travel, anything that would feel like the combination of magic and science to him.
❤--When it comes to sex he comes off as kinky, but I think it's just an act and that he's secretly just a sweetie. Like Elijah, I think he loves to make his partner feel good, but can come off as selfish until you are in bed with him.
❤--His favorite position would be cowgirl, he would love the view and the feeling of you riding him. He's not really into control the way his brothers are, and would prefer to let his partner take the lead. He definitely loves to talk in bed, and would constantly praise and flatter you. He would make you laugh in the middle of sex, it would never be too intense, always light-hearted and fun. Some playful things he would say: ~♡~ "I like it when a woman takes charge," ~♡~ "Darling, are you getting tired already?" ~♡~ "You know, if you really want my attention, all you have to do is ask. I won't bite...hard" ~♡~ "I would never compel you, but please, sit on my face next," ~♡~ "Oh, that was definitely not your G-Spot, darling," ~♡~ "Don't make me spank you again, love," ~♡~ "I could never grow tired of such a lovely view," ~♡~ "It's adorable the way you get all flushed," ~♡~ "I think you might just be the death of me, but that's okay, I've done it before,"
❤--He would love for you to sit on his face, he will do it for hours if you let him. He would joke about how this time around he would prefer to die in this position, and will happily spend all day between your legs. He would adore teasing you, making you beg and whine. But once he starts he will have a hard time controlling himself, so it doesn't last long. 
❤--He doesn't like being bossed around, and would rather have a mutual and playful partnership. He's into experimentation and would love to try new things with you. He would be the kind of guy to wear a silly costume for a Halloween or roleplay thing, he would have fun doing it and would never let his partner feel uncomfortable. He's the least picky and the most likely to hook up with someone just for a one night stand.
❤--He's not super jealous, but would love it if you were. He loves attention and being the center of your world, and would constantly flirt with other people, just to get a reaction out of you. He wants you to make him feel important, and will do anything to keep your attention. He will have a hard time showing his emotions, and will avoid getting too deep or serious, but he does care about you. If you really need him, he will always be there for you, no matter what.
❤--Unlike the rest of his brothers, his loyalty is not tied to his family. He will follow you if you leave, and will always protect you, even if it goes against his siblings.
❤--The dark side to Kol is his bloodlust and impulsivity. He will not hesitate to hurt or kill someone if they piss him off, and will be a bit of a hothead. He will need to work on his temper, but if you are patient, it will be worth it. He's a lot like his brother Klaus in that he needs reassurance, but unlike him, Kol won't try and control you. 
❤--Unlike Klaus and Elijah, I think Kol's method for dealing with someone threatening you, would be an absolute tongue lashing. He will be the king of passive aggression and will destroy someone's ego by just a few choice words. If they're lucky, he will leave them alive, but will make sure they won't bother you again.
Tumblr media
Marcel {that smile ❤}
Tumblr media
❤--Marcel would easily be the best boyfriend on this list, mostly because he has less trauma than his adopted family, but also because he is better at handling problems in his life. Charming, hot and a total sweetheart, he would treat you like royalty.
❤--A date with him in New Orleans would be the experience of a lifetime, yes Klaus may have founded the city, but Marcel knows its people. He would take you to secret spots that capture the city's culture and history in ways that even Klaus would have a hard time replicating. He is the perfect host and knows the ins and outs of every street and venue.
❤--Marcel would take you out on a dinner date, perhaps a cool house party, where he would introduce you to interesting people. He would make you feel special in a way that isn't flashy or arrogant. He knows that you deserve the world and he would treat you as such, but without going over the top and making it a huge spectacle. He's down to earth in that way, but it doesn't make his effort less special.
❤--He's not possessive in a way that feels threatening or suffocating, he loves and respects you. He is loyal and kind, he loves making people laugh and always finds the good in everyone, even those who are difficult to see the light in, such as his adoptive family. But if anyone were to treat you disrespectfully or hurt you he would kick their ass without hesitation. ❤--His greatest trait is his loyalty, he is loyal to those he loves and will not give up on them. He has an emotional maturity and intelligence that is not seen in many of the Mikaelsons and is good at dealing with his feelings. He has the devotion of Elijah, the intelligent ruthlessness of Klaus and the compassion of Rebekah, but he is far superior at balancing these traits in a healthy way, and has very few of their negative attributes.
❤--Marcel is a self proclaimed king and a little arrogant, but not in a way that makes him feel better than anyone else. He's earned it through sheer will and hard work, his ego comes from the respect and loyalty of his people.
❤--Marcel is the perfect mixture of flirt and charisma. He is a man with an easy smile and a mischievous glint in his eyes. He is suave and confident, but he isn't a pushover or someone who can't be serious. He knows how to be in the moment and have fun, and he's not afraid to love.
❤--Sex with Marcel would be very giving and sweet, even though he's a dominant person in general, he knows how to balance this with being respectful and caring to his lover. His favorite positions are cowgirl or missionary, as he loves the eye contact and he will never complain when you take charge. I don't think he's very kinky, and is mostly focused on pleasing his partner and making sure they get what they need.
❤--He is also a huge flirt who would go out of his way to make you blush and make your heart skip a beat. I imagine his words being playful and teasing, not necessarily filthy but certainly dirty in an innocent way. Some examples would be: ~♡~ "If you wanna get to know each other a little better, I'm up for a more private session" ~♡~ "I love that outfit, but I bet it looks even better on the floor" ~♡~ "Hey beautiful, wanna grab a drink, and maybe I can get a taste of something sweeter later?" ~♡~ "Damn girl, you're hotter than New Orleans in August,"
❤--He's very honest in bed, he'll tell you exactly what he wants and how he wants it. He's also very touchy, his hands would be on your hips or back, always guiding or supporting you, but not holding you down, unless that is something you want, in which case he is absolutely into it. ❤--The downside to dating Marcel is that his loyalties can conflict and it may get complicated at times. He will choose his city and the people he protects over his own desires. It can make his partners feel rejected and betrayed. But he will be as understanding and respectful as he can, he will do everything he can to make things work.
Tumblr media
Elijah {obviously this one is the longest lol}
Tumblr media
❤--Like a character from a romance novel, he loves to kiss your hand, cheek and forehead. He does this thing where he cups the back of your neck before pulling you close for a kiss. This gesture is not always necessarily romantic, but it's subtly possessive, putting him in control of the situation.
❤--He loves taking care of you and spoiling you with gifts. Expensive luxury gifts are a common occurrence, but so are small thoughtful things, like your favorite drink, or a small trinket that he saw you admiring.
❤--Known for his iconic style, he loves to help you find the perfect outfit for any occasion. He loves the way you look in the dresses and skirts that show off your legs. He also loves to buy you jewelry to match said outfits and always notices when you do something different with your hair.
❤--He's not one to talk about himself or his interests, but with a little encouragement, he will tell you anything. He'll talk for hours about literature and music if given the chance, you love to see his face light up when he talks about the things he loves.
❤--He's not into casual dating or relationships, so once he's committed to someone, he is loyal and faithful. Most of his relationships are initiated by the woman, because he is too polite and respectful to make the first move. Unless, of course, they are giving him clear signals, then he will become the dominant and seductive man we all know and love.
❤--He's not a one night stand sort of guy, and will only sleep with someone if he really cares about them. He won't even consider the possibility of cheating, and will expect the same from you. If you are having trouble committing, or if there is another person you have feelings for, he will let you go and try to move on.
❤--He is a man of tradition, and will always treat you like a lady. He will open doors for you and pull out chairs, and will not hesitate to correct any guy that is a little too friendly with you. He is protective but not possessive.
❤--But just because he's traditional doesn't mean he doesn't love independence. It turns him on to see a woman fight back and be able to stand on her own. But sometimes his protective nature gets the best of him, and he will try to protect you when he feels like you're in danger, even if you are more than capable of handling the situation.
❤--He's not very vocal about his feelings, and probably won't be the one to confess that he cares. But he will definitely show you with his actions, and is very loyal. If you're upset, he will give you space, but if he feels like you're bottling up your feelings, he will encourage you to talk about it. Since he has lived for so long he has lots of wisdom and can offer advice and comfort. He has a tendency to be the level-headed one in any situation, but can be very emotional, which is a side of him only his closest friends and family get to see.
❤--He is a great kisser, and is very passionate. He can take charge and be rough and demanding, or be sweet and romantic, whatever you're into.
❤--Elijah is also the most experienced and well-versed lover out of all the Mikaelsons, and that is saying a lot. One thousand years of experience as well as always being selfless in all aspects of his life, will result in some insane sex. He will take his time with you, exploring every inch of your body and discovering all your sweet spots. He knows what he's doing, and he's going to make sure you enjoy it. He is very patient and can last a long time, and is the master of multiple orgasms. He will make sure that he is the only thing you're thinking about when he is inside you.
❤--Missionary is his favorite position. He loves being on top and watching your face as he pleasures you. He loves to praise you and whisper sweet things into your ear as he fucks you, and loves to be dominant. He loves seeing you underneath him, writhing and moaning as he hits all the right spots. He loves hearing your moans and gasps, and the sounds you make when he kisses your neck. He will give you the best orgasm of your life, and he will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.
❤--He loves oral sex, and you swear he might have popularized it during his travels in the middle ages. He will go down on you for hours, and will not stop until you're begging him to fuck you. He's very good at it, and will know exactly how to please you. You've never had a better orgasm than when he's eating you out, and he will make it his mission to give you as many as possible.
❤--He loves consent and will always ask before doing something new or different, he likes to make sure that you are always comfortable. He wants to hear your opinion and what you like, and will do anything to make sure that you are satisfied. As long as it's safe, and he knows you'll be enjoying yourself, he's not opposed to a little experimentation, but he doesn't really care for it either. He prefers vanilla sex, but he won't say no to anything.
❤--He is not used to others taking care of him, so he will likely try to deny his needs at first, not wanting to burden you. But once he realizes that you want to take care of him too, he will let his guard down. This level of trust from him is a precious thing, and it's a sign that he's falling in love.
❤--Once his walls are down, the kind of pleasure he loves to receive is intimacy. He will want to make love, not just have sex. He will want you to hold you and tell you that he loves you while making eye contact. He craves connection above all else, and will be very intense and passionate. He's too much of a gentleman to ask, but giving him oral sex will make him feel special, and because he hates messes, he prefers to come in your mouth. ❤--Although he may be the most vanilla and gentle lover out of the Mikaelsons, don't let that fool you, because once he lets his walls down, he is an animal. He will pound you into the mattress, and won't stop until he makes you cum so hard that you see stars. He loves to praise you and tells you how good you're making him feel, and loves to watch you come undone. He'll say things like: ~♡~ "You look so beautiful like this" ~♡~ "I love the the pretty little sounds you make" ~♡~ "Tell me what you want," ~♡~ "Look at me" ~♡~ "You feel so good" ~♡~ “I love the way you come undone”
❤--He's not very into public sex, but he has a thing for making you come on his fingers. He will find a quiet corner and fuck you with his hand, making you cover your mouth to keep from getting caught. He loves to look you in the eyes as he does it, asking you: ~♡~ "You like when I touch you like this?" ~♡~ "You have to be quiet, my love," ~♡~ "Do you want more?" ~♡~ "That's it, just like that,”
❤--Elijah won't want to bite or compel you, but if you desire him to drink from you, he will, and will do it carefully and respectfully. He prefers to drink from your neck, gently cupping it the same way he does when he's pulling you in for a kiss. He will not be rough, and will take care not to hurt you. He will always heal the marks with his blood after, and will feel guilty if he draws too much blood.
❤--His aftercare is unmatched, and he will make sure that you are taken care of and pampered after. He will prepare a hot bath or shower, making sure you feel comfortable and loved.
❤--But this level of intense love and devotion has a dark side. If you are threatened or harmed by his enemies, there will be no holding him back. He will show no mercy and will not rest until he has made them pay. He is by far the most vicious in his family, and will go scorched earth on anyone who harms his loved ones. And he will do it with frighteningly calm precision, showing no remorse.
Tumblr media
Finn whoops
Tumblr media
☢--Finn and you can take a long nap together. Then you can hear him endlessly complain about his self-righteous bullshit, until you realize you made a huge mistake and you leave him. 
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! I swear I tried to make it short....
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anewkindofme · 2 days
I love how Klaus and Elijah were like “Marcel needs to learn to read. How will we teach him? Ah, yes, Shakespeare.”
Even at the time, there were so many other books they could’ve started him off on.
Not to mention, he was 10.
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Tumblr media
Keeping up with the Mikaelsons, part 174637 of ∞
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All My Life
Tumblr media
Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x wife!reader
Summary: Klaus wants to use you in his plans, but Elijah is terrified of losing you. Marcel makes a massive mistake that could end in tragedy for all involved.
Warnings: Mentions of death, mild cursing.
Despite his external levelheaded calm appearance, Elijah Mikaelson was filled with intense emotions that threatened to overwhelm him at any moment. Unlike his siblings, he'd learned how to bottle his emotions and bury them deep down. Very few people would ever notice the turmoil behind his deep brown eyes, but you always did.
650 years of knowing him certainly helped, but it was the 650 years of loving him that really did the trick.
"Hey handsome, what are you doing in the cellar?" you asked as you walked down the stairs.
Elijah held up the bottle of scotch he'd been drinking and offered it to you. "Would you like a drink, (Y/N)?"
You raised your eyebrow and shook your head with a sigh, but you took the bottle from his hands and took a drink. "Do you want to tell me what's bothering you?"
He took the bottle back from you and took a long drink. "Now why would you think something is bothering me?"
"Perhaps because you're sitting in the cellar drinking your weight in scotch? Anyone with two eyes would look at you and immediately know something is wrong."
He looked up at you and you saw a sea of emotions in his eyes. You kneeled down in front of him and placed a hand on his thigh. "Talk to me, Elijah."
"I don't want to burden you with my thoughts."
"Your thoughts are never a burden. I know you and Klaus had a fight. Was that what bothered you?"
He sighed and nodded. He never wanted to show his emotions in public, but it was different with you. However, his argument with Klaus had sent him into overdrive. He was incredibly angry and frustrated, but mostly he was terrified. 650 years of loving you more than life itself and he could lose it all in a single conversation.
You could see he was warring with himself over something. You were worried about him. "Tell me what happened."
"Do we have to talk? Can we just sit here and enjoy each other's company?" He asked softly.
"Elijah," you whispered, "as much as I'd love to sit here quietly with you, I need you to open up. I know you're not okay."
He sighed and reached for you, pulling you into him. You let him hold you against his chest for a moment before pulling away. "Sweetheart," you said softly.
"Klaus wants to use you to remove Marcel and his vampires from the quarter."
You looked up at him in surprise. "What?"
"You're the strongest witch we know, which makes you the best option for combating Marcel." He sighed. "But it's too dangerous. He has Davina and 100 vampires on his side. I don't want to lose you."
"Oh sweetheart, is that what you're worried about? Losing me?"
He nodded. "The risk is too great. Any one of those vampires could try to kill you and Davina may be young, but she's strong."
"I'm immortal, Elijah. They're not going to be able to kill me."
He shook his head. "Not any more."
You pulled even farther away from him. "What?"
"Marcel got several witches to help Davina break your linkage spell."
"How do you know?"
"Marcel requested several of the quarter witches assist Davina in a massive spell. My understanding is he wanted to break the link between you and Nikalus, with the intent of attacking him."
"Attacking an immortal original hybrid? That sounds like a fantastic idea. What is he thinking?"
"Marcel is aware Nikalus cannot be killed, however he can be desiccated via magic. I believe that is his plan. Niklaus will be out of the way and no one will stand between Marcel and his 'kingdom'."
"How do you know about this?"
"Sophie informed Niklaus. Niklaus informed me."
"And then he suggested using me?"
Elijah nodded. "In traditional Nikalus fashion, he did not suggest, he demanded. I do not want to put you at risk, especially now that you are vulnerable. We argued about it, which you already know. I've spent the last hour sitting down here enjoying this 150 year old scotch."
Everything Elijah had told you had you reeling. 645 years ago you had been gravely injured and almost died. If Klaus hadn't found you in time, you would have been dead. Once he healed you, he had a witch create a linkage spell, tying you to Klaus. Essentially, everything that happened to Klaus happened to you and vice versa. However, his immortality also extended to you. As such, you did not age, never got sick, and you'd live as long as he did.
Elijah had been irate when he'd discovered what Klaus had done. In part because Klaus had taken away your choice for immortality, but mostly because Klaus had chosen to tie you to him, despite the fact that he knew how Elijah felt about you. Klaus adored you and that has never changed. Elijah grew to accept and even appreciate Klaus's constant desire to protect you. You never had a desire to be a vampire, so the fact that you could spend forever with Elijah without losing your magic meant everything to you.
"Klaus is willing to risk my life?" you asked in surprise.
"Of course not," Elijah stated. "He insisted that you'll be perfectly fine, but he cannot assure that. And there is the issue of the linkage spell...we don't know the ramifications of breaking it."
You sighed. "I can always reinstitute a linkage spell...perhaps even using you this time around."
Elijah looked at you in a strange manner and you were struggling to determine what he was thinking. "Elijah? What aren't you telling me?"
"You can't do the linkage spell."
"Why not?"
"The spell was very complex and as such certain things were required to conduct it."
"Certain things?"
"Niklaus never wanted you to know what it took to perform the spell." He sighed, clearly wishing he didn't have to tell you either. "The witch who created it used expression. And the complexity of the spell required the creation of an expression triangle in order to channel the energy needed to complete the spell."
You sat in a stunned silence. That may not have meant much to Klaus, but it meant a lot to you. "Did you know?" you whispered.
"Elijah. Did you know?"
He sighed. "Yes, I knew."
You closed your eyes. The weight of what he was saying was overwhelming. Klaus had killed 36 people just to link you to him. You would have rather died or even become a vampire over murder. "We can't do that, Elijah. It should have never been done in the first place. Expression magic is powerful, but dangerous. Klaus shouldn't have ever done this to me."
"If he hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to spend the last 645 years with you."
"Oh, Elijah. I know, I know." You grabbed his hand and kissed his knuckles gently. "We'll figure this out. And while I'm pissed at Klaus, I can't let Marcel hurt him."
"(Y/N), Marcel had you unlinked so he could go after Nikalus without harming you. I don't think he understood what it would mean or how the spell was completed all those centuries ago."
You realized he was right. Marcel was trying to protect you. You weren't surprised by that. You'd been a mother-figure to Marcel when he was growing up. Even now, he still cared about you and you cared about him. "I can't hurt him, Elijah, but I can't just let him come after Klaus."
"Yes you can, (Y/N). My brother will be fine. We will find a way to bring him back in the future. He kept half of our family in caskets for centuries, I think he can stand being desiccated for a while."
"Elijah," you scolded lightly. "We will not stoop to his level. Besides, he has done everything he can to protect me for 6 centuries. I owe him this."
Elijah sighed. "You owe him nothing, my love."
"I owe him my life," you said softly. You touched Elijah's face gently and he leaned into your hand. "I know you're worried, but I am still extremely powerful. That much hasn't changed. I can take Davina and the other quarter witches, even the vampires won't be too much of a challenge."
"You're always so confident, so brave. I wish you didn't have to be."
You smiled. "Would you love me as much if I weren't?"
"It is impossible for me to love you more than I already do, but it might be nice to have a wife who plays it safe sometimes."
"What fun would that be?"
Elijah finally agreed to follow you upstairs into the courtyard, where Klaus was waiting.
"Where the hell have you been?" Klaus asked, clearly annoyed at his brother.
"I needed time, brother."
Klaus looked at you for the first time since you'd entered the room. Your expression answered all the questions he wanted to ask. "(Y/N)," he began.
You held up your hand to silence him. "Don't. You don't get to speak to me right now. I am choosing to help you because I owe you my life, but after that, I'm done. Elijah and I will be leaving the Quarter."
"You can't leave!" Klaus protested.
"I'd like to spend the rest of my days, however many I have, with the love of my life. I have no desire to spend them fighting a war I want no part in." You had already begun to formulate a plan in your mind, a plan that would likely take a whole lot more power than you had to give.
"Rest of your days? (Y/N), we can do another linkage spell--"
"Brother, enough," Elijah interjected. "She has made up her mind."
"She doesn't get to just decide to die, Elijah."
"You never should have taken her choice in the first place."
Silence descended on the two men, both suddenly struck with the inability to speak. You stepped between them, magic flowing freely from you. "Fighting gets us no where. I won't do the spell, Klaus. I can't. There's no situation in which I would be okay killing 36 innocent people just so I could live. It's not worth it--I'm not worth it."
You could see how desperately Klaus wanted to argue with you, but his mouth remained shut. You turned your gaze to Elijah and you found yourself wishing you could relieve him of his pain, his sadness. But you couldn't. "I'm sorry, my love, but I can't abandon him when he needs me most."
Elijah nodded his understanding, always willing to trust you completely. He knew you were more than capable of making your own choices and he trusted that you would make the right one. He just didn't realize what this choice would cost.
"If you'll agree not to argue, I'll release you," you said sternly, looking back and forth between them. They both nodded their agreement, and with a wave of your hand, they found their voices once again.
"I don't agree with this," Klaus grumbled.
"You don't have to," you said pointedly. "You made the decision to rile up Marcel. You chose to make this city a battle ground. Everything from that moment forward is on you."
With that, you inhaled deeply and walked away from them, allowing the spirits to guide you where you needed to go. Steeling yourself for the challenge ahead and the ramifications of your own choices.
Elijah and Klaus both tried to follow you, but the boundary spell you'd placed around the building kept them from leaving.
"(Y/N)?" Elijah said softly, tears filling his eyes.
"I'm sorry, love," you said gently. "You can't come with me."
"(Y/N) you will remove this spell at once," Klaus said sharply.
"You should know better than to try and order me around, Niklaus." It had been a long time since you'd used his full name. He understood the full weight of it even before Elijah did. You saw his eyes widen and he began to beat his fists against the barrier as if he could somehow break through it with nothing but brute strength.
Tears filled your eyes as you silently said your goodbyes to them both, knowing this could be the last time you'd see them. Your gaze met Elijah's one last time and you saw the moment of realization cross his features. Tears filled his eyes and you saw the desperation pooling within them.
"(Y/N)," he whispered, voice broken. "Please."
"I love you, Elijah. Always and forever."
The moment the words left your lips, you turned away from them and moved down the street quickly, never once glancing back. You knew if you did, there was no way you would be able to do what needed to be done.
"You just had to have New Orleans, didn't you? Couldn't leave well-enough alone?" Elijah asked angrily.
"This is my home, my kingdom."
"It was, Niklaus, but it hasn't been yours for over a century. Why couldn't you just leave Marcel alone?"
"I saved him. I raised him!" he bellowed.
Elijah just shook his head, heart too heavy to bother arguing further. "I truly hope this city is worth it, brother."
Klaus was silent, knowing full-well it wasn't worth your life.
"Marcel!" you called as you entered the church. You were surprised to feel his presence here of all places.
Marcel appeared before you as if by magic. "(Y/N). What are you doing here?"
You gave him a pointed look. "I think you know why I'm here, Marcellus."
He winced at the use of his full name. You didn't use it in a condescending way, but in a motherly way, which only made it that much harder for him to hear. "You shouldn't be here," he said quietly.
"Perhaps, but I don't have a choice now, do I?"
"You always have a choice."
You shook your head. "He is family, Marcel, and I owe him my life."
Marcel looked down. "I'm sorry for breaking the linkage spell."
You sighed. "As am I."
Something in your tone scared him. When his eyes met yours again, he saw the emotions swirling in them. "(Y/N)?"
You gave him a tight lipped smile. "The spell was my lifeline and my strength. I'm going to die, Marcellus, and soon. So I might as well do it protecting the people I love."
Surprise lit up his face, but he couldn't move, couldn't think. He was frozen in place. He could feel the streams of power coming from you and it terrified him. He'd never believed you would ever hurt him, but he suddenly wasn't so sure.
Davina felt your presence and came down the stairs, trying to fight against your power, but she was no match for you. Marcel tried to call out to her, to tell her to run, but he couldn't. Davina cried out in pain, her body dropping to the ground, hands holding her head.
All over the city, witches were dropping to the ground and screaming in agony. It lasted for mere moments before every single one of them suddenly fell silent, bodies collapsed on the unforgiving ground, minds unconscious.
Your eyes flicked back to Marcel. "You have to understand, Marcellus. I have to protect them." Not just Klaus and Elijah, but the witches too. You would not let them die at the hands of your family.
He looked at you, eyes begging you to stop.
"They will awaken, but they will have no powers. They will no longer be a threat, therefore they will be safe."
He had no idea you held that kind of power. He knew you were strong, likely a product of your age, but he'd never understood the depths of your power. Power that stemmed from your bond with the world's only truly immortal hybrid, a bond that was now broken.
"I will not kill your friends, the vampires. But I will issue a single warning. A warning which must be heeded by all who hear it." You closed your eyes and called out to every vampire in all of New Orleans. Each one of them heard your voice ring out in their head, "You are given a choice, children of the night. Leave New Orleans by first light or die by nightfall tomorrow. None will be spared."
The moment the words had left your lips, you dropped to the ground, breathing heavily. You'd released Marcel from his hold without meaning to, but you simply didn't have the strength to hold him any longer. You'd had a feeling that breaking the linkage spell would do more damage than any of you had hoped, and it appeared you were right. You could feel the end nearing, your body was dying, the power that had kept you alive draining from you.
"(Y/N)!" Marcel called out as he crawled over to you. After what you'd just done, perhaps he shouldn't care, but he couldn't help it. He picked up your semi-conscious body and began to carry it to the place he knew he was most unwelcome, but he couldn't just leave you alone to die.
"Elijah! Klaus!" Marcel yelled as he reached the entrance to their ancestral home.
Both men appeared almost instantly. Elijah saw your body in his arms and he nearly broke down. Klaus, on the other hand, was immediately filled with rage.
"What have you done to her?" he snarled.
"She did it to herself," Marcel said softly.
Elijah tried to get to you, but the boundary spell was somehow still in place.
"Go," you whispered, voice barely audible. "I can't hold the spell much longer."
Marcel stared at you and realized you were protecting him...one last time. He didn't want to go, couldn't say goodbye. There was so much he wanted to say, but there was no time. He had to go, whether he wanted to or not. "I'm sorry, (Y/N)," he whispered as he gingerly placed you on the ground.
"I know," you murmured in return.
He looked at the two furious vampires locked within the walls of their home and knew he couldn't stay. Not if he wanted to live. He gave you one last look of sorrow before disappearing into the wind.
You gave Marcel as much of a head start as you could, knowing he would need it. "Don't follow him," you whispered, eyes locking on Klaus's.
"This is his fault," he said angrily.
"It's not," you paused to catch your breath. "Do not chase him. Just let him go. For me."
Both Klaus and Elijah were silent.
"Give me your word."
"I give you my word," Elijah said softly.
You knew without a doubt that he would keep it, but you needed to hear Klaus give his as well. "Klaus?"
He stubbornly looked away.
"Consider it my dying wish, if you must."
That got his attention. "You're not going to die."
"I am dying, Klaus. The longer you take to give me your word, the less time you have to say goodbye."
"Niklaus," Elijah prodded insistently.
"Fine. I give you my word, (Y/N)."
"Good." You released them and immediately felt a wave of relief. That was the last spell you were holding in place and the moment it was broken, you felt air return to your lungs.
Elijah was by your side immediately. He very carefully lifted you up in his arms and carried you to your shared bedroom, laying you ever so gently on the bed.
"There must be someone who can help her," Klaus insisted.
You shook your head. "Not in New Orleans, anyway."
"What? What did you do?" he asked.
"I bound the powers of every single witch in the city."
"(Y/N)," Elijah said softly, hand running through your hair to push it out of your face. "The power that would require..."
"I know," you whispered.
"Plus the message to the vampires? (Y/N), you don't have an immortal hybrid to feed off of anymore. You can't be using that type of magic," Klaus said.
"I'm sorry you both heard that. I didn't have the power to exclude you from the spell. It would have taken too much of my strength and concentration."
"It's okay, my love. Just rest. You need to get your strength back," Elijah said gently.
"My darling Elijah," you murmured, hand slipping into his. "I won't survive the night."
"Of course you will. You're strong," he insisted.
"Elijah, I can feel it. I'm dying."
He finally allowed the tears to flow freely down his face. It was one of the few times in the last 6 centuries of your life together that you'd seen him actually cry. It was enough to break your heart. "Oh, my love," you whispered as you reached for him, pulling him into your arms and holding him against your chest.
Your own tears streamed down your face, but you did your best to be strong for your husband. You knew what he could become without you...without his humanity...and you were terrified he would turn it all off just to keep himself from feeling this pain.
Your eyes met Klaus's from across the room and he looked just as devastated as Elijah did. His pain was different; he blamed himself, and perhaps rightfully so. "I must go," he said as he hurriedly headed for the door.
"Klaus," you called.
He turned to look at you, emotion clouding his face.
You had enough strength left for one simple sentence spoken directly into the hybrid's mind. "Protect him, Niklaus, always and forever."
Klaus looked down, doing his best to hold his tears at bay. He looked back up at you and gave you a firm nod, acknowledging your words and, in his way, giving you a promise.
You watched him walk away, a painful realization coming over you that this would be the last time you ever saw him. You looked down at Elijah and held on just a little tighter. You wanted more time with him...you would have given anything for it. You'd had more time with your husband than most people were ever lucky enough to have, but you still wanted more.
Elijah lifted his head and quickly wiped his face, regaining some of his usual composure. "I'm sorry, my love. I just...I don't want to lose you."
You nodded. "Nor do I."
"How long do we have?" he whispered.
"Hours, at most," you said softly.
He closed his eyes and breathed heavily. "Where do you wish to spend those hours, my love?"
You offered him a small smile. "I think you know."
He met your gaze and gave you a warm smile. "I suppose I do." He scooped you up in his arms and moments later you found yourself laid out on a soft blanket in the middle of the rooftop garden. You'd always loved this spot and you had many fond memories of your time with Elijah there.
"The sun will be setting soon," Elijah murmured as he sat down beside you.
"It will be a beautiful thing to see before I die."
Elijah swallowed thickly and you felt a pang of sadness. "Let's not talk of death now. Let's instead, reminisce."
You smiled up at him and you snuggled in close to him, wanting to be as close as possible for as long as possible. "That sounds wonderful."
You began to talk of some of your favorite memories, of moments you'd long since thought you'd forgotten, of adventures shared with those you loved. Elijah's favorite memories all had you in them, which both made your heart soar and ache in equal measure.
The longer you talked, the weaker you became. The sun was slowly traversing the sky, beginning its slow decent. You knew your time was short, but you couldn't bring yourself to say goodbye. Not to him.
As if he could sense your thoughts, Elijah pulled you even closer. "I would be remise if I did not tell you what is on my heart. I have no desire to have regrets."
"Tell me, then. I'm listening."
He sat up and faced you, taking your hands in his as he spoke. "You have brought a beauty and a joy to my life that I never would have had without you. You gave my life purpose, direction...meaning. You have my whole heart, my darling (Y/N). Always and forever."
Tears streamed down your face, having no energy to fight them. You didn't have words to voice your feelings, your love for him too intense for words. With what small amount of strength remained, you sent a wave of pure emotion straight into him, everything you couldn't say wrapped in a blanket of love only he could feel.
Silent tears fell from his eyes. "Please don't go," he whispered.
You pulled him back down beside you, arms wrapping around his large frame. You couldn't say anything, couldn't reassure him or comfort him. There was nothing you could do except hold him.
The sun had begun to set, painting the blue sky with beautiful shades of pink and orange. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" you asked softly.
"It is." His voice was clouded with pain, but he did his best to remain stoic for you.
"Promise me something, Elijah," you said suddenly.
"What is it?"
"Leave New Orleans. Leave Klaus. Go and live your life for you. You've spent far too long taking care of others. I don't want you to spend another 1,000 years putting yourself in last place. You deserve better."
He looked down at you and your gaze was so ernest, so pleading, that he couldn't find it in himself to say no. "I give you my word, (Y/N). I will not stay in New Orleans."
Your body relaxed against him, comforted by his promise. You knew there were plenty of loopholes, but Elijah would keep his promise to you. He never went back on his word. Ever.
"Will you stay with me?" you murmured.
"Always and forever, my love," he whispered back, placing a kiss to the top of your head.
Not long now...the sun had set and the stars were shining beautifully in the velvet night sky. Each passing moment brought you closer to the end. Despite your unnaturally long life, you found yourself unwilling to let go...you didn't want to die.
"I'm not ready to die," you whispered so softly that no human would have been able to hear you.
Elijah felt a pang in his chest at your words. The tone with which you said them nearly broke his heart right in two. "Nor am I ready to lose you."
There was, of course, another option. An option you had never considered before. You raised your head to look into his eyes.
He knew what you were thinking from your look alone. "I thought that was never an option," he whispered.
"We've never been in this situation before," you answered gently.
He looked away and shook his head. "I do not wish to make you a monster."
You reached for his cheek and turned his head back to you. "You're not a monster."
"Perhaps not in this moment, but I am capable of monstrous things."
You laughed lightly. "And I'm not? I just bound the magic of dozens of witches to protect one very immortal hybrid."
"You did that out of love. It's different."
"I beg to differ."
He shook his head firmly. "It would be unfair of me to turn you, (Y/N). You would lose your magic...your contact with the spirits, with nature. I could not take that from you."
"I believe it's my choice, is it not?"
"You need my blood, so I think it's our choice."
You sighed.
"I choose to protect your soul. I will not turn you."
There was such finality in his tone that you didn't even bother to argue with him. Besides, you didn't want to be a vampire. You just wanted to live.
He knew that better than anyone, perhaps because he knew you better than anyone.
The two of you laid there in a comfortable silence, sharing what you knew would be your last moments together. There was nothing left to say, nothing left to do. Neither of you were capable of saying goodbye, those words too difficult to formulate.
"Are you really just going to lay on this rooftop and die?"
You turned at the sound of an annoyed voice behind you. "Yes, Niklaus, that was my plan." You were surprised that he had come back, never one for goodbyes himself.
"I came up with a better one. Come, there's not much time."
Elijah stood up. "Brother?"
"Both of you, come on. We don't have time for an argument."
You looked at Klaus warily, using Elijah's body to pull yourself up. "What's the plan then, Klaus?"
"Just come with me. Please."
Klaus wasn't one to beg, so you found yourself stepping towards him on instinct. Your body had other plans as you began to collapse. Elijah caught you easily and pulled you up into his arms.
"See? She's already too weak to move. We're running out of time," Klaus insisted.
"Then lead the way, brother."
You found yourself being transported at an uncomfortable speed. The two men moved with the unnatural speed gifted to their species and you quickly lost track of your location. When you finally stopped moving, you were surprised to find yourself in the middle of the bayou.
"What are we doing way out here?" you asked in annoyance, an uncomfortable feeling settling deep in your bones.
"It was the only place I could find a witch who still had their magic," Klaus said.
"He's lucky I owe him or he likely would have gotten a stake to the heart for his troubles," a new voice said from behind you.
Elijah turned around to face the newcomer, giving you a view of the woman's face. "Sophie," you said softly.
"What are you doing in the bayou?" Elijah asked.
"After I gave information to your brother, it wasn't safe for me in the Quarter anymore, so I came out here. Apparently it's a good thing I did," she looked pointedly at you.
"You know why I did it."
"Yes, but that doesn't make it right."
"Perhaps not, but it was a much better option than killing them," you said firmly.
Sophie looked down. She knew full-well what Klaus was capable of and he was certainly not above murdering every single witch in the Quarter just because he could.
"Why are we here?" Elijah asked softly, breaking the silence.
"To help (Y/N)," Klaus said simply, as if that explained everything.
That uncomfortable feeling inside you began to intensify. Something was wrong, but you were too weak to figure out what it was.
"How?" Elijah asked again, much more firmly.
"Sophie has a plan."
And there it was...plain as day. If you'd been in your right mind, you would have noticed it right away. The feeling of darkness, and of death, lingered in the air. An oppressive feeling that threatened to drown all those around it. You recognized the feeling from hundreds of years prior, a feeling you had never understood until now. "What have you done?" you whispered.
Klaus wouldn't meet your gaze and that alone told you everything you needed to know. Sophie looked equally uncomfortable, but she wasn't backing away, which meant at some level she was okay with this.
"Do you understand what you're doing?" you asked her directly. "How dangerous this kind of magic is? It will overtake you. It will kill you."
Sophie shook her head. "I'm not afraid. Besides, I'm more powerful now than I've ever been."
"Then you're a fool," you said softly.
Elijah hadn't said a word, but the way his body stiffened told you he knew exactly what his brother had spent the last couple hours doing.
"Elijah," you whispered. "Take me home, please."
He heard you, but he didn't move. In fact, he couldn't move. He found himself frozen in place, as if he were bound to this very position. Even his voice was silenced, his mouth moved but no words escaped.
"I'm sorry, (Y/N), but you're not leaving, nor is Elijah," Klaus said firmly. "Sophie, begin the spell, please."
Sophie began an incantation you vaguely recognized. You struggled against Elijah's hold on you, as if you could somehow escape if he would just let you go. It was useless...Elijah's grip was like stone.
"He can't move, (Y/N)," Klaus said softly.
You looked over at Sophie, realizing what she'd done. "Let him go, Sophie."
She ignored you, continuing her incantation.
"They're all already dead, (Y/N)," Klaus said, forcing your attention back to him. "Do you really wish to waste their sacrifices?"
"Sacrifices?" you yelled angrily. "They didn't sacrifice anything, Niklaus! You killed them!"
"To save you!" he roared back.
"I didn't ask to be saved!"
"I couldn't sit back and let you die. Not when I was the cause," his voice softened. "I couldn't watch you die."
"If Elijah could, then so could you."
"Your death wouldn't weigh on his conscience for the rest of time."
"But it would stay with him, in his heart, for eternity."
"I am not my brother," Klaus whispered.
"That much has always been clear."
Klaus looked away from you, finding your gaze almost too painful to bear. "Use his blood," he said, addressing Sophie.
She nodded and you watched helplessly as she sliced open Elijah's skin, collecting blood from the wound on his arm before it healed in moments. She poured the blood into the bowl on the table in front of her and continued her incantation.
You felt a tingling sensation in your body, one that you had felt almost 650 years ago. The tingling turned into pain, just as you knew it would. Elijah's agony was equal to yours, but he couldn't so much as whimper.
"Please," you begged. "You don't have to do this."
Klaus shook his head. "It's too late, now. Finish it, Sophie."
Fire lit up the bowl, burning all of the contents within it. The fire spread around you, lighting up the pathways of a triangle only the dead could see.
When the fire disappeared, Sophie's chanting ceased, and you felt strength begin to return to your body, flowing through your veins.
Elijah's hold on you softened and he found himself able to move again. "(Y/N)?" he croaked. "Are you alright?"
You nodded. "Are you?"
He nodded.
The color had already returned to your cheeks and he could feel the power radiating from you, just like he always had. Clearly, the renewed linkage spell had worked.
Neither of you spoke, emotions too tangled in the moment. He gently set you down on your feet and you felt as strong as you had ever felt.
You walked over to Klaus and turned his attention to you. "36 people, Niklaus. Was it worth it?"
His eyes locked onto yours and you knew his answer before he spoke. "I would kill 1,000 people to save you, (Y/N). You are worth it."
You disagreed, but you knew arguing with him would make no difference. Instead, you turned to Sophie. "This is your only warning, Sophie. Stop practicing expression magic or lose magic forever."
Her eyes were darker than they'd ever been, confirming that she was already lost to the darkness of expression. "It's the only magic worth practicing."
You sighed. "It will kill you, Sophie. It always does." You shook your head. "You should leave...expression is not tolerated here, especially in such close proximity to the city."
"I depart for California in the morning," she answered swiftly.
You sighed again, turning your attention back to Klaus. "New Orleans is yours, Niklaus, but I'm done. I want nothing to do with you anymore."
You saw the look of pain flash across his face, but he covered it with his usual bravado. "Do whatever you want, (Y/N), but you'll be back. You can't stay away forever, especially from Elijah."
You looked at him in pity, words on your lips silenced by Elijah's first words in what felt like years.
"Wherever she goes, I will follow."
"What?" Klaus asked in shock.
"I cannot leave my heart," he said simply.
You turned to look at Elijah and were overcome with love and adoration for the man you'd loved all your life. He stepped forward and took your hand in his, the warmth you felt was nothing more than your imagination, but you didn't care. For the first time in over 6 centuries you were free. Free to go where you wanted, do what you wanted...just you and Elijah.
"Let's go," you said softly.
Elijah simply nodded and fell into step beside you, ignoring the shocked expression on his brother's face, as well as the words streaming from his mouth. "You won't last a year without me! You'll be back, both of you. You need me."
You walked away without looking back. It's not that you didn't love Klaus, that you didn't care, you were simply angry and hurt. The combination of which gave you the strength to walk away, to leave completely without any qualms.
Elijah scooped you up in his arms suddenly and you let out a surprised yelp.
"Sorry, love. I just figured this would be faster."
You laughed as he sped away from the bayou, heading back towards the city and the home you'd shared for so many years.
The two of you made quick work of the packing and then you were off to the airport, prepared to go wherever the wind would take you.
As always, Elijah used his abilities to get the two of you a private jet to anywhere in the world, so you chose Barcelona, a place you'd never been but always wanted to visit.
"Barcelona, really?" Elijah asked as he settled into his seat beside you. "You should have mentioned something sooner, my love. I would have taken you."
"We've never had the time, Elijah," you said softly.
"We've got all the time in the world now, my love. Just you and me."
"Always and forever?" you asked.
He grinned and kissed your forehead. "Always and forever."
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alwaysandforevergifs · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
┅ Klaus sired Marcel. I'm aware.
You don't understand. Marcel is not just some guy that Klaus turned into a vampire. Klaus loved him like a son.
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hyperactivewhore · 3 months
Marcel and Kol would 100% wear pink to go watch Barbie
Elijah would wear a whole pink suit willingly, and Klaus would be forced by Hope and force her whole family to sing all the songs. And Rebekah would without a doubt go buy new outfits for Freya, Hayley and herself and they wouldn't say anything because that's the baby of the family
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archvillainofromance · 4 months
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The Originals 1.07 Bloodletting
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andreal831 · 2 months
TVDU and forced parenthood
Tumblr media
I don't know if it is because Julie Plec didn't understand parenthood or just didn't care, but almost every character has a messed up relationship with the idea of parenthood.
Starting with Rebekah, whose entire identity becomes about being a mother. When she is first introduced, she behaves like an immature teenager with almost no maternal instincts or desires. But it quickly shifts in TO to focus on her desire to have a child. I am completely fine with a woman wanting to have children, but she never gave a real reason to want it. Just this general idea that she had always desired it. I get she likely would have been thinking about it when she was human since, during their human period, women tended to have children in their teen years and it was what all women did. But throughout her 1,000 years, we never see her seek that relationship with anyone. She briefly develops a protective relationship with April and then Davina, but they are easily pushed aside. She even abandons her relationship with Hope multiple times. It never seemed to me that she wanted to be a parent, rather wanted a baby.
This is even more obvious by the fact that Klaus 'adopts' Marcel. Rebekah could have adopted a child, or taken in someone throughout her long life. Now, it could have been that she feared Klaus would be angry and jealous, but this story is never shown. In fact, Klaus seems fine with Rebekah training Marcel, even after he was jealous of Elijah teaching him.
Speaking of Marcel, this whole storyline was problematic. The Mikaelsons take in this boy and then make him feel indebted to them. I've seen people argue that they didn't adopt Marcel, but rather took him in as a ward. Either way you look at it, Marcel was a child and deserved to be treated like one and not some trophy (a lot of white saviorism happening). I do think Elijah wanted to raise Marcel as a son but Klaus wouldn't let him. So instead, Klaus raises him as a friend which created a complicated relationship. I also hate how you can clearly see the difference in how Hope is protected versus how Marcel was raised. Whether it's sexist or racist or just based on him not being their biological family, it's problematic.
And then there is Hope. Hayley will always be my favorite parent in TVDU. Even when she was young and overwhelmed, you could tell her thoughts and actions were all about protecting Hope. Yes, some things she did weren't the smartest plan, but she was also a scared 20-something-year-old trying to survive against enemies that were 1000x her age. She risked her life repeatedly for her daughter and would sacrifice anything for Hope to be safe and happy. She was the one character I felt truly understood what it meant to be a parent.
I always get in trouble when I criticize Klaus as a parent, but he was a narcissistic parent for 90% of the show and that honestly needs its own post.
It's not surprising the Mikaelsons don't know how to be parents. Mikael wanted to train them to be warriors and Esther had a similar feel to Rebekah, that she wanted babies but didn't know how to be a mother. I know Esther and Mikael likely had their own childhood traumas, but that's another conversation.
I liked that Kol and Davina never discussed children. Davina was young and Kol never expressed desires to be a father. Not everyone needs to want to have children. To me, Elijah was the only Mikaelson sibling who expressed a deeper interest in being a parent. Yet, he still didn't understand the full extent. He essentially acted like a parent to his siblings but ended up just having messed up relationships with each of them. He wanted to step in with Marcel and even Hope. I like to think he learned his lesson from Marcel and fought harder for Hope, but again, the whole family just fought harder for Hope.
I also think Freya having a child makes sense, but Vincent being the father had me baffled. He hated Elijah for what he did to Davina until Elijah died, but forgave Freya for her role? Not only forgave her but decided to help continue the Mikaelson line. I just find it hard to believe that he would have agreed to help. But Julie wanted to expand the Mikaelsons and then do nothing with it I guess.
Tumblr media
Even in TVD, this idea that everyone wants to be a parent is pushed. Again, yes some people do, but not everyone needs to want children.
I understood Jo, Alaric, and even Stefan's desire to have children. This need to protect and care for others was built into them. We see Alaric (before his character sucked) basically adopt Elena and Jeremy. Jo was always protective of her siblings and loved caring for others so much she became a doctor. Stefan just always had this paternal need to take care of others in my opinion. I even see this with Elena and Bonnie. (Also the fact that Bonnie's future is never mentioned -- we hear about everyone else but what was Bonnie up to in Legacies??)
But Caroline and Damon having children made no sense to me. Caroline had dreams of a career and seemed adventurous, but then was forced into pregnancy at what 23 years old while she was still in school? Yes, we see she gets to become a journalist, but in Legacies we don't hear anything about her life or career. She isn't even there as a mother. Caroline's character basically disappears.
Damon never expressed a desire for children that I can remember. He enjoyed his vampire life and I can't see him giving it up to be a mortal, stay-at-home dad.
There are a lot of problems with the show, Friends, but one thing I've always loved is how they show the different pathways to parenthood. Pheobe is a surrogate for her brother, Monica adopts, and Rachel is a single mother. There isn't one way to be a parent, as long as you always put the children's safety and happiness first.
TVDU could have learned a thing about it. For a show that loved to randomly have a found family trope, it was also ready to throw it out the window the second biological family showed up. That's not how found families work, they are family through and through.
Also, and I cannot say this enough, not everyone needs to want to have children. Even women.
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elizabeth-forbes · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Or else what? I mean we're family right. Why would this little serum have to change anything, other than the simple fact that I would be your equal. Oh, yeah, I figured you could never live with that. 
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mrs-kmikaelson · 5 months
03| The Tribrid
Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x daughter!reader Summary: After you find out your father is having and embracing another child, you think life can't get any worse... but you were wrong. Warnings: this gets angsty, kids Words: 2.9K
Masterlist | Part 4
Tumblr media
I felt a tidal wave of different emotions. Shock, sadness, fear, and for some reason, anger. My heart sank to my stomach as I tried to process the information.
Until I realized I couldn't. Elijah and werewolf girl were right in front of me. So I shook it off, if that's the way you'd phrase it, and blinked. "You're Klaus' wife?"
Both Elijah and the werewolf cringed. "Ew, no." She made a gagging noise. "I just slept with him once in a moment of- absolute stupidity." Ew. She shook her head and pointed at me. "I just realized I don't know your name- I'm Hayley."
She did the whole 'hold out your hand for a hand shake thing' I already did with Elijah, but I still shook her hand and replied, "Y/N."
Elijah, who looked both vaguely confused and amused, cut in and pointed to us both, "Pardon me, but how, exactly, do you two know each other?"
Something happened in Hayley's eyes before she answered like she was choosing what to say. She glanced at me and then said, "I met her the other day. I spilled my tea on her at the café." 
My brow rose at the lie, but I didn't say anything. I just shrugged and reckoned, "Small world." Hayley's eyes met mine in a thankful expression and I subtly nodded at her before smiling at both of them. "I better get back to the party." I nodded to all the people. "Nice meeting you both- well, formally meeting you, Hayley."
Elijah gave a two-fingered wave that looked almost like a peace sign, but it was too refined looking to be categorized that way. "It's been a pleasure, Y/N." In his eyes, I saw a bit of recognition flash, but it was gone too quickly for me to register.
I turned around and began walking. I didn't really see what I was doing, I was just too focused on trying not to speed out of the building. My mind and my heart raced to see who could move faster and I was beginning to feel like I couldn't breathe.
When I ended up in another hallway, I sped into a room and closed the door without caring who saw me. Immediately, I pressed against it and everything that I'd just repressed in that conversation came rushing back to me in a flood. 
Klaus Mikaelson is having a baby.
My father is having a baby.
I felt like I wanted to cry, and scream, and tear my hair out but I spent way too long doing my hair earlier to even run my hands through it right now. I exhaled, trying to calm myself down. But then another thought came rushing to me. I just met Elijah Mikaelson. God, could this day get any weirder?
The answer to that is yes. Yes, it could. Because I looked up and, staring right back at me, was the Klaus Mikaelson.
I couldn't stop my jaw from actually dropping this time. I was too shocked to even say anything. 
He stepped closer to me and it was like I was frozen. He kept walking closer and closer until he was right in front of me. I couldn't keep my eyes off his because, my God, I have never been so close to him before and his eyes look just. like. mine.
He seemed to see the same thing I saw because, for a second, his blank expression was broken by a small look of curiosity. And, for a second, I wondered if he realized it.
And, for a second, I realized how sad it was that I've been on this planet for five hundred years, and this is the first time I've ever seen my father. And he still doesn't know it.
As he picked me apart with this gaze, there was so much I wanted to say, so much I thought I was over. I'm your daughter, I wanted to blurt out. I wish I had the courage to say it out loud, but there were so many thoughts I had that fought against that.
Her voice echoes throughout my head. Your father wouldn't love you, Y/N.
And with that thought, I close myself off as I'd done many times already. I pushed all my feelings down and pretended harder than I ever had to before, because I don't think I've ever felt anything like this.
I broke eye contact, looking around the room. Canvases sat on easels and drawings and paintings alike lined the walls. I was half stunned by the beauty of the artwork around me. The other half of me was stunned that, just my luck, I'd stumbled into Klaus' studio.
Fuck me.
When I looked back up at him, I didn't have any trouble speaking or looking him in the eye, because I promised myself I wouldn't. Y/N Mikaelson may have been scared to death, but Y/N Y/L/N wasn't; she was a badass tribrid who wasn't afraid of anything.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude." He looked a little surprised when I spoke. Why, is an answer I don't have. "I wandered off by accident, just needed some air away from the crowd."
Klaus hummed and his lips upturned in a small, unexpected smile. "Yes, I quite understand that feeling." Oh my God, he's talking to me. He held his hand out. "I'm Klaus," he said, as if I, of all people especially, wouldn't know that.
I reluctantly shook his hand, hoping to God he wouldn't pick anything up with the contact but, luckily, even after I let his hand go, he looked the same. But I'd never know, I suppose; maybe he was just as good at pretending as I was.
"And you must be Y/N," he stated. I stood up straighter. "I've been expecting you."
I controlled my breathing as I waited for his response.
"You're the person that saved the mother of my child yesterday." A large breath would've left me if it wasn't totally obvious. He turned around and started walking. "You snapped a brute's neck, and then," he spun back around, "you left her there with his dead body, knowing he could awaken any second." His tone was less soft now, more accusatory.
Finally, I thought. He was beginning to act like the man I've heard about. 
So why was I still so surprised?
I squinted my eyes slightly. "No, actually," I corrected, "I knew he wouldn't wake up in the time it'd take for someone to get to her."
His voice was sardonic. "And how could you predict such a thing?" 
Using magic, I itched to say, but instead I said, "Life experience," and left it at that. Klaus didn't look like he believed me, but you gotta admit, that's a quip any vampire would use.
He hummed again, but this time, it was less agreeing and more sarcastic. This definitely wasn't how I imagined this happening.
Even if he didn't believe me, he left it alone because, next thing you know, he's moved on from the topic with not even as little as a thank you for saving his pregnant werewolf. 
"So you're a friend of Marcel's?" Well, the motherfucker can eavesdrop. He tilted his head slightly, almost as if he was interested, but I knew better than that, and I had a feeling he knew I knew that, too.
I kept it simple. "Yeah, I've known him for a while."
"Hmmmmmmm," he hummed longer before getting straight to the point, "And were you here, with him, in the entirety of knowing him? Because I heard your conversation with my brother and you look awfully familiar to me, as well." Oh, if I wasn't a vampire, I already know I'd be screwed because my heart would be beating rapidly right now.
He continued, "And I couldn't have seen you with Marcel because, according to your conversation with the saxophone player, you haven't been in New Orleans for a while." He's been watching me? "And I definitely did not see you with him in years prior because I did not even know he was alive."
I came to a mental block on what to say; I felt like I was on trial. But, like always, I tried to keep the storm brewing inside of me as exactly that: inside. On the outside, I was calm and collected, and knew what to say.
That calm and collected version of me walked forward so I wasn't backed into the wall, making myself look more confident than I actually felt at that moment. Klaus' brow raised again, like he expected me to cave in on myself, but I did the exact opposite and shrugged, suggesting, "You must have seen me around somewhere else, then. I've been alive a couple hundred years and, well, the vampire world is a smaller world than it's made out to be, isn't it?"
Klaus just blankly stared at me in response; not for too long, though, because eventually, just like with Elijah, I saw something pass through his eyes, but it was gone before I could even grasp it. His lips tilted into a fake smile as he agreed, "Yes, I suppose so." Lie. 
We both stood there in silence for a few seconds before I cleared my throat. "Well, I better get going and make sure Marcel hasn't gotten into any trouble." I smiled, but he could probably tell just as well as I could that there wasn't any authenticity to it.
He nodded, and I couldn't have been out of that room faster. I didn't stop to look at the expression on his face, didn't stop to look at the artwork in the room or didn't even stop to think. I just walked as fast as I could and didn't stop, even when I reached the courtyard. I didn't stop until I was outside completely to even breathe.
Panic bubbled in my chest, but I stuffed it back down. I'd let my guard down mere minutes earlier and look it where it got me, in the same room, alone, with my father who I've never met.
Let's not forget that said meeting was caused by me running off from my uncle and the werewolf pregnant with my sibling.
What the actual fuck.
What's next, fucking grandma and grandpa come back from the grave? Would I be surprised at this point?
Why couldn't I have just stayed in New York? New York was simple; it was easy, it didn't require me to dig into my past or think about the family that was ignorant to my existence.
And now I'm here. I've met my father, something I've both dreamed and had nightmares about for my entire life. Half of me is content with having met him, but the other half wishes it never happened. 
Tears welled in my eyes, but I blinked them away. 
Don't you dare cry, Y/N. You cry later. You need to be strong right now.
I blinked faster until I didn't feel the wetness in my eyes anymore and exhaled before I walked back into the Abbatoir in search of Marcel. I didn't feel like meeting another family member right now, so I'd like to leave ASAP, actually.
I found him talking up a broad in the corner and made my way over to him. My mind went to Camille immediately, but I shook that thought off. Cami didn't know  about all this stuff and, besides, her and Cellie weren't a thing so it didn't matter.
I stopped when I was right next to the blonde he was talking to and his eyes met mine. I didn't bother looking at the girl, instead giving Marcel a look that I hoped he was able to understand. "I'm heading out now. You coming or what?"
He opened his mouth like he was gonna answer one thing but closed it as if he thought different. "Uh, go without me," he mumbled over the music. "I'll see you tomorrow."
I nodded, leaning forward to kiss his cheek in goodbye. I waved. "See you then." And then I walked away, waiting until I was outside the slaughter house to speed to my house, not in the mood for a stroll through the Quarter.
The actions of me unlocking my door all the way to me undressing and falling into bed were a blur. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I felt the tears I'd been holding in leak out of my eyes.
The tears burned my skin like they were tiny shards of glass, my shoulders shaking like I was cold, but really I felt so hot that I could explode. The same way, even though I was crying like I was sad, I was actually angry.
I was so angry that this was what my life was like. I was so angry that I've never had family experiences. I was so angry that they'd all gotten a thousand years together and I was just thrown to the side. And it made me feel horrible that I was so angry about Klaus fathering another kid when he didn't even know about me.
I was so angry that I wished the tears running down my face were tiny shards of glass, 'cause maybe then the pain inside could've been drowned out by that.
As a vampire- hell, even as a werewolf, I could escape physical pain. But everything on the inside was still there. As hard as I tried to pretend, that girl on the inside that worried and whose heart raced- I could never escape her.
A sob left my lips at that thought. 
And I cried until I couldn't cry anymore and fell asleep.
Marcel stood with Rebekah in a corner of the Abbatoir, a hard expression on his face while she leaned against a pillar and crossed her arms. In his eyes, she turned against him, but in hers, she was putting her family first.
Putting her family first meant pulling him aside to scold him on why he'd attend a Mikaelson event, knowing he was on Klaus' hit list. To Rebekah, Marcel had a death wish.
But Marcel had pride, just like Niklaus, and even just like herself. And that pride that she had was perhaps the real reason why she'd pulled him aside in the first place: because of his human girlfriend.
To Marcel, Rebekah didn't give a damn about him, just like Klaus. So that's why, instead of flirting per usual, they instead stared at one another with uncertainty they couldn't see.
Breaking their stare-contest was a blonde that came over and called Marcel's name. Both of their heads whipped around, but the blonde's gaze was directed entirely at Marcel as if she were purposefully ignoring Rebekah, making her narrow her eyes.
As soon as the girl came over, she'd captured Marcel's attention completely. "I'm heading out now," she stated. "You coming or what?"
So they came together, Rebekah thought, as she analyzed the girl. Although she was blonde, she was not Camille. Who the hell is she?
But the longer she stared, the more questions she came up with, questions that steered away from Marcel entirely because Rebekah realized that this girl looked so oddly familiar.
Almost like herself.
Marcel glanced at his ex-girlfriend momentarily, as if remembering she was there, before looking back to the girl and muttering that she could go without him.
The girl nodded and kissed his cheek, forcing Rebekah's to tense. And without a single glance in her direction, she left.
The Mikaelson stared after her as she maneuvered through the crowd until she was no longer visible, turning to Marcel to see him already looking at her.
If she wasn't a thousand years old, perhaps she'd be blushing.
She smiled artificially like it didn't bother her, brushing a lock of hair away from her face. "And that was...?"
He scoffed. What gives her the right to act like we're together? He questioned to himself, but there was a long list of things he'd probably never say out loud to Rebekah. "That was a friend," he emphasized, "a friend who was there for me after you and your family left me to burn in the Opera House-"
She groaned, breaking her calm composure. "Bloody hell, Marcel, when are you going to let go of that one? I thought we were past it-"
"I'm not past anything." He gave her a steely glare, both of them silent for a moment before he fixed his blazer and spoke. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I actually have better things to be doing right now."
Rebekah resisted a scoff as he walked away from her, towards the crowd. She didn't understand him. God, he frustrated her almost just as much as Niklaus did. 
With the thought of her brother, her mind drifted back to the woman that'd just left before Marcel did. She tried her best to reimagine her face in her mind. She was distracted, though, by Hayley coming up to her and talking to her about her brother. And just like that, the girl from earlier disappeared from Rebekah's mind completely.
But maybe, just maybe, if she'd thought about it a little longer, then she would have realized that the blonde talking to Marcel looked just like her. That she looked like her once best friend, Klaus' lover.
Maybe she would've realized that the girl was a Mikaelson.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
THE ORIGINALS (2013 - 2018) ↴ House of the Rising Son ( 1.02 )
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train-wrecc · 10 months
niklaus mikaelson x female!reader
word count: 2.3k
warnings!: none?
Tumblr media
Y/n, Klaus, and Hope had been shopping for some new clothes for Hope. Albeit Hope didn’t need that many clothes seeing as you’d often find her wearing numerous variations of her uniform for the Salvatore School. However, Klaus spoiled the young tribrid. Always insisting to Y/n, “She’s a growing girl, my love, she needs them.” 
“She needs 4 pairs of the same skirt in different colors, Nik?”
“She’s a Mikaelson love, it’s not about our needs, it’s about our wants. If she wants 5 Range Rovers in 5 different colors for each day of the school week, she’d surely get them.”
“Really?” Hope exclaimed turning to look at her dad.
“Why of course-”
“Not, sweetie your father’s just joking.” Y/n interrupted the hybrid, elbowing him in his side, to shut his mouth and not give the girl any ideas.
“Hope, honey, why don’t you go browse the shoes,”
“You’re so right mom, I’ve been dying to get a new pair of combat boots!” Her voice trailed off as she headed to the store's shoe section. 
“Klaus, I thought we talked about this, we need to stop spoiling her.”
“Love, you talked, I simply sat there and listened.”
“Well, clearly you didn’t listen hard enough.”
“Honestly love, I don’t see what’s so wrong with giving her the things she wants, you know it’s how I show my affection,” 
“I know Nik, but sometimes she needs to work for what she wants, we can’t just reward her for nothing.”
“How absurd of you to say that. We’re not rewarding her for nothing, we’re rewarding her for being my daughter-”
“Our daughter.” Y/n raised her brows while correcting him.
“Yes, our daughter, and for being a tribrid- I mean that can’t be easy, look at my past, and I’m only a hybrid…”
“Bub, I think that’s just you… and have you forgotten you’re not the only hybrid here?”
“No, but you’re a Heretic, sweetheart, don't you think there’s a wee bit of a difference there?
“Either way that’s not the point, Nik.” 
“Alright, darling, I will try to spoil Hope a little less. Happy?”
“Yes, now let’s go find our daughter,” Y/n said before placing a small kiss on the Hybrid’s full lips. 
After loading their expensive SUV with even more expensive bags of various clothing, jewelry, and shoes, the Mikaelson girls had become a little hangry.
“Nik, just stop at the grill, we’re starving.”
“Oh please, not that wretched place,”
“Niklaus, I swear if you don’t-”
“Alright, the Mystic Grill it is.”
。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚
At first, Niklaus refused to order anything from the grill, while Y/n and Hope ordered their favorites. Hope saw  Landon working out of the corner of her eye, he’d been working there for a while now, and she’d thought he was kinda cute.
Hope quietly talked to her parents about what she’d been learning in her History of the Supernaturals class. After, Y/n gave Hope a sneak peek at her lesson plan for the upcoming Monday in her very own Advanced Magic class. Which, Hope was in, of course. Her mother was not only a teacher at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted but also a very powerful witch. 
“Where’s our waiter? I’ve been wanting to order a Peanut Butter Blast, and Nik stop eating my fries when you said you didn’t want anything! I’m saving them for my shake.” Y/n said pulling her plate away from the thief she called her husband. 
Niklaus held his hands up in mock surrender, stealing another fry when his wife wasn’t looking. Hope giggled at her father's antics, she loved her parents and hoped one day she would find someone to love her, just as much as they loved each other. 
Y/n saw a waiter with curly hair passing by and stopped him, “Excuse me, could I get 2 Peanut Butter Blasts with whipped-“
“With whipped cream on the bottom?” The boy finished.
“Uh yeah, how’d you know?” Y/n questioned, a laugh escaping her lips.
The boy made a small gesture towards Hope with the pen in his hand. “It’s usually how Hope orders it, just assumed...and now I know where she got the idea from.” He answered with an awkward smile.
“Hey Landon,” Hope said returning the awkward smile. 
“And how do you two exactly know each other?” Klaus questioned the pair. 
“Well, I come here pretty often Dad, and Landon goes to Mystic Falls High, so yeah…”
“Well it’s nice to meet you, Landon,” Y/n spoke with a smile to try and ease the tension that Niklaus had created. 
“You as well, uh, I should go and get that order in,” He said before walking toward the kitchen.
“You’re not dating anyone until you’re 100, I hope you know that,” Klaus said to his tribrid daughter, who responded with a roll of her eyes.
Klaus received a nudge in his side from Y/n, as Hope spoke up, “I don’t even like him like that, he’s just a friend, Dad.” 
“Sure,” Niklaus said his words coated in sarcasm while Y/n snorted in amusement at her daughter, in an attempt to hold her laughter in.
“Just ike you’re mother and I were just friends, and look at where we are now… and no matter if you don’t like him, he clearly likes you Hopey,” 
“Yeah right,” Hope said with the same amount of sarcasm as her father.
The group of three finally decided to head out once they had received their shakes, Y/n taking her fries as well. The car was filled with the hum of a jazz song that reminded the Mikaelsons of their true home, New Orleans. Of course, the only reason the Mikaelsons had left was to give Hope a proper education and expand her knowledge of her species; how to control her powers, and her heightened emotions. If there was one thing that Y/n and Klaus wished for their daughter it was that she never used her abilities for bad, for her to not follow the same path that her father once had. Albeit they would love her no matter what, always and forever. 
Once they had made it to their expensive abode, Hope took her new wardrobe - with the help of her parents up to her room. She finished reorganizing her closet and went downstairs to be met by her father painting in their shared art room dedicated to their favorite shared craft. Hope joined Niklaus, placing her easel beside his, before beginning to besmirch the white canvas with various colors. The pair were focused on their own work, like usual, speaking a few sentences here and there. The pair preferred to bask in the comfort of the others presence. Hope truly loved her father, she knew he had made numerous mistakes in his extensive life, but she never held those against him, she knew of the abuse her father suffered in his childhood. It was that abuse that had shaped him combined with the heightened emotions of being a hybrid, made him prone to violence. Nevertheless, Klaus would never intentionally hurt his daughter in any shape or way, he had continuously made the effort to not jump to violence the second he felt upset or irate. Most of the time he would begin to feel anger or any emotions that would make him feel overwhelmed, he would often go somewhere to cool off and take a breather. He promised he would never raise his voice at his wife or daughter. 
Nik accidentally bumped into Hope when he had been adjusting his canvas, causing her to create a large streak of red paint across her canvas. “Dad!” Hope blurted at the man who had caused her to ruin her masterpiece. “Dove, I’m so sorry, I swear it was an accident.” He said sincerely, looking at her canvas; he didn’t know when she had become a better painter than him. 
“It’s alright,” She sighed.
“Here, go at it,” He turned his canvas toward her. 
She gazed up at him before looking at the canvas, which was a painting containing two people with a little girl inbetween them with their hands clasped together in a field of flowers taking up the foreground, in the background the Salvatore Estate. 
“Is that you, Mom, and me?” the girl questioned her father. 
“It is indeed,” He replied with a nod.
She took a separate paintbrush and dipped it into a gray-almost-black color, adding the shadows of the figures to the canvas. Before her father could process it she swiped the paintbrush across his nose where freckles used to lay.
“Oh, you’re going to regret that, Dove.” 
Klaus reached for one of his larger paintbrushes filled with a previous color of paint he’d used swiping it across Hope’s arm. Giggles, laughter, and shrieks filled the room and bounced off the walls. The sounds of happiness mixed with the clacking of feet running.
Y/n placed her book on the side table beside the oh-so-comfortable la-Z-boy chair she had begged Klaus for. She made her way to the large art room, practically the size of a large dining room, where she heard various noises. When she opened the door, she wasn’t sure what she was expecting, however, it was not paint strewn all over her handsome husband, beautiful daughter, and the floor that was thankfully protected by a clear, plastic tarp. A laugh escaped her lips at the sight of the two loves of her life flicking paint at each other. The sound made the two glance at the door, where Y/n stood slightly in front. The pair of artists quickly glanced at each other, silently conversing. They then ran toward Y/n, pulling her into a tight embrace and getting paint all over her, matching the other two. This caused her to squeal, the father-daughter duo pressing kisses to Y/n’s cheeks, resulting in various giggles escaping her lips. 
“Alright, alright, thank you for the kisses,” She said trying to speak through her laughter. Y/n pulled away from them, returning the kisses, placing a kiss on both of their cheeks. She was looking at her little family, eyes filled with pure adulation, heart beating with nothing but happiness. 
Suddenly a painting grabbed Y/n’s attention, two figures that resembled her and Nik and another stood in between them, which resembled a young Hope in a field of Y/n’s favorite flowers. Her old home, the Salvatore Estate in the background.
“Nik… you painted this…” She murmured, knowing the painting had his own artistic touch to it.
“Of course, my love.” 
“I love it, it’s beautiful…” She murmured, her scintillating eyes meeting his light blue eyes. She placed her hand against his cheek, gently caressing his face before pulling her husband into a short gentle kiss filled with fervor. The two lovers pulled away, due to their daughter being in the room, and not wanting to scar her.
“We should hang it in the foyer, both of them,” She smiled at her two artists. 
“Whatever you want, my love,” Nik replied, his arms gently caressing Y/n’s waist.
“Also, we need to clean ourselves up, today’s Sunday so we're going to your Uncle Stefan’s for dinner.”
。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚
The Mikaelsons arrived at the Salvatore’s house, and 2 other cars were already in the driveway. All of a sudden the front door swung open and Stefan and Caroline's son Cayden ran out to greet the family, as they unloaded from the SUV. 
“Auntie Y/n, Uncle Nik, Hope!” He excitedly exclaimed.
The young boy threw himself at his aunt, happily squeezing her in a hug.
“Hi, sweetheart, how are you?” She said, caressing the seven-year-olds back while returning his embrace. 
“I’m amazing! You know who isn’t? Sadie, she’s sad because her boyfriend broke up with her…” The young boy whispered the end of his sentence. “Oh my poor girl,” Y/n said. 
Cayden ended up letting go of his aunt to greet his uncle just as excitedly. They began walking into the house greeted by Stefan, Damon, and Elena sitting on the large couch. Hope immediately went toward her aunt, greeting her and pulling her in for a hug. Nik greeted the Salvatore brothers before sitting down with his nephew, who immediately began to go on, and on about various topics. 
“Stef, Damon!” Y/n exclaimed, pulling her younger and older brother into an embrace.
“Hey Y/n/n,” They greeted her in unison. 
Y/n talked with the pair for a little before, she and Hope made their way into the kitchen to greet Caroline along with Sadie. They were shocked to find Rebekah, Marcel, and Rowena, their 10-year-old daughter, seated on the stools by the island.
“Bekah!” Y/n shrieked, bursting with joy at getting to see her sister-in-law, that was more of an actual sister to her. She hugged the woman tightly. 
"Hi, love, how've you been?" Rebekah questioned the woman, who was still hugging her.
"Good, you'd know that if you visited more, I haven't seen you in months!" She exclaimed.
"I know I'm sorry I promise we'll visit more often." She responded, gently pulling away from the hug.
"You better, and why didn't you tell us you guys were coming!" She said lightly hitting the vampire on the shoulder, causing her to feign pain.
"We wanted to surprise you." She smiled at her sister.
"How's Nik, he giving you any trouble?"
"Oh always, you know how your brother is," Y/n laughed, “No, I’m kidding, he’s amazing but don’t tell him I said that, his ego’s already big as it is.” 
“Are you ladies speaking of me? I heard the word ego…” Niklaus popped into the kitchen, his hand immediately finding it’s place on his wife’s waist. 
“Speak of the devil,” Rebekah said. 
The family aided in making dinner, which took quite long considering all the catching up and shenanigans that had occurred just like every Sunday dinner. It didn’t matter what was going on, family dinner was a must every week. Always and forever.
。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚
A/N - The ending’s really crappy because I just wanted this out of my drafts and I honestly forgot where I had been going with this… also I have so many drafts that stop at 3k because I can never make it past 3k I truly don't know why, and I literally can't write fics that are like simple an around 1k. I have to make the most complex's plots and then never finish writing them 😭
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fandoms--fluff · 5 months
The Things I’d Do For You
Tumblr media
Older Mikaelson sister reader x Hope Mikaelson
Summary: Hope distances herself away from you and everyone so you go to her school, and comfort her through a breakdown about your dead family members and her fears and guilt and everything
Warnings: mentions of death, swearing
A/n: very fluffy but angst at the same time i think? And of course had to incorporate Alaric bashing. Currently working on more hope content!!!!!!
Some would think with the mass age difference of six hundred between you and your younger sister, Hope, that the two of you wouldn’t be that close. But it’s the total opposite. Ever since Hope met you and you guys have bonded, you’ve been closer with each other than anybody else. 
You may have different mothers, both are dead, but you still feel close to one another either if you were half sister like now or full sisters. 
Your mother abandoned you when you were very young, and even when she was there, she wasn’t ever the best mother anyways. You crossed paths with your father, the original Klaus Mikaelson, when you were in England in 1492 after you were turned almost a century prier from being killed by ironically, a vampire, when you were 19. He was on his journey to just about complete the sacrifice with Katerina Petrova in some little days when you showed up. He automatically could tell you were connected to him in the first couple minutes of talking. Something about you seemed so similar. 
That’s when he got you to open up about your past that you both put together what had happened. Starting when your mother and him had a long relationship until she ran away one day with no trace to follow. Like she evaporated out of existence, fell off the face of the Earth. She was pregnant with you, their daughter and obviously hadn’t wanted Klaus to find out about you and tried to do everything in her power to get rid of you, not knowing you’d be a first born Mikaelson witch-tribrid when you were born. 
It was the first time in a while that Klaus had openly showed affection with anyone, but with you, he didn’t skip a heart beat. After meeting for the first time and connecting with your father, you guys had went your separate ways, Klaus not wanting Mikael to find out about you. 
You had kept in touch with each other, meeting all your aunts and uncles, besides from Finn until Mystic Falls in 2010 and Freya later on after you came back to New Orleans because a call from your uncle Elijah about something he shouldn’t tell you over the phone. After that, you quickly packed your things and left Mystic Falls after saying goodbye to your friends, Caroline, Stefan, Bonnie, and Damon. 
After everything that had went down over the years when Hope was growing up and learning how you were her sister and about your past. She always made it clear that she looked up to you and wanted to be like you, someone who’d drop everything to help her family. You didn’t know how to feel about that when she first told you after you read her a bed time story when she was six, but after that, you knew how special you are to her. Even your dad and Hayley pulled you aside to say how grateful they were to have you stay in Hope’s life even though you had every right to not want to. 
She had started sneaking into your room at night when she was supposed to be asleep when she was seven. It woke you up straight away when you heard the doorknob turn, but after a while you knew how to tell it was her. You’d always welcome her into your arms and let her cuddle you to her hearts contents. 
It slowed down for a couple years when she was entering her teenage years, thinking that she was too old for it, but caved a couple times. 
It picked up greatly after your guys’ dad and uncle Elijah died, plus her mom, Hayley, who you were starting to consider a mother figure yourself. And it hadn’t stopped or slowed down, not that your complaining though, it’s just when she was younger she’d always tell you when somethings wrong or if she just wanted cuddles. Now, she barely opens up, and when she does, it’s when she’s on the brink of a meltdown and you calmly pull her out of it. 
Like right now, you’re really worried about your baby sister. She hasn’t phoned or texted you for a couple days now since going back to the boarding school after winter break. You’re getting anxious about what might happen, considering everything that happened with the boy that she was dating and he had died the previous year. 
You’re pacing back and forth in your room at the abattoir when you feel a presence in the doorway. “What are you doing here Marcel?” You stop your pacing and turn over to look at the younger vampire. 
“I just wanted to check in on you, I haven’t seen you out in a couple days” he says and comes into the room, standing in front of you. 
“I’m just worries about Hope, I haven’t heard anything from her in almost a week and she hasn’t been answering my phone calls or texts. I’m trying to figure out if I did something to make her mad at me, or if I forgot about something and she’s mad about that” you rant to him. 
“Hey, take a deep breath, I’m sure everything is fine. How about you go visit her, and if your nervous, you have friends there that can also give you a helping hand about it, right?”
“Yeah, thanks Marcel” you guys quickly hug before he leaves and you start packing a bag. 
Once you get to Mystic Falls, you were about to turn around from the school and just go over to see Damon, but before you can, you get a phone call from an unknown caller. Sighing, you answer it, not having any reason not to. 
A voice quickly starts speaking, “Hey Y/n, I’m Lizzie, Hope’s friend- kinda friend? from school. I know from what Hope had told me about you that you dont like to be disturbed, but I think you might want to know about this.”
“What happened, is hope alright?” you ask concerned. 
“I don’t know, she hasn’t left her room besides for necessaties and won’t talk to any of us. I was wondering how fast you can get here, I know it’s far from New Orleans but I’m worried about her. It’s as if she’s turned off her emotions even though she hasn’t activated her vampire part” Lizzie quickly tells you, worry evident in the girl’s voice. 
“Hey, hey, sweetie, calm down, it’s going to be okay. Believe it or not, I was just on my way to the school, I’ll be there in five minutes, okay?” You soften your tone. 
“Okay, thanks” she says, clear that she’s taking deep breathes before hanging up. 
You put your phone down and immediately step on the gas, breaking more than one speed limit getting to the boarding school in record time. As you step into the school, you see a tall blond girl leaning against a wall, waiting anxiously. 
You walk over to her, and place your hand on her shoulder. “You must be Lizzie, right?” You say.
“Yeah, sorry about the panicked phone call, I didn’t know who else to phone” she murmured, calming from your gentle touch.
“It’s alright, I know you’re worried, is Hope in her room?” You asked, already knowing the answer. “Um, yeah. The last time she came out was to take a shower last night” she tells you. 
“Okay, thanks Lizzie. I’ll see you later” you smile and squeeze the siphoner’s shoulder before making your way to your sister’s room. 
You knock on her door, not getting an answer, but you know she’s in there from her breathing and heart beat. You memorized how they sound when she was younger in case anything happened. 
Unlocking the door with your magic, you walk into her room. Her back is facing the now closed door and you, “I thought I made it clear I didn’t want you Lizzie” Hope sternly says, not noticing it���s you and not her blond friend. 
“Good thing I’m not Lizzie then” you tell her, crossing your arms over your chest. 
Hope immediately freezes, realizing who is in her room. It’s definitely not her frenemy, but her big sister. The same sister who she’s been ignoring for almost a week. The same sister who she knows was worried the second she made her phone calls go to voicemail.
She doesn’t know what to do, but she does turn around, which she doesn’t know if it’s a smart move or not, seeing the stern and worrisome look you have. 
“Y/n” she mumbles. 
“Hey Hope, I want you to know that I’m not mad at you” you tell her, slowly making your way over to her. She lets out a breath of air she didn’t even know she was holding in. 
“All I want to know is why you’ve been pushing everyone who cares about you away” you crouch down in front of where she’s sitting on her bed. 
She shakes her head, trying to avoid eye contact with you. 
You look over to her nightstand and see pictures and small trinkets laid out in a haphazard manner. Looking closer, you notice the pictures are the ones you printed for her when she was 12. They’re some of her, you, your guys’ family, both of you in selfies from when she was really young. 
You reach over and pick a handful of them up. “I remember this day, I took you to the zoo and you wouldn’t leave the lion exhibit because you were waiting for Simba to come over to you and have a conversation with him. I’m pretty sure Hayley despised me for allowing you to watch Lion King all those times, she said one day you’d drive her crazy with how much you sang the songs” you hand Hope the photo. 
She chuckled, tears forming in her eyes. “I remember, I kept begging mom to go back to the zoo with you after. I was committed to try talking to a lion” she looked back up at you with a sad smile, remembering the day more clearly. 
You see the emotion in her face, you smile knowing you’re getting somewhere. Digging another one out of the pile. “Oh, this was a fun day. Dad took us to the ice cream place and allowed us to get whatever we wanted. By the end of the day you had, I swear, the biggest sugar high ever.” 
Hope took the photo handed to her, it shows a picture that you’re taking with your phone with your guys’ dad across the table and her beside you with ice cream all around her mouth. “Mom yelled at dad the second she saw me” Hope’s smile widened. 
“Yeah, boy did he get a talking to. But even through all that, you still somehow fell asleep in my arms, and ironically it was during the loudest part of it” you say, making you both chuckle. 
You sort through the pictures in your hands, pausing after seeing a specifically worn out one with light yellow aging on the outline.  
“Hm, now where’d you get this one?” You say with a risen eyebrow, lifting a picture of you from the 1840s. You’ve been looking for it in your room at the abattoir but you had a hunch of where it went, and it seems you were right. 
Hope pauses for a second, realizing she got caught with something. “...I may have taken it from your room. It was after m-mom died and I couldn’t find you, but I saw this on your dresser. And I thought you looked to so pretty in it, I took it because... I don’t know really. I guess I was scared that you were going to leave too and maybe having something close to you from your history made me think that it help with my paranoia.” your younger sister slowly explained, thinking back to when she took it. 
“You were really scared, weren’t you?” You softly say more than ask.
“Mhm, I thought you’d be next. But then it was Dad and Uncle Elijah. I’m so scared you’re gonna leave me too” Hope sobbed, finally breaking after not talking for so long about it. 
You immediately put the pictures down and lean forward from where you’re still crouching and pull her into your arms. One of your hands lay on the back of her head, rubbing your finger tips in slow circles. It’s something you used to do when she’d come to you with nightmares. 
“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry you’ve felt this way. You don’t have to worry, I’m not going anywhere, I won’t let anyone make me leave you ever again” you tell her and kiss her forehead. 
You wrap your arm tightly and securely around Hope’s lower back. After a second, you stand up, carrying her. Her legs automatically wrap around your torso and she clings to you tighter than before, letting her emotions out as she cries into your neck. 
“E-everyone around me d-dies. I th-thought if I distanced myself from everyone then n-no one else would die” she explains her actions to you through her sobs. 
You start walking around the room and slightly bouncing her as if she were a baby. Some may find it weird that you’re doing this with a fifteen year old but it’s starting to calm her down, so screw what other people may think weird about it. 
 “Baby, that would seem like the best choice at the moment, but after a while you’ll feel so alone until you don’t feel at all. Think of it as a human humanity switch. No one, especially me, wants you to go through it, it’s horrible” you tell her, your own eyes starting to water from how your sister has been feeling. 
She clings to you, her arms wrapped around your neck, like a koala. She doesn’t want anyone else she loves to die. “I want them to come back” she whimpers through her crying. 
“Me too, me too. If I could just wave my hand and have them appear, I would.” You go back over to her bed and sit down on it with Hope now sitting on your lap, not wanting to let you go.
“I-I miss Mommy and Dadddy and uncle ‘Lijah” she mumbles, trying to blink her tears away. 
"Oh I know you do, I know sweet girl" you comfort her, rubbing your hand in circles on her back. You feel horrible for not realizing it sooner, how she felt on the inside about all of this. But who can blame her, she's only fifteen and lost so many important people in her life, and now scares that by getting close to anyone will send them to their death beds aswell.
She nuzzles further into your chest and scrunches up fistfuls of your shirt in her hands. Looking to the side, you see the simba stuffed animal you got Hope for christmas when she was eight in front of her pillows.
You unwrap one of your arms from the fifteen year old and grab the stuffed animal. Kissing Hope's forehead, you slowly start to move a couple inches away from her, earning you a whine of protest. Before she crashes back into you, you press the stuffed animal to her chest.
"You still have this" you say softly. She looks down and slowly unwraps her arms from you, noticing what you're talking about.
She picks Simba up into her arms and snuggles him after a couple back and forth glance between you and the stuffed animal. "Would never get rid of him, you gave it to me" she pouts at how you dare would've thought that, behind the lion's head.
“Well now I know where all my things are going” you softly chuckled, noticing the reason why the sweater Hope is wearing looks so familiar, it’s yours.
"You're clothes are just comfier" she mumbles into your chest, the lion held tight in her left arm.
"Is that right?" You ask with a teasing smile on your face. "Mhm."
"You're not gonna leave. Right?" She looks up at you with widened puppy eyes. "I'm not going to leave, I promise" you brushed the hair out of her face. You get an approving nod, before laying back into her big sister.
"I think it's time I move back into our old house" you say and she looks up at you with confusion. "Oh, right you've never been there, have you?" You ask. She shakes her head.
"Well, our dad built-actually got hybrids to build it, but that's whatever, a mansion just outside of town, and I'm pretty sure everything's still there. All I have to do is pack some things and get the keys to it from New Orleans before moving back in. I can't believe Alaric never told you about it- actuay I do believe that, he's an ass" you tell her.
"Wanna know a secret?" She whispers into your ear like she's seven again. "Of course" you whisper back.
"I think he's an ass too" she smiles, getting an affirming smile and nod from you. "Now you're speaking my language" you kiss the top of her head.
"I love you, y/n/n" she tells you.
"I love you too, little sis."
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“I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return you’re uniquely vulnerable. They have the power to hurt you that’s like nothing else.” — Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
↳ The Vampire Diaries 4x20 - The Originals
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the mikaelsons are all so bitchy and I love them for that
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