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terenos · 16 days
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Tobias Menzies as Marcus Brutus in Rome (2005)
Gentlemen, this is not some cheap murder! It is an honorable thing that we do, and it must be done honorably. In daylight. On the senate floor. With our own hand.
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professorerudite · 15 days
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macmonky · 16 days
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captain-stede · 1 year
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Happy Tumblr holiday <3
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please enjoy me feeding my game changer hyperfixation with some ides of march memes
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vanajinn · 9 months
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Only you... 🗡️🩸 Brutus + Portia [ko-fi / prints]
[ID: a digital drawing of Brutus and Portia from Shakespeare’s play ‘Julius Caesar’. The two are embracing, Portia is sitting on his lap. They are both wearing white robes with red decals. She is wearing two gold bracelets. Several pieces of Roman pottery surround them. Their faces are framed by a dark red circle like a halo. end ID]
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yixi-shan · 8 months
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People and Senators, be not affrighted.
Fly not; stand still; ambition’s debt is paid.
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tumbrisius · 2 months
I think a serious conversation needs to be had about Brutus and Cassius’s problematic behavior.
They conspired to kill Julius Caesar in a discord server. An anonymous member of the server leaked screenshots.
In these screenshots it becomes very obvious that Cassius is gaslighting and manipulating Brutus.
2. Cassius pretended to be Caesars friend to conspire against him. That’s snake behavior. He is a danger to society.
3. Cassius and Brutus came out when it was all over and attempted to convince everyone what they did is for the best.
First, they try to say that they did Caesar a favor by “abridging his time of fearing death.” And I can’t believe that in 44AD I have to say murder is not a favor. But the Cassius and Brutus fangirls totally bought it until Mark Antony came out with his “receipts”
Let’s go through Mark Antony’s clapback together. Right away, it’s very clear that he is attempting to manipulate his viewers, and it’s honestly so disappointing that so many people have fallen for his narrative uncritically.
“If I were dispos’d to stir your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage…” Antony totally downplays himself this entire video and this is manipulation tactic. He’s trying to make himself seem innocent, but he knew that if he said the right things, his fanbase would attack Cassius and Brutus.
“And Brutus is an honorable man.” He says this A MILLION times over!!! He is throwing Brutus under the bus and it’s as subtle as a bull in a pottery shop.
In my personal opinion, this is a horrible misuse of your massive platform.
And then there’s the fabled “Will of Caesar.” Let me ask you something, why did he hesitate to show everyone the receipts he promised???? It took him nearly 15 minutes of baiting the will, and guilt-tripping the audience with reminders of his death before pulling out this generous will of Julius Caesar which just makes him seem like the best person alive.
Or I guess no longer alive.
But my point stands, why build up anticipation and hype if you’re just a poor poor friend of the dearly departed??? Because Antony wanted revenge.
Tbh tho, can anyone blame him? And that’s what brings us to number 4.
4. They ACTUALLY KILLED A MAN. I cannot exaggerate enough that this is not internet drama, they MURDERED someone.
Julius Caesar was a controversial leader, but murder? Death??? Does anyone deserve that?
5. They were PROUD of their murder. Brutus and Cassius expected to be held up as HEROS for what they’d done.
“Had you rather Caesar was living, and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all freemen?
I’m sorry, WHAT??? To compare Julius Caesar being in power to actual slavery? Caesar was NOT that bad, and it’s such obvious slander but what did the Plebeians have to say in the comments?
Plebeian 1: “Bring him with triumph home unto his house.”
Plebeian 2: “Give him a statue with his ancestors.”
You all have ZERO critical thinking skills. The braindead followers of this “drama” need to get a life and FAST.
And to all of this, we don’t even have a concrete reason that Caesar died, other than that Brutus and Cassius got jealous one day. Disgusting.
In conclusion? This was a trainwreck from start to finish.
Cassius and Brutus should be put behind bars, not put on blast on Twitter.
Mark Antony should be watched much much closely after this. Antony manipulated and weaponized his massive fandom to (rightfully) banish two people from the internet.
Someone normal and uninvolved with this drama should be the next in charge. Maybe that up and coming nephew of Caesar, Octavious I think it was? We have options.
And Roman tea-drinkers???
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the-evil-clergyman · 2 years
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The Death of Caesar by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1867)
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psikonauti · 11 months
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Marcus Brutus (American, b. 1991)
Deep, 2020
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hydeordie · 3 months
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Marcus Brutus
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terenos · 5 months
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rome gifs [1/?]
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komsomolka · 8 days
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The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome, Michael Parenti.
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Now that the ides of March is over, start preparing for next year! Make it extravagant! Set up balloons! Feast with friends! Stab the Caesar in YOUR life! Celebrate!
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A pen sketch of Aniyah and Calpurnia🥺💞
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And a little sneak peek of something I'm working on for the Ides👀 nowhere NEAR done, but I'm working as hard as I can😂 I accidentally took too much on with this concept
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olympain · 1 year
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