#marrage offering au
Inspired by this
What is instead if making the deal while pharia is in charge, they attempt to make it while dannys already been kings for centuries
So ra al ghul wanted better standing in the infinite realms and get access to better Lazarus pit water
So what dose he do?
He offers his grandson as a bride... and if the king dosent want a bride it'll be an offering none the less
So the LOA kidnap damian and prepare to travel to the infinite realms to try and make a deal with the ghost king
Talia, finding this out, runs to bruce (who has spent the last 3 days without sleep trying to find out where damian is) and explains everything
They call a meeting and explain that Ra is trying to gain standing in the infinite realms by offering damian as a bride, every member looses it, dick tim and jason are all foaming at the mouth and loading up weapons left and right because that is their 12 YEAR OLD BABY BROTHER FUCKERS
So talia is driving with the batfam to get her son back while re-evaluateing her opinion of the batfam because they've gone fucking nuts
1 day later they arrived in the infinite realms and immediately decided to break into phantom keep
Thats where damian is being held and they have no time to loose
When the wall they crashed into cleared, they are met with the sight of damian playing with a glowing green puppy, A white haired being with a flaming crown talking to a tied up Ra al ghul and a living armor stand with a flaming sword watching over damian
Dick, still foaming at the mouth, walks up and punches Ra in the face, turns to the guy with the crown and says
:look i know they offered you a bride but-
: if you think im accepting this your more crazy then him
The white haired guy points to damian who is still playing with a dog, looks dick in the eyes and said
: that is a child! He. Is. A. Child. And im not a pedo
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not404error1 · 3 years
Arranged Marriage AU
Wether Sokka or Zuko are to be married to eachother or someone else here all all the Arranged Marriage fics. 
the princes of fire and ice By peter164 (AO3, M, 14332 w, Trans FTM Zuko, Arranged Marriage AU, Post War, Canon Compliant, WIP) 
The Fire Nation and the Water Tribes have a tense relationship, even after a peace treaty was signed. Zuko's advisors suggest a royal intermarriage between the countries. However, the royal families don't have a lot to offer. The North no longer has an heir, and the only Southern princess is already well into a relationship with the Avatar. Which leaves only one heir to the throne. 
For Peace and Zuko By Beersforqueers (AO3, E, 43277 w, Arranged Marrage AU, Iroh is fire lord, ozi was never firelord) 
In a universe when Ba Sing Se fell and Ozai never became Fire Lord, the war finally ends… Iroh and Hakoda hatch a marriage plot to bring the Water Tribes and Fire Nation into alliance, with Sokka and Zuko caught in the middle.
Shut up and Dance with me By preciousbunnynoiz (AO3, G, 3323 w, Arranged Marriage, Gay Zuko, Post canon, fluff)
Zuko had a problem. It wasn't that he didn't expect to have to put up with an arranged marriage he just kinda pretended he wouldn't have to. But he was 24 and he couldn't avoid it any longer. That he could probably accept even though having to marry a woman was awkward enough as it was.  Having to marry his best friend's sister was even harder to accept. Having to marry the sister of his best friend that he also happened to be in love with…
Well that was a problem.
Both Zuko and Sokka have reasons to want to get Zuko out of the arranged marriage with Katara (who would also prefer for the marriage not to happen) Sokka has a unique solution which is aided by a singular way that Fire Lords gets married.
you're all that i want by aurora_chiroptera (AO3, G, 4469 w, arranged marriage, fluff, humor, post war, established relationship)
Zuko's advisors decide that it would be best for the Fire Lord to be entered into a political arranged marriage.
Zuko might be suspiciously fine with this.
  Royal Arrangement by Worldsgreatestnerd (AO3, NR, 9212w, arranged marriage, canon divergence, WIP) 
Zuko was not excited. Zuko knew as the Crowned Prince of the Fire Nation he’d have to be married one day, and he knew it would most likely be an arranged marriage.
What Zuko never imagined was that he’d be marrying the prince of the Northern Water Tribe.
This Isn't My Idea of Fun by lupus  (AO3, E, 8877w, moon!sokka, pinning, kidfic, no war, canon divergence, kinda arranged marriage)
Inspired by tumblr and "The Swan Princess:"
If you asked Zuko, he and Azula saw far too much of Chief Hakoda of the Northern Water Tribe’s children growing up. It wasn’t until they were older, and Azula pointed out that - duh - their families were trying to set them all up, that he realized why.
He was told by his mother to be polite. These people were their friends and allies, and though their nations were as different as they came, harmony between nations was the most important thing.
It wasn’t his fault the Chief’s children were so annoying.
Always Read Your Peace Treaties Carefully by preciousbunnynoiz  (AO3, t, 14029w, non linear storytelling, oblivious sokka, oblivious zuko, arranged marriage, humor, fluff) 
"Your betrothed my lord."
"My what now!?" Zuko repeated dumbly.
"His WHAT now!?" Sokka parroted back, dropped the pastry he'd been eating.
Zuko and Sokka have been engaged to be married since the peace talks. Only they were the only ones who didn't know.
Everyone else thought they not only knew but that they had already been dating the entire time.
This is also news to Zuko and Sokka who have definitely NOT been dating but maybe they aren't as uninterested as they are protesting
*one of my faves*
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lueminous · 5 years
Hi!! Do you have any reylo fic recs?
here are some fics i really love:
crave my heart (it's bleeding in your hand) by @mnemehoshiko​ 
She wakes with the taste of salt on her lips and screams in her head.
i’ll let the author’s tags speak for this story 
yes I wrote this solely to deflower Kylo Ren in a brothel
Requiem for the Damned by @checktheholonet​
Ben Solo first learns tenderness as a child, in another lifetime, on another world long ago.
this is heartbreakingly sad but also somewhat hopeful. i think it captures kylo’s voice perfectly.
The Great Big No by @kylo-wouldnt-like-those-chips​
Kylo Ren is third generation rock royalty, a reigning brat prince starting to feel the burn of the fame he reached for with both hands.  Rey is an aspiring singer on the verge of a big break, provided her A&R guy still has a job by the time she reaches LA.  Their paths have crossed briefly, disappointingly, before.  What happens when they collide? 
the most suspenseful and nerve wracking modern/90s/band!AU you’ll ever read i shit you not
and find your way back home @greyjedireylo​
To end the war, Ben Solo kills Snoke. To save Ben Solo, Rey kills Kylo Ren.
Free for the first time in his life, Ben wanders the reaches of the galaxy alone, searching for the balance. Once a year, Rey follows him, hoping he's found it.
im not saying that this is the most perfect after-canon au ever, but it has perfect characterization, perfect dialogue and perfect romance.
Midsummer Night's Shared Dream by @shelikespretties​
“We’re not on an approved airfield, but look,” she held out her datapad with the map of the crash location. “Xa-Tla City is on the other side of this forest. We can make it there on foot, and, if we start now, we’ll get there before the solstice celebration begins.”
Kylo lifted a mocking eyebrow. “You’d risk the spirits of the forest?”
Rey scoffed. “I don’t believe in ghosts. Let’s start walking.”
the premise of this fic is a simple one and its kind of in the title, but it is executed in such a heartfelt fashion that IT MADE ME FEEL A LOT OF EMOTIONS OK DONT TOUCH ME
That Blooms in Adversity by @hauscrashburn
Kylo Ren is sent to Jakku to find a rare and prized item for Supreme Leader Snoke. The Force calls to him, leading him to stumble upon a simple scavenger. He offers her a job: find this for me and I'll feed you for days. He discovers her sensitivity to the Force and a bond develops between them, nurtured by their growing desire for one another.
angsty and sensual at once. this story is a treat.
Judging of the heart by @red-applesith​
Rey goes undercover to find out where Kylo Ren's true allegiance lies 
exactly what it says on the tin. it says true to the characters and the confrontation between rey and kylo is explosive and super tense.
Informant by @pissbabysithlord​   
With Poe Dameron injured, someone needed to take his place to meet with an informant with data on the First Order. Rey decided to take his place with a single warning to prepare her, "Don't do anything reckless."
featuring regretful, smitten kylo and a grumpy, worried rey.
The World In Its Dark Grace by tyrantsandcreampuffs
After years of war end in a call for an armistice, an arranged marriage is proposed to maintain the new and fragile peace between two kingdoms. Rey, captain of the Rebels, the elite warriors of her kingdom, has volunteered to be a bride of the former enemy, the Knights of Ren, in order to seek vengeance for her fallen friend -- by marrying the man who killed him, Kylo Ren.
its an arranged marrage au ok, and kylo makes a lot of darcy-esque declarations of adoration and love towards rey. READ IT
Operation: Stormtrooper Threesome by @cosetteskywalker​
The scavenger from Jakku and the Imperial Archives bookworm formed quite the team in various tombs and old temples, but now came the time where even them couldn’t run around forever. Now, it was those talents the Resistance needed, in particular for this undercover mission. Finn would be useful as well, considering he had been a Stormtrooper once.
Though, for this mission, the itchy wig wasn’t the worst thing for Ben. He was still furious at Finn for the wig: he looked terrible as a blonde, not to mention the glasses looked like something Naga Sadow’s grandmother would wear.
features actually no threesome BUT THATS OKAY because the story is hilarious and cracky, its gonna make you laugh. featuring one of the best finn dialogue ever.
these are only some of my faves and i might add some more to this list. in the meantime, i hope you’ll enjoy these stories as much as i did
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