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The funniest trope I’ve ever seen is found family, but it turns out said found family is insane and has way more questionable morals than the original family.
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Tumblr media
gabrielle union as mj for what I’m gonna start calling my 90s spiderman
[id in alt]
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Tumblr media
Texts From Superheroes
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Miscellaneous Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur sketches! Be sure to watch the show- out now on Disney+!
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your lips, my lips.
wanda maximoff x fem!reader.
Tumblr media
summary: while studying for your class together, a party comes up in conversation and wanda ends up teaching you how to kiss.
content warnings: MDNI! kinda fuckgirl!wanda maximoff x fem!reader, bestfriend!wanda,modern/college au, kissing/making out, no smut! but suggestive themes
word count: 2.5k+
Tumblr media
As the day draws to a close and the sun begins its descent, the sky outside the window transforms into a canvas of warm hues. The sunlight spills through the glass panes, casting an orange glow inside Wanda’s bedroom.
You were currently laying on her bed, elbows propping you up as you read through the pages of your textbook for the third time during this session and your best friend, Wanda, sits next to you, leaning her head back against the headboard with her own textbook in her lap. You were always with Wanda since high school up until now in your first year of college, and you two were always inseparable, regardless of where you two were or what either of you were doing together. Furthermore, you met her through her brother, Pietro, after introducing you when you had a project to work on with him back in your sophomore year.
Subsequently, you started seeing more and more of her when you would come over. She was rather quiet the first time you two met, not going above the words ‘hey’ or ‘hello.’ But as time carried on, you talked more and more, hung out more and more until the two of you were practically glued to each other.
But Wanda wanted more. More than just your best friend. It was your smile that had captured her attention, and she found herself drawn to your easygoing nature and sparkling eyes the first time she met you. She had never spoken up about it to you or anyone really, but it had always killed her when you would bring up the times when someone asked you out on a date or mentioned someone you had a crush on in class, or whatever it was as long as it wasn’t her. Still, she never talked about it. Her twin brother knew, even though she never really told him. Twin telepathy was probably the case.
But she never told you, not wanting to ruin the special thing the two of you had going.
Wanda couldn’t help but steal glances at you like she usually does. It didn’t help that she thought you looked pretty every time she sees you with your hair neatly fixed, that cute shade of lipstick you wore, your little damn skirt — always distracting her from whatever she was doing and in this case, from her studies.
And especially now as you laid on your front right on her bed. God, you looked so good in her bed. She couldn't help but admire how stunning you looked in the shirt you had borrowed from her when you had spilled something on yours earlier, she can’t remember what it was. The soft cotton material hugged your curves in all the right places, emphasizing the shape of your pretty waist and the hem of the fabric rested on your ass in a way that left Wanda breathless.
“Are you finished?”
Your voice cuts through her thoughts, pulling her back into focus as she scans your face and repeats the question in her head.
“No,” she shook her head softly as you take a second to look up at her, eyes never going back to the pages of her book.
Wanda waits silently as you stare at her, wondering what was going on in that pretty little head of yours. You were collecting your thoughts quickly, trying to formulate a way to say what was on your mind.
“Are you okay?” Wanda smirked as you furrowed your eyebrows as you thought hard.
You cleared your throat and let out a loud sigh, turning away from her to rest your forehead down.
“Wanda…” you began, voice slightly muffled against your arms. “What’s it like to kiss a girl?”
Wanda’s eyebrows shot up in surprise as she took in your question. She immediately knew what it was you were thinking with that question alone.
Wanda was the epitome of cool, calm, and collected. She was a woman who seemed to have a magnetic effect on other women. Everywhere she went, she was surrounded by a flock of adoring admirers. Some of them were obvious in their flirtation, making suggestive comments and batting their eyelashes at her. Others were more subtle, stealing glances and blushing when Wanda caught their eye. With her confident strut and piercing gaze, she exuded an air of confidence that drew people to her like a magnet. And when it came to the ladies, Wanda had a particular charm that was hard to resist. She had always been popular, even when she was in high school. Wanda was used to the attention.
But the only thing she wanted was yours.
It had been no secret that Wanda slept with girls quite regularly. She was popular along with her twin brother, so of course you knew that people would be lining up to get with them. Pietro was a little more shameless than Wanda, but still, you never really understood why she slept with so many people she barely knew. Sometimes, girls would even come up to you to ask for her number, which you had always turned down.
“Why are you asking?” Wanda closes her textbook and leans forward, trying to hear you better.
“Just wondering,” you huff out, turning your head to face her, cheek pressed up against your arm.
Wanda stared at you for a moment, rubbing her sweaty palm against her jeans, “Well… It’s really not much different than boys… Except, I will say that girls smell better… and they’re softer.”
You hummed softly at her response, causing her to look at you in concern. When your eyes tear away from hers, looking around at anywhere but her, Wanda brings a hand up to tuck some of your hair behind your ear.
“What’s going on in your pretty little head?”
You can’t help when your cheeks warm up slightly at her subtle compliment, one she never forgets to remind you of when you’re with her.
“Someone asked me to be their date to this party,” you say quietly, but you were sure Wanda had heard when you saw her jaw clench slightly, and you almost didn’t catch it.
“A girl asked you?”
You nod at her question, a little shy at the fact. From what Wanda knew, you had never been with a girl before, and not even that many boys, so you were… inexperienced. The question you asked earlier didn’t surprise her, but it was the reason behind it that she wished wasn’t true. She wished it were her.
“It’s Natasha,” you tell her.
Wanda ignores the sting of jealousy that erupts in her chest as she watches you push yourself up to sit in front of her, and she couldn’t help but stare at your thighs as you did, watching the fabric of your skirt move over your skin. She didn’t know how you did it, but you always seemed to know how to turn her on without even trying.
The thoughts pour into her head as she watches you adjust, a selfish part of her heart wishing that you were just some other girl on campus, moaning her name, her hand under your skirt, her head between—
“Wanda… I just… I’m not good at… that stuff–Fuck.” you mutter softly, embarrassed at your choice of words and to be fair, you didn’t really know what you were asking.
Wanda immediately shuts her thoughts out and moves closer to you for comfort, “Hey. Hey, it’s okay, (y/n)… I don’t know how to give you advice for this, to be honest…”
“Yeah, that’s okay,” you reassure her. “I just didn’t know who else to ask. I mean, I haven’t kissed anyone since high school.”
She nods at your words and for a second she looks down at your lips, sitting there looking plump and delectable as ever, almost like they were just asking her to move closer, pull her in… and she almost did.
“I’m sure you’ll figure it out when it happens, (y/n). Just do what she does.”
Wanda hated the words that came out of her mouth. She knew you weren’t the most experienced person when it came to things like this. She also knew you stayed away from dating for a while after high school to focus on your studies, and Wanda felt kind of happy about it. Not only that, but she knew none of those ignorant college students on campus ever deserved you.
Unless, it was her.
Green eyes watched as you closely as you scoffed and rolled your eyes at her half-assed advice. Wanda can’t help but smirk at your frustration, while you groaned and ran a hand through your hair.
She didn’t know what she was thinking next, only that you looked so pretty sitting in her bed… she just had to do something about it.
“Come here.”
Wanda patted her thighs, straightening her legs across her bed. You looked at her curiously for just a moment but proceeded to throw your leg over to hers and seated yourself comfortably in her lap.
It was new; this level of closeness. You had laid your head in her lap countless times before, but never sat on it, facing her. She felt so close. You could feel her breath against your lips and her hands… her strong hands rested at your waist only for a moment before slowly dragging them down to the line of your hips, holding you down slightly against her thighs.
“Do you want me to show you?” Wanda asked, seeing how you stared at her with a blank stare as if you had countless thoughts running through your mind.
You nod and slowly brought your hands up to her shoulders, holding them softly as you brought your eyes over to look into Wanda’s emerald ones. Wanda swears she can hear her heart thumping loudly in her ears. Your small hands on her shoulders made her feel like she could melt at that very moment and just wanted to stay like this forever, keeping you close with no one to take you away.
Wanda brings a hand up to your face, keeping the other one at your hip as she tucked your hair behind your ear again before using her palm to caress your cheek. It travels lower, the pad of her thumb smoothing over your jaw down to your neck. She never broke eye contact as she did so, making you feel like you were the only girl in the world. Like… she was in love with you.
“I’m gonna kiss you, now,” Wanda whispered, her breath against your lips. “Follow my lead, okay?”
And she did.
Wanda’s heart pulsed as she pressed her lips gently against yours, sighing against them with her eyes fluttering closed. The grip you had on her shoulders tightened as you gasped lightly, and Wanda swears the butterflies in her stomach made her feel like she could just drift away. Your lips were so soft, as she had always suspected… as she had always imagined they would be. They were perfect. It felt like they were made to be against hers.
She made sure to take her time, relishing at this moment as she moved her hands underneath the hem of the shirt you had borrowed from her, rubbing the skin of your waist lightly, and you couldn’t help but moan into her mouth as you felt her hands on your body. The sound was music to her ears. And she needed more.
She groaned into your lips, continuing to kiss you as softly as she could, until she darted her tongue out to run it along your bottom lip. A smirk played at her lips when you instinctively moaned once more, opening your mouth, welcoming her into yours as she tilted her head more to the side. Wanda sighs again when she feels your hands move away from her shoulders, feeling your arms loosely wrap around her neck. You can feel her tongue inside your mouth, roaming all over, pushing it against your own tongue, making your knees weak and your stomach flutter as she continues to kiss you.
God, you tasted so delicious. Wanda never wanted this to end. She wanted to kiss you forever, keep you in her lap, take care of you, lay you down against her bed, make you moan her name… everything else after that. She wanted it so badly.
Wanda gives your tongue one last suck before pulling away softly for a breath of air. She smirked slightly, feeling you chase for her lips for a second. You sat there, lips parted slightly, breathlessly staring at her. You looked so damn pretty in her lap. She wanted to run her hands over your thighs, squeezing them lightly. You drove her crazy.
“You did great,” Wanda whispered absentmindedly, giving your thighs one last squeeze. “Natasha’s lucky. You’ll do great.”
“Thank you,” you whisper, eyes darting down to her swollen lips again, before looking into her green eyes. You wanted to kiss her again, too. Over and over. Until you were breathless.
Wanda wanted to frown as you forced yourself out of her lap quickly, turning away from her with the reddest cheeks she’d ever seen on you. Instead, she turned away and pulled her textbook back into her lap, wanting to distract herself from you for a moment. She didn’t know what she would do if she just continued to stare and yearn for you.
When you turned back to face her, she was looking down at her book just as she was before all of this happened, acting as if you weren’t just falling apart and moaning in her lap… like she was used to this. It stung watching her go back to normal as if what just happened wasn’t anything special to her.
“I should… probably go. It’s already getting late.”
Wanda looked up at you and stared for a moment, feeling the sudden awkwardness in the air as you began to gather your things. She couldn’t help but stare at your body as you bent down to grab your bag that was resting on the floor by her desk, admiring the sight of you, wanting desperately to have you on her lap again, have you moaning against her mouth…
She stood up slowly and walked with you until you reached the front door. You gave her a friendly kiss on her cheek before walking out to your car. She watched carefully, still feeling her heart hammering in her chest as you drove off.
A sigh falls past her lips as she walks back to her room, and her twin brother Pietro suddenly steps out of his, meeting her halfway in the hallway.
“Your lipstick is smudged,” he said as he walked past her.
She wasn’t even wearing any lipstick. Wanda rubbed her eye and smiled lightly as she entered her room, staring at her bed, reminiscing earlier events. Bringing a hand up to her lips, she brought her fingertips over them gently, trying to imagine yours against hers.
Your lips. Her lips. The taste of your lipstick.
In time, maybe she’ll muster up the courage to ask you to be hers, then she’ll be able to kiss you as much as she pleases.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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*Y/N Gets a dog*
Natasha: It's not even that cute
Y/N: Are you jealous?
Natasha: Jealous? Ha!
Natasha: Listen to me, attention thief-
Tumblr media
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Y/n walking in looking sickly
Tony: Kid what the hell happened?!
Y/n: I went for a walk
Nat: A walk?! You look half dead
Y/n: yeah well my lovely parasite was hungry and we walked past some homeless guys and the rest is history
Venom: They were delicious! A little off smelling but not bad!
Y/n: For the love of god shut the hell up for once in your miserable existence!
Venom:…Are you mad at me?
Y/n: I just want you to stop shouting
Venom: Okay only until you’re happy again
Y/n: Thank you
Tony: What’s happening?
Nat: They’re having a moment
Y/n: I’m gonna lie down in my room, is Wanda around?
Nat: She’s waiting for you in your room
Y/n: Okay cool
Venom: Are we seeing Wanda?! I love Wanda!
Y/n: Well the quiet didn’t last long
Venom: Let’s go! *drags your body towards your room*
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days
Natasha, whispering: Y/N, please, no one knows we're dating.
Clint, walking by: Yes, we do.
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diaryoflife · 2 days
[Y/N, from another planet, now living on earth for Natasha]
Natasha: Y/N, care to explain why we have 6 dogs in our home?
Y/N: They're golden retrievers, Natasha. They retrieve gold. I did this for us.
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Make It Worth It
Pairing: Moonknight trio x Reader
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: So many okay; body worship, HEAVY praise, multiple orgasms, oral (f,m receiving) unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it <3), creampie, hella petnames, fingering, kinda marking too, oh and cockwarming, a lil bit of a jealousy thing going, vague mentions of injuries
Genre: fluff & smut
Summary: The idea of you going on a date makes your friend confess feelings you didn't know they had
Tumblr media
Meeting Marc Spector was something you'd consider a total fluke. A mishap with his suit had him limping down the street hardly able to hold himself up. Against... probably your better judgment, you brought him to your apartment- patched him up, got him some food, and let him crash on your couch. He was gone before you woke up in the morning and you honestly expected never to see him again. A couple of weeks later though he popped by to say thank you and introduce himself, you told him he could stop by if he needed help again. You didn't think he'd take you up on the offer but you were fast friends as you became his only confidante. Apparently, the vigilante life is not conducive to friendships, especially when you share your life with another; Steven Grant.
It was a while before Marc told you about Steven and you liked to call him Marc's best kept secret, considering Steven doesn't even know about it. It took even longer for you to meet Steven. Another mishap with Marc's suit had him frantically banging on your balcony door one night. You pulled open the door and he'd practically fallen into your apartment.
"Y/n! Hey!" He groaned.
"Jeez! I thought that stupid bird was meant to protect you Marc!" You crossed your arms.
"Help now, be mad later. Oh! And if I wake up and I'm not me, lie." He barely got the last bit out before he practically fell on you.
"Heavens above you still haven't told him the truth?" You groaned technically to yourself as you shoved a now unconscious Marc onto your couch. Even with him passed out you'd gotten more than enough practice patching him up that you had it so down that you were quick and efficient. He was out for quite some time afterwards, you even made dinner before he suddenly startled awake.
"Who are you? Where am I? What are you doing here?" The unfamiliar British accent immediately told you that night that Steven had woken up instead of Marc.
"Um- this is my apartment so that's where you are, I live here so that's what I'm doing here and my name is y/n. You're Steven right?"
"How did you know my name?" He'd looked at you suspiciously.
"I- I looked at your wallet for ID?" He does have his wallet on him so that lie was totally believable.
"Well why am I here?" 
That was the question you were dreading from the moment Marc passed out on you.
"You were hurt so I brought you here."
"Hurt? Hurt how?"
"I- I didn't see it happen. You were hurt when I got to you." You shrugged. It wasn't technically a lie. You didn't see Marc get hurt. The answer seemed to satisfy Steven at the time but maintaining separate friendships with Marc and Steven wasn't something you wanted to keep up long term. Hence, with some gentle nudging, Marc eventually revealed himself to Steven and you ended up having to help the duo navigate the new dynamic.
However, where you thought Steven was Marc's best kept secret; a new player had him beaten. A secret so well kept Marc didn't even know until after you did. And his name was Jake Lockley. Meeting him had actually happened intentionally on his end. Apparently tired of watching the back and forth between you and his alters he stepped in to meet you himself. You'll admit you and Marc toed the line pretty much since you met, flirting with each other but not obvious enough to change your dynamic, and once Steven got comfortable with you it was only too fun to tease him. So in came Jake; the hidden protector, questioning you and ultimately deciding you were safe for them to be around. He even trusted you enough to facilitate his introduction to the other two. Now you've got the whole trio you can call friends and they often tell you how instrumental they consider you in maintaining stability in their shared life. You really enjoy having them around most of the time even with how chaotic it can be covering for, patching up, and keeping track of their system.
Tonight, while you're finishing your makeup for a date, you hear a knock from the living room. You're not expecting anyone right now so when you leave your room and find Moonknight on your balcony you're not exactly surprised. You open the door and the suit disappears as he walks into your apartment.
"What're you all dressed up for?" Marc asks taking in your outfit.
"Hello to you too Marc." You roll your eyes.
"Hello. What're you all dressed up for?"
"I have a date tonight." You say with a shrug heading back to your room knowing Marc will follow you.
"A date? What date? You didn't tell me about any date."
"I don't have to tell you about dates."
"Why wouldn't you tell me though?"
"It's a first date Marc I'm not getting married. You're making it a much bigger deal than it is."
"It is a huge deal. You haven't been on a date since we met!"
"Thank you for pointing out that Marc yes this is my first date in a while. Did you come here for a reason? Doesn't that bird of yours have errands for you?"
"I always come here when I'm done with Khonshu's stuff. This is why it's a big deal you didn't tell me about this date. It throws off our routine!"
"Marc you coming here to eat my food after running around for skelo-bird is not set in stone."
"It is set in stone. If it wasn't we wouldn't do it every time."
"Well it's still early, so when I finish my date I'll text you and you can come back over and your routine will be fine."
"That's not the same."
"I dunno what to tell you sweetie, I have to leave, I'm meeting this guy in like 10 minutes."
"Don't go."
"Come ooon I'm way more fun than whoever this random guy is anyway."
"You don't even know him."
"Neither do you. So stay."
"Let me get this straight, you want me to cancel my first date in over a year because it's more important that we watch a movie while you eat leftovers? Call me crazy but I'd personally rank those a little differently."
"I want you to cancel your first date in over a year because I don't want you to go on a date."
"Okay I know we're close but I feel like that's crossing a line a little bit. That's not really up to you."
"Princessa, are you intentionally misunderstanding him?" Jake's sudden appearance only further confuses you.
"No Jake. I genuinely have no idea what the deal is here and at this rate, I'm going to be late so one of you better start talking straight."
"He's jealous. He doesn't want you going on a date with anyone that's not... us, really. None of us do."
"All of this is about a crush? Bring Marc back out here." You roll your eyes.
"Look I did not send Jake out here to speak for me!"
"You are such a dunce." You smack his chest lightly.
"You don't want me to go on this date because you three like me and you couldn't just say that?"
"I dunno I guess I just didn't want to risk what we've already got, as friends." He says sheepishly.
"Say the words."
"Say exactly why you don't want me going on this date and I'll cancel."
"I don't want you to go on this date because I have feelings for you. Stay home. I can make it worth it in any way you ask."
"Any way that I ask?"
"I'll worship you like a god if you want me to."
"Won't that make that silly old bird of yours a little jealous?"
"Let him be if he is. All that matters is you not going on this date and me showing you my gratitude."
"Alright, I'll call and cancel the date."
"Don't bother. Who cares if he gets ghosted?"
"First of all, I'm nice so I care; secondly that's the shit that gets women stalked."
"Oh please, as if he'd ever be able to hurt you with us around." Marc scoffs.
"Okay, bodyguard. The call will take less than two minutes and you'll have my attention the rest of the night." You say grabbing your phone and stepping into the living room. You notice Marc following you as you call your date.
"Lewis! Hi, I'm sorry to do this so last minute but something has come up and I'm not going to be able to make it to dinner."
"Oh. Is everything alright? Do you need anything?"
"Uh- thanks but I'll be fine! I just gotta take care of a thing and I didn't wanna leave you sitting there waiting."
"Yeah no, thanks for letting me know. We can reschedule."
"Sure! Soon as I get a handle on things I'll reach out to reschedule." You say, ignoring the look Marc gives you.
"Alright no problem. Good luck with your thing." Lewis says before hanging up.
"You aren't actually rescheduling with him, are you?" Marc asks you.
"Probably not." You shrug.
"I already canceled the date for you once."
"You making this hard for me on purpose sweetheart?"
"Not at all. Just not sure how things are gonna go." You smile.
"How things are gonna go? I'm gonna show you that canceling that silly date was the right idea and that you don't need anyone other than us."
"Us? Steven and Jake are in on this too?"
"Of course they are."
"Well, that's a big promise Marc, how do you plan to show me all of that?"
"I'm going to start by kissing you. Is that okay?" Marc asks, pulling you towards him with an arm around your waist.
"Absolutely." You say draping your arms over his shoulder. Marc's free hand comes up behind your head as he kisses you hard. You gasp against his lips and he uses the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. Without warning, Marc lifts you into his arms and easily carries you back to your room, not even phased when you pull away from the kiss to squeal. He tosses you onto your bed and climbs over you with a smile.
"You have no idea how crazy we are about you." Marc breathes out, trailing kisses down to your neck.
"Crazy about me? Is that right?" You ask, a moan punctuating your question as Marc latches onto a particularly sensitive spot to turn purple.
"Completely." He says softly, staring at you so intently you pull him towards you for another kiss to escape the look in his eyes. Marc pulls away to tug your already bunched up dress over your head, leaving you in your bra and panties as he looks you over. "Fucking hell you're even more gorgeous than I could've imagined." Marc groans.
"You spend a lot of time thinking about me naked darling?" You can't help but chuckle at the thought as you take the moment of silence on his end to pull his shirt over his head and drag your nails down his chest appreciatively.
"I plead the fifth." Marc groans and moves to litter your chest in more patches of red and purple as he reaches under you to unhook your bra. His hands cover your breasts as soon as they're free, palms kneading the flesh while fingers toy with nipples. The sudden onslaught of stimulation has little whimpers falling from your lips that Marc decides he can't get enough of. He pulls one of your nipples between his lips, sucking, nipping, and tonguing at it to test your reactions, discovering all the sounds you make from this alone. "You make such cute little noises." He chuckles switching from one nipple to the other, pulling all the same sounds from you. Eventually, Marc trails his kisses down your stomach, soft and slow, like he has all the time in the world. "So pretty." He whispers. He pulls your panties down your legs, kissing your thighs on the way down and back up. "I'm so going to enjoy this." Marc says before burying his head between your legs. He licks a hard stripe between your folds that makes you moan and his arms wrap around your thighs before you can even squirm. Marc's tongue swirls around your clit as he watches you, testing what pulls the best reaction from you. When a certain rhythm has your fingers tugging at his hair he settles into it, intent on making you cum like that. Whimpers and cries fall from your lips in quick succession as he sucks and laps at your sensitive bundle of nerves. You writhe and grind against him, although his grip on your thighs restricts your movement as he works you quickly towards an orgasm.
"Holy fuck Marc!" You groan, throwing your head back and pulling almost too hard at his curls but the man between your legs only lets out a pleased growl at the action. "Fuck I'm close." You pant out and Marc wraps his lips securely around your clit, sucking harshly until your legs tense and your orgasm crashes into you with a silent scream. Marc doesn't even let you fully ride out the high before his fingers slide into your opening. He curls the two digits just right and you can feel the pull in your abdomen when he brushes the spot inside you. Your back arches into him as he works you open with his fingers, his tongue still lapping at your clit, determined to pull another orgasm from you. Your second orgasm hits you faster than the first your entire body twitching while you let out the prettiest whine Marc's ever heard.
"My goodness." Although the voice is muted in your pleasure fogged brain, you don't miss the accent in his words.
"Steven?!" You blink at him, chest still heaving slightly as you try to catch your breath. His eyes are as wide as saucers as he takes in the situation he's just been thrown into.
"Hi. I can't imagine Marc did this on purpose I-" Steven's words trail as his head snaps to the mirror hanging on your closet door. "He did this on purpose." Steven looks at you and then back at the mirror. "Why would you do that Marc?!" You pull his gaze back to you by grabbing his chin,
"Steven, calm down." You say.
"Clearly I've missed a lot because how did you two even end up like this?" Steven asks and your giggle at his confusion quickly turns into a whimper when the action makes you distinctly aware of his fingers still buried inside you. "My god, help me." Steven breathes out at the sound from your lips. "If this was your act of gratitude why am I here?!" Steven asks to the mirror and you suppose Marc told him how you, in his words, ended up like this. Steven makes a face at whatever Marc says next and then turns to you with a look you can only describe as curious. Before you can question it, his fingers inside you move tentatively, making you moan. He's less sure of himself than Marc had been but he watches intently as he slowly strokes your inner walls, enjoying the way you react to him. "You're absolutely breathtaking."
"And you, are simply adorable." You say bringing him down to kiss him. Steven is obviously much more nervous than Marc was and you take the lead in the kiss. You can taste yourself on his lips as you explore his mouth with your tongue. It seems your reactions feed his confidence as his fingers gain speed the longer you kiss him and soon you're moaning too much to actually do it properly.
"I love the sounds you make." Steven sighs. You pull his fingers from you before he can make you cum again and he pouts at you until you guide the fingers between your lips. You suck them clean, enjoying the way Steven takes a shaky breath at the action. You use one hand to undo his jeans and pull them down his legs, pulling his fingers out of his mouth for him to get up and shove them the rest of the way down with his boxers. You lean forward and take Steven into your mouth, swallowing him down as far as you can.
"Oh god." Steven groans and his eyes roll as he tosses his head back. You bob your head up and down his length, swirling your tongue as you go, enjoying the way he moans and shivers.
"I love the sounds you make too darling." You hum dragging your tongue along the vein that runs the underside length of his dick. Steven hisses and you wrap your lips around him again.
"Holy hell you're... really good at this." Steven's praise is breathy and stuttery. You take him all the way into your mouth, feeling him in the back of your throat. Rather suddenly, you feel his fingers in your hair tugging you off of him.
"Now, it was my understanding that we were meant to be showing you gratitude." Your ears perk up hearing the accent change.
"Jake, yeah so I've been told." You hum.
"And yet here you are pleasing Steven instead of him worshiping you." Jake's thumb rubs along your bottom lip.
"Steven is just so much fun to tease." You smile.
"Tease him later princessa, tonight is about you. How lucky we are to have you in our life. How much of an honor it is to kiss you, to touch you, to please you." Jake intentionally speaks slowly, staring at you intently.
"You are... very good with words." You muse.
"Have our actions not supported them?"
"Marc definitely, and Steven- before I got my hands on him, yes. You however haven't done anything but talk." You smirk at him.
"Tell me what you want from me and it's yours. Anything you ask." Jake says.
"In other circumstances that would be... a dangerous promise to make. But tonight, I just want you inside me. I want you to make me cum on your dick."
"With pleasure." Jake pushes you onto your back and tugs your legs to pull you towards him. He wastes no time lining himself up with your entrance and thrusting into you. Your back immediately arches at the fullness of Jake bottoming out and you can't help but moan. "Fuck you're so wet." He groans dropping his head to your shoulder for a moment. Jake sets a rhythm of sharp thrusts, deep but quick.
"Sh-shit Jake! Feels so good." You whine, dragging your nails down his back. He hisses at the sting and his thrusts pick up speed.
"God y/n you're perfect. So gorgeous. Taking this dick like you were made for us." Jake huffs out. One of his hands reaches between your bodies, finding your clit with ease. You squirm against his ministrations moaning as he drives into you repeatedly. "That's it princessa, moan for me, sounds so nice." He grits out, rubbing circles against your bundle of nerves. You grind against him, trying to bring your orgasm on quicker. "Cum for me sweetheart, let me feel you let go around me. Please mi vida." Jake sweetly kisses you as he practically begs for your orgasm and a few thrusts later you're falling over the edge, nails digging into his back as he watches the way pleasure washes over your face. Once your eyes slowly peel open, Jake tightens his grip on your hips and changes the pace of his thrusts, slowing down now.
"You're gonna cum inside me aren't you Jake?" You ask with a pout specifically to get what you want.
"Mierda." Jake's eyes close for a moment. "Is that what you want princessa?"
"Yes Jake, please."
"I told you I'd give you whatever you ask me for." Jake shifts slightly before picking up the pace of his thrusts, they're sloppier now as he focuses on chasing his own release. "I'll pump you so fucking full, you'll be leaking. Fuck you'll look even prettier dripping like that."
"Please Jake, give it to me. Fill me up baby." You whine, grinding against him. His hips stutter and stop buried inside you and you the warmth of his orgasm inside you makes you moan. Before Jake can twist to lay beside you, you pull him onto you comfortable with the weight of him on you. "Don't move yet, let's just- lay like this for a bit, please." You say.
"Thank fuck you didn't go on that stupid date." Jake mutters and you giggle a little.
"Thank fuck you said something or I would've."
"Well, did we make it worth the stay?" "I'd say so." "Good. After a nap you can discuss the details, probably with Steven, he'll have the most to say." Jake mumbles into your neck.
"I'll have to talk to each of you ya know." You say.
"Sure but start with him. All I have to say is I think you're perfect, and we'd be lucky if you date us."
"You're not the only lucky ones." You say kissing the side of his face. Yeah. It might have been by pure chance that you crossed paths with Marc over a year ago but you're glad the rest of your decisions landed you here. Even if it's not the trajectory you saw that first interaction leading to, definitely worth it.
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She hulk!
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twinkpoll · 1 day
It’s fandom. We’re obsessed with them. Now it’s time to crown the winner.
Tumblr media
Submit your chosen twink to the poll using the form down below! There’s more than half of the places left for a ton of characters. Let’s fill up this bracket and get this show on the road!
Must be male (cis or trans) OR masc nonbinary. Cross-dressing girls might be accepted if the characters around them don’t know (e.g: Mulan as Ping).
Must be young, or at least appear young. Millennia-old twinks do exist, just look at Legolas.
No IRL people. No, not even Timothee Chalamet. This is for fandom twinks, which means they must be fictional. Bandoms do not count.
Only one extra Genshin Impact character may enter the tournament, because otherwise it’s just a Genshin Impact tournament.
Twunks are accepted.
No botting/spamming. Be fair to everyone’s faves!
Submissions will last for a week, showdowns for 3 days (72 hours).
Inspired by: @noncanongayestbitchestournament @girlfailure-bracket @thesupremeteachersummit @mfshipbracket @baldguy-fight @eldest-sibling-tournament @sidekick-standoff @blorbopoll​ 
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your bunny's been missing you lately. you make it up to her.
──── ♥ pairing. sub!bunny!wanda x dom!owner!reader
──── ♥ cont. hybrid!au, clingy!wanda, possessiveness, reader is gender-neutral, food play, strawberries go in places they shouldn't, cunnilingus (mentioned), overstimulation, bunny!wanda is so adorable, fingering, squirting, kind of master/pet but not explicitly stated, power imbalance, power play
──── ♥ note. bunny!wanda brainrot- yes, i am not okay. proofreading? for the weak.
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Tumblr media
"hi, bunny," you whisper gently, feeling a lithe body lodge itself between you and the kitchen counter. 
it was in the midst of making breakfast that wanda, your pretty hybrid, had so adorably interrupted you. "wassa matter?" you ask slowly, giving her a reassuring smile, stroking at her long, flowy hair.
wanda was one of the most beautiful hybrids you had ever laid your eyes upon, a precious bunny you wouldn't wish to ever lose. with creamy skin for long legs, perky long ears and a button nose, she was a birthday present gift-wrapped in silk garments.
when you first got wanda, it hadn't been like the handbooks at all, with unexpected mood swings and odd cravings for food. through ups and downs, you treated your pretty bunny well, letting her grow to trust you.
wanda's independence grew thinner the longer she spent her days with you. an utter reliance stemmed within her malleable heart, her long ears drooping each second you were gone.
and that's where wanda's insatiable libido started.
after an especially long work day, you came home, looking forward to see your little bunny again. 
what you didn't expect, however, was to find her on your bed, in your t-shirt, dry-humping what seemed to be your pillow. her adorable ears were almost upright, shaking as she rocked her cunt against the pillow, looking at you with wide and glassy eyes.
your name fell from her honeyed lips like a mantra, coming out in choked cries and high-pitched whines. 
you can guess what happened afterwards.
going back to the present, this seemed to be one of those times where wanda was extremely clingy. the bunny was wrapping her arms around your torso, then her legs around your waist. 
now, she was clinging on to you like a koala bear, nuzzling her head into your clothed chest.
"bunny," you cooed, ever so softly, knowing how much wanda loved to hear that. breakfast would have to wait.
"missed you," she whined, burying her face in the crook of your neck. she inhaled your scent, tongue peeking out of pink lips to lick at your bare skin. "was back late yesterday. missed you."
you held wanda steady, hands moving to cup her plush thighs. ever patient with her needy nature, the bunny found herself falling for you more and more with each passing day.
"sorry, bunny. i did some overtime at work, you know." picking up one of the strawberries you were previously cutting, you fed it to wanda, grinning at her pleased expression.
"yummy," she said, muffled with her lips wrapped around the slice of strawberry. wanda was adorable. 
"mhm. good girl. want another?" you asked, wanda still glued to your torso. she eagerly nodded.
what you weren't anticipating, however, was for wanda to deliberately suck at your fingers when you pressed the pink strawberry against her lips. she sank her teeth into the fruit with zeal, letting the sweet juice run down her mouth and to her neck.
it didn't take two seconds for your mouth to find that trail of juice, sucking at her porcelain skin. "messy bunny," you mumble heatedly, moving your hands from her waist to her ass, gripping harder.
wanda lets out a whimper when your fingers brush the soft, fluffy tail at her back. you knew she was especially sensitive there. giving in to your divine urges, you wrap your hands around her tail and pull, and wanda lets out a cry, arching in your hands.
"need you," wanda whines, grabbing at the fabric of your shirt, sharp nails scratching at your chest. you wrap a hand around her pretty throat with slender fingers, and jerk her back to look at your bunny properly. at the sight of her pink, swollen lips, still damp with the strawberry juice, a devious idea pops into your head.
you lift wanda up and set her on the kitchen counter. your bunny whines instantaneously at the loss of contact, but you shush her with a quick peck on the lips. "i'll make it up to you, sweet girl.”
when you slowly spread her legs, maintaining eye contact (something that wanda craved), her pouty frown morphed into an exhilarated grin.
"are you gonna make me feel good?" wanda asks innocently, habitually moving to rub at her left ear. she's a pretty sight, all dolled up on your kitchen counter.
"only the best," you whisper back while leaning down to align your mouth with wanda's core. with one last wink, your head disappears under her litttle skirt.
when you resurface, your chin is damp but wanda's cunt is soaking. "want more," wanda gasps breathlessly. "please," she adds, spreading her legs a little more.
her tight and wet cunt is on display. smirking, you swiftly grab one of the fresh strawberries from previously. wanda tilts her head questioningly.
that expression quickly fades away when you begin to rub the strawberry on her glistening folds. wanda gasps at the cold sensation, her ears pricking up. 
"you can't put it th- oh," wanda's cry ends in a moan when you slip the tip of the strawberry into her tight cunt. it goes in easily, considering how wet she was from previously.
your eyes burn as you watch the strawberry go in inch by inch. fuck, she's so perfect. “you like that, pet?” you ask, voice a touch rougher than usual. your bunny nods, cunt clenching hard.
what better way is there to reenact your little fantasies than to carry it out on your pretty bunny?
at the sight of the glistening fruit, you can’t resist it anymore, and pull the strawberry out. wanda cries at the loss of contact, hands weaving themselves into your hair. you, on the other hand, take a big bite out of the strawberry, moaning at the taste.
“fuck, pet. you taste so good. so sweet, too. mhm.” 
wanda pulls you into a searing kiss, all clashing tongues and open mouths. she craves to taste herself on your tongue, craves to feel you in her once again. you instinctively wrap a hand around her throat, squeezing lightly to remind her you were in charge.
she whines in brief pleasure, liking the idea of being claimed. you think you might like it more.
when you fingers find her cunt once again, wanda comes apart almost immediately, a high-pitched moan of your name falling from her pink lips. you pinch her cute, stiff, clitoris between long fingers, and her gushes of white cream become spurts.
humming in satisfaction, you don’t bother to give your bunny a break, only continuing to pleasure her till all your desires and fantasies were fulfilled.
perks of owning a bunny, you supposed.
Tumblr media
taglist: @natashamaximoff69 @ohsugar-honey-iced-tea @fayhar @bibliophilicbi @screechcat @rowanyaboats @nahnahnahwhat @the-night-owl-blr @matchasrad @wannabe-fic-readerr @natsxwife @wandsmxmff @enanna-h @jemilyswhor3 @manyfandomsfanvergent @jlsammy23 @spongebobs-tie1 @kiyozoe6778 @lovebelt05 @girllcver @godsfavouritelesbiann @bvrxbre @zekespisshair @alcolanic @ezay @forthelesbians @wlwfanfictionss @forthelesbians @cowxpoke @supaheroine @saqua14 @olsensnpm @33-mrvl @gay4ols3n @knellyc30 @eatkobi @stitch26gp @cqllarbqne @lovelyy-moonlight @diannaswhore | headers are from pinterest and @wanwanparty
yes, my wip list is piling up. yes, i have school stuff to do. yes, i need sleep. just...... accept this. reblog to boost my sanity.
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Texts From Superheroes
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POLL・What would you like to see more as loki gifset? Result: 24.4% | LOKI SERIES・one request?
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Rogue & Gambit Vol. 2 #3 [Textless] (Variant Cover) (2023)
Art by: Jeff Dekal
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