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Summary: Wanda quickly became your best friend (and your crush) after moving to town with her family. The two of you shared quite possibly everything together until you realized that wasn’t entirely true.
Characters: Baby Emo Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: marijuana consumption, kissing, thigh grinding (basically R’s first time getting high with Wanda)
Special thanks to my Laina love, @didntalwayslookthisrough for her ideas and all her help and for not making me look like a noob while writing this!!
Tumblr media
You watched as Wanda completed her kick flip with grace, practically a ballerina with a skateboard. You were sitting on the stairs pretending to read a book you swore you were interested in, but instead you were trying not to get caught drooling over your best friend.
Wanda was someone who typically kept to herself, especially after moving to town and only knowing her twin brother. That was of course, until she met you. Quiet, aloof, always wearing a beanie despite the weather outside and she couldn’t help but take interest.
“Do you skate?” She’d asked you one day, looking you up and down. You shook your head no but she took your hand and pulled you towards the skate park near school and you had nothing else better to do so you didn’t argue. She’d gotten you to open up and there wasn’t a single thing you didn’t know about each other. Well or so you thought.
Out of breath, she joined you on the stairs and closed your book in your hands. You were about to protest as she started patting herself down and looking through her backpack.
“I know it’s here!”
“Wanda, what are you looking for?”
“Oh uh… I like to smoke after I skate…but I must’ve left my joint at home,” she sighed.
“Oh… well… I can come with you if you want?” You offered, not really sure what else to do with your afternoon.
“Really? You would?” She asked, her eyes glimmering.
“Yeah of course. You’re my best friend!” You told her. She smiled widely and stood up, reaching for your hand to pull you along. Calling her your best friend hurt your own feelings but that’s what the two of you are so you left it at that.
Wanda told you how she’d normally skate home too but with you by her side and no board, she’d walk. You laughed and thanked her for her kindness, which earned a chuckle from the brunette as well. You approached her house and you tried to keep your wits about you. Not only were you about to be inside Wanda’s family home, but it was huge!
The large front doors opened with Wanda’s key and the two of you stepped inside. Pietro was downstairs on the couch, looking up at Wanda’s entrance from the living room. The foyer was grand and had a large chandelier and marble flooring. You’d never been in a house this nice and it felt like you stepped foot into a museum. “Ooooh Wanda brought a girl home!!”
“Shut it, Pietro!” She said, her cheeks burning red.
You figured you’d wait until you were alone to tease her about that later. “C’mon, let’s go upstairs to my room,” Wanda said, tugging on your hand again. You nodded and followed her lead, up the large staircase and at the end of the hall, was her bedroom. When she opened her door, the room smelled just like her. The room looked just like her also. A stark contrast to the white marble covering the rest of the house.
Wanda’s bed was unmade and her walls were covered in band posters. String lights were draped across the ceiling and some of the walls were covered in photos of her and her brother as kids. Her vanity was in a disarray; makeup and jewelry lying everywhere. The room was far from neat and tidy but it made you smile because it just screamed Wanda.
“Make yourself comfy, I’ll be right back,” she said smiling. She walked into the adjoined room, her bathroom it seemed, and you climbed onto her bed. It was soft and plush and smelled of Wanda even more. You sat cross legged and waited for Wanda’s return, fiddling with the fraying hem of your shirt. She walked back in, having completely changed her outfit, opting for something more comfortable instead. A large t-shirt and soft shorts seemed to be her go-to.
You watched carefully as she lit her joint, the lighter cracking as she attempted to set flame to the end of it. You watched as she inhaled and exhaled quite a bit of smoke. Wanda walked over to the bedroom window and opened it just a little, not wanting to alert anyone to her shenanigans it seemed. “Ahh so much better,” she sighed.
You watched her with unintentional heart eyes; Wanda looking even more attractive as she smoked. She joined you on the bed as she took another hit and you watched in awe. “Wanda? What’s it like.. ya know… being high?” You asked sheepishly.
"For me? It’s an amazing way to unwind after a long day or even just unwinding after I skate for too long," the brunette said, blowing the smoke away from your face.
"Oh. That’s cool.. Can I try? Or maybe you could teach me.. but only if you want you don't have too!" You rambled, blushing at your nerves.
“You want to try?! I’ve been dying to ask you but I didn’t want to pressure you, obviously-“
“Yes I want to. And I trust you Wanda,” you said confidently.
Wanda beamed in excitement and advised you not to move, that she would be right back. She remembered that you love goldfish and Pringles for snacks and grabbed a bunch of juice from the kitchen since you didn’t like to drink water. She ran back upstairs, joint between her lips and snacks and juice bottles stuffed in her arms. You chuckled nervously as she put them down on her night table. “What is that for?” You asked, eyeing her curiously.
“In case you get the munchies!” Wanda said, giggling.
“Oh so that’s a real thing!” You said, laughing.
“Very much so!!!” Wanda giggled. You watched as she took another hit, blowing the smoke away from your face again. She sat on her bed next to you, the joint in her mouth so she had two free hands. Wanda grabbed your hips and quickly situated you in her lap as you screeched.
“Wanda what the!-“ you yelled.
“Shhhh I’m going to teach you,” she said, her voice raspy and deep now; sending a shiver down your spine. You nodded, looking into her green eyes that reminded you of forests and grass and emeralds. The whites of her eyes were glossy and red, a telltale sign of her smoking.
“I’m going to shotgun a hit with you, okay? It’s a much smoother way to have your first time than trying to inhale from the joint itself,” Wanda said, brushing your hair behind your ear.
“Okay,” you whispered nervously. You’d never been this up close and personal with Wanda before and you were trying to keep your wits about you.
“Alright. I’m going to take a hit from the joint and then I’m going to push the smoke into your mouth and you’re going to inhale slowly, okay sweet girl?” Wanda asked quietly.
Your cheeks heated up at the pet name but nonetheless you nodded. “I need words, honey,” she said, wanting actual, full consent.
“Y-yes Wanda, okay,” you said in addition to another nod. You’re just friends and she’s just high. No other reason for the sweet names. She smiled at you and looked into your eyes as she took the hit, gently grabbing your jaw with her ring clad fingers as she kept your mouth open for the hit. For a moment, her lips nearly touched yours and she blew the smoke into your mouth. You inhaled as slow as you could, still coughing a little as your lungs adjusted to the smoke.
“And exhale,” Wanda instructed, letting go of your jaw. You turned your head to blow the smoke away from her face and she smiled. Her hands were on your hips to keep you steady in her lap, and she smiled at you.
“If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought you were trying to kiss me,” you said, looking at Wanda.
“And what if I was?” She asked, her voice gravelly and deep.
“I- I dunno,” you stammered, heart beating out of your chest.
“Shhhh, don’t think, pretty girl. I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. Or the way you try not to drool as you watch me skate,” Wanda teased, her fingers slipping beneath your shirt a little; the cold touch of her fingertips making you shiver.
“Open,” she husked, tapping your jaw gently. You watched as she took another hit of her joint, getting incredibly close to your face once more, tilting your chin up and blowing it into your mouth. You inhaled again, feeling even more floaty than you did before; blowing the smoke away from Wanda’s face; except this time she grabbed your jaw again, kissing you on the lips. You unintentionally moaned in response; her soft lips on yours causing quite a stir in your lower abdomen.
After sharing a few more hits, she continued to kiss you, your brain already foggy from the weed. Her tongue swiped against your lips and you allowed it, opening your mouth to let her in. Even with the most minimal of thoughts, this was indeed the hottest kiss you’d ever had. “Did I make you feel needy, pretty girl?” Wanda snickered.
You hadn’t realized your hips had a mind of their own, grinding in Wanda’s lap slowly. You couldn’t deny it, you’d had feelings for your best friend for a while, and being intoxicated only amplified how you felt. You hummed in response, feeling her hands on your hips again and her lips against your jaw. Wanda was pressing small kisses to your skin as she explored your body, leaving a small love bite on your neck as you continued to grind in her lap.
“Sound so pretty when you’re needy,” Wanda cooed, an out of body experience again because you hadn’t realized any noise was coming out of your mouth.
“Please Wanda,” you whispered.
“You know anyone could walk in here right now, and see what a mess you’re making in my lap. I can feel how wet you are, love,” Wanda teased.
You whined at her teasing, mind too hazy from the hits of her joint that you were given to give a proper response. Your school uniform skirt was bunched at your hips, your underwear sticky as you ground against Wanda’s thigh without a care in the world. It wasn’t enough friction for you to reach your high but the weed had made you incredibly horny. Wanda held your hips still for a moment and pecked kisses to your lips in an attempt to satiate you.
“I promise once we’re sober, we’ll do this right.”
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A/N: Soo I was playing with this AI voice thing and this idea popped up... This is an Audio 🎧
Summary: Lizzie leaves a letter for you.
IMPORTANT TO READ: IT'S AN AI GENERATED AUDIO, so obviously LIZZIE'S VOICE IS FAKE, IT IS FAKE, NOT REAL (for some reason I feel like I need to point this out)
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Pairing: Doctor!Strange x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst, resentment, ends in comfort, explicit language. Timeline? Canon? Never heard of them.
Word Count: 6,121
Reading time: ≈ 22 mins.
A/N: never heard this song before this request, kind of loved writing off a song-based prompt? definitely willing to do more of these in the future! i hope you all enjoy :)
Tumblr media
You gave a little ‘oof’ as you plopped down on the couch. You were freshly showered, freshly shaved, in your softest sleep set, and had a mug of tea in hand ready to watch your favorite TV show for a bit. It had been a long but fulfilling week. For once it felt like things were going right. For the first time in a long time, you felt at peace. All that hard work put in at the office and therapy must have been paying off. You smiled like a mad woman alone in your home, letting out a deep, contented sigh.
This is what life was supposed to feel like.
You had about an hour before you needed to start getting ready for your date. Sweet guy, handsome, meet cute where you bumped into each other’s shopping carts at the grocery store. He got your number and called you a few hours later. He was direct, respectful… normal. He was taking you to some steakhouse uptown which was horribly cliché, but you couldn’t deny a good baked potato. Nor could you deny the soft but insistent thump of your heart when you realized this was an active step in moving on.
But you were supposed to move on.
Your nerves got the better of you thirty minutes later and you found yourself in your bedroom shimmying into your dress and slipping on your heels an hour early. You painted on a light face, all bronzy and nude, a soft blush, some shimmering lip gloss. Your hair was big and blown out because you always thought it looked pretty like that. You were in the middle of putting on your earrings when you heard a knock on your door. You tensed your brows at yourself in the mirror and reached to check your phone. You still had thirty minutes before he was supposed to meet him, but the train was sure to be slam packed at this time. You needed to get a move on and that did not include any unscheduled house calls.
You grabbed your purse and your jacket and walked to the door, your halls echoing the rhythmic click, clack, click, clack of the stilettos against the hardwood. Your feet were sure to hurt in the next half hour, but damn if you didn’t look good. Tights and stilettos were a deadly combination for any man. One man, in particular, you’d been with for a while went crazy over the combination. The only time you’d ever known him to look weak.
You smiled softly at the faded memory. But it was time to see if it would also be a knockout for the new guy. You readjusted the hem of the black mini dress you wore, wondering if you should go ahead and throw on your long woolen coat for proprieties sake, but before you could make up your mind there was another softer knock. You steeled your nerves and twisted the door knob, opening the door slowly while picking a fuzz from your top. When you lifted your head to address the offender, your heart gave a wild lurch in your chest, your stomach twisting into knots.
“Stephen?” You ask, totally bewildered
You watch his Adam’s apple bob as he swallows hard and returns, “Y/N. Hi…” He says softly, barely a breath above a whisper
You don’t notice you’re staring though you certainly are. He wasn’t in that damned uniform at the very least. Just a pair of jeans and a navy tee, topped with a blue and red checkered flannel. His hair was tamed on the sides, his gray streaks more prominent than the last time you’d seen him. But you’d always liked them and it seemed a real shame that you shouldn’t— couldn’t— reach out and run your fingers through his hair like you used to. His eyes were the same sharp blue you remembered. They were the same blue you still saw in your dreams from time to time, always a quick vision, nothing more than a blur… but you knew they were his. He looked… broader. Sturdier. You didn’t know how else to explain it as you couldn’t see a bit of skin aside from that at his neck, but you had a strong suspicion it had to do with muscle mass.
“Hi.” You finally returned after what Stephen thought must have been an eternity
But you hadn’t yelled at him yet, which was an encouraging start. What was not encouraging was you looking so goddamn good. Your hair was this blown-out, sex-tousled sort of mess that made him want to run his hands through it. Your face was fresh and clean looking, makeup minimal as it almost always had been, and just as beautiful as the last time he’d seen you. Maybe more so for the lack of tears streaming down your face and the silent confusion contorting your features rather than brazen anger. The dress you were wearing was hugging every curve he remembered like the name of any song’s release date from the early sixties to late nineties. That is to say, he remembered very well. And your legs… your legs were wrapped in sheer black tights, black heels on your feet making your legs look like they went on forever. A brief smile crossed his lips as he remembered you wearing something similar on… one of… your… dates.
“I um… I’m interrupting something, aren’t I?” He asks, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck, “I didn’t— well, I figured I’d interrupt something, but not…” He trails off, looking to the ground
You clear your throat and try to stand up straighter, agreeing, “A date.”
“A date.” He repeats, more to fill the silence than actually add anything to the conversation, “Well, I… I guess I’ll be quick—“
“I’m actually running late.” You cut him off
‘Be strong.’ You tell yourself
“I should have left an hour ago. I started getting ready nearly thirty minutes early and I’m still somehow running behind.“ You step out of the door and quickly lock both locks with a shaking hand, making it increasingly difficult for a quick escape, “I’m sure the subway will be a nightmare—“
“Wait, Y/N.” Stephen says, reaching out to pause your work with the locks, causing your hand to shake harder, “I won’t take long at all. If you have somewhere to be, I understand completely. But if… if you could take some time this week to see me, I’d really appreciate it. I’d like to talk to you.”
You shove your keys in your purse, your voice coming out shaky as you ask, “About what, Stephen?”
“About us.” He says after a silence so loud you feel it shatters reality, “About the way things ended. And you know what? If you don’t show, I’ll understand that too, but just… at least consider.” He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small card with a phone number and address, “If you want to see me, give me a five-minute heads up and I’ll meet you at that address. Seriously, whenever. I’ll make it work for you.”
Your heart gives a flutter that you immediately squash. He’ll make it work. Something he could never be bothered to do before. That was the whole problem! Well… maybe you’d played your own part in the madness. You weren’t sure what exactly, you just knew it wasn’t good.
You swallow hard and force out, “I’ll see if I have any free time…” You did, “I’ll text you if I can make it.”
Stephen’s eyes sort of light up in a way you hadn’t seen in ages, sending your heart fluttering again. You stomp it out with feelings of disinterest and remorse. The man before you deserved no fluttering hearts, no butterflies in your stomach, and no haywire signals in your brain. No. Absolutely not.
“That’s great, thank you. No hard feelings if you can’t make it or… or decide you’d rather not. I completely understand.” And the earnest tone he used made you believe him, “I hope you have a good night. Be safe, yeah?” You nod at him silently, tapping the little card he handed you against your palm, watching as he starts to walk away. He makes it halfway down the hall before turning and calling, “Hey, Y/N?”
“Yeah?” You answer meekly
He gives you a once over that makes your knees weak before giving a grin and saying, “You look gorgeous. You’ll knock him dead.” 
He turns on his heel and saunters off down the hall, not waiting for a response. He didn’t have to because you were sure even after all this time the asshole knew what he did to you when he said shit like that. And oh how it did things. Because the second he turned the corner you burst into a full-blown grin of your own, giving a little squeal and clutching what was essentially a calling card to your chest.
You sobered quickly when you rethought the scenario, rethought the entire situation, and the two years of the on-and-off thing the two of you had that could hardly be called a relationship. But he’d sounded so genuinely remorseful and… and he’d shown up right before you were about to go on your first date since. That couldn’t have been a coincidence, could it? The universe wasn’t that ironic.
Damn it if it was.
Tumblr media
You wrung your hands nervously in front of the door. The giant door on the giant stone building with weird ass windows and property that must’ve cost a fortune. You didn’t see a doorbell, so you settled for reaching up and banging the door knocker against the door twice. You ran your hands over your jeans and pulled at the hem of your graphic tee, wondering if you should have put a bit more effort into your outfit. You just hadn’t wanted to look too eager to impress. You didn’t wait ten seconds before the door flew open, revealing a very surprised-looking Stephen Strange.
“You came.” He said as if the information was shocking
Your therapist would kill you if she knew you had.
When she heard you did.
You give a little shrug, “Tend to keep my word on that front, Stephen.”
You saw him physically wince at the light slap, but he didn’t argue. He didn’t even attempt to fight the accusation— he knew it was true just as well as you did. He gestured you into the building, offering to take your cardigan and purse, handing them on the coat rack by the door while you marveled at the foyer around you. It was massive and shining and smelled of peppermint and lemons. And somehow, it was strangely welcoming.
“This isn’t exactly your style…” You murmur, walking forward and glancing up a huge staircase, “Wasn’t your style.”
He gives a little shrug, “Things change.”
“Hm.” You hum out, running a hand along the railing
“I um… I just put on the kettle if you want some tea. You still drink tea, don’t you? Still that vanilla-tasting one?” You nod silently and start following him down a long hallway, peeking nosily into rooms as you go though never touching so much as the incredible trim on the walls, “Two spoonfuls of sugar, no creamer, yeah?”
“That’s right.” You agree, walking into a very cozy kitchen
Stephen pulls out a bar seat for you and pushes a plate of cookies toward you, “Homemade.”
You snort, “Whose home? Trader Joes’?”
He gives you one of those dazzling smiles that makes you weak and a light chuckle rumbles through the room, “No, Darling. My home.”
The little pet name brings all sorts of warm feelings trickling back, wrapping you in a Stephen Strange-scented blanket, making you feel fuzzy inside. And Stephen couldn’t help but let his eyes fall to your lips as they curved into a smile. He’d intentionally placed himself on the opposite side of the counter, giving himself a physical barrier. He was just doing his damndest not to strut over there, wrap you in his arms, and kiss you. So sweet and cozy looking. A bit uncomfortable judging by the tension in your shoulders and the way you’d wrapped your cardigan tight around your body like a protective shield. He wanted to tell you he would protect you, you could trust him. He needed to make you see he understood the hell he’d put you through, that he was sorry, and he wanted to fix things… fix the way it ended.
“And that’s what this is? Home. You live in this place?”
“We call it the Sanctum Sanctorum.” Stephen shrugs, leaning against the counter by the stove top, “Part of the gig.”
“The wizard gig.” You murmur, picking up a cookie and giving it a sniff
Stephen cracks a small smile and to avoid any more argument than necessary agrees, “Yeah. The wizard gig.”
“Hm.” You hum, taking a bite of the cookie and admitting, “Very good. Orange?”
“Sugar cookie with some orange zest… just something for a little kick.”
“Your idea of a little kick used to be a straight shot of tequila, no chaser.”
“Yeah, well…” He flushes, “I don’t drink anymore, so... no fear of that.”
You raise your brows, impressed by the information and say, “That’s good, Stephen. Good for you.”
He hides his discomfort for the praise by turning to tend to the kettle as it starts hissing, “Thanks.” He murmurs quietly, “Means a lot coming from you.”
“Does it?” You ask, tone sharper than you meant it
“It does.” He sighs, “It really does.”
The next ten minutes are spent in silence as you watch Stephen making tea and he watches you watching him. It’s tense, the air is thick— though with what neither of you could say— but it isn’t entirely pleasant. He knew he only had so long before you laid in. He’d been expecting it the moment he opened the door, but you seemed to have mellowed your temper the same as he had in the past couple of years. Still, he knew it could only last so long. He could see the cogs in your head turning—
“You left.” You finally break the silence, “We fought that day, I stormed out, I know I did, I know that’s on me— but you left, Stephen. Without a word. Not one. Nothing to let me know where you were going or if you were alive. Until nearly half a year later when I got an email that simply said, ‘I’m safe.’” You huff and run your hands over your face, “You were safe. Great. Were you actually? Were you healthy, happy, with another…” You let out a deep sigh and run your hands along the edge of the table, “I deserved better than that.”
“You did. And I started to write you again so many times—“
“I deserved better than to learn you were back seeing your face plastered over every goddamn news broadcast and tabloid in the city. Do you think— did you ever stop to think— that it might be a bit jarring for me?”
“Honestly, no. I was a bit preoccupied trying to keep the earth from being absorbed into an alien cult.” He murmurs, looking up to find you completely displeased with that explanation, “Look, I meant to email, call, something—“
“It’s been two years, Stephen. I didn’t even need to be your... whatever the hell we were. I just needed to know you were okay. As your friend, I needed to see you were alright.” You shake your head, “You never even gave me that.” You watch as he hangs his head, places his mug on the countertop and runs his hands over the marble
The scars you hadn’t seen in so long now faded, but a reminder to both of you what the last half year of your relationship looked like and pushes you to grieve aloud, “Do you know what I thought when I got a call you’d been hospitalized that night? I was terrified you were going to die. And then you took off without a word and I was terrified you were dead all over again. I said my fair share of shit that night— that night in your apartment— I said my fair share too. I did. I know I was nasty and awful to you, but I just… Christ, you’ve always provoked me like no one else can.” 
You give a defeated laugh, “And somehow I feel that’s my fault too. I let you so far in… no one knew me like you did, Stephen, and that meant you knew every button to press when you decided you were done having me around.” You give a little shrug and try to force back tears by looking to the ceiling and murmuring, “I still haven’t met another soul that understood me the way you did, not even after two years. No one knows me like you know me.”
“I was afraid I was going to hurt you. I didn’t want you to stay and watch me run myself into the ground.” He shakes his head, “I wasn’t stopping. I wasn’t going to stop until I fixed my hands.”
The two of you stare at each other for a moment before you ask, “Yeah? And how’d that work out for you?”
He gives an angry huff and pushes off the counter, “Your problem was that you never saw it from my point of view. You didn’t want the man with the broken hands, you just wanted him to be okay—“
“That isn’t true!”
“But I wasn’t okay!” He presses on despite your protest, “And being with you in the six months after it happened just kept reminding me it was never going to be that way again. I was never going to be who you wanted me to be, I was only going to be who I was. And you were who you were, and that wasn’t good enough… neither of us was good enough for each other.” He heaves a sigh, “We were never going to work out then, Y/N. It just wasn’t going to happen.”
Tears inescapably prick at your eyes and start rolling down your cheeks before you know it, “Why the hell did you ask me to come here, Stephen? So we could sit here and list our grievances? So you could tell me what I already knew?” You slide off of your chair and make a break for the kitchen door, “We weren’t going to work out.” You scoff, “Yeah, that was obvious. I remember very clearly what you said. ‘Not friends, barely lovers.’ If this was all you wanted to talk about then—“
And then all your anger melted away as your hand was ripped from the doorknob, your body spun around, and Stephen’s lips were on yours. You only struggled for a moment, only your mind making the brief plea, ‘don’t’ but every other part of you scram, ‘yes’ at an obscene volume. So you rooted your hands in his hair as he pressed you up against the door you’d sought to make your escape through not five seconds earlier. His long lean body molded into your own, every crevice had a concave to match, fitting you perfectly against one another. He licked at your lips and you opened willingly, letting him explore where no one else had in a long, long time. Where he had been the last to explore. 
He gave a satisfied groan and pressed himself against you harder, his body pleading to get closer, his heart hammering in his chest, feelings stirring that hadn’t in a very, very long time now. You tasted like that vanilla tea and a hint of orange… just a little kick. Your hands fell from his hair and wrapped around his shoulders. He felt you bounce on your toes, trying to get closer to him, your nose nudging his own as you did. You kissed him like you hadn’t kissed anyone in years, like he was the last man you’d ever kiss, and he was intoxicated by the experience. 
How had he ever let you walk away?
He pulled away, both of you gasping for air, bodies still desperately leaning into one another. He gently took your face in his hands and tilted your head upward to meet his gaze, tears streaming down your cheeks breaking his heart. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. He’d wanted to fix things, not make them worse.
“I can’t let you walk away from me again, Y/N. I can’t do it.” He says hoarsely
“I can’t…” Your voice breaks and you try to turn your head from him, but he forces you to keep your eyes on him, “Stephen, I can’t do this again. I can’t go through this again. I can’t be the only one trying, I can’t be the only one making plans, dying to see you, being let down every time you’re not there…” You shake your head, “I can’t do that to myself. I can’t let you do that to me again.”
“I’m not asking you to.” He says, “I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to make the same mistakes—“
“Stephen, you’re a fucking superhero now. You’re off fighting God knows what, God knows where every day. I lost my mind when you disappeared to Asia without a word, how am I supposed to—“
“Because I’d tell you. I’d tell you every time I have to go. I’ll tell you as much about it as I can, tell you when I should be back— a larger estimate than normal so you don’t freak out if I’m an hour late...” You give a choked little giggle through your tears and Stephen smiles through what he notices are his own, “You make plans and I swear I’ll be there when I can and let you know as soon as possible when I can’t. I’ll make the plans and be there to pick you up early and do everything I didn’t before and more. I’m not that guy anymore, I’m not. It could be different this time, Darling. I’ll make it different this time, but you gotta’ give me the chance.”
You chew on your bottom lip, closing your eyes to think it through. Staring up at him with so many lovely promises being thrown your way made you feel faint. But you had a feeling he was telling the truth. You’d heard Stephen lie many, many times, and this was not a lying Stephen Strange. This was an intent, determined, desperate man. He wasn’t the man you knew, that man would have never begged like this, would have never pleaded his case so thoroughly and accepted responsibility for the things he did.
“You gotta’ give me a chance and give me some grace.” He murmurs, “I’m better off than I was, but the job is rough. It’s not going to be perfect every time. I’m needed in places I won’t be able to run back to you at a moment’s notice, but I promise I’d be there as soon as I could. I want to be clear on that.” He swallows hard and repeats, “I can’t be who you want me to be, I just need you to want me for who I am. That’s part of what will make things different between us.”
“Three months…” You whisper, “Three months to prove it to me, that it can be. Three months for me to do the same for you.”
Because you couldn’t spend every day wondering if walking away was the biggest mistake you’d ever make. Not again.
Stephen releases a shaky breath and rests his forehead against your own, nodding and forcing your head to move with it, “Thank you.”
Tumblr media
Stephen was beaming ear to ear as you stepped out your front door, “Hello, Darling.” He greets, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek, “This outfit is familiar.” He teases
You give a little smile and bump your hip against his, “Yeah, well… last guy didn’t appreciate it enough. Never said I looked gorgeous, only pretty.”
“An idiot.” Stephen mutters through his grin, “But you do look gorgeous. Even if you’re reusing outfits from shitty dates past.”
“It wasn’t a shitty date, it just wasn’t…” You shrug and admit, “My thoughts ended up a little preoccupied. In all honesty, I was probably the shitty date.”
“Good.” He says without a hint of remorse for his showing up on your doorstep two months ago out of the blue, “Excellent timing on my part.”
“Is that what you think?” You ask as you loop your arm through his
“It is.” He agrees
“Well, I should probably mention that you look incredibly handsome tonight, Doctor.”
A faint blush covers his cheeks as he murmurs, “Thank you.”
“And thank you for letting me know you were going to be late. Was everything okay?”
“Turned out fine. Just some trouble with some students in the library. Books got swapped around, books that didn’t belong in the Kamar-Taj library suddenly appeared… I had to play the bad guy. Which always makes for a lovely class the following day.” He sighs, “I’m sorry I had to push it back, so much has come up this week.” There’s a nervous lilt to his voice that you don’t miss, “First with the not being able to make it to Monday’s date, then having to skip out on coffee, now this…”
You squeeze his arm gently, “I understand. I’ll never be mad unless you don’t communicate or I find out there was no real emergency.” 
He nods, “You’ve been very understanding, I appreciate that… a lot.”
“I’m trying.” You reassure, “And I know you are too.”
He opens to door for you as you both step out into the brisk night air. He immediately feels you give a shiver and takes the jacket from your arms, helping you slide into it snugly, buttoning a few of the buttons himself. You smile up at him for the sweet gesture.
“I like this coat…” He mutters, “buttons are nice and big, makes my life easier.”
It gives you the first opportunity you’ve felt is natural enough to ask, “How are your hands, Stephen?”
He shrugs and loops your arm through his once more, “Learned to write… okay. Still not great, but mostly legible. I like cooking a lot nowadays. Good practice for fine motor skills—“
“Well then let’s do that tonight.” You suggest, pausing your walk, “I know we had a reservation somewhere, but I’m sure we got bumped or kicked. So let’s go to the grocery store and you can cook me your favorite meal.”
Stephen eyes you up and down, “You’re going to the grocery store like that?”
“Why not?” You pout, “I thought I looked good.”
“You do, Baby, I’m afraid you look too good and someone else might try to take you home to eat.” He pouts back
You throw your head back and laugh, and Stephen wraps his arms around your waist, smiling down at you. You’d never known him to smile this often before, but you were so grateful he did now. He was beautiful when he smiled like that. His eyes lit up so perfectly, his dimples winking at you, smile lines not quite hidden by his facial hair showing through. Gorgeous, gorgeous boy.
Stephen ducked down and buried his face in the crook of your neck, placing a soft kiss against your skin, still chuckling to himself as he asks, “Yeah, did you like that one?”
“It was so cheesy.”
“Felt a little douchey, have to admit.”
“Oh, so it was perfect for you then?” You tease, brushing your nose against his own
“If I’m so douchey, why do I get the feeling you want me to kiss you right now?”
“Maybe because even though it was douchey, it was still funny and sweet.”
Stephen pressed his lips to yours and felt the way you melted in his arms. He held you tighter and drew back just to press his lips to yours three more times. You giggled and stared up at him with what he felt was adoration. God, he hoped it was.
“Can I suggest something entirely different?” He asks shyly
“Can we… can we go back upstairs and put on some comfy clothes? Can I just lay with you on the couch and hold you in my arms? I won’t ask you for anything else, I just…” He trails off before whispering softly, “I haven’t been held in a long time. I’d like to be held by you.”
You nod, “Yeah, Steph. We can do that.”
So the two of you walked back upstairs, hand in hand. Stephen snapped himself into some sweats and a tee while you threw on a giant hoodie and some sleep shorts. He was surprised when you offered your bedroom, your bed, to cuddle up in. But you knew you were likely to fall asleep, and you didn’t want either of you to wake up on the couch with a crick in your neck. Stephen looked around your room hesitantly… it’d changed. It was all rearranged and had different colors and patterns. It was unfamiliar. And he was nervous about crawling in your bed. He didn’t want to get too comfortable. He didn’t want to fall in love again before you told him whether or not you would still be together in another month.
He scooted into the bed slowly and turned to find your arms outstretched to him. He took a deep breath and rolled over into your arms. You wrapped him in a gentle embrace and immediately ran your hand through his hair, scratching at his scalp gently, pressing little kisses to his temple. Little by little his body relaxed, but his mind was still reeling. He couldn’t turn it off.
“Tell me what it is.” You whisper, “Why are you upset?”
Stephen buries his head in the crook of his neck and denies, “I’m not upset.”
“Then what’s wrong, Dear?”
Stephen’s heart thumped wildly against his ribcage when you called him that. Such a simple pet name. Such a silly little term of endearment, but coming from you it meant everything and more.
“I’m scared,” He admits after a beat, “I’m scared I’m going to fuck up or you’re going to leave.” He shakes his head and curls his fingers into your waist, “I don’t want this to be over. I have a whole other month with you and I’m still terrified it’ll be gone in a flash. And at the same time, I’m scared that we will make it past three months and then realize it’s not right again. I don’t want to hurt you again and I don’t want to be hurt. That’s why it took me so long, Y/N.”
You heave a deep sigh and admit, “I get scared about it too. I do. Because I don’t want to hurt you or be hurt by you again either. But can I tell you something I’ve been trying to keep to myself because I was afraid I’d scare you?”
Stephen picks his head up and asks, “What?”
You give a little shrug, “This is the happiest I’ve been in a long, long time, Stephen. Every time I get to see you, it makes my day. I’m just… I’m so happy you showed up. I’m happy you invited me over, I’m happy we both got to get things off our chest. I’m happy you made me listen to some hard truths. And you know what else?”
“I’m really happy with the man you’ve become, Stephen Strange.” You kiss his forehead softly, “I’m not naive, I know it won’t be perfect all the time. Life gets messy, yours more than others, but I promise I’ll exercise as much patience with you in that regard as possible. And as long as the effort doesn’t altogether stop from either of us after our three months is up, I don’t see how this won’t work. I can’t see how it wouldn’t be different. Because we’re different. And it’s a good different.” 
Stephen rests his forehead against your own and lets out a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding as he admits, “If you call me your boyfriend again by the end of the third month… if you call me yours, I’m never leaving your side. You understand? I’ll fight you tooth and nail on it, but neither of us is ever walking away from the other again.”
You give a little giggle, “Us? Fighting? Never.”
“No, never.” He snorts
“You should stay tonight.” You murmur, “I’ve missed having someone to hold. I like holding you.”
He snuggles closer, “I like being held by you.”
A soft smile pulls at your lips and tears well in your eyes as you whisper, “That’s good.”
You already knew. You already knew you’d never be leaving him again. The last two months had left you not simply content, but incredibly happy. It still wasn’t perfect, but perfect was never the expectation. You and Stephen had both done a lot of growing in the last two years. Stephen had learned to take on a lot of responsibility and you had learned to temper expectations which resulted in a very nice balance. You were head over heels for him once again… and you weren’t the least bit disappointed about it.
Tumblr media
Stephen paced outside of your door for ten minutes. This was it. You would decide today whether or not you’d keep him, whether or not he’d proved himself. You had more than proved yourself to him. You had been patient, tender, a shoulder to lean on. You were just the kind of woman he needed to lean on when things got tough. And you’d been very receptive to him on harder days. One day he’d shown up bruised and bloody after a fight… only a small on— just to see how you’d handle it! And you didn’t miss a beat. Not when you pulled him inside, not when you started asking where it hurt, not when you admitted you didn’t know how to properly stitch a wound and let him guide you through it. God, he was head over heels for you again. Though ‘again’ implied he’d ever fallen out of love with you, and that wasn’t accurate in the least.
He was planning how exactly to start his little speech. How was he going to tell you just how deeply he’d fallen for you. He wasn’t going to scare you if you weren’t there yet. And he’d understood if you decided you couldn’t do this— be with him. He wouldn’t be able to blame you with how things had ended last time. But he’d worked so hard to make things right. He hoped he’d made things right.
Stephen finally worked up the courage to knock on the door. He waited for what felt like an eternity… you never minded making him wait. He shifted back and forth, staring hard at the doormat beneath his feet, rerunning his speech for the hundredth time. He wanted it to be perfect. He wanted you. The door opened and the two of you stood staring at one another for a moment. Then, before he even had a chance to enter his million-dollar spiel, your lips were on his.
Stephen crouched down and lifted you gently, wrapping your legs around his waist and walking the two of you through your door. He kicked it closed and pulled you impossibly closer, memorizing every little touch, every sigh, every breath. He set you gently on your kitchen island, running his hands over your legs, wishing desperately he’d have taken more time to feel the skin back when he could have. When you pulled away your eyes were red, tears brimming in your waterline, and if Stephen didn’t know better, he’d have thought they were tears of remorse.
But luckily, he knew you better than anyone.
“Be mine again?” He whispers, “Be mine and I’ll be yours. We took our time and space, but I’m done with it. We’ll do this thing right. This time it’ll be different, I swear.”
You nod and breathe out, “I’m yours, Dear.”
“You can love me for who I am?”
“I can.” You agree, “I do.” You twist a lock of his hair around your finger and ask, “Can you promise you’ll keep giving me your best effort?”
“I will.”
“Then yeah.” You kiss him softly once more, “I think it will be different.”
tag list: @yuu-chan-is-still-a-student12 @fireworksinthesky @cemak @pinkthick @cumbrbatchbenedict @newavenger @evelyn-kingsley @aphroditesdilemma @ironstrange1991 @strangeobsessed @iamsherlocked1479 @vickie-mcmuffin @rmoonstoner @the-royal-petals @avahiddlestonstan @vi0letdaze
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that-one-sapphic · 1 day
Tea at 2am - Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: none, just fluff because that’s apparently all I know how to write
Words: 850
I’ve been having some writers block lately, but I was able to pull this out. It’s not my best work but I hope y’all enjoy :)
Restless nights were somewhat of an odd occurrence for you, however they were not entirely uncommon. Sometimes you would find yourself waking up in the night to seemingly nothing, and it would take you a while to get settled and fall asleep once again. Usually though, just having Natasha asleep right next to you would do the trick, lulling you back to sleep in a matter of twenty minutes or so. However sometimes that wasn’t the case. On the odd nights where you’d lay awake, you’d just listen to Nat lightly snore next to you. Eventually you’d get back to sleep, but it would take a while.
Natasha would sometimes scold you, out of love of course, when she’d wake up the next morning to see you with dark circles under your eyes and already working at your desk. She could tell in the mornings when you had one of your restless nights, and would always tell you to wake her up next time it happened. You never did usually, always feeling bad for waking her up because you knew she had her own sleep problems. Sleep was precious, you knew that.
However, tonight was different. You and Nat had gone to bed slightly earlier than usual. There had been no particular reason for why, she just wanted you to rest since you had said multiple times throughout the day that you were tired. However, even after laying there for a while, with Natasha wrapped up in your side, you never could get to sleep. It felt like all your fatigue that you had had earlier just vanished. You did manage to nod off for about twenty minutes before you suddenly jolted awake. Now it was 2am and you were getting fed up with even trying to sleep.
With a sigh, you slowly unwrapped Natasha from your body before sneaking off to the kitchen. Maybe having a warm drink would help make you sleepy.
Having coffee at this hour would be a horrible idea, and the idea of drinking warm milk physically made you sick, so you settled on making a cup of tea.
Grabbing the tea kettle before it could whistle and accidentally wake up Natasha, you made yourself a nice cup of tea before settling down at the kitchen table. However, before you could even take a sip, Natasha stumbled out of the bedroom and appeared in the entryway to the kitchen, her hair a mess from sleep.
You could tell that she wasn’t totally awake, but her definite pout made it obvious that she was awake enough to be grumpy that you left the bed.
“Hi, love.” You giggled, watching her stumble over to you before plopping down in your lap, making you grunt at the sudden impact.
“You’re not in bed.” She mumbled, stuffing her face into your neck and wrapping her arms around you.
“I know, I’m sorry you woke up without me.” You couldn’t help but smile widely at Natasha. This softer side of her was rare to see, and was usually only seen by you. Plus, her sleepy side was adorable.
The two of you sat in silence for a while, Natasha almost nodding off to sleep in your lap while you tried to sip on your now cooled off tea.
“Why are you up?” Natasha asked finally, sounding a little more awake then she had a few minutes ago.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I thought maybe having a warm drink would help.” You replied, rubbing a hand up and down her back.
Natasha pulled away from you for a moment to get a better look at you, frowning ever so slightly as she studied your face.
“Have you been having trouble sleeping again?” She asked, noticing how tired your eyes looked.
“Just tonight.”
“Why didn’t you wake me up?”
“Because you were asleep.” You shrugged, knowing your excuse was a bit pointless.
Nat just huffed in response before jumping out of your lap.
“Come on, I’m taking you and your stubborn ass to bed.”
Letting your tiredness win you over, you followed her into the bedroom at the prospect of sleep, leaving your tea behind to be taken care of in the morning.
The two of you got settled into bed, you cuddled up against Natasha who began to run a hand up and down your back. She pulled out a book and switched on her little bed side lap. Quietly, she began to read to you.
You could feel your body deflate at the soothing sensation that was Natasha’s voice. Any tension or stress that had been keeping you awake earlier was gone, totally replaced by the feeling of safety that Nat always seemed to give you. Slowly, you felt yourself begin to drift off to sleep.
Even after Natasha realized you had fallen asleep, she continued to read aloud for a bit, wanting to make sure that you were fully asleep. Eventually though, she switched off the little light and slid down in bed, holding you a bit tighter, hoping you’d stay asleep through the rest of the night. Which you did, and it was some of the best sleep you’d gotten in a while.
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lives-in-midgard · 2 days
A Walk
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: Steve and reader find a little girl crying while going for a walk.
Word Count: 664
A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first Steve fic, I hope you enjoy it. If anyone has a request for Steve or any other marvel character you are very welcome to send it in!
“We should do that more often.” You said and turned to Steve who was holding your hand while walking through the park. It was a beautiful day and you decided it would be a good idea to go for a walk and enjoy the sunny day.
“Yes, we should.” he smiled. A lot has happened lately and it was so beautiful to walk and enjoy your time with Steve. You could hear someone playing on a guitar and there were a few other people walking with their dog, or running, you could also see a family having a picnic. After a few minutes you could see kids playing at the playground and their parents talking with each other. You could see how Steve began to smile and his thumb stroked the back of your hand. He loves kids and couldn’t wait to have some with you. Once he came home to you sitting on the couch and singing a lullaby for Morgan. Since then Steve couldn’t get it out of his head.
You where past the playground when you interrupted Steve’s thoughts “Do you hear that?”
“What do you mean sweetheart?” He looked at you with a confused look and instantly was in his Captain America mood.
“I think there is a kid crying somewhere.” You looked if you could see where the crying sound was coming from. When Steve pointed at a tree and you could see that there was a little girl crying behind it. Steve went to the girl and you followed him. Steve kneeled and the girl looked up to him with tears in her eyes and her stuffed animal in her hands.
“Hey, peanut.” He quietly said and sniffles were to hear from the girl. A worried look was on Steve’s face when he looked over to you. You nodded at him to say he should try it again.
“That’s a beautiful pony you have.” Steve said and pointed at her stuffed animal. The girl immediately began to smile.
“I know. Her name is Fluttershy, she is my favorite because she loves animals just like me.” The girl blurred out and Steve began to smile.
“Then we have something in common because I like animals too.” Steve said and made the girl smile.
“Do you.... have a ... a pet?” She quietly asked.
“No, we don’t but I would love to have a dog someday.” You talked about having a dog but you both agreed that right now your lives are too busy for that.
“I also want a dog, but my mum said I’m too young.” Steve chuckled.
“I would name it cookie.” The girl continued.
“That’s a beautiful name.”
“It is. How would you name yours?” It was so cute to see Steve talking with this girl.
“I don’t know yet, do you have a good idea for me?” He asked her.
Suddenly you could hear someone behind you “Betty there you are I’ve searched for you everywhere.” The woman went to her and Steve stood up and walked to you.
“M sorry”
“It’s okay. Thank you for looking after her.” She turned around and looked at you and Steve.
“You’re welcome.” You said at the same time and could hear Betty chuckle.
“Wait aren’t… aren’t you Steve, I mean Captain America?”
“That’s me but you can call me Steve “
“Wow, thank you so much not only for looking after my daughter but also what you and the other avengers do for us.”
“Of course, that’s what we are here for.” Steve said.
“We really have to go now.” The woman said and took the hand of her daughter. They said goodbye and made a few steps when the girl turned around, walked to you and faced Steve.
“Dodger that’s a good name for a dog.”
“You’re right that’s a really good name.”
“Bye Steve.”
“Goodbye peanut.” Steve said and the girl ran away to her mum who was waiting for her.
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takenbypeter · 2 days
Deserving of Love
Tumblr media
Loki x reader
Words: 972
Number 1: “You need to know that i have grown to care for you. Deeply.”
Tumblr media
Up. Down.
Up, down, went the rubber ball in Loki’s hand as he tossed it repeatedly. He tended to do that when he was bored or deep in thought. The ball left his hand and then returned, his fingers curling over it just as it did so. And that’s when he heard a knock against the material of his door.
His eyes shifted towards the door before he let out a sigh and got up from the bed. Once he opened the door there you stood, on the other side.
“Hi,” you waved, managing to give him the best smile you could muster.
“Can I come in?”
He nodded and you let yourself in, neither of you finding the situation too odd considering you’ve shared a few late night chats before.
“What uh, what are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you.”
“I know but I had something I wanted to say…to you.”
Sensing the sincerity in your voice along with the concerned expression on your face, he grew troubled, the creases on his forehead deepening.
You let out a deep breath to muster up some courage. “Loki, I don’t know if I’m reading too much into our relationship, but I’ve noticed how we’ve clicked, and I don’t like tiptoeing so I’ll just say it.”
You paused and he waited curious to hear your next words.
“I like you Loki, a lot…and I think you like me. Do you like me?”
A still filled the air as you two stood across from each other quiet. The thing is, Loki did like you. He liked you more than you could know and the fact that he now knew you felt the same should have him grinning ear to ear.
He opened his mouth to tell you how he felt but there was only one word that came out of his mouth, “no.”
The minute he said it his shoulders dropped as he observed your expression turn to confused then hurt.
“I’m sorry but you’ve maybe read too much into our…interactions. I don’t have feelings for you.”
Ouch that hurt like a punch to the gut. “Oh…I see…” in that moment you felt utterly stupid, how sure you thought you were, how excited you felt.
With a single shake of your head you return back from your thoughts as you realize you’re still standing in the poor god’s room. “I’m sorry. I hope we can move past this, I really do enjoy our friendship. Um I’m going to go now, thank you for your time,” you cringe a little at your sudden formality in words as you exit his room trying to keep your posture straight.
Few days have passed since then and Thor could tell something was wrong with his brother. Despite what some thought, Thor was not unintelligent, he noticed how Loki’s eyes glanced at you with a sadness to them while you truly did your best to avoid his.
It’s later on that night when he spots him staring at where you last stood before you left the room that Thor decided to bring it to Loki’s attention. “Brother, if love is what you want then go for it.”
Loki immediately scoffed at the other god, “be quiet, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”
Thor raised his hands in surrender not wanting to start an argument, “okay, you’re right.”
Loki thought that was the end of that but Thor seemed to not get the message. “But brother, I hope you know you’re deserving of love,” Thor’s shoulders raise to his ears in shrug as his eyes never leave Loki’s, “I love you.”
“I know that Thor but don’t you see how many times I’ve stabbed you in the back. I’ve hurt you over and over again…well I don’t want to do that. Not to this one.”
“So don’t. This is your time to be different.”
“Why do you always have such faith in me? Can’t you see this is who I am.”
“It doesn’t have to be. Loki, you’re better now, we’re actually getting along.”
“For now,” Loki huffed under his breath but Thor chose to not comment on it.
“I think this is what you need. Loki you are deserving of love, I want you to give this to yourself.”
A gaping silence fills the room before Loki took off escaping the situation.
Loki hated this, he tried so desperately to push out Thor’s words but it kept remaining in the front of his mind. There were so many arguments he could make about why he shouldn’t act upon this feeling but he still somehow found himself outside your door.
He knocked before hearing footsteps on your end and then the door opened.
“Loki, hi? What are you doing here?”
At the sight of you he steps forward, hands coming up to your jaw before attaching himself to you. His lips seized yours desperately and despite being caught off guard for a second you match his movements perfectly.
It isn’t until you two are merely out of breath that he separates from you, leaving his hands connected to your cheeks, “I lied. You need to know that I have grown to care for you deeply. But it’s important to me that you know that I am not the best with any relationships.”
You listen intently as he expresses himself, “I’ve ruined many friendships, many relationships I’ve had. I want to be better but it’s hard. But I want to do it. I want to be with you.”
You grin cheeks moving his hands as they lift upwards, “I know this already Loki. I know of your past. But I still want to be with you too, flaws and all.”
Loki grins, his eyes flittering to your lips again before you lean up and reconnect your lips.
Dialogue Prompts
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darsynia · 3 days
Hand(s) Off Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky Barnes is the most important person in your life. When he confesses to you that he lives at the Avengers tower, and the ‘Steve’ you’ve been hearing about for months is actually Steve Rogers, you think that nothing can top that revelation– and then you find yourself trapped in Captain America’s bedroom getting a second-hand dose of NYC’s favorite new aphrodisiac, Mistress.
Notes: Bucky Barnes & Reader friendship, Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: Consent conversations, explicit sexual situations (they don’t succeed in resisting, folks), MINORS DNI
Fill: Masterlist for the March adoptable ‘Pheremones’ from @allcapsbingo
Tags (please request!): @starryeyes2000 @munstysmind @ronearoundblindly @chickensarentcheap @themaradaniels @tiny-anne @deepbatched @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @wolfstar-marvelsfan
Tumblr media
Chapter four: Chemistry
Tumblr media
This story is the first part in an eventual Stucky x Reader endgame series called Safe In My (Our) Hands. I just finished the graphic for it, I'm quite excited! Ordinarily I wouldn't put a four chapter piece in its own masterlist but it's less work for the maintainers of All Caps Bingo, I think!
Tumblr media
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onceuponastory · 20 hours
something sweet - bucky barnes x reader. chapter one: new beginnings
Tumblr media
Plot: Bucky meets his new neighbour Y/N, who has just moved to New York after inheriting her aunt’s coffee shop. He offers to help out whenever he can, but both are apprehensive about getting closer to one another, especially because of their pasts. Yet, as always, life has other plans. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader (soon) Warnings: Mentions of death, implied previous abusive/toxic relationship, reader doubting herself and mentions of Bucky’s past as The Winter Soldier and how he wasn’t in control. I also wanted to mention that in this, reader has a good relationship with her parents and family, since I know it can be a tough subject for some. As always if I miss any triggers, let me know. Notes: This is a series I’ve had planned for the longest time, and I’m so excited to finally be writing it. I hope you all love it as much as I do. This is not beta’d, so all mistakes are my own. Divider made by @staticscreenwriting​ / @astartothemoon​
Heading up the stairs to his apartment, Bucky hums a little tune to himself. He isn’t expecting much from today, just another laid back day. Honestly, he still isn’t used to having these kinds of days, ones where he’s in control of himself and what he does, and he can choose to just do nothing. In all honesty, Bucky thinks he’ll never be used to that. Or at least, not any time soon.
However, when he rounds the corner, Bucky sees a sight he wasn’t expecting at the end of the hallway - a woman lifting box after box, and taking them into an apartment. His previous neighbour moved out a few weeks ago so she could move in with her boyfriend, meaning this must be his new neighbour. As the woman continues to move everything into her apartment, Bucky watches her, smiling a little. She seems nice, and he’d be lying if he said if he didn’t find her pretty cute.
And he’s staring at her like a weirdo without even offering her his help. Way to be a hero, Bucky.
“Hey, do you need some help lifting those?” He offers. The woman looks up. When she makes eye contact with Bucky, she smiles.
“Uh no, actually. I should be okay. Thanks though.” She holds out a hand, which Bucky shakes. “My name’s Y/N. I just moved here.”
“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Bucky. I’m one of your new neighbours. Sure you don’t need any help?” She shakes her head again.
“No, honestly I’m okay.” Her words are a little quicker and sharper than Bucky expected, and when Y/N realises, she sighs. “God, sorry. That didn’t come out right.”
“It’s okay.”
“No, it’s not. You were just trying to help. Sorry Bucky.” Even though he still doesn’t think she has to apologise, Bucky accepts her apology. “It’s just these last two, anyway.”
“Well, okay. If you need any help, I’m just at the end of the hall in number 212.” He gestures down the hall, and she nods. And with that, Bucky turns and goes back to his apartment. Y/N watches him go. As soon as he’s out of sight, she groans, massaging her temples.
“Fuck. Why did I do that?!” she hisses. “Way to mess it up with your cute neighbour before you even know him, Y/N.” Sighing Y/N glances back down the hallway, right at Bucky’s door. He seems really sweet, but the last thing she wants is to get too close to someone and end up getting hurt or hurting them. Especially after her most recent heartbreak. With another sigh, Y/N grabs the last of her boxes and opens the door to her apartment. 
Tumblr media
The next time the new neighbours see each other is a few days later, when Bucky is just back from the supermarket, laden down with various bags of food. When he reaches his floor, he glances down the hallway and sees Y/N balancing various books in her arms, her keys dangling from her mouth. Suddenly, a book slips out of her grasp, thudding against the floor. “Shit.” She hisses. Before she can even bend down to pick it up, Bucky has all but abandoned his bags and is rushing over to help her. 
“Let me get that.” He says, picking up the book. He takes a quick glance at the cover: “How to Run a Business for Dummies.”
“Thanks.” Y/N murmurs.
 “And I guess you need help to get inside, too?” Bucky chuckles.
“Is it that obvious?” Bucky gently takes the keys from her mouth and opens her door, holding it open for her. Y/N dumps her enormous stack of books on her counter, breathing a sigh of relief. “Thanks for that, Bucky. Can I, um… get you some tea, coffee or anything?” She offers. Bucky takes a moment to think it over. Sure, he’d like to get to know his new neighbour better, but he hasn’t really been close to anyone since being pardoned. 
Of course, there’s the other Avengers, but other than Steve and Sam, they’re more his colleagues than anything else. Since returning to his normal life… or whatever ‘normal’ is for him now, Bucky hasn’t done the little things like this, like having a cup of tea with a friend, or having a discussion about non-Avengers stuff. Despite his overextended life, Bucky is woefully inexperienced at this sort of thing.
But then, he looks over at Y/N, and her slightly nervous smile, obviously wondering if it’s really that bad to just have some tea with her. And in order to get out there and make amends, to be seen as something other than the Winter Soldier… Bucky knows that he has to take the first step. And tea with his new neighbour sounds like the perfect start to that.
“Yeah, I’d love some, thanks.” He takes a seat at her kitchen counter, watching as Y/N roots through her cupboards to find some mugs.
“Sorry, I haven’t fully settled in yet, so a few things are still strewn around.” She chuckles. Bucky looks around her apartment. Pictures of Y/N with her family and friends cover her walls, the sight making Bucky smile. Y/N is clearly surrounded by love. Although, it does also cause a pang in his heart. Sometimes, he wishes his family were still around, and that he had more of a connection to his past. And especially because he knows that because of him, a lot of people won’t have family moments like this, birthdays and Christmases spent together, full of love and laughter. Even though he knows that it wasn’t his fault, Bucky still feels horrendously guilty about what he’s done. Hopefully, one day he’ll be able to forgive himself… even though he doubts it. “You alright?” Y/N asks, passing a mug over to him and snapping him out of his thoughts.
“Oh! Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.” He lies. Y/N can tell there’s something more to it, but she decides not to ask. After all, she and Bucky barely know one another. She can’t just expect him to dump everything on her at once. As they drink their tea, Bucky glances over at the big stack of books on the counter. They’re all business related, causing him to raise a brow. “That’s some… light reading material.” He jokes.
“Well, I’m going to be taking some business night classes, so figured I’d get started early.”
“Is this all your reading material?” Bucky’s eyes widen. “It looks like you brought home half of the library.”
“No… I just like being prepared, I guess.” She shrugs, knowing Bucky probably thinks she’s a nerd. To her surprise, though, he nods. 
“Well, good for you. So, are you planning to open a business, or is this just a hobby?” Bucky regrets his question as soon as it leaves his lips. “Who the fuck studies business as a hobby? Idiot.”
Thankfully, if Y/N thinks his question is stupid, she doesn’t mention it. “Well, yeah, sort of. My aunt used to run a coffee shop nearby, and when I was a kid, I used to help out whenever I could. I loved it, and my aunt used to say I was a natural.” She points to a picture on the wall, one presumably of her and her aunt. They’re baking together, with big smiles on their faces and flour dusting their palms. “I loved that place and wanted to help out as much as I could. I probably spent every weekend there.” 
As she reminisces on the memory, Y/N smiles, one of those huge smiles that almost overtakes your face and is as bright as sunshine. And the sight makes Bucky smile too, a smile wider than he’s used to. But then she sighs, and her face falls. “As I got older, I was focused on other things, and didn’t help out as much as I used to. My aunt died a few months ago, and well… it turns out she left the coffee shop to me in her will. I still bake, but I don’t know the first thing about actually running a business, so at first I considered just letting someone else take it over. But when I thought about it and remembered how much I loved helping my aunt, I realised how much I love that place, and my aunt too much to let it fall into someone else’s hands, so here I am.” She explains, gesturing to her stack of books.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” Bucky tells her, and she nods, wiping at her eyes a little. “For what it’s worth, I think you’ll be great, and I’m sure it’ll be easier than you think.”
“Do you know anything about running a business?” 
“...No.” He admits, his cheeks flushing slightly pink. Technically, he knows someone who does, but maybe bringing someone as intense as Tony Stark over will stress her out even more. “But, I’m here to help if you need me… I don’t know what I could help with, but the offer’s there.” Y/N giggles then, a happy burst of laughter. And once again, Bucky finds himself smiling.
“Well, thank you Bucky. Maybe when I’m up and running, you can be my first customer?”
“I’d like that, thanks.” He holds up his mug, clinking it with hers. “To new beginnings.” 
“To new beginnings.” Although, neither could possibly know just how apprehensive the other is about letting them get too close, mainly because of their pasts. Or that they even feel the same way as they do. Especially how, deep down, they’d love to be closer to each other.
Tumblr media
Thankfully for them both, after that day both Y/N and Bucky are pretty busy, Y/N with her new classes and Bucky with Avengers stuff. Yet, they still say hi to one another when they pass each other in the hallway, or have a quick discussion about how things are going in their life before one of them has to dash off. And for the next few weeks, that’s how things go, until….
One night, one when Bucky is glad to be inside because the rain is pouring and the wind is howling, he receives a call. One with Y/N’s name flashing up on the caller ID. “Hey, what’s up?”
“Look, I’m really sorry to do this….” She trails off, and Bucky raises a brow. “But are you busy? My night classes ran longer than expected, so I got out late and now none of the buses are running.” In an instant, Bucky is up and putting his jacket on. 
“Where are you? I’ll come get you.”
“You sure? Look Bucky, I don’t want you coming out in this storm if you don’t have to, I can just call a taxi if any are going.” She insists. “I don’t want to cause any trouble.”
“Y/N.” He stresses. “It’s no trouble at all. And I am not leaving you stranded on a night like this. Now text me your location and I’ll come get you.” After a few more insistences that she’s fine and will just try to find a taxi, and some more from Bucky telling her to just wait on him, Y/N does as he asks, and Bucky is soon in his car and on his way.
Y/N stands inside her college, watching as the rain pours. Absent-mindedly, she fiddles with her fingers. She still feels terrible for calling Bucky out from the warmth of his apartment to come get her on a night like this. Although, she is glad she’s not out there, walking home or waiting on a taxi that’s never going to come. Despite how apprehensive she is about getting closer to her new neighbour, she and Bucky do get on really well, and she’s glad to have him there to help her if she needs it. Besides, it’s only a relationship that she doesn’t want right now. Surely just being friends with Bucky wouldn’t be so bad?
Although she can’t ignore how much her heart sinks at the thought of not getting too close to Bucky. Yet, she does what she’s done ever since she left her hometown to move here… bury her feelings so nobody else gets ruined by her fucked up life. Bucky pulls up outside then, waving at her through the window. And despite how much he wants to help…hiding her feelings from everyone includes Bucky. With a sigh, Y/N goes outside to meet him.
It’s not an ideal coping mechanism, but it’s what she has to do.
“Thanks.” She gasps, wiping the rain off her face as she gets in and quickly shuts the door. “I owe you one.”
“Y/N, you don’t owe me anything. I mean, we live in the same building. And like I said, I’m not leaving a pretty girl like you stranded.” She swears her heart almost stops at his words. That definitely wasn’t what she expected him to say. Although, she won’t lie that his words make her cheeks heat up a little. After all, who wouldn’t after being called pretty by someone as good looking as Bucky? 
Meanwhile, Bucky’s heart pounds, and his mind feels like it’s going a million miles a minute. “Why the fuck did I say that? Way to ruin things with her before it even started, Bucky. And it’s not like I can apologise either, because then she’ll think I’m apologising for calling her cute, which is not what I want to do.” He turns his head, watching as Y/N looks out of the window. He sighs. Hopefully he hasn’t completely ruined things. Even though they only met a few weeks ago, Y/N is a sweet woman, and he’d like to remain friends with her if possible.
They sit in silence for a while after that, both unsure of what to say after something like that. “It’s awful out there.” Y/N states, finally breaking the silence, much to Bucky’s relief. 
“I know. Luckily I didn’t bring my motorbike, huh?” Y/N turns to him then, wide eyed. 
“You have a motorbike?” She gasps, and he nods.
“Yup. This is safer, though. And better when the weather is like this.” They nod, chuckling slightly. As Bucky comes to a stop at a pair of traffic lights, Y/N pipes up again.
“Hey, my aunt’s coffee shop is down that street.” She points out. “Well, I guess my coffee shop, now. Do you want to see it? If all else fails, at least you know where to find me.” 
He does, he really does. Obviously, this means a lot to Y/N, and the fact she’s including him in this, such a huge and key moment of her life, makes his stomach flutter and his heart soar. It makes him feel like a human again, and finally appreciated, especially after spending so long as a super serum powered assassin. Y/N has no idea how much this means to him. And so, Bucky grins.
“I’d love to.”
Tumblr media
“I haven’t fully decided what I’m gonna do with it yet. I mean, obviously it could do with a lick of paint and some new furniture.” Y/N explains, walking around and pointing out little bits she can see that need changed. As she does, Bucky takes a look around. The coffee shop is small, yet he can tell that it oozes warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Bucky can easily see the space full to the brim with paying customers, just like Y/N deserves. “Ugh, there’s so much work to do.” She groans, holding her head in her hands. “I just hope it goes well, and that I’m actually cut out for this.” Despite how much her family and friends reassured her, she still can’t get rid of the one doubting voice in her head. The one that drowns everyone else out, and the one she doesn’t want to ever think about again… but just can’t seem to get rid of.
“Of course you are!” Bucky reassures her. “You’re going to be incredible.”
“I don’t know, Bucky. You really think so?” She asks, and he nods. 
“I know so. And besides, I’ll help out as much as I can. Like I said, I’m right at the end of the hall if you need me.” Y/N manages a small smile at that. Even though she might not fully believe his words yet, she’s still glad she met Bucky and at least has someone like him there to help when her family and loved ones are so many miles away.
“Thanks Bucky.”
Some time later, Y/N has said goodnight to Bucky (after thanking him another few times), and is back in her apartment. As she dumps her things in her bedroom and starts to get ready for bed, she bumps into another of her cardboard boxes, spilling some of its contents out. “Ugh.” She huffs, bending down to pick them up. However, right away, she sees something she wishes she hadn’t. A picture of her with her ex, arm and arm and laughing at a family party. As she glances down at the picture, remembering that day, Y/N’s stomach twists, and she has to suppress a shudder. 
In all honesty, she has no idea how that picture ended up in the box of things to bring. Maybe she just shoved it in without much thought. Because that part of her life is definitely not something she wants to remember. Opening the frame, Y/N grabs the picture, ripping it straight down the middle. Once the picture is fully destroyed, she throws it into the bin. “Asshole.”
Tumblr media
NOTE: I’m not going to have a separate taglist for this story because whenever I’ve tried to make one in the past, it never seems to tag people. So please follow @onceuponastory-library and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any of the chapters!
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Hello my sweet fanfiction readers, it's been a minute hasn't it? I've kept up with the messages but I've been lacking in posts and I apologize so here's your check in my dear. Just a quick stop for a rest then you can be on your way with your scrolling.
I know that its hard to believe we are loved or worthy of love and affection. I know its hard to remember that people want you around but sweetheart,that's the beauty of a comfort character. You decide how you believe they'd react. But honestly? I guarantee that in some universe, you are their favorite character too. There's an infinite number of realities, who's to say they don't adore you in them? Flaws make us real. They make us human. Your comfort character has flaws and things that people don't like, but you still love them. Give yourself that same grace, if you can love an imperfect character, they can adore you.
Find your people, your Fandom, your comfort character. Fall in love with them again, find your family, your peace. It's okay to hide in fantasy worlds, I know it's easier sometimes and anything that helps you through the bad times is worth it. The world is scary and we're gonna do what we have to to make it through 🩷 I'm here as well. Tell me about your comfort character, about your favorite fic, about your struggles, about life about anything. I am here sweetheart if your comfort character isn't quite helping or you need someone to talk to I am here. I'd much rather sit and talk to you then hear you had no one my dear.
How are you? Are you drinking enough? Can you take a good deep breath for me? Unclench your jaw and drop your shoulders. Isn't that better? I'm so proud of you you know. With all the bad in the world and all the struggles you're still here and you're still going. That's something to be proud of my dear. I know it's hard but you can do this.
I'll let you get back to your scrolling, but remember I'm here, your comfort characters are here. We love you, we believe in you. We want you here. You are wanted, you are loved. Love eachother, support eachother. Remember were all just here trying to make it through one day at a time.
Your comfort character believes in you and so do I, the random girl on Tumblr who's just like you, looking for an escape, for acceptance, for a little slice of peace. You are safe here my dear,I promise. Come visit me if you need a friend
❤️💛True 💛❤️
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cultofcarter · 2 days
Drabble: getting your number at a stop light
Every time I’m at a certain stoplight on my way home from work, I think about this exact scenario, hope you enjoy! :)
WC: 425
You slowed your car to a stop as the light transitioned from yellow to red. The music blasting through your speakers and crisp, spring air flowing through your open window did little to rid of the exhaustion from your work day. You nearly missed the frantic waving from the sidewalk until you happened to glance over. Three of the most attractive men you’ve ever seen were stopped, with two of them smiling and waving their arms like their lives depended on it. The third slumped slightly behind them, face completely covered with one hand. They’re all dressed in matching navy scrubs, presumably heading home from the hospital just down the block. You let out a short laugh, turning your music down to hear them shouting. 
“Hey! Our friend thinks you’re cute!” the blonde one shouted, pointing to the equally tall brunette trying to hide behind him. 
“Can he get your number?” the other tall, dark, and handsome man inquired. Your eyes were still wide in disbelief, but your smile never faded. 
“Uh…sure!” you were getting ready to shout across the road when one of them sprinted across the 3 lanes beside you to get to your window. “Oh my god!” You couldn’t help but laugh along with the blonde friend still standing on the sidewalk. 
“Here, I'll bring it to him, we’ve got 10 seconds!” You noticed the name tag reading ‘Sam’ as you rattle off your number for him to put in his notes. “You’re awesome, thank you!” he shouts as he barely makes it back to the sidewalk before your light turns green. The brunette finally looks up to make eye contact and you’re met with the most incredible cerulean blue eyes you’ve ever seen. A honk from the car behind you breaks you from your daydream. You wave back to them as you continue on your route home.
“What the hell just happened?” you laughed out loud.
“I cannot believe you two just did that!” Bucky yelled, shoving Sam in the shoulder as he stepped back on the sidewalk. 
“C’mon man, we can’t let you stay alone and grumpy forever,” he retorted. 
“What kind of friends would we be if we didn’t help you out?” Steve asked, finally calming down from their earlier antics. Bucky rolled his eyes as they continued walking. His phone buzzed in his hand and he saw Sam texted him a set of numbers. Bucky stopped in his tracks, knees nearly buckling.
“Wait, that worked!? Are you kidding me?” Bucky asked. Sam and Steve just started cackling…again.
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Caught In A Web ~ 7
Tumblr media
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Word Count: 1,410ish
Summary: You go to the Team dinner.
Notes: Sorry that it's taken so long for me to update. Hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Going back home to the Tower, you had to be careful. You needed to change back into your normal clothes and try not to run into anyone. You were excited that you would now get to spend more time with Tony. Though, technically, since you were now working with Bruce, you were already going to be able to spend more time with Tony. Meeting up was different. There was an excitement to it, that buzzed through you.
You were smiling to yourself in the elevator up to your floor when the elevator stopped at the door dinged open. You held your breath as you waited to see who was entering.
Bruce smiled at you when he noticed you in the elevator. “Hey, Y/N,” he greeted, stepping in. “Just the person I was looking for.”
“You were looking for me?” You wondered.
“Yes,” he nodded. “A bunch of the team wants to meet you at dinner tomorrow.”
“Oh… uh, what time?”
“Around five.”
You thought for a second. You could make it right? Besides Tony would probably be there and if he was, then he wouldn’t be able to meet up with you. But then, how would you excuse yourself without making it obvious? 
“So,” Bruce broke through your thoughts, “what do you say? I know that the Team can seem like a whole lot but I know that they’ll love you and they are really excited to get to know you.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there,” you decided.
“Great!” The elevator dinged, opening up to your floor. “I’ll see you tomorrow night then!”
“Hey, Stark,” Bucky greeted as he entered the common area kitchen. 
Tony was standing in the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee. “Barnes,” he replied.
“You coming to the Team dinner tonight? I heard Bruce’s new assistant is going to be there. Rumor has it that she’s cute.”
Tony hated the way his jaw clenched at Bucky’s comment. He didn’t even know if you two were the same person for sure, but the thought of someone else being attracted to you made him angry.
“Yes, I’m coming,” Tony answered. “Why wouldn’t I? It’s a dinner in my Tower that I’m more than likely paying for.”
In his mind, he was already creating a plan to leave the party early. Because what if Bruce’s lab assistant and spidey-girl weren’t the same person? He couldn’t let his spidey-girl down by not showing up.
“Chill, Stark,” Bucky said. “It was just a question.”
“What does Stark need to chill about this time?” Steve questioned as he came into the room with Sam.
“Is it about Bruce’s new assistant? Because I caught a glimpse of her the other day and she is cute.” Sam commented.
Tony clenched his jaw and stormed out of the room, heading for his lab.
“Yeah, it was definitely about Bruce’s assistant.”
To say that you were nervous about this Team dinner party was a complete understatement. Your nervousness was causing your ability to stick to surfaces to act up, which just made you even more nervous. With every outfit you tried to put together, your hands would stick to the items. You ended up tearing half your wardrobe up while trying to figure out what to wear. You were almost in tears, almost deciding to back up and slip out with your suit to blow off some steam around the city.
“Excuse me, Miss Y/N,” FRIDAY interrupted your growing panic. You jumped, not prepared for the AI to speak to you. “The Team dinner is starting in five minutes.”
Your eyes snapped to the clock on your dresser reading 4:55 pm. You weren’t the type of person to be late, it actually caused you anxiety. Moving quickly, you grabbed your suit and stuffed your hands in it. You went back through your clothes, grateful that your covered hands weren’t sticking to the few clothes you had left. You got dressed, put your suit away, and headed for the common floor. 
When the elevator doors opened, the sounds of laughter and playful bickering immediately hit your ears. As you ventured further onto the floor, you were able to see the large table with members of the Team sitting around it. You stopped and took in the sight. It was like a large family of misfits. This caused your lips to turn up in a slight smile. You always wanted a family dynamic like this. Growing up in the foster system, you were never so lucky.
“Y/N!” Bruce exclaimed, causing all the attention to go on you. The group quieted down and observed you as you stood there nervously. Bruce rushed over to you. “I’m glad you came.” He smiled kindly.
You smiled back. “Yeah,” you squeaked. 
Over Bruce’s shoulder, you met Tony’s stare. Your breath caught upon meeting his big brown eyes. You knew that you would never get used to how gorgeous they were—how truly gorgeous Tony was in general.
“Let me introduce you to the Team.” 
“I—I know all their names, Bruce. You all are kinda famous.”
“Why not put that to the test?” Sam jested. “What’s my name?”
“Sam Wilson.”
You went around and quickly named the rest of those that were there: Wanda, Vision, Natasha, Steve, Bucky, and then finally Tony. You were quickly told that Clint was with his family and Thor was off world so you’d have to meet them another time. 
Bruce had saved you a spot next to him. To your surprise, Tony slipped into the empty seat beside you.
“Wow, Stark,” Sam commented. “Not going to sit at the head of the table as usual?”
“I thought I’d change it up,” Tony responded. “Get to know the new kid.”
Bucky and Sam then looked at each other. Suddenly, they were both up and moving to the open seat at the head of the table. You watched as they tipped over the chair and started wrestling with each other. They rolled away from the table, with Steve following after to try and stop them. Natasha had a smirk on her lips as she waltzed over, picked up the chair, and sat in it. She smiled as she looked over at you and winked. You laughed.
Dinner was a nice level of chaos. No one really pressured you into talking, which was nice. Besides, you really enjoyed watching the Team’s dynamic. Tony would insert some sassy comments here and there, but not as much as you thought he would. He also didn’t really talk to you a whole lot. It was getting later and you glanced at the clock. You notched it was close to 7:00 pm. Before you could stand up and excuse yourself, Tony had stood up.
“Not that this isn’t fun, but I’m going up to my lab for the rest of the night,” Tony told everyone. 
“Oh, come on, Tony,” Steve said. “Stay out of the lab for a night.”
“Yeah, Stark!” Sam agreed. “Besides, we haven’t even started questioning Y/N yet.”
“Oh, no,” you shook your head. “Honestly, it’s fine. I was planning on calling it a night anyway.”
“Party poopers,” Bucky muttered.
“We haven’t even gotten to the games yet!” Sam said.
“Is it possible to do a game night another night?” You asked timidly.
“Of course, Y/N,” Bruce answered with a smile.
“Perhaps Natasha and I could also steal you away for a girl's night sometime, too?” Wanda wondered.
You nodded. “Sure, I’d like that.” You stood up. “Thank you for this. I enjoyed it. Nice meeting you all.”
A chorus of ‘goodnight' and ‘nice to meet you’ were heard as you walked off. Noticing that someone was walking beside you, you glanced over to see that Tony was also walking towards the elevator.
“Mind if we share an elevator?” Tony asked.
“No,” you whispered.
“No as in you don’t mind or no as in you want to ride the elevator alone?”
“I don’t mind sharing.”
The two of you stepped into the elevator and turned back to face the doors. The Team heard the elevator doors shut.
“Something is going on there,” Natasha noted.
“No,” Bruce shook his head, “I told Tony to keep it in his pants.”
“Come on, Bruce, since when has anything we said stopped Stark before?” Bucky said.
“Tony has changed since Pepper left,” Wanda defended. “Y/N seems sweet and nice, maybe that’s exactly what Tony needs.”
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feasibilities · 2 days
Okay here's a thought I had recently. Reader and Namor are at a Tony Stark and the reader is drunk. The reader, is playing truth or dare with the Avengers and somehow a stripper pole comes out of nowhere and the reader is dared to dance on it. The reader is on the pole making her ancestors proud and Namor is sporting a stiffie. He didn't know she was that flexible. It can be a NSFW if you'd like.
Inebriated 🥂
Tumblr media
Author's Note: I've never written for any Marvel character except Namor (late, I know). I just wrote my own interpretation of Drunk!Avengers. I made the reader a cosmic empath to raise the stakes a bit. Enjoy!
Parties at Tony Stark's home were legendary. Heroes, Villains, and Antiheroes put their differences aside to indulge in free booze & gourmet food. You were a regular at these parties, so you managed to make friends with The Avengers. A crush on the gorgeous feathered god, Namor, was forming. You already had him figured out, but you wanted to tease him a bit.
"Truth or dare, my fair maiden." Thor mused.
"Hmm, dare. I like a challenge." You slurred, nursing your 7th drink. You glanced at Namor & gave him a silly wink. He held in a laugh.
"Dance for us. There's a stripper pole in here." Natasha butted in, earning childish oohs from everyone else. You saw Namor tense up in the corner of your eye. He took a sip of his drink to dampen any anxiety he had.
"I don't see any pole..." You quipped.
With the click of a button, you saw a golden stripper pole descend from the ceiling.
"Can I have some music?" You said, standing up & taking off your jacket to reveal a beautiful catsuit. Natasha selected a sultry rock song for your performance. You thought Namor's eyes were about to fall out of his head. You purposely brushed passed him to rile him up.
You began twirling around the pole elegantly. As the song reached its climax, your dances got wilder. You felt your inhibitions melt away. Your flexibility was superhuman. Everyone was in absolute awe, especially Namor. He'd seen you fight before, but seeing you pole dance was unfamiliar territory. He felt as if he could pass out.
A familiar discomfort crept into Namor's lower half. Knowing he was aroused, you made occasional eye contact with him. He made the not-so-sly move of putting a pillow over his lap. Finishing up your dance, you curtsied and enjoyed the applause of your teammates. You then walked to Namor and hugged him from behind.
"I can do that without clothes too." You whispered into his ear.
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obsessedwithseb · 2 days
Ok last one because I’ve totally been slamming you out of excitement! I always come re-read your stories in a bad day!!!
“whoa! i didn’t expect that much of a reaction.” With Ler Bucky or Steve or maybe both totally up to you I’m just excited!
Tumblr media
“Whoa! I didn’t expect that much of a reaction!” His eyes lit up with excitement and his smile shone brightly at you.
Ever since Steve had happily announced the news he had discovered about you, Bucky is full on targeting you as one of his new victims. It was a great way to bound up with you since you’ve been struggling to approach them in the first place. It takes you a lot discipline to let Bucky do what he’s doing at the moment, though you’d rather jump up from your place to calm down from your embarrassment.
“Seems like Rogers told the truth.” Doesn’t he do that all the time? You’ve never caught him lying once.
You stayed silent, not wanting to get much attention on this situation and to maybe make him let this situation off. But he didn’t, he repeated his antics and brushed his fingertips over your side like a jellyfish, eliciting a slight jump as well as a sweet little noise. The giggle that came out of his mouth, made your heart jump quicker than usual. For some reason this giggle made you forget about this situation, you didn’t blush because you are embarrassed, you blushed because he’s so pretty and adorable. You didn’t smile like an idiot because his touch was ticklish, but because his giggles are so marvellous and beautiful to listen to.
Were you falling in love?
“Shut it, Barnes.” You mumbled and grabbed over to him, it was your time to squeeze his side, turning the tables on him. He clutched his side and shouted out a ‘ah!’ before grasping your wrist. It was a reflex of him, he didn’t intend on doing that on purpose and you saw the anxiety in his eyes. You smiled fondly and took the chance to shoot your hand back one again, your fingers twisting into his side when he wasn’t holding onto your wrists strong.
You didn’t want to admit it, but his laughter were music to your ears, maybe your favourite kind of music after Taylor Swift and Harry styles.
“You don’t know what you started here, (y/n).” He warned, a slight smirk tugging on the corners of his lips. Deep down you were excited about this, about having a sweet bond with him, but on the outside you were scared, your facial expression and body language gave away the nervousness.
“What if I do?” You admitted sheepishly, referring on both things, the tickling and the starting bond. You were hoping something would envelope between the both of you, maybe something more serious… doesn’t matter if it takes long or if it happens in two weeks, you were hoping something would happen eventually…
Don’t get me wrong, but this gave me butterflies while writing it. Gosh how much I love Bucky, how much I love the reader and Bucky together and how much I love lee!bucky.
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rain-lavender-rain · 2 days
Quiet Moments with Bucky
Summary: The reader helps Bucky after he comes home from a mission.
Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader
Genre: Fluff, hurt/comfort
Warnings: Mentions of a bit of blood, not detailed a ton, but mentioned.
The living room was dark with only a small (fake) candle on the wooden side table that emitted a soft, orange tinted light.
Bucky quietly entered the space he shared with you, setting down his bag by the front door. The only noise he made was a soft sigh that fell from his lips, that was quickly upturned in a small smile when he heard the soft music playing. That was something you did for him often- left the stereo on at a very low volume playing mostly music that you knew he would have listened to in the 40's. That all started when you were waiting for him to come back from a mission one time, and fell asleep on the couch listening to that very same music because you missed him and it comforted you. He commented on it later on, mentioning how it was nice to come home to something other than silence and racing thoughts.
Bucky figured you had already fallen asleep with how quiet it was. That was confirmed to the soldier once he opened the door and peaked into your room. You were awake enough to hear the door open, though.
"Bucky?" You whispered.
"Yeah, it's me. Go back to sleep." Bucky responded quietly.
"Are you okay?" You asked before he could shut the door.
The hesitation in answering was all that you needed to hear in order for your body to arise from the bed, the bedside lamp to be turned on, and for you to walk towards him quietly. Bucky hadn't moved from the door, but watched you with the same hesitation in his eyes that he also held in his voice.
It didn't take long for your eyes to adjust and allow you to see the gashes and cuts; and those were just the ones you could see that weren't covered up by articles of clothing.
This wasn't the first time something like this had occurred, but when it did, the two of you had fallen into a routine of sorts. Bucky knew what you were going to ask, and what you were going to do. He also knew better than to argue with you or try to fight you on it, especially when he felt so worn out. So, he did what he always did, and followed you to the bathroom to sit on the closed toilet lid.
You grabbed a washcloth and put it under the running water before squeezing it out so it wouldn't drip everywhere. You washed over his right arm where dirt, blood, and grime had collected from his shoulder, down to his hand. You slipped your fingers through his, holding Bucky's hand for a second. You squeezed lightly, letting him know you were there, and it was reciprocated by the man sitting in front of you, as he gave you an even lighter squeeze. Checking over the left arm, nothing seemed to have gathered there for the most part.
Even more gentle than before, you cleaned off the same dirt; some of it red, some of it an ashen brown, from his face. The silence between the two of you was comfortable. There was an unspoken understanding that there could indeed be silence in these types of moments unless the other said they wanted to talk. That understanding you held, Bucky was grateful for.
After tending to all his visible wounds besides one, you grabbed a steri-strip and an alcohol wipe. A quiet sorry was muttered under your breath as you disinfected the split in his left brow, and placed the steri-strip on the gash. It had stopped bleeding for the most part, but you wanted to make sure it healed and didn't get infected- super soldier serum or not.
Bucky never looked at you, only kept his eyes downcast at the floor, but he knew you were there, and you understood that he was mostly present. The squeeze of the hand earlier reassured you of that. Sometimes he wouldn't talk to you much, if at all, until the morning after. However, Bucky would always give you some sort of sign that he was there, and that he understood you were there, too.
The rag was left on the towel bar of the sink, and a new set of clothes was set down on the counter as you exited quietly and shut the bathroom door. That was also an unspoken thing between you two. You would tend to his cuts and scrapes and afterwards, you would leave him the rag if he needed it, along with a fresh pair of clothes he could change into. If Bucky knocked on the door two times, then you would come in and help him get dressed, but tonight, that didn't happen.
So, you waited in your bed with the light still on, as he emerged from the bathroom. Just like clockwork, Bucky laid down next to you and turned out the light. Sometimes you slept in the same bed, but your backs faced each other. Other times the only contact the two of you would have was holding hands, or you would end up cuddling together instead. It was always something you let Bucky initiate after a mission. Tonight, he opted for cuddling, as he reached over and lightly tugged your arm so he could non-verbally tell you that's what he wanted. You moved over and turned on your side, so your head rested on his chest. The sound of his heart beat, slow and steady, along with the warmth of Bucky brought comfort to you. His arm hesitantly rested around you, and a soft kiss was placed on your head, as he whispered. "Thank you."
"Of course." You said, acknowledging his thanks, as a small smile graced your lips before you both fell asleep.
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bingowinteriron · 3 days
Tumblr media
Take a look to see what our amazing creators were up to this first week of the WinterIron Bingo!
You have until April 10th to sign up to get your own custom card. We'd love for you to join us!
March 10 - 17, 2023
Tumblr media
Taking Care of Daddy by Aralia Tutela (TheologyDiscography)
Rating: M
Tags: Daddy Kink, Blowjobs, Handjobs
Summary: Bucky wasn't expecting the word 'daddy' to have such an effect on Tony, but he wasn't going to argue with the results.
Tumblr media
They said We Wouldn’t Make it to Year One by Pandagirl45
Rating: E
Tags: Archive Warnings Do Not Apply, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics Alpha/Alpha Scenting Sex Knotting
Summary: Bucky reflects on his life with a stubborn Alpha, that came into his life like a whirlwind, the obstacles that met them over the course of six years.
Tumblr media
Nothing But You by scottxlogan @scottxlogan
Rating: M
Tags: Hopeful Ending, Angst, Cheating, Implied/Referenced Sex, Swearing, Adult Content, Past Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Past Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, Past Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, past Tony Stark/Emma Frost - Freeform, Steve Rogers/Emma Frost - Freeform, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Library, Mutual Pining, Past Relationship(s), Bachelor Parties, Past Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Summary: Bucky's best friend Steve is getting married to the girl of his dreams and Bucky is playing his part as best man for the pre-wedding festivities. As Bucky works towards putting together the events leading up to the big day, Steve makes a request from his best friend that brings Bucky's secret past back to haunt him. When Tony Stark rolls into town it opens the door to a yearning that Bucky promised himself he would never return to again. Faced with temptation in Tony's arrival, Bucky finds himself fighting his forbidden attraction to the one man that years earlier Bucky told himself that he could learn to live without.
Tumblr media
On Your Knees For Me by Aralia Tutela (TheologyDiscography)
Rating: E
Tags: Rape/Noncon (Consensual Nonconsent) Hydra Trash Party Roleplay
Summary: Bucky is in the last place he'd wanted to be, waiting to be used and abused, again. But maybe it'll be okay, because his Commander is here.
Or, a scene gets much more intense than the three of them were expecting.
Tumblr media
Takin’ What They’re Givin’ (‘Cause I’m Workin’ for a Livin’) – Chapter 6: Mission 5: Give A Little Bit - Part One by PoliZ
Rating: E
Tags: Sex Work, Camboy, Identity Porn, Iron Man Tony Stark/Modern Bucky
Summary: Bucky takes on a new mission with Tony, who after reaching out for a friendly chat, makes a suggestion right out of a movie.
Tumblr media
Weekly round-ups will be posted every Saturday at noon ET!
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takenbypeter · 14 hours
Magic Fort
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 389
Tumblr media
Inhale, hold it…then exhale.
Bucky breathed in and out a couple times, while he stood outside your bedroom door. Today was…not one of his best days and all he wanted to do was cuddle with you and rest. He didn’t know how long he stood there but when he decided he was ready he knocked on your door, to which you quickly opened.
“Buck, perfect timing, I’m almost done,” you said tugging him inside.
Leaving him at the entrance you move to grab a couple more pillows from your floor.
Bucky’s eyes followed you for a moment, watching as you placed the pillows around a makeshift fort.
“What’s all this?” He asked, eyeing the different colored blankets that lay all around the room. Finished setting up, you turned back to him, “well, when you messaged me that you were having a rough day it got me thinking what I could do to make it better, and…” you open your hands showing off the colorful fort that you’ve created.
“Come on in,” you added before getting on your knees and crawling underneath the covers.
Bucky stood outside and looked to the side, in all honesty Bucky thought the idea was completely mindless, but still he dropped on all fours and followed after you.
Finding you already laid flat on your back he found his spot beside you and laid down and stared up.
“And now for the best part.”
With some movements you shut the lights off and turned a switch on the device beside you and in a moment the tent was filled with little stars emitting from a projector. After setting it all up you got comfortable again beside him and you two gazed up at the lights.
“You know when I was younger and I would get into a bad mood, my mom and I used to make blanket forts. It would always just make things…better. But then again maybe it was the chocolate that she’d always get me,” you add with a laugh.
Bucky grins staring up at the lights while you quiet down looking up as well. You snuggle up to him comfortably while he lets out a breath.
The stars, the blankets, the warmth from you. It did make him feel better. Turns out the whole fort thing wasn’t the silliest idea after all.
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