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Natasha, whispering: Y/N, please, no one knows we're dating.
Clint, walking by: Yes, we do.
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Y/n walking in looking sickly
Tony: Kid what the hell happened?!
Y/n: I went for a walk
Nat: A walk?! You look half dead
Y/n: yeah well my lovely parasite was hungry and we walked past some homeless guys and the rest is history
Venom: They were delicious! A little off smelling but not bad!
Y/n: For the love of god shut the hell up for once in your miserable existence!
Venom:…Are you mad at me?
Y/n: I just want you to stop shouting
Venom: Okay only until you’re happy again
Y/n: Thank you
Tony: What’s happening?
Nat: They’re having a moment
Y/n: I’m gonna lie down in my room, is Wanda around?
Nat: She’s waiting for you in your room
Y/n: Okay cool
Venom: Are we seeing Wanda?! I love Wanda!
Y/n: Well the quiet didn’t last long
Venom: Let’s go! *drags your body towards your room*
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This whole thing is feeling like Jim and Pam
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: you're in love with your best friend. She has a boyfriend.
A/N: If the title was enough for you to know what's this about, let me give you a hug :)
Words: 3231
Tumblr media
Wanda was amazing.
You knew that very well.
She was kind, funny, talented, smart, friendly and beautiful.... Really, really, really beautiful.
She was your best friend. Since kindergarten you two were inseparable.
But only on the early months of high school you started to develop deeper feelings for her.
You'd spend hours thinking about her eyes. Ohh those green eyes you could get lost in. Found yourself daydreaming about her smile, her laugh, and the way her nose scrunch from time to time.
She was just perfect in every way.
But you didn't dare to tell her, too afraid that your feelings might not be reciprocated. You couldn't lose her. That was the last thing you wanted.
And to be honest, you felt like it wasn't necessary, she was your best friend, always caring and supportive, all the time by your side. Wanda was a lovely person, very affectionate with all the people around her. But specially with you, she was always very touchy, telling you beautiful things and making sure you were feeling okay.
And that worked for you. At least for two semesters.
Vision got transferred to your school on the third semester, and despite being a shy, quiet guy, he got all the attention by being the new kid. And also by being Tony Stark's cousin.
That semester you didn't shared many classes with Wanda (barely three). But Vision did. And of course, Wanda being the warm person she was, didn't hesitate on welcoming him to school.
That's how your nightmare begun.
After the first two weeks of interaction between them, everything Wanda talked about was Vision.
"Did you know Vision was home schooled his whole life?"
"He's also in the debate club now, we're both working together"
"He knows how to play the piano, he said he would teach me someday"
"Vision told me he spoke french, can you believe it?"
Vision this. Vision that. Uggh, you grew tired of listening to his name.
But being her best friend, it was normal for her to share that part of her life with you. And you were very good at hiding your distaste, because she never noticed it.
Four months later she stopped talking so often about him. Suddenly the talks about him ceased. You felt relieved to say the least. Even if you would ask about him, she'd change the subject almost immediately, barely answering to your questions.
You thought that whatever that was going on between them was over. So you didn't pushed any further, and stopped bringing him up.
But one week before the christmas break she dropped the bomb.
- I know I wasn't talking about Vision that much, or at least the way I always do. But now I have something important to tell you... The reasons behind this behavior it's that... We've been dating all this time.
Your smile faded that same instance.
- I know, I know, I should've told you since the beginning but he wanted to keep it private.
You nodded, still dumbfounded.
- Okay... - you said almost in a whisper - So, what changed, why are you telling me this now?
Your hands were shaking, and you could feel your heart skipping like crazy.
She smiled widely.
- Yesterday he asked me to be his girlfriend.
Oh no. No, no, no.
- And I said yes. He's my boyfriend now.
Did you hear that? It was the sound of your heart breaking.
The girl of your dreams, the love of your life was dating someone else.
You were in love with your best friend, but she had a boyfriend now.
- So what do you say Y/N? - she asked you.
You blinked a couple of times before returning your attention back to her.
- Amm...
What were you supposed to say?
"Please break up with him because I fell in love with you"
" That's not fair, I was in love with you first"
"I feel like vomiting"
No, you couldn't say that. You would never jeopardize her happiness.
So you put on your pants and faked a smiley face.
- I'm sorry, that was a lot of information to process, but I'm really happy for you Wands, I hope he makes you really happy.
She smiled and hugged you.
- Thank you Y/N, i was really nervous to tell you, but now I know everything is fine.
You hugged her back.
- Everything is fine - you replied.
Vision suddenly appeared after that and you congratulated him. Not missing the opportunity to warn him.
- You know Vision, I hope you make her really happy, treat her the way she deserves. And If I get to know that, somehow, she isn't happy, or that you made something stupid that hurt her, or if you directly break her heart... I will haunt you down, so you better take care of my bestie....
Both, Wanda and Vision laughed a little. They thought you were half joking, but deep down, you knew you meant it. You would never let someone hurt Wanda.
- I promise Y/N, i will treat Wanda as the princess she is - he said.
- Aww Vis...
She kissed his cheek and you knew you weren't ready to watch them.
- Eww, gross - you said - I better leave now, I don't wanna third wheel in here.
Again, they laughed. And again, you weren’t joking.
-Okay, see you later Y/N - Wanda said, hugging you one last time.
You bid your goodbyes and went straight home. That afternoon you cried your heart out for hours, basically until you fell asleep.
The first weeks were weird for you, Wanda never had any other boyfriends before, so this situation was new for the two of you. The dynamic changed, and even when she still made time for you, she was still in bliss with Vision, and would spend all the possible time with him.
As time passed, you noticed Vision kept up with his promise on treating her right. But if you were honest, you knew you would be a better partner for her.
Vision wasn't bad (not a total asshole, luckily), but from your perspective he was taking Wanda for granted. The way he treated her was normal, good, average.
And Wanda deserved much more than just average.
She deserved the whole world. You would put the universe at her feet if you could.
But Vision, that guy was doing the bare minimum. Wanda used to tell you everything about her relationship. Sometimes that was bad. Sometimes that was good.
You knew, first handed, that sometimes he ditched her to go out with his friends, even when they had agreed on a date. He would ask Wanda to go to her football games, but he didn't attend to her music recitals.
And yes, they were still kissing, and holding hands at school, going on dates. He was still giving her flowers, showing her off to everyone, proudly being her boyfriend.
And you trusted him enough to know he wouldn't cheat on her.
But still, you knew you could be better.
You would attend to each and every single one of her recitals, you would even wait for her at her rehearsals. Damm it, you did it. As her best friend you always waited for her after school. You took her home every afternoon, even if you had to go back to yours later.
You drove her to school every morning, patiently waiting for her to get ready. Vision said she always took too much time, so it was better to meet at school.
You would even go with her to walk her dog. She told you Vision wasn't "a dog person", so he didn't like touching her little dog.
Even Pietro, her twin brother, told you you were better for her one morning before leaving for school when you two were talking outside.
- I always thought you and my sister would end up together.
-What? - you asked, thinking you heard wrong - Why?
- Well, I thought you liked her, I mean, you have a really special bond, and I know she loves you too much... But maybe I was wrong.
You gulped, still freaking out.
- Yeah, maybe you were wrong.
He looked at you, analyzing you for a few seconds.
- But you know, high school relationships never last long... Perhaps, there's still a chance if you two take it.
Suddenly Wanda came out from the house and Pietro winked at you before leaving. He had a scholarship on a private school thanks to his athletic skills, that guy ran as fast as the light, so he didn't attend the same school as you and Wanda.
Under that circumstances high school years passed, and without even thinking about it, you were about to go to college.
Vision and Wanda had their ups and downs, but were still together.
And you were even more in love with her.
Everything was normal, although you noticed slightly changes in Wanda's behavior. She seemed a little less cheerful than before. But maybe that was just you.
You and Wanda always talked about going to NYU together. You also liked UCLA as well, but New York and Wanda sounded like a better idea.
Then she mentioned Vision was also thinking in NYU.
That made you second guess your decision, maybe UCLA was better for you. But no, you couldn't abandoned Wanda, she was happy that her best friend and her boyfriend would be with her.
You still had time to think about it though.
Prom got closer as the days went by, and you didn't know who you would ask to be your date.
You thought that, Wanda would go with Vision. But then she mentioned that his parents were hosting a dinner for him that same night, and that he asked her to be there.
- But you love prom, that's something you've been dreaming since freshman year... - you told her.
- I know, but he's my boyfriend Y/N, and it's a special night for him.
- It's a special night for you too Wands. Why don't you two come to the prom, and then you go to dinner the next day. The dinner can be any other day, but you can't move prom night...
- His parents settle the day, he didn't like the idea of coming anyways...
- But Wanda that's not fair.
- Well, I like the idea of spending that night with my boyfriend, so I'm happy about it too - she said, and you noticed an irritated tone in her voice.
- Are you sure?
- Yes Y/N, I'm sure, if you excuse me I need to go find Vision now.
She left you alone in the bench without saying goodbye.
From that day on things between you felt odd. But you were still picking her up for school and driving her home everyday.
Pietro told you he wasn't happy with his sister's decision on not attending to prom. But you already had gave up on that topic, so you just listened to him.
- By the way, who are you going with? Did you ask somebody? Or did somebody ask you?
You sighed.
- Well, your sister would've been my first choice if Vision didn't attend, but with this situation I don't know, maybe Kate Bishop, she's a really good friend too.
- Ohh, is Y/N going for something special with the archer girl?
- Oh stop it, she's just my friend, I like her but not that way.
- But you do like her...
- Pietro..
- Who do you like? - suddenly Wanda's voice interrupted you.
- Oh, no one, Pietro just like to tease.
- Yeah sure, I just like to tease...
You and him laughed, but Wanda seemed still confused.
- Whatever, let's go Wanda, it's gonna be late.
She went silent the whole way to school, and the moment you parked she just stepped out of the car and said thank to you. You didn't see her for the rest of the day.
That same week you prepared your promposal for Kate and asked her to be your date. She excitedly said yes, and hugged you in front of everyone watching.
In the afternoon, Wanda finally broke the silence on your way back home.
- So you and Kate huh?
- Amm yes, she's one of my closest friends and I wanted to be with someone I feel comfortable with the whole night.
- Hmm, that sounds nice, she's pretty and funny.
- I know, she's the perfect date.
- Why didn't you tell me before? That you were going to ask Kate.
You looked at her confused.
- Well, we haven't had talked that much this week, and I wasn't sure If I would do it until I just did it.
She nodded and looked through the window.
- I've been talking with Vision, about the prom situation and we decided to go to the prom, only for an hour or so, and then leave to have dinner with his parents.
- Oh, that's nice Wanda, it will be awesome to have you there.
- Yeah, that way I can go to prom and he gets his dinner. Everyone happy.
- Yep, everyone happy.
The awaited prom night finally came, you picked up Kate from her house, had nice pretty prom photos taken and had a lot of fun dancing and chatting with your friends.
Wanda and Vision were there as they promised, and since the moment Wanda stepped in the room you couldn't help but stared at her as if she was the only girl in the world.
Her beautiful black dress and her pinned hair did nothing but make her look even more beautiful (if that was possible).
Vision wasn't in the mood for dancing, so Wanda danced with you and your friends the whole time. You felt anger towards him. How could he do that to Wanda? You were dying for having a dance just with her and he wasn't even looking at her.
You felt crowded out of the sudden, so you excused yourself to Kate, telling her you needed to catch some air, and left the room.
Wanda noticed this and followed you right after.
You were standing in an empty hall when she found you.
- Are you okay Y/N? I saw you walking out of the room.
You were a little surprised to see she followed you. But answer with a little smile.
- Yes, I'm fine, it's just I needed some fresh air, it was getting a little bit crowded in there.
- Oh but are you alright? Are you feeling down?
- Oh no, I'm great, just needed some space. Why don't you go back? You were having fun.
- No, actually I was coming to say goodbye, Vision and I are leaving in a few minutes.
You frowned.
-Are you actually leaving? You're having so much fun in there.
- I know but I promised Vision to go to his dinner. Also his parents will be there, I can't cancel them last minute.
- Why not? He canceled you last minute like a thousand times, why can't you take one night to yourself? - you asked slightly annoyed. Wanda deserved to enjoy her prom night, and Vision was taking it away from her.
- Why are you bringing that up? - she asked, also annoyed - Just because he failed sometimes doesn't mean he's a bad person.
- I'm not saying he's a bad person, I'm saying he's a bad boyfriend.
- What? How can you say that? Have you been hating him this whole time?
At this point the both of you were raising your voice tone.
- Yes, I hate whenever he made you feel bad just because he didn't know how to treat you. And I hate that you always forgave him, never realizing that he doesn't deserve you Wanda. Damm it! He's even forcing you to leave your own prom night!
- Are you serious? I'm telling you I want to go, yes I'm having fun but... He needs me.
- I'm your best friend, I need you too, I wanted this to be a special night for us but now you only care about Vision. I tried to be nice to him, but now I like him less and less everytime.
- He doesn't like you either... - she said seriously.
- What?
- He doesn't like you either Y/N, he had always thought that you liked me, that you were in love with me.
Your heart was rushing, and a sudden blushed invaded your face.
- I told him he was wrong, we're only friends. But he never said something mean about you, why are you so against him?
You were still in shock.
- Y/N? Why do you dislike Vision so much?
Your mind was working too fast. He knew, he knew you liked his girlfriend. Maybe this was the proper time to come clean, to try your chance with her. Or maybe it wasn't. Your brain was having a several short-circuit, and before you even though about it, the words came out of your mouth.
- He's right - you said - I love you Wanda, I've been loving you for years.
Wanda could swear the world stopped moving for a second.
- What?
- He's right Wanda, I'm in love with you - you repeated - I'm really sorry if that's weird for you to hear but... And I know it's a really bad timing but I needed you to know.
She looked straight into your eyes, looking for any sign of that being a joke. But she only found your attentive gaze on her, waiting for an answer.
- Y/N... Why are you doing this? You know I... - she seemed nervous and shocked - I can't, he's there and...
- Don't leave Wanda, stay with me.
You saw she was processing everything. A little part of your soul hoped she would nod her head and kiss you, telling you she was in love you with too. But your realistic part took the hit sooner. She was stepping back.
- I'm sorry, I need to go, he's waiting for me.
- Wanda.... - you tried to stop her, but she turned around and started to walk away.
- I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea... That's probably my fault.
- It's not your fault - you said - I'm sorry if I messed things up, I'm so sorry.
She didn't hear that last part, as she was already out of your sight.
You stayed there in the empty hall for twenty minutes. You told everything to Kate and she suggested you to go back home. You didn't want to leave her all alone, but she assured you she would be okay with the rest of your friends so you gave in and left.
You were miserable.
She didn't love you.
She didn't choose you.
The next day she posted a picture of her and Vision at the prom and you knew there wasn't anything you could do.
That week you sent your application letter to the UCLA.
You needed to move on, and you definitely wouldn't apply to the same school as Wanda and her boyfriend.
She made a choice. And that wasn't you.
You had no future in New York.
You had no future with Wanda.
I know Pietro, she's great but, she's my best friend - Wanda said to her brother, tears dried all over her cheeks - I just never thought she would feel the same way. I didn't know what to say, I just wanted to run. Now I think it's all messed up, it's too late. There's nothing left to do. She probably hates me. But... I think I'm still in love with her.
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Wanda comes down the stairs…
Wanda: ready for the kids’ magic show?
Y/N: well you’re performing a magic trick right now. You look ravishing.
Wanda: got to look good for when the boys saw me in half.
Y/N: then you’re outfit would be half off.
Wanda: you take the other half off tonight, detka (winks)
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Prompt - ‘And I couldn't be sure I had a feeling so peculiar this pain wouldn't be for evermore.’
You and Matt had been sitting together on his rooftop, neither of you donned your costumes, content to just sit together under the mid-morning sun, your hands playing with Matt’s and sharing soft kisses. It wasn’t until you pulled away that you saw, off in the distance, a spaceship suddenly appear, the round ship causing your eyes to widen as you listened to Matt and headed downstairs into the apartment, switching on the TV you insisted he have and watching the events play out.
The Avengers, or whatever was left of the Avengers honestly you weren’t sure who was a member and who wasn’t anymore, seemed to have it covered. There was footage of a wizard or two who you didn’t know, Tony Stark was there and you recognised Bruce Banner, then there were the aliens. Whilst there was no sound you could see one of them talking, Tony Stark not looking impressed and cutting him off before the wizards used their powers and suddenly they were fighting.
“Hey, is that Spidey?” You grinned at Matt when you saw a familiar figure swing into frame and Matt raised an eyebrow at you before shaking his head.
“Isn’t this above Spider-Man’s paygrade?” Matt groaned and you laughed before turning back to the screen.
Both of you knew Spider-Man fairly well at this point, neither you or Matt had shared who you were under your masks and neither had Spidey but sometimes he swung by the Kitchen and he was always fun to fight alongside.
You continued to watch the screen, narrating what was going on as it happened, laughing about how insane the camera people were, literal aliens were tearing the streets of New York apart and they were still getting the money shot.
“Wait…” You said, sitting straighter in your seat and leaning forward, Matt raising an eyebrow as he waited for you to continue. “Spider-Man’s on the spaceship…and the spaceship’s gone.”
“Spider-Man was on it?” Matt asked, feeling a wave of worry for the kid because at the end of the day that’s all he was, a kid who put way too much responsibility on his shoulders.
“Iron Man’s heading up too so he should be good.” You said, leaning back into the sofa and letting out a deep breath before cuddling into Matt’s chest, his arm going around your shoulders.
“Aliens.” You grimaced, years of living in New York, years of playing vigilante and you still didn’t think you’d ever get used to everything that happened here.
“Let’s just hope they don’t come back.” Matt chuckled as he pulled you closer, placing a kiss to your head and you nodded before reaching over to turn the TV off, not needing to see reruns of the fight.
It was only a few hours later, you and Matt were back on his rooftop, Matt was talking about the people of New York and what they were doing. It was amazing how everybody was able to simply snap back and carry on with their lives like aliens hadn’t invaded this morning. It was truly ridiculous really and you couldn’t help but smile as you cuddled into Matt who was telling you about a business meeting happening right next to the clean up where cars had been tossed around the streets.
“There’s a school field trip, not too far away, a bunch of kids at MOMA still talking about the spaceship whilst their teacher tries to get them to focus on the trip.” Matt told you as he ran his fingers through your hair, yours trailing along his stomach. “He’s not having much luck.”
“Aliens invade the Earth and everything continues on as normal.” You laughed softly and felt more than heard Matt’s chuckle as it rumbled in his chest. “I think I’ll stick to criminals and the occasional ninja.”
“Not ready to take on the aliens yet? Join the Avengers?” Matt asked and you turned to muffle a laugh into his chest causing his smile to widen.
“I think I’ll stick to our little corner of Hell’s Kitchen, leave the aliens to someone else.” You said because as much as you liked fighting at Spider-Man’s side, especially on the few occasions you’d joined in a bigger fight, you couldn’t stomach the thought of going up against aliens, against powers you knew nothing about.
“Yeah,” Matt sighed softly, tilting your head back gently with the hand in your hair. “I like our little corner.”
You smiled into the kiss as Matt leaned down and you met him half way, the kiss wasn’t hurried, there was no urgency in it. It was soft and lazy, both of you taking your time, not in any rush, both content in each other’s arms.
It was only when Matt pulled away with a frown did you feel a sense of urgency, not quite sure why yet but if Matt was making that face then something was definitely wrong. He stayed silent for a few moments, crease apearing in between his eyebrows as he tilted his head, listening for something you couldn’t hear and you hoped it was just him deciding if a situation needed Daredevil’s intervention.
But when Matt shot up into a sitting position, forcing you up with him from your spot on his chest, you panicked. Matt’s face had gone pale, paler than you’d ever seen with the only exception being when he’d lost too much blood. His head tilted further to the side like he was straining to hear something before his mouth fell open with a silent gasp and you could see his eyes widen.
You trusted Matt’s judgement and for him to look this scared, this worried and confused then you knew you should be scared too.
“Matt, what’s happening?” You asked and it seemed to pull Matt’s attention back to you, shaking his head almost in disbelief but he didn’t answer for a long moment. You could tell he wasn’t ignoring your question, could see the way his mouth opened and closed but nothing came out. “Matt please, you’re scaring me.”
“Something’s wrong.” He told you, his head shifting in every direction like he was hearing too much at once. “The city, it’s…”
In all the time you’d known Matt, from first time meeting him when you were both hidden under your masks to the time you’d spent together as Matt and Y/N, you’d never seen him like this before.
It was terrifying.
“Matt, please tell me what’s happening.” It had to be the aliens, it was the only explanation but you couldn’t see any giant spaceships, no aliens ascending from the sky. As you glanced around it just looked like a regular day.
“It’s, I don’t know, it’s like people are disappearing. I can’t hear- Y/N, I can’t hear their heartbeats, they’re just gone, they’re going out.” Matt told you, turning his attention back to you as his voice trailed into a whisper and you stared back at him with wide eyes.
“What do you mean, gone?” You asked as a wave of anxiety flooded through you and Matt shook his head, turning back towards the streets as he listened.
“I don’t know, I just-” Matt began but cut himself off, his head snapping around to face you, wearing an expression you’d only ever seen once on his face.
It was the expression he wore when you had been shot, he could hear everything and he barely got you to Claire before your breaths came few and far between. Claire had barely managed to bring you back to him but you still remembered that haunted look on his face and swore you’d be more careful because you never wanted to see it again.
And now here it was and you didn’t know why.
Not until you looked down anyway, a strange sensation running through your body and you let out a panicked cry as you saw your hand breaking off and separating into tiny specks of dust.
“No, no, no..” Matt’s voice had you snapping your head up to look at him, tears stinging at your eyes and you could see them pooling in his.
“Matt, what’s happening to me?” You asked, the tears slipping down your cheeks and Matt let out a choked sobbed, pulling you into his arms, holding you tightly like he could keep you in one piece. “Matt, I’m scared.”
“No, no, shh, you’re ok, you’re ok.” Matt murmured, his lips finding their way to your forehead, letting them linger there and you could feel his tears wetting your skin.
“Matt, plea…” Your voice trailed off into nothing and Matt was slumping over, you suddenly not in his arms and your breathing, your sobs, your heartbeat was just gone, like it hadn’t been there to begin.
The tears fell past Matt’s eyes, heartbroken sobs leaving him as he stayed hunched over on the roof of his building and as he cried he heard so many in the city doing the exact same thing whilst more and more heartbeats faded into nothing.
The Blip.
That’s what they were calling the damn thing. The thing that took you had a name and Matt despised it.
It had been eight months, eight months since that warm, sunny day in spring, eight months since you had been taken from him. Now it was November, the sky was grey and Matt could still hear the fear in your voice as you pleaded with him. Eight months without you, eight months where he had become nothing but a shell of himself.
Eight months of replaying every memory he had of you because the thought of forgetting you sent an ache through his heart. Eight months of thinking about all the words he should have said to you, words he would never get to say to you.
Matt stood by the window, the weather seemed to match his mood. He could hear the rain smacking against the window and the pavement, could hear the rumble of thunder, could feel the coldness on his skin but he didn’t care.
He’d been numb since that day all those months ago. At first he put on the Daredevil suit every day and found bad guys to take his anger, his pain, out on. Frank’s words had run heavy in his head, letting him know he was only one bad day away from being him and Matt knew he was right, he just didn’t think the bad day that would push him over the edge would be losing you.
It had seemed so unimaginable months ago that it never even crossed his mind. When you put on your mask you were always with him, fighting side by side, he always had your back so he knew you’d be safe.
But now you were gone and Matt was left alone. It had been months since he put the suit on, it didn’t feel right anymore, like it suddenly didn’t fit but he knew it was because you weren’t there with him. Daredevil had worked alone for so long before you showed up but then you had refused to leave and he found he actually liked working with you.
Matt couldn’t even remember why he used to put on the suit, couldn’t remember what he used to fight for. Everything seemed so pointless without you. How was he expected to just go on about his life? How could he pretend that he was ok when he felt like a piece of him had been ripped away?
He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t fake it until it didn’t hurt anymore because it would always hurt, he knew the pain and heartbreak and the rage he felt would be for evermore.
Somehow five years passed, five long painful years. Matt was surprised he was still alive in all honesty because he had completely lost himself. Considering how reluctant he had been to let you into his life at all back in those early days, he had to hand it to you, you really had wormed your way deep into his life, entwining yourself around every part of it and making it impossible for him to move on.
Not that I ever tried to move on, Matt mused to himself as he walked the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. He was practically catching his death, the cold was bitingly chilly and the rain was almost painful but still he hadn’t bothered to grab a coat on his way out of the door. He just needed to be out of the apartment.
What had once been an empty place had been filled with lots of little trinkets and all the things that made it feel like a home. Sometimes Matt thought about moving, there was too much you in the apartment but ultimately he never did, he couldn’t leave behind something that was a part of you.
It had been five years and Matt hated himself for forgetting the sound of your laughter, he hated that he knew your favourite song but couldn’t remember how you sounded as you sung it whilst dancing around his kitchen, he hated that his sheets and his sweaters didn’t smell like you anymore.
It had been five years since you died and five years since Matt Murdock became a ghost, still alive but really he had died that day with you. Some days he thought about doing it, about ending his pain but he could never do it, catholic guilt and all that.
He knew he’d feel this loss until he took his last breath and some days he longed to put the suit back on, to pick a fight and not fight like he used to, to let the other guy get the hits in until Matt felt himself slipping away from the world.
It was tempting but he couldn’t bring himself to do that either. So instead he was doomed to this life, for the pain to last for evermore.
He was so lost in thought that he missed it at first. It wasn’t until he bumped into somebody that definitely hadn’t been there moments before that he took notice, his eyes widening, breath catching as he heard it.
Heartbeat after heartbeat, it was almost overwhelming and Matt couldn’t stop the strangled sob that left him. More and more heartbeats returned, Matt could hear every single one of them, could hear the excited yells and confused murmurs.
It had been five years, five long, lonely, heartbreakingly exhausting years since you died. Five years since Matt Murdock last felt happy but here in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen a grin broke out across his face, tears pouring from his eyes and he didn’t hesitate to turn around.
He ran, he ran like his life depended on it because it did. As he got closer to the apartment he paused, nearly tripping himself up because there, that was a heartbeat Matt Murdock knew, one he had forgotten the sound of but now he heard it again it was hard to remember how he could have ever forgotten.
He kept running, he ran all the way up the stairs and through his apartment before he was on the roof and there you were. It was really you.
“Matt?” You asked and Matt felt his knees buckle beneath him, barely managing to hold himself upright as he forced his feet to move towards you.
He had to know you were real and when he lifted his hand and cupped your cheek he couldn’t stop the heaving sobs that escaped him and he buried his face against your neck, holding you tightly against him.
“Hey, it’s alright, you’re ok.” You murmured, rubbing your hand up and down his back whilst the other wrapped around his waist. “You’re ok, what happened?”
You didn’t know, Matt thought. He had gone through the worst five years of his life and you had no idea what had happened. Matt was going to have to be the one to explain that five years had passed without you, that the world had somehow carried on without you.
But that didn’t matter right now, Matt wasn’t sure he was capable of words at that moment. The tears and sobs weren’t slowing down but he didn’t care, it had been so long, so damn long, he never thought he’d have you back and now that you were here Matt was never letting you go again.
“Matt, baby,” You whispered, kissing his hair and pulling him closer.
You were so painfully confused, mind fuzzy and unable to remember anything. One minute it was sunny and you had been on the roof with Matt, the next it was pouring down and Matt was nowhere to be seen. You’d only been out in the rain for a few moments before Matt had burst onto the roof like a mad man, staring straight at you like you were a ghost.
“Hey baby, can we go inside, I don’t want you to get sick.” You said softly, noticing how pale Matt had been before he hid himself away in your neck. You had seen the dark circles that were practically black eyes and how gaunt his features were, it looked like you weren’t the only ghost on the roof.
Matt didn’t say anything for a long moment but then he nodded into your neck, placing a kiss to your skin causing you to shiver before he pulled away, his hand coming up to cup your cheek again and he brought your foreheads together.
“I’ve missed you so much.” He whispered brokenly and despite having no clue what was going on you felt your heart break for him.
It wasn’t long before the two of you were in dry clothes and Matt had you tucked under the covers on the bed, pulling you against his chest and holding you tightly in his arms, terrified that you’d disappear again.
“Think you can tell me what’s going on now?” You murmured as your fingers drew random shapes into his chest, from where you lay you could feel Matt’s heart hammering against his chest and though he had managed to stop the sobs there were still tears falling down his face.
It wasn’t long before you were in the same position, tears pouring down your cheeks as you held Matt close to you, heart breaking as you listened to him describe what had happened five years ago and all the time in between. Hearing how lost, how broken and lonely he was, hearing that he had been ready to join you years ago, God you were a sobbing mess by the time he was done and the two of you could do nothing but cry and hold each other close.
And yet even with the tears falling down his face Matt felt better than he had in years, somehow you were back from the dead and he would never take a single day for granted again. Matt had thought for sure the rest of his life would be filled with pain and nothing else, yet here you were and Matt knew the pain wouldn’t be for evermore.
Tumblr media
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juiles · 3 days
Can you do reader is Natasha and Wanda's daughter and is secretly dating peter parker, and the found out
I hope this lives up to your expectations!
The best moms in the multiverse.
Summary: in the ask.
Type: fluff.
Triggers: mentions of hydra.
Tumblr media
Growing up in the compound was amazing. You had spent the last 12 years of your life there after your moms adopted you at 3 years old. You were the kid of a high up in the rankings, Hydra couple and the first three years you spent being tested on and learning to fight. You were supposed to be Hydras greatest weapon as you had the DNA of Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff in you.
When you were rescued by the Avengers, they did a DNA test on you to see if they could find your biological parents and they did. It just happened to be a couple inside the tower. Natasha and Wanda were ecstatic to have a kid together as they always wanted a family together. You were a very happy kid after that.
You were so very loved. The whole team took on different roles in your life. You loved having your moms most though. They were your best friends. Natasha and Wanda snuggled you to sleep every night, even when on missions, you always had either one of them until you were 10 then one of your aunts or uncles were always there.
As you grew up, you became best friends with Peter Parker, MJ and Ned. The 4 of you were inseparable and you were always found somewhere in the compound playing games then as you get older, video games and reading. Around 6 months ago, Peter asked you out in a date. You said yes and for the last 6 months, you two had been secretly dating without Tony (Peters pseudo dad) or your moms knowing.
You were sat on the couch, both of your moms, Tony and most of your uncles were out on a mission. Pepper was left with you two however, she had run out to a last minute meeting, leaving the two of you alone in the compound.
You had your legs curled up underneath you while your head was against Peters chest with his arms wrapped around you. You were watching a movie and you had fallen asleep. Peter shifted so you were laying on top of him and he threw a blanket over the two of you before falling asleep himself.
You woke up feeling a pair of hands running through your auburn hair and you smiled softly as you woke up. “Mornin’ Pete…” You muttered into his chest before you felt his hands wrap around your waist tighter making you realize it wasn’t his hand in your hair, rather the soft hands that belonged to your magic wielding mother. You froze slowly looking up to look into the green eyes of the witch.
“Hi mom…” You said quietly before your heard a cough and your head whipped around to face your assassin of a mother. “Mama! Hey!” You said quickly whipping up out of Peters arms. “You’re home from the mission early!”
“Yeah. We finished early so figured we would take our darling daughter out for a special breakfast.” Wanda said with a smirk, her Sokovian accent out on full display, showing her strong emotions.
“Instead, we found her, shirtless, laying on top of her best friend on the couch with hickeys on her neck.” Natasha finished, her classic hard glare out, an eyebrow raised, her arms crossed against her chest. “Parker. Pepper and Tony are waiting in the lab.” She said swiftly making the boy jump up and run off.
“Mama i can explain!” You said raising your hands before her hard glance shot to you You instantly curled up in on yourself biting your lip.
Wanda sat beside you on the couch, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, her thumb rubbing against your arm. “We aren’t mad Detka.” She murmured softly, Nat sat on your other side. “I promise we aren’t. Just confused. You don’t hide things from us so we’re just confused.”
“I didn’t mean-“ You got cut off from a small cough from your mom. “I was worried you wouldn’t be okay with us dating…”
“Why wouldn’t we moya lyubov’? We’ve known Peter forever. We know he’ll treat you right.” Natasha said rubbing your back. She looked up at Wanda shocked when they heard a small sniffle. “Baby. My love. What’s wrong?”
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you!” You broke down sobbing into your hands. “I’m sorry I kept a secret! Please don’t hate me!” Wanda choked on a breath and pulled you so you were curled up on her lap, Natasha squatted in front of you.
“Baby. No one is mad! We aren’t mad at you! Detka we could never hate you!” Natasha said, cupping your cheeks, rubbing a thumb over your cheek, wiping the tears.
“You are our miracle y/n. We could NEVER hate you. Especially not over something this small!” Wanda said smothering your head in kisses.
“P-promise?” You sniffled looking at both your moms with wide eyes. They both instantly smothered you in kisses repeating yes over and over again
After a few minutes of everyone calming down, yky were cuddled up between the two of them on the couch, your head resting on Natasha’s chest, Wanda rubbing your legs. “So… is he good to you?” Natasha asked raising her eyebrow.
“Mama!” You groaned burying your head into her neck more. “Yes… he’s amazing… he’s so nice and sweet and always ALWAYS puts me first. I think i love him… mom how do you know when you’re in love? How did you know you were in love with mama?”
“Love is a weird thing malyshka.” Wanda said rubbing your calves. “Your mama and I were really close as friends. She helped me when i got out of Hydra. We realized our feelings after one of Tony’s parties and she was helping me calm down after a panic attack. I realized that she had been the best thing to happen to me and that I felt butterflies in my stomach when she held my hand or gave me a hug. I started imagining our future together and told her and she said she felt the same. Love can be scary but it’s the best thing in the world.”
“I think i love him mama…” You muttered before looking up at your two moms with a smile that would always brighten their lives. “But, i love my moms more. I have the best moms in the multiverse.”
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angelltheninth · 1 day
Comforting a Touch-Starved Bucky
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, nightmares, PTSD, kissing, soothing kisses, cuddles, late night showers, phantom limb, touch-starved Bucky
A/N: Heh, lets go with some Bucky angst!
Tumblr media
Bucky doesn't like talking about his trauma much, he doesn't want his burden to be yours too
You're something really good in his life that he honestly isn't sure he deserves so he doesn't want to lose you by looking like a complete mess in front of you
He doesn't sleep with his vibranium arm most of the time, he wants you to feel his warm skin when he holds you
Long since mastered silent screaming so he doesn't make a sound when he wakes up from a nightmare
Always kisses your cheek before getting out of bed, it help him ground himself in the here and now rather then dwelling on his nightmare
To clear his head he takes a quick warm shower and can hopefully get back into bed without waking you up
You always turn to kiss his neck in your sleep
There are times when he doesn't even put his arm on around the apartment and he reaches for something with the wrong hand
There's a brief flash on his face before he realizes that he has to grab it with the other hand which leads you to reach for him and kiss the back of his hand, one on each finger knuckle
His fingers flinch against your lips, or tremble would be a better word even though he should be used to this by now
You enjoy working out with him and sparring with him a lot but sometimes you watch from the sides because he gets way into the zone and its fun to watch him
Post shower cuddles aren't even a question for the two of you
Bucky loves to be enveloped in your scent so he sometimes uses your shampoo to wash his hair
There are times when he cranks up the shower so you don't hear how hard he's breathing getting faster ad faster
He hates the moments of weakness he has when you have to wrap your arms around him and be his tender, when he's shaking and trying to remember that he's not a bad person, that he deserves the love you show him, he deserves the good things in life
For this reason he wants to hold you against him whenever he can cuddle with you, whatever it may be, sleeping, watching movies, reading a book, eating, he craves the closeness, comfort and warmth of your touch, of your hand in his, of your lips against his
He can calm down easily when you're around and his nightmares or flashbacks aren't as frequent as they used to be, he thinks its partly because he has you, making every day a little happier then the last
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Tony Stark x reader - meant it
Tumblr media
Tony x Reader - Reader is one of Tony's old MIT friends and at a party, drunk Rhodey tells them about Tony's crush on them or drunk Tony confesses his love - @mxacegrey 💜
You were shocked when you got the invite to the party, but you were excited nonetheless as you got ready and made your way there.
Making your way up, you were amazing at all the people that were actually there.
You knew Tony was really famous now and he hosted a lot of parties, most of the ones that you were in fact invited to, but you were always so busy with work you never had a chance to attend.
“Do my eyes deceive me or is that the great (Y/N) (L/N)?”
Turning around, you smiled brightly at the man and held your arms open, walking over you crushed him into a hug.
Tony picked you up, and twirled you around in the air while you laughed loudly.
Setting you on the ground Tony took your hand and led you to the bar where he poured you a drink.
“You’ve been avoiding my invitations.” He mused.
“Sorry T, I’ve been away recently with work, and I’ve been so busy.” You laughed a little.
Tony hummed, taking a sip from his glass as he stared at you while leaning against the bar.
“You’ve changed so much.” He whispered.
“I’ve changed? Look at you!” You laughed loudly.
Tony chuckled, giving you a small little shrug as he grinned.
You guys spoke for a little while before he had to wondered away, and you watched someone else walked over, leaning against the bar as he smiled at you.
“Rhodey, friend of Tony’s.” He slurred a little.
You smiled, taking a sip from your glaze.
“(Y/N), also friend of Tony’s you smiled.”
You two spoke for a little while and you watched as he struggled to sit up on the bar stool and you couldn’t help but laugh at him.
Getting up, you helped Rhodey sit down before sitting back on your own bar stool.
“Hey.. you wanna know something..?” He whispered.
“Sure.” You smiled.
He leant forward a little and looked around the room before turning around to face you again.
“Tony talks… about you all the time…” he whispered out.
You couldn’t help but smile a little bit and your heart skipped a beat.
“He does…”
Rhodey quickly nodded his head and grinned brightly.
“He’s got a big crush on you~”
You looked away shyly and before you could reply he was quickly dragged away by one of the avengers while Steve smiled softly at you.
“Sorry he’s had a little to much to drink.”
“That’s alright.” You smiled.
You talked to Steve for a little bit and Tony saw you across the room and frowned and stumbled his way over towards you.
He bumped into Steve and pushed him behind him and grinned at you with a flirty grin.
“Can’t have you talking to him.” He grinned.
You hummed a little bit and leant back a little.
“And what’s that?”
“Cause you’re way to hot for him.” He smirked.
Tony took a stepped forward and dipped down, going to kiss you but you brought your hand up covering his mouth and he pulled away.
“Tony, you’re drunk.”
“But I love you.” He pouted.
“You’re drunk Tony. Sorry, this has been a fun party.”
Leaning up, you kissed his cheek and pat his chest before you left the party and went home.
You didn’t hear from the hero for the rest of the night, not until nearly midday the following day.
There was a small knocked on your door and you walked over, opening the door you saw Tony standing on the other side with a sheepish smile on his face as he held out some chocolates.
“What’s this?”
“An apology for last night.” He grinned a little.
Laughing, you stepped aside and let him in and closed the door behind him and set the chocolates aside as you turned around to face him.
Leaning against the wall you watched him for a minute as he looked around the apartment.
“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. You had a little too much to drink it happens.”
Tony turned to face you and shook his head.
“That’s the thing, I meant it.”
“I wasn’t all that drunk (Y/N).”
Tony walked over, placing a hand next to your head as he leant down a little.
“I knew what I was doing…” he whispered.
Tony brushed his lips against yours and you let out a shaky breath.
“I love you, I always have…” he whispered.
Tony leant forward, connecting your lips in a gently kiss. It was unsure, hesitant.
You gripped his jacket between your fingers, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.
Tony smirked and placed his hands on your hips as he pulled you fully against him and you smiled a little as you pulled away slightly for air before going in to kiss him again
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takenbypeter · 3 days
Hello it’s me again! Peter Maximoff x non-mutant reader. Peter is super excited about something and he’s running around the room like a ball in a pinball machine. The reader is trying to grab him so he can explain what it is. When they finally do catch him, Peter hugs them back EXTREMELY tight, trying to “stay still” (boy is probably vibrating). The rest is whatever you come up with. :)
His Excitement Running Strong
Tumblr media
Peter Maximoff x reader
Words: 729
Authors note: well hello again so lovely to see you again and thank you for the request as always, it is always welcome.
Tumblr media
“Peter!” You shouted, poking your head down to peek into his basement before your legs followed. He called you on the phone excitedly, very excitedly, mentioning to come over, because he had big news.
The last time he had “big news” it was nothing more than his favorite game having a new edition. That got him excited but nothing like this. When you called for him down the stairs all you heard was, “you’re here!” Before a gust of wind started traveling around the room.
“Woah,” you exclaimed, breeze immediately passing by you. Peter’s all over the place, practically bouncing off every corner and you can’t even keep up. You try to grab him but of course you’re basically miles off because he’s already moved on by then.
It was at that moment that you wondered if having powers yourself would make this a whole lot easier. Although you didn’t have any powers and couldn’t really catch him, there was still something you could try.
Collecting some nearby shoes and basically whatever you could find, you made a little barrier on the ground. The pla was simple, you were going to make him trip. It was a long shot and no doubt he could just avoid the obstruction but hopefully he’d be too distracted by his big news that he’d just fall right into your trap.
And to your genuine surprise, it worked…maybe a little too well. You watch in shock as he hits the ground harder than you expected.
Dropping onto your knees you turn him over onto his back, “are you okay?” His expression still remained quite happy as he sprung up into a seated position, but before he could make any movement, you wrapped your arms around him, tight. You figured this way if he goes haywire you’ll just go with him.
“Wow, you’re practically vibrating,” you mutter while he imitates your earlier movement, wrapping you into a tighter hug, “don’t let go. If you let go I might not be able to stop.”
“Okay I won’t let go, but what’s got you so excited?” You ask peering up at him. His grin widens revealing most of his teeth and you smile back still confused due to lack of any more information. But luckily you don’t have it wait much longer to get it.
“Charles said you can come see the mansion.”
Your smile dropped, not quite expecting that. “I can come to the mansion?” You repeated, processing his words.
“Yeah, I asked Charles and he was iffy at first but he came up to me later and told me it was alright.”
Your arms loosen around him but he still holds onto you tight, “isn’t that kind of serious? I mean I’m not a mutant or anything.”
“It’s rare, but few non-mutants have seen the place,” his previous expression falls slightly into a forced one as he picks up the expression of concern written on your face, “aren’t you excited?”
Your eyes met his, noticing that your own mood was causing his to falter, “no I am! I mean this is awesome! I’ll get to see a new part of you, the teacher part,” you added rainsing your eyebrows and leaning into him a little, before leaning back again.
“I just…feel a little nervous that’s all. I’ll be the only one there without powers or anything…cool. Won’t it be…awkward?”
“Maybe.” Peter leans back a little to get a better view of you, while you look up, “but I’ll be right there with you, giving you the whole tour, I’ll never leave your side. It’ll be great, I absolutely promise you.” He gave you another squeeze, “I’m so excited for you to see everything.”
You couldn’t fight off the happiness that was spreading off from him again and honestly you were surprised by how enthusiastic he was about the situation especially considering how nonchalant he always acts about the whole being a part of the x-men thing.
But still, his words did reassure you that everything would be fine, and like you said it was a whole new part of him that you’ve never seen before. “I can't wait Peter.”
Sure it may be awkward and you were still anxious, but it was still exciting having him be able to share this part of his life with you and you couldn’t wait to see it.
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buckyalpine · 15 days
Just a Taste
Mob!Steve x f reader x Bodyguard!Bucky
Bucky likes Steve’s wife. This gets nasty. Filthy. Dirty. See you in the next one if this isn't you're thing. 
warnings: SMUT - cuckolding, spitting, cumplay, sub reader, switch Bucky, Dom Steve, the super soldiers are both menaces. Breeding kink, daddy kink, voyeurism, dirty talking 
No thots just:
Every single part of Bucky knew this was wrong. So fucking wrong. Millions, no, billions of women around the world and yet here he was with his cock in his hand, imagining his best friends wife slobbering all over his balls. Every time he told himself this would be the last time, the last time he'd stroke himself, hump himself, make a mess on himself, he'd lose all sense of self-restraint the second his eyes landed on you. 
He didn't understand why. 
Fuck, you were the sweetest thing. 
A doll. 
You didn't lure him into you like a siren. 
You were always so gentle, so soft. You had no business being married to a man like Steve, his world dark and violent. Bucky wasn't selfish but when it came to you? You. It was your softness that he craved. The places his mind would go to, fantasies he wished were a reality. Your pretty mouth would make the sweetest sounds when he impaled you with his cock, your pussy would feed him till he was satiated. 
He came all over himself with a shout, thick ropes of his cum covering his fist, a steady stream dribbling out as he thought of the way you'd look leaking with his seed. You'd look so pretty, so beautiful, gorgeous little cumslut-
Except you weren't.
You were married. Happily married. To his best friend. 
God, how he wished you were a dirty little slut, who'd spread her legs at the snap of his fingers. 
Fuck he wanted it. 
But it was wrong. 
Bucky made his was down the hall, checking his watch to make sure he was on time for a meeting Steve had arranged. He opened the door of the office, his eyes growing wide at the sight before him, soul nearly leaving his body. 
"Shit, s-sorry I'll leave, I thought we had-
"Stay. Close the door" Steve commanded from behind his large desk, cocking at eyebrow when Bucky remained rooted in place. Bucky's body moved on its own, locking the door shut but his brain was yet to catch up, what was happening-
"What's wrong Buck" Steve smirked, his eyes dropping to the brunettes growing bulge, his fingers digging into his palms as he swallowed thickly.
"N-nothing" Bucky shook his head, averting his gaze from where you were splayed on the couch off to the side, clothes ripped into shreds, tossed on the floor, your body glistening with cum; your pussy, thighs, tummy, breasts covered in your husbands silky cream. 
"She's pretty, huh?" Steve broke Bucky out of his trance, palming his own boner, pulling out his over stimulated cock, easily hard again at the sight of you covered in him.
 "I-uh-" Bucky didn't know if this was some type of test but whatever it was, he was failing. Even if his eyes were on the floor, his cock was leaking, a clear wet patch now on the front of his pants, there was no hiding how hard he was. "Um-
"Show her what she does to you" The mob boss gave Bucky a pointed look, smirking in satisfaction at the sound of Bucky's pants unzipping. Bucky hesitantly pulled his cock out, his length throbbing at the needy whimper you let out at the sight of him. 
"Go on, tell her how pretty she is" Steve lazily stroked his own cock while Bucky gripped the base of his length, precum making a silky mess all over his cockhead. 
"She's-oh fuck- she's so pretty" He started to work his length, giving himself long hard strokes, finally looking up at you, a broken moan slipping past his lips. He had to slow himself down as he watched you run your fingers through the mess that covered you, moving your hand to play with yourself, your eyes locked with his. 
"Keep going, tell me what you like about her"
"Steve-" It almost sounded like a warning; he was already holding himself back from jumping on you and now-
"My wifes a little slut, y'know I caught her with her fingers in that pretty pussy once moaning for you" Bucky's eyes grew wide, the blush across his cheeks deepening as you bit your lip, nodding. "So tell her. Tell my little cumprincess all the things you've thought of with her. Give my angel what she wants" 
Bucky tossed his clothes to the floor, before crawling on top of you to straddle your chest, stroking his cock in your face. His tip was dripping, balls tapping against the tip of your nose as he worked his length, moaning, thinking about all the filthy things he'd ever wanted to do to you. 
"Wanted to fuck you so nice baby, stuff my cock in you, make you scream"
You had the most beautiful dazed look on your face, biting your lip, moaning at the delicious heady scent of him, your own arousal making a mess beneath you between your husband and your bodyguard with their cocks out, hard and leaking because of you. 
"Stroked my cock thinking about you just like this, made a mess all over my bed, got all my sheets soaked with cum wishing I was balls deep in your pussy baby-oh fuck-" Bucky nearly choked when he felt your soft tongue brush over his sensitive  tip, blinking up and him innocently, sticking your tongue out for more.
Greedy baby. 
You gave the head of his cock a few more kitten licks, moaning at the salty taste, earning a growl from your husband.
"Look at my hungry little bunny, thought you just wanted to watch angel, now you want to taste him too?" You nodded at him, your bottom lip jutting out into a pout making Bucky's eyes nearly roll back, he wanted to fucking ruin you. He groaned, willing his fist to loosen up and slow down before he came all over your face, wanting to savor this moment for as long as possible. 
"Please daddy?" 
"Hungry for his cum, are we baby?" Steve moved his hand to wrap around his cockhead, settling back in his seat, spreading his legs wider, nothing got him off more than seeing you so needy. 
"Hungry daddy" you whined, batting your lashes at him while he let out a dark chuckle, fisting his cock faster.
"I know princess, daddy knows what his baby needs, hm? Nurse off his cock" The sight of your plush lips wrapping around Bucky's cock, without a care in the world made Steve throb, his arm shoving all the items off his desk "Get on the table" 
Bucky hesitantly got off you, slowly standing by the desk while you crawled onto the table, lying on your back. Steve hummed in approval, nodding for Bucky to join you, his cock growing harder. 
"On your sides sweets, face me" The hardness of the desk hardly bothered you as your eyes fell on your feral looking husband, his angry red leaking cock, veiny and swollen. Bucky positioned himself behind you, his chest pressed against your back, his length rubbing against your ass. You whimpered, pushing back on him, making Steve smirk at your desperation. "Give her what she needs, make it worth watching" 
Bucky didn't waste a second, lifting your leg up, exposing your soaked cunt and shoving his cock in with one stroke. You gasped, throwing your head back as he started to move while stretching your leg up as far as it would go. "There you go baby, take my cock, take it angel"
"F-F-FUCK JAMESS" You nearly sobbed feeling your belly bulge, eyes locked with Steve while Bucky railed you from behind. Steve let out a snarl at the sight of Bucky's cock slamming into you, his heavy balls tapping at your clit, the desk shaking at how hard he was fucking you. 
"How does she feel”
"So-God she's so fucking tight, like fuckin' a virgin" Bucky's moans got louder as you clenched and fluttered around him, your hands clawing as his arms to hold onto something. "She's choking my fucking cock, chto ty delayesh' so mnoy, printsessa"
"Hear that baby, your pussy's perfect, you got him all fucked up" 
Bucky could feel his balls pulling tight to his body, ready to blow buckets of cum into you but he couldn't. He gritted his teeth, desperately suckling and nipping at your neck while he tried to hold off, whining against your skin. 
"Rub her for me, that cute little button between her legs that makes her squeal so much" Bucky reached over to the front, pressing his two fingers onto your clit, rubbing soft circles to match the rhythm of his thrusts. 
"That's it, that feel better princess? Feel good when he touches you there? You like it when another man touches you like that baby?" Steve's voice was raspy, panting as he started to give himself quick strokes, the combined sounds of you and Bucky sending him closer to the edge.
"Just-fuck-just him" Steve was the only man you had ever felt lust for. Pure unfiltered filthy lust. That was until he appointed his best friend to watch over you. Nothing got past your husband who noted every time your eyes lingered on him a second too long, thigh squeezing together. Hearing you moan for Bucky while playing with yourself was just an extra treat. 
"Look at you bunny, all stretched out over your bodyguards cock. That's what you wanted, isn't it? To fuck your husbands best friend?"
"Mhm" You couldn't get words out, everything around you a dull buzz. All you could register was the feel of Bucky's cock rub and kiss your g-spot while his fingers perfectly strummed your clit, your orgasm ready to swallow you whole.
 "He fucked you dumb, bunny? You all cockdrunk for another man, baby, is that it? My sweet dumb little baby" He cooed, his hips lifting off the chair at the sight of your arousal dripping down to Bucky's balls.
 "She's-she's so fucking wet, makin' a mess all over me Steve, she's so fucking soaked and messy, God, I want more, fuck, c'mon soak me babygirl, I want it" Bucky's fingers sped up on your clit, loving the squelching sounds that left your abused cunt each time he fucked into you. 
"You're making a mess all over him sweetheart, soaking his balls, you that wet for him? Is he making you all wet and tingly?"
"S-so we-wet Daddy! I-I'm gonna-" 
"You gonna cum for him you little slut, cream all over his cock?" Steve nearly sounded as gone as you, growling with each thrust of his hips meeting his fist. "How does my princess feel" 
"So-fucking-GOOD-DADDY M'GONNA-BUCKYY" You cried out, pleasure consuming you whole as your orgasm swept through your body. You let out a silent scream and Bucky continued to fuck you through your high, chasing his own.
"M'gonna cummm" Bucky whimpered against your neck, thrusting into you as hard as he could, his cock desperately throbbing, begging to fill you up. 
"You're not even on birth control baby, you gonna let another man breed you?" Steve hissed, throwing his head back, jerking himself around his tip. Something inside Bucky snapped, it was one thing for him to fuck you raw, but the possibility of him breeding you?
He had no right. 
Then why did you feel so good.
Why did your pussy just clench. 
Why did he not want to pull out. 
"You gonna let him put his baby in you, angel? Show me how good girls take cock baby, show me what a good little cum dump you are" 
You let Bucky man handle you, thrusting into you like madman possessed, grunting and whining at the thought of you carrying his child. He bit down onto your shoulder, his pace growing sloppy, cum right at the tip of his cock. 
"You gonna feed us baby? Let us drink your milk when you're all swollen and leaking? Huh? Tell me-fuckk" 
"Drink from me daddy"  You nodded, while Bucky held onto you tighter, his glassy eyes now locked with the blonde. 
"Fuck, Steve, m'gonna bust in her, can't-can't fucking pull out, don't wanna pull out, I wanna cum in her so fuckin' bad"
"Hear that angel, you feel too good, should he cum in you-SHITT"  
"Cum-cum in me Bucky!"
That did it for both of them, Steve couldn't hold back even if he tried. He let out a pornographic moan, not giving a damn about how loud he was as he shot his load onto his abs, cum dribbling down his hands to his balls. Bucky snarled, wrapping his arms around you and giving you three hard thrusts before stilling, his thick white cream endlessly filling you up. 
"FUCKKK TAKE-GOD DAMN- TAKEMY CUMM" He couldn't believe the amount of cum that continued to flow from his tip, and endless stream spilling into you, "S'too much, I know angel but you got me fucked baby, m'not gonna pull out till my balls are empty baby, they're still so fuckin heavy, need your pussy baby"
 Steve continued to tug and rub his cock, letting his hand drift down to his balls, squeezing them while Bucky moaned and whined, his hips still grinding and rutting into you, keeping his seed in your pussy. Your body was still glistening with your husbands earlier loads, the smell of sex evading your senses. 
"Clean her up for me" Steve nodded to Bucky, giving himself one last tug before tucking his cock into his pants. 
Bucky didn't to be told twice. 
He lapped up your body, gathering every bit of cum that covered your skin, groaning at your soft whimpers, squirming at his ministrations. He licked you clean till his lips were glossy and shiny, his cheeks and chest flush at the taste of your mixed arousal combined with Steve's. 
"Open up sweetheart"
You smiled, opening up your mouth wide for Bucky, sticking your tongue out while he spat your husband and his load into your mouth. You swallowed with a satisfied hum, bringing him down for a filthy kiss, greedily licking off the cum that clung onto his lips. Steve growled at the sight of Bucky's tongue slipping into your mouth, the both of you making on, still splayed out on his desk, Bucky’s cock twitching against your cunt. He looked over at Steve who was practically hard again, intently watching his wife take load after load. 
“Round two in the bedroom?” 
Tags: @glxwingrxse @hungryyeyess @sebsgirl71479 @beabutterfly987 @teambarnes72 @witchywhore @jamesbuckybarneswify @slutforsexyseabass @chrisdrysdale @littlemarvelmenfan @buggy14 @whimsyplaty92 @sergntbarnes @inkedaztec @pono-pura-vida @moonlightreader649 @brooklynscherry-z @elle14-blog1 @justsebstan @littlelightnings @psychomanniac-blog @happyt0exist @emmabarnes @bethyruth @matchat3a @cjand10 @getwellsoontana @cherryschaos @lokisasgardianvampirequeen @ashenc-blog @buckybarnessimpp @potatothots @goldylions @high-functioning-lokipath @morganemorganite-blog @kingfleury @peaches1958 @spiderman-stilinski @peaceinourtime82 @gublur @wintersmelodie @geeky-politics-46 @lolawassad @almosttoopizza @a-poor-gryffindork @alternativeprincess @buckycallsmeaslut @kamaria-sweet-writes @charmedbysarge @xnorthstar3x @kryoee7 @alina02 @gh0stgurl @polishprincess999 @jessybarnes @alltheficsiwant @chemtrails-club @eralen @perdidosbucky-yyo @clqrosmgc
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vivwritesfics · 4 months
My Girlfriend, The Worm
Y/N asks Bucky the worm question. Like the old man he is, he answers wrong.
This is just crack fluff
Tumblr media
“Have you asked him yet?” Peter said to his sister as they sat in their apartment. It was one of the rare times they were both home, and Y/N wasn’t sleeping over at her boyfriend’s place. 
Sighing, Y/N shook her head. “No, Pete. There is no way I’m asking him that. I don’t care if it’s a part of some stupid trend,” she said and went back to reading the news paper. 
It was something her brother had been seeing all over tiktok for the past few days. He’d sent a collection of them to MJ and his sister, but Y/N had ignored almost all of them. Until her brother brought it up while she was trying to relax. 
“Please,” he said, his lip jutting out in a pout. “I’ll deliver you and Mr Barnes some takeout next time I’m on patrol,” he said.
Y/N put her newspaper down. “All that just for me to ask Bucky if he’d still love me if I was a worm?”
Huffing, Y/N stood from her chair. “Okay, come on.”
“Where are we going?”
Bucky was fast asleep on his sofa. He  slept better there, but his girlfriend preferred the bed. He’d never tell her where he really slept when she wasn’t here. He usually didn’t sleep at night, either, so naps during the day it was.
He never expected someone to knock on his apartment door during the day. When they did, Bucky immediately jumped up and grabbed the gun from beneath his pillow. He inched towards the door slowly, not making any noise. 
When he looked through the peephole and saw only his girlfriend and her annoying brother standing there, Bucky put away his gun and pulled open the door. “Hey Buck,” Y/N said and kissed his cheek as he let them in. Bucky caught her around the waist and pulled her to stand beside him as Peter walked in.
“Parker,” Bucky said, as Peter walked past him. Y/N rolled her eyes at him and kissed his cheek again. “What’s up, sweets?” Asked Bucky as he shut the door. 
Grabbing his hand, Y/N pulled Bucky over to the couch. Her brother walked into the kitchen, helping himself to a glass of water. “I got an important question for you, Buck,” she said, grinning slightly. Her lip was pulled between her teeth as she tried to stop herself from laughing.
She was going to propose. Bucky's heart was in his throat, his eyes wide as he began to squirm in his seat. "Hang on a minute, Doll," Bucky muttered, standing up.
But Y/N pulled him back into his seat. Bucky could have easily overpowered her, pulled her up with just the strength of his metal arm, but he allowed her to pull him back. "It's nothing bad, I promise!" She assured him.
Bucky sucked in a deep breath and nodded his head.
"Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
From the kitchen, Peter burst out laughing. Bucky was silent, just staring at Y/N, waiting for her to elaborate. But she didn't; she stayed quiet, just staring at him.
"Did your brother put you up to this?" He whispered, eyes darting towards the kitchen.
Quickly, Y/N shook her head. "I'm being serious. Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
"I... but you'd be a worm."
The smile dropped from Y/N's face. "Are you saying you wouldn't love me if I was a worm?"
“Doll, you’d be a worm. Am I missing something here?”
Y/N stood from the sofa. “Come on, Peter, we’re going home.”
Ever since Y/N had… declared herself a worm and left the apartment, Bucky had been trying to get a hold of her. When he had gotten no reply, he turned to the one person who could help, her annoying little brother. 
Kid, what’s up with my girlfriend? He texted, struggling with the keys. He’d only just graduated from a flip phone with actual buttons for the keyboard to a touch screen, which struggled to recognise his metal fingers. 
You told her you didn’t love her, Peter replied almost instantly. 
Bucky frowned down at his phone. Since when did he say that? All Bucky could respond with was ???
You told her you wouldn’t love her if she was anybody else, that you only love her for her looks.
Sighing, Bucky typed out one last message before leaving his apartment.
Bucky wove through people as he walked through the city. His steps were quick, rushing to get to the Parkers apartment, which was on the other side of the city. Usually, Bucky didn’t walk, but there was no time for a car or a cab.
At the apartment complex, Bucky took the stairs two at a time to get to her. He threw open the door, which he had told Peter to leave unlocked for him, and strolled over to her bedroom. 
It was Y/N’s childhood bedroom. She and Bucky had spent a limited amount of time in there, since she still had pink walls and a single bed. She still had up her posters of her favourite bands from when she was younger and a couple of teddy bears. Most of her time was spent at Bucky’s, splitting the costs of meals and things. He didn’t ask her to help pay rent or anything, since she was saving up for a place of her own. Bucky had thought about asking her to move in with him permanently, but he didn’t want his first apartment since the 1940’s to be their home. The apartment where he had countless nightmares before she came along. 
Gently, Bucky knocked on her door. “Doll?” His voice was as gentle as his knuckles against the door.
When he got no response, Bucky pushed open the door. 
Y/N was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed. A teddy bear Bucky had won her at a carnival was tucked under her arm and she held a picture of the two of them from last Christmas.
Bucky joined her, sitting on the end of her bed. “You know, Doll, I’d still love you if you were a worm. In fact, I’d ask Stark to find a way to turn me into a worm so we could be worms together,” he said, watching carefully for her reaction. 
She put the picture between them on the bed. “Buck, I love you,” she said. “And I don’t need you to love me as a worm. I should have known you wouldn’t get it, you old man,” she said and pulled him over to her. 
They laid on the bed together, Bucky’s bulky body on top of her own. They fell asleep like that, people in love. No, no, worms in love.
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days
Loki: I could be better, but I'm considering becoming worse.
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Wanda: How are you feeling my love?
Y/n: Okay I guess, venom has been behaving so that’s something
Wanda: good, I think the mold is starting to grow on me, not literally but you know what I mean, I think I like them
Venom: Wanda likes me?! Score! We are so hot and better than everyone else on this little measly planet!
Y/n: They said they like you too
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haechvn · 4 months
Sit Down Please (Headcanon) (18+ NSFW)
Pairing: Shuri x F!Reader
Warning: Nasty whoreish good for nothing filth..
Summary/Request: Am I the only one that thinks Shuri would love when reader sits on her face 👀🥵
Word Count: 0.7k+
Author’s Note: Just read you whores. Thank you Anon! <3
Taglist :  @melodykisses, @blackhottie25, @tonakings, @coalmistyy, @szalipcombo, @prettyluhlaiiii, @yelenabelovasgf, @callmeoncette, @clqrosmgc, @beautybyfire, @homelessmicechild, @shurisbitch
Translations: Sthandwa = My love
Tumblr media
The S in Shuri also stands for seat in case you didn’t know
Her facial structure is so pristine and clean cut. Why you may ask? IT’S BC THAT’S WHERE YOUR COOCHIE IS DESIGNED TO BE
Wants to eat you out in her lab, the throne room (ON THE THRONEEEE), on a ship. Literally everywhere
Don’t think about how Shuri practically begs you every morning to eat you as a part of her breakfast
“Sthandwa, as Princess of Wakanda, I decree that you must place yourself on my face in order for me to truly be able to guide my country in the best way possible. I cannot go without it. ”
Just the thought of her tongue circling your clit gives her more strength than the heart-shaped herb
She loves when you choke her with your pussy, constantly moaning into your pussy and rubbing both of her hands over your ass
Breathing isn’t that important anyways
You could see your juice fall down on the sides of her face and make her jaw glitter omg
She would ask you to wipe it off with your fingers and stick them in your mouth I—
Tugging you further and further into her mouth as if she is treasure hunting up your insides
Shuri would force you to always keep your eyes on her
But other times, she would shut her eyes so tight and just focus on how soft and luscious you feel in her mouth and she wouldn’t be able to stop moaning i promise
Being the kinky fuck she is, she may or may not put a finger up your a—
She wouldn’t let you go until you’ve cum at least twice and she would want you to watch her gulp your cum down her throat OMG AH
Constantly shaking her head north south east and west, wanting to catch every part of you in her mouth
I think she would also have a thing for biting your clit
Like when you feel like you are going to explode and want to run away, she would teasingly bite you and pull you down even closer or wrap your legs around her head even tighter bc she could care less if she died between your thighs or not
I feel like when she goes down on you, she’s more of a munch vs a fingering kinda gal buttt
Every time she fingers you, it's always three fingers bc she needs you to feel her in all her glory
She likes doing the infamous ‘come here’ motion but at any extremely slow place so you would feel her fingers on your g spot for AT LEAST five seconds at a time
while doing that, Shuri would move her whole head in circles going in one direction (#zarry) and have her tongue moving in the opposite direction!!!!
Would force you to sit on her during zoom calls and phone conversations
“You better bounce this pussy on my face Princess before I punish you for not being slutty enough for me” !!!!!!
Loves when you grab her hair and force her head up and just GRIND THE FUCK OUT OF THAT STUNNING FACE
You would always be seeing her eyes roll to the back of her head and fuck does she look amazing
Would completely blow down to you when you reach back and start stroking her pussy bc your Queen needs attention too &lt;3
Rubbing on her clit or fingering her would literally bring growls out of Shuri likee
She would deliver the hardest and loudest slaps to your ass, and groan like the little bitch she is bc truth be told, SHE LIKE BEING HANDLED LIKE A WHORE
She would grind her hips up to meet your fingers and just whore herself out
I can see her wanting to eat you out for an entire hour but “baby you have an entire country to rule”
“yea and somehow this pussy is still more important” 
I rest my case
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fandomnerd9602 · 13 hours
Y/N walks in to find Bambi!Wanda trying to cut off her antlers with a nail file…
Y/N: Wanda?!? Stop! What are you doing?!
Wanda: (cries) I wanted to look more like you! I wanted to look human. Please don’t be mad at me.
Y/N rubs her arms and kisses her…
Y/N: oh baby I love your antlers. They’re completely you. And I love you just as you are.
Y/N wipes tears away from Wanda’s eyes with their thumbs…
Wanda: I love you too. Can you kiss my antlers? They hurt a little.
Y/N gives each antler a little kiss…
Tumblr media
For @cthulhus-curse
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disasterofastory · 5 months
Best friends (Stucky x Reader)
Best friends Stucky x virgin!Reader Warnings: smut, smut, smut, smut
Summary: Bucky has this amazing idea to give your virginity to Steve while he watches.
A/N: Kinktober 2022
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bucky is your best friend.
Bucky is your best friend.
Bucky is your best friend.
Ugh, you could kill him with your bare hands right now!
"What?" Your voice fills the small kitchen of your apartment. The TV is muffled and forgotten in the living room. Your favorite mug lands on the counter with a loud thud. Hot tea splashes out onto the cheap surface. Your eyes are wide, and your breathing is ragged as you watch the two men at the doorway. Bucky and Steve stand beside each other with crossed arms and smug smirks.
Ugh, the urge to punch them in the face!
"This is my best idea ever!" Bucky almost shouts with excitement. You are sure even your neighbors can hear him. "Okay," you breathe out with a feigned calmness in your voice."You lost your mind." "I did not!" "Then you have a stroke!" "Don't be such a meanie!" While you two argue, Steve continues to smirk and stare at you. Your leggings hug your legs deliciously while the worn t-shirt is bigger than you in several sizes. The fabric is familiar to Steve. It was Bucky's once. Your hair is a mess, and your face is free from makeup. The blonde man is sure he never saw you without lipstick before. You are still pretty. You are always pretty. The mention of his name wakes him up from his thoughts. "Steve, there is no way you agree with him!" Your eyes are on the blonde man now, waiting for his reaction. He shrugs, smirking. He is definitely not against the idea. "It would be so horrible?" You open your mouth to answer but can't find your voice. Having sex with Steve? You are sure it wouldn't be horrible. Losing your virginity like this? Yeah, it sounds like a lifetime of humiliation and shame. Your attention turns back to Bucky. "I can't believe you did this behind my back." Worry flashes on the brunette's expression before he steps closer to you until he can reach your arms. His long fingers smooth along your soft skin, holding your hands in his warm ones. "You told me you want to lose your virginity." Heat washes over your cheeks, and you don't dare to look at Steve, who is still at the doorway, watching and waiting. "I told you I would do it, but you are afraid it would change things between us." "And you asking your best friend to have sex with me while you are watching won't change things?" You ask. Your voice is high and breathless. "Well, you can trust Steve, and me being there is just an extra." A cheeky smirk pulls on his plump lips. Yeah, you know about Bucky's kinks and his history with Steve. And Steve… You know you can trust him. Even if you and Bucky are closer, thanks to the years you worked at the restaurant together, Steve is still your friend. "Bucky…" "Come on," the brunette coos, pulling you closer to his warm body. "It will be fun." "You and I have entirely different ideas about fun," you groan. You still feel humiliated, but can't deny the slight throbbing between your legs. "You say this because nobody ate you out before." "Bucky!" Your whine is muffled by his chest, but their laugh is clear and loud.
"So, what do you say, sweet girl?" Steve's deep voice is right behind you, making you jump and gasp as you look over your shoulder. "Are you sure you want this?" You ask him. You can't help but still feel a bit humiliated. Your best friend has to ask his best friend to take your virginity. It's not like you couldn't get laid if you want to, you just don't want someone you barely know but getting to know someone is not in your priorities. Steve moves closer. He presses his hips to the small of your back where you can feel his hard answer. "What do you think?" "Okay," you exhale. "So… how… how are we going to do this?" You can't believe you say yes to this madness, but here you are. "Let's go to your bedroom first," Bucky answers, leading you to the small room with Steve still on your heels. "It will be more comfortable here."
Excitement and hunger roar up in your belly while you stand at the end of the bed. Steve is in front of you, and Bucky takes his seat on the sofa at the wall. A satisfied smirk plays on his lips, and in other circumstances, you would make sure to wipe it off, but right now, you are too busy with the other man. Steve's arms slide around your waist, hugging you close as he stares down at you. "We will start it slow, okay?" He asks quietly to not to break the moment between you. "And we can stop at any moment." You nod. "Okay." He dips closer until your lips meet. It starts softly. Your first kiss with Steve is barely stronger than a light brush on your tingling lips. Like a warm breath. A soft breeze. He moves back, and when he sees the impatient dizziness on your face, he grins and kisses you again. His tongue dances along your lower lip, nibbling on the soft flesh until you open your mouth, and he invades you, moving his hand to the back of your head. The slight pull on your hair makes you moan, and the kiss soon becomes all tongue and teeth. Steve feasts on your lips, letting his hunger for you lead him for long seconds. "Was it your first kiss?" He asks. His breath fans over your face. Bucky scoffs in the background, and you groan as you glance at your friend. "Shut up!" Then you look back at Steve. "No." The story of your first kiss is a long story. Well, not that long, but rather awkward. "Are you ready to go further?" With a deep breath, you nod and let him take off your t-shirt. Bucky's t-shirt. "Do you have a lot of Bucky's clothes?" Steve asks, letting the worn fabric fall on the ground. His gaze runs over your bare upper body without shame. "I mean…" "She has all my sweaters," Bucky chimes in. Steve chuckles and moves his hands to pull down your leggings. "Oh, you, shut up!" You snap at Bucky again, stepping out of your pants. Your whole body burns under their heavy stare, but the light conversation helps you to stay calm and collected. You have to force yourself not to hide your breasts with your arms. Steve wouldn't let you anyway. "Don't listen to him, Y/N," Steve says, cupping your jaw to pull your attention away from Bucky. "He is just jealous." No. He is not. All three of you know that. Even though Bucky would love to participate, he enjoys just watching the same. Watching you getting bare in front of his hungry eyes makes him hard and horny. His half-hard cock is pressed against his jeans. You are just as beautiful as he imagined when you first mentioned your lack of sex life.
Steve kisses you again while his hand moves from your arms to your ribs until he cups your tits with both hands. He gropes them, playing with the soft flesh. His thumbs brush over your nipples, flicking and teasing the buds until they are hard under his rough fingertips. Your back arches, pushing your chest into his palms some more. "Do you like it?" Steve asks. "Are your pretty nipples sensitive?" "I…I guess." The words leave your swollen lips ragged. "Steve!" You cry out when he pinches and pulls on one of them. The light pain goes straight between your legs. Your clit throbs in sync with the beat of your heart. "Oh, they are," he smirks smugly. "Let me have fun with them, sweet girl. Let me taste them." He doesn't even wait for your answer. His lips latch on one of the hard buds, sucking it into his warm mouth. His teeth graze the sensitive skin, and his tongue flattens on the bud. He hollows his cheeks as he starts to suckle on your breast. Your hand is in his hair, pulling on the soft strands. "Steve," you cry out his name. Your voice is whiny and impatient. Steve and Bucky groan at the same time. The brunette is still on the sofa, stroking his own cock through his jeans. "Sweet girl," Steve chuckles, leaving your soft tits to kiss and nibble on your skin to stop under your ear. "What's the problem, Y/N?" "I…" You don't know what to say. You need so many things from the man you don't know where to start. "Yeah?" He teases. "How do you feel? Tell me." "I… I'm burning and aching," you reply, tasting the words on your tongue. Your skin is too tight, and your pussy is too empty. "Ah," he coos. "Our sweet girl is aching." You notice the word 'our' but say nothing about it. You are too busy with Steve's wandering hands, and you don't hate the thought. Being their girl. His arm curls around your waist while his other hand slips into your panties. "Your pussy aching?" He asks, cupping you between your legs. His middle finger glides through your soft folds. You soak his hand within seconds. "Take off her panties," Bucky orders hoarsely. He can't wait to see your sweet cunt. And the view of your naked body is prettier than he ever imagined. You step out of your panties automatically when Steve pulls them down on your legs. The apex of your thighs shines with your juices, and the blonde man's fingers are thick and long between your folds. "Do you want to taste him, Buck?" Steve asks suddenly. Your eyes widen. Even though you agreed Bucky would stay on the sideline, the thought of him between your leg doesn't seem so horrible. Steve smirks at your reaction and the slight disappointment on your face when Bucky walks closer but instead of falling on his knees, he takes Steve's fingers into his mouth. The view of your best friend sucking on another man's finger makes your pussy gush around nothing. "I think she likes it," Steve states, pulling his fingers in and out between Bucky's lips. He makes sure he is wet enough with the brunette's saliva before gliding his hand back to your pussy. He opens you up while kissing you again. "Such a shame he can't take care of you," Steve teases with feigned sadness. "Because, sweet girl, he is the devil himself with his mouth and tongue." You moan and grind yourself against his hand. His palm grazes over your clit, smearing your wetness all over your pussy and mound. "Lay down, baby," Steve says, breaking the kiss. "Let me taste you properly. I have to make sure you can take my cock into your pretty pussy." You do as he says. Your whole body trembles as you let yourself fall back on your bed, legs open, waiting. "Look at that, Bucky," Steve breathes out. "So pretty." "And she tastes so good," the other moans. His eyes are on your pussy, amazed by the beautiful view of your juicy center and swollen tits. Your nipple still glistens with Steve's saliva. "We will see," the man hums, kneeling down at the end of the bed. Soon, your legs are over his broad shoulders, and his face is between your legs. You hear him breathing in your sweet scent, and his groan runs through your spine. "Steve," you cry. "Please." "I'm coming, sweet girl, it's okay." And with that, he laps up on your folds, gathering your wetness on his hot tongue. He licks and slurps on your folds until he finds your throbbing, aching clit. He closes his lips around the sensitive bud, sucking on it like he did on your nipples not long ago.
Meanwhile, Bucky stands next to the bed. His cock is free from his jeans, his hand around the thick shaft as he strokes himself. His movements are slow, savoring every moment of you moaning and begging for more. "Don't forget your fingers, Steve," Bucky comments cheekily. "Don't forget what I taught you." Wet, slurping sounds fill the room that stop for a second when Steve growls into your pussy with distaste. "Oh, god," you moan. Your fingers dig into the cover under you, and your back arches away from the bed. It feels like Steve sucks the soul out of you, and you have nothing against the idea. Steve's fingers soon find your entrance, propping the tight hole to stretch you out and get you ready for his throbbing erection. He makes sure he goes slow and soft, not wanting to hurt you. "Cum, Y/N. Cum in Steve's mouth. Show him what that pussy can do." Bucky's order is sudden, but your body recognizes it immediately. Pleasure flares up in your veins as your chest swells with oxygen. Steve's grip on your hip is hard and tight as you grind against his lips and fingers. He devours everything you give him, slurping and drinking on your sweet nectar. Your thighs close around his head, keeping him in place until you are spent and dizzy. Small shocks shake your body when your orgasm ends. "Did you ever make yourself cum like this?" Bucky asks. His hand is on the base of his thick cock, keeping himself from cumming. Your breathing is rapid and heavy as you shake your head. No. And you are not sure you could ever do it. When your legs fall from his head, Steve kisses up on your whole body until he reaches your lips. The taste of you on his dominating tongue is overwhelming enough to make you excited once again. "Take it off," you murmur between kisses as you grab his shirt to tug on it. You feel his smile on your lips before he backs away to undress. "You are so pretty," you hum, still dizzy after your orgasm. Both Steve and Bucky laugh at your loose tongue. "You think so, sweet girl?" Steve smirks. "Yes." He really is. His skin is smooth on his broad muscles and the air gets stuck in your lungs when his jeans fall on the ground too. His cock is thick and hard. A bluish vein runs on the side of his shaft. The head is red and wet with pre-cum. "That's pretty too," you admit quietly mostly to yourself, but Steve and Bucky hear you. "Sweet girl," the blonde chuckles. "And what do you think about Bucky's dick?" He asks, moving up on you until your bodies are pressed against each other. His breath is warm on the side of your face. He leans on his elbow while his other hand caresses your side, drawing the underside of your breast and flicking the hard nipple. Your gaze wanders to Bucky, who still stands at the side of the bed, cock in hand, eyes on you. His cock is thicker than Steve's, but not that long. His balls hang heavy and deliciously. Licking your lips, you drag your eyes up on the man until you meet his lust-filled gaze. "Bucky's pretty too." "What?" Steve asks, nibbling on your neck. His deep baritone rumbles over your heated skin. "What is pretty, baby?" "Bucky's cock." "She is already cockdrunk," Bucky laughs, but he can't deny the satisfaction your words cause in him. "We are going to have so much fun with her," the man above you replies. "But first, I have to break that sweet pussy of hers."
His hand leaves your boob to grab himself between his muscled thighs. He drags his cock up and down over your folds, mixing your juices and soaking his length in your honey. "What do you say, sweet girl?" Steve asks. "Are you ready to take me? This pretty little cunt is capable of taking my cock?" "Yes," you rasp. The need is heavy in your lower belly. "Please, Steve." The man coos, kissing the tip of your nose before pushing his erection against your gaping hole. He moves slowly and softly, pushing his cock into you patiently. He lets you adjust around him, making sure your tight walls stretch without causing pain. "How do you feel, Y/N?" Bucky asks, watching your expressions. A small grimace pulls on your lips. "It's uncomfortable." "It will get better," the blonde man promises, stopping. His balls jerk at the urge to push into you fully and the force that keeps him doing it. "Tell me if it's too much." "No," you reply stubbornly. "Move deeper, please." "So polite," Bucky groans, kneeling on the bed to lean above you for a searing kiss. His movements are fast and forceful, drawing your attention away from the uncomfortable feeling between your legs. He fucks his tongue into your mouth, letting saliva escape between your lips while Steve pushes deeper. The slight pain is still there, but you don't have time to care. Letting yourself submit to Bucky's lips is more important. When the brunette decides to back away, Steve is in you entirely. Your walls loosen around him, making you calm down and enjoy the moment. "Are you okay, baby?" Steve asks. "Yes," you nod rapidly. Excitement runs through your body. He can fuck you now. "Move, Steve. Please fuck me." And he does. He goes slowly, moving in and out of you with small movements until he is sure you are really okay. Your legs curl around his waist, and your heels dig into his ass to urge him more. A breathy chuckle escapes his lips, but he does as you want. And finally, Steve is fucking you. He pounds into your tight hole, pushing his hips against yours while you moan and writhe under him. His strong arms cage you between his hard body and the bed. He uses your pussy, enjoying every flutter of your walls.
Bucky jerks himself in sync with Steve's thrusts. His fingers are tight around his length, imagining your hot cunt around himself. He can almost feel it, the hotness, the softness of your body, your mewls next to his ear. His lower belly tenses and his muscles are taut as he tries to hold himself back. He doesn't want to finish before you. "Are you gonna cum?" Steve asks breathly. His hips snap against yours rapidly, chasing your orgasms with force. "Cum around my cock, sweet girl. Make a mess on it so we can mark you with our seed. Did Bucky tell you that? How will we finish? We want to cum on your skin, baby. We want to mark that pretty, tight body with our semen." "Steve!" You cry his name. Your head presses against the bed, eyes closed. The man bites into the curve of your neck and shoulder to push you some more. Electricity runs through your body as the hot coil snaps in your belly. Pleasure floods your senses, burning your veins and nerves. The world stops moving for long minutes. There is nothing but you and the delicious stretch in your pussy. You gush around Steve's cock, gripping him to the point he can barely move. A hoarse groan breaks through his throat as he almost rips himself out of you in haste. His cum splashes on your folds, coating your pussy and mound. He can't tear his eyes away from the beautiful view. He can see your hole fluttering and begging for his cock. Bucky's throaty groan seems far away even though his warm seed is on your skin, covering your hip and stomach. He can't wait to see your pretty face and tits soaking in his seed. Maybe next time. The moment his orgasm passes, he has other ideas to continue the night.
Your mind is still dizzy, and your body shivers and jerks with pleasure when you feel Steve's fingers around your ankle as he holds up one of your legs. "Are you ready for dessert, Buck?"
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