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pocketsizedquasar · 16 days
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new batch of sketch pages up on Patreon! here’s some previews💖💖 ft starhab smooches and other starhab nonsense, short king fedallah, fedallah & ahab’s first meeting, and , most importantly, WAMEN!!!!! multiple wamen (including mary starbuck, ahab’s wife, and both of the wives’ (wamen) lovers) !!!!! and more
u can find me there @ pocketsizedquasar
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sapphic-allusion · 23 days
going to the tag "mary starbuck" and finding absolutely nothing
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void-and-virtue · 9 months
How awkward do you think would it have been if one of Neil’s 22 names had been that of a teammate? If he’d spent a couple months as a “Matt” or “Nick” (short for Nicholas) or worse, “Aaron”? What if one of Neil’s old aliases had been “Andrew”?
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awaiting-avalanche · 5 months
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child of the stars, bleeding bright
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ditchfullofchickens · 2 months
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✨ healthy living ✨
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mariecuddlefish · 7 months
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malibubaby222 · 2 years
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its-a--love-story · 2 years
Katee Sackhoff with her "space parents" at her wedding...aww
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clottedscream · 9 months
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freshman psych major in your gen-ed media studies class who seems normal until she won’t stop writing essays about patrick bateman
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destielcowboy · 8 months
Marauders as my Regular’s Orders
James - Chocolate milk w/ peppermint cold foam
Remus - Caramel macchiato with 8 shots
Sirius - Carmel frap with an add shot
Peter - Vanilla frap with raspberry
Regulus - Dark roast with a splash of oatmilk
Pandora - Green tea, sub strawberry açaí base
Evan - Vanilla breve latte extra hot
Barty - Iced white mocha
Lily - Pink drink with vanilla cold foam
Mary - Iced london fog, oatmilk & cinnamon foam
Marlene - Iced chai with cinnamon and oatmilk
Dorcas - Peppermint mocha with extra whip
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laas-yahnir · 3 months
note to self: the next time someone asks you to cram twelve playing commitments into a single week, tell them absolutely the fuck not (professional)
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huneyseven · 9 months
Vanderwood: I thought you were at Rika's funeral?
Saeran: What I said was, "Rika's funeral is this weekend." I didn't say I would be there.
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fracktastic · 2 years
Tumblr media
Can't decide if I wanna leave it like that because I genuinely like the lines or if it's because I'm lazy and hate drawing wrinkled fabric.
Ink and gouache on paper
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prongsandhisfoot · 1 year
i take my last post back. marylily should be sunflower. reclaim the sun from jegulus! also it’s cute
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redleaframble · 8 months
I was really hoping that we would get an episode with these two!
And it is fair to say that it exceeded expectations!
Here is the first part of episode 4 with Jessie Fleming being quizzed about Janine Beckie!
My favourite part has got be when Jessie uses math (”1 to 3 ratio”) to correctly estimate Janine’s goal total, while Janine gets it wrong!
Although, Jessie asking “are you sure?” when Janine says that her first cap was in 2014 was pretty good too...
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canridauis · 1 year
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i have not drawn these guys in ages (or at least posted them)but here’s some of my ocs from 8th grade that i redrew in an attempt to make them more Shaped, which worked for aeron and mari (left 2) but not so well for elle and eliza (right 2). also i need to redesign elle’s outfit and maybe just her. she’s kind of boring compared to the other 3
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