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This is probably what plays in Christine鈥檚 mind during the climax of Love Never Dies馃拃
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What if the soft animal of your body is a horrible goose? What if it doesn't need anyone's permission to love what it loves?
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Game Bot
Created by Greg Dmnt (Grapheart)聽|| IG
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MEGAN HAS A PROBLEM- Beyonce x Missy Elliott x Megan Thee Stallion Mashup
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Bruce Campbell as Superman
Art by Sebasti谩n Escobar || IG
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this is simultaneously the best and worst thing i have ever made
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Emergency Broadcast Network 鈥 Commercial Entertainment Product VHS
I saw a post on Emergency Broadcast Network on my feed a few days ago. From @ms-demeanor I think and thought oh yea I should really get on that.
Emergency Broadcast Network聽was聽a multimedia performance group formed in 1991 based on audio visual sampling or as it was known at the time Plunderphonics.聽
They released a remix of George Bush I doing we will Rock you around the time of Gulf War I. It hit the cultural zeitgeist nicely even though it wasn鈥檛 nearly their best work. The got their stuff in front of a lot of people opening from U2 on their Zoo TV tour and got a cool car.
Musically they vary from old school breakbeat and and ambient. They released a CD and video on Wax Trax!聽
You can download their entire VHS tape Commercial Entertainment Product and another folder of bonus non commercially released videos from my Google Drive HERE
I didn鈥檛 include the CD as video is their preferred medium
Oh yea if you are prone to seizures or strobe effects bother you. Stay away.
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TMNT/ Darkwing Duck
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Overstimulated or under, there鈥檚 no in-between.
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YouTube link // SoundCloud link // Part 1
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Danny Phantom Theme Song X GHOSTBUSTERS
馃懟 It鈥檚 criminal how good these songs sound together聽馃懟
[Cover art under the cut!]聽
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I know, I know! Last one for now, I promise. Just couldn't sleep & stupid ideas were eating my brain.
Remember this is as per the AI, but I thought this was cool and some awesome inspiration.
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