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Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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My rm feeds his dogs at 11 pm and gets them worked up and yipping before he even opens the bag
My bf sleeps thru this and doesn't give a shit, will also work them up to high pitched barking when bored
Homicidal feelings follow and there's a sea of dog shit in the yard
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’M HOME, SWEETHEART. eddie munson.
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summary: they say home is where the heart is but eddie’s home and heart is you.
warnings: just fluff and love! lovesick eddie! profanities and very slight suggestiveness. gif credits to @his-name-is-ed.
word count: 2.2k
Tumblr media
“i’m home, sweetheart!”
never once did eddie go home without making his arrival known, not when he finally has someone to go home to. it’s a gesture of simplicity, yet it carries a deep feeling of intimacy and saccharine for him.
you two went through hell and back trying to save up for your own place, your home — for your life together — but it was all worth it in the end because now you have a dainty apartment in michigan, stable jobs, and food on the table. it’s far from hawkins and its dark secrets but not far enough for dustin and the gang not to visit.
he groans softly as he locks the door, rolling his shoulders to ease the tension, eyes momentarily closing. he lets the strap of his guitar bag slide down from his arm, alleviating the digging into his skin. and then —
CRASH! — eddie stumbles over an ottoman that he swore was never there before. he stands up straight and scans the room. it was redecorated. he sighs, shuffling around the new arrangement of the apartment.
eddie turns around to find you in a shirt twice your size, you were rubbing the sleep out of your eyes — and then with the pitter-patter of feet and the jingling of a bell, your dog runs towards him, greeting him with a pushing weight on his legs.
“sorry, did i wake you?” eddie frowns, rubbing the spot behind willow’s ears as he gestures to the living room. “didn’t know our interior designer came to visit.”
you smile sheepishly, squishing your face against his chest as you hug him. he pulls you closer, planting a kiss on the crown of your head. your words come out muffled, “i missed you today, had to get my mind off things for a while.”
“s’okay, sweetheart. i missed you, too, so much,” he mumbles, slowly swaying you in place. “but next time, tell me, yeah? nearly kissed the ground before i could even kiss your pretty lips.”
you laugh softly, pulling away from his embrace to give him a kiss, a quick one that issues a whine of protest from your boyfriend. “take a shower and then we can kiss all you want. you smell like mike’s socks.”
eddie grumbles, tugging your arm to give you another kiss; seconds longer and sweeter until he has to pull away to breathe. eddie wishes he didn’t have to so he kisses you again. “go back to bed, baby, i’ll be with you before you know it.”
and true to his word, eddie walks into your shared bedroom, fresh out of the shower. you look up at him from the solace of the warm duvet. your head is the only thing peeking out. it’s cute.
“aren’t you looking very comfortable?” he grins as you make grabby hands at him. he flops down the bed with a bounce, wrapping you in his arms.
“much better,” you sigh in contentment.
he tilts up your chin to give you a kiss, ever so soft and slow; no one’s in a rush, it’s all at the moment, one of which eddie wishes to live in forever. there’s a hint of morose gnawing at his chest — the thought of how he could just spend every waking and sleeping hour with you in his arms.
he thinks of how the world can be cruel by depriving him of the time to spend more with you. instead, he gets stuck day after day in a stinking bar with drunkards who do not appreciate the art of metal — aside from the owner, mrs. duran, who loves their setlist. bless her heart.
he does believe in the saying ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’. it does, it really does. he finds himself missing you, thinking of you, yearning for you. 
but then he thinks of your beautiful smile — and maybe another thing — and it’s enough motivation for him to get through his day and get home to you.
being lovesick is an incurable disease, he thinks, vastly lethal when it’s with the right person. there is no cure, but even if there is, eddie will not as much blink an eye for it. he’s been with you for three years and counting, and his love for you has never faltered — like poison, it grew, it spread, it flourished — but it isn’t as ruthless as death, no. it gives him life, it gives him love. 
it’s everything every person can ever dream of; finding the love that makes everything make sense as if it has all along. 
and eddie, who up until this moment marvels over his felicity, has just so happened to find both friendship and love in you. he’s the happiest he’s ever been, starting from the moment he met you, it never wavered.
he drapes the blanket over the two of you and turns the lamp off, enveloping you in darkness.
“i love you, eddie.”
“i love you, sweetheart.” not i love you, too — i love you. because he did not need you to say it for him to support the idea that he loves you. it’s not a too, it’s not an also, it’s not an as well; it’s i love you. 
it’s a declaration that is instilled within the abyss of our hearts. therefore it should be veritable as it is brought out only by the intensity of our affection — felt to such a visceral degree. it’s the coup de grace of every profession of love ever made. 
“more than your guitar?” you tease sleepily.
eddie scoffs, “let’s not go that far, babe.”
you chuckle, placing your head above his chest to listen to his heartbeat. thump… thump… thump…
“i’m kidding, baby. i love you…” he repeats, this time softer as he slowly succumbs to sleep and the dreams of you.
sunlight trickles through the window pane of the bedroom, sheathing a warm kiss on eddie’s skin. he groans softly, mindlessly patting around for you only to find your side of the bed cold and empty.
he yawns, rising from the bed with a stretch to wake his sleeping limbs. he shuffles out of the room, picking up the discarded socks on the floor. he makes a detour around the room, shooting the deserted clothes in the hamper.
eddie doesn’t mind it, really. no matter how many times you forget to pick up your socks or put your shoes in the rack, he wouldn’t have it any other way. 
he wouldn’t have a place to call home if it didn’t have even a trace of you in it. the place will simply be called a house or an apartment, but not a home. it would be undeserving of that title if it doesn’t have your clothes lying around, or you spontaneously rearranging the furniture, baking cookies, dancing in the kitchen, or sleeping with him in his bed. 
it shows signs of living, of laughter, of loving. with pictures gracing the mantelpiece, a sweater of yours thrown over the couch, and your diverse album records that are mixed with his — it paints the perfect home for him.
he finds you on the balcony, a mug of coffee in hand.
you feel him before you see him, arms making their way around your waist. eddie presses soft kisses on your neck, trailing from your cheeks and up to your forehead. he puts your coffee cup on the table, turning you around to kiss you on the lips.
“good morning, gorgeous,” he whispers, smiling at the feeling of you against him. his cold hands slip under your shirt and you jump at the temperature, pulling away from him.
“cold!” you chastise him, placing his hands over your shirt instead.
“but that’s why i need you to heat ‘em up for me,” he whines, trying to sneak them back under again, lightly brushing them higher… and higher… until…
“eddie!” you smack his hands away, laughing at his poor attempts. you look down at your sock-clad feet and his bunny slippers-clad ones. it didn’t fit even half of it, his heels were poking out. “...are those my slippers?”
he models them. “you like ‘em? they’re new.”
“yeah, it looks better on you.” you tease, grabbing your coffee cup from the table and his hand with the other, dragging him back inside. “c’mon, let’s make some breakfast.”
“what do you mean?” he asks in faux confusion, pulling you in the direction of the bedroom. “i’m right here, woman! here’s your breakfast — bon appétit, ma chérie.”
“you’re insufferable!” you laugh, pushing him away.
“you’re telling me you don’t want a piece of this?” he gestures to himself and when you shake your head ‘no’, he dramatically falls back onto the couch, clutching his chest as if he was shot. “how shall i live knowing thou love of my life no longer desires me and my di-?” 
“woah!” you interrupted with an incredulous laugh, pulling him up on his feet. “that’s enough, romeo,”
“-displays of affection.” eddie finishes with a pointed look. he teasingly squints his eyes at you and he clicks his tongue. “what were you thinking, you perv?”
you playfully roll your eyes at him, making your way towards the kitchen. “we need some eggs, by the way. can you drop by the store to get some?”
“if i get a kiss, i would.”
“i’ll give you two.”
“deal,” he grins, immediately sauntering towards you. he tugs you by your waist and gives you a sweet kiss and two and three, and then more.
you pull away, patting his cheek. “i said two.”
“you gave me more anyway,” he quips, giving your butt a quick smack. “be back in a second, sweetcheeks.”
“i’m home, sweetheart!”
eddie groans at the smell of bacon, immediately making a sharp left to the kitchen. he places the box of eggs on the counter and stands behind you, chin resting on your shoulder. “smells amazing.”
you smile, looking away from the pan for a moment to start preparing the eggs when —
“OW!” eddie yelped, pulling away from the bacon he was trying to steal. he blows at the burn prickling his fingers, hissing at the sting.
“idiot! why would you get it from the pan? it’s hot!” you scold him, a laugh escaping your lips as you turn the stove off.
“i know that now.” he glares at you before his face contorts into a puppy dog look. he pouts at you, burned hand extending towards you. “i need you to kiss it better.”
you scoff in mock disbelief, turning your back to him as you fix up the eggs, stove back on.
“y/n,” he drags out, like a child having a temper tantrum. “you’re being mean. what if i die, huh? what if the burn spreads through my body and i get a heat stroke? it will be too late! — you have to tell dustin i love him but he will never have my d&d set.”
“you fucking drama queen.” you poke his side, grabbing his hand and giving it soft kisses. “s’that good now?”
“i think it needs more, doc,” eddie sighs dramatically and puckers his lips. “here, too, or else i’ll die of lack of air!”
“lack of air?” you laugh in disbelief. “how is that-”
“because you! you are the air that i breathe…” he pretends as if it was his last breath before he theatrically falls to the ground, eyes closed and tongue poking out as though proclaimed dead.
you snort in amusement, softly kicking at his side. “c’mon, munson, stand up and i’ll give you a proper kiss.”
and just like that, he’s standing straighter than he ever was before. you lean on the tips of your toes, holding his face in your hands as you smother him with kisses. i love you i love you i love you — you whisper in every butterfly kiss. i love you i love you i love you — you continue to say it.
eddie smiles at your affection. he used to believe he was undeserving of love — your love to be exact; your soft and loving love. it was beautiful. it was like no other. he believes he’s living in a fairytale except there were no adventures, no strife — it was just straight to happily ever after. 
your smile parallels his; soft and lovelorn. you pull him closer, kiss him on the lips, and it's just as magical as every other one you had before — its spark never losing its touch. it still makes your hearts flutter, cheeks warm, minds fuzzy.
i love you i love you i love you — eddie whispers in between kisses. and fucking shit, was it true. he would give up everything if it meant stopping time just to be in the moment with you. be it that moment, the night before, or the day after this — he doesn’t care which moment it will be because every moment with you is a moment he will cherish for eternity.
with you, he is home and you will forever be his as he is yours. he is home. your home.
he’s home, sweetheart.
Tumblr media
“do you smell burning?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Take My Breath Away: Eddie Munson x Reader (One-Shot)
Tumblr media
Summary: Eddie Munson seems almost incapable of not noticing your presence in any room. Where he is usually confident and cocky, in your presence he is a fumbling mess. So how is he supposed to cope when he's forced to sit next to you in class for a semester?
Request: I was hoping for an Eddie x reader where he has a huge crush on the quiet girl in his class and always tries to show off for her but feels like an idiot every time he does. And maybe Dustin or someone invites her to play dnd and Eddie’s heart is just pounding out of his chest.
Word Count: 5.7k
Pairings: Eddie Munson x Reader
Tags: fluff 
A/N: I don’t know how this got so long, but I suppose I've never been good with word limits. This is my first ever request so I hope you guys enjoy! Who knows, maybe I’ll start doing more requests if you guys like them. As always, let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!
Eddie Munson thought of you as something close to an enigma.
You were quiet; you were shy; and you mostly went unnoticed by the vast majority of Hawkins High. And yet still Eddie seemed practically incapable of not noticing you. You were a passing flash in the hallway as one of your familiar dresses flowed behind you; a blur in his peripheral vision. You were a passing sound as you chatted idly with a friend. You were the remnants of a scent, your perfume always so lovely and wholeheartedly intoxicating.  
And with every passing encounter, no matter how small or how fleeting, Eddie would find his heart beginning to race and his breathing beginning to quicken and his head turning to find you like a dog to its owner. It was pathetic, it was embarrassing, and it was wholly stalker-like; but Eddie found himself unable to stop noticing you.  
So it was wholeheartedly surprising when Eddie walked into his first English class for the semester—although in truth he had missed a week of classes already—to find you not only present in the class but sitting towards the back of the room; Eddie’s usual domain. And as luck would have it, since Eddie had never once worked up the courage to actually speak to you nor did he think he ever would, the seat next to you was the only one left available for him to sit within. Although this was not the first time he had shared a class with you, it was most certainly the first time he had ever done so in so close a proximity. The thought oddly terrified him, and yet he seemed unable to wipe the smile from his face.  
“Thank you for finally joining us, Mr Munson,” Mrs O’Donnell said from her position by the chalkboard.  
“I thought you’d miss me too much if I missed another class,” he quipped back, although his heart wasn’t really into it, his breaths coming out shallow and laboured as he sauntered towards the available seat, his eyes seemingly incapable of leaving you. You glanced up at him only once—a brief, fleeting thing that lasted less than a second—before your gaze returned back to rest upon the teacher. Yet Eddie’s heart pounded in his chest nonetheless as he finally took the seat next to you.  
Mrs O’Donnell continued on with her lesson and you continued on with listening and Eddie continued to sneak glances towards you every so often in what he hoped was a subtle way. He could smell your perfume from this close, the same sweet and yet smoky scent he often caught traces of in the hallway. It was intoxicating now being so close to it so that Eddie found himself having to refrain from leaning closer towards you.  
For the majority of the class Eddie thought that he should most likely say something to you and for the majority of the class tried to brainstorm what that should be. Introducing himself was probably the best place to start, and yet every time he opened his mouth to do so he found that nothing would come out. So Eddie resigned himself to a comfortable silence for the entirety of his first class, hopeful that maybe he could somehow find the courage to speak to you tomorrow.  
But then, just as the class was coming to an end and just as you were beginning to pack your things away, the pen that had sat beside your notebook for the entirety of the lesson was brushed off the desk with an accidentally flick of your wrist. Eddie watched on as it tumbled to the floor where it continued to roll until it eventually came to a stop right under his chair. He bent down to retrieve it just as you did the same so that your fingers came to brush lightly against each other. You were close then, so very close to him as you leant forwards and he did the same so that for just a second he could feel the heat emanating from your skin.  
Quickly, you pulled your hand back from his and sat up upright in your chair.  
“S-sorry,” you stuttered, turning your gaze away to hide the blush creeping up your cheeks.
Eddie found himself unable to move from his position half bent over within his chair, his arm still outstretched towards the pen. You had been so close to him, so much closer than he ever thought he would ever get to you so that Eddie was quite positive his heart would beat right through his chest if he were to move a muscle. The touch of your hand had been so fleeting upon his own and yet he could somehow still feel it, his skin hot where yours had brushed against it.  
And then as he realised that your gaze had returned back to him and he had still failed to move, he altogether thought that he was being quite weird and forced his body to move once more, his fingers coming to grasp the pen. He unfolded himself back upwards and presented the stationary towards you, a small triumphant grin curling his lips upwards.  
“Here you are, m’lady.”
The words spilled from his lips seemingly of their own volition, and Eddie wished that his first words to you had been something cooler. But then you were extending your hand towards his and plucking the pen from his grasp so that your fingers brushed against his once more and Eddie, for just a second, found himself incapable of intelligent thought.  
“Thank you,” you said quietly as you shoved the pen into your bag and hastily stood up. Eddie followed suit, wanting desperately for the interaction to continue but not knowing how to make it do so. By now the rest of the class had filtered out so that it was just the two of you standing alone in the back of the empty classroom.
“I-I’m Eddie by the way,” he managed to stutter out as you made your hasty escape down the aisle of desks.  
“I know,” you called back, slowing your walk as you turned back to look at him. A small blush adorned your cheeks as you realised what you had just said. “I’m Y/N.”
“I know,” Eddie responded with a smirk.  
You smiled back at him before you left, and although it would have been physically improbable, Eddie thought his heart skipped a beat.  
“You’re staring again,” Dustin cooed before taking a bite of his sandwich.
“No I’m not,” Eddie responded, tearing his gaze away from where it had been fixated upon you across the cafeteria.  
“Why don’t you just go and talk to her? This whole pining from afar thing is getting kinda annoying,” Mike added.  
“Thank you for your impeccable wisdom, Wheeler, but I actually spoke to her today, thank you very much.” Eddie’s gaze flicked towards you once more before he physically had to turn his head away.
“And what did you say?” Dustin asked excitedly.
“I told her my name.”
Mike rolled his eyes.
“But,” Eddie hastily added, “she already knew it so that’s a good sign.”
“Whatever you say man,” Mike said before turning his attention back to his lunch.  
Eddie propped himself up so that he was crouching upon his chair, leaning forward menacingly over the table so that he was looking down upon Mike.
“Just you wait, Wheeler. I now sit next to her in O’Donnell’s class so things will start escalating real fast real soon.”
“I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat then,” Mike responded disinterestedly.  
Eddie rolled his eyes.
“You youths have no respect for you elders these days,” he said dramatically, standing up fully upon his chair before jumping backwards to get down. But because he had been so enamoured in his conversation, he had completely failed to notice you depart from your seat. And because the world apparently had a sick sense of humour when it came to his crush, Eddie almost barrelled straight into you. You let out a small gasp of shock as Eddie jumped backwards, his hands instinctively coming out to rest upon your shoulders to steady you. His skin instantly ignited as it made contact with your own so that in the end Eddie hastily pulled away from you partly because he was sure he had just been burnt and partly because he had not meant to touch you in the first place.  
“S-sorry!” Eddie hastily blurted out, turning his gaze away from you as a deep blush invaded his cheeks. There was a prominent eruption of snickering that came from behind him as he tried his best to ignore it.  
Eddie pulled back further to stand out of your way, bowing lowly as he gestured for you to pass. You did so with some hesitation and with a prominent blush fixated upon your cheeks that Eddie wholeheartedly failed to notice but that Dustin did not. A grin curled its way onto Dustin’s features as he turned to look at Mike next to him. Mike upturned an eyebrow in confusion.
It was only after you had passed Eddie and promptly left the cafeteria that he found himself able to function coherently once more. A wide smile was seemingly fixated upon his features and no matter how hard he tried he was unable to get rid of it.  
“Why does she always smell so damn good?” Eddie said more to himself than anyone else.  
“Well that was embarrassing,” Mike whispered to Dustin.
“Shut up, Wheeler,” Eddie responded, throwing a pretzel at him.  
Eddie was, for quite possibly the first time in his life, early to class.  
As he awaited your arrival he anxiously chewed upon his nails, a habit he thought he had grown out of in middle school but which had apparently made its resurgence with a vengeance. He was leaning back precariously in his chair, his feet propped up upon the desk. But upon seeing your figure seemingly glide into the classroom he hastily sat upright, nearly overturning his chair in the process. Your gaze flicked to his as you put down your bag, offering him a friendly smile as you did so which he immediately returned.  
“Hey,” Eddie managed to say, trying to act collected when his racing heart said otherwise.
“Hi,” you responded as you took your seat, flicking your gaze away from his as you started extracting your things from your bag. When you weren’t looking, Eddie quickly ran his hands through his hair in an attempt to tame it if only slightly. In the end it made no difference, but the movement eased his ragged breathing somewhat.
Eddie racked his brain for something to say. But then Mrs O’Donnell was entering the classroom and he knew his opportunity had fled. With a small sigh, he sat back in his chair disappointedly.  
Throughout the duration of the class Eddie found his gaze flicking towards you every so often. Your hair was up today so that he could clearly see the curve of your neck and the rounding of your shoulders. For just a moment he imagined what it would be like to kiss the skin there. It would be soft, he was quite sure, a sensitive area maybe that would have you panting under his touch, the skin marking easily.
His breath hitched in his throat when he eventually pulled his gaze upwards once more only to find that you were looking at him quite expectantly.
“S-sorry?” he questioned, shuffling to sit upright within his seat.
“Did you need a pen?” you repeated in a whisper, your eyes flickering to Eddie’s empty desk. For just a moment Eddie found himself unable to respond. In the entirety of his high school career—which indeed had been longer than most—no one had ever asked him such a question. In truth, no one seemed to care, not even the teachers who had promptly given up on trying to make him do work after his freshman year.  
Eddie didn’t quite know what to say. He thought it quite embarrassing if he were to tell you the truth; that no, he did not need a pen because no, he had never once done any work in Mrs O’Donnell’s class. But then if he were to lie and accept the stationary it would likely only lead to more embarrassment when you eventually discovered that he had no paper to write upon anyway.  
“Okay,” tumbled from Eddie’s mouth as he realised he had been silent for too long. It wasn’t really a response and he was quite well aware of that as you furrowed your brows slightly. You placed the spare pen tentatively upon his desk and then—seemingly as if you could read his mind—you flipped your notebook to an empty page and tore it out, placing it next to the pen upon his desk.  
“Thank you,” he said as he looked up at you, suddenly quite breathless.
Your eyes met with his just briefly before you turned quickly away in an attempt to hide your blush. Eddie looked upwards towards the board for the first time during the class and found himself wholeheartedly confused at what was written.  
“What are we doing?” Eddie whispered to you before he had a chance to think it through. A small smile flashed across your features that had Eddie’s heart suddenly racing at the sight of it.  
“Romeo and Juliet,” you whispered back, your gaze not moving from the teacher.
“Ugh,” Eddie said, scrunching his face in disgust before he could stop himself.  
The small giggle that left your lips had Eddie’s breath hitching in his throat.
“Yeah, it’s not my favourite either. It’s not even a good love story. It’s just about two teenagers who were too scared to stand up to their parents and ended up killing themselves.”
Eddie thought that in that moment he had never been more interested in Shakespeare in his life.
“Oh?” Eddie cooed. “And so what would you say is a good love story then?”
Eddie could see the small blush make its way up your neck before invading your cheeks. Your gaze was still fixated on the board, unwilling to turn towards him. Yet Eddie found himself quite grateful for that fact since it ensured that you could not see him staring intently at you.
“Much Ado About Nothing is my favourite.”
“And what’s that one about?” Eddie was surprised to find his voice oddly unwavering considering his hands were shaking quite violently under the desk.
You turned towards him then and for just a moment Eddie forgot how to breathe.
“It’s about two idiots who hate each other. But they’re really just too stupid to admit they like one another.”
Eddie was quite sure that you had never looked upon him—really looked at him with your gaze unwavering from his—for quite as long as you were doing now. He quickly came to realise that he was quite grateful for your shy disposition, for in that moment he found himself wholeheartedly unequipped to deal with your full attention. Now it was his turn to glance away, hoping that you wouldn’t notice the red tint that was burning upon his cheeks.
A silence lingered between you then, Eddie not quite trusting his voice to speak again. You turned your attention back to the board, periodically writing notes within your workbook. Eddie glanced between them and the board, confused as to what it was you were actually supposed to be learning and yet not quite caring enough to figure it out. So he leant back in his chair once more and lazily began to doodle on the page you had given him.
The sketches were rough, his pen strokes lazy and inattentive as he continued to fill the page. He wasn’t really trying, not in the full sense at least like when he drew up characters for his new campaigns. His hand moved languidly over the page, filling it with images of monstrous creatures, spiky weapons and even some ideas for some new tattoos that had been floating around in his head for the past few days. He thought about drawing you, maybe the line of your jaw or the curve of your lips or how some stray pieces of hair had come loose from where you had tied it up and were dangling around your face. But then as he looked up at you—having decided that drawing you was bordering a little too far on creepy—his breath hitched in his throat. For instead of your gaze being fixated on the board like it almost always was, your eyes were instead glancing down to the page sitting upon Eddie’s desk.
At the sight of Eddie’s hand stilling above a particular doodle, you glanced back towards him. Seeing his gaze already upon you had your blush returning with a vengeance as you hastily turned away.
“Sorry,” you whispered.
Eddie felt like pulling the page away, scrunching up the sheet and throwing it in the bin before you could see any more of his mediocre drawings.
“Y-you’re just really good,” he heard you add.
Eddie couldn’t quite stop the wide smile that adorned his features. But then before he could say anything the bell was ringing, and you had already begun to pack away your things. He held out your pen towards you hesitantly, not quite wanting to part with it yet knowing it would be stupid to steal it. But then as you reached out to grab it the tips of your fingers brushed lightly with his so that Eddie was quite happy with his decision to return the instrument to you.
Without thinking, Eddie leaned forwards and grabbed the sheet of paper upon his desk, instantly scrunching it up into a ball. He threw it absentmindedly towards the bin in the corner of the room, partly because he couldn’t quite be bothered to walk the short length but mostly because he hoped to impress you by getting it in from such a distance. The two of you watched as it sailed through the air and landed upon the floor.
Eddie groaned, suddenly quite embarrassed as he realised you had been watching the action with rapt attention.
“Why did you do that?” you asked hesitantly just as Eddie was about to rise from his seat to retrieve the paper.
He furrowed his brows slightly in confusion as he stood up before offering you a sideways grin.
“I didn’t mean for it to miss,” he responded.
But then you were looking up at him through your eyelashes as Eddie stood above you, and the sight had all the air rushing from his lungs. He cleared his throat, trying to refocus his mind before he left your side and retrieved the paper to throw in the bin. When he turned back around you were still looking at him and for a moment Eddie considered just rushing straight out of the classroom lest he embarrass himself any further in front of you.
“But they were good,” you protested, your voice wavering slightly from the confession. You averted your gaze from his and for once Eddie was greatful for it.
“I’ll redraw them better for you next time,” Eddie said, walking back over to you before heading towards the door. “Promise,” he called, lifting one hand up to wave goodbye to you before he exited the classroom. He consumed a large breath of air once finally out of your presence, quite sure that he should probably be concerned by how hard his heart was thumping within his chest.
And because Eddie was trying to get his body under control once more, he completely failed to notice when you made your way over to the bin and retrieved the crumpled paper.
“You want something freak?”
Eddie, who was currently stood atop the lunch table, brought his index fingers up above his head and stuck out his tongue. When Jason Carver rolled his eyes and turned back around, Eddie smiled triumphantly.
Eddie turned back around and began making his way back down the length of the table, but because he seemed apparently incapable of not noticing your presence in any given space, his eyes somehow flicked over the cafeteria to where you were sitting a few tables over. Your eyes were already on him, your gaze hastily shifting away when he turned to look at you, a slight blush adorning your cheeks. Your lips had been upturned into a smile just moments before as you said something to your friend, and Eddie couldn’t quite help the frown that covered his features.
You had been laughing at him, just like everyone else had.
A scowl crept its way onto his face and stayed there for the remainder of the lunch period, Eddie seemingly incapable of dispelling the thought of you whispering with your friends.
“So about postponing the-” Mike tried to continue.
“Find a sub, Wheeler,” was all Eddie could be bothered to say.
Eddie couldn’t quite manage to hide the irritation that covered his features. He sat lazily within his throne his hands brought up to lay under his chin as his gaze remained glued upon the door. One of his legs was bouncing incessantly upon the ground but he seemed incapable of stopping it nor did he particularly want to.
Gareth and Jeff were oddly quiet and he supposed it could have been because of his mood. But in that moment he was quite thankful for their silence and so continued to say nothing. Finally, the doors opened.
“Well look who decided to grace us with their presence,” Eddie boomed, revelling slightly in the looks of fear that met him from the two boys who had entered.
“Sorry, Eddie,” Mike began. “We only just managed to find a sub and they-”
“And so where is this supposed sub then?” Eddie knew he was being dramatic and yet could not quite bring himself to stop.
Dustin peaked his head back down the hallway they had just come from.
“She’s coming,” he said, the smile on his lips too cocky for Eddie’s liking. “We thought we’d run ahead since we’re so late.”
“She?” Eddie began, his words instantly dying upon his lips.
Because suddenly there you were standing within the doorway, your head slightly bowed in nervousness as you looked around the room. And even though he had seen you earlier that day, even though his mind had been plagued since with the image of you laughing at him with your friends, he couldn’t quite stop his breath from hitching in his throat.
Faintly, he registered that Dustin’s grin was growing.
“Eddie, this is Y/N,” Dustin said.
“Oh, we’ve met,” you said tentatively, your gaze dropping to the floor as the attention in the room turned to you. “We’re in O’Donnell’s class together.”
Eddie was still too stunned to form a coherent sentence, so Dustin filled the silence. Eddie really wished that he hadn’t.
“Oh you’re that Y/N. Eddie’s mentioned you a few times.”
Eddie wanted to lay down and die. Eddie wanted to strangle Dustin. But mainly, Eddie wanted to protest. For he could not quite fathom spending the next hour locked up in a room playing D&D with you, not when he had already spent the majority of the day embarrassing himself in your presence. The thought completely terrified him and yet he knew he would not be able to refuse you; would never be able to refuse you anything.
He forced a smile onto his lips that became a little more genuine when he turned to look at you.
“Well then welcome to Satan’s lair!”
You walked further into the room as you followed closely behind Mike and Dustin, glancing up periodically at Eddie as you went. Just as you were about to take the seat at the end of the table, Dustin spoke once more, testing Eddie’s patience so much that his eye twitched.
“Oh, you should go and sit up with Eddie. He’s the Dungeon Master so he’ll be able to teach you the best.”
“Oh, okay,” you said, hesitantly making your way to the head of the table.
Eddie thought it was quite possible he might keel over and die in that moment for his heart was beating so concerningly fast within his chest. He tried to keep his features composed as he looked at you, his smile still somehow in place. Without a word, Jeff moved down a seat and smiled up at you as you sat down.
“Have you, um,” Eddie said, clearing his throat after hearing how wobbly it was. “Have you ever played before, Y/N?”
“No, sorry,” you responded with a nervous smile that had Eddie’s heart somehow beating faster.
“T-that’s okay. It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. You’ll need to make yourself a character-”
“We’ve already helped her make a character,” Mike added.
“Well how very kind of you,” Eddie said back through gritted teeth before turning his attention back to you. “Um, so everything revolves around the adventure. I’m the Dungeon Master so I describe what’s going on throughout the quest. These bad boys,” Eddie leaned over and picked up the dice scattered upon the table. “They’re what everything is determined by. The numbers that you roll are what determines whether your attack hits or misses or whether you dodge a hit in time. Make sense?”
You nodded in understanding. Eddie had done this speech so many times before, had always been so animated whenever he introduced someone new to the game he so loved. And although he could feel himself loosening up the more he talked, he still found himself fumbling over his words and running his hands through his hair nervously. You were leaning in so close to him as he explained, the smell of your perfume wholeheartedly intoxicating and the sight of you listening with rapt attention so very distracting.
Finally, when you understood the basics of the game and the campaign finally got underway, Eddie could finally seem to breathe. This was his domain now and he was damn well going to rule it.
The game was fun, you had to admit. Far more fun than you had expected it to be when Dustin Henderson and Mike Wheeler had cornered you against your locker as their pleads filled the empty hallway. And although you found yourself becoming totally enraptured within the story, you couldn’t quite help yourself from sneaking glances towards the Dungeon Master when he leaned dramatically over the table or when his voice became low during some scenes. You had never seen him come alive as much as he was in that moment, and it made something warm stir within your heart as you watched him.
Now you were sweating, your gaze fixated on the board in front of you.
“You’ll need to roll a 20 if you want to get out of this one, sweetheart.”
You partially registered the pet name, and where usually you would have blushed or turned away from Eddie smiling cockily at you, blood was now pumping heavily through your veins as the rest of the boys looked upon you expectantly. You were the last one left alive and it somehow brought a confidence to your posture that felt oddly thrilling.
“What do you guys think?” you questioned the table, feeling Eddie’s gaze fixated upon you.
“We’re with you till the end, Y/N,” Dustin answered. “It’s your decision.”
You hesitated for just a moment before announcing, “I’ll attack.”
Your hands were sweaty as you held the dice, shaking them in your hands several times in hesitation, knowing that you were just delaying the inevitable. When you released them from your grasp you watched them roll with bated breath. They tapped across the board, flipping once, twice, three times until they finally came to a stop. Everyone leaned in to get a better look.
You jumped up from your seat just as everyone else did, engulfing Dustin in a hug. Eddie had never quite seen such a wide smile cover your features and he revelled in its beauty for just a moment as he watched you from his throne. He brought a hand up to partly cover his mouth, trying to hide his own grin that infiltrated his face. He knew he should not be so happy—he had not made the campaign to be beatable after all—but he could not quite stop the jumping of his heart as he looked upon you so elated and carefree and so breathtakingly beautiful.
When congratulations had been exchanged and the room’s excitement eventually begun to die down, Eddie began to pack up. He waved to the boys as they left, smiling softly to himself when they continued to talk about the game all the way down the hall. But for a man who seemed incapable of not noticing your presence, he was still surprised to find you lingering near the table.
“Do you need some help?” you asked, your gaze meeting his for longer than it normally did.
“U-um.” Eddie was caught off guard. “Yeah sure.”
The two of you packed away the table in silence, your fingers periodically brushing as you leant over to hand Eddie some dice or a figurine that had been left out. And even though Eddie expected the touch every time, he still could not seem to stop his breath from hitching in his throat at the feeling of your soft skin against his.
“That was, um,” Eddie began, needing to fill the silence that had consumed the room. “That was really nice of you. Subbing in for the game.”
“Dustin and Mike just seemed so desperate. I felt bad for them really,” you responded. Eddie’s smile faltered slightly. Of course your participation had only been out of pity.
“But I have to admit that was super fun,” you continued. “I’d, um…I’d be happy to join in on any more games if you ever need a sub.”
Eddie was caught wholeheartedly off guard.
“Yeah, of course! You can join whenever you want.”
He shuffled slightly closer to you as he leaned over to collect the remainder of the figurines so that the side of your body was practically touching his. He could feel the heat emanating off your skin, could feel the swaying of your clothes as they brushed against him when you outstretched an arm or turned slightly.
“Sorry if I was, ugh, embarrassing at all today in the cafeteria.” The words seemed to fall from Eddie’s mouth of their own volition.
“What, when you stood up to Jason?” you questioned, furrowing your brows in utter confusion as you turned to look at Eddie. “I thought that was quite…brave.”
Eddie nearly laughed. “Oh, I’m no hero,” he said. “I just like messing with him sometimes. Most of the rest of the time I feel like I can’t do anything right.” He wasn’t too sure what prompted such a confession, and for just a moment he regretted doing so. But then you were turning so that you were facing him completely and most coherent thoughts left his mind altogether.
“Why would you ever think that?” you asked. “You’re like the coolest guy ever.”
As the words left your mouth a vibrant blush invaded your features as you realised what you had said, turning your head quickly away in embarrassment just as Eddie’s own cheeks started to burn. You were close now, the both of you realised, but how you had gotten so close neither of you could quite remember. A silence lingered between you, a silence that seemed to contain something more; something hot and palpable and heavy.
“I always feel like such a fool in front of you,” Eddie whispered, his face slowly inching towards yours.
But then you did something that Eddie was not quite expecting, something that had him unsure of whether to be happy or nervous.
You laughed. 
And although it was a beautiful sound, although it made Eddie want to smile, he could not quite help but await your response with bated breath.
“I feel exactly the same around you.”
Eddie smiled, and he thought in that moment that if he did not traverse the distance that still sat between you he might never get the chance to do so again. The thought terrified him.
“Can I kiss you?” he whispered into the air between you.
He awaited your rejection, braced himself for it really. But then instead of a rejection—instead of any response at all—your lips were suddenly crashing against his, the scent of your perfume completely engulfing him as his hands instinctively came up to hold you. He hesitated for just a second, trying to decipher whether what he was experiencing was indeed reality, before he kissed you back so fervently and breathlessly and hungrily.
Eddie Munson had imagined kissing you so many times before, and yet in every daydream he had been wrong. Where he had imagined you to be timid and slow and shy against his lips, now you were intense and fierce. You tasted different as well; more savoury where Eddie had always imagined you to be sweet so that he couldn’t quite stop himself from wanting to devour you in that moment.
Eddie was the one to pull away first partly because his lungs felt as if they were on fire and partly because he thought he might pass out from how hard his heart seemed to be pumping. Your pants filled the air, your lips tinged slightly red in a way that had Eddie itching to reach back down and capture his lips with yours once more.
You were looking up at him, but then suddenly your gaze flickered to the floor as a raging blush encompassed your features. Eddie, seemingly unable to stop himself, reached out a hand and cupped your chin, turning it upwards so that you were looking at him once more.
“Oh there’s no need to be shy with me anymore, darling. Not after what we just did.”
A devilish grin upturned the corner of your mouth as your gaze flickered down to Eddie’s lips. Suddenly he was nervous.
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euphoricfilter · 5 months
Rope Bunny || ‘Helping Hands’ Halloween Special
Tumblr media
Pairing: Caretaker! Yoongi x Kindergarten teacher! Reader
Genre: Fluff || Smut || Established Relationship || Non-idol AU
Summary: Yoongi had never been too fond of Halloween. Hated that one tacky day of the year with every fibre of his being. All it takes however, is your little surprise to convince him that maybe, just maybe, Halloween isn't all that bad.
Word Count: 7.3k (i don’t know what happened)
Tags/ warnings: fluff, smut in the forms of: bondage, reader get's tied to the bed, vaginal fingering, penetrative protected sex (because that's cool), slight dacryphilia, playboy bunny costume, implied predator/prey play, implied pet play, aftercare, halloween slander, ew they're still in love
Notes: this can be read as a stand-alone without reading the first part of this mini-series! however you can read ‘helping hands’ here! as minor references are made.
for my love, @4amj3zz who i love with all my heart <3 thank you for the playboy bunny idea!
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+ + +
It was no secret that Min Yoongi hated Halloween. The holiday—if you could even call it that—was a waste of time and money.
Halloween was a poor excuse to spend too much money on tacky decorations, and an easy excuse for candy makers to profit off one singular night each year. Frauds if you asked him.
Yoongi had never understood why parents let their children stumble from door to door in goofy costumes, asking for an inexplainable amount of sugar from strangers; the whole agenda a little backwards when ‘stranger danger’ is drilled into our heads as children. And now, kids have enough candy to give themselves a sugar high until Christmas rolls around, and an equally questionable Santa Clause fills their stockings with enough chocolate until the easter bunny comes.
He never understood why parents would buy a new, tacky looking costume each year when maybe they could be saving up for their child’s college tuition fees. And don’t get him started on adults dressing up. Min Yoongi was convinced that Halloween was the only night a year adults could dress in skimpy outfits, and no one would bat an eye. And a few too many sleazy men get a couple of hours of eye-candy to keep their imaginations running wild for the next couple of nights.
Now, Yoongi isn’t one to judge what others like to wear. He doesn’t feel it’s fair to judge, when he rotates the same 4 black shirts each week and might change it up with a new colour when you beg him to match outfits. Yoongi’s issue lies with the fact that it was the end of October.
The cusp of winter.
Where each night should be spent sat in front of the heater with stupid amounts of coffee (or in your case, hot chocolate) and a nice, cosy blanket wrapped around both your shoulders while a movie plays as you run your cold toes down his legs.
He wonders if cases of pneumonia or frostbite are at an all-time high on the 31st of October with the way some people dress themselves.
However, the absolute bane of Yoongi’s existence is all the pumpkin flavoured crap that nearly every franchise in the country liked to overprice in the month of October.
No, he didn’t want a pumpkin spice latte. No, he didn’t want the pumpkin tart instead of your usual sugared doughnut and his tiramisu.
It was Yoongi’s downfall when he was buying food for Holly, and suddenly the pet shop owner had asked if he wanted pumpkin favoured treats for his dog. Yoongi loved Holly as much as he loved you but he’s more than certain his puppy couldn’t give a flying fuck about a pumpkin flavoured biscuit.
The one thing that Yoongi did like about Halloween, however, was the excuse to watch scary movies. You on the other hand couldn’t stand them, burying your head underneath his arms when anything remotely spooky came up on the TV of an evening. So unfortunately, Yoongi hadn’t gotten his adrenaline rush as of late with a few too many trashy thrillers.  
“How do I look?” you give your boyfriend a twirl, black dress flaring around your thighs prettily.
Yoongi just blinks up at you, trying to ignore the pointed hat you’re wearing that grates at his eyes.
“What are you supposed to be?” he asks, raking his gaze down your body. Any excuse to give you a once-over.
“A witch obviously” you roll your eyes, if the spiderweb tights, hat and cape weren’t enough of a give-away.
“Isn’t that… basic?” Yoongi dares to ask and your shoulders slump forwards.
“Yes, but I don’t think a bunch of 4-year-olds are going to know who I am if I dress up as… I don’t know, MJ”
“From Spiderman, Yoongi. We’ve watched all 8 movies, plus the animated one”
“If you were MJ does that make me Spiderman?” Yoongi drawls and you sigh.
“No” you shake your head and Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow, “You don’t believe in Halloween, so you don’t get the privilege to be my Spiderman.”
Yoongi scoffs at that, no real venom in his expression as he watches you fix your hair in the vanity mirror.
“Oh” you turn to look at your boyfriend, “Don’t forget to pick up that package at the post office after work today either, okay?”
Yoongi nods, puckering his lips for a kiss. You oblige, leaning down so the brim of your hat brushes the top of Yoongi’s head as your lips press against his own.
“Love you” he whispers, breath fanning your lips in the way where goosebumps prickle the skin of your arms.
“Love you more!” you smile, “And, don’t be late tonight. Remember I have a surprise!” you giggle, and Yoongi would have been a little more worried if you hadn’t been so happy. On more than one occasion you’d tried to surprise your boyfriend; once trying to cook a three-course meal, however you hadn’t known cans can’t go in the microwave. That had led to your boyfriend having to work over the weekend to replace the wretched utility machine.
He smiles as you skip out of the bedroom, chunky boots thumping on the hardwood floor as you flit around the house for anything you may have forgotten last minute. Even though your boyfriend had made sure to pack your work bag the night before, since he knew you could be a little slow in the mornings and he knew you didn’t need the added stress.
Yoongi’s foot taps impatiently, dull pat pat pat of his sneakers bouncing off the walls as he leans against the post office’s desk. Fingers numb as he scrolls through his phone, weather bitter outside the heated post office. The old man that was at front of house had wandered out back to get his package and seemed to be taking his sweet, sweet time riffling through piles of unclaimed mail.
Yoongi’s phone lights up, a message from you; asking what time he would be home because you’d gotten his surprise all ready. And no matter how much Yoongi loved you, he was still a little sceptical of what your surprise could be.
You had never been good at keeping secrets, always blurting out little hints which would evidently lead to him to your little plots, only to act like he never knew what you were up to when the time came for you to surprise him. Because your smile was worth a little acting if it meant he got to see you looking so happy. Like he had been the one to surprise you, and of course he’d reward you with a sweet kiss that always made your cheeks flush the prettiest pink.
[4:56 pm]
My love:
Yoongs how long will you be? I’ve finished setting up your surprise and I’m getting impatient :’(
[4:57 pm]
Soon, the old guy that works here is slow.
[4:57 pm]
My love:
He should really get someone to help him with all those packages…
Maybe we could help
[4:58 pm]
You barely have time to take care of yourself. There’s a flyer on the door saying they’re hiring; a few high school kids will probably start applying soon now that the holidays are almost here.
Yoongi takes a look at your package. You hadn’t told him what you’d bought but from the looks of things it was from that little doggy clothing shop you loved. If Yoongi thought he spoiled Holly too much, don’t get him started on you.
He doesn’t bother pulling his keys from the back of his jeans, knowing you were home, instead he knocks.
Only to be answered with silence.
Yoongi knocks on the door again, no stranger to your habit of dancing around the bedroom with your music blasting through his speakers as you tidy up the mess, you’d made during your morning rush.
Only to once again be faced with nothing.
He leans his ear against the door, cold wood numbing his cheek as he narrows his eyes, hoping to hear any sound coming from the apartment.
Assuming the best, he guesses you’d forgotten to pick something up at the shops and decided a little early evening walk was now squeezed into your meticulously planned Halloween schedule.
Get home. Clean while Yoongi picks up package. Cook together. Bathe together. Maybe watch a Halloween movie, only if it isn’t scary. Roast marshmallows on the balcony. Read together. Brush teeth together. Wear matching pjs. Get the fluffy blanket for bed from the dryer. Talk about each other’s plans for tomorrow. Maybe sleep.
Yoongi easily slips his pair of keys from his pocket, the jingling bouncing off the walls of the empty hallway. And he hears the neighbour’s dog bark at the sound.
The lights are on when he pushes the door open with his foot. Your work shoes neatly placed on the rack, an empty space for his own sneakers to sit comfortably beside your own.
“Y/n?” he calls out, kicking the door closed behind him, “You home, my love?”
He hears shuffling from the other room, your silk bedsheets ratting you out that you’re home.
Yoongi dumps the brown box onto the couch, the little pattering of Holly’s feet bringing his attention to the floor as he kicks his shoes off.
Yoongi bends down, pulling a strip of tissue paper from the dog’s mouth. “Gross. You can’t eat that.”
He pokes his head into the kitchen, the dog’s bowl still half full of dinner, so you hadn’t forgotten to feed him. But it seemed his little dog had gotten distracted in the process of his meal, and you may be the main culprit. Yoongi didn’t even know what to think. For the first time since you’d started dating, you had kept a secret, and he didn’t have an inkling of what it could be.
Were you proposing?
That was meant to be his job. He had the ring and everything.
He just hadn’t worked up the guts to ask you yet.
What if you really were proposing? Should he say yes and then tell you he also had an engagement ring? Or should he say no?
That would be stupid.
He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, but he wanted his proposal to be more than perfect.
Not that you wouldn’t make it perfect.
What if he said no and you got the wrong idea?
What if you decided to break up with him?
God knows what he would do if that were to happen.
Maybe you weren’t proposing…
But your surprise.
It wasn’t dinner, he knew that much. You hadn’t set the table, nor was there any food simmering on the stove.
Maybe you’d bought ugly matching pyjamas again.
But what if you were proposing?
He wanders towards your bedroom; a slice of dim orange lamp light coats the floor in its heady glow from where the bedroom door is slightly cracked open.
And Yoongi stands there for a moment as he hears you hum to yourself; and his new assumption is that you’re probably lying-in bed as you watch something from your phone, headphones plugged in as he hears nothing more than your voice.
Maybe you’d forgotten all about your little surprise and although you’d been hyping him up all day, with teasing glances across the cafeteria at lunch, and light brushes of your fingers over his chest as he passed you in the halls; Yoongi would much rather you have forgotten your little proposal if it meant he could be the one to get down on one knee.
Yoongi feels as though time stops when he pushes the bedroom door open.
There you are, sprawled out on your stomach, legs kicking up behind you as you rest your chin the palms of your hands. Open book long forgotten, the pages flipping closed by themselves. You hadn’t bothered to crack the spine, design too pretty to tamper with, and although later you’ll whine about losing your page, maybe even blame it on your boyfriend, right now the look on Yoongi’s face was funny enough for you not to care. Whatever little love story you’d been invested in suddenly meaningless as you look into Yoongi’s eyes, love and lust mingled into one as he stares at you, mouth agape.
And you wonder if you’d ever seen Yoongi make such an expression during the course of your relationship.
It’s not often you splurge on an outfit for the bedroom; truthfully Yoongi had never been all that bothered. You could be wearing a chunky sweater and sweats for all he cared, and he would still get bricked up at just the thought of you, with what you hide beneath layers of clothes. Though, it was never an unwelcomed surprise when you did choose to go and buy something that makes you feel a little prettier than usual.
“Is that a playboy bunny costume?” he gapes, eyes glued to the delicate black ears that sit prettily atop of your head. Frilly little collar and bow snug around your neck with matching little cuffs that encase your pretty wrists. The epitome of sex. All his. And god, did Yoongi love you.
He thinks you put all the other playboy bunny models to shame as you smile up at him, warm orange glow cast over your face in a way that makes Yoongi think you look almost angelic. Almost, if it weren’t for the skimpy little outfit you had on, that did wonders to highlight every part of your body that Yoongi loves most. Though he supposes it covered your pretty little pussy too much for his liking, nothing his fingers can’t fix.
“Yep!” you smile, “Surprise!” your radiant smile a little too innocent for what was about to happen.
Yoongi opens his mouth, only to close it. His extensive vocabulary, years of studying a thesaurus for lyrics that flow like poems suddenly evaporating to nothing more than the image of you dressed so prettily in his bed.
His eyes flit back up to your ears, lacy and black and they just looked so perfect on you. And it leaves Yoongi wondering if some part of him liked your little bunny ears more than he should, something primal vibrating in his chest with the need to just defile you, with how soft and round and absolutely perfect you look, a pretty little bunny all his for the taking.
“Did I really make you speechless?” you ask, eyes wide with wonder and Yoongi can only be baffled at how good you’d been able to keep this a secret.
Yoongi had always been a man of few words, and over time you’d been good at deciphering his wants without him having to open his mouth but this, this Yoongi, whose head looked empty apart from you, was something new.
“Seems so” he takes a few steps towards the bed, unintentionally hesitant as he wonders where to touch, “Oh fuck—” he groans, head tipping back, “is that a tail?” he gapes, shameless as he watches your butt wiggle. Hand pulling his jeans away from his crotch, blood rushing south as he just stares. Enamoured by the little ball of fluff that sits perfectly above your pert behind.
“It’s really soft. Wanna touch?” your index finger toys with your bottom lip, shiny with gloss and little plumper from where you’d been biting it.
Yoongi kneels on the edge of the bed, tips of his fingers brushing over the faux fur tail. His hands trail downwards, index finger running over your covered core; feeling it pulse as he applies a little more pressure. Chocked groan catching in his throat as he feels the material dampen under his careful touch.  
“Was this your idea?” He asks, ignoring your evident frown when he pulls his hand away from where you needed it most. Instead choosing to run it through his hair, grown out from when you’d first started dating, and perfect for you to pull when he makes home between your thighs.
“Someone at work brought up the idea” you tell him honestly, legs still kicked up behind you; the flex of your thighs entirely mesmerising to Yoongi that you can only wonder if your boyfriend was actually listening.
“You didn’t have to do this you know” Yoongi leans down to run his nose along the length of your jaw, the vanilla perfume he’d bought you on your birthday making him smile. Though you didn’t smell like him, he had been the one to pick out the scent, so he supposes it sates that little possessiveness he has over you when you aren’t together.
“Do you not like it? I thought it would be fun, especially since it’s Halloween” you say, albeit a little distracted as Yoongi presses open mouth kisses along the apples of your cheek, painting them ruby red with your own natural blush. Yoongi’s kisses always did make you flustered, he had never been very shy with his tongue, and he made sure you knew it.
“I like it. Fuck that—I love it. I just don’t want you doing anything you’re uncomfortable with” he whispers, continuing his onslaught of wet kisses, though he now trails them down the length of your bare neck. Addicted to the taste of your skin, making sure it glistened with his saliva.
“I’m okay with it. Made me feel pretty and sexy” your mouth falls open as his teeth nip your skin, red and purple roses blossoming as he sucks on the skin of your neck, painting you like an artist would a canvas.
“You’re always pretty and sexy” Yoongi grumbles, pushing himself to sit. And if he pretends not to notice the way you trail after him, that’s his own secret. The two of you like magnets, hard to pull away once pushed so close.
You follow Yoongi in sitting up, now giving your boyfriend a full view of how your little playboy bunny costume pushes your breasts together.
Yoongi swallows thickly, tongue coming to wet his lips as his fingers itch to touch you. He pulls away when he’s nothing more than inches away from touching your heated skin, and your shoulders drop at that. Pitiful pout tugging at your lips as he shuffles off the bed eagerly.
“Wait here” your boyfriend tells you, and you take a peek at his steadily growing erection as he scuttles towards the closet.
“What’re you looking for?” you ask, leaning back on your arms as you watch Yoongi rummage around for a certain box. Your fingers trail down the length of your body, index finger toying with your clit over the thin cottony fabric. You couldn’t help it that Yoongi had riled you up, hole clenching, begging to be touched, filled, you’d take anything just to have that sweet release that taunts you while your boyfriend shoves box after box and piles of clothes out of his way, in looks for something.
“Some ropes for my little rope bunny” he mutters, patience steadily growing weary the longer he’s away from you, watching as you play with yourself from his peripherals. Yoongi think’s all coherent thoughts are slowly trailing down to his dick, throbbing almost painfully in his jeans as you continue to squirm under the careful touch of your fingers.
“They’re on the top shelf. Velvety box”
“Thanks” your boyfriend throws a soft smile over his shoulder, you feel your own lips tug up at that.
“Hey! No touching” he points an accusatory finger at you, eyes trained on your hand that you grind against.
It had been surprising, how open about sex you had been once you’d gotten closer, more comfortable with Yoongi. And he thinks you must be the horniest person he knows. You’d been shy, a little reserved about being so intimate with him that it was beyond a surprise when you’d gotten comfortable enough to touch yourself in front of Yoongi without a care in the world. He never minded, always eager to please you sexually, and he felt proud even, that the two of you had progressed so much in your relationship.
“Can’t help it” you giggle, falling back onto the bed as Yoongi brings the box back over towards you.
You feel his fingers replace your own, tugging the crotch of your costume to the side to side a finger through your slit, your cheeks heating red at the lewd squelch. Your thighs twitch at that, hips bucking to try and get Yoongi to push at least a finger inside of you.
Your boyfriend, however, seems to have other plans, pulling his hand away from your pulsing core. Instead, he flips open the lid of the box, neatly wound coils of rope lined delicately inside. He’d indulged, buying a plethora of colours to spoil you with when you wanted to be tied up.
Your boyfriend had gotten good at cuffing you to the bed with ropes, had practiced over and over after you’d confessed one night you liked the idea of being completely at his mercy. Begging him to at least let you touch him while he makes you cum. Something about Yoongi being a little mean in bed always riled you up, your cunt shiny with arousal as he plays around with your body a little.
“Arms up, baby” he nods his head towards the head of the bed, “Nothing too crazy today” he reassures when you scoot your way up the bed, head resting comfortably on a couple of Yoongi’s pillows as he shuffles up the bed.
He’d watched so many videos online, making sure that the first time the two of you tried playing with ropes there was no chance he would hurt you in the process. The product of his practice showing as he cuffs you to the head of the bed with ease, looping the ropes expertly around your wrists before he weaves them between the bars of the headboard, chunky knot keeping you attached to the head of the bed. He slips two fingers between the ropes and your wrist to ensure it wasn’t too tight and your skin wouldn’t be nicked or burnt in the process.
You watch him bite his lip, friction of his jeans against his erection sending a jolt of pleasure up his spine. Your boyfriend’s head tipping back to ride out the shuddering arousal that wracks his body.
You tug at your restraints, checking if they would hold, “Loose enough?” Yoongi asks, and you nod, “Words, darling”
“It’s good” you whisper, breath getting caught in your throat at the deepening lust in Yoongi’s eyes as you lay sprawled beneath him. Left to writhe under his hands, completely at his mercy.
“And you remember your safe word?”
“Good girl” he throws his head back, palming over his jeans to alleviate some of the discomfort, underwear starting to soak through with precum.
“Can you get a condom?” Yoongi asks as he unzips his jeans, sigh of relief tipping off the ledge of his lips as the pressure on his cock is alleviated.
“No, not really” you snort, and Yoongi looks up at you, mouth dropping open. If he wasn’t mildly embarrassed, he may have started drooling a little at the image of you laid perfectly for him, ever so pretty as you wait patiently. Your core glistening in the lamp light, hole winking rhythmically, calling your boyfriend to sink his hard cock into your tight heat.
“Sorry” he grumbles, tugging his jeans off, throwing them somewhere behind him before leaning across your body to pull open the drawer of his nightstand. He’s glad you’re tied up, little velvet box shoved to the forefront of the drawer next to the box of condoms and he can only thank his lucky stars you’re unable to see it.
“Can you take this off” you toe at his hoodie, exaggerated frown tugging at your lips. Growing restless as you boyfriend fiddles with your condom stash.
Yoongi leans down to kiss your pouty lips, “not fair you’re still basically dressed” he whispers, pressing another kiss to your lips.
“Not my fault you got ahead of yourself and got the ropes out” you smile as he presses another kiss to your lips, revelling in the feeling of your minty breath fanning his skin.
“Couldn’t help it” he tells you as he pulls his hoodie and shirt over his head, leaving him in nothing more than his boxers, “Looked too pretty to let you hop off”
You ogle at his bare skin, so smooth, begging you to mark him up.
Yoongi had always had soft, milky skin, pretty and smooth and perfect for you to press kisses down his stomach as your fingers trace his happy trail, a pathway to what hides in his pants. A part of his body that was yours, somewhere no one else would ever get the pleasure of seeing. Or having the pleasure of touching.
Your eyes widen at that, “Are you into like predator, prey play?” you gape, wad of slick seeping from your folds at the prospect of your boyfriend being into something so… primal and raw. By no means was he vanilla but this came as a surprise to even you.
“No” your boyfriend laughs, fingers tugging down the neckline of your top to free your breasts, low moan rumbling up his throat as they bounce.
He leans down, tongue laving up your right nipple with spit before his teeth tug at them, intent on making them red and puffy and ever so pretty and sensitive. You let out something akin to a squeak, surprised by the jolt of that delicious pleasurable pain that jostles down your spine straight into your core.
“Feels like it” your mouth falls open, breathy moan dripping off your tongue like sweet honey as Yoongi presses a wet kiss to your neglected nipple, making sure it shines in the bedroom’s lamp light.
“I’m sure it’s something we can look into” you feel his warm breath fan against your skin as he talks. Goosebumps prickling in its wake.
Your hips lift off the bed when you feel your boyfriend’s greedy fingers push the fabric of your costume aside that covers where he wants you most, cotton fabric brushing against your clit, a lick of pleasure kicking your hips up, knee knocking against Yoongi’s stomach. He slips a finger into your awaiting hole, groaning against your neck as he gently thrusts it into you, velvet walls pulling him in.
“Another one, please” your hips buck in rhythm with his fingers, a second finger easily sliding into you. You feel a dribble of arousal push out of your hole as Yoongi continues to increase the pace of his fingers, determined to find that little sweet spot that’ll make you see stars.
“Ah” you jolt forwards, teeth catching your bottom lip to subdue any more moans, something so embarrassing about the borderline pornographic sounds that tumble from your lips in quick succession.
“I wanna hear you, darling” Yoongi pushes himself up to meet your eyes, determination etched in his brows as he soaks in your pleasure.
He slips his fingers out of your cunt, kissing away your frown as he haphazardly tugs his underwear off. Beyond the point of caring for foreplay, his cock pulsing as it slaps against his stomach, pearly beads of precum staining his skin clear as he reaches over to grab the condom, he’d dropped to sate your needy cunt.
“I love you” he reminds you as his deft fingers tear the foil wrapper open, and you don’t care to look where he throws it as you watch him pump his cock a few times before he rolls the rubber down his shaft.
You lick your lips, Yoongi’s mouth tugging into a cocky smirk as he catches it from the corner of his eye.
You’d never been a big fan of male genitalia, something unappealing about them. However, in all your years of living, Yoongi may have the prettiest cock to ever grave this earth. Curved just right that it nudges that little sweet spot inside of you, girthy enough that you can feel the stretch as he pushes into you.
“Like what you see, little bunny?” he taunts, hand coming to wrap around his thick cock, tipping his head back as he languidly strokes himself; a shame you couldn’t touch him really.
You tug at the ropes that keep you bound to the bed, a pathetic whine falling off your lips that sends arousal straight to Yoongi’s cock, causing it to twitch in his palm.
“Fuck, doll. I could get off right now, and you would have to watch”
You stare at your boyfriend, refusing to look past his waist as he continues to jack himself off, only hoping your eyes could convey just how much you needed him.
“I can’t do anything if you don’t tell me what you want” Yoongi’s voice comes out gravelly, another wad of your arousal dribbling down onto the sheets.
“Fuck me. Please Yoongi, fuck me” your hips roll upwards, arms tugging at the ropes, anything to get some sort of friction.
Yoongi takes a moment to look at you, the epitome of sin laid out all for him. Your nipples still shining with his spit, your cunt glistening with your own arousal, pitiful as it had slicked up from a few heated kisses and a couple of fingers teasing you. Your little bunny ears lay a little askew from where you’d been writhing around, desperate for some form of release. However, Yoongi liked to tease, liked to make the build-up to your orgasm worth it.  
“I was thinking of cumming on those pretty tits of yours” he drawls, thumb brushing over the head of his cock, thighs clenching with pleasure.
Your eyes turn teary at that, and Yoongi thinks that by some miracle his dick hardens just a little more, “Doesn’t look like you like the sound of that” he frowns, mocking you.
“Yoongi please” you sniffle, and your boyfriend would have been worried by the pearly little tears that cascade down your cheeks if he didn’t know you liked to be teased a little, your safe word was there for a reason.
“Please what, doll? I’m not a mind-reader”
“Please fuck me, it hurts” your hips buck up into nothing; another pitiful snivel at that, your fingers taking a-hold of the ropes around your wrists, “wanna touch you, please Yoonie”
“Yeah?” he asks, and you nod.
Yoongi leans down, pressing a warm kiss to the apple of your cheek before he lowers his lips to yours. You think you can taste your salty tears on his lips, his tongue licking up into your mouth when you let out a breathy moan. Yoongi makes light work of toying with your clit, making sure you were slicked up enough to take him.
Two fingers were never usually enough prep for you without there being a little burn on your behalf, but he felt a little mean today, pent up frustration from a long week at work. And he knew you liked to feel the stretch, having confessed during your first time together that you didn’t mind him being a little rough; encouraged it even.
“Please, please, please” you whisper into his mouth as he moves himself over you, pulling your thighs so they rested over his own, your restraints pulling taught as he moves you further down the bed.
“Okay, my love. Gonna fuck you now, okay?” he asks, running his hands over your thighs.
“Yes. Yes please” your thighs twitch in anticipation.
You watch Yoongi as he lines his length up with your hole, dragging the head through your slit to lube up his cock before he gently pushes in. His mouth falls open as you let out a breathy moan, thighs pulling him closer as he slips further into you.
“Slowly, darling. I don’t want to hurt you” he holds his hips in place, shallowly thrusting to help you accommodate his size.
“I’m okay, please—I need more” you shake your head, bunny ears barely holding on as your back arches, another attempt to get Yoongi to hurry up and move. He relents, hips kicking forwards to thrust the rest of his length into you. You moan, arms tugging to try and touch your boyfriend, only to feel another wave of tears coat your cheeks as you can’t hold him.
“You okay?” he asks.
“Forgot I can’t hold you” you tell him and Yoongi chuckles, leaning down to press a kiss to each of your cheeks.
“Want me to untie you?” he asks, running his nose along the wet skin of your jaw.
You stay silent for a moment, before giving him a simple nod.
“Anything for you, my love” he smiles, and you feel a little less distressed as he unknots your restraints.
Yoongi inspects your wrists, a little red from where you’d tugged a little too hard but nothing a little soothing cream couldn’t fix after he’s finished with you.
“Ready now?” he asks, and you’re surprised he hadn’t slipped out of you yet.
You nod.
“Words, baby” he reminds, and you scrunch your nose up at that.
“Ready, please fuck me now”
He laughs at that, pulling his hips back before thrusting back into you. You scramble to hold onto him, nails digging into the clear canvas of his back, your lust and love written in the red marks that paint his skin, matching your own art that he’d bitten and sucked onto your own precious body.
Yoongi’s head falls into the crook of your neck, hips relentless as he continues his onslaught of thrusts, crude slapping of skin on skin dulled out by your own staccatos of breathy ‘ah ah ahs’ filling the room as Yoongi harmonises with his own throaty groans. Practically folding you in half as your thighs squeeze your breasts together.
“Gonna come. Cum with me” he moans, angling his hips to try and find your sweet spot.
“There, there, there” you tell him, voice pitching higher as your body jolts up the bed. Bunny ears long forgotten as they lay abandoned on your pillow.
Yoongi pushes himself up to watch your face, breasts catching his attention as they bounce in time with his thrusts. “I love you so much” he groans, snapping his hips upwards.
He leans down, spit dribbling onto your right nipple before he leans down and takes the sensitive skin between his teeth.
“Play with yourself, doll” he groans.
Your hand trails between your bodies, slicked with sweat as you gather your own arousal onto your fingers, bringing it up to circle your clit. Your hips buck up to meet Yoongi’s halfway, your fingers drawing tight circles on your sensitive bud.
“Gonna cum” you tell your boyfriend, continuing your onslaught on your clit, pleasure licking up your spine.
“Me too. Together, okay?” his pelvis smacking into your own.
You feel his cock twitch, your fingers strumming at your clit in quick circles as you fall over the edge, vision turning white as your fingers cramp up, nails raking over your sensitive pearl, causing your thighs to clench, pulling Yoongi so he was completely buried in your cunt.
Your pulsating walls were enough for Yoongi to cum as well. His hips rolling sluggishly, no rhythm as he helps you ride out your high, his cock starting to soften as your thighs start to shake around his waist.
“Too much” you tell him, hips jolting as his pushes himself all the way in once more before pulling out.
Your chest releases a stuttering breath, skin glistening with a sheen of sweat. Yoongi pulls the condom off, tying it before he throws it in the trash beside the vanity, grabbing a rolled-up towel to help wipe up your slick stained thighs. He’s gentle as he does it, not wanting to push you into the worst kind of overstimulation.
He collapses beside you once he’s done, towel somewhere with his forgotten clothes on the floor, a task he’ll deal with later. “That really was a surprise” he hums.
“It was hard to keep a secret” you say, voice a little hoarse, “The package arrived like a week ago and I wanted to show you so bad”
“Thank whoever at work gave you the idea” he teases, frowning when you bite your lip, a little guilty, “What?” he asks, heart dropping.
“Well, you can thank them.” You give him a little smile, “It was actually Seokjin that said you’d like it”
“Why the fuck is Jin giving you advice on your sex life?” he gapes, arm falling over your waist.
“I really don’t know how we got onto that conversation” you tell him honestly, head tilting cutely in that way it does when you think, “But then he was telling me about that girl he’s dating—the one with kids, and he said he came home from work one day and she was wearing this really pretty lingerie”  
“Where does the playboy bunny come in?” he asks, watching your eyes light up.
You look down at your costume, bunched up around your waist, “Well I then asked Jungkookie what he thought about the idea because you know Jin can be a little… extra; and kook said maybe go for a costume or something for Halloween but make it sexy”
“And he suggested a bunny? That’s fitting” Yoongi snorts, thumb gently rubbing over your bare skin.
“No, it was actually Taehyung. Kookie must have told him about my idea, and he sent me this link to a website, they had some really cool stuff on there, we could try roleplay one day. They had a cat costume as well with little socks that have toe beans and a collar and everything”
“I’m starting to think you’re into pet play” Yoongi teases.
“Oh, no, I meant for you” you giggle, kissing away the crease in his brow as he narrows his eyes.
“Oh yeah!” you push yourself up on your elbows, ignoring how Yoongi watches your breasts bounce with the motion, “I bought Holly bunny ears too. I was gonna show you, but then… yeah” you scrunch your nose up at the state of your costume, “I think this needs a wash before it goes anywhere near the dog”
“Is that what you made me pick up” Yoongi closes his eyes, “the amount of shit that dog has, he doesn’t need bunny ears, darling”
“But I wanted us to match, it was gonna be so cute, but you couldn’t keep your dick in your pants long enough for me to go through with my whole Halloween plan before we had sex. Plus, I bought another little jumper for him as well so it wasn’t a wasted trip before you complain” you huff, and Yoongi can only smile, enamoured that even though you looked moments away from passing out from exhaustion you still seemed to have a little fire lit within you.
“Don’t act like it wasn’t your plan from the start, I bet you weren’t even reading” he accuses, and you gasp, ever the dramatic.
“Was too. And the guy took the girl out on a date before they fucked” you perse your lips.
“Is that so?” he muses, “We can always go on the date now” he peers over at the clock on the wall, “I don’t feel like cooking, it’s too late. Why don’t we order in?” he turns towards you, pressing a kiss to your collarbone, “Then we can catch up on that series you liked the look of”.
“Oh, actually I bought pumpkin spice ramen for us to try”
“You what?” his mouth falls open.
“Huh?” you raise your eyebrows, “talking about the time, I really should pee and then shower, I feel sticky”
“Hey! You know I despise pumpkin spice anything, you’re not getting out of this one” he follows you as you push yourself off the bed, stripping out of your costume. It lays discarded on the floor as you wander into the bathroom, Yoongi not far behind you.
“Yeah, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When are we ever eating pumpkin spice ramen again?”
“Never” his eyebrows crease in mild disgust and if he wasn’t so cute then maybe you would have been a little more offended.
“Exactly, it could taste like ass for all we know” you shrug, “And then you can justify your pumpkin spice hatred”
“It’s already justified” he tells you as he turns the water on, nudging your butt into the shower as he follows behind.
“Whatever, you’re lucky I love you” you muse, turning around, pushing yourself on your tippy toes to press an innocent kiss to his puckered lips.
“Love you too, I’ll make pumpkin soup next weekend”
“So, you do like pumpkin” you gape.
“Yeah” he smiles, “Only when it isn’t a marketing scheme”
You sigh, shoulders falling. “I really do love you” you can’t help the smile that tugs onto your lips.
“I love you more, as a matter of fact” he angles the water so it soaks your body.
“Crazy, science actually says that I love you more”
“Science is usually a bunch of bullshit. I dropped out of college anyways, science means jackshit”
“You’re unbelievable” you lean your head against his chest, heart beating languidly as he reaches over for your shampoo, lathering it up in his hands before he helps you wash your hair.
“Science proves that I may be unbelievable but a certain someone can’t seem to get enough of me” he replies, fingers expertly massaging your scalp.
“I wonder who that is”
“The woman I wanna marry”
Your eyes snap open at that, pulling away from Yoongi as you just stare at him.
“Marry? Me?” you point at yourself, eyes wide with wonder as your boyfriend shrugs.
“Who else?” he drawls, trying not to smile at the precious image of you, soap sudded hair, cheeks rosy from the steaming hot water, as you look at him like he had been the one to hang the stars in the sky.
“I don’t know, are you secretly dating someone else?” you narrow your eyes, wiping a dollop of shampoo from your forehead as it threatens to fall into your eyes.
“Guess you’ll never know” his lips tug into a smirk.
“This isn’t your proposal, right? I literally haven’t said yes and that’s probably really shitty of me”
“God no” Yoongi groans, “I’m not proposing in the shower, doll. I thought your surprise was you proposing” he admits, and you can’t help the laugh that bubbles up your throat.
You slap a hand over your mouth, “I hadn’t even thought of that, holy shit, were you disappointed?”
“What? No. I was relieved” he shakes his head, damp strands of hair stuck to his forehead, “I really want to be the one to propose and I almost shat myself thinking you were doing it tonight”
You snort, “Would you have said yes?” you ask, rinsing your hair, beckoning Yoongi over with a nudge of your head so you could wash him.
“I mean, yeah” he lets out a long breath, “and then told you to take it back so I could ask you instead”
“You really are unbelievable” you shake your head, “Does this mean I should expect a proposal at some point in the near future?”
Yoongi thinks back to that little velvet box that still sits in his nightstand drawer, then he narrows his eyes down at you, “I don’t know, should you?”
You smile up at him, “I love you”
“Jokes on you, I love you more” he turns you away from him, tugging your body wash from the shelf. “Ah Ah” he shushes you when you try and speak, “No more of that, just let me take care of you and then we can try your shitty ramen while we watch corpse bride or some other lame kids movie”
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saecore · 8 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐲𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐨 𝐚𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐚 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬: shouta aizawa + tomura shigaraki + touya todoroki + taishiro toyomitsu
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: hybrid au, hybrid!reader, owner!characters, sub!reader, gn!reader except for maybe fatgum’s part, collars, breeding kink, overstimulation, ear/tail pulling, size kink, riding, titty sucking, lactation kink
{jujutsu kaisen edition}
{tokyo revengers edition}
Tumblr media
cat hybrids are aizawa’s favourite as you may have suspected. one of the biggest reasons are because they like naps. most of the time he’s able to sleep with his kitty next to him but there are times where his kitten will get needy and want his attention with no warning. normally aizawa treats his hybrid well but when you start irritating him that’s when the collar comes out. “‘m sorry” you meow pathetically after pawing at aizawa in his sleep. too late for apologies. his reaction is to give a sharp tug on your as his alines his cock with your entrance. “you wanted to be bred” he glares. “now be a good kitty abs take it”.
shigaraki definitely has a soft spot for puppy hybrids. they’re so affectionate and give him that love that he’s been lacking for a long time. shigaraki can’t remember the last time he’s been greeted when he comes home with such enthusiasm or when someone has wanted to snuggle up with him. the only downside is puppy hybrids have a lot of energy and sometimes he has trouble keeping up. “more! more! more!” you howl underneath him, pawing at shigaraki’s chest as he tries to catch his breath. “a-already cum so many times” he heaves. “i don’t think…” he trails off when you give him those desperate puppy dog eyes. “okay… i’ll give you another because you’re such a good doggy”.
dabi will always choose bunny hybrids over anything else. everything about them is perfect but no matter how much he loves them…. dabi can’t help but tease his rabbit a little. sometimes he’ll reach over and tug on his bunny’s long ears or bushy tail just to hear that cute yelp. what he loves even more than teasing us watching his bunny hop. dabi can never get enough of sinking his hybrid down on his fat cock and getting you to bounce on it. “c’mon, know you can do it” he encourages, giving your ass a smack when you whine that he’s too big. “wanna make me happy, don’t ya bunny? then hop for me”.
if you haven’t guessed… fatgum’s really into cow hybrids. he loves hearing that bell ring when you make the way into the room but on the not so innocent side cow hybrids thick thighs and large breasts never fail to get him going. sometimes fatgum’s calf’s breast will start to hurt when they’re full of milk and he’s quick to offer his hybrid some relief. “that feel better, honey?” fatgum hums, nipple in his mouth as he drinks everything you have to offer. you offer him a moan of approval in return as you sit on his lap, subconsciously grinding into him. “good, know i love your milk”.
Tumblr media
2022 © b-achiras — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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silverstonesainz · 27 days
❛ you’re welcome to stay, if you want. ❜ + the mick from my brainrot 🫶🏽
idk how to feel about this one
Tumblr media
boy next door (ms47) ─── maybe forgetting your keys isn't too bad after all
Tumblr media
you groan loudly, finally releasing the door knob of your front door and giving it a kick for good measure.
“well that’s one way to open it.” 
your head shoots up, eyes landing on your neighbor who offers you a warm smile. but the smile falls as soon as he sees the distress on your face, the clear look of annoyance laced into your features. he holds his hands up in surrender, angie’s leash hanging in the crease between his thumb and index finger. he mumbles a quick sorry, but you only shake your head and take steps backwards until your back hits the wall.
“no sorry, didn’t need to look at you so mean.” 
he takes cautious towards you, the dog following her owner’s lead. she sits at your feet, panting and seemingly smiling up at you. your lip all but twitches upward before you scratch her head. 
“i’m mick.” he introduces himself, to which you do the same. “locked yourself out?” 
“yeah. think my key is probably still on the damn hook by the door too.” you sigh softly, “called the building but they don’t have anyone available to come and unlock my door.” 
mick looks at his watch, then back up at you. “well, my door is right there. come in and wait, you can play with angie to pass the time.”
“i shouldn’t.”
“i insist.”
his smile is warm enough to entice you, put you at ease, and convince that he wouldn’t try to kill you. you let out a breath, nodding and following him the few feet down the hall and to his front door. angie leads the way through the front door, running straight to the couch and waiting patiently for either you or her owner to join her. mick calls out something in german, and it pulls angie off the couch and onto the rug instead.
“she’s well trained,” you comment.
mick hums, nodding as he hangs the leash up and leads you further into his home. “thanks. she’s a good girl when she wants to be. want some tea?”
he brews tea his mom sent him a couple weeks ago, promising he’d get back to you on the name when he remembers. you start in the kitchen, sitting across the other as mick listens to you talk about your day. he’s quiet, attentive, blue eyes never leaving you as you drone on and on. he interjects here and there, but he lets you talk for the most part. he’d never admit it out loud, but he likes your voice. liked it so much he let you drone on and on, even when he offered the couch. 
you try to ask him about himself, though the trophies on shelves and pictures hung up tell stories of their own. you nearly choked when you realize who your neighbor turns out to be, but you try not to let it show. mick doesn’t talk much about racing though. he talks about hiking and his favorite trails. he tells you about his trip to australia with his friend jack, and how he’s determined to travel to even more places in the coming year. you like his voice, how it’s soft and gentle. you’d never tell him that though. 
the next time you look at your watch, an hour and a half has flown past you and you still had yet to hear from the building management or the locksmith. you yawn softly, eyes already feeling heavy. 
“its getting late,” you mumble, “i can go wait in the hallway if you’re ready to turn in…”
“nonsense. you’re welcome to stay, if you want.” 
“you don’t mind?” 
“not at all.” 
mick hops off the couch, disappearing down the hall of his apartment. it’s laid out almost exactly like yours, just flipped. and his view is far better, with the skyline twinkling through the window. you had a view of the pool, which appealed to your nosy tendencies. 
he comes back not too long later, pillow and blankets in his arms. you try to help him fix up the couch, but he shoos you away before you can even lay a finger on the blanket. 
“i left some clothes out for you in the bathroom if you wanna change. a toothbrush too.” 
you smile, uttering a thank you and moving down the hall. folded neatly by the sink is a mercedes tshirt, grey sweatpants, and one purple toothbrush. you take a look around, stifling a laugh at how messily organized his bathroom is. towels are crookedly hung up on the rack, shaving products on the sink instead of on the shelf, and other hygienic products on the other side. all grouped together, but not where they’re meant to be. the one thing that catches you the most of guard is his toothpaste, squeezed and rolled up from the bottom.
after changing and brushing your teeth, you return to the living room to find mick standing by while idly using his phone. he looks up at the sound of your feet pitter-pattering into the room. 
“i wasn’t sure if you slept with the tv on or not, but i left the remote on the table. and i got you a glass of water in case too.” he smiles proudly, pointing to the remote and glass on the coffee table. you mumble a thanks, walking over and around the couch. he watches you move about, plopping onto the couch. he clears his throat. “im gonna go to bed, but if you need anything just knock on my good.”
you nod, “thanks again mick.”
“of course.”
it’s quiet, not a single movement as you both bask in the other’s presence. you feel your cheeks begin to heat up when you notice him staring, averting your gaze quickly. he’s the same way, blushing pink as he turns away and scratches the nape of his neck. 
“well… good night.”
“good night mick.”
he scurries off, the bedroom door shutting quietly. you lay down, inhaling the scent of mick on his pillow. and you smile to yourself, burying your face in it as you pull the covers up to your chin, falling asleep and dreaming about the boy next door.
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holydayaria · 6 months
The Morning After
Tumblr media
Makima x Reader
Synopsis: You drunkenly confess to Makima your feelings for her, she takes advantage of your inebriated state.
Warnings: Female reader, being drunk, concerning behavior from Makima as usual, dubcon, smut is pretty hazy, maybe a little ooc for Makima with how i characterize her. Implied mind control from Makima
i got this idea this morning n had to write it real quick 
1,138 words
“Easy now.” Makima hummed, helping you sit onto the bed. She sat with you, letting your loose hold on her remain for some support.
“I really like you, missh Makima.” You slurred out, resting your head on Makima’s shoulder, bordering the crook of her neck. Makima held you in place, mostly to support you. She let you wrap your arms around her, nuzzle into her and do all the things you hadn’t the nerve to do when sober. Her hands were trying to ease your suit jacket off of you. “I.. I, mmnh.” The words died on your tongue and you had enough sense to maybe not tell her you loved her. 
“You like me?” Makima parroted, feeling your hair tickle her skin when you nodded. “A lot.” You found yourself readjusting, straightening up to kiss her. It felt right, of course it felt right. It never felt wrong to be around her. In your drunken haze you missed her lips and ended up pressing a kiss to her jaw. And then another, and another. And now you were leaving sloppy kisses all on her neck and face. Even if you were drunk, this is something you’d never work up the courage to do. Usually you’d be waiting for the other person to initiate it. There’s just something about Makima...
Makima seemed pleasantly surprised by your answer, even more so with your feverish kisses. Well, not totally surprised. A few pushes in the right direction, small nudges but pushes nonetheless had put you here. In her house, on her bed, in her arms. She hadn’t done much, you already had a big fat crush on her (who didn’t?). All she did was give you some... help. The corners of her mouth turned up with how your soft lips felt against her skin, and you could feel a giggle rising in the back of her throat.
Makima moved you up a bit so that you would look her in the eyes. God those eyes, golden and ringed and you thought you would pass out if you kept looking into them. You wanted to kiss her again, this time really on the lips. Sensing what you wanted, Makima instead pulled back, leaving you craving more. You could feel her hands at your neck, gently tugging your tie off and suddenly they’re on the skin of your breasts, the top buttons of your shirt having been undone by her. Her hands moved to your shoulders and waist, guiding you further onto her bed and beneath her. Her hands were cold, they made you ticklish with how her palms pressed against your bare skin. With how her fingers traced the curves and dips of your body and sent shivers up your spine. When did she even get your shirt off? Did you take it off? It was on the floor now. Your pants were next.
She’s kissing you, she’s kissing your chest and using those cold hands to keep you still while you squirm from how foreign and good it feels. A cold hand pressed against your lower belly, making your thighs clench. She’s still clothed, this isn’t fair. “What’s not fair?” She asks, and you can’t answer with her fingers slipped into your mouth. Makima’s holding your legs open while you squeal at the cold, wet intrusion. It’s making your back arch and your toes curl. It feels good, so so good. Her fingers are back in your mouth, and the way she calls you a good girl when you suck on them just makes you eager to please her more.
Her hands are unbelievably cold, but the rest of her is so warm. Hot even, to the touch. She’s telling you to undress her yourself since you like her so much, and like a dog taking commands from its owner you do. You barely get any time with Makima’s chest before she’s motioning you down and pressing your face against her puffy lips. Her thighs are warm and you can feel them around you on either side. You’re just happy to please her, to make her smile and tell you how good you’re doing, that she knew you’d make a good pet, how glad she is that you’re so receptive to her.
You must have at some point after pleasuring miss Makima, crawled up to nuzzle into her. Either that or she had to hoist you up with her. She placed a kiss to your lips, getting a taste of herself in the process. You fall asleep to the sound of her praise, and promises that she’ll reward you greatly for this.
“Such a good girl.”
The morning after is a groggy one. You can feel something heavy on you, on your left and your right. Your eyes flutter open and immediately you hear the barking of dogs. Large huskies, at least six or seven all jumping onto you and licking your face. With a joyful yelp you try to sit up right, gently pushing them off you. One of the dogs that was jumping on you brushed it’s fur against your bare skin, and you became painfully aware you weren’t wearing your work clothes. Only your panties and... was this one of Makima’s sweaters?
Oh God.
What happened last night?
You stood up abruptly, careful not to step on any paws. The sudden movement made you queasy. Makima came to the door which had been cracked ajar, opening it further and having all of her dogs nearly topple her over. She let out a breathy laugh as they swarmed her, jumping up. She ushered them out, closing the door behind her. Makima was in her work uniform, her hair loose. She was reaching for a lint roller on her bedside table, presumably to get all that dog hair off.
“Did you sleep well?” She asked, taking in how cute you looked in her clothes. She pushed back some hair that had gotten into your face, her hand lingering now on your forehead. “Do you want to sleep in some more, it’s alright if you want the day off.” It felt more like she was telling you that you’ll be taking the day off rather than asking. There was a faint droning in your ear when you thought about going to work with a hangover.  You could only dumbly nod, and like a spirit she was gone. Off to get you advil or something, whatever it was she said. The buzzing disappeared as she returned with some water and painkillers. Makima was pushing you back into bed, getting you back under the covers. 
“I asked if you’d like to spend another night here. Just till you feel better?”
Better? You didn’t even feel all that hungover. The buzzing returns and you say yes, already getting tired again. 
“Good girl.”
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puminari · 4 months
Basketball Club as Your Dogs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: Ace Trappola || Floyd Leech || Jamil Viper
TAGS: Fluff, Crack, Platonic, based off of my dogs irl
Tumblr media
The most sassiest(not) dog
He acts like he doesn't love you but when you step one closer to him you'd see his tail wag left and right, and still won't move until you pet his head. He must think he's cool for acting like he doesn't love you, in reality, he's the biggest owner-lover and would never let anyone pet him besides you
I would say he's loyal, but he'd completely abandon you for someone who's giving him extra treats, he'd act all kind and behave to them while a shit to you. I mean, at least he still goes back to you after they left.
One time, he thought you disappeared and cried aloud. He was howling, he had tears, and he was somewhere mopping around and mourning for you. Turns out you were stuck in the restroom playing Genshin Impact while speeding running Sumeru
The most energetic and the most annoying dog out there. Follows you around expecting you to play with him, ignore him then he's suddenly barking at you
Would jump into your lap if you're sitting on the floor, and you can't get anything done when he's playing with your hair or licking any skin he comes into contact with.
He climbed on top of your bed one time just to let out a huge stinky poop. You didn't even notice it till you felt your pajama pants having the extra peanut butter cream and the god-awful smell. He's now banned from entering your room.
You're scared as hell whenever you open the main door, this dog would run full speed ahead just to go outside. You lost count of how you found him walking just outside 711 after you finished shopping.
Would shit on Ace—barks at him to stay away just so your attention is only on his.
This dog has some major mood swings— he's energetic and would run around in circles, and next thing you know he's under your couch grumpy for something you didn't know about.
God bless you for finally having a somewhat normal dog.
He's super well-behaved compared to the other two. He's always on the corner of the house doing nothing but sleeping. Despises the other two since they bother him so much. You panicked when you couldn't find him once—he was under the shoe rack the entire time, watching you calling out his name for an hour.
Super loyal, he barks at anyone that isn't you even if they frequently visit your house. You don't know if it's protective instincts or maybe he views anyone as a threat, that includes your two other dogs.
Hates playing with the others, would ignore them, and bark at them to leave them alone.
This dog HATES bugs. You thought getting a dog would be an instant bug repellent but he completely despises those disgusting creatures. At least Floyd eats them every time he sees one
Tumblr media
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anzelsilver · 29 days
i love all the stories of steve and eddie adopting trailer cats or finding little black kittens in need of a home and shelter from the rain
but i can't help thinking how nice it would be if steve got himself a dog
not super old one but up in their years, their puppy days long behind them, just a potato of a mutt who'd rather lay down next to steve on the couch or the porch, head on his thigh, staring up adoringly at their owner, tail thumping every time they catch steve's attention
maybe steve finds them under his car one night, hurt and lacerated, patches of fur missing
has every reason to growl or snap their teeth in defense when steve scoots in close and instead wags their tail even when every motion causes them to whine in pain, cracking steve's heart into pieces
steve would hurry inside to get some lunchmeat he'd been saving for dinner, sits on the gravel, patient and waiting for this poor old dog to crawl out on their own
it wouldn't take too long, the dog too hungry for both food and a friendly pat to stay away from the warmth of steve's form, nosing their way into his lap, head fully buried in steve's armpit
just two battered souls finding each other, bursting with so much love and finding a place to put it without feeling like a burden
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daydreamingleclerc · 5 months
boo, baby - mick schumacher instagram au.
summary: you & mick take on the schumacher tradition of halloween photo shoots, only yours are a little less…. traditional.
warnings: sexual content
images are NOT mine, all were found on the internet. full credit to the original owners.
mickschumacher ✔️
Tumblr media
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mickschumacher boo, baby 🎃
view all 49,926 comments
danielricciardo looks like sticking a pumpkin on your head gave you some fashion sense
mickschumacher says you
danielricciardo i’m the king of fashion mick
mickschumacher you dress like a cowboy with a glitter kink
nataliepinkham will you two behave?!
sebastianvettel adorable 💙
yourusername thanks grandad 🥹
kevinmagnussen y/n really gave you an outstanding glow up
mickschumacher i‘ve always been this good looking 😒
yourusername ✔️
Tumblr media
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yourusername probably the scariest photo you’ll see all month
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itselenaberri oh wow i’m leaving esteban for you
yourusername fine by me i’ll pack a bag 🫶🏼
estebanocon jokes on you two mick and i have been together on the side for months😊
yourusername yeah babe pigs could’ve deciphered that
mickschumacher pierre gasly keep your eyes off of my girlfriend
pierregasly no
mickschumacher fuck you
yourusername there’s enough of me to go around mick🙄
lewishamilton i’ll say 🫣
mickschumacher thanks guys nice to know you love my girlfriends ass
Tumblr media
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mickschumacher when myers met ghostface
comments under this post are limited.
landonorris i don’t know if i find this cool or gross
estebanocon i fear this is only the beginning
mickschumacher 🤷
pierregasly taking leaves out of my book i see
yourusername thought you liked dogs
pierregasly so does mick judging by that lead
mickschumacher 👀
Tumblr media
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yourusername yeah mick’s face paint is cool and all but it stained the bedsheets
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mickschumacher i’ll buy us some more🙄
yourusername damn right you will
danielricciardo mick, charles called he wants his rings back
mickschumacher why are you bullying me
danielricciardo cause it’s funny 🙄
Tumblr media
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yourusername the wagtrix @.elenaberri @.charlottesiine
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danielricciardo don’t act like you’ve seen the matrix y/n
yourusername i have ….
danielricciardo okay then what’s it about?
yourusername aliens and gravity and stuff
lewishamilton can i have my trench coats back next weekend?
sebastianvettel trench coats? plural?
lewishamilton you sound surprised
sebastianvettel for once i’m not
charles_leclerc you look more like the three blind mice 🙄
charlottesiine love you too baby
yourusername you’re just jealous cause we wouldn’t let you join in charlie boy
charles_leclerc you’re insufferable
mickschumacher ✔️
Tumblr media
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mickschumacher 🖤
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yourusername my arse looks great
mickschumacher good enough to eat 😉
ginaschumacher ew
mickschumacher wtf gina go away
estebanocon i expect photo credits next time
mickschumacher okay 😘
sebastianvettel was this taken in my garage?
mickschumacher yeah hanna gave us a tour😊
sebastianvettel i guess i’ll let you off 🙄
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername ghostface knows how to hit all the right spots
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📌 yourusername okay so maybe i posted these to the wrong account….
pierregasly did you really just….
danielricciardo “ghostface knows how to hit all the right spots” title of your sex tape 😁
landonorris you took my joke 😒
charlottesiine Y/N!!!!!!
mickschumacher baby….
charles_leclerc could’ve put a trigger warning on this one
heidiberger_ for some reason i expected this from you…
mickschumacher ✔️
Tumblr media
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mickschumacher jennifer’s body but make her hotter than megan fox
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yourusername hotter than megan fox ?? wow you must really love me
mickschumacher well megan fox was taken so…
yourusername yeah and lewis was taken when i met you so we’re even 💙
alex_albon isn’t y/n supposed to be carrie?
yourusername i’m impressed by your knowledge of female horror icons
alex_albon i would say it’s all because of lily but that would be a lie
carlossainz55 if mick ever vanishes is it safe to assume it’s because you ate him?
yourusername i’ll eat you in a minute
yourusername ✔️
Tumblr media
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yourusername it’s lights out and away we go
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mickschumacher that’s my girlfriend
mickschumacher wow.. i’m so in love with you
mickschumacher you are so unreal
yourusername you’re giving me such a big head🫶🏼
georgerussell63 mick caught in 4K 👀🤣
yourusername when is he not?
lewishamilton y/n y/l/n driver of the day … 🤣
yourusername taking your place at mercedes when you retire btw
mercedesamgf1 we look forward to it y/n!
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russellsppttemplates · 5 months
Fond of you too (Mick Schumacher)
Mick Schumacher seems to think you don't really like him
Note: english is not my first language. This request is another that I feel huge responsibility writing about and I feel grateful that I'm trusted enough to have it be requested. This is a deaf!reader piece and, while unlike the neurodivergent!reader I postedast month, this is not a topic that I dominate a lot and I had to do a bit of research on it as I tried to do this is the most respectful way with help and knowledge that I gathered. These small things but they are in no way representative of everyone! 🤍
Thank you so much to everyone who likes and reblogs, your feedback is appreciated 🤍 and I'm not taking requests so if you have any ideas or concepts you want to share, feel free to do so but know that I don't know when I'll be able to tend to them!
Mick was walking to the Haas hospitality, talking with Sabine about what media duties he was doing that Thursday, "so you have the interview, then you're needed back here to sign mini helmet replicas and then you probably need to go and get ready for your seat fitting", his assistant ran through the activities' schedule, noticing him looking elsewhere, "did you hear that, Mick?", she tempted, knowing a positive answer would be a lie, the german driver blushing as he apologised, "Sorry, what's after the interview?", he said with a blush on his cheeks, this time hearing her voice while his eyes followed your figure, noticing you were wearing a Mercedes team jacket while you walked along with one of the engineers.
Mick had finished sighing the helmets and since his mechanics told him that the seat fitting would take a bit longer before they needed him and seeing the sun shining, he went back to his room so he could get Angie, the Australian Shepherd that travelled with him as much as they were able to squeeze in, and that she could enjoy the garden area. They had been playing for a bit, occasionally sitting down when the dog felt tired and demanded belly rubs when he noticed her ears pick up and prompt her to run to someone a bit far away, his eyes following her to see her nudging her snout on your legs, you crouching down to pet her as she licked your face before you seemed to look around for her owner, waving at Mick with a soft smile on your face when the dog made her way back to him, an awkward wave from his part as he longed to know who you were, clearly someone from the team and who felt comfortable within the paddock. Hearing Gary call his name, he turned to him as the older man too waved at you, "Do you know her?", Mick asked, "that would be Y/N, she is one of George's sisters", he tipped his head to you now walking along with your brother back to the hospitality, Mick smiling at finally having a name to go by.
Friday morning rolled around with clear skies and every team was getting the cars and drivers ready for the Free Practice, you staying back at the garage with Carmen as you waited to watch the next and last session of the day, often pointing and signing something to your brother's girlfriend when something exciting happened. When George came back from a great session, you gave him a hug before you let Carmen do the same, looking at the screens that showed the other cars' performance and analysing it to the best of your hability. Mick walked in the garage, wanting to congratulate George on his result and maybe in the hopes of seeing you too, looking for the British driver before his eyes landed on you, and he truly had never seen someone so beautiful, the way your outfit complimented your figure in a soft way, your laugh soon becoming one of his favourite sounds as he watched you point things to Toto on the screen, "George did an awesome couple of laps", he tempted. Surely complimenting your brother's performance would be a good thing to start, right? "Yes, it was!", Toto answered, "although I'm not sure your team will be happy to know you're telling us that", he teased as Mick hoped for an answer on your part, you only smiling politely as you made your way into the corridor. Okay, definitely not what he was expecting, but maybe you were just having an off day.
The beggining of qualifying had always fascinated you, the way it was important to your brother specially, as well as to his team, that they got a good place on the grid. An unfortunate result brought Mick out on Q1, leaving him to try and to make you notice him and perhaps give him more than just a wave because he really was going out of his way.
Mick arrived in the Mercedes garage after a slight delay before Q3 began, waving at everyone before he called for you, taking the plunge and being the one to initiate, noticing you put your headphones on as he approached you from your back. Maybe you really didn't like him, was it because he was a driver? Maybe George told you that anyone in the paddock was off limits. Or maybe you just didn't really like the blonde.
When Mick found George after the media pen, he thought he might risk it, "great performance!", he began, greeting George who thanked him, "yeah, and it's even more amazing to be able to do it with my little sister here! She finally got some time off to come and visit for a few races so it's extra special", he smiled and Mick knew right there how much you meant to George, the sibling love he felt for his sister undeniable much like yours. "Oh, yeah! Gary told me she was here! The other day Angie just ran up to her and asked for belly rubs", he tried to push the topic, "Oh, she told me about it! I'm not surprised, she has always loved dogs! She's always saying how they only need a touch to know when you're not feeling good, there are no words needed, no other exchange", George replied and Mick felt his heart flutter, having shared the same feeling before where Angie would snuggle up to him after harder races, "feel free to bring her around, I'm sure Y/N would love it, and I'm sure she would love to meet you!". Mick chuckled, "I don't know, I went to the garage after my qualifying session and when I called for her she put her headphones on and the day before yesterday I was there too and she didn't really say anything", he spoke, attempting to not show how much it was affecting him, George connecting the dots, "you don't know, do you? Y/N is deaf", George put simply, "She has lost most of her hearing capacity and in crowded environments like this she also has her attention elsewhere most of the time, and most people on the team know about it and communicate with her by signing", and Mick calmed down a bit, understanding now how you weren't ignoring him on purpose, "I didn't know, it's just that I saw her put the headphones in and, yeah...", he tried to wrap his head around it. "Yes, she still has them to protect her hearing, especially in the garage the frequencies can really bother her, but I promise you she's not rude or anything, definitely not ignoring you", George smiled at him.
After the race you were walking around with your brother and his girlfriend while you waited for him to go to his debrief meeting, "But you raced so well George, stop beating yourself up about it! Anyone who looks at you will think you were on the bottom of the grid and not on the top 5! Again!", you signed, fingers sharp and wide as you raised your eyebrows, the frustration also clear on your face, "I swear you're always so hard on yourself", seeing Carmen nod along as she agreed with you, seeing how your gaze had averted to somewhere else, her eyes landing on Mick Schumacher who was talking to one of his mechanics, Angie on a leash sitting on the floor, the spanish young woman nudging your brother's arm, "Oh, by the way, Y/N, Mick came to me yesterday to tell me about your encounter", he signed as well as he spoke, the movement of his lips something you had learnt early on as an easy way to accompany what he was telling you, "Oh, really? I'd really like to go and talk to him but I'm not sure this is the best environment, or if he even wanted to", you blushed, the german driver approaching you as George's phone rang, someone calling him for his meeting. "Hi", Mick greeted you and Carmen with a wave, Angie by your side as you scratched her head, "I'm sorry that I don't know everything but George told me that if I sign a few things while speaking calmly we can communicate", he tried his best attempt, having found that one of the marketing managers on his team knew sign language and pestering them until they taught him the basics almost overnight. With Carmen's help, you got the message back to him, "don't worry! I'm sorry too, apparently you called for me yesterday and I didn't notice you were there either. Where did you learn?", you asked, "in school I had a few lessons with the rest of my class, and one of our marketing managers taught me a bit yesterday when I said I wanted to come and talk to you", he smiled, as you were sure you had never seen anything more honest, sincere and beautiful. "Well, I'm here for the next few races so if you ever need someone to teach you...", you tempted, enjoying how he was carrying this like a normal exchange between any two people and not pushing you aside or tresr you like a child, "can I bring this one with me?", he pointed out Angie who had laid down by your feet, "she seems to feel quite fond of you too", the blush on your cheeks rising as you smiled.
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imaginesheaven · 12 days
Bar Owner!Reader x TF 141 - Part II
Tumblr media
Friendship Headcanons
Warning: Cursing as always, a little bit of angst, mentions of injuries
 You thought your story with Task Force 141 is over? Nah, when you think everything is perfectly alright, life throws stones into your path.
Just a few weeks after the attack on you the team wants to enjoy a calm evening in their all-time favorite bar. They stand in front of closed doors. The bar has never been closed for an evening before. A mixture of dread and anxiety crashes like a wave over the men.
Not even Laswell could get a grip on you. It’s like a hole opened up and swallowed you and Cougar whole. They days drag on and the whole team could feel the tense atmosphere your disappearance left them with.
“John! I know you are concerned, but there is literally nothing I can do. I wish I could, but if (Y/N) disappears there is no trace left”, Kate is worried herself even if she knows you are able to take care of yourself just fine.
“You know more than you tell us, Laswell”, Ghost crosses his arms in front of his chest. The whole team bugs her for days now. “I just can tell you what you read in (Y/N)’s file. If I could do something I would do it without thinking twice about it.”
Price lets out a brief unhappy chuckle, “That file is literally 99.9% classified. I know exactly the same as before.” Laswell waves her hand ending the conversation sending them out of her office.
Kate rubs her temples in pure helplessness. She knows you survived way more dangerous situations but still. The past you two share binds you together and she deeply cares for you.
The team tries to stay positive, but every day that passes it gets harder and harder. Until one evening you actually come back.
All of them enter the dark debriefing room. The presence of someone else in the room stops the men dead in their tracks. “Please, keep the lights off, boys”, your soft voice breaks the sharp silence. The whole Task Force 141 lets out a breath in unison. There are a million questions burning on their tongues.
“I know you deserve an explanation, but I don’t have the time right now”, they can barely see your silhouette in the darkness. You are not sure how you will survive the next few days and you wanted to see them maybe for the last time… as much you can see them in the dark of course.
“It’s unfair yet I need to ask you for a favor. Cougar has been through enough already. Please, take care of him while I’m gone”, they can hear your clothes rustling as you put something on the table, “Give Laswell the patch. She will explain everything. Stay safe, boys.”
“Wait!”, Soap exclaims as Gaz switches on the lights. The debriefing room sits empty in front of them and underneath the table sleeps Cougar peacefully. The poor dog is not aware of your disappearance once again.
Soap crouches down to pet his soft fur. Gaz rubs his eyes still in disbelief, “How the bloody hell did (Y/N) get out of the room?” Price takes the patch with the Russian flag in his hand. Looks like it has been ripped from a jacket or uniform.
“We never knew the real (Y/N), huh?”, Ghost lets out a deep sigh worry glances in his usually cold eyes. “No, but Laswell apparently”, John gets out his phone to ring her immediately. They need answers. Now.
Laswell meets them at your bar. Of course, she has a spare key to use. She needs to tell them everything she knows, but not without a good drink in her hands. The team comes through the door. The pain in their eyes visible to be here without you by their side.
Cougar trots over to Kate happily wagging his tail, “Hey, buddy. You are all grown up now.” Price takes the glass full of whiskey from the counter downing it in one swallow, “Tell us everything, Laswell.”
Kate thinks back fondly at all the memories she made with you, “(Y/N) served in the Special Forces in the British Army for a few years. That’s also actually where we met. We did a ton of missions together and I always could count on (Y/N). The British Government needed someone like (Y/N) for special tasks.”
“You don’t want to say that (Y/N) was an assassin for the Government?”, Ghost understands immediately what Kate wants to tell them without spelling it out.
“Well, believe it or not. I can’t tell you much, because all of (Y/N)’s work is classified, but I’m pretty sure there are over 300 targets that got taken out. The last mission went terribly wrong like on the level of “Russian military is after you”-wrong. (Y/N) got a new identity from the Government and opened up this bar”, Laswell takes a look around the room.
She remembers as if it was yesterday how happy you were to open the bar. A domestic life. Something you have never experience before. So, literally a dream came true for you.
“(Y/N) loves the military. Never did something else. No wonder the bar is so close to the next military base. The patch with the Russian flag you mentioned is probably from an assassin sent from the Russian military to kill (Y/N). Like I know my old friend (Y/N) is currently hunting them down one by one until this whole situation is sorted out”, Kate pats Cougar on his head.
Price leans back in his chair thinking how to help you out. “Why can’t we do anything? (Y/N) was part of the British military”, Gaz can’t wrap his head around the fact they won’t do anything to protect you.
“(Y/N) has a lot of allies in the military of almost every country. There are a lot of powerful people that still owe (Y/N) a favor, but that’s not the problem. (Y/N) doesn’t want the help if it brings other people in danger. I know it’s hard to accept yet we can’t do anything. We have to wait for (Y/N) to come back”, Laswell finishes her drink.
Cougar looks at her with his big brown puppy eyes. Kate remembers the day she got the dog for you after you opened the bar. You have raged not wanting to take care of someone else than yourself, but his puppy eyes brought you to his knees. You love this dog more than you care for your own life. She doesn’t tell the team about this particular memory. It is her very own and not necessary to be shared.
“Look, I care for (Y/N) as much as you all do. I know you are like a family. Everything that’s good in my life is connected to (Y/N). I would do everything. Literally everything, but I can’t”, Kate takes out a cigarette she desperately needs.
She tells them the truth. You got her this job. You got her connections in the military. You played matchmaker for Kate and her wife. You saved her life multiple times. Kate Laswell owns you so much.
Without a word Soap stands up from his place to make his way towards the jukebox. He plays a certain song he knows that would drive you mad if you would have been here. Soap stands in front of the machine trying to hide the tears in his eyes. Everything has been said and done.
So, like Kate mentioned they all wait for your return day by day.
“I really don’t want to go into the bar without (Y/N)”, Gaz mumbles under his breath. Price puts a hand on Kyle’s shoulder, “Me neither, but Laswell wants to talk to us.” They enter the bar not knowing what would wait for them.
“Hey, boys! The usual?”, your voice drowns out all the other sounds of the rather busy bar. They can’t believe their eyes nor their ears. There you are standing behind the counter like nothing ever has happened. Only a few bruises on your face show what you have been up to the last weeks.
Soap and Gaz break into a run to wrap you up in their arms. Laughing you enjoy their love blinking away the tears of joy. Johnny makes a straight beeline towards the jukebox, but this time you are more than happy to be tortured with one song over and over again. Gaz makes himself comfortable behind the counter serving himself drinks and chatting with Kick, your bartender.
Price is the next one to wrap you up in his arms. He almost can feel how the weight of worry and literally fear falls of his shoulders, “Good to see you still alive.” Laughing you push him away playfully, “That’s my line, John. You are all the reckless soldiers.” Bloody hell, John just realizes how much he has missed you.
Ghost stands there trying to keep his coolness. You give him a soft smile knowing he is not the one for physical touch. To your surprise he breaks his trance wrapping you up in his arms for a brief moment, “Please, never do this again, (Y/N).” Smiling you reply winking at him, “Promised. It wasn’t really fun to be honest.”
Cougar waited patiently for his turn to be cuddled wiggling his tail. “Hey, buddy”, you give him all the scratches and belly rubs you missed the past few weeks. Smiling you take a look at the picture in front of you. Gaz and Soap bickering about their last darts game. Price and Kate sharing stories and drinking. Ghost judges everyone silently like always.
Your own little family.
“You really like (Y/N), huh?”, Kate can see how the soldier looks at you from afar when he thinks no one watches him. “I think you should tell (Y/N) what you feel. Could be the start of something amazing.”
Laswell playing matchmaker between you and one of the soldier from Task Force 141. Loves to see how the grown and tough man starts squirming in your presence like a teenager boy being in love for the first time. 
This is going to be interesting...
Thank you all for your lovely messages and ideas! I am so glad to be in this amazing community! Stay the way you are, because you are perfect :)
For all the romantic lovers, there will be a third part with romantic headcanons. It just didn’t fit in here.
 Every single time I see this video I think of Cougar! It is literally perfection!
Look at this cute doggo:
 Tag list: @ apathetickun (I know you wanted to be tagged for the romantic one, but I want to share this with you too :)))
@grimdestination @flyingmushroomss @ abbiesxox adding those who wanted to be tagged :)
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lovelybarnes · 7 months
aquariums and dogs- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader warnings: bucky is mad, reader flinches, hurt/comfort? some angst, definitely me projecting about: request! pf20 (too long hugs) + da7 (why did you flinch?")
an uncomfortable warmth prickles at bucky’s skin, the key in between his fingers cooling in speckles only up to his wrist before it dusts away. something low and frustrated crawls up his throat when he turns the key but doesn’t hear the click, stubbornly choosing to push at the door anyway, as if daring it to make due on its threat.
it does.
he rolls his eyes, exhaling sharply through his nose as he jabs the key inside again, too rough, and it misses by a millimeter, leaving a scrape on the dark lock. with a sigh edged with a growl, he goes to try again, but the door swings open to you, confusion lining your features until they reach his.
“bucky!” you exclaim. it’s sweet and happy, your eyes bright. “you’re finally home.”
he grunts out your name in a terse greeting, pushing past the doorframe to get inside. you wait for the kiss he usually plants on your skin, brows joining when he only moves past you. you don’t say anything, shutting the door behind him.
“how was your day?” you ask.
“fine,” he answers curtly, avoiding your eyes. but you’re kind, too kind for him, and you frown, concern evident as you speak but don’t push. he shoves at the bag he dumps on the floor next to the couch with his foot.
“okay.” you bite your lip. “how was the new recruit? i know you weren’t excited about it but it’s never that bad.”
“fine,” he responds.
there are two little dips between your eyebrows, chin ducking. your eyes glaze a little in the way they do when you’re trying to figure something out—figure him out. it’s usually sweet, normally comforting the way you know him so well, but it presses on something sore in him today. it’s gone quickly enough that he can hold his tongue, be fair.
as if thanks to a switch, your face changes after a second, pinched features softening, the pulling urge to pry gone. you’ve figured it out.
“i went to the aquarium today again.” you’re talking for the both of you. it’s something he likes, usually. your voice is something grounding, rambling sweet enough to distract him so well he forgets his bad day. “they know me now. i’m a regular at the aquarium, can you believe it?”
he doesn’t answer. but he doesn’t usually.
“tony got me a pass for it last week. did i tell you?” you aren’t expecting an answer, but bucky feels annoyed at the pressure of the lilt in the question. “he lectured me about paying each time i go to his aquarium. his! sure, he owns it, but i doubt he can identify any of the animals.”
bucky’s face feels uncomfortable and hot, breaths coming out heavy as he tries to block out your voice. he reminds himself he loves you, you’re only trying to help. he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but the heat of his skin reddens his vision and blurs rational thought.
“i saw a golden retriever at the dog park and it came up to me. the owner introduced himself and now we have a walking buddy!”
“great.” it’s sarcastic, something worsening instead of getting better. but the vein of its cruelty is buried deep inside and you don’t seem to notice, taking the rise of his voice as improvement. it encourages you.
“tomorrow’s my last day off. i’m glad nat convinced me to take the last two even if i was feeling better. maybe this convinces me to retire.” it’s a joke and you laugh, but it ticks him off as much as he doesn’t want it to. your voice is still soft but it feels too much like the gross side of honey, trapping oxygen in his throat and coating his teeth in nectar.
“i found a new recipe—the one i told you about last week, and i finally stopped procrastinating and—”
“stop,” bucky demands roughly, cutting you off. it’s not loud, but its surprising sternness reaches into the crevices of the room, his frustration carrying weight. nearly threatening, curt, demanding. bucky doesn’t speak to you that way.
you stop immediately, freezing in place. the moment he catches sight of your widened eyes, large pupils glued to the floor, he wants to stop, to cool down and take a deep breath, but the honey has deprived him of oxygen for a little too long. “can you please—” his mouth contorts in an ugly attempt to calm himself down. “just be quiet? i’m tired. i had a long day, i don’t need to hear about stupid aquariums and dogs.” his words get more rushed as he continues, low in something threatening you’ve never heard before.
he watches your parted lips as you breathe, caught in surprise before you suddenly remember he was talking to you, and you nod your head a little, chin bobbing and an apology tumbling from your lips as if on instinct.
“i’m sorry, yeah.” you’re trying to part your anger and your anxiety, but the latter seems to win anyway. you swallow, struggling to meet his eyes, and let air out through your nose, long and shuddering as you turn. you’re stiff as you grab your phone, walking toward the hallway. “if you need anything…” you stop yourself as if remembering how grating your voice seems to be for him right now, biting your lip to keep back more of the kindness you found so vital.
you step away without another word, leaving bucky in silence and a sick self-satisfaction with it. his shoulders drop and he closes his eyes, sighing deeply. it doesn’t take long for the fulfillment to feel sour, his mind glimpsing back to the contortion of your features.
soon, it envelops him in something sweaty and awful, his frustration clearing away to miss the loveliness of your presence, of your sweet rambles and excerpts of your day.
he feels foul, the words he’d spat feeling like venom on his tongue. 
running a hand over his face, he squeezes his eyes shut, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. he curses under his breath, the guilt all-encompassing and he’s ready to beg on his knees for your forgiveness.
he lugs himself to his feet, lips tensing when he glances at the cookies you left on a plate for him. he plucks one with care, placing it in his palm before heading to your shared room. his free hand tries to be gentle when it knocks on the door, falling away when he pushes it open without meaning to. he calls your name softly in the dark silence of the room, watching the shadows of the thin curtains dance against the floor.
your figure is nowhere to be seen. it makes him nervous.
he steps backward and stares at the door for a second, thinking logically before giving in to his hyperactive, guilty mind. he turns nearly robotically but it’s hurried in a soft panic, knocking on the guest door. he finds himself hoping you aren’t in there, somehow blanketed by the darkness in your shared room, but your shuffling and subsequent opening of the door crush the unlikely hope. your eyes are rimmed red, lashes wet, and the way you stare up at him is hard, only wavering by your glossy eyes.
“i’m sorry,” spills out of his mouth, wanting to push the crack of the door wider but instead he settles with apologetic eyes and tapping his tingly fingers anxiously against his leg. “i had a long day and i shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”
“no you shouldn’t have,” you finally say. his lips twist when he hears the gravel of past tears. “i was only trying to help. if you had just told me you needed silence, i would’ve left you in silence.”
“i know.” he sighs. “i know, i’m sorry.’
he can hear the toe of your foot as you push it against the floor, your sniff of decision as you push open the door. something rumbles from deep in his chest, relieved as he opens his arms and pulls you into his embrace. he apologizes again against your hair, rubbing his nose against the crown of your head. you dig your own into the warm crook of his neck.
like butter, the hard weight of his bad day softens atop his shoulders, the soft exhale he lets out much lighter. he thinks he should have just asked you for a hug.
“i forgive you,” you mumble. “just don’t do that again.”
“i won’t,” he promises.
he has another long day a week later. it’s particularly taxing after the sweet days he’s had beforehand, where he’s repeated the importance to be patient like a mantra, even when it isn’t needed. it’s important enough for him to not forget but the possibility of it makes him nervous.
he steps on your welcome mat heavier than he was in the morning, staring at the familiar grain of your door, the angry haze familiar. it serves to ground, if even for a second, and he remembers to breathe.
you’re inside, he recalls, with your soft skin and gentle smile. he feels better when he remembers it.
he’s still gloomy when he enters, but it’s different, mediated. he wants to hear your voice so he doesn’t float away like a balloon, lost in the wide expanse of encompassing exhaustion.
he feels your eyes momentarily on him when he shoves off his boots at the entrance. he shuts his eyes and frowns at the long ache it comes with, as if he hadn’t done so in hours. a grunt slips past his lips. the chime of your voice when you chirp your hello eases something inside him.
“how was your day?” you ask from behind the wall of the kitchen, your attention on something in your hands.
“not good,” he tells you, bending down to push off the boot that won’t come off.
you look up from your candy wrapper, eyeing him worriedly. “i’m sorry.” you’re more tentative now, lips parted as if you want to say something more but decide against it. he can tell what it is, though.
he walks over to the kitchen and gives you a smile, albeit tight, reaching to take the candy from your fingers. with little issue, he tears a small triangle from a corner, handing it back. it’s an assurance, an olive branch for something that will never happen again.
“bought some more?” he asks. it’s quiet and rough but it tells you what he means it to.
you’re trying not to eye him too carefully as you nod. “saw that dog on my way to the store.” there’s something hesitant in your tone that he doesn’t like, holding you back, but a small smile makes its way to your face when you continue. “he recognized duck and i before his owner could, i think. we were on our way to the—” you stop suddenly.
it’s a moment before bucky offers a conclusion, “the aquarium?”
it’s not said meanly, but you tense up as if he’d meant it like so either way. only for a second, a slight flinch before your fingers dance as if in a reminder to send movement back up to your limbs. bucky is horrified.
“why did you flinch?” it’simmediate but hesitant.
your lips twist to the side, socked feet tapping the floor silently. “sorry.”
he repeats himself, eyes wide. he steps toward you but stutters to a halt.
“aquariums and dogs are stupid. i didn’t—sorry.”
“they’re not stupid,” bucky assures. “you like them and i love hearing about them.”
“i talk about that all the time. you must be tired. ‘have more important things to talk about.” you wring your hands together. gently, bucky separates them. you smooth your pants down with sweaty palms.
“i don’t want to talk right now,” bucky admits kindly. “i want to listen to you. anything you want to talk about.” then, “including aquariums and dogs.”
you look up at him through your lashes. “i don’t want to annoy you.”
“y’couldn’t,” bucky tells you honestly. “can i hug you?”
you dump yourself in his arms before you can finish nodding. “i’m sorry you had a bad day,” you say, muffled in his shirt.
he mumbles something like not your fault into your hair, before pulling away to look at you. “so what’d you see at the aquarium?”
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harrysgraceland · 28 days
Faded Away II
hi ! finally part two is up :D thank you for all your support always !!! i plan to write one shots and start part 3 of this as soon as i can ! no promises but i’ll try to get part three of this up by next weekend ! maybe mid week ! i love you all :D thank thank thank you all have a great night/day/evening and have a great week !
Faded Away part 1 !
ALSO. it’s great to think of Y/N with the song Let you break my heart again by laufey !
tw: mention of sexual assault, yelling
tags : @imanewsoul @lomlhstyles !!!
No one except for Harry would know how heartbreaking it was to hear Y/N’s sobs. She sobbed after hearing the news for a solid 3 minutes before the doctor continued to talk about the various options she had and the various things she should expect upon starting her pregnancy. Harry took it upon himself to hold the girl as she fell into absolute crumbles in the doctor's room.  
Harry was the first to speak after the doctor left the room and the only noise present were the uncontrollable sobs racking through Y/N’s body. “You’re okay” He said moving his arms from around her, getting up from his spot next to her and moving her to be right in front of her.  “You’ve got to breathe, it’s okay darling, I’ve got you.” He only heard the girl sob even harder, and he moved his arms around her, allowing her face to sink into his sweater over him “I'll be by your side the entire time, I promise” He tried to soothe her,  running his fingers through her hair. “I’ll be here for you both” he whispers softly to the girl sobbing in her arms. 
They spent a few moments in the doctor's room with Harry soothing the sobbing girl, who couldn’t get over the news that she was pregnant. Her entire life was now shifted and changed, because of this mistake, how could she have ever ruined her life like this? If she ever even planned to have children, she wanted that to be with Harry. Not some random man she doesn’t even recall sleeping with, and that’s what hurt her the most of all. 
It’s safe to say Y/N sobbed the entire car ride home with Harry only glancing over at her a few times. Harry didn’t know what to say himself, how did he ask her anything about how she felt if she had closed him out for the past weeks ever since he picked her up that early morning. They had their hangouts and talks, but she never once opened up about that morning where he had to so hurriedly pick her up and comfort. Throughout the car ride Harry heard sniffles coming from the girl, and only being able to offer her so much comfort while driving, he reached over and offered her his hand, which she quickly took his hand into hers. 
When they made it to Y/N’s home, Harry didn't hesitate to allow himself in her home right behind her. Once the door to her Home was open, they were met with the sound of slippery runs, from none other than the hyperactive dog, who immediately started jumping onto Y/N’s legs. “Not now Cuddles” Were the first words Harry had her speak after receiving the news from the doctor. Harry looked down at the dog, signaling to Cuddles to follow the girl up the stairs. Almost as if the dog can read the tension in the room upon their arrival, Cuddles cocks his head to the side at Harry. 
“Cuddles, buddy, let's go with Momma” Harry tells the dog, both of them now making their way upstairs into Y/N’s room.  Once the two make it into the room, they find Y/N laying on her bed, facing towards the window, the dog quickly senses its owner needs comfort and easily hops into the bed. Harry sighs seeing her in such a position, and makes his way over to the side of the bed she’s facing and lays himself on the bed. 
“I know it was a shock” He says, staring right into her eyes, “But I’ll be here as long as you need” He starts once again running his fingers into her hair. “I know it’s a lot to think about too” He starts off, “I’m here to listen always, you get to choose your future, only you not anyone else” He reminds her. “Just know I’m Here” He wipes one of the tears falling from her eyes onto her cheeks, with all her emotion throughout the day, he only feels himself start to break into tears as well. His best friend had been through a lot, he knew she never once wanted to have children, he knew her inside out, he knew she hated that this is what her life had become. 
“I didn’t plan for this, Harry” she tells him, staring right at him with tears still consuming her view, “ I don’t know what to do, I didn’t expect this” She moved one of her hands to pet the dog sitting near her legs, “I have no one to do this with, to help me, to guide me” She once again broke into sobs, and Harry didn’t hesitate to pull her right into him. 
“Whatever you choose darling, I’ll be here” He tries to soothe her, “You’ve got so many options, whatever you choose will be the right one. You’ve got me darling, you’re not alone ever. You even have got my mum, gemma, you’ve got all the styles in a chokehold don’t you forget” He chuckles, knowing his family treat Y/N as their owe, knowing that Y/N sees his mother and sister as the family she was never able to have. “Whether this baby stays or goes” He hears Y/N gasp, this was the first time since they have heard the news of the baby that the growing child in her was acknowledged, “This baby will be loved and supported by so many people, and you know that I’ll be here for in a heartbeat for you always.” He only feels Y/N break into more sobs, and he only pulls her tighter into her. Harry turns his head to look out the window, only seeing that the sun was gone and now the moon was illuminating the sky. “You’ll be okay I promise” He whispers into the sad girl’s hair, soothing her into sleep, knowing the emotionally and mentally draining the day had been over her. 
When Harry woke up the next morning, Y/N wasn’t around his arms like he had soothed her to sleep the night before. But once he heard the noise of retching and gagging he quickly made his way into Y/N’s restroom knowing that’s where the newly pregnant girl would be. Harry takes his place next her on the ground, quickly grabbing her hair and patting her on the back lightly. “Get it all out” He softly tells her before she's leaning back allowing her head to fall into Harry’s chest. 
“I think I’m all down now” She says quietly, with Harry moving a few of the hairs from her face, she gets up and quickly brushes her teeth to get the taste of puke out of her mouth. “Thank you” she looks over at him smiling softly, and Harry was grateful he finally got to see his best friend smile in what seemed an eternity. 
Harry smiles back in response, “What should we stir up for breakfast Darling?” He asks her, moving towards the dog who was laying near the entrance of the bathroom, almost as if it was on a protective watch over Y/N. Harry leans down to pet the dog awaiting the girl's response. 
“I’m not really hungry” she tells him and she hears Harry sigh in response. “Well that's crazy, you’ve gotta eat love,”  Harry looks up at her., “How about simple eggs and toast yeah?” He asks before he’s getting up from petting the dog, Harry looks up to her and he sees her nodding at his breakfast request. “Okay cuddles let's get to cooking!” Harry happily leads the dog downstairs with him making his way into the kitchen, and looking into the fridges for all that he would need to make breakfast. 
After gathering all the necessary items he needs for breakfast, Harry grabs his phone which he hasn’t touched in hours. And once he opens it, he groans at the amount of messages he has from Fallon. All of them had the same question and demands in new words, and Harry rolled his eyes, but he still felt bad at his ignorance towards the girl.  Harry responded to her various messages with a simple “I’m sorry I had to take Y/N to the doctor, I will be home after breakfast. I love you.” Hoping that would temporarily ease and answer all the questions and demands Falloon was throwing at him through text. After putting his phone down, Harry got everything he needed and started putting breakfast together.
“I’m not sure what I’m going to do” Y/N started the breakfast conversation, “It wouldn’t be bad for me and Cuddles to have another friend around” She chuckled picking at her eggs. “But I don’t know if I will be able to handle it” She said looking up at Harry who was offering her a sympathetic smile. 
“You’ve got time love” Harry reminds her, “Choose what will make you the happiest Y/N” He takes a bite out of his toast, “No matter what I’ll be by your side, and you know that” He smiles up at her, he hears her faint response of a thank you before their finishing up their breakfast. And although Harry is hesitant to leave her on her own, he knows she will be fine, but he hates to leave her to wonder with her thoughts and the silence her home offers. She had taken 2 weeks off of work, and Harry knew she would be cooped in her Home with her thoughts and wonders of whether she would keep that baby, and that scared him more than it probably scared her. 
“Call me if you need anything at all okay” He told her when he was finally making his way out of her Home, “Yes Harry I know” she rolled her eyes. “Anytime, and anywhere and I’ll be here fast” He tells her as he opens his arms to engulf her in a hug. “Same goes for you Harry” She says moving into his inviting arms, “Don’t overthink it, take your time and process it and then make your decision Okay” Harry says into her hair, and he feels her nod. “Okay,” He sighs, “I love you” He kisses the top of her head and lets go of her as he hears her response of love back to him. He makes his way into his car, letting his thoughts consume him fully as he makes his way home preparing for the worst of Fallon. 
Y/N and Fallon weren’t the best of friends, but Y/N never considered herself to hate Fallon. They were almost constantly around each other when it came to being there for Harry, multiple tour shows, award ceremonies, family gatherings, either one of them was there or both of them were there by Harry’s side one way or another. Harry was grateful to have  two more beautiful women alongside him, now he had not only his mum and sister, but also his best friend, and the love of his life to constantly be there for him whenever and wherever. 
Y/N never really considered herself to hate Fallon, she thought that driving her jealousy of her being on the side of the man she had longed for over the years, was enough to bother her with her hatred towards her.  She didn’t exploit her jealousy, but she knew Fallon couldn’t be entirely blind as to what she felt for Harry, there were moments where Y/N felt as if she was simply falling for him in front of everyone in a room and she is sure Fallon saw her falling as well. Which is most likely what drives Fallon’s hate for Y/N, and Y/N doesn’t blame her for that. 
As for Harry, He was blind to the hatred and jealousy between the two girls. He assumed Fallon only had an issue with Y/N because of how close they were and how much time he spent with Y/N. When Harry got home, he was found with absolute hell from Fallon. Every question every accusation from Fallon came with the mention of Y/N. “What could you have done with her for over 24 Hours Harry?” “I bet you slept with her.” Anything and everything under the sun that had never crossed his mind was what crossed Fallon. 
“For fucks sake Fallon” Harry sighed, “She was sick.” He felt as if he had no business telling her that Y/N was pregnant. That was Y/N’s news, not even his, and even if he were to mention it, Fallon would only assume the kid was his. “Nothing less nothing more she was sick.” He ran his hands through his hairs stressed on the accusations Fallon was putting over him knowing that Y/N was at home stressing herself over everything possible going on her head. 
“If you say so Harry” Fallon rolls her eyes, “How is it your fault that she has no one to take care of her, can she not take care of herself” She stares right into Harry from his spot leaning on the counter. 
“Don’t even go there Fallon” He feels himself filled with anger as to what Fallon is saying. “Who is here taking care of you whenever you’re sick, huh?” He begins to tell her, “Me. That’s who is here taking care of you Fallon. Trust me if I had the decency to call your mother and have her take care of you whenever you were Ill then I would in a heartbeat” He seethes, “But I don’t do that I fucking take care of you.” 
“Well I don’t ask you to, like the little cry baby Y/N does.” That’s all it takes for Harry to see flames. 
“You do not get to speak on her, you don’t even know half of the shit she went through” He is almost yelling at Fallon, “Don’t you dare speak on the girl that has been there more times than you have ever!” He yells defending his best friend, and before Fallon could respond back to Harry he begins to speak again, “You know what, I had a long night, and I do not have the time to deal with you right now Fallon. You need to Go.” He stares right into his eyes, and Fallon doesn’t miss the anger in his eyes as he looks at her. 
Fallon scoffs, making her way towards the door, “Yeah, I bet you’re going to invite her over as soon as I walk out” Harry rolls his eyes at his very much beloved girlfriend, “Get out Fallon, please.” He is begging her to leave before it all ends in a bigger screaming match between the two. It wasn’t odd for the two to argue, it was almost a normality for the two, through the fights they found their love and comfort, and that was something Harry didn’t want to get rid of just yet. They both knew that in the next two days they would be back into each other's arms, being the lovely couple they were known to be for everyone.
It only took Y/N a few hours into the same morning Harry had left her to call him and beg for him to come over to her place, which Harry easily complied to. Harry once had feelings for Y/N, for multiple years he would spend all of tour almost crying to his mother about how much love he felt for this girl and didn’t know how to tell her. He was blind as to the girl being madly in love with him as well. But when he had meant Fallon, his feelings for Y/N had almost disappeared. He only saw her as a best friend from the beginning of his and Fallon’s relationship, and that's how he treated Y/N as a best friend. 
“I think I’m going to keep them” Y/N said right as Harry walked into her home that evening. 
“Darling Keep what”  Harry asked in response, not exactly expecting to hear those words out of his best friend as he walked into her home. He found her and Cuddles in their usual position, Cuddles fitting his name and cuddling the girl on the couch, by laying almost all of his dog body over her. 
“The baby Harry,” She looks at him as he makes his way next to her on the couch. “ I think I’m going to keep them,” She said more quietly this time, fearing what Harry would say and think of her. 
“Really?” Harry takes his spot next to her on the couch, letting his hand fall onto the dog, petting its head. 
“I think so” he hears her soft voice, “What do you think I should do?” She feels as if her best friend has a great say in this, he is the one that's been by her side when no one has ever. She knows that he will be involved in this kids’ life more than anything if he decided to stay in it after she had the kid. 
“This is your choice completely Y/N”  He looks over at her, “ This, I mean you can’t ask me what I think. This is completely up to you this time love” He knows that this decision has to be influenced by her completely and not his input. 
“Harry the baby,” she looks right into his eyes, her eyes almost filling with tears, “This baby will have no one” The tears she stopped letting go since last night finally come back to her, “ Only me and Cuddles” 
“Hey,” He wipes her tears, “No, that little baby will have me, mum, and gem too, Y/N, you are not alone in this ever” He soothes her. “They’ll be the most lucky and loved child by your side darling, I promise you”
“What if they’re not Harry” She starts letting the wonders that hit her on her time alone out, “Every child deserves to grow with a happy family” she knows that even if that was one thing she never had, growing up with a happy family, then that was the least she wanted for her child, “And now, right from when they’re born they won’t have a happy family” she fully sobs. 
Harry shakes her head, “No Y/N, they will be the happiest with you, they’re going to grow with you, and this furry fella and they will be the happiest a child has ever been.” Harry reassures the girl, “And bonus for them” He tries to bring laughter in the room, “They’ll have a superstar uncle that will give them the entire world with you” He smiles at her. 
Y/N ignores his comment with a heartache in her, how can this man be the most heartwarming man, and not be hers? “ Do you think Anne will be mad at me?” She tearfully lets out, Anne has been the mother Y/N has never had, Over anything Anne’s input and thoughts over her what meant the most to her. 
“Oh love” Harry softly turns to her, “Never, she would never be disappointed in you over this or anything” He pulls her into his arms, “She will be so happy to hear she will finally have a little grandchild baby to look after” He smiles at her. 
“I don’t even know who the father is” she starts sobbing again, “She's going to be so disappointed Harry” She never once wanted to disappoint the lady, and she knew this would disappoint her over anything. 
“Y/N look at me.” Harry shifted so her head was no longer nuzzled into his shoulder, “She will not be disappointed in you. So what you went out and had fun on a night out, that's totally normal for a person your age.  Sure you ending up pregnant is not what you had planned or wanted from that night out, but it happens okay. She will understand she will not be disappointed” Harry wipes her tears, offering her a sad smile. 
“ What if I didn’t want to have fun Harry?” She looks straight into his eyes, “What if I didn’t want to go out Harry” She starts to get angry at herself, pulling her arms from surrounding him, starting to scratch her hands, “I-I didn’t want to” She sobs, “I just wanted to go out, not end up pregnant” Harry pulls her hands away from her, to stop her scratching. 
“Hey, Hey” He keeps his hold on his arms tight on her arms, now allowing concern to fully consume him, “Is this why you called me that morning to pick you up” He sees her nod her head yes, “Did you say yes to that Y/N?” He looked her deeply in her eyes needing to urgently know the answer, he knew she wasn’t one for hookups or one night stands. But he assumed she needed an outlet, and she chose to spend her night like that, never once did he assume the worst. 
“I don't remember” He hears her quietly say before her eyes are filled with tears again, “ I don’t remember at all” She says more to herself than to him, “I just wanted it all to go away Harry! It hurt so much and I wanted it all gone! Now it hurts even more.” She once again fell apart in front of Harry breaking into full sobs, he didn’t have any words to say, or have any thoughts as to how to help the girl other than to hold her. Harry cries with her in his arms, after everything the girl had been through this was the least thing she deserved. 
Harry soothed the girl and tried to comfort her all night for the second time in two days. He let his mind rack through how he would ever be able to find the man that did this to his best friend. He let himself be consumed by wonders and questions, as the girl fell asleep. He lets the girl fall asleep before he's carrying her upstairs and setting her down on the bed, Cuddles happily and quickly laying on his spot, in front of Y/N’s stomach, Harry smiles down at the dog, “You’ll take care of the both of them won’t you?” He pets the dog’s head, grabbing his phone and making his way downstairs. 
Harry scrolls through his phone for a bit, before he’s looking at the clock, seeing it’s hitting 7, he sighs. He looks for the contact he eagerly wants to hear the voice of, and thankfully there are only two rings before the voice is speaking. “Hello?” He hears the happy voice of his mother. 
“Mum, Hey” He smiles while greeting his mum which he felt he hadn’t seen in ages when in reality it had been about 2 weeks or less. Harry and his mum  catch up for a bit before he’s mentioning the name of the girl who was sleeping upstairs. 
“I think Y/N and I are gonna go out to visit you tomorrow Mum” He sighs, not wanting to reveal to her fully what is going on, knowing that was Y/N’s news to deliver. 
“Harry is everything alright” Anne knows that the urgency and tone of her son only suggest that something might be wrong, “Is she doing alright?” Harry can hear the concern in his mother’s voice. 
“Honestly mum, she’s struggling a bit” He lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, “I think she needs to tell you this on her own mum.” Harry is tearing up, feeling sympathy for his best friend, “But she’ll be okay” He reassures his mother, almost saying it more for himself than for her. He hears his mother sigh, “Oh that poor little girl, she doesn’t deserve the life she is being put through.” The mother holds so much care and love towards the girl as if she was her own, “ I’ll expect you both here tomorrow then, with the dog of course?” She smiles and confirms to Harry, wanting to desperately comfort the pain and anger the girl must be going through.
“Yeah, I’m sure we will all be there, including the dog” Harry smiles, knowing the dog and his mother were almost as close as he was to Y/N. The two talk a bit before bidding their goodbyes to each other.
“Harry,” She says before hanging up, “Don’t let go of that girl” She tells him, “Mum I don’t think I could let her go even if I tried” And the mother knows that even if they aren’t together now, that the two were meant to be.
“Harry,” She says before hanging up, “Don’t let go of that girl” She tells him, “Mum I don’t think I could let her go even if I tried” And the mother knows that even if they aren’t together now, that the two were meant to be.
“Harry,” She says before hanging up, “Don’t let go of that girl” She tells him, “Mum I don’t think I could let her go even if I tried”  And the mother knows that even if they aren’t together now, that the two were meant to be.
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ironmandeficiency · 9 months
various moon knight hc’s
pairing: steven grant / reader, marc spector / reader, jake lockley / reader
word count: 603
summary: literally just a jumble of thoughts abt the moon boys that are barely coherent but 100% accurate
a/n: i can’t tell you how much i love them. did i project a bit? maybe lol but it’s too late. there’s literally ONE reference to nsfw acts but no details at all. i’ll do more of these at some point but have these for now
Tumblr media Tumblr media
steven gives the best hugs point blank period
jake has MAJOR road rage and his insults will have you wheezing
learning self defense with marc would always lead to sexy times, so jake stepped in for a while so you’d actually learn something
things were going great until the same thing started happening with him, so steven just looks up local boxing gyms & self defense classes for you instead
throw pillows are a secret weakness for marc because some of them are actually comfortable
jake has one specific pillow he favors more than the others because it has just the right amount of fluff to feel good but not too much to where it feels like a rock
they’re a weakness for steven because of pillow fights
if jake were an animal, he’d be a badger. no explanation needed
steven enjoys learning about cryptids & is definitely a fan of mothman
jake enjoys feeding the ducks and geese at the park & has the vibe of a government agent waiting to meet with a contact while he does it
because of this, steven makes up silly stories about who they could possibly be meeting there & why
marc frequently looks up self defense videos on youtube & his commentary consists of rants about everything they do wrong. any advice you give on doing something that doesn’t frustrate him is brushed aside
their humor styles are so bizarrely different; steven is the king of puns and silly riddles, marc uses clever word play and sarcasm, & jake’s dry humor & almost stoic delivery leaves half of the people around him wondering if he was joking or not
steven is the little spoon in the silverware drawer that the resident neurodivergent favors out of all the other spoons
jake is one of those double sided utensils that has a spoon on one end & a knife on the other
marc is a very durable spork
steven would definitely play dungeons and dragons (and possibly dm) if he had more friends. he creates an undead falcon aarakocra to khonshu’s likeness specifically to make the god look like a dork; marc and jake find it hilarious when khonshu complains
are the boys allergic to dogs? yes. does marc care? of course not. he will pet every dog he sees (with the owner’s permission of course)
once steven starts realizing just how strong his body is, he will carry you around the apartment randomly. sometimes bridal style, other times piggy back rides, just any excuse to be close to you. it did take a bit for him to figure out the depth perception so he wouldn’t bonk your head or ankle on the doorframe, but it was worth it
whatever you do, do NOT take jake to an arcade because he will definitely end up yelling at someone. it’s either at management about the games being rigged (which some are) or at the asshole who had cheeto dust on their fingers when they were playing the game you were about to play
for as much as steven loves lord of the rings, marc and jake don’t (marc doesn’t let on that he enjoys it but jake is so confused by it)
you call marc moon moon the first time you see him be clumsy while wearing his moon knight suit & it never ceases to amuse you
jake & steven later tell you that they think it’s absolutely hilarious as well, and have taken to using the joking nickname here and there
if jake comes home late to you already asleep, he sing-whispers love songs in spanish as he gets ready to crawl into bed next to you
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