twst-shenanigans · 9 hours
twst Incorrect quote #301
Jade: “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I don’t bite.”
MC: “Yeah, but do you stab?”
Jade: “... I don’t bite.”
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vhsanimal · 2 days
Tumblr media
another minecraft oc, this time it's my sweet old swine who's been through so so much
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Tumblr media
Today in Hip Hop History:
Ol’ Dirty Bastard released his debut album Return to the 36 Chambers March 28, 1995
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viriborne · 2 days
Tumblr media
Yeah, let's put two individuals who have issues regarding physical affection in a relationship. Surely this will go well.
Was tempted to make a separate version where Malleus' bubble just says "boobs" but I wanted to keep it kinda innocent lol
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gofishgo · 3 days
I've been thinking of posting these all the day but idc just wanna show sum of my fav trios/duos from the fandoms I quit a long time ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Might delete later
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Epel would receive a tiny detention slip later that afternoon.
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Hogwarts Legacy characters react to flying on Highwing with MC
OMINIS GAUNT: Even before they took flight, feeling Highwing's strong breathing and wings flexing beneath him was enough to make him have second and third thoughts about this decision. Why had he agreed to this? It was too late now, Highwing had ascended to a height beyond the limits his wand could detect. It was as if he, MC and the hippogriff were floating in vast nothingness. Only the wind was his anchor to reality. As Highwing's flight pattern leveled, he felt more relaxed against MC. He could really take in the moment of near weightlessness and other worldly feelings of flight. It was magical in its own way. "Thank you for sharing this with me, MC." Only they could make him feel such peace surrounded by darkness. SEBASTIAN SALLOW: "BLOODY HELL, THIS IS BRILLIANT!!" He's almost louder than the wind in MC's ear. He's having the time of his life as MC takes him on one of the most daring flights Highwing could manage. His grip on MC is almost crushing, not out of fear, but adrenaline. The wonderful views he was witnessing with MC in his arms made him feel like he was king of the world. This flight became a core memory. AMIT THAKKAR: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Flight had to be cut pretty short before he passed out. GARRETH WEASLEY: Wondered if Highwing would be willing to share some feathers or tail hair with him. Could be useful in his next experiment. His train of thought was derailed by Highwing ascending over the clouds. He looked at MC. Seeing the sun's rays give their face a warm glow. "Incredible..." He ingrained the lovely vision of MC being at peace in flight to memory. Flying was pretty spectacular, but flying with them just made the world feel like a better place. NATSAI ONAI: She is the calmest passenger. She's ridden a hippogriff before, and by herself too. She lightly holds on to MC and really takes in the view since she isn't the one steering. Hogwarts looked so regal in the golden rays of the setting sun. She sighs contently and rests her head on MC's shoulder. She's found her happy place. POPPY SWEETING: She's been hoping for the chance to do this. She's quick to learn that MC's flying style with Highwing is much different than hers; quick ascents and steep dives, sharp turns and flirting with danger along the shore cliffs. It was all exhilarating. She dared to let go of MC for a moment and spread her arms out wide as they glided across the lake. She was overwhelmed with joy and shouted it to the heavens. Her moment was only interrupted by Highwing ascending again. She hugged MC's midsection tight again and rested her cheek against their back, their warmth a great comfort against the cold rushing wind. There was nowhere else in the world she would rather be.
IMELDA REYES: Not too keen about riding a beast. She'll challenge MC on Highwing to race and fly circles around them on her broom. She'd taunt and tease how brooms are superior until MC starts playing dirty. She's in the middle of one of her roasts when her broom comes to a sudden stop mid-air. She would have fallen off had she not had a good grip. MC zooms past laughing. "So that's how you want to play, huh?" As soon as arresto momentum wears off, she's accelerating to catch up and taking out her wand. She and MC dogfight for aerial superiority, spells whizzing this way and that. She'll never admit it, but she had fun.
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Tumblr media
Sidestep...my beloved
Cyrus is non binary, uses they/them pronouns.
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inkly-heart · 3 days
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Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes #23 :
Deuce : I love my best friend Yuu/Mc and I will fight ANYONE who hates them !
Yuu/Mc : I hate myself....
Deuce : *putting his hands up and has tears in his eyes* Alright you beautiful bitch, COME AT ME WITH ALL YOU GOT-
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hottpinkgoth · 22 hours
Would this be considered accurate?
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MC: You gave me up, you let me down, you turned around, and deserted me.
Phil: But did I make you cry?
MC: *cries on the spot*
Phil: ...Shit.
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the-kingshound · 2 days
Hounds who use exercise as a coping mechanism:
Gwyar and Arthur: 😍🤪😏🥵
Are you forgetting Yniol, who at this point has their gaze shily transfixed on MC's muscles, Evaine who is in to be the sparring partner, and Morien who is just looking from the sidelines and enjoying the show?
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Tumblr media
Today in Hip Hop History:
Big L released his debut album Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous March 28, 1995
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Alanza, in a rare moment of anger: Isto é tudo culpa sua!
MC: I know, I know.
Penny: You speak Portuguese?
MC: No, I just know the phrase “this is all your fault” in every language.
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maraudersdream · 1 day
Sebastian: a soldier
Ominis: a poet
MC: a king
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