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please angsty queen give us “ranting to a close friend/parent about what they're upset about before they make confrontation just to make sure they aren't overreacting” and “why are you looking at me like that” 🫢
more fluffy than angsty, but i still put some in there bestie.
*mcu peter
Dating a superhero was hard. 
Go figure, right? You don’t think anyone would think it’s easy but the big thing, the real problem in dating one, was that you felt like there was no way to bring up your issues without being selfish. Lately, there was no such thing as Peter time. Dates were pushed off or canceled, he would have you come all the way to his just so he can get pulled away, or get halfway to yours and bail. 
For two weeks straight it hasn’t felt like you had a boyfriend. 
But how do you tell him you feel neglected while he’s out there literally saving people? Hey, Pete? Oh yeah, no, no, it’s nothing, just feeling a little left out, can you stop that guy from dying and come cuddle? Yeah, it was hard. 
One side feels bad, the other is shameful. That side says that Peter could take time away, that he couldn’t always save everyone, that sometimes he could just leave things to the police. But that’s a dark side you’d never talk about, ever. 
You just really needed to talk about it, with anyone other than Peter. You couldn’t tell your boyfriend that he was lacking in his department because he was being a hero. 
“MJ, thank god.” She was the best person to talk to, she took no sides and told it how it was. She could also keep a secret, the only time you let a person play a fence is MJ, she knows too much to ever pick a side. 
“Hola,” She snaps a piece of her apple off, and looks down at her book. Your head looks around the lunchroom, curly hair is nowhere to be found, you need to speak quickly. 
“I need your advice,” you lick your lips and lean forward, she dog ears the page she’s on and closes the book, “go on,” paranoid you look around once more. 
“It’s about Peter.” 
MJ flickers her eyes up, a hand is placed on your shoulder, a kiss dropped on the top of your head. 
“What’s about Peter?” 
You freeze, he’s Spider-Man but you swear he’s rubbed a sixth sense onto you, you just knew he’d pop up. 
“Your birthday’s coming up,” he laughs and sits next to you, “no it’s not,” you look to MJ for support, she gives none, you picked a shitty excuse. “It’s like, seven months away, we have to start planning.” 
Peter takes a bite of your sandwich, “now? Who are you inviting, the whole city?” 
You tsk, “there goes the surprise.” 
You reach to steal a fry, he lets you take three. “You’re lying and wanna talk to MJ about me, don’t you, squidward?” 
Your nose scrunches, “is it normal to let the other person know you’re about to shit talk them in a relationship?”
 Peter thinks about it, MJ watches with a smirk, “I don’t think so, it’s normal to vent.” 
“Do you ever shit talk me?” 
He looks into your eyes, you don’t want to know, “I wouldn’t call it shit talk, MJ, would you call it shit talk?” 
She swallows a bite of apple, “nah, you more panic call than anything.” 
Peter hums and looks at you, “five minutes good?” 
You tilt your head, “to do what?” 
Peter nods at MJ, “to shit talk, I’ll leave five minutes before lunch ends, if that’s enough time.” 
You look him up and down trying to figure out his game, he seems sincere. “You seem really okay with this, I don’t trust it.” 
He shrugs, “babe, we’ve been together long enough. I know you’re not mad at me, I can tell, so I don’t think the conversation could be too damaging.” 
You’re still weary, “fine, five minutes.” 
Peter leans to press a kiss to your temple, “deal,” he looks to MJ, “hey, what was that thing Jason whispered to you in class?” 
MJ cackles, “okay, listen to this,” you follow in conversation until Peter looks at his watch, he kisses your cheek, “times up, see you later.” 
He sends a salute to MJ and finds his way to the double doors, pushing out. 
“Yeah, I could see how you’d want to shit talk him.” 
You groan, “he makes it so hard! Like, this is why I need to talk to you, I feel so evil when I think about telling him bad things.” 
“Okay, what’s up then?” 
“I don’t feel like I have a boyfriend anymore, MJ.” Her eyes widened, “oh shit.” You sigh, “he’s constantly running out on me, canceling dates, not replying for hours at a time, and I feel so shitty because I get so annoyed but I know he’s doing it for a good reason.” 
“And you’d feel selfish telling him because you know what he’s doing when he cancels.” 
You point, “ding, ding, ding. I’m just getting to this place where I feel like I’m being neglected. I don’t like feeling like everytime I’m with my boyfriend I’m on borrowed time. MJ, I…” The words burnt your tongue but it’s a thought that's been on your mind, “MJ, I don’t know how much longer I can do this.” 
MJ frowns, she couldn’t imagine you two not being together, you just made sense. 
“Want my opinion?” 
You nod, MJ clears her throat and shuffles forward. Her hands intertwined and rested on the table, “He’s Spider-Man, but he also needs to be Peter Parker. You deserve to have time with your boyfriend, he needs you to tell him that he’s not splitting his time enough. It doesn’t make you selfish to want Peter.” 
“I should tell him, you think?” 
“If you don’t it’ll turn into resentment, then there’s no coming back.” 
You accept her advice, it confirms how you’ve been feeling, you’ll talk to him and he’ll fix it, then it’ll be okay. 
Peter caught you after lunch, his hand wrapped yours and he placed a kiss to the back of it. 
“We should talk.” Peter wouldn’t admit it, but that made his stomach drop. You were talking about him to a friend and then said those words, it didn’t sit well with him, a wave of panic hit him, he didn’t want to talk to you, he was scared of what you would say. 
“Yeah, of course, baby. After school? You can come over, May’s gonna be out all night, we have the place to ourselves.” 
It sounds like a perfect opportunity, if you play your cards right Peter may even spend the whole night home with you. You press up on your feet to place a kiss on the corner of his mouth, “sounds perfect,” it settled his nerves some. 
He felt even better when you sat on his lap during the train ride, your arm wrapped out his neck, his own was wrapped around your waist, sharing headphones you rested your head against his. Peter felt like you were loving up on him, and you were, but mostly because you felt touch starved from him, and this was the first time in a while you had him all by yourself. 
Peter tapped your thigh when his stop came up, you stood with his hand intertwined with yours. They swung the whole walk back, talking about school and May’s new friend from work, throwing in plans for the weekend, it sent a small pang to your heart, you were scared of them failing. 
He tossed his keys on the kitchen counter, his backpack sitting on a bar chair. “What’s up?” 
“I, uh,” you pause to think of the right words, “I’ve been feeling a little-” Peter’s police scanner went off, a bank robbery. You felt the air leave your lungs, you couldn’t even talk about the problem because of the problem. 
“I’m sorry, baby. I need to go.” He dashed to his room, quickly stripping to get his suit on. You couldn’t handle it anymore, you follow him and stop him as he’s pulling his suit up his waist. 
“Peter, I really need to talk to you.” 
His eyes flit to yours, he pulls his arm through a sleeve. “Baby, I gotta go. We can talk later.” 
You feel bold, maybe this is the wrong time but MJ is right, resentment is building. 
“No, Peter, we need to talk.” 
He presses his chest, his suit conforms. You hate the sight of it right now, a thought of hiding it passes by. 
“And we can talk later, there’s nothing pressing. I have to go.” 
“Our relationship is pressing, Peter.” 
His eyes narrow, “are you saying it’s on the line?” 
You look at the window behind him, “it will be if you leave.” 
The scanner bleats in the quiet room, they’re requesting back up. Tension is building, you both are die hard on your stances, neither wanting to bend. 
“I need to go, someone could need me.” 
Your words cry out, like you’re pleading to him, “I need you!” 
Peter breathes in and out, he feels bad but he’s needed elsewhere, you’ll be okay, others might not. 
“You have me, I promise. But, really baby, I need to go.” 
You blink tears in your eyes, you’re telling him you need him and he’s leaving, he’s ignoring, he’s brushing you off, he’s not taking you seriously. 
He pulls his window open, you can’t believe he’s leaving. 
“If you go then I’m leaving, I’m not going to wait around for you. Not anymore.” 
Peter doesn’t know what that means, “promise me you’ll stay here, I’ll come right back, I promise. Then I’m all yours, okay?” 
He doesn’t even give you a chance to respond, swinging off before you could even get words out. It hurt, and he didn’t believe you. He thinks he can just get away with things, that no matter what he did or how long he disappeared you’d be waiting. 
Well, he was wrong. You didn’t need this, not anymore. This time, Peter could come to you, you tried and he refused to listen. If he wanted this relationship then he’d fight for it like he did Spider-Man. 
You packed your things and left, when Peter came home an hour later you were gone without a trace, he tried to call you but all he got was your voicemail. 
The next morning he came, almost, running up to you. “Hey! I tried calling you last night.” You didn’t sound nearly as happy to see him as he was, “I know, I ignored you.” His eyebrows pinched, “why?” You pushed the arm he had around your shoulder off, it was petty but you were proving a point, things weren’t fine and you won’t pretend they were. 
“You didn’t want to talk to me, I didn’t want to talk to you.” 
Peter hated to fight, this was bordering on fight territory, he wanted to avoid that at all costs. 
“Hey, if this is about last night I’m sorry, I really am. Come over later, I promise I’ll listen.” 
You sigh and shake your head, “you know, Peter, I’m really tired of you promising me your time then taking it away.” 
“I’m not doing it on purpose, you saw how it went down yesterday, there was nothing I could do.” 
There was, it was to choose that you were the more important thing at the time.
“Peter, it’s getting really hard to have a boyfriend I can’t rely on.” 
Internal panic hits again. “What does that mean?” 
You look him over, “it means I don’t really want to talk to you today.” And with that, you walk away. 
Peter was in a funk all day, you stayed true to your word and stayed away unless you needed to talk to him. He understood that what you needed to talk to him about was important, so he decided it was important to you too, he also really missed holding your hand all day. 
You weren’t even home for four hours before he was knocking at your door, Peter could deprive himself from you fine, but when he was aware of it he counted every second. Your plan worked. 
“Please talk to me, I miss you.” 
You opened your door and gestured for him to come in, he followed you right to your bedroom. He takes a seat on your bed and looks at you expectantly. You didn’t know how to start, you just tried being honest.
“I feel like you don’t spend time with me anymore.” Your words were small, you feel so selfish. 
“I don’t-” 
“For the past couple weeks I’ve felt like I didn’t have a boyfriend, it feels like everytime we hang out you run out on me for something Spidey related. And I hate telling you this, I’ve been bottling it up but MJ said it would lead to resentment and I don’t want to resent you and ruin the relationship, so even though I feel really selfish I just have to tell you this.” 
He’s waiting on you, he’s letting you speak your mind. 
“I know you’re doing important things, and I know the city needs you but I need Peter. I need my boyfriend, I need to have date nights and personal time and I need to not feel neglected.” 
You’re rambling, you need him to talk. He’s looking at you weird, it’s a new look, you can’t place it. 
“Why are you looking at me like that?” 
Peter feels choked on words, “I’m sorry. I’m just… really sorry.” 
“I don’t know how to tell you without feeling bad. I don’t want you to feel like you have to make a choice, I don’t want you to choose, I just want-” 
“-Me to choose you sometimes.” 
You breathe out, “yeah.” 
“I get it. I may be Spider-Man but you’re dating Peter, and you need him more right now. I can do that, I’ll plan things better. We can do a designated date night, nothing but earth ending situations can break it. And from now on maybe Spidey doesn’t need to go out for every cop call.” 
You nibble on your bottom lip, “really?” 
He reaches forward to grab your hand, “I don’t want you to resent me and I don’t want you to resent Spidey, I just get so caught up in it sometimes, I need you to ground me.” 
“You’re not mad at me?” 
“For needing me and wanting to spend more time with me, your boyfriend? I could never. Let’s make a schedule, we can plan around Spider-Man. I could do a few hours with you after school then do Spidey after you leave? Or if you want I could-” 
You cut him off with a kiss and thirty minutes later he’s on top of you kissing up and down your neck, his lips ground themselves to yours, you can’t remember the last time he’s touched you like this. His hands slide up your shirt and you exhale into his mouth, you jump when his scanner goes off. 
“All units to Goldburg’s Golds and Gems, active robbery and hostage in progress.” The radio scratched the voice of the operator, Peter barley breaks from your mouth, you hold your breath and wait for the apology, the promise of one last time. 
Instead he reaches out to the scanner and turns it off, he returns to kissing you, then trails down your neck. 
“You sure you don’t need to go?” 
Peter’s words vibrate against your collarbone, “let NYPD’s finest handle it, my girl needs me more.” 
With that he tugs your shirt off. 
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Request where reader and Peter are married and on vacay she’s been trying to hide she’s sick because she’s pregnant and she tells him at dinner 🤗
cute cute cuteeee!! this turned out longer than i’d expected 😳 kinda proud of it!
pairing ➳ peter parker x reader
requests are open
Tumblr media
peter parker, your husband, was as bad at connecting the dots as he was at keeping secrets. usually he was the one who’d sneak around. at a time you didn’t know about his alter ego– spider-man– he used to hide his costume and his web shooters but now he did it with the bruises littering his face. he would steal your concealer on various occasions and try to cover them up. however, you’d know about them reinstating his inability to hide things, especially from you.
but this time, it was you. you were keeping a secret and not just anything.
you were pregnant.
but not quite ready to tell peter, not knowing how he would react. it wasn’t like you guys hadn’t he married for three years and known each other for all eight of them, but having a kid together was quite a big deal.
it was hard to keep a secret. even though peter would never guess, you didn’t want him to mistake your morning sickness for something serious and fuss over it.
it was harder to keep a secret from peter when you two were supposed to be under the same roof for most part of the day.
tony had decided it was time all the avengers had a break so he’d flown everyone to bali. so now you were laying beside him in this extraordinarily expensive hotel room as the morning sun peaked in through the curtain.
you rubbed your eyes, shifting slightly as the first thing you felt was the weird taste in your mouth. and you just had to make a run for the bathroom before you puked all over the soft, lavish carpet under your bed. peter woke up with a jolt when he felt you throw his arm away from your body. he watched with sleepy eyes as you slammed the door to the bathroom.
“babe?” he hurried out of the bed. he could hear you retching on the other side of the door, “baby? what’s wrong?”
“it’s nothing!” you responded, “be out in a minute!”
it took you around two minutes to collect yourself back and brush your teeth before you made your way out of the bathroom. not so much to your surprise, peter’s hands grabbed both your shoulders as soon as you opened the door, “is it food poisoning? maybe it was the hotdog we had before dinner. it must be that! don’t worry, i’ll get you medicines.”
he started leaving but you stopped him, “peter, wait!”
“what?” he turned around.
you wish you could tell peter now but this just didn’t feel like the right moment. you sighed, “you’re not um, wearing any pants.”
“oh. right, silly of me.” your husband chuckled sheepishly as he grabbed his pair of pants that he’d left on one of the armchairs in the room.
you were sure peter would have found out in a week when your baby’s heart started beating, anyway. you felt a little ridiculous as you took the medicine from his hand and assured him that you would take it before you sneakily flushed it down the toilet.
peter noticed you being weird at breakfast too. you poked around at the salad in front of you. the smell of olive oil was making you nauseous itself and you were sure you’d have to rush if you had it. you would really go for a burger right now. honestly, you weren’t up for running three flights of stairs.
peter placed a hand over yours, running his thumb over the ring that rested on your finger, “hey, you okay? did the medicine not work?”
you gave him a shrug, “not hungry.”
“take it easy, parker.” wanda interjected, “just get her a burger and some fries.” she gave you a wink before taking a bite out of her bagel.
she knew.
you gave her a small smile.
thankfully peter took wanda’s advice and got you some fries, a burger and an added milkshake, which made you love him even more than you ever thought you could. you threw your arms around his shoulders as he placed the brown bag containing your breakfast on the table back in your room.
peter hugged you back as he smiled. however, his smile quickly faded away when he felt your shoulders shake against him, “y/n, are you-”
his sentence was cut short when you sobbed into his chest. his hand instantly wrapped around you protectively, “baby, what’s wrong?”
you just shook your head as you continued crying. peter rubbed your back until you calmed down. you pulled away to wipe your tears while the brunette’s arm remained intact around your waist, “i’m sorry.”
“you’ve got nothing to be sorry for.” he said as he tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear, “is everything okay though, hun? you’ve been acting kinda... weird. which isn’t bad, i-i mean, i’m just worried about you.”
“i’m okay, peter. i just got a bit emotional.” you gave him a little smile.
he nodded, though still unsure.
peter was nothing short of a delight for the whole day after that. he served your breakfast for you and even denied going to the beach with the others because you didn’t feel like going, even though you’d told him you’d be fine in the hotel room. then you two spent the day watching disney movies.
in the evening peter asked you to get ready for dinner and you were a little confused because you thought you two were going to go downstairs and have dinner with the gang. but peter insisted you get ready so you did.
peter then took you to the beach and the two of you walked until a candlelit table was in front of you. you gasped with joy, “remember our first candlelight dinner?” peter asked as he watched your smile grow.
“i do! i was so nervous.” you chuckled.
“you were nervous? i was freaking out! i didn’t know what to speak. you looked so gorgeous.” peter gave you a small smile, “you still do.”
“you’re way more gorgeous.” you gave him a little kiss, “oh my god. i just remembered i spilled wine all over your favourite shirt that day.”
peter laughed. and just like that, you knew. this was the moment. it was your chance. you didn’t wanna wait for peter to figure it out himself or for him to hear the baby’s heartbeat. you wanted him to hear it from you.
the two of you sat down and peter ordered your favorite for both of you. you smiled, watching you two’s fingers interlaced. peter ran his thumb over your ring finger, a habit of his that made your heart swell every time.
“yes, beautiful?”
“there’s something you gotta know.” you stated as your heart started beating a little faster.
“what is it?” peter asked, giving you his fill attention, a look of concern etched over his face.
“i’m... uh, i’m pregnant.” you stated, watching his face for any major expression.
“yeah, what about that?”
“i know! i couldn’t believe it eith- wait what?!” your pupils enlarged in surprise.
“you’ve been pregnant for around five weeks, what’s new with that?” peter asked.
him being so confident made you doubt if you’d already told him. peter laughed softly at your confused expression. you looked at him, raising an eyebrow, “is this funny to you?”
“no! no. not at all.” peter gave a little squeeze to your hand.
“how’d you know?” you asked, your expressions softening.
“well, i noticed the little changes your body was going through.” peter explained, “and i found the pregnancy test you forgot to throw out.”
“oh shoot-” you facepalmed, “that’s so stupid.”
“hey, it’s alright.” peter chuckled, “i would have probably been worse at keeping a secret like that.”
you laughed, “guess we’re both bad a keeping secrets.”
Tumblr media
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Kinktober 2022
Tumblr media
Prompt: Dry Humping
Pairing: Peter Parker x afab!reader
Summary: Peter doesn’t think he could come from just dry humping, you prove him wrong.
Authors note: personally i thought of tasm!peter while writing this but any of them can work. this is basically 2am thoughts, not edited.
Tumblr media
“i’m sorry, but there’s no fucking way someone could make me come from dry humping me.” peter splutters a laugh.
for the last hour, the two of you had been laughing over your tragedy of a love life.
“i mean, you totally would after a while, but he came after like two minutes of me grinding on him,” you wipes the tears from your eyes. “honestly it’s kinda flattering.” getting up to grab a drink from the fridge, peter narrows his eyes at you.
“i mean, i don’t think i could come from dry humping. like i don’t care how hot the girl is, there’s no way,” he laughs again.
“i don’t know parker,”
“what do you mean you don’t know? grinding with clothes on doesn’t even feel that good,”
“i bet i could make you come,” the room falls silent, and glancing at peter you realise his baffled look. “what? i wasn’t saying i will, i was saying i could.” you nonchalantly resume your position on the sofa, pulling open the tab of your soda
“sorry to bruise your ego, but there’s literally no way. maybe after like an hour, but i doubt you’d make it that long without begging me to fuck you,” it was your turn to be surprised. you’d never felt like this before, or at least not because of peter.
well, of course there was that time he walked out of the shower dripping, towel hung low. oh and there was that time he gave you a hickey, as a dare of course. there’s no way peter fucking parker, your best friend, was turning you on. right?
“so you’re saying, if i got on top of you right now, there’s no way you’d come.” you’re smirk was so strong it almost hurt your cheek.
“that’s exactly what i’m saying”
“then let’s test out your theory”
before he can even blink, you’ve swung a leg over his lap, now straddling him.
“you can tell me if you want me to get off.” you stare at each other, almost daring the other to break.
“i mean, if this is the only way we can see who’s right, we have to do it i guess,” his eyes are glassy and pupils blown out. beneath your cunt a small twitch bellows from beneath his pants.
you hop off his lap, shimmying down your jeans. peters look of bewilderment dialled up even more, if that was even possible.
“it’s not fair with jeans on,” you strip down to a pair of pink panties, lace trimming the edges.
“what? that’s cheating…” peter says barely above a whisper as you reach for the loop of his belt.
now both pants-less, you sit back on his lap, and he hisses as your heat sits on the thin layer between his cock
“it’s not too late to admit that you would come from dry humping” you taunt, pushing down slightly.
you start slow, moving rhythmically along his dick, feeling every vein through the thin undergarments
peters eyes close and he throws his head back
“shit. i wasn’t expecting it to feel like this.” a particularly well placed grind makes him thrust up, hitting your clit just right
an almost pornographic moan leaves your chest, making peter moan in turn.
your grinding becomes faster, harder, and in tandem with peters thrusts
“sure you won’t come?” you trail your nails over his chest, asking for permission to take his shirt off.
he pulls it off in one swift movement before answering. “i told you. never.” his brown locks stick to his forehead, a thin layer of sweat sheathing his skin
the now accessible skin of his chest is now free real estate, and the trailing of your nails, gently drifting over his nipples down to his happy trail seems to be torturing him.
it annoys you though that he won’t look at you, opting to throw his head back, eyes closed.
it does however, give you an idea
you practically rip your shirt off, stiff nipples pointing straight up.
“pete, look at me,”
and now he can’t keep his eyes off you.
as if he’s never seen tits before, his eyes boggle as you continue sliding your cunt up and down.
a mixture of his precum and your wetness aids these movements, and peter thinks he could die happily right now.
but he remembers why this is all happening in the first place.
he can’t come
but he needs to come.
the slick, dirty sounds that come from below, the smell, the sensation, it’s all too much for poor pete.
“touch me,” you whisper, attempting to maintain dominance, but it’s getting hard to focus on anything with the coil building up in your stomach
peters shaky hands palm your tits, pinching your nipples and caressing your side.
“i can’t.. s’ too much..” he struggles to speak as your grinding gets deeper, shifting angles slightly.
“what’s too much. spit it out baby,”
“m’ gonna cum,” peters never felt this before. he’s been with girls. he’s fucked girls. and yet nothing has felt this overwhelming, this overstimulating, this good.
“come for me peter. i want you to come on my pussy.”
a warm burst hits your core as you spasm on his dick. your simultaneous orgasms hit like a tonne of bricks. the thick spurts of cum soak your underwear, more than previously thought possible.
you rest your head on peters shoulder, gasping for air.
“told you so,”
“fuck you,”
“next time.”
Tumblr media
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shawnxstyles · 3 months
panty stealer
DATE: JANUARY 14, 2023
summary: flash forces peter to sneak into the girls sorority and steal a pair of panties as a dare. stumbling into the nearest room to save himself from being caught, he doesn’t expect you to be there, and to let him steal the panties you’re wearing.
request: yes!
words: 5.1k
warnings: SMUT (f- receiving [fingering, oral], praise kink, slight dacryphilia kink, dirty talk, and protected sex), language, alcohol, mentions of weed, and a bit of fluff.
note: frat!peter x sorority!reader / peter masterlist
Tumblr media
“are you serious right now, flash?” peter groans with a pinch to his nose. his eyes screw shut in annoyance at flash’s obnoxious behavior.
“of course i am, penis parker!” flash shouts, shoving peter towards the large, white sorority house. “you have to do the dare or else.”
peter groans again, hating himself for ever agreeing to do this stupid game with flash.
the night had started calm and for once, peter was grateful. friday nights were the craziest day at the frat house, but this week, everyone was a bit too busy with schoolwork. except flash apparently.
like all of his other roomies, peter loves a good party. he doesn’t mind thrashing his house every week if that means he can have fantastic parties at his place (okay, maybe he minds a little bit. it gets tedious cleaning up garbage after a while). he knows he won’t be young forever, so what the heck, right?
people never would have guessed that peter was the leader of the frat. shocking, right? everyone would assume it’s flash for his obnoxious and party boy persona or brad for his attractiveness and charm. but what do those qualities have to do with being a leader? everyone else (besides those two) agreed that peter should be the head of the house because he is responsible and smart, unlike those boneheads.
peter often asked himself if he was attractive and if he had charm.
he did, right?
brad was good with the ladies. one glance and a wink made the girls melt into puddles at his feet. every morning when peter woke up early to go to class, a different woman would waltz down the stairs with a glowing, uncontrollable smile in nothing but a t-shirt. peter knew without a doubt that every one-night stand that stumbled down was brad’s; it was rarely flash or the others and ned had a girlfriend who was in the sorority across from us.
peter hooked-up once in a while. he found it more difficult to be like brad when he had college to concentrate on and lives to save inbetween it all. being spider-man in high school was overwhelming at first because it was impossibly hard to hide it. but now, having more freedom in college made everything a bit simpler. just a bit.
flash being spider-man’s “#1 fan!” still made him chuckle every time it came up.
speaking of flash, when peter stumbled through the door in the evening expecting a chill friday night, flash just had to crank up the energy. as per usual.
“what is this?” multiple bottles of liquor were splurged across the dining table when peter walked into the kitchen. flash crossed his arms with a huge smirk plastered onto his face, while ned looked concerned and stressed.
“i tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen to me,” ned shook his head in disappointment before walking away to his room.
“we’re having a party. it’s friday, penis,” flash said with an obvious tone. peter could easily have him removed from the frat, being the leader and all. yet he still keeps him here. why must he do this to himself?
“flash, i said no parties today. everyone is tired and stressed, and has a lot of work to do—”
“stressed? i think that’s the best reason for a party. you need to get laid, my brotha,” brad interrupted with an arm around peter’s shoulders and a firm pat to his buff chest. brad is way taller than peter, which some might think intimidates him. but peter is mainly intimidated by intelligence, and brad had the iq of a stick.
peter rolled his eyes at the predictable statement. flash rambles on about how parties are a tradition on friday nights and peter sharply cuts him off with a strict tone.
“ugh, fine! no party, party-pooper parker. but we will be drinking tonight. or else i’m sending an invite to 50 people.”
peter had no choice but to comply. flash, ned, brad, himself, and the other boys are seated on the furniture with the drinks displaced in the center. flash gave peter an ultimatum; play truth or dare or he rings the entire sports program of a party. peter growled and folded.
soon later, there is a sharpie drawing on flash’s ass, a ruler that measured brad’s dick, a flushed ned from downing too many denied truth shots, and laughter bubbling throughout the whole room. peter is the only one who hasn’t gotten asked anything yet and he honestly feels a bit left out. but he also just wants to do his homework and then go to sleep.
“what’ll be, penis parker?” flash inquires with a mischievous look on his face. “truth or dare? or should i say drink or dare?”
peter, not caring at the time, chose dare. “dare.”
“oh, you’re so in for it.”
so in all, peter was basically held against his own will to sneak into the girl’s sorority house. even though he denied the dare profusely and took three shots to make up for it, flash still dangled the party invites over his head like an iron weight waiting to drop.
peter snarled as flash nudged him again impatiently. he thought of an idea that might work. peter would have to do this dare, but would he have to do it alone?
“if you come with me, i’ll give you $50 bucks—” peter sells with raised eyebrows. he licks his lips as the cold breeze rustles the trees and sends slight shivers up his arms. the sky is pitch-black as the heavy clouds cover all the stars. peter felt a storm brewing and he really didn’t want to sneak into the sorority soaking wet.
“pfft, parker, please. i have enough money—”
“—in weed.” peter finishes, causing flash to halt his words. peter knows that flash can never find a good supply because he complains about it all the time. marijuana wasn’t legal on campus, let alone in the state. the trade had the cogs turning in flash’s head.
“alright, deal,” flash gives in and elbows peter as a form of agreement. then flash motivates brad and ned to join, heading straight for the zone as a group.
their goal was to grab a pair of underwear and leave without being caught. as spider-man, that should be easy, right?
for some odd reason, the back door was unlocked. you’d think girls would be more secure and observant than guys, but maybe they forgot. after hopping over the trimmed gardening hedges, the four boys crept through the door and into the kitchen.
unlike peter’s frat, the sorority girls had two big rules that they made known to everyone; no hook-ups allowed and no frat guys. ever. the girls didn’t throw parties like peter, they only went to them, so their place was like a holy sanctuary.
when the guys tiptoed into the kitchen, peter wasn’t surprised the place was damn-near spotless. most of the interior was pearly white; couches, love-seats, tables, counter, cabinets— it was like walking into an insane asylum with minor color accents.
it was at least midnight by now, so the girls had to be asleep. tiptoeing as silent as possible up the stairs, peter leads until they’re all standing in the middle of the large hallway with rapid, contained breaths. flash, being the scaredy-cat he is, follows last and nervously trips over the final step. he slips, tumbling down multiple levels with nosy thuds and bangs of his elbows and knees. all of the guys sprout wide eyes and strained, silent gestures to warn him to stop falling and making an absurd amount of noise.
peter gets goosebumps, hair rising on his skin as he gets a shiver down his spine. his hearing intensifies, picking up mumbled whispers and light footsteps with his spider sense. his eyes wander frantically as he scatters his brain for an idea. nothing comes to mind fast enough, as a door down the hall creaks open. brad and ned drag flash up the stairs, but freeze when they hear the door. out of instinct, peter sprints to the nearest door, slyly slipping inside. he closes the door gently, contradicting the pounding of his heart, without a noise being made. he releases a sigh as his forehead rests on the doorframe.
“what are you doing?” peter nearly shrieks when you casually question him. he stares at you, eyes impossibly wider than before. your arms are crossed as you sit on the side of your bed. peter swallows harshly, gazing at your appearance.
your legs look smooth and supple, and very much bare. he assumes you have underwear on under the t-shirt you’re sporting, and is proved correct when you shift to dangle your legs off the bed. his eyes are drawn to the small sight of your panties that tease underneath your shirt. you smirk, arms still crossed as you let him check you out.
“i-um-uh,” cheeks wildly red, he swallows and averts his eyes to the ground. how does he explain such a stupid thing without sounding like a jackass? i was dared to invade the sorority house. sorry. oh, also, can i have your panties? “it was a dare.”
“to sneak into my room?” your head tilts as you lift yourself off the bed and stalk towards him. peter’s cheeks grow redder while his heart pounds brutally in his chest.
besides the embarrassment flowing like blood through his veins, you were the simple kind of gorgeous that made his knees weak. the kind that is stunning in their own skin and that radiates beautiful energy like magical fairy dust. and peter nearly fainted when he saw your lack of clothes.
he’s seen you many times before; you share a class with him and came to some of his parties. he never talked to you in fear of rejection, but now he doesn’t really have a choice.
usually, he has more confidence with girls, but this is a very unfortunate situation where he lost every skill he’s ever known. even talking.
“no—” ear-piercing screams interrupt peter’s stuttering from the other side of the door. footsteps run all over the wooden floor as low profanities leave the guys’ mouths. “i think she found them.”
“you think?” you clip with raised eyebrows. peter inhales, losing some of his anxiousness at his thoughts of the boys being caught.
poor ned. betty’s going to kill him.
flash deserved it, though.
brad is probably getting one of their numbers.
peter shakes his head and sets his thoughts straight.
“okay, look. flash dared me to do this… stupid thing and i convinced them all to do it with me. i wanted to do nothing but relax tonight,” peter admits with a stressed exhale. you glare at him with squinted eyes, trying to decipher what has him so worked up. it’s not like he got screamed at and kicked out like the other guys. knowing some of your roomies, they might be a lot worse than just kicking them out. you get closer to him and ponder what he said.
“what was the dare, parker?” you shoot a harsh glare at him, daggers that force him to answer. your head tilts with curiosity as your heartbeats sporadically. you’ve never had a guy in your room before, and for that first guy to be peter parker has your heart bouncing around your chest like a boomerang. you’ve had your eye on peter for a few months now; not crazy obsessive, but you won’t deny the blood-rushing crush you’ve grown for the frat boy.
how did you stumble that low? a frat boy? jeez.
peter can’t be too shocked that you know his name, let alone his last name, but you saying it still causes him to forget some of the words on his tongue. many shouts are heard from outside the door, but your chests are nearly touching as you gaze up at him and then the outside world is practically silenced.
“i had to steal some… panties,” he mumbles, voice low and quiet. why does it sound so dirty?
“panties?” you repeat in a hushed voice as your surprised eyes blink a few times. you swallow, clit beginning to throb at the word out of his mouth.
“yeah,” he scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. “do you have any that i can…borrow?”
your mind hazes at his question. you tried to remember where your underwear was and if it was clean. but as a clear opportunity lies in front of you, you decide to run with it. you look down with a racing heart, fingers gripping the hem of your shirt.
“i…i have these ones,” you lightly ball up your t-shirt, revealing your laced panties to peter. he quietly coughs, cock starting to harden behind the zipper of his jeans. you glance up at his reddening expression through your eyelashes, devilish eyes hiding behind an innocent facade. confidence and lust ease your anxiety. “will these work?”
“um, yeah,” peter coughs again as rosy embarrassment crawls up his neck and blood rushes to his cock. you strut over to the mattress, rocking your hips teasingly, and peter instinctively follows with his heart in his throat. you lie on your back and spread your legs, arousal dripping from you at every movement. peter watches from a side angle, holding his breath as the tension rises.
“well, you’re not much of a panty-stealer if i just give them to you. come and steal them, parker,” you say with as much confidence as you could muster up. your heart was so loud in your ears you almost couldn’t hear yourself. speechless, peter walks to the front of the bed and kneels down, eye-level with your pussy.
he crumples the shirt over your hips, your legs automatically spreading wider. his senses heighten and pick up on the scent of your arousal. a small patch of it can be seen in the middle of your underwear, sending painful pulses down to his forever hardening cock. his thumbs dance around the laced hem, teasing you to see how much he can go.
he would say some of his confidence is back now.
he hooks his fingers under the band, sliding the flimsy fabric down while sticky arousal slings to you. he stuffs the damp material in his back pocket. both of your hearts rack and hands tremble at the extreme intensity, waiting for someone to do something. anything.
peter decides to be that person and resumes his fingers to your hips where the hem used to be. your folds glisten with pent-up arousal, just begging for him to touch you. your puffy clit throbs, neglected, and your thighs subtly spasm trying to remain open. peter grinds on his molars, nearly moaning at the glorious sight. his rough pads trace your smooth skin as he drags lower, dangerously close to where you’re yearning for him.
“peter,” you whisper, holding your breath, so you don’t move a muscle, even though they’re involuntarily shaking with need. he hums, the dirtiest thoughts flowing through his mind. “d-don’t you have to go? what if you get caught?”
“i can spare a few minutes…” his gaze is hazy and distracted, voice gravelly with lust. you clench desperately around nothing as you quietly plead for him to do something. his thumb tests the waters and finally begins circling on your clit, sending electricity up your body. you yelp at the sudden pressure, naturally grinding your hips for more friction. “hmm? don’t you want me to spend a few minutes with you?
his words are taunting and condescending, making your mind go blurry while the words disintegrate from your tongue. the rough pad of his thumb rubs faster while you clench around nothing again, chest heaving.
“i want more than a few minutes,” you moan as his middle finger pets along your soaking slit, teasing you painfully until your eyes roll back. you can sense the smirk growing on his face based on the satisfied hum he responds with.
“more? greedy girl,” peter slides his middle finger into you without warning causing you to release a long string of moans. “shh, you don’t want them to hear you, do you? then we’ll both get caught.”
you shake your head.
“then be a good girl and be quiet for me,” peter demands softly. you nod shakily, as another finger pumps into you rapidly. he thrusts brutally into you, fingertips brushing over your g-spot. you melt as bliss laces throughout your body.
“it’s always the quiet ones who are the loudest,” a devilish and dirty smirk dances on his lips while your teeth sink painfully into your bottom lip. you slap your palm over your mouth to remain quiet as thrilled moans threaten to pour out of you. your revolving hips are halted by his strong forearm, allowing him to curl his digits deliciously into you. you mewl with screwed eyes, back arching at the immense pleasure.
“i’m so close, peter,” you whisper, scared that if you speak any louder your moans will betray you and alert the whole neighborhood. peter subtly grinds his hips into the front of the mattress, cock dangerously hard from your whimpering and whining.
“can i taste you? been dying to since you opened your legs for me,” peter asks while your thighs tremble and your pussy contracts tightly around his digits. you mumble out a shuddery please before his mouth is devouring you.
he never removes his fingers, pumping ruthlessly while his mouth explores your slippery folds. he sucks harshly on your throbbing clit, a muffled wail escaping through your hand. warm and soothing, his tongue glides curiously and sneaks into your undeniably soft cunt. the moan you release is unholy and way too loud. at least right now.
peter wants nothing more than to hear your sweet, sweet moans crying his name while he makes you come in several different ways. but tonight was not the night. he wasn’t trying to get reported and have intruder as a new notch on his belt.
he had a good feeling you wouldn’t run off and report him though.
the idea of it all got him off much more than he would have ever thought. and looking at you, he could say that same.
his mouth plops off of you, lips swollen and puffy from sucking.
“come all over my tongue. let me taste you, sweet girl,” his tone is euphonious and seductive, yet demanding. his fingers savagely thrust into your seeping hole that clenches tightly around him. your back arches off the mattress as your thighs shake from the upcoming euphoria.
peter’s words send your body into overdrive. your muscles contract and your stomach tightens as your orgasm ripples through your body like a heavenly wave. cum oozes out of you and onto his tongue, slurping up every ounce of your juices until there is nothing left.
“such a good girl,” peter praises while he licks away your arousal from his rosy lips. heat crawls up your neck at your sudden vulnerability. you attempt to close your legs to hide, but he keeps them spread with his rough hands. “you’re going to hide yourself after i just ate you out? we’re just getting started, baby.”
peter pulls his shirt off deliberately, showcasing his bulky abs and muscles that made your clit pulse with desire again. he looks like he was man-made, a real-life sculpture with chiseled muscles and perfectly ridged abs. you were insatiable to this man, who snuck into your room to steal something— you should be mad at him. furious. but when his boxers fall down his legs, only dirty and needy emotions and thoughts are left.
your eyes widen at his impressive length; you’ve only been with a few guys in the past, but none of them were this big. you were scared, yet excited to feel his cock stretch you out sinfully. you imagined how long you would feel him inside of you afterwards, soreness like a good workout at the gym.
“you’re so big,” you mumble, not hiding the fact that you were blatantly eyeing his raging cock with hunger, fear, and lust.
“it’ll fit. don’t worry, doll,” he hovers over you, smoothing your hair away from your worried eyes. “do you have a condom?”
you stretch out your arm into your night stand, blindly grabbing a tin-foiled package. you seductively rip it with your teeth, causing peter to groan in impatience. he snatches it away from you and swiftly slides it onto his sturdy cock.
“such a fucking tease,” he hisses, running the tip of his cock along your folds, which were already soaked in arousal again. “are you ready?”
you nod your head surely, more than ready for him to fill you up.
“you’re one to talk,” you sass, rolling your eyes, which were no longer as worried, but full of needy anticipation. he huffs out a single chuckle, eyes strained on his dick rubbing around your wetness tediously.
“speaking of talking, don’t,” peter thrusts into you savagely, making you gasp and shriek. your hand immediately goes to his shoulder for leverage, nails digging desperately into the meat of his skin. the other tightens securely onto your mouth to keep quiet, even though it’s probably useless now.
hoarse profanities fall from his lips as he shifts around your snug hole. your velvety walls choke his cock so fucking good, he doesn’t think he’ll last any longer. and then you clench even tighter around him, sending peter’s eyes rolling back into brain.
“you’re so fucking tight,” peter groans in your ear, flicking his hips upwards into you. your body trembles in overwhelming pleasure, muffled whines begging to be released.
slapping skin and hushed moans fill the air. peter fits a hand between the two of you and rubs your throbbing clit perfectly. his lips travel down from your ear to your neck, kissing along your skin. his tongue discovers your soft spot, sucking harshly until you’re clutching onto him for dear life.
“you’re so good, peter. so deep, too, oh god,” you can’t help the lusty wail that tumbles from your raspy throat when he rapidly rolls his hips, repeatedly touching your sensitive g-spot. he growls at the praise, every action being intensified by the comment. you notice this and smile with a hint of devilishness behind it.
“you may be smiling now,” peter pants, muscles popping and flexing from the position. “but you’ll be crying soon.”
if possible, his thrusts got harder. and deeper. and faster. he was pounding into your cunt like there was no tomorrow, buckets of arousal leaking from you and all around him. peter would pull his cock fully out just to slam it back in, and it made you wither away into another dimension. his balls beat against you harshly with every brisk thrust of his body. his skilled thumb pets your clit, electrifying all your nerves into blissful flames.
there was so much to feel; the biting of his kisses on your neck, the rough texture of his thumb pad on your clit, the long, thick length plunging barbarically into you, and the heaviness of his weight above you. you were so overwhelmed by the pleasure, water brimmed at your tear ducts. soon, full-blown tears are streaming down your face from the euphoria running through your veins.
that familiar wicked smile curls on peter’s face with your appearance; wild hair, tear-stained cheeks, and swollen lips. he doesn’t think you’ve ever looked so beautiful in front of him.
his cock twitches when you whimper loudly underneath the palm of your hand, begging to let you come. contracting on his shaft, your nails stab his shoulder blade until crescent moon marks appear. a strangled moan leaves him when your body rolls up towards him, back arching harshly.
“need to come. so bad, peter,” you whine. his name from your lips drives him mental.
“fuck, y/n,” he sighs heavily. “come around my cock like the good girl you are.”
with those words, your second orgasm tumbles through your body like a thunderstorm. peter slams his lips against yours to keep you quiet, all your pent-up moans turning into needy hums in your throat. stars spot in your vision and you thought you might pass out from being fucked into oblivion. you wouldn’t even be mad— it was worth it.
summoning all your energy, your muscles tense as the liquid floods out of you. your back arches, making your bare breasts push up against peter’s chest. at the same time, peter comes with a string of curse words against your plush lips. he shoots his load into the condom, balls tightening while his eyes screw shut. he steadies his pumps and slowly pulls out of you, never wanting to leave.
you whimper at the emptiness, already missing his cock. he ties the knot and tosses it into the garbage under your desk. peter slips into his boxers and immediately finds the small box of tissues on your night stand. grabbing a few, he cleans you delicately like an antique doll as if he didn’t just ravish your body and soul.
you were beyond dumbstruck as he wiped you up. the few people you have been with never stayed long enough for aftercare, and even though it should be a necessity, the action still made your heart lurch for peter. speaking of your heart, it was beating a mile a minute. sex was a physical activity, yet having a huge crush on someone felt a lot more physically demanding. but you really liked the feeling.
a million thoughts brisked through your head; how does he feel? does he feel the same? did he hate it? did he love it? you shake your head. if you didn’t stop yourself, you would ruin any chance you might have by overthinking too much.
when you refocus your eyes to the moment, peter has his jeans fully on and his shirt in his hand. he slides it on and then looks at you worryingly, seeming as though you’re still naked and haven’t moved.
“are you okay? did i go too hard? fuck—”
“yes—i mean no! shit,” you stutter after interrupting him and close your eyes in embarrassment. “yes, i’m fine. i’m more than fine. that was… really good, peter. like really good.”
peter’s tensed shoulders relax as his face melts from a concerned expression to a soft one. you slip your large t-shirt on and stand up from your bed. your legs are a bit unbalanced and wobbly, and peter can’t help but chuckle as he holds you steady by your hips.
“stop laughing! you did this!” you whisper-yell with a faked angry face.
“oh, i know. next time, i’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk, let alone stand,” he winks with an arrogant smile cascading his lips. familiar heat creeps up your neck and ears, making you all tingly inside at the idea of a next time with peter.
“next time?” large rings of hope surround your irises as you stare into peter’s. his arrogance slightly fades as he itches with nervousness.
“yeah, if that’s what you want, of course,” why is he holding his breath? why is his heart beating so unhealthy fast?
“if i say yes, does that mean you’re going to try to steal my panties again?” you try to hold back your grin as you joke, peering up at him with squinted eyes.
“are you going to let me steal your panties again?” he clicks his tongue with his all too familiar smirk. he loves your playful demeanor and your attempts to withhold a smile.
you pretend to think, really debating. peter can’t help but stare at you in awe. you were beautiful, and he regrets not approaching you earlier because you were… well, he didn’t really know you yet, but he wouldn’t mind getting to know you better. even if you told him to fuck off and never to see him again, he knew that he would never forget you or this night.
you push yourself closer to peter, chest to chest. you can both feel the rapid beating of your hearts through your shirts. however, you stand, gazing confidently at peter. he watches you as you lean right in like you were going to kiss him.
“mm maybe. you might just have to find out yourself,” your breathy words linger on his lips as you back away and casually get into the bed. you unfold the comforter and tuck yourself in, like you didn’t just give peter a semi-hard on in his pants.
suddenly a loud crash is heard from outside, alerting both of your heads to peer out through the window.
“my car!” flash cries so high-pitched and whiny, he probably woke up the entire neighborhood. peter isn’t surprised that one of the sorority girls destroyed his car because he deserved it. someone needed to humble him anyway. you both laugh behind the palm of your hands at flash’s girly scream.
with that, peter realizes that he has to go and that he no longer has any minutes to spare. flash, brad, and ned probably weren’t worried about peter while they were out-running the girls. but now that the girls had done the damage, the boys would soon realize peter’s absence.
“better hide your panties. this isn’t over,” peter walks over to the side of your bed and kisses your forehead delicately. he cracks open the window, turning to you with half his body out. with a wink from him and a gasp from you, he jumps down the two-story window without hesitation. your heart flutters at his gentle kiss that lingers on your skin, fingers pressed against the spot his lips last touched.
rain begins to splash on the glass as sprinkles of water drip into your room through the open window. you purposefully don’t close it, even when you know the carpet will get soaked throughout the night. you welcomed the idea that if peter wanted to come back, he could, simply by sneaking through the window the same way he left.
so many other thoughts cloud your mind, making you lie wide awake. you wondered if his heart was still thumping hastily like the rain pattering on your window and onto your floor. you wondered what he looked like when he was drenched in natural rain water. probably breathtakingly beautiful; soaking wet hair and a childish smile adorning his rosy face while he laughs wholeheartedly.
as you roll over to turn off your lamp with a wistful sigh, you remember that you never even got his number. while trying to guess which set of numbers fit peter parker the best, you fall asleep with a yearning heart, flapping its wings adoringly in your chest.
oh, god, you were down. and it was bad.
what you didn’t know was that peter was down too, but even worse than you.
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tomholland1996simp · 4 months
Tumblr media
Snap || Peter Parker
Summary: It’s been a long stressful day for Peter, so when you come over he can’t help but get mad at certain things you do. Leading to him snapping at his girlfriend.
Haven’t read over so sorry if there’s mistakes.
Being spider-man could be such a stressful Job for Peter, patrolling late at night, trying to juggle with school work and saving the city all made him tired. He felt drained, not just physically but mentally too. That’s why today he wanted to relax in his and his aunts apartment, alone.
However, Peter had forgot that a couple of days ago he asked his girlfriend, y/n, to come over to hang as the apartment would be free. So instantly when he opened the door after he heard a knock, his face dropped slightly when he saw her bright smile. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see her, he just wanted to be alone and be by himself for the day. Normally when Peter is stressed or tired he snaps out at people and gets angry very easily.
“Heyy, Petey” You smiled at your boyfriend, noticing the black bags under his eyes which you would ask about later if he had been getting sleep. You know that Peter is spider-man, you found out when you two were best friends, after the day he told you, you both confessed that you were in love with each other.
“Oh, y/n? Hi” He rubbed the back of his neck, letting you walk into his apartment. Now he regrets asking you to come over, knowing he just wanted to go bed and sleep.
“Did you forget that I was coming?” You let out a little chuckle, placing the two plastic bags on the counter. Before going to Peters, you decided to buy his favourite sandwich from his favourite sandwich shop, Delmars. Then you stopped at another store to get your favourite snacks and drinks for you’re movie marathon that you had planned to do tonight.
“N-no, just didn’t realise the time” He lied, taking your bag from you’re shoulder and putting it into his room. You followed him behind asking him if he wanted his sandwich. “Maybe later, I just ate not long ago” He lied yet again, laying on his bed.
“You okay, baby?” You noticed his mood, normally your boyfriend was excited to see you, he would greet you with a big hug and a kiss. Then he would ramble on about his day or his patrols late at night.
“Y-yeah” He faked smiled as you crawled onto the bed leaning over to peck his lips, him not kissing back.
You raise your eyebrow, thinking he’s playing with you. “Peterrr give me a kiss” You whine as he ignored you looking at his phone. You then decided to straddle his legs, taking his phone from his hands and giving him a kiss. This time he did kiss back but he pulled away quickly.
“Give my phone back, please” He tiredly asked.
“No” You jokingly smile at him, but your smile dropped when you realised he wasn’t joking the whole time.
“Give my fucking phone y/n!” He snapped, snatching the phone from your hands and pushing you off him. He then turned his back from you, going back on his phone.
“m’ sorry” You mutter that feeling sinking in, deciding to go into the kitchen and help May by cleaning the apartment up a little. You hoped that after you was done that Peter would be out of his ‘mood’ or whatever was going on with him.
After an hour the dishes were finally washed and cleaned so you decided to go back into Peters room to check on him. Now he was sitting at his desk doing his homework that was due for Monday, maths. Luckily for him you were quite good at maths, that’s why he would always ask you for help.
“Want some help?” You asked, your voice coming out more quiet than usual.
He just nodded his head as he moved to the bed so you could both sit together. You then explained to him how to solve some problems, basically doing the homework for him as he laid there. You didn’t mind that though, you were happy to help him.
Your talking, however, was making Peter lose his mind, he just wanted silence but you kept rambling on about how to do his homework.
“Ahh shit, the pencil is blunt. Do you have a sharpener?” You look at the blunt pencil and then at him.
He then pointed over to his desk top draw, implying that it was in there. You nodded your head, standing up and going over to the draw looking through it to find the sharpener. “I don’t see it” Turning to look at him, seeing him roll his eyes making you gulp.
“It’s in there, look properly” He said, watching you struggle to find it, the noise making his head hurt.
“I don’t think it’s-“ You was cut off by hearing him get up from his bed, stomping over to you and moving you out of the way. He went through the draw and fount it in a old pencil case.
“It’s right here! Open your fucking eyes next time! Fuck sakes, your making my head hurt!” He snapped at you, shouting. He had never ever shouted at you, nor sworn at you before. He then grabbed the pencil sharpening it a bit too hard making it break.
“Sorry” You stand up fiddling with you’re fingers looking into his eyes but not finding any regret in them.
“Stop fucking apologising y/n, that’s all you fucking do. ‘I’m sorry’ just shut up and leave me the fuck alone!” He shouted stepping towards you making you flinch a little as he yelled. You know Peter would never lay a hand on you, but seeing him right now made you scared.
You didn’t want to cry in front of him but you couldn’t help letting a little sob escape your mouth. His angry expression fell a little, now realising what he had said and how scared you looked.
You then pulled out your phone acting as if you had received a message. “Oh, I-I got to g-go, my uhh my mum messaged saying I can’t stay tonight, got plans” You wiped your eyes with yours Peters hoodie, grabbing your bag and throwing it over your shoulder, not daring to meet his eyes.
“y/n, no please don’t go. I’m sorry, Angel.” He grabbed your arm softly, not wanting you to leave, now regretting the way he had just shouted at you. Your his girlfriend, he shouldn’t ever raise his voice at you. He loves you.
“No, just don’t, Peter” He let go of your arm, hating the way you said his name. You never call him by his name, you always use nick names or cute pet names for him.
“I’m so sorry, baby. Please” He pleaded as you ran to his front door, opening it and slamming it behind you as tears fell down your face. He didn’t run after you, no. But he couldn’t help but feel guilty, looking at the clean apartment that you had cleaned up for him and May. Opening the two plastic bags that had his favourite sandwich in and all your favourite drinks + snacks.
Tears fell down his face, he told you he would never treat you like how he just did. He wishes he could give you the world and beat up everyone who makes you cry, not to be the reason you cry.
At school
You hadn’t answered any of Peters messages or calls. After he had snapped at you, you decided to let him be alone not wanting to be around him when he was like that. Annoyingly, Peter and you went to the same school, so you knew you would see him on Monday.
Now you’re walking to chemistry, which you shared with Peter. Your running a bit late though, due to not feeling the best today. Maybe it was because you didn’t want to face Peter again, you didn’t know.
“Miss Y/L/N, your late” You’re teacher told you as you walked in, everyone’s eyes on you, but you didn’t want to meet a certain pair. You didn’t apologies or neither answer, your voice would sound too weak as you had already locked eyes with him.
You sat down in your seat, your leg bouncing up and down, wanting the lesson to be over with. Peter sat two rows in front of you, you just kept staring at his figure. He looked better than before, earlier when you saw him his bags were gone and his hair was less messy.
“Y/N since you were late, you can clean the rest of the equipment up” Your teacher told you as she packed her things up, making you sigh.
Once everyone left, you started putting the equipment away, like the test tubes and all the other things. All you could think about is Peter.
You hadn’t realised but you had dropped one of the test tubes, the glass shattering everywhere. “Fuck, sakes” Tears pricked you’re eyes, you were so tired and you kept thinking of the fight with Peter. Did he not love you anymore? Are you both broken up? Maybe you really are annoying and you should leave him alone.
Picking up the glass, you didn’t care if you were cutting yourself, you were just upset. “Let me help you” You heard from the door as someone came to help you, picking the rest of the glass up and grabbing your hand.
This voice made your heart skip a beat.
“Shit your bleeding, here sit on the table” Peter helped you to sit on the table, grabbing the first aid kit and cleaning the cuts. You both stayed in silence in the classroom as he wrapped your hand with the hand wraps, making sure it’s not on too tight.
“Thanks” You mutter, keeping your head down, you was about to get up but he stopped you. “I-I uhh I’m sorry, y/n/n. I was just stressed with school and saving the city. I was doing too much and I was so tired, I know it’s not an excuse at all but I love you, baby. I’m so fucking sorry that I said all them things, I didn’t mean it, I swear.” He said truthfully, tears welling in his eyes making you smile a little.
“No, I’m sorry, I was being annoying..”
“No, you wasn’t not at all. I made you cry, you’re my girlfriend and I should never treat you like that because i’m stressed. I know you would never. I’m sorry” He apologised yet again, grabbing the sides of your face.
“It’s okay, Pete. Don’t cry” You smile wiping a tear that fell from his face.
“I love you so fucking much, baby” He smiled leaning in to kiss you.
“I love you so much, Spidey” You chuckle grabbing his face and smashing your lips together.
“Y/L/N, Parker, Hands off each other in the classroom!”
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sarspidey · 7 months
Like boyfriend and girlfriend?
Paring: mcu!Peter Parker x f!reader
Synopsis: you have no idea how you find yourself in your best friends lap, but here you were.
Warnings: some making out, sitting on lap, fluff fluff and it is a short blurb
Tumblr media
You don’t remember how you ended up here, but here you were, straddling your best friend. Legs on either side of his lap. Peters hands caressed your lower back, as your hands found his messy hair.
Peter leaned his forehead against yours, taking in a deep breath. Lips hovering over yours gingerly.
“y/n…are you sure you want this?” He asked softly, eyes scanning your face for any sign of discomfort, but he only found you smiling, eyes shimmering with something like love and lust.
"I do…d-do you?” You whispered shakily against his lips, one hand sliding to his cheek to let your thumb rub his cheekbone longingly. Peter pressed a kiss to your palm, his hands wandered to your waist, grabbing it softly, then nodding.
"More than you will ever know” he chuckled slightly, but he meant it earnestly.
You grinned sheepishly before leaning in again, Peter was quick to lock his lips with yours passionately. His hands slowly but surely trailed down your spine until he reached your bum, grabbing the soft flesh determinedly.
You breathed out against his lips, pulling away mere inches, lips grazing his. "To clarify….I do not want this to be a one time thing” you shyly whispered against Peters lips. Peters heart swelled with joy, as his eyes wandered from your face to your hands, which were grasping his shirt tenderly.
Peter hummed softly and looked back up at you, cupping your chin between his thumb and index finger. "Neither do I. I want us….us to go on dates, hold hands and all this cheesy stuff couples do” he whispered gently. You let out a soft giggle and nodded eagerly, butterflies erupting in your stomach. Peter feeling the mutual butterflies in his own stomach, placed a gentle kiss to yours lips, going back to kissing you.
"Like boyfriend and girlfriend” you said again, between kisses. Peter was now the one giggling against your lips, hand caressing your cheekbone.
“Like boyfriend and girlfriend” he confirmed.
Authors note: thank you all for all the likes and reblogs! It means the whole world to me! I love you
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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #152
Steve Rogers: You get killed, walk it off!
Peter: Yes, si-
Tony: Peter, you get as little as a paper cut, you come tell me! Do not listen to what Captain Asshole says!
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the-geeky-fangirl · 2 years
Strange: i'm gonna fuck with the multiverse
Peter: ......why would you do that
Strange: i'm going to be honest Wong is like 98% of my self control and he's not here so
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bi-disaster-yn · 4 months
Tread Carefully
Pairing: neighbour!Peter Parker x fem!Reader
Summary: Reader is used to being led on and then let down in love which leads to her not quite believing just how much Peter likes her.
Set after the events in No Way Home! As always, Peter is aged up to be in his early-mid twenties.
A/N: This one goes out to the all the girls who have been made to feel crazy when they’ve been led on by someone who suddenly loses interest. You are valid and you deserve so much better (and someone like Peter in this fic <3)!!
Feedback & reblogs are always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Whilst others seem to fall into love quite easily, for you it was always like trying to catch fire in a jar. Never successful, getting burned in the process and eventually the jar melting with all the exposure to further render your attempts useless.
Such carelessness with your emotions had led you to a solitary existence. The mere suggestion of reciprocated feelings had made you strategic and forceful, putting pressure on every encounter with a prospective lover in hopes that one day you might secure love.
Naturally, the pressure would snap any cord of bond you might have with someone and there you were, left again without any recourse. A scorned woman.
This wasn’t always your fault. Often, you’d bestow your emotions upon someone unworthy. Gaslighted with a promise of something real, you’d pursue these people only to be bitterly disappointed with a frank conversation where they confessed that you were great but all the same, not good enough.
Enter Peter Parker, your sweet neighbour who moved in next door a few months ago and brought with him a little spark that had you giddy.
The day he had moved in, he just seemed so out of his depth and alone. With the door open, he’d stood in the middle of his apartment looking round at the admittedly small number of boxes he had. Nevertheless, he looked entirely overwhelmed and frozen, struggling to even take the first step to open any of them.
You’d just finished grocery shopping as you walked past, peering in quickly when you came across the open door. From where you were standing, viewing his slumped shoulders and helpless face, it looked like he was going to cry. He looked so lost and you were sure that your help was exactly what he needed.
So, you came to the rescue. Announcing your presence, you offered your help which he reluctantly accepted. One by one, you worked your way through the boxes and worked together to set out his things the way he’d like them. At first, he was wary of you but grew more comfortable as you took things at his pace, never pressuring or hastening him.
You cooked him dinner, noting that his fridge hadn’t been stocked up yet. He asked you for coffee the next day as a thank you.
Coffee dates became dinner dates which naturally slipped into taking turns to make dinner for each other every night. He was so convenient being next door and had explained being new to the area that he had no one else really. Naturally, he gradually began to intertwine himself within your plans until you had become inseparable. Not that you minded, you hadn’t been this infatuated in a long time.
You did everything “right”.
You nurtured your feelings, trying to keep them on a leash to prevent them leaping out of control. You were calm and collected around him, allowing yourself to freak out about him after you said goodbye for the night. You made allowances for him in your plans yet didn’t hedge your bets on having to actually plan around him.
Yet, you still expected him to let you down. Some dark, twisted and nasty corner of your brain still told you that you were holding on to false hope. You had let people in before only to have them ridicule you for ever thinking that something could happen. For all you knew, Peter could be - and probably was - just the same as the rest of them.
Although, surprisingly, he hadn’t let you down to date. He always turned up on time when he said he would, except for that one rare exception that he had to cancel. Even at that, he was following up with you to reschedule and even planned and paid for the whole date because he felt so bad about having to miss your plans.
He let you touch him and he allowed himself to touch you. When your thighs lingered as you sat next to each other, he didn’t move away or sit in clear discomfort. Contentedly, he’d continue his story while you sat, completely mesmerised by the fact he’d allowed you a crumb of intimacy with just a simple gesture.
When this inevitably went downhill, it was going to kill you.
Winter had taken over the city. The restaurants and shops below your apartment had started to decorate their storefronts with festive lights which teamed up with the streetlights to create a cosy light in a cruelly cold and dark night.
It was Peter’s turn to cook that night. He stood at the stove making mac and cheese in plaid pyjama bottoms and a white t-shirt that although oversized, still managed to show his muscular shoulders.
You sat on his couch flicking through Netflix to find a suitable Christmas movie for your night in. As the snow began to fall outside, you wrapped the blanket round you tighter and excited yourself with the idea of cuddling up to Peter to keep warm. Peter hummed as he plated up the food; it was his Aunt May’s recipe and he’d raved about it for weeks, insisting he would make it for you.
You tried not to read into the fact he was letting you into something he’d shared with his aunt who had been more like his mother. Nor did you read into the fact that the blanket wrapped round you was one you hadn’t been able to stop touching in the store because of how soft it was. He’d bought it so he could see the big grin on your face as you smoothed your hands down it.
“You really love that thing, don’t you?” Peter commented with a sweet smile as he handed you the plate.
“It’s just so soft! How did they make it so soft?” You beamed in response.
“I don’t know, but you look really cute with it wrapped round you.” He smiled, facing the TV and taking a bite before saying the all too familiar yet equally dreadful sentence.
“I think we should talk.”
It was so out of left field and so unexpected. The horrible yet familiar feeling of dread sat deep in your stomach and destroyed your earlier appetite for a home cooked meal. Setting your plate down, you took a deep breath in anticipation of what he was going to say next. You had to give it to him, ending this over his beloved aunt’s recipe was a new low in your experience of rejections.
“Sure.” Was the only response you could muster without it sounding like you were dying inside at the very notion Peter could end all of this.
“Well, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now, right?”
Oh God. This really was it. Now was the time for the usual chat. He’d come out with some drawl about how even though you had spent every day together, ate together, slept together, treated each other like boyfriend and girlfriend, that it was of course, casual and you were irrational to think anything different. In the heat of the moment, frenzied by embarrassment, you’d agree and tell him you’d even prefer to be friends. Then over the coming months, the dejection would slowly eat away at you as you’d overanalyse the memories and consider what you should have looked for to ascertain that this would never be a serious relationship. Good enough for a fling, but not quite enough for a substantive commitment.
It was going to be a long and lonely winter.
“Yeah, two and a half months to be exact.” You stated, as if for a court record to build your case on just how much of your time he had wasted before he was about to throw this genuine and beautiful connection away. Peter merely chuckled at your matter-of-fact manner, oblivious to your serious tone.
“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously, watching you with a hopeful smile.
Admittedly, your reaction was in fact, irrational.
“Sorry, WHAT?!” You yelled back, so taken aback by the question. It was what you wanted to hear but not at all what you expected.
“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Peter tried to explain, clearly self-conscious by his choice of timing and now considering what seemed to be a real possibility of you rejecting him. “I just thought that I really love what we have and I wanted to make it official but if you feel differently then-“
You cut him off before he could go any further by lunging over and wrapping your arms round his neck tightly. You held him like he would disappear if you let go. The longer you held on, the more tangible his question became and the more likely you were being validated that this whole thing wasn’t just a one-sided and bittersweet liaison, doomed to fail from the beginning.
Peter chuckled, managing to set his plate down on the coffee table, despite you clinging on to him like a koala. He settled back against the couch, rubbing his hand up and down your back soothingly while you sat still, completely incapable of letting go.
“So… is that a yes?” Peter asked with slight concern in his voice as he tried to measure how long you had been silent for.
“Of course, it’s a yes! I thought you were going to end this!” You confessed. Peter frowned at your response, unsure where you could ever have gotten that idea from. He had tried so hard to not be one of those asshole guys and not lead you on. He started to question whether he should have done anything differently.
“Why would you think that?” His question came with a sweet kiss to your temple. Despite you holding him hostage with a cuddle, he seemed quite content.
The heat of embarrassment claimed your cheeks causing you to nuzzle your face into his neck. This should have been a really happy and carefree moment between you both, and hopefully the beginning of many years together. Yet, your insecurities and past emotional injuries had tainted this.
Perhaps, sharing your intense fear and feelings was going to be too much for Peter. Still, if he was going to be in a relationship with you, he ought to know the truth.
“I just…” You began, sitting back to look him in the eye. “I just never get asked that question.”  
Peter looked at you with a mixture of surprise and sadness. His eyebrows furrowed in contemplation and he let out a silent “oh”. At first, you thought he was pitying you but then you came to realise that he was just appreciating how big of a deal this was for you.
“I always seem to be the practise run or the casual fling. I never seem to be enough to be the girlfriend. You know?” At this, Peter nodded silently and reached his hand out for you to hold which you gladly took.
“And with you, I’ve been trying so hard not to get overexcited or put too much pressure on you but I really like you, Peter! I’ve been terrified that you’ve wanted to end this for a while now.” You explained further, watching him get confused.
“What did I do that made you think that?” Peter mumbled, his own fears and guilt setting into him. He had been trying so hard to let people in and to think that he was potentially failing was more than a tough pill to swallow.
“Nothing.” You said simply, because it was the truth. He had done nothing wrong.
“It’s just, I let you into my apartment, which was supposed to be just mine. I talked to you about Aunt May, which was really hard for me but I trusted you with it. I… I fell asleep on you. I felt safe enough with you to sleep soundly. I just don’t think I could have done anymore to let you know I was interested.”
The lump in Peter’s throat was evident with his words. This poor, sweet boy had no idea that this was so much bigger than him. It was an injury to your very being that had attached itself to you for all time coming. In truth, Peter had opened up to you and had let you in. On the other hand, all of those boys had done the same thing. They fed you with private and emotional insights then cut off the supply when you dared tried to establish a deeper emotional connection. How were you to tell the difference? 
“Sweetheart, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just, not all guys are as genuine as you. They mess with our heads and then call us crazy.” You explained calmly, bringing his hand to your lips and kissing his knuckles lightly. The words took purchase in Peter’s body and he nodded at you, slightly embarrassed.
“I am sorry you’ve been through that. I just really liked you and wanted to let you in. I have meant it all and I’d really like for you to be my girlfriend.” He smiled, reaching his other hand out to caress your cheekbone. An excited and surprise giggle escaped your lips.
“I’d love to be your girlfriend, Peter.” You leaned in and kissed him deeply, putting your hands on his cheeks. His hands found your waist, pulling you to sit on his lap. You gladly obliged, not once breaking the kiss. It wasn’t catching fire in a jar. Rather, it was gathering water that easily streamed into the jar – filling it up and adapting to the shape of its keeper without any threat of burning or melting; secured simply with a screw top lid. It was different, fresh and easy.
“Okay,” Peter chuckled as he finally pulled away from the kiss. “Can you please let me know if I made a good job of dinner?”
“Sure thing, boyfriend.” You grinned, giving his lips one last peck before leaning back and retrieving your neglected plate from the table. It was starting to get cold but that didn’t matter. You were going to give it a glowing review anyway.
You draped the blanket over the two of you and cuddled into him, no longer afraid to show him just how keen you were. He hummed happily at this, turning to gently kiss your temple. Your mind and body relaxed, content in the knowledge that you need not tread carefully around your Peter.
Finally, someone genuine.
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bitchyycapricorn · 3 months
Is She Really Your Girlfriend?
•Peter Parker x Reader•
Story Inspo
Word Count: 5k+
Synopsis: After getting a new boyfriend, Y/N starts failing her classes.Her parents set her up for some extra help. Until that extra help becomes too helpful.
WARNINGS: smut, praise kink, cheating (with peter), oral (M and F receiving), unprotected sex
(AN: Not edited)
Tumblr media
“How did I get myself into this mess?” You wondered to yourself as you knocked on the apartment door. You knew exactly why you were here, and that it was in fact your fault. You always kept good grades. After all, you were an A and B student depending on the subject, and that had never changed. Well, until this year. Suddenly your grades were slipping and your once A subjects were Cs and your once B subjects were Ds. So your parents did the only thing they could think of, hire a tutor. 
You were brought back to reality as the door opened to reveal the curly haired boy that the school had recommended to your parents to help you out. “Hey Y/N” he said with a small smile, gesturing for you to come inside. 
“Hi Peter,” you said while returning the smile. You stepped inside and thanked him for making the time to help you out, even though you knew deep down your parents had offered him a good amount of money to take you under his wing. 
“My aunt isn’t here right now so we can set up our stuff over there,” Peter said as he led you into his living room and over to the couch. His backpack was already leaning against the table and his notebooks were placed on a neat stack on top of the coffee table in front of the couch. “Can I get you something to eat or drink?” He offered, awkwardly pointing over to the kitchen. 
“No I’m good for now, thank you for offering though.” You said while taking a seat on the couch. Peter joined you and began to shuffle through some of the loose papers in his math notebook. Peter shifted slightly and looked over to you nervously. “I uh.. your mom said you really needed help in math.” His voice was quiet and a bit shaky, he looked almost scared to be in your presence. 
“Yeah... I’m not doing too hot in math right now.” You admitted, offering a warm smile and a small laugh to try and ease the tension. Peter only nodded and began to explain the latest lesson to you. You kept your focus for the first 15 minutes or so before slipping back into your thoughts. You couldn’t help but to feel stupid. Not because you were failing, but because it was Saturday. Sarah’s big Senior party was tonight and at this very moment, you should’ve been with all your friends getting ready. You weren’t actually a party person, the noise was usually too much and everyone always reeked of alcohol. The only reason for your sudden appearances at every single party that was thrown was because of your new boyfriend, Flash Thompson. He liked to show you off and you liked the attention. And that was the issue. Suddenly parties, your friends, and Flash became your top priorities and school was completely tossed aside. You felt like you had a certain reputation to keep up now. Your friends were nice enough to set you up with Flash and you weren’t going to let them and the rest of the school down. You and Flash were perfect for each other. It was like everyone said, pretty and rich were the best combination. You had fed into this belief so much that it was until after you tearfully agreed to be Flash's girlfriend that you realized something: you didn’t like Flash. So now you spent most of your time convincing yourself that those emotions would come with time. That soon enough you would be head over heels for Flash and the two of you would truly make the perfect couple. The only challenging part was keeping Flash off of you until those feelings came. You didn’t mind the occasional kiss, or the hugs he would give you. You didn’t mind the hand holding either, mainly because that was mandatory couple stuff that you simply couldn’t get out of. You just couldn’t go any further with Flash. Meaning every time you found the two of you alone you had to find another excuse for why you couldn’t have sex. You were quickly running out of excuses despite only being together for about a month.
“Earth to Y/N” Peter waved his hand in front of your face once again snapping you out of your thoughts. “I know I’m boring but damn, have you really not been listening this whole time?”
“I’m so so sorry Peter, I really am. I was just thinking about other stuff and-“
“You were thinking about your boyfriend and how you’re missing the party with him tonight, right?” Peter cut you off. You looked away guiltily knowing he was not only right, but that you were being a total dick right now by not paying any attention to Peter's lessons. 
“Honestly yeah, I was. But I really do appreciate your help Peter. I’ll focus now I promise. No more getting distracted.” You swore holding up your pinky finger to him. 
Peter tried to keep a straight face but couldn’t help but crack a smile at the gesture. He wrapped his pinky around yours and nodded.“Alright, let’s get to it then.” Peter smiled.The rest of the lesson went by pretty quickly and you didn’t get distracted again until the very last part of your physics run down. You were still paying attention to Peter, just not his words. You had noticed him a hundred different times before and each and every time you were reminded just how attractive Peter Parker really was. But there was always a social boundary that kept the two of you apart. That boundary wasn’t around when the two of you were alone though, so you let yourself look at Peter in a way you wouldn’t dare to at school. You looked at how soft and fluffy his hair looked. How his soft curls fell effortlessly. Or how his chocolate brown eyes lit up when he would talk about something that excited him. Would his eyes light up like that tonight when he told his Aunt about your study session together? Would his cheeks flush the way they did every time he looked at you when he told the story as well? What would his lips taste li….
This time you snapped yourself out of your thoughts. “Wait, can you actually explain that last part again? You had me and then I was lost and I thought I got it again but I actually don’t.” You sputtered trying to avoid looking at Peter's lips again.
“Oh yeah of course!” Peter beamed, re-explaining the section. You thanked him profusely as you both began to pack your stuff up.
“I will see you again on Tuesday right?” You asked while slipping your backpack onto your shoulder.
“Yep, that’s correct. See you around 5:30?” He asked, cocking his head to the side.
“That works for me! See you Tuesday Peter.” You waved before exiting his apartment. 
Peter watched the door close and let out a sigh. He had been pining after you for years and couldn’t believe you had finally come over, even if it was by force. Peter’s cheeks heated up just thinking about how close the two of you had been. He couldn’t wait to tell Aunt May everything, even if he knew that to you, it was just a study session.
It had been about three weeks since you and Peter had started meeting three times a week to study together. You met Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. With Peter's help on catching up and a designated time to do your homework you found it wasn’t hard to get back to where you needed to be grade wise. All your grades were back up and you and Peter were only planning to meet for another week or so to make sure you maintain your grades. You weren’t going to complain of course, you found you really really liked Peter's company. Much more than you had liked the company of some of your friends…and Flash. And days like this were always nice when you had the place to yourself the whole day since May had to go out of town for work.
“Okay…” Peter began as he looked through your list of classes. “We never covered anatomy, did we?” He finished with a frown.
“Oh, we don’t have to worry about anatomy! I’ve always had an A in that,” you beamed proudly.
“Thank goodness,” Peter chuckled, “cause honestly, I have no clue what’s going on in that class.”
“What? You mean…Peter Parker for the first time ever doesn’t…doesn’t know something?” You gasped in the most exaggerated and dramatic way possible. 
Peter let out another soft laugh and shook his head. “Too much going on, too many bones and tissues and just…what?” 
“Here, I’ll teach you a trick that’s always helped me.” You smiled, grabbing his hand softly. “Okay, so when I’m trying to learn where something is I try to find it in my own body and just lightly press there. It’s actually better to do it on another person, and lucky for you I’m here.” You say guiding his hand to your rib cage. “See, if you press here you can feel my floating ribs.” Peter's eyes widen as you guide his hand over to your body. His fingers make contact with your sweatshirt and he can feel his whole body heat up. 
“Y-yeah,” Peter stutters trying to keep from passing out. Peter had never touched you like this before. You had both gotten extremely close over the last two weeks and had “touched” one another. As in you had hugged Peter, and playfully bumped his hip while you occasionally cooked dinner and made snacks together but never had he touched you, or anyone for that matter, like this.
“Oh shit, you probably can’t feel a thing with my sweatshirt being so thick,” you said, quickly pulling it up before placing Peter's fingers back where they were before. Peter's eyes fluttered closed as he sucked in a breath. Your skin was so warm, you smelled so sweet right now. It was his favorite perfume on you out of all the ones you owned. Now your smell was as intoxicating as ever. He was so deep in his thoughts he hadn’t even realized he had fully placed his hand on your body, no longer just his finger tips. 
You let out a small gasp at the feeling of his cool hand on your skin as you focused on his face. “P-peter,” you whispered softly. Peter's eyes fluttered open again, realizing that he had fully placed his hand down.
“I-I’m, I didn’t mean-” Peter stuttered, beginning to pull his hand away. You placed your hand on his quickly to stop him from pulling away. 
“Peter…I-” you sucked in a breath and stared into his soft brown eyes that you had fallen deeply in love with over the last few weeks. “I really like you Peter.” Peter’s eyes widened even more as he tried to find the right words. 
“Y/N..but..Flash..” he managed to get out. His heart was beating faster now, you said the words he had dreamed of you telling him for years now. But he knew it was an impossible dream still, even though you had said it.
“I don’t like Flash,” you said, moving closer to Peter. “He doesn’t make me laugh like you do, he doesn’t make my heart flutter, he doesn’t excite me, he doesn’t make me feel anything…” your lips were now inches apart and Peter wasn’t sure if the gap was going to, or even should close. “My friends set me up with Flash, I tried to like him…but you’re the person I want. Whenever I’m with him I think of you…I wish it was you kissing me, holding me…Everytime Flash asks me to sleep with him I wish it was you. I want it to be you so bad I say no every time Peter.”
Peter couldn’t take it anymore, He didn’t care if Flash would run him over with his car or make his life a living hell. All he cared about at that moment was you.
Peter's lips pressed against yours and his grip shifted down to your waist. Your hands found their way to the back of his neck as you drew him closer to your body. “It’s so hot in here,” you mumbled, pulling away from Peter's lips. “I think we should take our clothes off..”Peter nodded before realizing what you said. 
“Y/N, I haven’t, I don’t know..I’m” Peter fumbled over his own words looking at you like a deer in headlights.
“Peter, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I didn’t mean to push you,” you whispered softly. “And, I  haven’t done anything sexual either. I just know that I would like it to be with you. Even if it isn’t now but in the future..” you said, pressing a soft kiss to Peter's lips.
Peter melted into the kiss while pulling you closer once again. “I’m really nervous, but I want to do this.” He said with a small laugh. You gave him a wide smile quickly kissing him again. You continued to make out until Peter was hovering over you and positioned between your legs.
“You know we still have our clothes on right?” You giggled as Peter pulled away for air. He gave you a dorky smile as you lightly tugged on his blue Midtown shirt. He sat up slightly so he could take it off. You could feel your jaw drop as Peter pulled the shirt over his head and allowed it to fall to the floor. “Peter what the fuck,” you gasped. You ran your hand down his chest, pausing at the band of his sweatpants. “You are like, super built…” you said in awe.
“Yeah…I know I don’t really give off that impression. I assume you’re pretty relieved I’m not like super scrawny.” He said, shifting his gaze to the side. If you two were in this position a few years prior Peter wouldn’t have had his spider bite and he would have been super scrawny.
“Peter Parker,” you said, grabbing his chin lightly so he was looking at you again. “I could care less about what build you have. I only gasped because I’ve been waiting for this moment for longer than I care to admit. So yeah, I would’ve gasped regardless. Since personally, I just think you’re hot.” 
Peter felt himself melt into your touch realizing he had nothing to worry about. You liked his body because you liked him. “I know you’re still fully clothed, but I know that once you’re not I’m going to absolutely love your body as well. I mean, I love your body with clothes on, I just would love to see you without them on,” Peter rambled sheepishly. 
“Take my clothes off Peter,” you cut in with a soft smile. Peter froze, slightly hesitating as he grabbed the hem of your sweatshirt. You sat up and helped him lift it off your body. “Now take my bra off Peter,” you whispered while guiding his hands behind your back. His mouth went dry as he fumbled with your bra clasps. He hadn’t even gotten a chance to admire you in a bra before you were having him take it off you. His shaky hands struggled for a moment before the clasps popped apart and your bra was sliding off your body. You tossed it to the floor with your other discarded clothes allowing Peter to take in the view in the process. “Now touch me Peter,” you murmured softly, letting your back hit the cushion beneath you. Peter’s hands slowly went to your waist, sliding up your body until he was lightly cupping your tits. He took in a slow breath as he ran his thumb across your nipple. He leaned down into your neck and began planting soft kisses anywhere he could. His hands softly squeezing your tits in the process. His kisses soon made their way down between your tits and you felt Peter pause. He gazed up at you for a moment before planting kisses onto your right tit. 
You shifted underneath him, letting out a soft moan as his lips wrapped around your nipple. “Peter…” You whined, tangling your hands in his soft brown locks. “Please.”Peter nipped lightly at your skin as he made his way over to your left nipple. Your back arched underneath his touch feeling a pool forming between your legs. Peter shifted his body so his thigh was pressed against your heat as he continued laying kisses all across your soft skin. You let out a shaky moan at his action and began to grind into his thigh desperately wanting relief. Peter’s hands trailed down your sides and gripped your hips, helping you grind into him.He leaned up to place a soft kiss to your lips before pulling his leg away from your heat. You let out a desperate whine as the knot in your stomach disappeared with the loss of contact. “Fuck Peter,” you groaned, “I want you.” 
Peter smiled softly, slipping a finger under the band of your sweatpants. “Can I?” He asked, beginning to slowly tug them down as you nodded profusely, letting out a string of moans. Peter slid the pants down your thighs and off your legs, your underwear coming off as well. He shifted his body downwards, placing your thighs over his muscular shoulders. You gasped at the feeling of his hot breath on your heat. “You’re so pretty..” Peter praised as he pressed a kiss to your thigh.
“Mmm fuck, Peter please,” you pleaded. Peter placed his hands on your hips and pulled you forward. He leaned in fully now, making you whine. His tongue slowly circled your clit, as his thumbs rubbed  soft circles into your hips. Your hips slowly began to move with his motions as your hands made their way to his hair. Grabbing onto his soft curly, you pushed Peter's face into your heat. Your hips moved in a circular motion as you desperately searched for releases. He loved the way you were fucking his tongue. He loved the way you tasted and the way you were moaning his name. He loved the way your thighs trembled, and he was loving the way your body felt as it tensed up as you got closer.
“Peter!” You cried feeling the knot in your stomach finally snap. Your legs trembled and Peter held your body close, helping you ride out your high. You sat up slightly to look at Peter still between your thighs. He placed small kisses on your inner thigh making you let out a soft moan. “Peter,” you said, letting out a soft breath. “Thank you, you made me feel so good.” Peter smiled against your thigh as you bushed the loose curls off his sweaty forehead. “I want to touch you now, please.”
Peter let out a soft moan as he sat up to place a gentle kiss to your lips. “I would love that,” he whispered softly as he pulled away. Your hands slowly made their way down to his sweatpants. You dragged your finger over the thick band before continuing to trail your finger downwards. Grabbing one of the strings, you were able to undo the knot by simply giving it a light tug. Your fingers made their way upwards once again, this time hooking under Peter's waistband. You began slowly removing his pants while also helping him lay back in the process.Peter propped himself up on the pillow that was leaning against the armrest. You sat comfortably on his lap, gently grinding yourself on his clothed dick. 
Peter let out a shaky moan, his hands once again finding your hips. You dipped your head into the crook of his neck kissing the exposed skin. Your kisses were sloppy as you trailed them down his chest, scooting your body down the lower you got until finally you were laying between his legs on your stomach. You nipped at the skin of his v-line, while gently palming him through his boxers. “Oh fuck, that feels really fucking good,” Peter groaned, bucking his hips forward. You smiled against his skin, giving one last kiss before sliding down his boxers. You felt mesmerized by the sight of his aching cock. Peter hissed as you gently licked the precum off his red tip. Leaning in again, you sucked lightly on just the tip making Peter let out a throaty moan. “Y/N, don’t tease,” he begged while tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. You sunk down on his cock slightly further, making sure not to break eye contact as you did so. Peter gasped, placing his hand on the back of your head nudging you down even further. You moaned at the feeling of him pushing your head down onto his cock. Peter's breathing became heavy as he helped guide your head up and down his shaft. “F-fuck, uugg” Peter whined, thrusting into your mouth repeatedly. “Wait..fuck, I’m gonna-” Peter pulled out of your mouth quickly trying to avoid finishing before actually getting to fuck you.
“You alright?” You asked as you pressed a soft kiss to his temple. Peter nodded with a smile, gripping your waist as you hovered over his body. He shifted you over into his arm so he could flip your positions. His body once again hovering over yours. Your legs wrapped around his torso, pulling his hips towards yours. “Peter,” you moaned, feeling his lips leave a trail of hot kisses down your neck and to your collarbone. “Peter please, I need you.” Peter kissed your forehead as he lined himself up and slowly pushed into you, causing you both to let out a string of low moans. 
“You alright love?” He asked, staying still to allow you to adjust to the sensation of him being in you. 
“Yeah,” you reply shakily, “I just really really want you to fuck me.” Peter is quick to oblige, thrusting into you slowly. His thrust becomes faster as he finds a steady pace, giving a few normal thrust before giving a good deep one. With each deep thrust your body quivers as you cry out Peter's name. Your nails dig into his back as you desperately cling onto him. He uses one of his hands to feel up and down your side, while his mouth leaves dark purple bruises on the side of your neck. 
You slowly move one of your hands down his arm and snake it between your bodies to rub your clit as Peter continues to thrust into you. Peter notices your action and is quick to swat your hand away so he can replace it with his own. “Let me touch you love, so you can use that hand to keep touching me,” Peter whispered in your ear. His words made you moan and your knees feel weak. The feeling of his thumb circling your clit made your body feel like it was on fire. 
As Peter's hips snapped into you slightly faster you felt the knot building up in your stomach about to break. “Peter I’m so close,” You cooed as a wave of pleasure washed over you. You pushed your tits up into his chest while arching your back. Allowing Peter to go even deeper. “Peter, oh mmm Peter!” You gasped, hands flying around his neck so you could hold him close as you came around his dick. 
Peter moaned at the feeling of your orgasm, helping you fuck out the rest of your high.“Ah, Y/N I’m close,” Peter groaned, burying his face in your neck. His hand had moved away from your clit and slid underneath your back so he could lift you into him. Your body flushed against his as Peter thrusted up into you a few more times, finishing in you as he moaned your name.Your body went slack, feeling suddenly heavy at the feeling of Peters dick twitching deep inside you. He laid you down slowly, kissing your cheek, then your temple, and finally your forehead as he rubbed soft circles into your thigh. “I’m going to grab a towel to clean us up,” Peter whispered while planting another kiss on your forehead. You moaned in response, unable to move. 
Peter pulled out of you slowly, causing you to moan again at the sudden loss of contact. “I’ll be right back, I promise,” Peter said as he slipped off the couch to grab a damp towel.He returned quickly with a warm damp cloth. He used it to gently clean the cum that was slowly leaking out of you and onto your thighs. He pressed soft kisses to your stomach and thighs as he cleaned you up, making you smile. 
You moved your hand up to Peter's head so you could run your fingers through his soft curls as he continued to leave soft kisses all over your legs. “Peter,” you rasped. Peter hummed, placing another kiss on your slightly bent knee. “I love you.”
Peter sat up to look at you, a smile breaking out on his face. “I love you too love,” he said, getting off his knees to lay on top of you so he could kiss your lips over and over again until they were red and swollen.
You woke up late afternoon the next morning to Peters laying on top of you. His head resting just above your bare chest. One of his hands lies to his side while the other holds onto your tit. Your clothes are still a scattered mess on the floor. One of your hands was still tangled in Peter's hair while the other lay on his back. You began rubbing his back, causing him to stir. “Good morning,” Peter yawned, pressing a small kiss to the side of the tit he was holding.
“Good morning to you too,” you hum, kissing Peter's forehead. “I think I may have overstayed my welcome though,” you teased. 
Peter cracked a smile shaking his head.“You could never overstay your welcome. In fact, I’ll just tell May you’re going to live here from now on…. Oh FUCK!” Peter sat up suddenly looking at the digital clock near the TV. “May is going to be home any minute.” He exclaimed.
You both quickly pick up your clothes and scramble to get decent, cleaning up the area in the process. Just as you finish getting everything in place you hear May’s keys jiggle outside. You and Peter sit on the couch and pull you a random textbook to Pretend to be studying.
“Hey Peter I’m…oh hey Y/N.” May said, looking at you in surprise as she entered. “I didn’t think you and Peter were studying on Sundays?”
“I just really needed some extra help for the upcoming test,” You replied nodding towards the text book you and Peter had opened. May looked at the two of you hesitantly for a moment then shrugged. 
“Alright, well I’m going to go get some rest, good luck studying.” And with that May was off.
It was Monday morning and you and Peter quickly realized May was a lot less scary than the boyfriend you forgot you had. Especially since you hadn’t checked your phone until the night before when you got back from Peter's house. Flash had texted you at least 50 times between three social media apps in less than 48 hours. Part of you had wanted to text him back and break it off then and there but you knew you couldn’t do it over text. You already fucked up big time by cheating on him. Part of you felt like it would be worse to also break up with him over texts. So, you lied and told him you tried a silent phone weekend to try and focus on yourself and your studies and you didn't mean to ignore him like that. That you just needed some time to think about some stuff. You had hoped this would be a great way into a simple, quick, breakup in person. 
Of course, you also didn't account for the hickeys that were littered all over your neck. You hadn’t noticed those either until you sat down at your vanity last night after already texting flash. It was mid October and even though you could wear sweaters to school, it wasn’t turtle neck weather yet. 
So there you were, sitting in your car Monday morning, your neck caked in makeup. You weren’t overly sure how you planned to do this now, you could still kind of see the hickeys even under all the makeup you had on. Not to mention, you felt sick to your stomach knowing you didn't plan to tell Flash the whole truth. It was time though, so you picked yourself up, and made your way inside.
The atmosphere of the school felt unusually cold when you stepped inside. People stopped to stare at you as you made your way through the halls. An occasional whisper passed amongst the crowds. How could they know though? Peter wouldn’t have told. Your friends didn't know. That’s when you felt all your friends arms around you at once.
“Y/N, we’re so so sorry. We had no idea Flash would do that to you!” Emily wailed. You looked at her beyond confused, what the hell could Flash have possibly done. 
“Oh shit, You don’t know do you?” Mia quipped up nervously.
“Sorry I don’t,” You gave an awkward smile as your eyes darted around your rather large group of friends. 
“So you haven’t seen the video of Flash making out with the girl at the party last Saturday?” Sarah asked, absolutely mortified. 
“Flash….cheated on me?” You asked as a smile began to creep onto your face.
“We’re really really sorry,” Gia said, rubbing your back softly.
“Speaking of Flash…” Kia nodded towards a clearly nervous Flash approaching your group. 
“Y/N I am so-” Flash started but you quickly cut him off. 
“Don’t apologize. I fucked up too. We both found someone else and that’s fine, let's just forget it and move on, okay?” Your response seemed to stun Flash, him and the rest of your friends. 
“What do you mean YOU found someone else?” Flash bit back annoyed. 
“Seriously? Flash we both cheated. We’re both horrible people. Honestly it's best we both just move on and forget this ever happened.” There were several gasps from your group as everyone looked around, clearly looking for who your Saturday night fling was. 
Flash took a deep breath and straightened his composure. “You know what, that’s fair. But since you know who I got with, who the hell were you with? You weren’t at the party Saturday night. You’ve had to get help at Pen- holy shit. Did you…You cheated on me with Penis fucking Parker? You’ve got to be kidding me. What? Did you hold his hand? Kiss his cheek?”
“Yeah, we were studying. She kissed my cheek, and suddenly I was kissing the inside of her thighs” Peter said with a smirk as he leaned up against the locker. 
Flash’s mouth fell open as he looked between you and Peter. “You- you’re telling me you gave my girlfriend head,” Flash’s face was bright red at this point. 
“Mhm, on my couch.” Peter shrugged. “In fact, we did a lot of things on my couch.” 
“Well, Flash, we gave it a try and it didn't work. Hopefully we can both be a lot happier with our new partners.” You said, offering up a sympathetic smile.
“I can’t believe you picked him over me,” Flash muttered.
 “I can.” Peter shrugged.
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maple-the-awesome · 6 months
A Boy? ||
Pairing: Platonic! Matt Murdock x Reader x MCU! Peter Parker
Words: 3,416
Overview: Matt isn't sure what to think when you ask him to be your friend's lawyer; surprised someone's actually wormed their way into your heart or protective because it's a boy. This is honestly one of my favorite fics I've written in a while. Matt would definitely be able to multitask between being a really good lawyer and a protective dad 😍
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Tumblr media
"I...need your help."
It's not unheard of for you to visit Matt at the firm every now and again, especially in recent months where you've almost become comfortable with the idea, so when he first recognized the pattern of your footsteps approaching the door, he thought nothing of it and instead prepared himself for one of your typical yet playful insults; the closest form of affection you've ever been know to show.
Even if taking a moment to consider the chance that you might be here to ask for something, he would've figured it to be something simple that comes with a stubborn bite to your words. Perhaps you lost your key to the apartment and have come to him for a spare or maybe you just need a few dollars to buy lunch. Aloud both outcomes do sound unlikely since Matt knows you're rather organized and calculated with your money after having a childhood of nothing, but he can't imagine any other reason you'd be requesting his help right now.
To his surprise, there's a noticeably quickened pace to your heartbeat and a quiet hesitation with your movements as you shut the office door behind yourself. You're afraid not embarrassed which isn't an emotion you don't often allow yourself to show and it's this awareness that raises concern in Matt.
Matt has known you for about two years now- seven years if you count the time passed during the Blip not that you were around for it-, but he'd be reluctant to say you're close, at least in a mutual sense.
You're dangerously headstrong, as he's learned, especially when it comes to your goal of being entirely self sufficient. You hate to admit weakness in any form, both physically and emotionally, thus you've developed the terrible habit of distancing yourself from others even if they have nothing except good intentions. While Matt can't justly critique you on a practice he himself is guilty of, he has tried his best throughout the years to earn your trust while reminding himself never to take your pushback personally.
You're rather young, only just hitting eighteen yet you've arguably been through more heartache than even he has which is certainly saying something. Orphaned then trained to basically act as a child soldier, it's safe to say you never had a normal childhood which ultimately influenced your personality and difficulty relating to others. When Matt- or better put Daredevil- first met you, you were barely more than a feisty teenager accustomed to only relying on yourself and living life at the mercy of none other than Wilson Fisk. You were cold just as those around you, but at the end of day, you were also just a shattered kid trying to survive; a little example of what's wrong with this cruel world.
You understandably hated Daredevil in the beginning, seeing him as the enemy you've been conditioned to destroy. You both had a few small run-ins with each other before one particular fight that ended with the building exploding. All you can really remember of that night was being alone and heavily injured within the flames, your 'friends' having long saved their own asses by willingly leaving you behind to choke on hazardous smoke. Next thing you knew, you awoke in Daredevil's dark apartment, the man in question explaining the situation after calmly stopping you from attempting to stab him with the pair of scissors left on the table.
Even though you had run right back to Fisk by sunrise, Matt knew there must be promise in you since you never sold out his location and his faith would prove true when he slowly yet surely managed to gain enough of your trust to help you believe in his word that he'd take down Fisk in turn for your cooperation. He kept that word, too, freeing you from the chains that held you down to a life of crime, however the scars that remained took far longer to even begin the process of healing.
Matt generously took you in, although you still struggled with plenty of old habits, the worst being stealing and getting into fights on the street. Whenever he'd confront you on it, a heated argument would ensue until you'd eventually run off, forcing Matt to go out looking for you upon your refusal to return home on your own. There were also the nightmares that plagued your sleep each night, often frightening Matt when he'd be out as Daredevil only to hear your blood curdling screams from back at the apartment, but you've always refused to share those inner demons even now.
Matt must admit that those early days truly tested him. He hated himself for thinking it, but at times he'd wonder if you both wouldn't have been better off if he hadn't nudged his way into your life to begin with. Before you, he was a single man who couldn't even keep a girlfriend and had not an ounce of experience being any sort of role model or father figure. Maybe the words you tended to scream at him were right. You don't need him, after all, he's just as broken as you; two brokens can't possibly make a right, can they?
Fortunately despite his insecurities and worries, it got easier. He had the constant support of Foggy and Karen while Father Lantom provided religious reminders as guidance. Overtime, your behavior shifted even if slowly. You learned that the apartment is a safe place and that there's always food in the fridge, so no need to steal. As you bonded more, Matt taught you to meditate to better control your emotions which also seemed to help smooth your nightmares. You even began feeling comfortable while in the presence of his friends which was a huge step forward.
Ultimately, Matt's proud of you and everything you've managed to overcome. Of course, it's not to say rough spots don't still present themselves, in fact the Blip itself has backtracked your progress slightly, although no one can blame you for that. You were terrified to learn you had disappeared for five years, the only good coming out of that entire situation being the realization that your dusting had destroyed Matt. Foggy explained that to you one day when Matt wasn't at the firm during your visit. According to him, his friend barely ate or slept, blaming himself for not somehow protecting you as he promised even if it really was out of his hands. It was this knowledge that made you feel loved for the first time in your life and you've since allowed yourself to finally trust Matt's care towards you (not that you've ever found a way to tell him that yet).
While you can't seem to find the words to express your affection towards the only parent figure you've ever known, you've decided to go to him for help towards your current dilemma which is the reason for your visit today, but irritatingly despite your trust, you find yourself nervous, your past habits betraying you with the fear that perhaps there's a ever so small possibly Matt will turn you away.
"What's up?" He raises an eyebrow, sensing your nerves which confuse him. He's certain he would've heard by now if Fisk is out of jail and there's no way you'd let anyone else on the street push you around. Maybe it's school? You don't tell him anything about school other than confirming your grades are good, so he'd be a little surprised if you ask for help studying, but he would hope you know he'll be happy to help if it's that.
You're chewing on your lip, debating if you should continue with your request. You truly thought you'd have no problem coming to him anymore and you know he's a good guy who can help, after all he's already done so much for you by taking you under his wing. Still, what if he gets mad because he has done enough for you and you have no right asking for more?
"What's wrong?" Matt changes his question, his voice softer now as he finally sets down his papers. He's growing more concerned, although he fights not to show it in case the emotion might scare you away.
"Okay, so um...There's...This boy..."
His face scrunches, but he's not sure why. One side of him wants to immediately direct you towards Karen, insisting she'd be a much better option for that type of advice than himself, however the other louder side feels a curd of anger inside his stomach, wanting to press on about why you're mentioning 'a boy'. 
What boy? Do you have a boyfriend? When did that happen? Yes, you're eighteen which many would argue is old enough to date, but it doesn't feel like it. You should at least be thirty before you date, right?
"A boy...?"
"Yeah- from school," that was a lie; a blatant one at that. You must've met him somewhere. Where? You refuse to say," he's not actually just any boy. He's...Well, he's my friend-"
Matt blinks, certain this is the first time he's ever heard you use the word 'friend' before. This 'boy' must really be something special to have you use such an intimate term towards him.
"-And he's run into some legal trouble recently."
Now Matt's lips are curled into a scowl he can't hide as he leans back in his chair with crossed arms. Oh no. A boy involved in legal trouble is not the type to be involved with you. Sure, you've had a lengthy criminal record yourself, but you weren't ever charged and are, what Matt would call, a victim. You're a good kid now even if you could still kick someone's teeth in if desired. No law breaking boy needs to be getting mixed up with you!
"What kind of 'legal trouble'?" His question is a little too stern not that he notices much, instead keeping his covered eyes directed to where he hears you standing. If he had a clear mind, he might've regretted that forceful tone once you begin fidgeting with your hands.
"He...Have you heard the news lately?"
So, this guy has gotten himself in enough trouble to be on the news? This conversation isn't going in a direction Matt likes," I have, but you'll have to be more specific. The news covers a lot of criminal activity."
"I wouldn't go as far as to call him a 'criminal'. He's innocent, he's just gotten the short end of the stick is all-"
"-And did he tell you that?"
"No- Well yeah, but I knew it already! I mean it when I say he's a really good guy, Matt. Like amazingly good; almost too good to be true, but he is! He'd do anything to protect this city because he's just that caring and sweet. He's...Well, he's, um..." Matt raises an eyebrow as you trail off, although he pays more attention to the way your body heats up and your heartbeat accelerates. 
Now Matt has a true dilemma on his hands. Until now, you've never mentioned having a single friend before, so one side of him wants to be happy with the knowledge that you, the most stubborn and distant person to exist on planet Earth (aside from maybe Frank), have fallen in love. Maybe it's not the most comfortable discussion and he can't deny he'd worry regardless of the circumstances, but if it's something that allows you to feel normal for once, then that's excellent. The only problem is he can't say he agrees with your criminal type. Why can't you be interested in someone law abiding?
Fiddling with your fingers, you miss Matt's silence as a sign of conflict and instead take it as him waiting for you to get to the point, thus you do with a quiet, meek voice,"...and he's kinda Spiderman..."
Matt blinks, caught off guard by your confession which had almost been muted by his inner thoughts," Spiderman...? The vigilante from Queens?"
You nod," I guess there's no harm in telling you his name's Peter Parker since the whole world already knows that now...Anyways I met him a while ago and we became friends, but...Well, you've heard what the news is trying to say about him, right? His identity got leaked and now they're trying to pin him as some sort of killer, but he isn't- I know he isn't. Peter's like you. He'd never kill anyone even if they're some crazed villain the streets would be safer without. I mean, you can tell he didn't do it just by how upset he is over all this!
"They're trying to ruin his life- not only his life, but also his friends' and aunt's...They won't let off and he doesn't deserve it. He needs a lawyer-a really good one at that. I thought that maybe...Maybe you could help him out, ya' know? You said us vigilantes have to look out for one another, right? So, could you help Spiderman? E-Even if just as one last favor for me? I swear I won't ask for anything else just...Can you please help him, Matt? Please..."
There's tears in your eyes at this point which is a rare occurrence usually only found on nights of particularly bad nightmares. This is one of those moments where it's clear you're only a kid. Standing in front of his desk, you keep your head bowed and hands clenched to the bottom of your shirt as you stubbornly fight to not get emotional, a fight nearly lost by that sniffle of your nose. Even after your nightmares or back before Matt saved you from Fisk, you've never been this scared. Of course, there's a clear difference from then and now.
This Peter Parker must really be something special. He must be able to bring a smile to your face by his presences alone, drawing hours of laughter from you over countless dumb jokes or helping you let loose by inviting you out with him and his friends, maybe even for movie nights at his apartment which might explain those few days over the last month where you didn't return home until after midnight.
Those nights he must listen to your worries, being the only person trusted with the details of your nightmares as he cuddles you close and promises to never let anyone hurt you again. He must make you feel like a giddy teenager, an experience that had once been stolen from you by people like Fisk. Around Peter, you aren't a child soldier or a dangerous killer or even a broken soul; you're (Y/n) (L/n), just a normal girl who'd do anything to protect the most precious thing she has to hold.
It takes you by surprise when Matt stands up suddenly, taking his cane from where it had been folded on the table and clicking it into place with a 'snap'," do you know his address?"
"I'm assuming you know where Parker lives, correct? There's a lot to discuss if I'm going to help him with his legal troubles so it's best we get started immediately. Isn't that what you want?" Matt has a faint hint of a smirk pulling at his lips as he walks past you to the door, only stopping with his hand upon the doorknob.
Your eyes follow him, the wheels inside your head turning as you process his words. Soon, you're beaming, a noticeable uplift to your voice with relieved tears being blinked back in your eyes," thank you, Matt!"
Tumblr media
"Take a seat, Mr. Parker."
When Matt had announced the charges against Peter won't stick, the teen had been endlessly thankful. Between you finding him a good lawyer that didn't dent his pockets and said lawyer being able to remove his legal troubles, he's been giddy with relief and saw no issue with Matt's request to speak with him privately before his departure, after all, it's the least he can do for someone who's already helped him so much during his greatest time of need.
Even after being told to sit back down, Peter does so with a unfazed smile on his face," is there something else I need to be worried about? You said the charges aren't going to stick, so I should be good, yeah?" 
"Oh, I don't want to talk to you about anything related to the court."
Now Peter blinks in confusion, his smile taking a hit," oh?"
"I want to talk to you about (Y/n)."
"O-Oh..." Peter's confusion turns into a fiery blush, one that makes Matt's own face twist into a look of disgust he fights to hide.
"How long have you known her?"
"Um, about a year I think- Well, actually, I guess it's technically been about five years since we met before the Snap but-"
"-And has she told you about her past working for Wilson Fisk?"
Peter's heart noticeably skips a beat as he looks to Matt with wide eyes. His mouth opens in preparation to lie to his lawyer for the first time, denying that you'd ever work for Fisk because you definitely aren't some teenage vigilante he's been fighting alongside as Spiderman since the last year, however after giving his response some thought and studying Matt's careful expression, he decides to just be truthful.
"Yeah...Yeah, she has."
"Then you must understand how difficult it's been for her to trust other people after everything she's been through. I must admit I was surprised when she first brought you up. She was very adamant that I act as your lawyer and since then she's spent nearly every day asking about you. She's clearly extremely fond of you."
It probably isn't the best time for it, but a bashful smile crosses Peter's face, his gaze falling to his hands as he dwells on Matt's words. You? Fond of him? That's not allowed, is it? 
Of course, Peter's always had eyes for you. Ned and MJ tease him about it all the time. Hell, it's why Spiderman even decided to approach you in the first place. He had been utterly starstruck to watch some super hot vigilante swoop in out of nowhere and apprehend a pair of criminals before he could. In awe, he just had to walk up to you and give some incredibly lame joke that successfully resulted in you giving a goddess's laugh that numbed his heart. Since then, Peter made sure to become your friend (and biggest admirer), so to think you might actually be fond of him, too? Well, he could never be luckier!
"With that said, I wanted to thank you, Peter," the young hero is taken back by Matt's sudden words of gratitude," you make her happy; happier than anyone else has managed. Hearing her talk about you is the first time I've heard her sound like a normal teen, and if you were to ask her out, I'm certain she'd agree. I'll even give you my blessing to do so."
"A-Ah! Thank...Thank you, sir!"
"But-" Matt adjusts his glasses before suddenly leaning forward, his hands cupped together as a shadow crosses over his expression,"- just know, that if you ever do anything to break my daughter's heart, I'll personally ensure you deal with the Devil."
The breath in Peter's throat catches, his mouth opening and closing a few times in attempts to grasp onto some quick response which he's normally talented in delivering, but alas, nothing comes. Spiderman really shouldn't have to fear a blind man, but there's something about Matt's tone that sinks into his bones as a frigid warning that begs him to be smart, not dismissive.
Grabbing his cane, the lawyer calmly stands and walks past Peter, only stopping to pat a stern hand on his shoulder," good talk, Spidy."
It's cruel; the way Matt leaves behind a shocked Peter Parker while wearing a smug smirk of his own. He's not even guilty in the slightest, shown by the way he doesn't even care to rid of his expression when noticing you leaned against the wall outside the apartment door with crossed arms. He assumes by the harshness to your voice that your eyebrows are pinched downwards as you glare his way- a glare he's too familiar with feeling at this point to be bothered.
"Are you serious?"
"What?" He gives a mocked look of innocents that you refuse to buy.
Instead, you suck in a breath, fighting to ignore both your burning cheeks along with your irritation towards the lawyer and his poor attempt at playing dumb. Marching on by, you purposely bump into his shoulder, hissing under your breath,"...that wasn't cool, dad..."
Tumblr media
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webslingingslasher · 2 months
The Last I Heard
i may have a seperate part 2 of this on the way, the idea is so cute.
Pairing: Peter Parker (mcu) x Reader
Warnings: peter do be flirting
Genre: Fluffy/slight angst/ pining
Word Count: 15K
Summary: Peter overhears you saying you like him but you're too scared to tell him, he makes you want to tell him.
Peter knows it is absolutely wrong to use his powers for his own advantage. 
He also knows that the majority of common folk would disagree and use it to their own advantage if situations were reversed, and that’s fair to Peter. Everyone at one point has sworn that if they had super powers they would listen in to every conversation, or they would read everyone’s mind. 
And Peter did do that at first, until he realized that eavesdropping was a terrible idea. Because you start to feel kind of itchy and icky about yourself, you realize that these are conversations that were meant to be personal. Ned was the one that usually begged, he would point out random people and persuade Peter into listening in and giving him dirt. 
It was never anything too interesting, just personal. 
At lunch Ned would ask, “Yellow jacket is up in hat’s face, what’s going on?” 
And Peter would listen in. 
“You weren’t there! You have no idea what went down, like, at all!” 
Hat defends her stance, “Oh come off it! You’re supposed to be MY best friend, you were mine. And I lost you to him.” 
Yellow jacket is upset at her dismissal, “ You decided that, not me. You think this is dumb of us? That we’re selfish? That this was one big ploy to fuck up your life?” 
Hat is taken aback, then stands her ground. Solidly, “You fucked my brother, Jessica. You both decided to run around and date behind my back, and if you did it openly it would’ve gone over better. But you conniving with him hurts, I just lost my best friend and I have to watch her walk around my house cuddling up to my brother!” 
Peter stops listening, he feels like he should’ve never heard that. 
But he still tells Ned. 
Once at the mall Ned pointed to a group of girls, “What are they talking about?” 
Peter hones in, then repeats. “Redhead is looking for a tampon, Jeans is helping Redhead search for a tampon. Ponytail is talking about wanting to hook up with Jayson but she’s dating Erik, Bangs is telling Ponytail to do it anyways and Glasses thinks you’re cute.” 
Ned grins, “Should I go ask for her number?” 
Peter frowns, “No.” 
He doesn’t like playing this game so much anymore, he’s started to feel like a constant invasion of privacy. He doesn’t do it for Ned much anymore, only sometimes. 
“It’s an emergency, Peter! Like a real emergency! You have to tell me what they’re saying!” 
Ned shakes Peter's shoulders for emphasis, Peter bobbles his head back and forth then stops to wave and smile like a normal human when you walk by doing it first. 
He lets out a sigh, “Who?” 
Ned points to Betty Brant and Flash Thompson. 
Peter understands why he wants to listen in so bad, he gives in. By the way Betty looked it wasn’t going to be anything juicy. 
“Flash is telling her about how his mom is gonna buy him a new car, Betty is saying her mom’s making her favorite dinner.” 
Ned pouts, “Nothing about me?” 
Peter shakes his head slowly, “Sorry man.” 
Ned stays quiet for a few seconds then pushes his head towards them again, “How about now?” 
Peter sighs, “No, Ned.” 
MJ wrapped her hand around your neck after you passed by Peter. 
“Waving to your future man?” 
You turned your head back, panicked he had heard her. Instead you just saw Ned and Peter looking at Betty and Flash. 
“He’s so fucking cute, right? Did you see his hair? His curls are like, fucking perfect today.” 
Peter Parker made your heart race. 
He was a goddamn saint, the nicest person you’ve ever met. He was a genius, the smartest person you’ve ever met. He was funny, the best quick wit you’ve ever heard. His laugh was the best you’ve ever heard. His smile made you feel like putty, his voice woke you up in the morning but melted you down if you’d been extra stressed that day, and his clothes looked down right adorable on him. 
Everything about Peter Parker was your favorite thing about him. 
“Careful, Y/N. I may think you have a crush on the kid.”
You pushed MJ in her ribs, “Has he ever kissed anyone before?” 
“Why, looking to be the first to settle the land, Christopher?” 
You gasp, “Did you just call me a colonizer?” 
MJ ignored you, “You know, you could just ask him.” 
You laugh, “That’s cute.” 
It was. You and Peter were casual friends, you’ve hung out in only groups and only had one on one conversations a few times. You did like him, and you did flirt when you were around him but it was so subtle you don’t blame him for not picking up on it. 
“I mean, I think you guys would actually work out. Like hardcore, he’s just a little dumb. You’ve gotta be the one to bring it up.” 
Here we go again, the same tired piece said over and over. MJ, Betty, even Flash has gotten in on it, they all claim Peter would be down in an instant but would it be because it’s you, or because someone likes him? 
“Does he even like me? Or think of me like that?” 
MJ grimaces, “Peter’s hard. He doesn’t really talk about girls, you know? I mean, he’ll say when a girl is pretty or whatever but he’s never been one to be like, ‘she’s so hot, i wanna french her by noon,’ so, maybe?” 
You tap her arm around your neck, “So insightful, I’m so glad I have a friend on the inside.” 
MJ squeezes the sarcasm out of you. 
Peter’s gotten better at not eavesdropping. 
It’s been weeks of fighting off Ned’s request to listen in on an unsuspecting victim. 
Until recently. 
He kept hearing his name, but couldn’t clock it. He had his head swiveled around the entire lunchroom with no luck. It wasn’t a constant calling, just casual. Peter this, Peter that, Peter, Peter, Peter. 
He swears he’s going insane, he can’t jus-
Peter jumps, he’s trying to dial his focus on his name when you slam your hand down on his lunch table. 
“Oh.” When he realizes it’s just you. 
“Hi, Y/N.” You grin when he does, it’s infectious. You almost forgot why you approached, MJ said Peter would admit when a girl was pretty. 
“Hi, Peter.” 
Peter looks to the side of him and pushes his backpack away, “Wanna sit here?” 
Your heart lurches with the question, he was asking if you wanted to sit next to him. 
You shake your head, “I just have a question.” 
A grin, “Shoot.” 
You gulp, why did you do this again? Oh. To prove you had a chance. 
“In a strictly non friendly way,” 
“Uh oh.” He voices. 
You smile, “Do you think I’m pretty?” 
Peter freezes, “Oh! Uh, I mean, me?” 
“You what?” 
“Me! You’re asking me? Of course I think you’re pretty!” 
You smile, “Thanks, Peter. But, am I pretty in a non friendly way?” 
He looks confused, “What would be a non friendly pretty?” 
You roll your eyes, “Like, pretty enough to date.” 
His eyes go wide, pink coats his cheeks. 
“Oh, oh!” He nods enthusiastically, “Yeah! You’re dating pretty, don’t worry about it.”
You thank him and walk away with your head a little higher. Your group quiets when you approach, MJ greets you with raised eyebrows. She has to pretend the whole group wasn’t just talking about you and Peter.
“What was that about?” 
You sit your stuff down and take a seat, you shrug and look at her. 
“He said I was pretty.” 
Flash commends the size of your balls. 
You thank him.
“Y/N asked if she was dating pretty today, what does that mean?” 
Ned shrugs, “Google it.” 
Peter gives him a ferocious look, “And what would Google say?” 
Ned sighs as he looks over Betty, “Are you sure she’s not talking about me?” 
Peter looks towards the back of the class, you and Betty sat next to each other giggling. Peter tells himself not to, but he does. 
He hones in, he doesn’t get much. He’s learned to listen in enough to get the details, but protect the person at stake. 
Peter’s eyebrows furrow, he wants to listen to more. 
“Uh, they’re talking about a double date.”   
Ned throws up his hands, his jaw is dropped and he’s looking between Peter, you and Betty. 
Peter looks around, “Well what?” 
Ned tugs at Peter’s arm, “With who?” 
Peter’s eyes widened, “Oh!” 
“I’m sure Peter would be down, Y/N.” Betty shoulder checked you and winked, you groaned and looked up at Peter, he was looking at you. Even though he was across the room you felt paranoid he could hear you. 
You smiled at Peter and turned to your friend, “Sure, you ask Ned first.” 
Betty drops her jaw and looks at Ned, she starts to sputter. 
“No! That is not the plan, at all!” 
You huff at her, “The plan was to use Peter against me? You’re sick for that.” 
Peter knows he should stop listening, he’s caught on, the double date was with him and Ned, but he also wants to keep listening. 
“No! I never said that!” 
You narrow your eyes, “Look, it would make sense for you to ask Ned on a date.” 
Betty turns her nose up, “Well, the same could be said for you and Peter.” 
Peter Parker can’t help but feel a bit giddy, you asking him on a date? He would never shut up about it again. 
Ned is pawing at Peter’s shoulder begging for an update, he shrugs him off and keeps listening. 
“What? No, it literally could not. You and Ned flirt all the time, everyone knows it’s gonna happen, it just when.” 
Betty is slightly confused, she's wondering if you two are fighting. Just slightly. 
“Do you think you’re not flirting with Peter?” 
You blink and Peter watches your mouth open, you’re about to reply when Ned shakes him hard. 
Peter turns back around and scoots his chair closer to the desk. 
“It’s us.” 
“What is?” 
Peter clears his throat, “The double date, it’s us.” 
Ned’s eyes light up, the thing he’s been searching for in conversation is coming to fruition, then dials it back some. 
“Betty wants me, right?” 
Peter nods. 
“And Y/N wants you?” 
Peter shrugs. 
“I mean, it makes sense. She’s always trying to hook up with you.” 
Peter’s head spins, “What?” 
Ned pulls his head back, “Well, yeah. I just thought you weren’t interested. She’s always trying to make a move when we hang out.” 
Peter is in disbelief, “She is?” 
“Bro, she literally only hugs you when we all hang out. When she gets there and when she leaves, she wants you all over her. Like, now.” 
Peter is nibbling his lip, he never thought he had a chance. He just thought you were extra friendly towards him, maybe you thought he needed a friend. He didn’t know you wanted him like that though. 
He decides to listen in, one last time. Then he swears he was done, forever. 
Betty huffs, she’s lovely but absolutely stubborn. 
“Then fine, I’m not asking Ned until you ask Peter first.” 
“That’s fine, Ms. Brant. But I’m never gonna ask him.” 
Betty huffs again then looks to the boys and sees Peter looking at you, she gets a wicked grin across her face. 
“Then I’ll make him ask you.” 
You turn your head to see her looking at Peter, you start to backtrack immediately. 
“No! No, no, no. You won’t. You promise me you won’t get Peter involved.” 
Betty pretends she didn’t hear you. 
“Betty, I’m serious. Promise me right now you won’t involve Peter.” 
She starts to hum, this is a game to her. You know what she wants and you’re about to give in. 
“Betty please, don’t involve him. I’ll ask anyone else, if you’re that dead set on a double date I’ll ask literally anyone else.” 
She pretends to think about it, then calls out across the room. 
“Hey, Peter?” 
You whip your head to his, he’s looking at Betty confused. You start to melt and panic. 
“You won’t.” You mutter the words. 
“Come here?” 
Peter looks at Ned and shrugs, he goes to stand. 
Your heartbeat is hammering your chest, you grip Betty’s elbow tightly. 
“Stop it, Betty. It’s not funny anymore.” 
Peter’s walking over, you feel your hands shake. You curl them into fists.
“Betty!” You look over your shoulder, he’s about to be here. 
“I’ll ask him! I’ll ask him!” 
Betty smiles, it’s like she's asking you if it was that hard. 
You can’t help the smile that crosses your face when Peter not only approached your side of the desk, but also smiled at you first and made sure you saw him before looking at Betty. 
“You called?” 
Betty grins, it makes you feel sick. 
“I was thinking of asking Ned on a date, what’s his favorite food?” 
Peter thinks of his next words carefully, he makes sure to look at you when he speaks. 
“We’re both pizza kinda guys.” 
You shudder. it was never about asking Peter for you, it was about forcing you to say yes. 
“What’s his favorite? He strikes me as a hawaiian type of guy.” 
He grins, “You guessed right.” 
You speak up, “You strike me as a cheese or pepperoni type.” 
Peter tilts his head, “Do I?” 
You shake your head, “Actually, I think you’re a ‘any type of pizza will do, as long as I can pile as much parmesan cheese as humanly possible on it.’ kind of guy.” 
He hums, “Are you a crushed red pepper kind of gal?” 
You shrug and feel your cheeks get warm, “Maybe.” 
“That’s good then, none of the packets get wasted. Look at us, the zero waste couple.” 
“Couple of besties?” You give a nervous grin. 
Peter nods, “Sure.” 
You swallow hard, you were never prepared for Peter to say something flirty to you, he was supposed to be the nervous quiet one, but you have a feeling he can be extremely charming when he wants to be. 
Betty eyes you then looks at Peter, you notice they share a look but you can’t place what it is. 
“Pizza then?” 
“Trust me Bets, Ned is gonna scream when you ask him out. He’s been dying to do it but it’s always nice to know when a girl is into you.” 
He let that last line slip, he’s trying to hint to ask him without laying it out. Or let you know he was listening in. 
“Does he really? I swear he doesn’t make it known.” 
You look over at Ned, you have no clue how she thinks he doesn’t make it known. He followed her around like a puppy and was at her beck and call. Not to mention he’s watching the entire encounter rocking in his seat biting his nails. 
And you were scared you looked nervous. 
You point at Peter’s best friend, “Really, Bets? He doesn’t make it known?” 
Peter pats your head, “What she said.” 
You bite your bottom lip hard to stop the whimper from escaping, Peter shares a glance with you, you’re pretty sure he heard you. 
“So it’s an easy yes?” 
Peter nods, “The easiest.” 
Betty nods at Peter then looks towards you, “Y/N? Anything you need to ask Peter?” 
Your cheeks feel hot, you give a death stare to Betty. 
“Uh, nope. Can’t think of anything.” 
Betty pushes, “You sure?” 
“Positive.” You push the word through clenched teeth. 
Betty waits with pursed lips and when you offer no more she nods slightly, she can play this game too. 
“Thanks for the advice, Peter. But I don’t think I’m going to ask yet.” 
You want to disappear, and you are extra aware of Peter’s body next to yours. If you leaned against him you would rest into his waist, you wanted to make him proud again, so he could give you another celebratory pat. 
“He’s there when you’re ready, Betty. Stays between us, promise.” Then he looks at you before he departs, “Hey, you going to Flash’s party tonight?” 
You don’t trust your voice and nod, Peter watches where you chew on your lip. 
“Good, I’ll see you there.” He taps your shoulder with a punch and walks back towards his best friend. 
Ned looks at him with wide eyes, his fingernails are nubs. 
Peter sighs dreamily, “I’m gonna make her ask me out.” 
You both point at each other then meet in the middle for a hug, Peter sways you slightly and pulls away. 
“Long time no see!” He jokes, you giggle along. He’s just so funny. 
“No kidding, you know time stops when you’re not around.” You wink to play off the joke. 
Peter scrunches his nose like a bunny, “I love when you flirt with me. Want a drink?” 
You feel frozen for a moment, he’s not supposed to catch on. He was supposed to play dumb until you all grow up and get married and have kids and one night over lunch when you catch up after years you let it slip that you had a giant crush and always waited for him to notice. He wasn’t supposed to notice now. 
“What are you drinking?” You clock his red cup, he’s not a drinker but it’s not a water bottle this time. 
He holds it out, “Try?” 
You take it and raise it to your lips, it’s nearly empty. You can’t help but think about this being the first time you’ve shared a drink with Peter, you’re putting your lips where his were. The only thing more intimate than this is sharing a bite of food. If you pretend hard enough you can say that you’ve technically kissed him. 
It’s sweet and you can’t detect alcohol. You pull back and eye him, he’s waiting for your reaction. He hopes you like it. You pull a face then try it again, you’re trying to place it. 
“Like it?” 
“It’s like a cherry sprite, but like, better?” 
“It is! I can make you one?” 
Peter pushed you towards the kitchen with a hand to your back, you felt his palm through the material of your shirt and realized how cold the rest of you felt. Small conversation carried you through the wait, he made each of you a cup and handed it over. 
You both took a sip at the same time, you pulled back with a slight frown then took another sip. Peter watched you furrow your brows before you reached out for his own and took a sip. You make a confused sound. 
You shrug, “Your’s tastes better.” 
Peter thinks it's adorable, he can only hope that if this goes the way he’s thinking that you would carry this over. He always wants his to taste better, just because it’s his. 
“I’d offer to swap but then I’d think that one would taste better.” 
You nod, “I think you’re right.” Then hold your own out, “Cheers!” Peter obliges then holds his back when you try to tap it, “What are we cheering for?” You pucker, “Do we need a reason?” 
Peter pouts, “No, I guess not. Feels better to have one though.” 
You think for a reason then exclaim, “Here’s one,” You raise your cup again, “Here’s to new friends!” 
“And couples!” Peter taps his cup on yours. 
“What?” You eye him down, did he just say what you thought?” 
He nods his head towards Ned and Betty, totally wrapped up in each other. 
“Right! To new friends and couples.” 
Peter was about to speak again when Flash’s voice rang out on the DJ speaker. 
“Friends to the inner ring, losers stay away.” 
MJ immediately leaves from the inner circle to the kitchen, “MJ! You’re a friend!” 
She calls behind her, “I know you consider me one!” She stops when she sees you and Peter chatting closely. 
She nods her head in recognition, “Nice.” 
“What are you doing?” You watch her open cabinets moving around the kitchen. 
“Making toast. Take my place for me.” 
You made a pit stop to the bathroom and came back to the living room, the whole group sat across the couches and criss-crossed on the floor, there was not one space open. Peter took the last spot, you were about to sit in the kitchen with MJ when Peter waved you over and tapped his lap. You felt warm just thinking of sitting on his lap, it was closer than you’ve ever been before. You would literally be on top of him, and if you were to move just right perhaps you’d get even closer. 
You held your breath as you lightly rested on his lap, most of your weight rested on your feet you kept planted on the ground. Peter wrapped his arm around your waist and tugged you against him, your feet dangled between his knees and his chest was against your back. He delicately wrapped his other arm around your waist, he was hugging you to him. 
“Good?” He tried to look around at your face, instead you gave in and rested your head against his shoulder and rested a hand over his on your waist. You nodded against his neck, he grinned softly, “Good.” 
The rest of the party went by quickly, it was just a few rounds of some games but nothing too crazy. Some truth or dare, some never have I ever, some beer pong but nothing that led to anything more between you and Peter. He did however stick to your side the whole night. 
Betty and MJ had to nearly pull you from his side to leave, you wish they would’ve left you so that Peter would walk you home and you could maybe score a midnight smooch but they didn’t let you get the chance. 
“Say bye to Peter, Y/N.” 
You pout at Peter, you’re wishing he says he’ll take you home instead. He thinks that’s what you want too, but he has patrol after this, he even has the suit on. 
“Bye Peter. I’ll see you on Monday.” You reach in for a hug, he squeezes you and talks in your ear. 
“Bye Y/N. Let me know when you’re home, okay?” You grin into his shirt, he’s never said that before. You pull away and he looks over your face and hesitates before leaning in and pressing a kiss to your cheek, “See you Monday.” 
The only thing you can do is nod, you smile softly then step back into MJ and Betty who are ‘oohing’ softly at Peter’s move. You can’t even form words, your knees feel shaky and all your pacing thoughts are screaming his name over and over. Peter grins at your reaction before turning and going back to Ned who is now ready to leave since Betty is no longer there to entertain, Peter feels the same way. 
Okay, Peter swears this is the final time. 
He’s never going to listen in on you ever again, he just needs to know what you’re feeling right now. He’s just making sure you’re okay, you didn’t talk over the weekend beyond the ‘home safe’ text and his ‘good, i had fun tonight! thanks for hanging with me!’ text. After he finds out what you’re thinking he’ll trust the process, he just needs to be sure you know he’s interested. 
You were distraught, did you go up to Peter? You got closer than ever at Flash’s party, but he didn’t text you all weekend, but you didn’t either. You wanted to pull at your hair, you had a feeling Peter was the ‘what you give is what you receive’ kind of guy. You swallow the lump in your throat and walk towards him. 
Peter opens his arms, “Hi.” 
Your face lights up, he’s never initiated a hug before. You step into his hold and melt into him this time, no more pretending you didn’t absolutely love this. 
“Good Morning.” He mumbles the words in your ear, you mumble them back into his chest. 
“I don’t want to go to math, go for me.” 
Peter rests his chin on your head and pulls you in tighter, “Wanna swap? I have advanced trigonometry.” 
You pull away and squint at him, “Ew.” 
“I know right?” 
“It’s cause you’re such a smartie. I bet I could quiz you on anything and you would know it.” 
Peter grins, “Wanna come over and test that theory?” 
Your eyes widen, “Just you and me?” 
Peter laughs, “Unless you want to make it a decathlon.” 
A joke. 
He’s joking. 
“Bet, I’ll start working on the flash cards. Irrelevant question, what is your toughest subject?” 
He blows air through his lips and shrugs, he lets out the word with an honest chuckle. 
You swallow, “Noted.” 
He was losing his window of opportunity. 
Good thing, you and Betty sat with him and Ned at lunch. (MJ and Flash followed.) Bad thing, he couldn’t listen to you talk about him. Peter will admit that it feels good to openly like someone and not be scared because he knows the other likes him too, it gives him confidence like he’s never had before. 
You sat next to him too, it went: him, you, Betty, Ned, Flash then two seats away from him, one from Peter was MJ. The table was loud, everyone having mixed conversations, once it quieted down some MJ was reminded of something. 
“Hey, Peter. Are we still doing the thing tonight?” 
What thing? You weren’t told of a thing, was it a Peter and MJ thing? I mean, MJ doesn’t like Peter and you’re almost sure Peter likes you but what is that thing tonight? 
“Yeah! I think Ned is gonna invite Betty too if that’s cool?” 
MJ nods, “Betty’s cool.” 
Peter then nudged his nose against the side of your face, you turn and he’s right there. You notice him glance at your lips for a quick second then asks, “Busy tonight?” 
You hum and think, “I don’t think so.” 
Peter grins, “Wanna come over? It’s game night.” 
“What kind of games?” 
“Mostly video games, MJ and Ned have a switch so we all take turns. But I have some two player board games if you want to play me.” 
You give him puppy dog eyes, “That is so cute.” 
“Is it?” Peter didn’t know it was that easy, he just wanted you to feel included if you didn’t want to watch him or your friends play games. 
You bite your lip and nod, without thinking he places his thumb on your chin and pulls down releasing it. You stare at him and he watches your pupils go wide, he was about to apologize but he won’t now. He’ll let you believe he did that on purpose. 
“Do you have Guess Who?” You clear your throat and try to level your breathing after his stunt. 
“Think so, I have a couple of good ones. I’ll show you when you come over.” 
You look him up and down, “Can I wear my PJ’s?” 
Peter holds a hand to his chest, “I’d be insulted if you didn’t.” 
You hold out your hand to shake his like a business agreement, “Deal.” 
He tells you he’ll text you the details and you lean into him as you laugh at something Ned said in retort to something Flash said. Your head was against his arm, he carefully watched as you made eye contact with Betty, she raised her eyebrows slightly and you carefully nodded your head.
He wrapped his hand around your neck and pulled you into him. 
Peter knows he has you now. 
“Okay, what’s up with you and Y/N?” MJ wasn’t one to care, she promises. But you did consider her a friend on the inside and Peter was acting extremely touchy feely with you and he’s never done that before. Not to mention he kissed your cheek the other night. 
You couldn’t shut up about it on the way home, and of course the group text with you and Betty had been blowing up like crazy. You were constantly analyzing Peter’s every move and Betty was doing the same with Ned. If MJ was honest, and she would never admit it, Flash was her favorite right now. 
“Uh, nothing?” 
MJ nodded, “Nice to know we’re lying.” 
“I don’t know. I know she’s into me and Betty wants to ask Ned out but she won’t do it until Y/N asks me first, but she doesn’t think I’m into her so I’m trying to show her that I am so she’ll ask me.” 
“How the hell do you know about this?” 
Peter shrugs sheepishly, “I listened.” 
MJ groans, “You said you were gonna stop!” 
“I know! Ned was begging me and I accidentally heard it, and now I know she’s into me. I just want to make sure this actually happens.” 
Ned walked in the front door and shook his shoulders, “It’s freezing tonight.” 
Peter glanced at his phone to see if you texted him again, he told you to let him know when you were on your way up, he wanted to catch you in the hallway. Alone. 
“Y/N and Betty are on their way, by the way.” 
“Betty’s bringing her switch so we can all game.” Ned shot finger guns at MJ, she blocked the imaginary hits. 
“Sweet. I’m gonna kick double ass in Mario Kart.” 
Ned looks at Peter, “What are you doing?” 
“I think we’re gonna play some games in my room.” 
MJ waggles her eyebrows, “Alone?” 
Ned whistles, “On your bed?” 
“Probably.” Peter doesn’t see what’s wrong. 
“She’s gonna think you’re making a move, you know that right?” MJ clicks her teeth at him. 
“Like what?” 
MJ chewed on her lip, “She asked me if you’ve ever kissed someone.” 
Ned whoops, “Get it, dude!” 
Peter isn’t that surprised, he wants to kiss you too after all. And maybe that was slightly his plan already, he was trying to separate the both of you from the pack. He just wanted to talk with you more and he couldn't spit game as confidently when his friends were watching and listening. Peter also can’t think of a downside of kissing you either, it just seems really lovely. 
“It’s almost like I planned it.” He winks at his friends as they realize he did in fact plan it to be this way. 
His phone buzzes, “Hold on.” 
He opens the door to see you and Betty’s smiling faces, “Hello.” He reaches in for a hug, you first then Betty. “If you wanna head in you can,” He smiles at Betty and watches her step through the threshold, you go to follow and he steps in front of you. He softly closes the door behind her, you watch expectantly. 
“Hi.” He smiles. 
“Hi.” You mimic.
He almost kisses you now, he opts for pulling you in for a second hug. You’re surprised but latch on tightly, he pulls away and places a delicate kiss on your cheek. It’s softer than the one at the party, it’s intimate, it was a private kiss. 
“Thank you for coming.” He whispers against your skin. 
Your cheeks flush, you’ve never felt this seen before. Peter notices everything about you, and you wonder why it took him this long. You can’t help but get lost in daydreams where he was truly yours and his kisses never stopped, even as they trailed down your body. 
“Thank you for inviting me.” 
He didn’t even look at what you were wearing, he tilted your head up with his hand on your jaw. 
“You look pretty.” 
You blinked slowly, you kept looking between his eyes and his mouth. He said his worst subject was girls, you think he’s a liar, he’s too smooth and quick. 
“You’re better at this than me.” 
Peter just grins smugly. He’s better at the flirting game and he knows it. Spider-Man has some quick wit and it’s helped Peter out tremendously. 
As soon as you both stepped through the door MJ berated you, “What were you two doing out there?” You wince and suck a breath through your teeth, “Making out. Hard core face sucking, had a full round of tonsil hockey.” 
MJ narrowed her eyes, “Oh? Peter finally kissed you?” 
This is what Peter means when he says his friends ruin his game. 
You nod, “Oh yeah. Had me pressed against the wall and everything. I’m still seeing stars.” 
It’s funny, nothing actually happened but what did felt more personal than actually telling your friends about a hook up session. 
“Really?” Betty gasped, fully amazed that you had actually done it. 
You frowned slightly, she seemed so excited for you. You had to let her know you were kidding. 
“Yup. He even asked for my hand in marriage, right Peter?” 
He nods, “We haven’t set a date yet.” 
Betty boos with Ned, “No fair, we actually believed you.” 
MJ shook her head, “No way. Peter’s not the make out in the hallway type.” 
Peter makes kissy faces at MJ, “Wanna find out?” 
MJ gags.
Ned huffs, “Betty and I are setting up Mario Kart.” 
“I’m making popcorn.” MJ backs up into the kitchen. 
Peter tugs you into him, “Wanna check out my games?” 
You may or may not be trying a little extra hard to make your butt look good as you bend down looking at the games, Peter’s standing behind you and you just hope he’s taking a little look. Your PJ’s did hug you just right. 
“You know I’ve never played chess?” You move the box to the right and find Connect Four, you pass him the box and he gasps. “Never?” 
“Nope.” You wish you could play Clue, it was a favorite. You’re gonna team up with Betty to get the boys to play with you, MJ was an easy add if everyone else played. 
“Never learned?” 
You shake your head, “Never did. I dated one guy in middle school who did it competitively, and seeing as he was my boyfriend and a master in the game, or at least I thought he was at the time, I asked if he would teach me and he laughed at me and said it was “too advanced for a brain like mine.” So I vowed to never play it.” 
You stood and handed him two more games, Guess Who and Battleship. 
Peter frowned, “Sounds like a dolt. If you want, I would love to teach you. The hardest part is learning what the pieces do, after that it’s all strategy.” 
You smile, “Don’t make fun of me but that would be a cute date.” 
He laughs, “Teaching you chess?” 
“Yes! You would be like this does that, and this does that, and you would let me practice on you, but you wouldn’t let me win cause then you can tell me why I failed so I actually get better.” 
Peter doesn’t know why he thought girls were so hard to please, he thinks that's just what he’s been told. But so far all you really want to do is hang out with him. 
“We can do it later this week if you’re up for it.”  
You grin and nod, “Yes! You’re awesome, thank you so much!”  
You also are extremely excited to see Peter concentrated and calculated with his moves. 
Peter tells you it’s no biggie, then asks if you want to play in his room. You breathe in and nod, you were nervous to be in Peter’s room for the first time ever, and alone with him. It was slightly calmer if you think about how this is the first of many times you’ll see this room. You’re hoping you’ll be looking at the ceiling a lot more, though. 
He points to his bed when you enter, “I’m leaning towards Guess Who first.” 
You kick your shoes off and sit on his bed, “Comfy.” 
“Just big enough for two.” 
The way he speaks so casually makes you sweat. He’s a natural when it comes to flirting with you, you feel kiddish thinking about your lame attempts you call flirting. No wonder it went over his head for so long. 
“Red or blue?” He holds up the plastic, “Red.” He nods in approval, “Nice choice.”
You hum, “Spider-Man wears red, I like red. I’m easy.” 
He looks at you, “You like Spider-Man?” 
You draw your head back, “You don’t?” 
“I do! I didn’t know you were a fan, that’s all.” 
“I’ve never seen him in person though, MJ has and I ask her about it all the time but she’s just super generic. Have you seen him?” 
Peter clears his throat, “A few times.” 
You drop your jaw, “No way! Tell me!” 
“Nothing special, just the usual walking down the street and seeing him swinging.” 
“That’s so cool though, have you seen him just fucking people up? Like when he does that web thing when he picks them up and slams them down? It’s so sick. Or when he wraps them up and like, flies towards them and double kicks their chest?” 
Peter pretends to think about it, “I think I’ve seen some videos. He’s pretty cool, he’s got a few sick moves.” 
“He’s my Harry Styles, if I saw him I’d melt down and cry and ask him to gently hold me. Like, it sounds crazy but I just know he’s cool. I don’t even like him like that, I just want to be his best friend.” 
Peter wants to ask how you’d feel knowing you were about to make out with him. 
“Total fangirl moment?” 
“Pictures and all. I’d ask him to sign my tits, no joke.” 
Peter throws his head back in a laugh, you smile at how he lights up. You love making him so happy. 
“Okay!” You clap your hands. 
“Is your person wearing a hat?” 
“Is your person wearing glasses?” 
“Does your person have a beard?” 
“Fuck off, Peter. I’m moving in.” 
“I’ll take that as a yes.” 
“Is your person old?” 
“Is your person Sam?” 
You narrow your eyes at Peter, “Is this how it’s going to be between us? You always winning?” 
“I ask good questions, stick around me long enough and you’ll get better at dodging me.” 
“I could eat you up in scrabble.” You mutter. 
“Yes you could, I’m ass at scrabble.” 
Somewhere after the hour mark you’ve made your way to Battleship, it’s been a close game both of you have one more hit on the other person. You’re starting to feel the pressure, you try and calculate where he is, if you guess wrong he’s going to win. You know it. 
You hold your breath, “C-4.” Peter looks at you and builds the suspense, then frowns. “Miss.” You groan, “Ugh, go ahead and sink me.” He smiles softly, “D-11.” You grunt at your board, “I’m swimming in the ocean with hope and a lifejacket.” 
“Don’t worry, my one boat will come to save you.” 
You snort, “Don’t worry babe, I blew your engines. You’re sinking next.” 
“Are we gonna Jack and Rose it?” 
You nod stiffly, “I’d let you die for me, yes.” 
The room gets quiet, it makes you want to puke but you think the time is right. You told Betty you’d do it tonight, and Peter isn’t so scary, you just hate the feeling of rejection. 
“Remember when Betty called you over about Ned?” 
Peter has to pretend to think about it, he hums as he’s setting up his ships again. 
“Well, she was trying to set up like this double date thing cause she’s too scared to go out with him alone for the first time. I mean nervous, not scared. Ned’s not scary.” 
He hums again, he’s placing the third ship. He’s nearly holding his breath in excitement. 
“And she wanted me to, like she asked if I would, I uh, nevermind.” 
You lost the steam, you weren’t even sure how to word it without making it seem like a favor. 
“I’m listening, she asked if you would what?” 
“It doesn’t matter, it’s stupid. Are you almost done?” You almost looked over to see if he was done placing his ships but stopped before you would ruin the game. 
He looked up at you, “Tell me about Betty, come on.” 
You shook your head and bit your lip, he took his chance and leaned forward to untuck it like he did earlier. Peter watched your pupils blow like before, he looked between your eyes and mouth before moving in. You felt his hand move to cup at your jaw, his thumb brushing your cheek softly before hooking his hand around your face. 
You felt like you couldn’t breathe, you knew what he was doing. He watched your reaction as he pulled you near him, he leaned in closer. He was taking his time, you were nearly shaking waiting for him to just kiss you, he was slowly building the tension. He wanted you to know he wanted this just as much as you did. 
He smiled as he leaned in, just inches away. He brushed his lips against yours, the feather like promise of more. You melted into his touch and closed your eyes, he took that as a sign. His lips pressed against yours and your spine jolted, electricity felt like it ran through you, it didn’t hurt but it woke you up. You gripped at the back of his neck and held him tighter to you, you had dreamed of this for months, you weren’t letting go easily. 
Peter moved against you slowly, he felt as you opened your mouth slightly and he took that as an invitation, he smoothed his tongue over yours and you moaned into his mouth. You’ve never felt this way before in a make out session, and this was just starting. He went until he felt choked for air, he pulled away slightly. You made a wet smacking sound when you separated. You raced for breath and kept your eyes closed, still panting you needed more. You opened your eyes to blink then pulled him back in, you were only able to last a minute before you searched for more air. 
You couldn’t help yourself, he tasted so sweet it felt impossible to pull away. Now that you know what you were missing you never wanted to go back. You told yourself one more, you tried to pull him in but he pulled your hands from behind his neck, “Breathe. I’m not going anywhere. Can’t make out if you're unconscious.” You nodded and made a show of you breathing, then you leaned in for one more, he bowed his head and laughed. “That good?” You drank him in with greedy eyes, you ached for him. “Please,” You whimpered the words, it sent chills down his spine, he loved the way that sounded. 
He nudged his nose against yours, “Please ask me, I’ll say yes.” He whispered his request.
He wasn’t talking about kissing, you knew that. He was asking about you asking him out, you know he was. He tied two and two together, you breathed in deeply. 
“Do you want to go on a date with me?” 
He nodded and placed his mouth on yours once more, you gripped at his shirt before shoving the plastic boxes to the side so you could get closer. You slowly shuffled toward him until you pulled away to straddle his waist, meeting his lips quickly before he could tell you to slow down. You’ve dreamed of this forever, you were in awe of what was happening, Peter Parker was making out with you, and it was really, really good. 
Betty tried to walk in to ask what time you were leaving, it was a school night after all. But she decided to back out and give you space when she saw you busy at work on top of Peter. She came from the room glowing, she couldn’t believe you had actually done it. 
“What’s going on in there?” 
Betty smiled at MJ, “They’re making out.” 
“Good for them!” Ned cheered out, he passed the finish line before MJ, “Last lap, loser.” 
“That reminds me!” Ned looked over at Betty, “What?” 
“Wanna go on a date with me?” 
Ned dropped the remote, his character fell off a cliff. 
“Yes. God yes!” 
MJ is sure Flash is her favorite now. 
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idk-bruh-20 · 2 months
Tumblr media
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fool-who-dreams · 9 months
Flirty bully coming your way
Summary: Midtown organizes a school trip at Stark Industries' where the one and only Y/N Stark decides to teach a lesson to Peter's bully.
Warnings: none really, just a tiny bit of language
Tumblr media
"May, I'm going! See you later!" Peter yelled from the kitchen, quickly grabbing a toast and running towards the door.
"Pete, school isn't for another hour!" May answered, poking her head out of her bedroom door.
"I know, but we have the school trip today and I don't want to be late." He explained, impatiently biting on his toast as he held the door open, ready to run.
May walked into the kitchen, still in her pajamas, looking at her nephew in amusement.
"Alright honey. Be careful, have fun and tell Y/N I say hi!" She smiled at how excited his nephew was in spite of his regular presence in the tower.
"Will do!" The boy smiled to himself at the only mention of your name.
Another reason, and also the main one, to be excited for this trip was the fact that he'd get to spend a whole day with you. Let's just say that between school, patrolling and choosing to keep your relationship a secret from your father, it was getting harder and rarer for the two of you to have some proper time to yourself.
He knew that the whole school was going to take part in this trip, but that wouldn't stop him from finding you the moment he'd get to his destination.
The moment Peter set foot in the school bus, he recognized the friendly faces of his two best friends. 
"Hey!" He smiled walking towards them.
"You excited?" Ned asked, already aware of the answer. Peter nodded energetically as he sat beside his best friend, not able to play it cool the way he had planned.
"Hey Peter," A voice called from behind them. It was of a girl that Peter had seen once or twice around the school and who had taken a seat right next to MJ. "is it true that you have an internship at Stark's?"
"Yeah" Peter smiled shyly, not wanting to drag the attention to himself. "No big deal".
"Have you ever met Iron Man?" The girl asked, her eyes filled with curiosity and amazement.
"Well-" The boy begun to answer but was rudely interrupted by the well-known school bully.
"Obviously not. Do y'all seriously believe all the crap that Penis Parker makes up?" Flash laughed loudly, causing his group to giggle along.
"Just ignore him." MJ whispered as Peter's fists clenched. He decided that it was best if he just turned around.
"For your information, Peter has met Mr. Stark countless times!" Ned stood up to defend his friend, completely blowing off Peter's attempt to keep a low profile.
"Oh really? And do tell us, Parker," Flash continued, not willing to let go the matter. "Did you also have the honor to bring coffee to all the Avengers? Or are you exclusively the dog of Mr. Jerk?" 
A whole lot of giggles erupted from the back of the bus, Flash' being the loudest. As the boy teased, he started getting closer and closer to Peter's seat, not risking to miss the expression on his face.
The spider-boy's fist started to clench and his whole body stiffened. "Mr. Stark is a perfectly respectable man." He mumbled.
He remembered quite well the time he found himself saving his bully's life, and he hated that he couldn't bring himself to regret it. He was a hero, after all. The only thing that helped him to keep his calm, together with Ned and MJ's words, was the memory of all the words of adulation Flash used to wash Peter's alter-ego with every day.
"Perhaps you even got to shag that hottie of y/n Stark?" He laughed even harder. "I know I would get her in no time." As the last word left his mouth, Peter couldn't take it anymore. He was used to getting insulted over and over again, but when it came to you he couldn't let it happen.
The chestnut haired boy got up quickly, turning to face his bully who was rather close to his seat. 
"How dare you-" As words found their way out of his lips trough gritted teeth, MJ pulled his sleeve signaling that he should let it go.
"Oh, what happened? Penis Parker's crush is out of his league? Well, I'm not surprised. If she's breathing, she's already out of your league." And with that said, almost everyone was laughing.
Luckily enough the driver's voice interrupted their conversation.
"Take your seats in silence, this isn't an amusement park." He scolded grumpily.
"Heard that, Eugene?" MJ mockingly raised her eyebrows as the boy huffed, walking back to his seat.
Peter's eyes were still seeking revenge for all the years of bullying that had piled up, not being able to forget a single insult Flash had ever said to him. But this. Insulting Mr. Stark, insulting you- it was too much. 
Ned slowly pulled him down to sit again. MJ's voice got close to Peter's ear, so that she wouldn't be heard by the girl sitting next to her. "You know how much I'd enjoy watching you completely disintegrate that guy but even so, it'd be useless. You'd just get in trouble. You won't prove your point because no matter what, you still can't tell him about..." She paused. "You know."
Peter nodded, breathing slowly to calm himself down and decided to patiently wait until they'd get to their destination. He knew his friend was right, so he put in his earphones to help himself ignore his bully.
The moment the class walked into the tower, following the far too enthusiastic teacher, the head of Mr. Stark's personal security team was ready to examine their backpacks and bags.
When Peter's turn came, he handed the man his backpack that only contained a sandwich for the day and a few other harmless items. Although, the man didn't take ahold of his bag, instead he looked at the boy and gestured him to pass.
"Don't worry Peter, I know you're clean." The man almost smiled.
"Thanks, Happy." Peter smiled, slightly embarrassed at the thought of the whole school watching. Some of the students who were closer and had witnessed the scene gave Peter a confused look to why Mr Stark's head of security would know someone like Peter Parker.
"Internship." Was all the boy said shrugging slightly, although it came out more as a question than as an explanation.
"Alright, let's move towards the elevator everyone! Mrs Potts herself will say a few words in the theatre in a few minutes!" The teacher announced excitedly, freeing Peter from all the stares.
Everyone made their way to the elevator, getting into the room-sized platform.
"Now, the theatre is floor 25. Or -19. Or maybe it's 44. Oh God, so many buttons!" The man quietly freaked out to himself while the rest of the class chatted about how unreal the experience felt.
"It's on floor 3, Mr Wilson." Peter spoke up. Mr Wilson looked at the boy with a puzzled expression, as if to say 'and how would you know that?'
"Mr. Stark always gathers his interns in the auditorium when he needs to announce something." Peter explained shyly. It was a lie, but no one needed to know that. The teacher sent him a grateful nod, then pressed the button that would lead them to the huge room.
As everyone took a seat, a woman appeared in the middle of the large stage. Starstruck eyes were all Pepper could see from her position, explaining the rules of what can and cannot be touched during the upcoming tour. 
"Now, to make sure your experience here gets as pleasant as possible you'll be divided in groups for the tour, each one of which will be guided by a different referee. We'll alternate three groups at the time in each room. As I call your name please step on stage." Pepper started reading from her binder some names, causing several people to climb the stage.
Once everyone was settled into their group, - Peter ending up with both his friends and Flash - Pepper casually added "Alright, now your tutors for the day. For group number one, two and three we have Mr Clinton Barton, Dr Bruce Banner and myself. The following three groups will be following Miss Wanda Maximoff, Mr Stark and Mr Sam Willson. And last but not least, the remaining groups will be guided by Mr Steve Rogers, Miss Natasha Romanoff and Miss y/n Stark." 
The moment these words left her mouth, cheers and screams erupted from each group. Not long after, Steve entered the stage followed by the others. The moment girls saw him in his suit, they were all about to rip their hair off, screaming and jumping. 
You were sipping your coffee, ready to head on stage once you'd have finished.
After properly introducing himself - not that it was needed - Cap spoke up. "Alright, shall we get star-" But a loud noise cut him off, causing everyone's heads to shoot up toward the now open ceiling.
Iron Man's suit descended slowly from above them, causing Pepper to pinch the bridge of her nose and shake her head in frustration. After placing itself on the ground, the red and golden armor shot open revealing a formally dressed Tony Stark. "Starting without me, are you Cap?" 
"You're late." Steve replied in a straight face.
"Forgive me for wanting to make an impression. Grand entrance, ever heard of it?" Tony's voice dripped with sarcasm as he adjusted his tie.
"What a showoff." You exclaimed as you too walked on stage, earning glances and causing loud whispers to rise.
"Alright everybody!" Pepper tried to reinstate order before the situation could worsen. "Let's get started. Stick with your group and your Avenger and...have fun!" She smiled in frustration, sending the groups off to the tour.
"Hey Cap!" You smiled batting your eyelashes at him the way you always used to do when you needed something. "Looking good today!"
"What do you want y/n?" He playfully rolled his eyes as he waited for the group to tag along.
"You see...I couldn't help but notice that...well, Peter's in your group. I was wandering if maybe we could-"
"Switch?" He completed your question. "Not in a hundred years of life." 
"I only have eight more to go then, so you'll be 101." You chuckled, causing him to join in. 
"You know what? Alright. But my eyes will be on you two the whole time. And if I see something I don't like, I'm telling Tony."
"Roger that." You smiled excitedly right before hugging him. "Thank you!"
"Now let's go." He giggled as our groups finally came along. You immediately spotted Peter and you sent a quick wink his way after eyeing up and down. You then started leading everyone out.
"Did y/n Stark just wink at you?" Ned asked in disbelief.
"Why are you surprised? I've been talking about her for the past six months, dude." Peter remarked in disbelief.
"I know, I know! It's just- it's real!"
"Wow. Thanks for the trust, man." Peter playfully shook his head in disbelief.
"Don't take this the wrong way but...it's just- she looks so out of you league when you're not in your suit."
"I know." Peter smiled goofily. "She's perfect isn't she?"
"Yeah." Ned nodded, still not able to take his eyes off you. Somehow, you were even more beautiful in real life.
"Man! That's my girl you're drooling over!" Peter whispered then chuckled lightly.
"And this is where the weapons used to be assembled." You said as you set foot into another room of what used to be a death factory. "Feel free to look around for as much as you'd like. Just- don't touch anything, we really would rather if you didn't blow up." You commented sarcastically, causing Cap to speak up.
He chuckled nervously before sending you a death glare that only made you laugh harder. "She's joking, no one is going to explode…hopefully."
"Anyways, if you have any questions we'll be here." You smile as you watched everyone explore a different part of the room.
"Hey, why don't you let me show you how to actually get a girl?" Flash cockily asked as a smirk played on his face the moment his eyes fell on you.
"Flash, don't." Peter threatened.
"Or what? You'll hurt me?" He challenged in a mocking tone.
"No. But she will."
"Oh please, she's a chick. Watch and learn."
Buzz! Buzz!
Your phone had just gotten a text. You took it out of your pocket and saw it was from Peter.
Flirty bully coming your way...
I got this ;)
"I have a question!" An approaching voice caused your head to snap up. 
"Yes?" You ask politely as you put your phone away.
That boy must've been Flash, the guy Peter told you about a couple of times. He's a real jerk and Peter's too clever to screw with his strength and powers for someone like that. He knew that if he wanted he could take him out with a touch but Peter grew kind, selfless - and hotter - everyday more, which made you constantly fall more for him, even though you didn't think it was possible.
"Did it hurt when you fell from the sky, angel?" He overconfidently approached you, ready to kiss your hand.
"I can ask my daddy to take you for a fly with his suit and drop you so you feel for it yourself." You snapped with a misleading kind smile before starting to walk by him, leaving an unsatisfied Flash frozen in his tracks.
Before moving onto the next phase of your plan, you leaned to his ear and teasingly whispered "Besides, I've met cuter guys."
You knew that that was a straight up insult to his honor and his ego, and you knew exactly what your next step would be.
"Like who?" He asked, crossing his arms to his chest and raising an eyebrow.
"I dont know, Steve?" You answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world - which it was.
"Thanks, kid!" Cap shouted from across the room, making you giggle lightly. Your move and his response to it confirmed that he, in fact, had his eyes - and ears - on you.
"Don't you need someone more...your age?" He asked flirty, obviously meaning himself.
"Maybe you're right." You smiled mischievously. "There'd be Spiderman..." The moment his alter ego was mentioned, you couldn't help but see Peter's head shoot up in your direction.
"Oh please!" He scoffs. "He's just an arrogant jerk."
At that comment you had to hold yourself back from punching him right in the face - which would have made Nat and Tony proud, for sure.
"You, on the other hand..." You mumbled as your eyebrows shot up. He obviously didn't even get close to get the sarcasm dripping from your words and just winked.
"Well," I continued "when he saved you from that mugging attempt and you kept rambling on about how much of a fan your are, it seemed quite the opposite." You cockily comment while sarcastically inspecting your nails. 
"And he's a liar, too." He snapped after a couple of seconds, not being able to think of a comeback fast enough to avoid seeming pathetic.
You sighed, trying to hide the amusement given by the situation. "You're right, he can be a bit or a git sometimes. Plus, he's too cocky and definitely too stubborn." You falsely described the superhero, trying to send any suspect away from Peter. "He's just not my type."
Especially since you knew exactly what your next move would be.
"And what is your type, then?" He asked after gulping loudly, trying to keep his confident attitude up.
"My boyfriend." You spoke, although your words didn't seem to intimidate Flash at all. "He has been working here for just a few months but my father loves him! He is sweet, kind, fun, cute, but I still think he's way out of my league." You chuckled lightly.
"C'mon, I doubt there's someone in this universe who's out of your league." He flirted again. "If you show me a closet or something, I can make you forget about him in no time." He was the one now whispering in your ear. As opposed to the effect that you had on him, though, his flirtatious words did nothing to you.
"I'd never want to forget about him. But thanks...Eugene." You simply replied before turning around, ready to walk away.
"How do you-"
"I'm y/n Stark. I see everything. I know everything." You cockily cut him off, then you swung your hips as you walked towards an amused Cap, who was attentively watching the scene, and a smirking Nat, who held out her fist for you to bump yours against.
"And now?" She asked.
"Now it's time for phase two." You grinned, proud of how everything had gone according to plan and confident in the way you were avenging your boyfriend.
"I'm not sure I like the sound of that." Cap admitted. "Closer than three feet and I'm telling your father."
"You better start heading your way, then." You smiled mischievously, causing Cap to sigh and Net to giggle.
"Didn't go so well, did it?" Flash' friends teased him as his ears had gone red out of embarrassment and anger. 
"Told you." Peter muttered as he couldn't help but laugh along.
"Excuse me?" Flash turned around to face the boy, ready - as always - to let his anger out on Peter.
"I told you that you couldn't get her." Peter spoke up as a proud grin found its way on your face.
"And you could, nerd?" He asked as everyone started to laugh along again.
The loud laughs and Peter's clenched fists were your cue: time for phase two. You walked straight up to the group, not having to pretend as a lovestruck smile found its way on your lips.
"Flash!" You called sweetly causing him to turn around, a little taken aback from the sudden change in your mood.
"Realized your mistake, doll?" He teased.
"You never told me you knew Peter!" You exclaimed, completely ignoring his question.
"P-parker?" Flash' tone was filled with anger, embarrassment, jealousy and shock.
"Hey, y-y/n. H-how are you?" Peter stuttered, a little embarrassed by all the attention being on the two of you. His smile caused a blush to take over your cheeks.
"Hey, babe. Is that the Star Wars shirt I gifted you? It looks so good on you!" You cheered confidently as your arms found their way behind the boy's neck.
"Thank-" Before he could get out another syllable he was cut off by your lips on his and, although he was taken aback by the action, it didn't take long for him to melt into the kiss. You brushed your fingers through his chestnut curls, signaling to him that it was alright to pull you closer by the waist.
You could have sworn you heard Flash's jaw hit the floor, or everyone's jaw for that matter.
The kiss quickly came to an end when your father's shouting voice echoed through the room nearby.
"They WHAT?"
Damn you, Cap! You thought.
You chuckled and rested your forehead on Peter's for a second as you sarcastically whispered to him "Glad he caught up after only six months."
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shawnxstyles · 3 months
please, call me peter
summary: you haven’t been able to come with anyone besides yourself, making you think something’s wrong with you. once you go to the gynecologist, dr. parker shows you that you’re just fine.
request: yes yes
words: 3.4k
warnings: SMUT (f- receiving [fingering], small praise kink, dirty talking), and a cute ending.
note: shooting out requests like webs. sorry that was lame. if this makes you uncomfortable, do not read.
gynecologist!peter x female!reader
Tumblr media
Your eyes scan the white room while you sit impatiently. Your heart lightly thuds in your chest and your fingers drum rapidly along your clothed thigh. The nurse had asked if you wanted to change into a hospital gown, which you politely denied. She gave you an indifferent expression before walking out, leaving you here.
You were at the gynecologist for one concerning reason; every time you had sex, you couldn’t come. Your previous relationship ended because you were unable to reach that euphoric high, which you believed was a ridiculous reason to leave someone. You weren’t as sad as you thought you’d be because you were too concerned with your own well-being to dwell on some bloke.
Before heading to the doctor, you had a quick hook-up, assuming that you and your ex just weren’t sexually compatible. But then you were proved wrong when you didn’t come. Again. You weren’t really the hook-up type, in fear of catching some unwanted disease or infection. Finally, you took matters into your own hands, literally, and masturbated with your fingers until you orgasmed all over your bed sheets.
See? It wasn’t impossible.
Then why couldn’t you come with other people? It had to be your fault. It had to be.
So, again, you were left here in the small hospital room sitting between empty stirrups with your ankles tightly crossed. The widening of the wooden door alerted you, your eyes shooting towards the man entering the room.
A guy? Your gynecologist was a guy?
You knew you were a decently healthy person because you were always on track with your appointments, even small check-ups. Because of your good wellness, you had never needed to go to the gyno. Until now, which seemed a bit nerve-racking all of a sudden.
The second the doctor turned around, you knew exactly why.
Warm, brown eyes peer at you with tenderness. Chestnut curls rest upon his head a little messily, but in the cutest way. He wore a professional lab coat over his casual clothing. His ribbed shirt and blue jeans seemed to match him perfectly. His cheeks appear a tinge pink when he smiles, welcoming and greeting you.
Oh shit.
“I’m Dr. Parker, and you are?” Dr. Parker asks as he plops onto his spinny chair. His eyes stare deeply into yours, causing your heart to race more than you’d like to admit. His voice was as attractive as his face, and you tried to convince yourself that he had to have at least one bad quality that you just haven’t seen yet, so you didn’t soak your panties.
“Y/N,” You blink to wash away the feeling of your nerves as your palms get clammy. “but you probably knew that already.”
“That is true, but I like for my patients to introduce themselves to me directly,” He states simply and you nod in response. Your sweaty hands interlocked over your thighs to ease yourself.
“So, what brings you in here today, Y/N?” Dr. Parker questions with a lick of his lips. He can’t help himself when his eyes drift nonchalantly, but quickly down your body. You were beautiful, which made it hard to concentrate on anything else, especially when you started talking. Your voice was silky, and he wanted to ask you more questions just so he could hear it more.
“I…” You were a bit embarrassed to share your reasoning. Was it common? Will he laugh at you? No, of course not, he’s a doctor! You battled with yourself in your head before spitting it out. “I can’t come during sex.”
Your jaw clenched as your hand practically hit your forehead in embarrassment. You couldn’t look at him because he was probably holding back a laugh. But you also couldn’t look at him because he was so handsome you might melt.
True be told, Peter already knew why you were here. He read the small report the nurse got before he entered. It was part of protocol and he wanted to hear you describe it yourself.
“That’s okay, darling. Nothing to be ashamed of,” He reassures gently as you remove your hand from your face. He smiles sincerely and you smile bashfully back. The nickname erupts butterflies in your stomach, and you can’t disregard the small wetness you feel trickle in your underwear.
When he asks, you go on to explain your situation in detail, even including the part about your ex-boyfriend dumping you. When Peter hears this, his jaw subtly clenches as irritation spreads through him.
Who breaks up with someone for that? He wanted to ask, but knew that was probably inappropriate. He does need to question you professionally though to ensure there’s nothing wrong. However, he thinks he already knows the answer.
“I’m going to ask you some questions that get pretty personal,” Parker faces his notes with you in the corner of his eye. You nod as your nervousness never fades and your heart beat remains quite fast.
Most of his questions were simple and straightforward, so you weren’t too ashamed to answer.
“Do you have any pain?”
“Are you on birth control?”
“How long?”
“Two years,” You eyes strayed away from him, thumbs twiddling in your lap like an anxious child. He wonders how you got birth control without going to the gynecologist in the past, seeming as though you’ve had no history.
However, some questions made the heat rise to your cheeks. Your arousal worsened the more Dr. Parker spoke, his voice warm and soothing like honey.
“To clarify, you have orgasmed before, correct?” Peter was able to focus when his eyes were glued to his papers, but one glance at your adorable shyness and his cock was semi-hard in his boxers.
“Yes, I-I did it myself,” You hissed at yourself for stuttering. He made you so starstruck it was hard to form words. You didn’t meet many people like that in your life— now that you think of it, none at all. He surveys you for a moment you think was a little too long, and you tighten your ankles together at his burning gaze.
“Um,” He grunts, covering it up with a cough as his cheeks turn pink a tad more. Your lip subtly curls into a smile at his cuteness. Peter was nervous for the first time in a while, fingers shaking as he scribbled notes about you. He felt as silly as a child who had a crush on a classmate. “you seem very well.”
“So nothing’s wrong?” Your eyebrows crinkle in confusion, a lost expression cascading over your face when you feel like you’ve hit a dead end. You gaze at the floor, trying to understand.
“Not directly,” He says to reassure you. Your eyes meet his with a head tilt. Now, you were really confused.
“What do I do then?”
“Don’t have sex with idiots,” He grumbles, honestly hoping you didn’t hear it. But of course you did. Your heart rate quickens wildly in your chest at his blunt statement. “but to make sure, I’m going to check you, okay?”
Your eyes widen for a moment, not thinking you would have to be checked. Your thoughts immediately shoot to your soaked panties and how he’ll see your very visual arousal. Hopefully, he assumes it’s from nerves.
“Would you like to change into something more comfortable and accessible?” He asks, looking at your shirt with jean shorts. He checks most of his patients, so usually they would have been in a gown already. But at this hospital, the patient didn’t have to change, even though it was highly recommended. However, when they rarely denied the new wardrobe, the doctor had to undress the patient themselves. So far in Peter’s career, he’s only had to do that with incidents that were an emergency.
“No, thank you,” You answered with no explanation. Secretly, you hated the material of the gown and you swore it gave you rashes. Maybe you were allergic?
Dr. Parker nods once and turns to his little side table beside you. He slips on his blue gloves and tells you exactly what he’s going to do, so you’re not unprepared.
“And since you’re not in a gown, the protocol is that I must undress you myself,” Peter feels the burning red flame up his cheeks at his statement. Your eyes widen again at the image of the sensual action, but nod in understanding.
Who made that rule? You wanted to ask, but it seemed disrespectful. You honestly couldn’t tell if you loved or hated the person that invented that idea. Picturing Dr. Parker strip you only made a pool in your panties.
Peter’s gloved fingers unbutton and zip down your jean shorts with your permission. It was slow and steady, unlike your heart that was bouncing off the walls of your ribs. You know he could see your heavy breathing as your stomach rose up and down too quickly under the thin material of your shirt.
Your shorts were removed and then he was on to your underwear.
Peter’s cock pulsed in his jeans at the wet patch on your panties, his red blush never fading. He wanted to press the pad of his thumb against your throbbing clit. He would rub you over the flimsy fabric and then make you moan for him as he fucked you roughly with his fingers. He could assume that you were tight and tense because of your struggle to orgasm with another person, but the thought only made his cock twitch needily as he imagined you squeezing around him.
“Are you okay so far? And can I remove these?” He asks for consent and patiently waits. You nod, but he’s not having that. “Words, Y/N. I need you to say it.”
His demand caused you to clench around nothing as you stutter out a trembling yes, so he can proceed. Peter delicately removes your panties, sliding them down your supple legs and placing them with your shorts. You didn’t open your legs, but you knew he’d already seen the wetness leaking out of you.
“Okay, um,” His professionalism was fading from him. He wanted to devour you because you probably tasted amazing. The smell of your arousal filled his nostrils, making it hard to focus on anything. “Put your legs on these stirrups. I’ll help you.”
He guides your legs into the holders, strongly resisting the urge to gawk at your vulnerable area. Once you were settled, he looked down and nearly came right there. Arousal drowned your folds as your puffy clit poked out behind it all. He noticed the fluttering of your folds as the cold air hit your wetness. He wouldn’t need to use any lube on you for sure. Peter was losing his cool and was about to lose everything if he did not pull himself together.
“I’m about to start. Are you okay?” He could sense your nervousness from a mile away. He wanted to make sure you were okay, even if you’ve had sex multiple times before.
“Yes, doctor,” You reassure and his jaw subtly locks at his label leaving from your mouth. He avoids picturing his falling from your pretty lips, so he could focus on the task at hand. You didn’t notice, too caught up in your own thoughts of his fingers entering you. You wanted him to pound them into you mercilessly because you know he’d know all the right spots and special places to hit. You can imagine he’s soft and caring, and always gives immense pleasure to the woman.
You almost gasp aloud when you come to a realization; he probably has a girlfriend. Or a wife. A wife and kids. You don’t remember seeing a ring, but that doesn’t mean anything. Oh, God, you were daydreaming sexual thoughts about your gynecologist who would probably freak out if he could hear them.
“If it makes you more comfortable, my name is Peter. Sometimes that small detail helps the patients relax more,” He noticed your sudden panicked state and high tension in your legs, wanting to calm you down, so it doesn’t hurt. It was perfectly fine to be nervous, but it wasn’t fine for him to be this nervous. He’s a professional doctor, yet he’s thinking about ruining it all just to please you at this moment.
You feel the latex gloves graze your folds, making your heart jump up into your throat. Peter’s middle finger practically teases your entrance, and you hold back pathetic whimpers. Once he slips his middle finger inside, you release a shuddery moan. His finger stills, deep inside of you while he gives you a second to adjust.
“Relax for me,” You try not to clench around him, but you’re a lost cause when he begins to wiggle it around the tight space. Peter is struggling. His cock is about to burst at the seams while his middle finger sinks far inside you. Your clenching walls and hushed noises nearly make him moan. He sees you resisting the urge to moan and it’s killing him because he wants to hear you.
“You can moan,” Peter says, voice low and sultry. “It’s welcomed.” He curls his finger and slowly pushes in and out. You don’t hold back your moan this time as lust begins to fill your vision. It feels too good, even though you know it’s wrong. You feel yourself getting wetter and wetter at his skilled finger and his concentrated expression.
Peter is positive you’re enjoying this. He can’t resist you anymore when he has you spread open for him. Plus, he found nothing peculiar inside, you seemed healthy. He could stop now if he’d like, but the contraction of your pussy walls around his finger and the sweet whimpers you’re eliciting spur him to continue.
“How does this feel, Y/N?” Peter’s voice was gravelly and lustful; you were sure to catch on by now. His question was borderline professional, yet inappropriate. At this point, Peter couldn’t care less because your face said it all.
“Good, really good,” You admitted with fluttering eyes as your hands gripped the sides of your shirt. Your name out of his mouth made you melt into his touch as you instinctively grinded your hips into his hand.
“What about this?” His ring finger slides in effortlessly, and they both curl inside you. You gasp, eliciting another shaky moan. His digits were thick and just the right length to satisfy you without even needing his cock, even though you wanted it. “God, you’re so tight. Imagine what you’d feel like around my cock.” He grumbles.
You gasp at his sudden profound language, but the dirtiness only made you more aroused. Your brain imagined how his cock would look buried so deep inside of you that you’d feel him in your stomach. You imagine this pre-cum leaking from his tip as he pulls out of you just to slam back in. Your core tensed at the thought.
“I didn’t hear you, Y/N,” He grunts gravelly, slowing his movements. He slips his fingers out, removing the glove swiftly. You whine at the emptiness, answering him. He was so sweet, yet dirty, and you loved it.
“So good! It feels so good, please don’t stop,” You plead and he smirks in satisfaction as he continues. His thumb rolls over your puffy clit, making your hips press into his hand as he slips back in. Your thighs contracted as they begged to close, but the locked stirrups blocked you from doing so.
“Who’s making you feel this good?” His tone was smooth and clear, almost contradicting his sinful actions. His pace becomes brutal, ramming in and out of you with no mercy. The rough texture of his bare hand sends a shiver up your spine as your orgasm nears.
“You! You, Peter,” Your chest heaves as choked moans leave your lips. His digits rub your throbbing nerves as his fingers glide against your walls addictingly good. Your fingernails dig into the soft flesh of your trembling thighs. His lips raise in another smirk as his cheeks flush that familiar pink. “I’m close, Peter,” You whimper, causing him to hiss at the harsh pulsing of his shaft when his name falls delicately from your lips just how he imagined.
“I know, honey. Can feel you clenching around me,” He groans when you release another noise of pleasure. His eyes wander down to your aching cunt as his fingers become drenched in your juices. You’re squeezing him torturously, on the edge of your break.
“Are you gonna come? Gonna come for me?”
Without another moment, your orgasm ripples through your body with a blissful wail. Clenched muscles and screwed eyes don’t even express the full ecstasy you feel. White liquid saturates Peter’s bare fingers before he licks them clean. It wasn’t the most sanitary, but he didn’t give one fuck.
Your face screams fucked out; perspired skin, droopy eyes, and a weary smile. In his ideal situation, he would have devoured you until you couldn’t take it anymore. But that was for another time. If there ever was another time, which he hoped there would be.
Just maybe not in a hospital.
“Well, Y/N, it seems like you are very healthy,” Peter grins, taking the tissues to clean you thoroughly. You can feel the heat radiating from your cheeks at his joking comment.
“Thanks, doctor,” Your voice came out a bit squeaky while your heart continued to stammer in your chest.
“After that, I think you should call me Peter,” He chuckles, sliding away in his stool to discard the tissues. Heat burns your skin from his adorable laugh.
“Peter it is then,” He helps you down the stirrups and you begin to get dressed with a goofy smile curling on your face. Peter doesn’t fail to notice this as his thoughts begin to wander. He knows he just met you, but he wants to see where this goes. He is confident that you’re interested in him (at least enough for him to finger you), so maybe asking you out isn’t the crazy idea he’s ever had.
“Y/N?” Suddenly, he didn’t feel so confident.
“Yeah?” Your response was breathless.
“Would you, um,” Peter hesitated to find the words. He really was like a little kid talking to his crush for the first time. “like to go out sometime? Maybe?”
You admire his bashfulness. He anxiously rolls up his coat sleeves while his face displaces a rosy blush. His brown eyes twinkled with hope as he waited for a reply.
“I would like that, doctor,” You smile genuinely and sweetly, your joyful energy calming his pent-up nerves. “I mean Peter.” You giggle when he blushes.
“Okay, okay, this is great. Here’s my number,” Peter scribbles messily on a small sheet of note paper, handing it to you. It was adorable how nervous he was for being a well-respected doctor who waltzed in with a sweet kind of confidence. You were giddy as well, but you were way better at hiding it clearly. You snatch the sheet with your fingers, tucking it away in your palm.
“Do you do this with all your patients, Dr. Parker?” You tease with a quirked eyebrow and a pointed finger at his chest. Peter huffs out a chuckle while clicking his tongue.
“Only the most beautiful ones,” He gently lifts your finger, kissing it gently before striding out of the room. Peter doesn’t forget to leave an arrogant wink as the heavy, wooden door closes abruptly.
Maybe being a doctor does make him arrogant. Sometimes.
You stand frozen, starstruck. Your breathing was back to heaving again because he left you breathless. And speechless. You jokingly wondered for a minute if you would die from a heart attack, due to the rapid thumping of a stupid organ against your ribs. Curious, you open your palm and unfold the slip of paper he wrote hastingly. Glancing past the number, you notice the small words underneath.
Please, call me Peter.
yesss tell me what you think :)
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I saw on the original post of these gifts the reblogs and...wow. Not the people saying "Tony reacts like that because that's what Steve tried to tell him before!! #antitonystark"
What actually Steve said: This job... We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn't mean everybody, but, if we can't find a way to live with that, Next time... maybe nobody can be saved.
Peter is basically saying he can't live with the knowledge of not helping everyone, Steve is saying that they have to learn to live with it because it's better saving someone than not saving everyone.
While I think Steve is not an asshole and doesn't like when someone dies, I also think that Peter and Steve are not guided by the same morality. Steve accept the fact a lot of people die with his job, Peter and Tony don't. They can't accept the fact they cannot save everyone, they feel responsible for every damage they cause. That's why Tony had that look, because he related to Peter's words. That's literally the point of why he wanted the accords.
Tony blames him self and not just for Ultron. He blamed himself since IM1. When he said "I just finally know what I have to do, and i know in my heart that's it's right" and right before that he mentioned the soldiers who were killed by his weapons, even if it wasn't directly his fault. You can se the parallels between the two of them, they both blames themselves for everything.
Were the accords bad? Yes. Were they needed? Also, Yes. The idea of the accords was good because if I was one of the civilians like Zemo I would want them, and you cannot say otherwise if you were in their place.
So yes, I still think Peter would have been on Team Iron Man anyway because Peter would never turn his back on the civilians (He sacrifices his identity for them, he sacrificed his whole life for them). Even if he didn't like the accords, he would have accepted them and willed to change them. Peter and Tony have the same guilt, the same morale. Tony choose Peter because he saw himself in him, and Peter found comfort in Tony because he was the only one who understood him (Like confirmed in IW novelization).
Tony was the best person to mentor him.
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