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You know that song that repeats the line "he ain't heavy, he's my brother"? I have a love hate relationship with it. I love what the person who wrote it was trying to get across: that they love their brother so much they'll carry him and his baggage no matter how heavy or far. I get it and I love it. But. While I don't have brothers, I do have sisters and other family. I love my family. We all have tons of baggage. I carry it best so I do. I carry my sisters, my mom, and my dad when he lets me. I do it happily. But it is heavy, especially with my own baggage. It's really fucking heavy, but I carry them anyway because I love them. And is that not what love is? Holding someone and supporting them? Caring for them? Carrying them when they let you?
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danbysea · 5 months
Real love may not be the passion or the butterflies. It can be the slow and steady embers of caring; being there in the good times and the bad
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voicesblog123 · 6 months
learn about love today
What do you think of when you hear the word love? When we experience love, we think of being with the one person that makes us complete; we think of how good it feels to be in their arms and how our hearts beat faster when they smile at us.
But what if you fall in love with someone, but they don’t reciprocate those feelings? What if you have the best intentions to love someone else, but they don’t feel the same way? Do these instances of unrequited love mean that your feeling are not true love?
Take Chances with Your Heart
Love is an intense feeling, and it's hard to understand what love really means. One way to define the true meaning of love is by examining all the different types of love- selfless, romantic, and unconditional. Selfless love is when you care for someone else more than you care about yourself.
Romantic love is when two people experience a strong emotional connection with each other. Unconditional love is when someone cares deeply for another person even if they don't receive any attention in return.
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papichinomexico · 6 months
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breathing-chaos · 7 months
Story is the truest transcendence mortals may find, for what is Love but the story of communal Hope?
What stories are we choosing to tell each other?
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melanified · 7 months
love isn’t some aloof, submissive, disassociative state you are entranced in. love is work, love is building towards righteousness and positivity.
somewhere along the lines, we have reduced love to a weapon against self-consciousness, when it really comes as a result of such. understanding and having compassion for your humanity breeds acts of love.
love is a verb. saying ‘i love you’ means, you value me, you respect me, you support and uplift me. you encourage me to be the best and most fulfilling version of myself. it means you truly see me, and you appreciate my existence.
these acts are most powerful when reciprocated, and most powerful when they are not viewed as a currency but rather a human right.
that being said, beware of those who understand what love means for you, and use you to get a step up in their careers, in social hierarchies. they don’t ‘love’ you. they are using you for personal gain, love is not a selfish thing. love is filling one’s cup, to see a betterment in their existence.
do you see why it is important to love yourself, to love someone else? you must know how love feels and recognise the signs to be able to fulfil those needs for someone else.
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hereismybadpoetry · 10 months
To a Girl I Thought I was in Love With…
To a Girl’s Idea of Love
It is impossible to quantify the worth of a human soul
Not yours nor mine
It is impossible to count all the stars in the universe as they hurl through empty space
Tied together by the gravity of fate
Of something above the humble power of humans
But we can try
We can fail too
And we did
I tried to count stars in the reflection of your eyes
Tried to imprint the pattern of your iris in my memory
But I failed
I reached for your hand in the great beyond and held on to promises I made to myself
That I could build a bridge between your universe and mine
But I failed at that too
I thought love could be quantified
With words
With innocent touches and hands held underneath glowering lights
That the number of times I told you you were pretty could make you love me
(Though I truly believed that no words could truly encompass your beauty)
I thought love would be a golden rule
That all efforts would be reflected back
I hoped I could imagine away the gap between us
That I could open the closet door for us both
And we would be free
But I failed to understand that love isn’t in the reflection of my eyes in yours
Or in held hands
And words that you must have thought to be sweet nothings
The same way we cannot quantify the worth of a human soul
We cannot comprehend the mechanisms of love
Nor can we will it to appear where it is not
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achelois-daughter · 11 months
Tumblr media
bell hooks // all about love
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What does love mean to you?
That answer means something different to everyone, as it can be something as minor as loving a colour to loving your spouse to loving your pet. We all have different levels of love, different definitions of it, so therefore I have come to the conclusion that we may very well never find someone who loves us the same. Whether we should find someone who loves us for who we are, for our strengths, weaknesses, who accepts our pasts as being the past, and allows us to grow into the person we want to be. I may sound cheesy, which I can be, but we all deserve to be happy, appreciated, valued, accepted, supported and loved unconditionally. We all deserve our own happy endings. Much love! XOXO
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pixiesthetics-blog · 1 year
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danbysea · 1 year
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mysimpleservant · 1 year
It is very easy to do favors unto those who love you but to do the same unto those who hate you , now this is true reward where love conquers and shines more. "Love your enemies" as the King says.
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Can someone please message me and talk about the meaning of life with me?
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thepeepersbuddy · 1 year
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imperishablestuff · 1 year
Tumblr media
“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” -Albert Camus
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