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Purah, Angel of Amnesia
One should fear accumulating forever without release. The burden of carrying all moments of one's life is too great. It is better to lighten the load, lest we become paralyzed by the weight of memory. Or worse yet, crushed beneath a thousand tiny burdens.
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My sister got into the void state.
So my sister got into the void lmao, and the funny part is that she knows nothing about the law or the void. She has exams and i see her panicking all the time so i recommended her to to meditate (meditation to her is whatever calms her down and brings her joy) and this morning she came up to me and said "yk i was imagining myself with *her comfort characters* and it felt so nice that i kept wanting to feel it over and over again so started to loop the scene over and over again and suddenly i couldn't hear or feel anything and it all went black and it was so peaceful, i felt like i was floating and there was no one else, just me but then i realized that i actually can't hear anything, freaked out and came back, it was so much fun" i asked her how she did it and she said that "just imagine whatever that brings you joy and makes you feel "fulfilled" and make sure its something you really really like only then you will want to loop the scene otherwise it will feel forced. And once you find a scene that makes your happy keep repeating it, dont think anything else just keep repeating it and because its a scene you like you should have no problem doing that and i know that because i tried repeating this one scene but i didnt like it that and it felt so frustrating." I asked her what if you have random thoughts coming up or you dont feel like imagining and she said "for random thoughts just keep coming back to the scene and for your other question thats what i am saying it should be something you really really like, make it soooo nice that you dont wanna imagine anything else but that" and she said if you can't visualize and its bothering your just touch or hear stuff, like maybe you desire wealth then start touching money in your imagination, if you want clear skin, touch your skin etc.
I also think that it was so easy for her because her only goal was to feel fulfilled thats all she wanted, she didnt care about anything else and just wanted to feel fulfilled make that your only goal and secondly she wasn't doubting or second guessing stuff. Let this be a reminder to untangle all the strings in your mind, take it easy, calm down, don't over analyse.
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Mental Health Spotlight: Jasmine Marie, Founder of black girls breathing®
Jasmine Marie is a speaker, breathwork practitioner, and the founder of black girls breathing®. Her work is innovating the wellness, healthcare, and research industry by making mental health services accessible to Black women while filling in the gaps of data and research available on this underserved and underrepresented demographic. Marie plans to impact one million Black women and girls with her work by 2025. She is a serial founder with a past life in global haircare brand marketing and an alum of NYU Stern. The impact and range of her work to date is expansive—ranging from underserved minority communities to stressed-out college students and executives. She’s brought her expertise to elite colleges such as Harvard Business School, Columbia University, and Cornell University, and her client list includes corporations such as Estée Lauder Companies, Under Armour, Capital One, Ford Motor Company, Facebook, and Twitter. Marie has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Good Morning America, VOGUE, Forbes, Harper’s Baazar, Marie Claire, Glamour, Nylon Mag, Wall Street Journal, and Black Enterprise, to name a few.
What is black girls breathing®? And why was it created? black girls breathing® is a safe space for Black women to manage their mental and emotional health and heal trauma in their bodies with breathwork and community.
I created black girls breathing® after finishing my breathwork training and seeing so few facilitators that looked like me yet knowing how much chronic stress and trauma (generational, societal, etc.) and decided to create it. I used my background in business to help me develop a model where we could provide this work accessibly.
Do you have any secret hobbies, skills, or interests?
I don’t think I have any secret hobbies but for a while, I would always feel embarrassed whenever anyone asked that question, as a lot of my hobbies can maybe seem boring to others lol. But I love to read. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I love having quiet time…any activity that allows me to feel refreshed, sit with my own thoughts and enjoy my solitude. I think because I deal with so many people’s energy that in my spare time, I just like to spend time with self. I love to cook though…it’s a very meditative activity for me that allows me to unwind from my day.
How did you get started in this work? And why is it important to you?
As mentioned above, after my breathwork training, I realized there were so few Black breathworkers. But before that, I found breathwork while being stressed out after graduating from business school at NYU and working in beauty in NYC. My nervous system was so fried I began having physical symptoms…rashes and an inability to sleep. The doctor would see me and always say, “This is stress. How can you reduce your stress?” Fast forward to me finding my first breathwork class and falling in love with the way it allowed me to just feel more space in my mind and body.
WOW — ONE MILLION Black women and girls breathing by 2025 what an ambitious goal! What impact do you see this having?
It is an ambitious goal, but in 2020, we fundraised $55k to make our work accessible for one year. After the year was done, it was so clear that we couldn’t stop there. So many Black women needed this work, and we would hear that over and over again. So I decided if I was going to do this work, I was only interested in creating real impact and a goal that would signify that. Imagining 1 Million Black women using breathwork as a tool to regulate their nervous systems, heal from compounded trauma and reduce the effect that chronic stress has in our community (health challenges linked to chronic stress: heart disease, high blood pressure, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, fertility issues, and the list goes on) will not only affect them but our community as a whole. Ending the passing down of generational trauma and normalizing healing.
What would you suggest to people who feel like they cannot find the time to breathe or practice mindfulness?
I would first affirm that it’s okay they feel that way. Western society has done a great job of making us feel that anything outside of productivity is not only a waste of time but the least important thing we should make space for. Making time for yourself for any mindful activity can be eased into and it can start with being more aware of the present moment and practicing that action on a daily. Maybe you create a routine where every morning for 3 minutes right when you get up, you take a moment to be still, notice your breathing pattern and focus on each and every inhale and exhale.
Why is Black representation important in this industry?
The wellness industry isn’t unlike other industries where Black representation is lacking. I think it’s important to see other Black women caring for themselves because, historically, we’ve been taught to do the opposite for oh so long.
Where do you find joy?
I find joy with my family and my loved ones, in intimate moments with friends, in good food and conversation, and in being able to create something and see it grow, shift, and evolve.
Want to learn more about black girls @blackgirlsbreathing?
Check out their website!
Breathe with us on March 27th @12pm EDT during their Mindful Monday Breathwork for Anxiety session on Tumblr Live
Ask black girls breathing all the questions on your mind for IssueTime on Navigating Anxiety in an increasingly digital, lonely world
Take the pledge with black girls breathing®
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Fear doesn’t have to define your reality. You can rise above fear. You can transform fear into love, joy, and peace. Fear usually comes from the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind. Fear comes from you repeating the same thoughts in your head over and over again. But if your thoughts are not serving you, you can change them. You are the only person thinking inside your mind.
You and only you decide what you think. Your thoughts don't have to revolve around fear. You can change them at any time. Start repeating powerful affirmations. Empower yourself instead of constantly scaring yourself. Let your thoughts serve you. Let your thoughts bring you positive, harmonious emotions. The more you change your day to day thinking patterns, the more you reprogram your subconscious mind.
✨IG: nikasholistic✨
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clear quartz is said to help with healing and spiritual growth. it is actually known as the “master healer” and is said to amplify any energy poured into it. 
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I am so in love with the void ❤ It's literally my bestie like she gives me anything I want instantly and it's so fun. I don't even last a minute before I start levitating and shaking like I need an exorcism frfr 💀 But yeah my void is such a cool place to just chill . Sometimes I don't even want to come back to earth 👽 Ghetto ass planet . The void is My Home and that's why I always wake up in the void like damnn okayyy 👀 Literally there is never a time where I fall asleep and don't wake up in my void. I don't even have to affirm or meditate or have perfect self-concept. Why would I try for something that is me??? Lmao imagine being worried about entering the void when I am literally God. I am above everything. I get in the void maybe 10 times a day at least ??? Like it literally doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I'm at. Sometimes I'm in the shower or brushing my teeth or walking or on the toilet and I literally go POOF! Honestly it's getting a little annoying at this point 🙄 like ughhhh can I just pretend to be a normal person doing human things ?? 😒 I know I'm GOD and all but COME ONNNNN I'm just trying to take a shit so please VOID LEAVE ME ALONE at least for a moment like why are u so obsessed with me tbh ?? 💅
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Hey girlies this is my first original post ❤ vaunt this a couple times a day to really saturate ur mind. Let me know what y'all think 💭
Xoxo, Jezebel
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(via Fitness Retreat Classes You'll Want to Sign Up For | Yoga photoshoot, Fitness retreat, Yoga photography  || Curated with love by yogadaily) 
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constantly on this search
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Spring sunlight
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