tippenfunkaport · 4 months
there is something so darkly comical about tumblr potentially outliving twitter
tumblr, which is held together with duct tape and madness, run by three raccoons in blood stained Yahoo! hats and a handful of crabs, its only discernible source of income the sale of shoelaces from an inside joke so inside no one knows the original source anymore and fake blue checkmarks... that website still lives on
truly the cockroach of social media and I love it for that
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littleastrobleme · 1 year
Tumblr media
New favorite niche 19th century illustrations found: grumpy or strange looking Victorian men standing next to fossils...
Tumblr media
"Stand closer...touch it!"
Tumblr media
This guy just looks defeated.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I fuckin love fossils, dude."
These images are all derived from Catalogue of casts of fossils, from the principal museums of Europe and America, with short descriptions and illustrations by Henry A. Ward, 1866.
Be sure to click for full resolution if it looks blurry!
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creator-of-monsters · 11 months
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Here have some crappy redraws
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waffietato · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I can't sleep rn so *hands you these and fucking books it*
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magicpony45 · 2 months
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laurelier · 2 years
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I don’t know why I did this
plushie fruit cred from the produce section of jellycat hopefully i’m not obliterating any copyright laws here
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evature · 1 year
Tumblr media
good morning blue perioders
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sara-frog · 2 months
Tumblr media
There should have been a funny situation here, but I was too busy and tired to finish what I wanted 😓
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lifeempty · 1 year
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featherpuss · 4 months
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balsemicvinegar · 4 months
what do you all follow me for
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snowglobetay · 2 years
I tried fitting in with the allos once, never again
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skullywullypully · 1 year
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More stuff I thought of for @decydoodles Shimmerson AU. I’m hooked on the science bros thanks to you.
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form-sweet-form · 1 year
Aoba Sock Count: DMMd
Yesterday Midorijima Madness did a live stream of the Dub anime: 
I and so many others were picking on Aoba and his piss yellow socks. 
SO.... I went through the game and found all the times we see his piss yellow socks.
Tumblr media
PS: I love Aoba and that’s why I pick on him and his weird ass colour pallet.
Edit: I’m only counting on the first game that’s out on steam. Not reconnect or recode, etc. I can do those later if you guys want those included too lol
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s3v3r4l-r4ts · 1 year
Resident Evil 8 Shenanigans:
(Part 1)
(Y/n (He/They) is the newest lord and the youngest, being only 17 and having control over genuine magic and not something the Cadou has done. Mother Miranda still wants to bring back her own daughter, but Y/n convinced her to use the flesh of death-row felons in her experiments instead of. . . Other babies and. . . 'Innocent' people.)
*Heisenberg runs up to Y/n with his phone recording the whole interaction while Y/n is on their phone in Alcina's castle, just casually hanging out with Cassandra, Bela, and Daniela. The three Dimitrescu daughters on their own phones as well.*
Heisenberg: "Y/n, word association. Go! Holiday!"
*Without missing a beat, Y/n blurts out a response before their eyes widen and everyone practically collapses with laughter.*
Y/n: "Boys."
Cassandra, weak with laughter and wiping a tear from her eye as Heisenberg laughs and slams his gloves fist on an empty side table: "What the fuck? Boys?"
Y/n, managing a little bit of composure in order to speak: "I don't know!"
*Y/n stares at a wall, the other lords and Mother Miranda looking at him in concern.*
Alcina: "Y/n, dear. . . Are you alright?" *She touches his shoulder, only for him to teleport away like an Enderman.*
Heisenberg: "What the fuck!?" *Y/n walks in, a can of iced coffee in one hand and their phone in the other.*
Angie: "What the fuck?" *Y/n phases through the wall he was walking towards, his phone and iced coffee phasing through the wall as well.
Alcina: "Wh-what in the-" *She interrupted when Y/n phases back up through the floor, this time on the back of an alligator snapping turtle. He and his steed phase through the ceiling, leaving the four lords to look at Mother Miranda in horror; being met with her horrified expression and silence as she processed what she just saw.
Donna: ". . . The old gods cower before the might of his chaos. . ." Donna said quietly, her eyes (Y/n fixed her other eye with magic.) widened in utter terror as she looked at the floor.
*Heisenberg, Alcina, Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra laugh as Y/n chases Ethan while T-posing, screaming, and floating after him.*
Ethan: "Stay away from me you god-damn demon!" He keeps running, occasionally stumbling.
Y/n: *Eldritch screaming* Y/n continues to chase him, even following him outside.
*Y/n blasts Carameldansen as he lays face down on the floor in the living room of his manor.*
The four lords and Alcina's daughters watch the rainbow of lights coming from the youngest lord's home. Several miles away, Mia and Ethan can see the faint lights along being able to hear the faint music.
Ethan: "To think. . . They were the one that nearly killed me. . . Unlike the others. . . He just. . . Started beating me with a baseball bat and shouted 'Batter up!', 'Bonk!', and had that same song playing in the background." *Ethan stares at the faint lights with what looked like an expression of 500 mile abject horror.*
Mia: "I'm so sorry you had to go through that sweetie. . ." Mia hugs Ethan, the half-man half-mold taking a deep drink of the whiskey he had next to him.
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fonkeloog · 5 months
Tumblr media
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