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Cultivating Joy - What joys do you grow in your field?
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If I were running a chatbot that was being criticized for problems with consent, I would make sure that it understands the word “no” without having to be blocked and reported.
I’d also make it so that it didn’t send unsolicited messages to everyone sharing articles about its ethics lapses as if they want to use it.
Even for an old-school chatbot this is just staggeringly incompetent and a gigantic flashing warning sign that the organization should not be trusted with sensitive data and high-stakes interactions.
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graphic design is my passion
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I had to balance my friend’s mental health while getting chased by Bowser, all I wanted was an alcohol free mojito.
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@ zoecainart
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Hello there, lovely people 🌅
We have nothing but good news for you. It is March—the end of March, in fact. And spring is *close* to have sprung, which can only mean good things. Sunshine, color, and time to spend outside with friends or reading under a tree. It’s so close you can almost touch it.🌻
However, calmer blue skies does not always mind a calmer, more peaceful mind. In fact, mindfulness and self-care are essential wellbeing practices for all four seasons, not just the dark and cold months. And while things may be bright and sunny outside, in your mind can be a very different story. But this is where we have someone and something we think that might just help with that: it’s your facilitator for this week’s class Jasmine Marie, CEO and Founder of black girls breathing®! The theme for this session is Breathwork for Anxiety🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏾🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏿‍♂️🧘🏾
They know what they are talking about, too. After all, black girls breathing®, provides a safe space for Black women and girls to manage their mental health, and reflect on and heal their trauma through breathwork and community. They aim to offer free and accessible mental health resources to one million Black women and girls by 2025.
So come join us for a class with Jasmine for a breathwork session to provide you with the tools to ease moments of anxiety. These moments will always be there, but breathwork is an active meditation that helps regulate one’s nervous system to create more feelings of calm and decrease stress and anxiety. It could be an essential tool, and it is totally free, too. Nothing to pay, everything to gain. So why not get involved and join us for black girls breathing®, for Mindful Monday on March 27 at 12pm EST.
Want to learn more about @blackgirlsbreathing?
Check out their website!
Ask black girls breathing all the questions on your mind for IssueTime on Navigating Anxiety in an increasingly digital, lonely world
Get to know black girls breathing's founder, Jasmine Marie on her Tumblr Spotlight
Take the pledge with black girls breathing®
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Things to do instead of doomscrolling on social media
Create art (drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry, etc)
Cosplay or dressing in costume
Fabric work (sewing, knitting, crotchet, embroidery, etc)
Engage with/create fan works (reading/writing fanfic, looking at/drawing fanart, etc)
Listen/dance to music
Dance to no music to your own beat!!
Play video games
Read a book
Study (but don't stress about it)
Cook/bake something
Hang out with friends, physically or through a video call/groupchat/whatever
Practice religion
Workout (be safe and don't stress yourself out my friends <3)
Binge a movie/tv show
Practice some self care (whatever that looks like for you, but common ones are showing, drinking water, eating enough, affirmations, etc)
Go outside (can do one or multiple of the above while doing this)
Alternatively to the above, open a window for some fresh air
Comment or reblog with your favorite hobby/pastime and I'll add it!
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Coping With Anxiety
Exercise decreases stress hormones, releasing feelings of tension, while elevating mood and confidence levels.
A way to get lost in another world and leave the worrying thoughts behind. Find a cozy corner of your room, make a hot drink, and get lost in a good book. Your body will feel less tense and your mind will feel more at ease
Yoga reduces the physiological symptoms of anxiety, encouraging you to turn your mind off and find a few moments of peace and calm.
Get outside
Spending some time in nature and taking a few breaths of fresh air can help to clear your mind, improve your mood, and decrease feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety.
Keeping a journal provides a place to contemplate, reflect, and organize your thoughts and feelings. Use it as a way to express yourself.
Spend time with pets
Pets are a great source of comfort and security, which is perfect for elevating mood, providing a sense of calmness, and combating anxiety.
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existing and living are not the same
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thecaringcounsellor · 10 hours
Be kind to yourself, you deserve it! Practicing self-compassion is crucial for your mental health and overall well-being. Remember, you are worthy of the love and kindness you offer to others
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i’m alone. i have absolutely nobody left. everyone else is keeping distance. distance means hatred. distance is the same as if you cut me off completely.
i’m so empty.
i have nothing.
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