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— small steps but i’m still moving
requested by @lanawinters-ily: Delia misses her greenhouse but it's too dangerous, so reader takes her in as a surprise date! all the sensory of the plants, Fleetwood Mac vinyls (maybe ft misty???) & making natural remedies together!!
pairing: blind!cordelia x reader (featured misty)
word count: 1800
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was no secret that Cordelia had been having a rough time lately. The isolation in her room, the increased temper, and the long night sobs. You were there for her, you held her, but you could not spend another night watching her fall apart. You needed to fix this, needed to glue every shattered piece of her back together.
She needed something in her life to look forward to again. She had you, and she could argue that that was enough for her, but she needed something that she could get lost in for hours even with her vision gone.
Once she lost that, she lost her greenhouse too. It was far too dangerous when she couldn't even see. So much glass, fragile things, chemicals. You were afraid of her getting hurt, and she was afraid that one little wrong thing in her perfect greenhouse would absolutely break her.
But you knew that the greenhouse was one of the only things she had. She was upper class yet she didn't have too much to her name. Not a mother or father who loves her, not too many friends, and not even a child that she could conceive. It was heartbreaking to watch. You needed to bring Cordelia to life again in the only way you knew how.
It was a late afternoon when you found Cordelia laying in bed, cuddling close to your pillow. You had been out picking things up for the academy at the store, leaving Cordelia alone here. You offered for her to come along, but no matter what you said, she wouldn't budge. She was too ashamed to go out in public feeling like an absolute mess. You knew she wasn't one.
Even with the door open and it being the room you shared, you knocked against the white wooden door. You didn't want to frighten her with your sudden presence.
She rolled over to face you in bed, even if she couldn't see, she did it as a sign of respect. "It's me, baby. I'm home," you said softly and walked towards the bed. You sat on the edge and pushed golden blonde hair out of her face. She trusted you so much, even at her most vulnerable.
"What's got you looking all down, Delia?" You leaned down and bumped your nose against her, kissing her on her lips right after.
She huffed when you pulled away, but you grabbed her hand and held it so she could still feel you. "I hate wasting away in bed all day." You could hear it in her voice that she wanted to cry, but she didn't. She made sure to only let the annoyance show.
"Well lucky you, sweet love, i'm taking you somewhere special." You leaned down again and kissed her forehead, and then her nose that she scrunched up. You yearned to lend her your vision so that she could see how pretty she is.
She threw her head back further into her pillow and a groan elicited from her lips. "Y/n, you know I don't want to be in public right now."
"It's not in public, darling. It's in the backyard. Don't worry your pretty little head." You smiled, and you knew that she could sense it because she mimicked your expression. Her cheeks turned an awfully bright shade of red at the term of endearment.
She still wasn't too satisfied with this idea just yet, but she let you guide her up out of bed anyways. She stood there while you helped her into a light sweater. She was still so independent even after her incident, but you were slowly teaching her how to let go. And she didn't mind it too much, not when it was you that was taking care of her.
You held on to her hand and your other arm was around her waist. She could obviously walk herself, but you wanted her to feel every ounce of love and safety from you that she could. You wanted to make her inner child happy: that child who just wanted to be loved and cared for.
The journey down the stairs was not too difficult. She was adapting to this lifestyle fairly well. Better than most people would.
A cool breeze blew your hair and light clothes in every direction. New Orleans was warm for the most part but never failed to cool you down with an evening breeze. You led her towards the way back and finally let go of her to dig through your pocket for the key.
She could hear a lock rattling and it had given her a strong inkling of where you were taking her. She could not contain the delicate grin on her face. You went to unlock the door only to find out that it was already unlocked. You knew who must be inside and so you opened the door and guided your lovely girlfriend through.
A soft melody of Fleetwood Mac and soft humming echoed against the four walls. Blonde curly hair was the first you were to see until the woman turned around with a bright smile on her face.
Misty was a new student at Robichaux. She was a sweet woman and an amazing witch. She meshed with you and Cordelia just perfectly. You two were very found of the swamp witch. She was different than the other witches.
Nevertheless, Cordelia gripped on tightly to your shirt. She was still unaware of her surroundings despite the obvious clues. You couldn't blame her for being so anxious after being cooped up in her room and not being able to see on top of that.
"Hey, darlin's. Long time no see," Misty finally spoke. She walked over to the record player and lowered the music.
Cordelia finally loosened up at the voice. She was safe here. "The greenhouse?" The soft older blonde whispered. It wasn't a question; she knew where she was. She wanted to simply recognize your thoughtfulness of bringing her out here.
"I know you love it in here, honey. I wanted to bring you out here to cheer you up." Despite the smile on her face, her bottom lip trembled; a tell tale sign that she was becoming emotional. "...I'm guessing that means you're happy?"
She airily giggled at you. Her hands came up to your face, feeling around until she found your lips to lean in and kiss. "Thank you. I love you." She whispered against your lips for only you to hear.
"I love you, baby. To the moon and to saturn." Her smile only got bigger, and you stared lovingly at her to cherish the moment until you eventually turned back over to Misty.
With your hand still in Cordelia's, you walked over to the cajun at the work table with her. You watched as Misty went to work crafting some sort of potion. "What are you up to, Miss Day?"
She adverting her blue eyes to you and smirked. You and Cordelia had became very close and comfortable with Misty and you were so pleased to know that the feelings were completely reciprocated. "Just workin' on some sleeping potions."
She looked back down to grind chamomile in the mortar. You gently nudged Cordelia's arm, and if she could see, you would've winked at her too. She had been having trouble sleeping as of lately with high emotions and lots of anxiety.
Cordelia nudged you right back but she had a playful grin on her face. You took her hand and brought her over to flowers that were in need of water. To most, it would feel like a chore to water them, but Cordelia found serenity in it. "Here, baby, want to water some of these?"
She knew the greenhouse off the back of her hand and so she knew what she was looking at without actually seeing anything. Nevertheless, she refused to take the watering-can that you handed her. "I'm just going to spill water everywhere like a fool," she whined and crossed her arms to her chest. She didn't have much confidence in herself.
"Nu-uh, none of that. I'll help you. We'll do it together, alright?" She sighed but still took the can from you. You stood behind her and wrapped your arms around her body, holding your hands atop of hers that gripped onto the watering can.
You both guided the can over the flowers and tilted it so the water would pour out. You saw a soft smile grace her lips and so you kissed her cheek after every group of flowers that got a drink of water. You were so proud of her for even trying in the first place.
You took the can of water and put it back in it's spot. Cordelia's senses were on high alert due to her inability to see. She took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of daisies that were very strong to her.
Cordelia took a seat on one of the wooden benches. You, on the other hand, walked over to her roses that she had been growing. She never truly liked roses until she met you. They resembled love and romance; something she never truly had until you.
You plucked one out and patted back over to your lover. You sat beside her and placed another kiss on her cheek because you just couldn't get enough of her. She turned her head just in time for you to miss and kiss her lips instead. You both giggled at the mishap.
"This is for you, my love." She took the single rose from you. Although she couldn't see it, she still trusted that you wouldn't hand her anything dangerous. "I'm so proud of you for coming out here today. You're the most strongest woman in the world, you know that, Delia?"
She scooted closer to you and relaxed her head on your shoulder. She had to admit that the fresh air in here was much more soothing than the stuffy bedroom. "Mm not all the time but you make me feel strong. I'm so lucky to have you otherwise i'm sure I would wallow away in bed. Thank you for this."
"Anything for my gorgeous girl."
It was a small step, but she was still moving forward. You knew the next step would be to go out in public, even for a simple walk in the park. She could do it, you knew she could, and she knew that too. It was like learning to walk again; as long as you were holding her hand, she would stay on her feet.
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girls don’t want men, they want whimsigothic maximalist rooms!!
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˚ ₊ ‧ ༉ ✧TAKEN BY THE WIND ✧ ༉ ‧ ₊ ˚
Tumblr media
Post death-Kyle spencer x fem!reader
(Kyle takes a liking to the sweet witch who moves in to the academy)
(Warnings: unedited, fluff, sad emotions idk)
(Words: 1444)
* ・゚☆ 。・ * ・゚★ 。・ * ・゚☆
“Why do I have to go.” I ask my sister, my eyes stinging from the nerves.
“You need help controlling your power. You can’t keep risking your life for others at every inconvenience.” Misty says as we walk through the gates of the academy.
“That’s literally what I do. I’m a people pleaser. I can’t do anything for myself, greed has no power over me.” I smile softly. It’s a blessing and a curse, having so much power and yet so little control over how I use it. I can’t do anything out of a selfish act. But I still end up hurt at the end of the day.
“Which is why miss Cordelia is going to help you. Ok?” She smiles adjusting my shawl and knocking on the door. I nod in response and the door opens.
“Hello, you must be y/n, I’m Cordelia, misty has told us lots about you.” The blonde haired woman smiles as she reaches her hand out to shake.
“It’s very nice to meet you miss.” I say shyly.
“Now, now no need to be shy, why don’t you come inside, the other girls are so excited to meet you. It’s been a little chaotic around here these past few days and your sure to bring some happiness to the lot of them.” She says and escorts me into the huge White House they call a school.
“Girls I want you to meet y/n the newest addition to the academy.” Miss Cordelia says as we walk up on a group of 4 girls at a long table.
“Hi, I’m Zoe.” One of the girls with light brown hair says with a slight smile in her eyes and I return the favor as the others get out of there seats to say hello.
“Maddison Montgomery.” A slim girl with blonde hair says intimidatingly sticking out her hand for me to shake.
“H- hello.” I say quietly return the gesture.
Nan and Queenie introduce them selfs next causing me to smile. I can sense the vibrant energy off of the two of them and I smile feeling the same from Zoe as she gets closer, finally leaving her seat at the table.
“Girls why don’t you show her to her room and help with her bags as I talk with misty.” Cordelia insists and I’m taken up the stairs by the girls.
“So here is the room you’ll be staying in, we’ve been putting Kyle in there but he can sleep on are floor or something.” Says Madison to Zoe and I, causing my brows to furrow.
“I don’t want to remove anyone from there rooms, I’m fine with bunking, me and misty shared a room at her home for years.” I smile confused at the girls nervous looks towards the thought of me bunking with the Kyle the brought up.
“Are you sure it’s not like Kyle has any choice in the matter, he can’t even say no.” Madison laughs and Zoe lightly smacks her hand in annoyance.
“I’ll be fine.” I say trying to lighten the mood and they open the door. As I get a view of the room I see a blonde boy on seated on the bed with headphones covering his ears and he hums quietly along.
Madison marches up to the boy and forcefully pulls the headphones of his head causing him to flinch a bit.
“Kyle this is Y/n Day she’s going to be sleeping in the bed over there.” She says pointing to the other bed in the room.
“You have a roommate Kyle isn’t that fun.” Zoe says with much more kindness in her voice but I can still sense the panic in the boys dark eyes.
Zoe waves me over to them and a slowly make my way over to them and Zoe delicately has me sit next to him on the bed to introduce myself, but instead of using words first I softly place my hand over one of his and help him calm down with a tap of my finger to his palm. He looks up at me surprised and I smile.
“Hello Kyle, I’m y/n.” I say and his eyes light up.
“Y/n?” He says raising a hand to my hair with a bright smile and I lightly laugh at the gesture.
“Kyle can speak, but it’s hard for him after what he’s been through.” Zoe explains and I look up at her not being able to shake the familiarity I get from the boy. Madison walks up to Zoe after being gone from the room for a moment and tells her something.
“Kyle we’ll be right back ok, miss Delia wants y/n down stairs.” Zoe says and Kyle nods. I get up and wave good bye seeing the sweet smile he has as he watches me leave.
“He seems familiar to me, is that weird?” I ask as we enter the main hall downstairs.
“Not at all actually, I see you’ve met Kyle again.” Cordelia says and I look to my sister confused.
“Again?” I ask.
“He was the boy with the scars from a month or two ago. Remember. That’s how I knew to bring you here. When Zoe explained where she was staying, when she brought Kyle, l told her about you.” She explains and I think back to that day I came home to find a random boy covered in mud on my bed.
“Wow no wonder I didn’t recognize him sooner, he’s made so much progress.” I said my eyes lighting up and misty looks pleased knowing she had done good work on healing the boy.
“Well now that we have all that explain why don’t we eat before misty has to go.” Cordelia says and I feel that pit of nerves in my stomach again. I haven’t been away from my sister in a while. Being 19 years old and unstable with my emotions, I was not gonna do so well with her away from me I feared.
When she left later that night I couldn’t control my outburst of emotion so I quietly walked up to my shared room and sat on the bed codling my shawl she made me. Silent tears dripping on it in a rapid stream. Kyle was to distracted by his music and headphones for him to even notice my distraught state.
Or so I thought.
I feel a dip in the bed next to me and look over to see Kyle reaching a hand up to my cheek.
“Why cry?” He asks quietly.
“My sister has just left me here, I miss her very much Kyle.” I say smiling through the tears as he attempts to wipe them away. He takes my hand and places a finger to my palm and I notice him trying to replicate my calming spell from earlier. I smile at the boys gentleness and hold his hand in mine stopping his failed attempt to calm me down. He looks up at me and takes my finger placing it on my own palm. His eyes looking desperate.
“I’m sorry Kyle I can’t do it to myself. I can only help others.” I smile and he frowns.
“It’s ok. I’m ok.” I reassure him but he still looks sad. His eyes suddenly brighten and he gets up heading to his own bed only to rush back with his headphones and tablet in hand. I look at him confused till he places the headphones softly over my ears and points to the tablet. I think I have an idea of what he means so I look up my sister and I’s favorite song. Rihannon by Fleetwood Mac. I smile at the thought of us spinning around the room listening to the entrancing voice of the white witch. I look to Kyle who now has a big smile on his face noticing my tears have stopped.
I remove the headphones from my ears and he looks confused till I remove them from the tablet as well letting the soft music play through the speaker. I grab his hand and I lay down looking up at the ceiling closing my eyes content with the sound.
I feel an arm slightly resting on mine and peek over to see Kyle laying beside me mimicking my closed eyes and calm demeanor. I smile to myself and hum along to the music as I drift away to sleep as the boy with the beautiful soul lays next to me feeing the same calmness he hasn’t felt in a while.
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❦𝑑𝑎𝑟𝑘 𝑓𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑦𝑐𝑜𝑟𝑒❦
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Just walk in the misty morning of a forest.
ig credit: land_of_unconsciousness.
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Stokknes,  Iceland
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Wednesday's child is full of woe.
Wearing a ukrainian traditional belt and a vintage trachten skirt.
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I'm out early, will try and catch up with posts this afternoon, but here's an atmospheric Arthur's Seat this morning.
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the director yelled ‘play’ but sarah paulson and lily rabe heard ‘gay’ and went with it
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Misty outfits in American Horror Story: Coven.
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That's the thing...
You can't be your best self until you find your t r i b e.
I'm still looking for mine.
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