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BlackBerry Gorgeous Women
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SMUT 18+ w/ a (forced) piss kink obvi
you can't truly regret your previous actions, especially when they got you in the position that you desired.
almost. you were almost in the position you desired. almost everything was right; jake was fucking you like you wanted, all angry and hot and bothered. you were under him, your legs spread wide and thrown over his shoulders to let him reach the deepest pits within you. and that spitefulness he only possesses when you push him to the limit was there, too, and you were enjoying it. it it weren't for the hand on your lower abdomen.
earlier, when jake continued to pull you closer to him whenever you complained about having to go pee, you hadn't thought much of it. when he pushed more and more liquids into your hands at dinner, you passed it off as him just wanting to keep you hydrated. but you should've known better.
because if you were plotting, so was jake. he knew he would succumb to your bratty teasing, and he knew what he would do when he did.
fuck you to the brink of passing out, and hold a hand on your bladder to torture you even more.
you whined and thrashed and complained, but he only gave you a particularly harsh thrust, tilted his head in a warning, and held your hands above your head with his previously free hand.
you were close to cumming, and you wanted to. save for the fact that you knew if you came, you would let go all over jake. you were willing to take a certain level of embarrassment, and that level was no where near pissing on your mate.
jake knew he was winning. his teasing smile told you that as much.
"jake," you tried again, your hands attempting to lift from their confines to caress jakes cheeks, a weak spot for him. he tightened his hold and grunted. "please let go, please."
he shook his head. "you got yourself in this predicament, honey. wanted 't be a little brat the entire night. thought it was funny then, didn't you?"
you shake your head, your eyes squeezing shut. jake chuckled lowly. "uh-uh, don't lie. good little fuck toys don't lie."
"'m not lying, jake." you were. but you were so fucked out that you didn't notice.
"look at me, honey," you don't listen to him. "look at me." his voice sterns and your eyes softly open to stare at him. his ears are laying flat against his head, but when you whine they perk up. "there she is."
"'m sorry, jake. please don't make me do it."
"do what?" he feigns innocence. "you wanna cum, don't you?"
you nod. "then cum. there's nothing holding you back." painfully, jake pushes down especially hard on your bladder then and you have to audibly control yourself.
"don't hold out on me, sweetheart. you know you wanna. so go ahead and do it." and truthfully, the thought of sweet release outweighs the possible embarrassment for only a split second, but that split second is enough for you to release your constricting and let loose all over jake, cumming with a loud cry and the release of your bladder only amplifies your orgasm.
jakes hand leaves your lower abdomen to slide down to your mound, where he lets his thumb circle your clit to aid you through your release.
"there you go. 'atta girl."
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JSfjlasjf KAeya <3
meow (mischievously)
ok but... imagine living with Kaeya and you subtly mention "oh a cat would be cool" aND THEN A FEW MONTHS LATER HE JUST 'meows' ALL OVER THE HOUSE. HE LETS OUT THE MOST CATTEST 'meow' AND YOU have no idea where it comes from and you just "???? WHERE CAT???" and he'd do this for AT LEAST 6 months and NEVER TELL YOU UNTIL SOME RANDOM DAY he'd just do it while eating dinner and you'd have a jimmy neutron brain blast and connect the dots and "YOU WERE THE CAT?" and I KNOW THIS MF WOULD HAVE THE BIGGEST CHESHIRE GRIN ON HIS FACE AND WOULD ALWAYS BRING IT UP
"Remember when you heard meowing and you thought we had a stray cat in the house? lmao you searched for weeks-"
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Oh no, he's hot. 🥵🥵
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Cute glitter!!!!!
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Oh Oliver 💜 You make me swoon so easily 🤗
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Avocado Asparagus & Poached Eggs.
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