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Alana Zimmer for Numéro May 2007 ''Immaculée'' Photographer Miles Aldridge  Newest Cool on Instagram
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Source: jessakae.com
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The wifi at school went down so guess who did nothing for the rest of the afternoon???
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Gotta love these dresses! Darla (left) and Molly (right) are both new and going fast in our spring line! Check them out while they last at APOSTOLICCLOTHING.COM
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Tapered Trouser
Tapered trouser outfit Tapered trouser refers to a pant style which is lose at the waist and narrows down to the ankle. It comes in various fabrics and can be used for formal wear as well as casual wear. For today’s outfit of the day, Panache Le Glittercut brings to you tapered trouser outfit perfect for office or a day out. Outfit: Tapered Trouser Tapered trouser outfit As we can see in the…
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Your Fashion and Style Guide
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 2 (Libra - Pisces) Here
Use your Rising & Venus sign!
Prioritizes comfort but doesn't compromise for their fashion style
Absolutely rocks streetwear & athleisure
Prefers sporty fits the most!
Looks best in red & black clothing
Their style always has some sort of edge to it
Big on grunge and vintage rockband t shirts
They love combat boots and they generally prefer flame or camo print clothes
This sounds odd but they kinda remind me of a racecar aesthetic?
Very Sharp with their fashion choices
They look great in leather jackets
A bold colour paired with a neutral for a high contrast look suit them best
They love the rockstar or baddie aesthetic
Looks ~
Tumblr media
They have three modes, classy bitches, edgy e-girls & bohemian botanical.
But generally, I see classy and soft the most
Green, Brown, Beige, White, Black, Pink & Red for sensuality.
They love wearing neutrals but they often mix it up with some colour now and again
They usually have some sort of special necklace
A fan of pearls because it's classic
But diamonds are their best friends too ofc
Fuzzy & Fluffy cardigans or sweaters have their heart, especially the white and brown colours
They are into floral and flannel patterns
Their favorite colour options are brown & pink or white & pink 🕊💕
They usually dress more modest but make it look high fashion
They usually like to incorporate silk or a corset into their outfit, being ruled by venus makes them into a sensual and seductive look
Generally they favour comfortable fabrics and silk
Looks ~
Tumblr media
I noticed they don't really like dark colours and generally prefer brighter neutrals or colours
They like off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder, cutout tops & cool designs on their shirts whether its long sleeve or not
They choose tops based on the arm style such as balloon sleeves or cutouts
Asymmetrical styles suit them best
Colors are white, bright pinks, and green.
Earrings & Bracelets are their favorite accessories
They like a fairy aesthetic, something that feels whimsical
Likes to switch between feminine and masculine clothing frequently
Very experimental with their clothes
Looks ~
Tumblr media
Either soft and girly or moody and dark!
They prefer to keep it modest unless showing off their chest
Their choice of jewelry are pearl necklaces
The shoes they tend to favour are chunky block heels & sandals
Prefers blue, pink & white or black
Soft and flowy clothes like cardigans or kimonos
Knee high socks + sweater dresses look great
They love sweetheart necklines
Into crop tops! Usually silk crops
They like to pair tight clothes with a flowy jacket! Especially if it has a pop of colour
Overall style changes depending on how they're feeling that day
Looks ~
Tumblr media
Everytime I looked up a Leo rising celebrity that were ALWAYS wearing sunglasses
A fan of sunhats too!
Anything bright & metallic suit them perfectly
They look lavish in silky and shiny materials
They tend to wear fur coats
They like long and sturdy coats in general!
Usually they own big statement jewelry
Everything looks shiny tbh especially their hair.
Sparkly clothes & sequins are their weakness
They could rock sundresses
They look great in animal print, specifically cheetah or leopard.
Bold fashion is their go-to
Even if they wear neutral colours they make sure the texture stands out
Jumpsuits were really popular among them! I think they like to look playful but glamorous at the same time
They will not leave the house unless they look ready for a fashion show lol
Their motive is to standout and turn heads.
Looks ~
Tumblr media
Less is more for them
They like simple t-shirts with cute mottos like "be kind" or some shit that HAS to be written in small font or they won't wear it LOL
A Preppy Style & Sweater Vests are their thing
So is gingham print
They rock high-fashion looks
Fake glasses are a cute trend they look good in
A big fan of trench coats and cardigans
They prefer a business casual look
They prefer earthy tones & greens.
They are all about the simplicity in versatility! For instance they usually like black jeans and a white top but the top can be a tube top or a halter top based on what they want that day
Very picky about fashion, I find super bright colors often turn them away
Quality > Quantity for them
A lot of them look great in crop tops, or waist accentuating clothing like kim k is known for
Watches are usually a staple item they prefer
Looks ~
Tumblr media
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Guide to Building a Classic Wardrobe
I was asked a long time ago by an anon for a guide to build a wardrobe. This style caters to someone mature, slightly conservative, NOT fashionnova-esque, something that will last a long time in all fashion seasons, provided you look after your items well. I live in a relatively hot climate and the coldest temperature I’ve experienced when living in a place is like 10 degree Celsius, so I will admit that I am not very well versed with living in cold climates for a prolonged period of time (I don’t think a 2 week trip to Switzerland in the summer counts as “cold”).
I have purposely built with keeping neutrals in mind. I’ve learned that its best to first build a neutral coloured wardrobe in mind, then start adding colour to it. You might find this wardrobe boring, but if you work in a corporate environment/ somewhere where you can’t showcase too much colour or creativity/ if you come from a relatively conservative/ high profile-but-not-entertainment /modest culture, you’ll find this useful.
ALWAYS keep an eye on the material of the item you are buying. If you have to buy a sweater and you live in a cold climate, buy cashmere. Yes, it will be expensive, but it will keep you warm and last longer. If you live in a hot climate, invest in tops and dresses made out of pure cotton. Material plays a huge role in the climate you live in.
I do not endorse fast fashion or over-consumerism but I understand that it is affordable. I would therefore recommend you to buy things carefully and with consideration, not just for the sake of the environment but for your wallet. It’s better to buy 1 quality item than 10 horribly made, short-lasting items.
Never mix more than 3 colours in your outfit at a time. That’s something my father taught me, and I recommend you stick to it, especially if you’re new to building a serious wardrobe.
Lastly, do not be enthralled by what influencers buy or wear. I can guarantee you that the clothes they wear on Instagram aren’t even theirs half the time. Don’t fall into the trap of micro trends.
(Pictures for this post have been sourced from Pinterest).
Nude bra + thong/ undie
Black bra + thong/ undie
White bra + thong/ undie
Strapless bra (black)
Strapless bra (nude)
2 sexy bra sets (optional, I have these in red, pink, blue)
Nipple pads
White silk cami
Black silk cami
White plain tee
Black plain tee
White tank
Black tank
Beige tank (or whatever suits your complexion - brown/ nude)
White shirt
Black shirt (satin/ silk)
Blue shirt
Navy blue trousers
Wine/ red high waisted trousers
White trousers
Beige trousers
Black trousers
Straight leg jeans (blue)
Another pair of jeans (not ripped, blue)
White jeans, straight leg/ mom cut
Beige (a checked print, like Burberry)
2 maxi skirts
1 pencil skirt in black (work appropriate)
Denim (not distressed)
Tailored white shorts
Tailored blue shorts
Tailored black shorts
Formal attire
1 maxi dress - red/ black/ a neutral colour
White/ black vest and trouser set
Everyday dresses
Knit dress in black/ cream/ brown (long)
2 summer dresses, short
White peasant dress
Outer wear
Leather jacket in black/ brown
1 cardigan in black/ white
A shawl/ silk scarf
Denim jacket
Long trench coat in camel/ brown/ beige
Blazer in white/ navy blue/ black
Sweater in black/ white/ red
Black/ white/ brown leather boots
White/ silver heels
Black heels
Gold heels
Mules in black
Home slippers
Running shoes
White sneakers
1 brown/ black leather bag
1 tote bag
1 clutch for parties
Hair clips
Tights/ leggings - sheer and opaque in black
Diamond studs
Everyday pendant
2-3 simple bracelets/ bangles in silver/ gold
Signet rings in gold
Chunky hoops
Hair straightener
Hairdryer/ Blow brush (i prefer the blow dry brush)
30 mm curling wand (for long, big curls)
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Ermanno Scervino f/w 2013 rtw Creative Director Ermanno Scervino Photographer Francesco Carrozzini Source
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"This one's reserved"
SFW , Fluff.
crocodile x reader
Tumblr media
You always wondered why he never put rings on that finger, he'd always wear the flashiest diamonds and most intricate exspensive golds on his hands however solely refused to take up space on his hand.
He likes looking exspensive so why didnt he add another?
"Could it be?" The thought flashed your mind. Maybe he leaves it bare because hes reserving it for a wedding ring.. You thought.
Its the right hand and the right finger is he really that type of man? To hold him in high enough proper standarts to avoid using jewlery for that purpose alone. The thought made you blush a little.
"How modest of him.." you giggled.
"What is?" A voice from the shadows erupted, gleaming brown eyes reflecting sunlight.
"Oh nothing.." you kept smiling.
"Go on i'm waiting." He waited, stepping out of the shadows he leaned back in his chair white smoke lingering from his cigar.
"I don't think youre interested in old fashion modesty, are you?" You leaned on the table beside him scooting over some of his papers.
"Who knows, is this the reason youre acting like a school girl?" His answer was as dry as sand.
"Not really no." You lied looking at the way he puffed his cigar. Every finger coated in gold except one huh.
"In any case get off the table i have work to do." He demanded making you push yourself off the wodden desk.
Not to assume but was he avoiding your questioning?
You smiled to yourself for the last time nearing his door until you stopped. He didnt ask you to leave like he usually does, you dared to test your limits trying to overstay your welcome you headed for the large bookshelf grabbing out a book.
Crocodiles eyes followed you slowly watching what youre doing, not like he cared but somehow it was nice to have company for once. He thought.
You knew how dismissive and heardheaded this man was, how little he trusted those around him and not to mention how hard was it to even begin to make him talk to you like two proper adults not wanting to kill eachother.
You flipped the book on its back reading the introduction of it then you pried open the first page starting to read.
A while passed eventually Crocodile butted out his cigar cutting it with a neat machine for another use.
Some time passed as you were now on the fiftieth page of the book enticed in the story it told, until you looked over his direction. He was sitting silently filing out paperwork ,somehow he looked a little at peace, not guarded a bit relaxed. It was a refershing sight.
You gently smiled at the view and with a poof your book came to a close. You didnt want to disturb him so you got up quietly putting the book back ,your feet nearing the door out of his office.
In the back of your head you could feel a gaze, he was eyeing you again. The question seemed to bother him a little.
You opened the door and before he got to annoy you more with his dry and uninformative answers you headed out.
You made your way to the kitchen many floors below his office, asking the chefs at his casino for some hot water and tea.
"Whats the occasion las'?" The cook asked unusual of you to order anything here.
"Oh you know, showing some courtesy to the big bad man."
"Hmm i see, take this in that case.
He offered you a small bag filled with crumpled up leaves no doubt tea, with a bit of a crunch you opened it, nose filling with the scent of ginger and florals.
"Do you mind if i get some utensils and hot water with it?"
"Not at all, here you go kid." the man replied offering you a nice tray with some sugar lemon and a tiny flower in an even tinier vase.
"How cute.." you observed the little flower.
"Think he's the type to care for flowers?"
"Dont think so, but if you are keep the water changed every few days, should bloom beautifully." he added trying not to talk about his boss all too much.
The flower was maybe a bit bigger than a timy rock, a very floral white it had for petals, you wanted to nurture it and see it bloom.
Making your way back into his office you put down the tray on the book-table the tiny flower dangling in the middle of it.
"Care for some tea?" You offered politley. Hearing nothing.
Back to his old self again?
Crocodile was so much in the zone he actually didnt even notice you entering as this was a very important contract he had to decide on, he was wondering about expanding the casino buisness for a while now however not in the same town or country.
You poured yourself two cups of tea the aroma of ginger filling the air around you. You placed a few sliced of lemon on the side of the cupholder and a pair of sugar cubes, not knowing how he likes his tea you prepared for the occasion anyway.
"Thanks." He kept reading the contract.
You paused for a second, giving the authorative male a quick glance, he wasn't even focused on his surroundings he spaced out so much that he of all people thanked for tea from you.
You slightly chuckled daring to press your hand against his shoulder before walking off a second time.
He felt the warmth on his side however still too distracted with the contract to care.
"In order of offering our land in the country of-" he stopped focusing. He had been reading far too much and all these logistics were making his brain aggitated. He lit the cigar taking the cup in hand didnt bother with sugar or lemon. He admired the taste afterall he picked it for the mènu.
"I wouldnt call it modesty," He exhaled a cloud of weak smoke, "This one's reserved for something better than gaudy jewelry."
"Theres something better than gold for you?" you piqued not expecting him to start talking about feelings what so ever.
"Mm." his voice rumbled deep in his chest, it was interesting how little yet how much he can exspose you to his inner world.
You smiled understandingly, "Cheers to that." You drank in odd silence, Crocodile held something back that day.
- 5 days later -
You had taken care of the flower everyday watering it putting it in shade and in the sun making sure to relish the hard work and consistency you gave it.
Ah if only work could be this easy.
Thankfully your errands dropped before you had the chance to start them, you didnt ask about it either, happily taking the day off.
It was around midday, you were busy continuing the book and all of a sudden the sound of metal on wood alerted you, something fell..
You got up to check, still rolling right under the beautifully bloomed flower layed a slim gold ring.
Your eyes wide as how it got in the room in the first place you picked it up setting it on your finger for experimentation. It fit at best your middle finger however once switching one over it slided on perfectly not willing to budge.
"Hmm, this is nice." you liked how it looked, chique but extrordinary something about it made you like it more and more.
Few knocks and no wait for an answer the door opened the tall figure welcoming himself in.
"Anything wrong?" you asked him.
"No, simply sweeping the perimiter, i seem to have lost something." he looked at you.
"?" you stared stupidly at him.
"Maybe it was this?" You showed you hand to him the golden ring sitting on your ring finger perfectly.
"Got married or are you just bragging?"
Your face flushed. "W-What neither i just found this thing in my room."
He hummed staring at you, hand reaching for his cigar you noticed the spot on his hand that was empty a few days before was now enticed in a simple thick wedding band.
"Youre joking right?" you were shocked.
"Well hello something better than gold? but its there anyway."
"It's different." He calmly stated taking your hand in his, he kissed your knuckle leaving you speachless.
"This one is for you and me."
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🖤🧕💙 wear it sister
Tumblr media
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uh..hi, I see you are accepting requests; Bruce wayne (battinson) with a gothic s/o? I leave everything to your discretion ( I'm a little new here on tumblr and this is my first request so sorry if I did something wrong,sorry :(
❝bruce wayne with a gothic s/o❞
Tumblr media
❐ pairing: battinson!bruce wayne x gn!reader.
❏ words: 1.1k.
❐ warnings: mentions of/use of blood.
❏ a/n: you're perfectly fine!! dw bub. also, I hope my representation of the goth community is adequate. I am a fan of the music but am still very much a baby bat ;-;
Tumblr media
for all intents and purposes, bruce IS a goth
but to be honest, he isn't really in the culture
he definitely went through a modest phase as a teenager but because of the public eye, he probably wasn't allowed to lean into it in regard to looks
but music has always been a way for him to express himself
and come on, the guy lives in goth-am. the archetypes write themselves
I could see him having a steady rotation of grunge rock, alternative, and goth rock on his playlists
alfred has never really understood the ominous choirs or the skull-shaking bass but “go off, master bruce” as he would say
he would not say that
and let’s face it, take bruce to a goth club or something and no one will be able to tell that he’s not familiar
in the event that bruce ends up with a gothic s/o, I think he would be quietly fascinated over you
you would catch him watching as you put together outfits, do your hair or makeup, etc. with this slightly unnerving stare that you’re unfortunately used to, but the difference between bruce’s stare and others’ is that you can tell he’s fascinated
whenever he finds something that appeals to him, he tends to get a little lost watching it
it’s really endearing when you happen to catch him doing it to you all the time ;-;
asking him what he’s thinking about when he looks at you usually helps get him out of the trance
he sometimes asks if you can try looks on him that he otherwise wouldn’t do himself
he doesn’t really like to do this, but he does have to keep up the image of a squeaky clean ceo that definitely doesn’t dress up as a giant bat every night, so whatever you do to him has to come off in one hot shower
the first time you ever took a tub of gel to his hair and drew on some elaborate eyeliner and eyeshadow, he’d stared at the mirror as if he was trapped inside someone else’s body
he was used to caking black paint on his eyes in a messy, undone up way of course, so he’d never looked this… deliberately pretty
he really couldn’t begin to consider wearing looks like this out with you because, again, squeaky clean ceo
but you’ve gotten plenty of pictures of him in the privacy of wayne tower to make up for it
but wouldn’t he just look darling in a corporate goth getup? ;-;
he would. because that’s literally his fashion style right now
as for music, I mentioned in my headcanons for bruce making you a playlist that he absolutely loves taking recommendations from you and playing them in the batcave at a deafening volume
it’s his love language: including bits of you into his routine
now I said that he’s not able to dress up with you when you go out, but that doesn’t by any means mean that he feels you shouldn’t either
bruce is a secretive, possessive lover anyway. it’s very rare you two are spotted together outside of the tower, especially in his early days as batman
when he starts getting back into the swing of being Bruce Wayne, there are plenty of public events that he’s asked to attend
of which he usually just goes to by himself
but once you two have been together long enough, I think bruce would start asking if you’d be okay being his date to things
like he knows that some of this stuff isn’t your cup of tea, and he knows better than any one that gotham high society is brutal to anyone who doesn’t “fit in”, so he would never want to put you into a position where you felt uncomfortable or ostracized
but he also genuinely is proud to have you by his side, and he’s a little tired of bringing alfred as his date to things LMAO
he makes it painstakingly clear that you’re free to be yourself. he doesn’t want you to put on some facade just to appeal to people that bruce doesn’t actually care about
if you want to go all out at galas, he’s all for it
hell, he’ll even don a few accessories (your choice) to match you
speaking of
I know that not every goth is into this BUT I am
if you and bruce were to get even more serious (or married!), I think that he would be interested in exchanging blood jewelry with you
it’d come up one night as you’re patching him up, pressing a cloth to a cut in his cheek that he got on patrol
he’d be a bit unsure about how to go about asking you since he has no idea if it’d freak you out
but he proposes it carefully, “I’ve seen these... rings. unique rings. I thought about getting us a pair”
when you ask for further explanation, he tells you about artisans who take your blood and fashion them into beautiful bands of silver
they’re minimalist, subtle, and mean something
“I’d like to carry you with me, in a way. what do you think?”
if you’re down, he is excited to get the actual rings done
he has alfred draw the blood for both of you, sending it off to get made, and when the rings come back he immediately finds you to try them on
your matching rings are stunning, a trick of the light that makes others think they’re made of garnet or stained, tempered glass
and if anyone asks, that’s what he might say
it’s your little secret ^^
if you happen to show him the crow (1994), he is super gonna wanna dress up as eric for halloween with you
I’m talking full face of white paint and black eyeliner/lipstick, tight leather pants, ripped muscle shirt, the WORKS
like, LOOK at the material
Tumblr media
you cannot tell me bruce wouldn’t be made for this look
it’d be a few steps out of his comfort zone with the elaborate makeup and the tight-fitting clothing, but I think he’d do it just to have you compliment him
god forbid you tell him that the look suits him and he should wear it more often
I said bruce has to play the role of the squeaky clean ceo but he loves you, public image be damned
I would give anything to be a citizen of gotham experiencing eric!bruce
I would be the biggest pick me ever, I’m sorry dear reader
but all jokes aside, I think bruce would really enjoy having a gothic s/o! he would think ur really cool and hot wear your blood as a priceless accessory (if you’re down) <3
Tumblr media
taglist: @yikes-buddy @alexxavicry @moonlightreader649
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It's so difficult to dress Nesta because she's so conservative in her fashion. It's also really unique and interesting.
Her modest style is made to stand out even in the text. But with Velaris being Victorian Fae Paris and the Court of Nightmares similarly quite aristocratic - Nesta ends up being the one who perfectly matches with what should be everyday NC Fashion.
Tumblr media
SJM had the weird bit in acomaf where the NC was almost Arabic inspired (it was weird cosplay cultural appropriation but we move) and then we had the sort of high glam era where Feyre's gowns were all somewhere between prom and the met gala. And then we had uggs and leggings. Who knows what the fuck is up with that. Someone tell me what they wore in ACOSF. I'm still trying to find out what Night Court fashion is
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