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Sanguine Song
Art trade with @adxmanial
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DnD experience: The black market building we’re investigating is actually a giant mimic
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Some late MerMay AU
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Going to have a handful of Mothra tumblers in next week’s Etsy update, super duper happy with how these roundo ladies came out.
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by Maurizio Rosenzweig
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Oh yeah, before I forget- since it was the tumblr engagement that ultimately motivated me to draw more of this dude
here u go, more dilf/gilf goat
I will love answering questions about him to the best of my abilities
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Body assimilation
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WOAH! I'm done with this one now. A big smutty fanfiction. Again, Ganon is evil, bad, a villain etc. so buckle up people.
This is a Rauru and Sonia daughter reader. I imagined the oc I drew but there are no descriptions beside long hair one time toward the end so you can put yourself, whatever simp you are. 😊
Minors do not interact please.
Warnings: spoilers if you haven't watched the tears memories in the game, size difference, monster fucking (He is basically one when he transforms), chocking, pain, death (not the reader), little mentions of blood, manhandling, dubious consent, non-con, gloom pleasure (not telling what I mean)
Words: 3755
The breeze was gentle outside as you sat in the garden with your father and mother, King Rauru and Queen Sonia. Two guards were standing straight, eyes looking cautiously the outskirts for any menace despite peace reigning for as long as you could remember. There were the zonai soldiers your parents built as well. You didn't think anything would happen. There was an accident two weeks ago but you hope nothing similar would ensue.
"I'm happy to hear you are getting better with your power." Your mother expressed her joy gently. "It takes me back to when I was your age. It was a surprise."
"Three people with a tear of time. Now that is interesting." Your father scratched his chin in deep thought. You perked up at this statement. He was talking about Zelda.
"I'll have to find her after tea. I wonder what she wanted to talk about with me."
Sonia put a hand on his. "Don't fret over this, dear." She grabbed her cup, sipping silently. The curved of her lips was not invisible to you and your father. "Just enjoy the present for now, you need it before they come for the matters we talked about."
"Who?" You looked at them curiously. You had no clue. "Don't we already have treaties between the people of the regions?"
"Not all, Y/N." That was enough to understand your father's words. He seemed uncertain as well, so why doing this?
"But—" Your eyes gazed at your still full cup of tea. It was a bad approach in your opinion. "Did you asked them?" He shook his head, making your brows furrowed even more.
"He responded to our demands and I accepted. I'll see to it for an agreement this evening."
"I don't think this is a good idea, father." Your voice was but a murmur. "Didn't they send mordugas two weeks ago to attack? If we hadn't being there—" You stopped yourself from finishing your sentence, closing your eyes a moment. The thought of death scared you and there is a high chance that it would've been a sucess for the Gerudos.
"You are thinking too much my dear." Your mother spoke sweetly with tender eyes. "Why don't we take one step at a time? Let enjoy this morning together for now."
"Sonia's right." Your father continued. "We are well protected and if something doesn't feel right, we'll make more preparations, alright Y/N?"
You nodded weakly. Your troat was dry and no tea could quench your thirst.
You now sat in the throne room, next to your mother. Your father was in the center and Zelda next to him on his right, standing. Since the moment the Gerudos arrived, you couldn't bring yourself to look at him. This man was a dark mystery but he was making you uncomfortable. Like a prey despite your mother's power coursing through your veins. You were still thinking your father was playing with fire.
"On behalf of the gerudo, for taking so long to accept your repeated invitations, it is our desire to be accepted into the protective embrace of your kingdom. To serve it faithfully." He kneel after the women who accompagnied him, one hand resting on his knee.
"A welcome appeal, Ganondorf. I will accept your vow of featly to the kingdom of Hyrule."
Your eyes widened toward your parent. Was he serious? "Father—" You whispered, bewildered but he exchanged a look that was enough to silence you and sat farter in your throne with a still rigid back.
"I understand that a single male is born to the Gerudo every one hundred years. Receiving such an appeal from you, a hero to his people and a king by birth," Rauru closed his eyes with a faint smile. "Well, it is truly reassuring."
"It is my honour." Ganondorf spoke slowly. With his head hidden in the darkness, you couldn't see his expression. "When your Zonai ancestors first descended upon these lands long, long ago, they must have seemed to be gods. And now you rule as king and have taken a Hyrulean woman as you wife." Your father sound cautious at Ganondorf words, frowning. "As well as birth a daughter of both race." Your eyes met his amber, almost red ones, petrified under the gaze while a phantom grin dressed his lips. You felt a gentle hand touched yours and looked to your mother. Her eyes were forward but the warm of her touch put your mind at ease a little. "Your Majesty has certainly risen above your admirable lineage. Most impressive."
"It is unfortunate that the noble Zonai no longer grace this world with their presence." The sunset passed through the windows of the castle and the light colored the Gerudo in flaming red. You supressed a gasp at the view as his gaze turned a sharp moment to you before turning to the king. "All except you and your sister, that is."
Rauru joins turned paler as he grasped the cold arms of his seat. He had a calm exterior nonetheless. "Even if something were to happen to me, both my kingdom and the peace it brings will endure for generations to come." An ominous silence followed before your father voice was heard again. "Your actions today are appreciated, Ganondorf. I look forward to your futur endeavors. You may leave."
"You Majesty." The man bowed before getting up in one swift motion, taking his sword with him. You saw the eyes of the devil one last time then he was gone, Gerudo women following behind him.
You heartbeat was fast against your chest as your eyes were fixed on the double doors at the end of the room. You didn't hear what Zelda had said, losing yourself in your own mind for a minute. Your father's words were short. "I am well aware of his evil nature. For that reason, and others, I want him close. It will be easier to keep an eye on him."
"I still think this is not a good decision, father." Rauru's eyes turned to you with slight surprise. "Something bad is going to happen. I sense it and it's unbearable." You clenched the tear that was neatly placed where your heart was. "I doubt Ganondorf is duped enough to stay tranquilly without attacking. He did it once, who said he won't do it a second time?"
Sonia, your mother, was stroking your back slowly, drawing circles to calm you while he got up and advanced toward you. "Y/N, I am touched you worry so much about us and the people here but this is nothing to worry about.  Everything will be alright." He smiled, almost hugging your form. You closed your eyes.
"If anything happens, we will be prepared." Your mother finished, looking at him, then at Zelda. You followed her gaze, watching the girl sending you her own uncertained smile.
A week went by and Zelda talked to you about her own concerns regarding the Gerudo king. His name was familiar to her, but she couldn't put her finger on it. You both agreed that something was wrong at least. It made you feel less paranoiac that you weren't thinking alone.
Outside of your worries, you practiced more of your power with your mother and were getting better at it. You were able to stop time on bigger objects and for a longer period of time. She was proud of you, and your father was as well. 
A month passed before Zelda had send you a letter to meet her one night with chances to talk deeper in the matters that you were both preoccupied with. When you reached the exterior halls however, that's when you felt that this meeting wasn't normal. She had being quiet for the whole walk, even with the both of you alone. You looked at the scenery from the ruins before you gazed behind your shoulder and turned to her. "We are alone now. What did you want to talk about with me, Zelda?" A distorted smile showed on her lips, taking you aback. "Zelda?"
"It's was so easy. You are such a naive girl." You were too much in shock to be embarrassed at her statement. Her head leaned on the side, almost too much to be comfortable. A sharp object slide from her hand suddenly and you exclaimed in fright when it flew toward you. What you discerned was a knife stopped milimeters from your face.
You hadn't use your power—
"Oh my, I am surprise to hear you say such a thing." Sonia appeared around the corner.
Her eyes weren't cold but the warmth was gone, slowly advancing toward Zelda, not taking her gaze off the girl. "I was wondering if I was seeing two at the same time, being in one place and another far away in such a short moment is pretty strange, don't you think? You did play your game pretty well." Your mother's power was still on then grabbed the weapon and tossed it on the ground gracefully. "But if you're not her, that means you are a puppet of Ganondorf."
You watched with wide eyes, stunned. "A puppet?" Did that mean that the conversations you had weren't with her? Were any?
The body decomposed as the marionette laughed mischievously. Red and purple formed on it until there wasn't anyone there anymore but a weird sent in the air.
You watched wary for anything abnormal and when you saw nothing, you let your guard down. You sighed, turning around to Sonia, wide eyes at the person standing behind her. You hadn't time to call for her as your mother was stabbed in the back, gasping in pain and surprise. The killer snatched the tear on your parent's necklace and she crumbled to the floor, blood on her white dress. Tears welled up in the corner of your eyes.
"Mother!" You rushed to her, holding her body for dear life. "Please don't be dead. I'm begging you. Don't die, please!" Your powers weren't strong enough to turn back time and you hated yourself for it. But you despised even more the man in front of your kneeling form.
Grin wide, his chest vibrated as he roared maniacally. Ganondorf clutched the tear in a vice grip as it pulsed with power. "Finally it is mine." The tear materialized on his forehead with gold and the ground started shaking under your form. You held your mother tighter as dark mist surrounded the man, the scream of victory the only hint he was still there. You hid your view from it, your head in the crook of your parent's neck as you waited to wake up from this horrible nightmare. It wasn't real. It could've not been.
You were abruptly gripped by your dress, feet dangling off the stone ground, your hands instinctively reaching to get out of his hold.
"You can struggle all you want, princess." A dark voice grunted, sounding amused. "Nobody is here to save you now, not even your developing power of time."
Eyes wide, they were met with a changed man. His title of Demon King was fitting more now than ever with his monstrous appearance. His scleras became black, contrasting with the same eyes colour as before. The hair grew longer but the places where two horns had emerged. His robes were created of the same stuff that came out when he stole the tear, a similar substance that Zelda, whoever it was the real one or not, talked to you about from her own era.
He was demonic.
"Your foolish king took for granted the godlike power you had all in your hands, not using it to its full potential." His eyes slitted and your heartbeat quickened. While you felt overpowered by his stare alone, his grip on you was making things more difficult. You tried to kick him in vain, getting but a disorted chuckle in response. "Your mother is merely the first victim of his arrogance and she won't be the last, believe me."
The sounds of the doors resonated and tears cascaded down your cheeks at the new voice. "Y/N!" Your father was here and by the lighter sounds of feet, Zelda was as well. "Let her go, Ganondorf." He growled, barring his teeth in anger as his third eye opened.
"You tried to control me, Rauru." The changed Gerudo spat, but smirked nonetheless. He was in a better position than all of you. His grip was now on your throat, body turned toward them and they heard a gasp for air while you looked desperately at your father and friend. "You will die knowing that you fail!" He exclaimed darkly, then gazed at you struggling. "As for her, I have other plans in mind."
"You bastard!" You chocked without thinking, grasping for anything while extending your hand toward your parent. You were losing consciousness.
"What foul language for a Zonai princess." He grinned wickedly and looked to the king. "That will need punishment, don't you think, Rauru?"
Pain started to course through your body and you whimpered loudly, regretting your decision. It felt like it was burning, but weak now, it was easier to not do anything instead of fighting against the hold Ganondorf had on your neck.
Zelda was mouth opened. "I recognize it now, it's the gloom!"
Rauru looked horrified and helpless while the Gerudo was smug, an evil smirk reaching his ears. "What are you going to do now, king?" He emphasized on the last term. Darkness was creeping around your body until it reached your chest. It stopped growing but it was more painful than earlier.
"Please, stop! It hurts!" Your cries made your father's heart clenched, seeing you trashed around feebly. He should have listened to you. Maybe then you wouldn't be in the grasp of this awful individu. Maybe then, Sonia would've not died.
Ganondorf threw his newfound magic toward them with his free hand, Rauru immediately protecting himself, Zelda and your mother but you saw it wasn't enough. The shield was not stronger than the attack and dread filled your guts when you heard your friend teleported the three of them away, a guilty look in her eyes.
Your lips quivered, wanting to curl in a ball as the situation kicked in. You were alone now with this monster. The man huffed in annoyance, dropping you without a care, resulting in scratches on your hands and knees. You winced and choked on air, your respiration slowly going back to normal after the gloom disappeared. Watching him in a mix of fear and hatred, he send you a curled smirk in response. "This world as it is now is doomed and you will be the first to see it crumbled."
"You won't get away with this." You spat, tears slowly drying.
"Oh, but I will." Ganondorf seized your wrist, turning you around so you were back to his chest and Hyrule in your peripheral vision, a blood red moon high in the sky. Monsters of all size were attacking, destroying everything and killing everyone while people screams filled the air, making you cry again. You averted your eyes but he wasn't having it. He gripped your chin with his whole hand, his breath on your ear, making you watched. "I am the king now. After all these years of been belittled by your people, seen as nothing but lowly thieves—I am in control." 
You gritted your teeth. "You're just a monster."
His wicked laugh rang in your ears, making you shuddered with closed eyes while your ears and cheeks redened, feeling his face next to yours. "You're hurting me now, princess." He mocked, claws stroking your face with slow movements. They descended in the line of your breasts, then to your stomach, resting in the middle and you tried to trash away like you were just touched by fire. Fortunately the gloom was nowhere on your body but his hand had replaced the burning feeling. You looked at him in terror behind your shoulder when your body was bend on the rock debris. "Now, let's see how powerful this new body is."
"Ganondorf—" Your dress was pulled over your waist, dark clawed hands running over your bottom. "Stop this!" His grin only widened at your small voice.
"Pleading for mercy, princess?" He dryly humped against you, grunting like an animal as your cheeks flushed in embarrassement. His chest was touching you, chuckles making it vibrated against your back. "So pathetic. How I would enjoy this blast Rauru seeing your crumbled form because of me. I will savor breaking you until you are nothing but a slave." He groaned silently with half lidded glowing eyes, bit your ear and then pushed you farther down. Gloom invaded from the cracks of the ruins, flowing up your legs and arms until it stayed, clutching your members for restraining any movement. You whimpered against the substance. It was like stone was holding you captive now despite feeling liquid.
Ganondorf undress his robes, his length standing tall. "No, please—"
"Don't try to hide it for me, princess. Your body is responding very well to my power." He smacked one of your cheeks, the skin getting pink at the action and a pained moan leaving your lips. He stroke his member with slow motions before alligning himself to your entrance.
"Don't—Ganondorf. I'm begging you!" You felt helpless and vulnerable against his strong mass. He slid all the way in, creating another sound from you.
"Zonai are truly differents, but Zonai and Hylian?" Ganondorf straightened his back, looking down at your petite form with evil intent. You tried to push him out but it only brought pain. "I'm going to mold your body for me only. My own pet." The man cackled, sensing you clenched around him. You were suddenly feeling warmer as he continued to drilled down into your hole. "Would you like that? I do relished the idea of the Zonai princess reduced to be a lowly servant." The gloom dissipated from one leg as Ganondorf grabbed it, dangling from each rough thrusts he was inflicting. Your moans got louder, the urge to hide your eyes from him as the position was switched. That is, if it wasn't for the dark substance. Glowing ambers stared at your quivering form in amusement, watching your expression slowly turning lustful. "Finally." He pumped harder, your leg on his naked shoulder, gasping every now and then. Sensing struggle from your arms, the gloom disappeared from there as well. The man was slightly surprised when you put them behind him, or you tried, with how massive he was.
"Father—Help me." You cried for help, your brain still conscient as you hold the man. You felt disgusting for falling for such act from a monster such as Ganondorf. However, your body, although new to this, was accepting the pleasure with excitement. A tear fell down and he swipped it out before crashing his mouth on yours, canines grazing your lips and biting, drawing blood. Both hands were on each side of your head as the devil continued to fuck your entrance, juices flowing down the inside of your hips. His tongue entered after, devoring you until air became a need.
Ganondorf let go, gazing at your flushed and sweaty form. He turned your face to him. "Such a disgraceful expression you have on you, princess." He smiled evilly while leaving and entering swiftly until the Gerudo was all the way again. "Fits more a slut than royalty."
"What do you say to your king, princess?"
You let out a whine, your head thrown back from the force. "N—No."
That wouldn't do. Ganondorf became rougher, a dark and serious expression on his face as he took your two legs to put on his shoulders and his own body mass crushing your smaller one. His shaft was pulsating inside and he groaned in his actions, loving how you clenched him like that so tightly. Gloom cascaded down your breast, applying a burning touch to your sensitive parts and the Gerudo smile returned at your voice. Your lips parted, tongue almost out while your whole body shook at each powerful trust.
"What a view" he gripped your troat again, lighter than earlier, and pressed you to the wall, face on the rock and his member pumping inside without mercy. He watched the sight of your buttcheeks rolling in pleasure, slapping them again. Your body moved like a doll, whinning at being stretched by his size while juice dressed his lenght. Ganondorf looked at it, chest rising in evil laughter. "Are you already at your limit, my dear?"
Your mouth let out silenced noises and he arched an eyebrow. "What was that?" He thrusted rougher all the way after been out. You spasmed. "Speak to your master." Ganondorf growled.
It was difficult to open your eyes while the power of his thrusts were inhuman. Your back arched uncomfortably, feeling close to his chest as your head now rest on his shoulder blade. The man huffed in annoyance, taking your waist instead as you continue to bounce on his shaft. "No matter. You are nothing now but a slave—my servant and you will bowed before me." A smug smirk dressed on his lips. "We are already close to that, aren't we, slut?"
He had break you. Smiling triumphaly, the Gerudo ran a hand through your long hair, claws thugging in a vice grip. "Yes, let me hear you. Scream who you belong to!"
"I belong to you!" You moaned but he entered slower and harder into your entrance.
His breath tickled your ear while you stared lost at a red Hyrule. The man brought you closer to him in a standing position, his member going deeper. His free hand roamed your body hungrily, the other's fingers inside your mouth while the gloom was helping, pulsing on your chest and neck. Ganondorf grunted suddenly. "Now take it all."
You screamed when his essense flew inside, your stomach getting a little bigger at the amount. "So—much!" Your eyes rolled back befor you fell limp. If it wasn't for him holding you, you would have met the ground. More gushed at your feet.
"What a waste." Ganondorf snarled at the liquid, fingers pressing at your entrance to block the rest. "But I use more than once what belongs to me. Say goodbye to your dear father, princess, because I am not done with you."
"Far from it actually." 
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Do y’all remember Uhm?
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i do love him so much doe :3 best oc in da world teehee
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some wips i've been workin on
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Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix for AD&D 2e, 1994, Jeff Easley cover art featuring the pegataur, the blackball (an apparently living creature very similar to a sphere of annihilation), and the frost salamander
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Monster Girl Alphabet : E
E is for Eye monster
Eye monster creatures with one or multiple eyes
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Character reimagination comm!
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