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Plague Tyrant (1 of 5) - Dominik Mayer
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bobthedragon · 2 days
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been doodling myself as this thing lately as some sort of frustration entity idk what they are beyond that though
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Recent paintings! 💚💙
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possumcollege · 2 days
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Part of pride for me is learning to discard the constant visceral need to present as acceptable. I'm a right mess some days but I want my life to be about learning to express and experience joy more sincerely. I want to share more than I consume, and I want to discover more than I hoard and hide. I want to live among people who also share and celebrate that sincerity.
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general-pedro · 2 days
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“A Foe at the End of Everything”
Primordial Malzeno Fanart to celebrate Bonus Update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! Happy Hunting friends! ♥
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ocularguts · 5 hours
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some of my past favorite angel designs i've made for others 🕊️💝
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pessimisticfanboi · 2 days
The unstable Tarantula DNA in his body effects Miguel in weird ways.
Most of which Mig tries to ignore. A lot of it is dietary or sexual.
When he's hungry or horny, he can't retract his fangs.
He has very poor eyesight now. It's basically human, but easily irritated. Too much light will give him migranes. His mask or sunglasses fix this most days. It's easier to ignore his sight and depend on his super hightened senses.
He likes to use his paralizing venom on woman, but will only do it at her request.
Tarantulas mate violently. The violence is experienced by the male. Their is a high risk the female may kill and eat the male during mating. This has effected his taste in woman. He likes strong and direct women. The type that won't bend to him if they think he is wrong.
Male tarantulas travel for long expanses in search for a mate. Even if it ends in death. Death for the father may even hieghten the chances for their offsprings' survival. When out traveling Miguel feels he finds better romantic partners. Even fantasies about a future he knows they'll never have.
His breeding kink didn't exist before his "accident". And it gets worse if he is late or misses a dose of his stablizer.
Even though he is a romantic, he prefers quick sex with strangers. It's easier to dip with one night stands. He wasn't always like that, but it's his life now.
Prefers liquids over solid food. Thankfully he can still digest solids. If he is off his stabalizer for too long he'll need to eat liquids for awhile or risk getting sick. Mostly this means he eats a lot of soups and smoothies.
These behaviors are made even more complicated when he falls for a certain Spider-Woman from another dimension.
Running away each time he gets her riled up. Terrified to get too close, but desperate to be near. Trying to avoid getting her pregnant when he so badly wants to be the father of her children.
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thesmartartslibrary · 12 hours
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artofjim · 2 days
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I guess I love designing snowy survivors! This is another Design Challenge character from some months ago, the prompt was "Savage Assassin" so I made a mercenary hired to wipe out the subterranean species discovered underneath an ice planet colony.
Wanna join the Design Challenge? click here and navigate to the design challenge area!
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themanilafolders · 8 hours
You Are Not A “Watcher Of Men”
Where are your notes huh? You’re barely even paying attention when you’re following people in the corner of their vision.
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Phyrexian Missionary - Mila Pesic
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shelterwoodpod · 23 hours
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top5series · 8 months
Tumblr Top 5 - Episode 1: Hottest Horror Movie Characters
Enter the sick and twisted minds of @wearewatcher's Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara as they countdown their top five hottest, steamiest, most sopping wet horror movie characters, with a little help from unofficial official Tumblr mascot, Coppy.
*flash warning*
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prokopetz · 9 months
The whole “make a monster version of a regular animal by prefixing its name with a scary word” bit doesn’t really work with birds because bird names are just Like That. Tell me I’m going up against a blood horse and I’ll grant that this would probably scare me, but a blood raven, well, that’s just a guy. I am 100% prepared to believe there’s an actual bird species by that name.
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