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Im having fun tonight if you guys couldn't tell
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Moon signs ♡ Being in love vs Falling out of love - how would they act like
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>> Moon signs • how they behave >> Moon signs • the qualities of partners they desire
✧ Aries Moon
Being in love - intense connection Aries Moon seek a passionate and intense connection. They want a partner who is energetic, direct, and openly affectionate. They value relationships that make them feel alive and comfortable, embracing the vibrant experiences of life. Falling out of love - Recover quickly Aries Moon is aware of their ability to bounce back quickly. They prioritize taking care of themselves and starting anew rather than getting stuck in repetitive patterns. The greatest harm caused by a broken relationship for them is disappointment and setbacks.
✧ Taurus Moon
Being in love - security Taurus Moon desires a partner who provides a basic security, often expressed through material due to their nature. They seek someone reliable in sensory experiences, financial stability, and other material levels. Their partner doesn't need to overly cater to every detail but should care about Taurus' feelings, understand their needs, and actively participate. Falling out of love - reassures themselves Taurus Moon tends to count their bank accounts and possessions, seeking comfort by buying luxurious items. They constantly reassure themselves and prove that they are still secure because of many valued surroundings.
✧ Gemini Moon
Being in love - Crave a twin While Gemini Moon often displays an easygoing and talkative style, they also repress part of their emotions. They need to find a similar twin-like partner who can be their like-minded person. As long as their partner is happy, Gemini Moon will feel fulfilled. Falling out of love - close connections with others Gemini Moon will tend to create new life plans and enjoys staying close to relatives, friends, or even neighbors. They are unlikely to go back to an ex-partner due to the fear of awkward situations.
✧ Cancer Moon
Being in love - sense of home in a partner A sense of security is of utmost importance to Cancer Moon. They long for someone who is always there for them, creating a sense of home. However, they are sensitive so their desire for security can also lead to challenges, ranging from jealousy to fear. Falling out of love - seeks solace in familiarity Cancer Moon tends to move on quickly, prioritizing their physical living space, financial situation, and other things that provide them security. They may retreat to familiar environments for healing. They firmly believe that their hometown and family are where they can realize their self-worth.
✧ Leo Moon
Being in love - seek partner’s support They appreciate being treated in a special way. They need to feel that they are cherished, with all the attention focused on them, and to receive unconditional support from their partner. Falling out of love - seek validation Leo Moon have to prove their uniqueness to the world. They need stages. They need to feel wanted by others, and they may constantly seek validation to prove their charm.
✧ Virgo Moon
Being in love - responsible without being clingy Virgo Moon are thorough in taking care of their partners. They are responsible and non-intrusive. Compared to those with a Gemini Moon, individuals with a Virgo Moon may experience fluctuations and inconsistency in their emotions. They may not display intense emotions, even though they feel deeply. Falling out of love - control their emotions well They rarely lose their temper and have good self-control. This self-control is part of strategy ebbed when negative emotions arise, allowing them to adapt to new circumstances quickly. But, at times, they may disregard their own feelings while taking care of others.
✧ Libra Moon
Being in love - value harmony Ideally, they desire a harmonious relationship, and they prefer to present a harmonious image, especially in public settings. Falling out of love - restoring relationships Libra Moon individuals believe that everything can be restored to its original state. They have a gentle nature and may reminisce about the past with their partner to rekindle the feelings. They prefer long-term connection. However, expressing their true thoughts to others can be challenging for Libra Moon.
✧ Scorpio Moon
Being in love - appear strong Scorpio Moon are unlikely to reveal their vulnerabilities easily. They tend to display a dominant side and dislike being nagged by their partner, often showcasing a bossy or CEO-like behaviour. Falling out of love - experience a long struggle Scorpio Moon have various ways of ending relationships, and they can be either heavenly or hellish. The key is to truly let go and realize that the relationship has ended. If they recognize that the love cannot be salvaged, they may experience a period of pain, but eventually, they will rise again and prepare themselves for the next relationship. When it comes to shared assets, Scorpio Moon may struggle and take a significant amount of time to settle things.
✧ Sagittarius Moon
Being in love - explore life's possibilities Sagittarius Moon seek a partner who is interesting and allows them to explore the possibilities of life together. Falling out of love - focus on philosophical living and may seek inspiration Sagittarius Moon understand that life continues even after a breakup. They focus on how to philosophically approach life, and some may constantly discover new things or seek spiritual inspiration. While they are open-minded and flexible when embracing the future, once they discover the truth, they can become stubborn. Some Sagittarius Moon may seek solace in religious beliefs after a breakup.
✧ Capricorn Moon
Being in love - responsible and committed Capricorn Moon are responsible and committed in their emotional connection. They often take on many responsibilities, meticulously managing every aspect of their lives. Falling out of love - become workaholics or overly busy Capricorn Moon may become workaholics or obsess over household chores. They secure their lives, and on the other hand, they use busyness to downplay the pain of emotional turmoil. They are determined to keep pushing forward, like determined ostriches burying their heads, believing that as long as they have the ability to strive, they are not failures.
✧ Aquarius Moon
Being in love - prefer predictable and controllable situations Aquarius Moon are not necessarily distant. Similar to Libra Moon, they prefer things to happen in a predictable and controllable manner. Falling out of love - rational They hold a standard of fairness and justice in their hearts. They perceive a breakup as a joint decision made by both side, which can make them appear somewhat detached and rational. They also analyze the reasons for the relationship's challenges, to protect themselves on a deeper emotional level.
✧ Pisces Moon
Being in love - highly sensitive and empathetic Pisces are highly sensitive and empathetic, and they have the rich emotional depth. They tend to understand the others’ feelings, forming an empathetic connection. Empathy is their greatest strength, but it can also make them losing their boundaries. Falling out of love - escape reality They often opt to various means to escape reality. Cutting off contact can be a useful technique, but they know that they will always find a way to maintain a form of connection with that person.
✧✧✧✧ >> Relationship ✧ What’s their love language in this connection? • Marks Chart >> Relationship • Tough feeling & Challenges • Marks Chart
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In An Ideal World
Is it a Somniphobia book cover redraw??? you decide
(btw pls listen to this song bc it makes me think about Moondrop Dream Sphere whenever I listen to it.)
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⠀⠀⠀aespa png icons!? . . ✶
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Finished piece for Vienna Vtuber I realized once again that I get to draw dragons way too rarely, I really enjoyed working on this piece!
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"𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙠 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚 𝙤𝙧 𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙮 𝙖 𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙝 𝙢𝙖𝙣" 𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙪𝙘𝙝 𝙖 𝘾𝙖𝙥𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙢 ♑️♑️♑️
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“Real love's so hard to find. Just when you think you've found it. The illusions in your eyes. That's why I love the moon Every night, it's there for you. It's constant. Unlike these human beings Who lie about what it seems to be. You think the earth is where you stand. You're in the palm of someone's hand. And that's why I love the moon. 'Cause it's always there for me. Every night about my window And that's why I love the moon. 'Cause it's always there for me…”
Why iii Love The Moon - Phony Ppl
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Leo Rising:
They are natural leaders who have the spotlight turned on themselves either intentionally or unintentionally.They have an active social media page with a huge following.They tend to be original creators who have the power to make positive changes in their community.
Taurus Sun:
Taurus Suns are obsessed with materialistic things.Every person with this aspect has atleast desired once to own items of luxury. Taurus Suns hailing from poorer backgrounds may feel envious of their wealthier peers.
Gemini Sun:
Gemini Suns,especially men,tend to be playboys.When paired with a fire moon or ascendant,they are always surrounded with people who are romantically interested in them.They take 3 seconds to move on from someone and get into another relationship. They're the kind of people who are still in contact with all their exes,including their first girlfriend they dated in 7th grade to their most recent situationship.These people are prone to infidelity but this may be corrected later on in life.
Virgo Moon:
Virgo Moons are very grounded and practical.They analyse every situation and come up with interesting solutions.They have serious OCD and cannot fathom messiness.They also strive to be perfect in terms of their fitness.Sometimes,they may beat themselves over to fit into societal beauty standards.
Aries Moon:
Aries Moons are always raging,sometimes even for inconsequential things.You'll never know what's their trigger point.One moment they'll be happily singing with you in the car and another moment,you'll be standing on the side of the road,stranded alone in the middle of nowhere.They do not fear pushing people out immediately.If the vibe doesn't match,you do not exist to them.They have tons of self respect and cut out people who try to lower it.They are also very forgiving and forgetting so they do not hold grudges at all. This is true,especially when they have Gemini in their Sun or Rising.
Pisces Rising:
Pisces Risings are pretty and subtle. They usually embody the softcore aesthetic. They are interested in painting or playing instruments.In negative cases,they are prone to lying and making up stories to seem interesting or to be accepted socially. They are the kings/queens of white lies.They will agree with a person they love,even though they hold other opinions(especially on political matters).
Cancer Moon:
Cancers are super protective of their friends. They have an aversion to overly extroverted people or boisterous individuals. Cancers are also envious of Aries/Leo/Gemini placements if these signs are shining in life more than Cancers.As these signs grow older,they realise that they have missed out on a lot in their earlier life. They detest parties and social gatherings involving more than 10 people.Cancer Moons hail from families where vacations,outings and dates were not frequent and only happened sporadically.
Sagittarius Sun/Moon:
Contrary to Cancers, Sagittarius placements always come from families who love traveling. Even if they couldn't afford international travel, they atleast did a lot of local travel or short one day trips. These natives have also developed a liking for adventures. They are very adaptable to new situations and people. They do not complain about trivial things. They are also open-minded and liberal. They value personal freedom more than everything else.
Libra Sun/Rising:
These natives exude charm and elegance. They are the dolls of the zodiac. Even men with these placements tend to be interested in selfcare/fashion/makeup.They desire to be perfect in terms of beauty. They are very agreeable people who do not like arguing unnecessarily. They get along well with most zodiac signs, even if they don't like them. These people are kind even to their haters.
Scorpio Sun/Moon:
Scorpios are generally mysterious and do not like oversharing details of their personal lives with others. They have a tight circle of friends and do not let new people in. They thrive in cold,dark environments. They might have issues with self esteem,especially if they are from humble backgrounds. But this low self confidence will quickly turn into narcissism if they get powerful and wealthy later on, in their lives.They also have issues with jealousy and tend to be envious of people who are more succesful than them.
Capricorn Sun/Moon:
These people are trailblazers in their careers. They have a solid work ethic which they follow to the T. Ambition is their topmost priority. They tend to excel in fields like law,business,medicine or finance. They are happier being their own bosses than when they're working under someone else. If they reduce their cynical,nihilistic attitude, they may actually achieve peace in their lives. Capricorns with Cancer placements are prone to jealousy and hold grudges. These natives never forget their exes (especially if they have a Cancer Moon). The deadly combination of Capricorn and Cancer could lead to situations where they are alienated from their old friend groups and are forced to find new friends later on in life,while their old friends are still in contact with each other and meet up to have fun. Seeing that would make these natives bitter and resentful.
Aquarius Sun:
These placements are always queer in terms of individuality and self expression. They will always be a symbol of rebellion,even in the most subtlest of ways. If they come from a family of liberal,eccentric people,they will be conservative and grounded. If they have strict, authoritarian parents,they will become overtly liberal and defiant to social structures. They have their own quirks which they appreciate wholeheartedly. These individuals have the ability to become scientists.Some may even become innovators or pioneers in their chosen field.
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