su-n-s-e-t · 2 days
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detailedart · 1 day
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Details: Portrait of Urania, 19th century, British School.
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Mount Volosyanaya, Russia by Olga Potapova
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xitsensunmoon · 1 day
Animated my bitches a little and made a funny thing
Sun's walk and Moon's shenanigans under the cut lol
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2001hz · 12 hours
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Kazu Toki: 'Wind, Moon and Flower' (1989)
Five layers of fabric been woven on a handloom (opposite), using the five different colored threads traditional in japan together with fiber optic, used in the industry as a transmitter of light. 'Pushing', 'polishing'or 'slashing' the fabric shifts the fibres to create the ambiguous shimmenng shapes. The artist worked on this piece in collaboration with the weaving studio Nozakiorisho Inc. and the textile company Toray Inc.
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Legend of the Witches (Malcolm Leigh, 1970)
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marysmirages · 14 hours
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Once upon a summer evening (2023)
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letsbelonelytogetherr · 22 hours
I don't want to have to be the one who mourns everything when everyone else has clearly forgotten. It's mortifying. It's mortifying to be the one who remembers.
- Ryan O'Connell
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blueepelikan · 2 days
When you look at the moon, just remember that it’s the same moon our prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to look at.
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geminimoonmadness · 3 days
The Moon & Our Higher Self 🌙✨
Where the moon is in our chart can show us how we can feel our best and heighten our intuition better..
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Copywriters reserved ©️ GeminiMoonMadness
Check the house your moon is in:
1st House- You can feel your best by embracing yourself, practicing self love and acting independently. Your emotions are a part of who you are, you may try to hide this by being a creature of habit or you may be seen as an emotionally understanding person who has cried in-front of one, two or a few strangers.
2nd House- Your intuition is in tune with your finances, possessions and virtually anything you own. You need financial security in order to feel your best self, what I think of first is ‘to feel purpose you need to make a purchase’ lol. You are straightforward when it comes to your sense of values and morals so people may tend to often seek your advice.
3rd House- You can heighten your intuition and mood by writing/journaling, interacting with siblings & neighbours, taking local trips, researching/seeking information & learning new things from your childhood. You may be seen as a nervous or restless person though you find it easy to talk to others about your emotions and things that are considered personal, you may also find that a lot of people will tell you their secrets & inner thoughts.
4th House- Your intuition is best when it comes to your family, your inner circle, home, heritage/roots. Taking time to understand your roots and what kind of relationship you have with relatives can be beneficial for you. Your instincts are solid & Choosing family is something you’ve always felt strongly about, sometimes this can be either very painful or emotionally rewarding for you.
5th House- You feel your best when you’re having fun with children, doing hobbies, playing games & having sex. You have a strong sense of your inner child so keeping busy with creative activities that bring you joy are beneficial for your emotional state as you can tend to be a bit dramatic when you finally let your emotions out. You enjoy pleasure so sex can be something that can help with your emotional state.
6th House- Your intuition is better when you have pets, a health, wellness & fitness routine and are at service. It’s usually the things you don’t want to do that once you’ve done it, you feel lighter, such as: chores, running errands, grocery shopping, going to work, going to the drs, feeding the dog. Also focusing energy on your health habits can be beneficial as your emotions are strongly in tune with your health. You get depressed/moody when you’re sick/sore.
7th House- Your intuition is heightened when it comes to your one on one relationships of all kinds and legal binding contracts. You can’t really stand being alone and prefer to be in groups or at least with someone else at all times as you rely a lot on others in order to be emotionally fulfilled. In return you are very understanding, honest and kind towards others which benefits your sense of higher self.
8th House- You are intuitively in-tune when it comes to your bills, your obsessions, secrets, the taboo and beginnings & endings of all kinds. You can strengthen your intuition by not ignoring nudges and doubting yourself. You may suffer from depression and be needy of care. You tend to get attached to others, so instead try doing shadow work, exploring the occult and investigating things that bring you joy; continue shining light where there is darkness.
9th House- Your higher self is at its peak when you’re studying/practicing spirituality, religion, culture and during foreign travel. Connecting to a higher power is beneficial to you and sometimes you self sabotage your stability in order to find this experience. Travel and studies are close to your heart, this may be because routine stresses you out. You need to feel a sense of freedom in order to feel your best.
10th House- You feel your best with fame/status, your career, in a role of authority, with clear aspirations & goals. You aren’t a very private person and may get yourself into trouble by how open you are. You are very goal orientated and your emotions rule your career, so may find yourself between jobs until you find the right career for your higher self. A career that involves personal qualities such as: mothering, caring, nurturing, guiding, teaching others.
11th House- You feel most intuitive when in your community, doing volunteer work, socialising with friends and being a part of a group. You have a good heart and find joy in supporting and being there for your friends. Your interactions with others that aren’t family, tend to be intuitive and help you tap into your higher self, so doing activities with friends/other people can help you feel more fulfilled.
12th House- You feel most intuitively connected when you’re alone in isolation, meditating in solitude, asleep dreaming and doing spiritual practices. You are very thoughtful person who may been seen as introverted and at times, antisocial. It’s beneficial for you to retreat and regenerate your energy with an activity that brings you joy. You keep your deep feelings private because you’re full of lots of feelings & emotions that you’ve carried over with you from a past life. You may often feel like you’re never understood or heard and that your feelings aren’t seen, so from an early age you learnt to keep them to yourself.
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arcusxx · 2 days
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aleksandra dark art
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NO WAR Mars and moon (Mar. 28, 2023)
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deniz-mehtap · 1 day
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Gün söner yıldızlar yanar gecelerden...
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xitsensunmoon · 2 days
How would Sun and Moon react if someone hurt there little human?
Like.. Y/N comes home after work and have a red cheek?
(is it to much to ask to draw there reaction? 🥺)
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Answer me why did I put so much effort in this absolutely unrelated to the story question instead of drawing their first meeting
Anyway. They wouldn't kill whoever did this bc y/n can be in danger bc of this but they would definitely turn their life in real hell <3
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