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aleprouswitch · 2 days
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A very kvlt looking photo by Jerry Reed (AKA noise artist Rurnt) of my set last night.
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aceshusky · 2 months
more memes to bring joy into your life
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snailsnaps · 3 months
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PART 2 -> [ HERE ]
Mikey's such a dum-dum, who walks into their enemy's lair all by themselves and expect everything to turn out okay??
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just-an-ari · 20 days
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Remember that villan arc I was going to enter? Yeahhhh, sorry not sorry :D
(I will give harlow addams as an apology later)
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ohshy · 3 months
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Unassorted dadton from this year :]
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(This is so messy don't mind me I just got lazy) They are so stupid I need to wrap them in a fluffy blanket
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hrab part 3
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acid-rainclouds · 9 days
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Before the two get separated and updated to a more modern aesthetic, they shared one mind and a slightly more uncanny and outdated form.
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simplykorra · 2 months
the bittersweet between my teeth - chapter six
Ava wakes up to sirens.
It’s not an entirely remarkable event, it’s happened twice this week.
That doesn’t stop it from making her heart race, she’s just thankful the sky is bright when it happens this time.
As she listens to them approach, then reach their highest pitch before passing further down the street - but not entirely out of earshot, Ava clutches the pillow under head and squeezes it.
Never in her life did Ava think she would miss St. Michaels, and she doesn’t really - she doesn’t miss being mistreated and abused.
While it wasn't physical, Ava's smart enough to know that Sister Frances and some of her pudgy old nun buddies took pleasure in making her feel worthless.
So no, she doesn't miss that.
What Ava does miss is the movement - the knowledge that people were there. Even if none of them cared for her, it was nice to not be so completely alone.
That’s what this place makes Ava feel - alone.
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lauritanaomystery · 7 months
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🦾Samurai Arthur⚔️
A headcanon with Sensei-bestie:
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In ancient Japan there was a legend of a young yellow man whose origin is a mystery and who had performed mighty deeds to combat the forces of evil!!!
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mrsdulac · 10 months
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HFW + funnytwittertweets
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fearlessjones · 10 days
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Kingsbook #33 - Part 1 - AKA “Mr. Hart-Unwin Would Rather Die (Again) Before Letting His Colleagues See Him Weep Actual Tears” 😆
Look for more of this nonsense under the “Kingsbook” tag!
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neteyamlover69 · 2 months
hi thank yall sm these past few days and also shout out to @eywas-heir for making this possible I LUH YUH 😭😭🫶🫶🫶
here’s a capcut template edit bcs i can’t do shit
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dan-pol · 4 months
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"Stack your masks accordingly. (Mmrreow!)"
~ Sun-bert, Ikemen Prince
[check out the reblogs!]
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wabart · 4 months
mine shirts for your body (available from my etsy) all of these side by sides are on the same shirt so if you dont like one design just turn that shit around
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Forest Growth:
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emilyprentissslut · 1 year
dino ——-> dog 😐🦕
description: agatha sucks lmfaoo.
a/n: this was kinda rushed even tho it took me 11 days? anyway, next part asap <3
warnings: mean agatha, collar and leash use, agatha’s fun little basement
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Agatha Harkness. You wished you never got curious about her. You wished you never left the house that day. You wished that Wanda didn’t read that spell. There are lot of things that you wanted to undo or take back. Time wouldn’t let you.
Did you take Wanda for granted? Compared to being Agatha’s prisoner, yes. You missed everything about the redhead witch. You missed how she would hold you at night. You missed how she would go out of her way to make your food dinosaur shaped. You would trade everything in a heart beat to be her little dino again.
Agatha was no cake walk. The Salem witch was a cold and calculated woman. Softer with you than Wanda by all means? but that didn’t stop your heart from crying out for Wanda. Oh how you missed that ginger devil.
When Agatha first brought you home, she was….. less than gentle. (Understatement of the year). Pulling and choking you on your collar, if the anxiety wasn’t enough to fuck up your breathing, this certainly was. You were first hand experiencing just show cruel the woman could be.
“Let’s go over the rules now that you’re home, hon. Sound good.”
You didn’t have the chance to respond as the older woman pulled your collar so hard you choked. (again)
“Rule number 1, only speak when spoken to. A pretty baby like your self should be more on display than anything. Rule 2, any thoughts or actions toward escaping will result in a punishment. I don’t know how Wanda does things, but I make sure you can’t walk for days.”
Your blood ran cold. There was no doubt in your mind that she was capable of any of these things. With a simple nod, you soaked her words in.
“Words, darling.”
“You can do better than that.”
“Yes Ma’am?”
What did she want from you?
“We’ll work on that. Now, let’s go somewhere where Wanda will never find you.”
As she led you down to her bewitched basement, you couldn’t help the tears that slipped from your eyes. This was your life now. Unless Wanda could help it.
“Now, You’re going to stay and sleep down here. When I need you, I’ll come get you. See you soon pet.”
The older witch fashioned your leash go one of her weird witch trees? Not even bothering to give you a blanket, you curled into yourself and let the stress of the day bring your mind to darkness.
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