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sweet-as-an-angel · 2 months
Yandere DILF! Reaction to You seeing Him as a Fatherly Figure
Tumblr media
Warnings: Obsessive Behaviour, Delusional Behaviour, Freudian “Logic”, Age Gap, Implication of Murder, Implied Sexual Content, Infidelity, Pet Names, No Pronouns used for Reader except ‘You.
♡ The D in DILF stands for ‘Delusional’.
♡ At least, in Dominic’s case.
♡ When you first told him that you saw him as your “Dad away from home !” he spiralled.
♡ At first, in the immediate fallout of your bombshell statement (one which you gave little thought to, seeing it only as a compliment), Dominic smiled, a dry, thin, almost watery smile, and paid you a compliment back – something suave and reflexive; the technique he’d learnt as a younger man that freed him of consequence on many occasions.
♡ And, like clockwork, you give a laugh and a smile, yet you do not succumb to abashment.
♡ Just another reason why you stand out to Dominic; why he loves you so.
♡ Your comment stays with him long after you’ve left.
♡ And, initially terrified that this was all you’d ever see him as – just some guy who could be your step-in father when your real one was away – he tried to rationalise it. Nullify it.
♡ For days afterwards, Dominic assesses his behaviour, searches for the instigator of his ‘fatherly’ aura.
♡ True, he is an actual father to two children, which he can’t exactly “correct” (not legally, anyway).
♡ After racking his brain, searching for any way to nullify his fatherly appeal, he has a flash of brilliance.
♡ Instead of neutralising it, he decides to lean into it; to amplify it and add his own charm to such a degree so to make himself more appealing to you in ways a father could not be.
♡ Cue Dominic’s Freud era.
♡ Fr though, he’s so desperate to turn your appreciation into attraction that he endorses the whole insane theory that a man’s offspring will compete for their father’s romantic attention with their peers (gross, I know).
♡ He’s turning up the DILF factor.
♡ Sleeves half-drawn up to his elbows to show off his forearms (the ones which he’s worked tirelessly on at the gym); giving you one of his shirts to wear when he “accidentally” gets yours wet during a summer water fight – things like that.
♡ Things that are a gateway for him to show that he ‘cares’.
♡ Really pressing into that ‘fatherly’ image.
♡ Prepare to be praised 24/7.
♡ Only when his wife isn’t in earshot, though.
♡ “Oh, what a wonderful painting ! Such a pretty little picture, Darling…”
♡ He’ll lean over you, trapping you between his arms as you sit at the table, bringing himself as close to your body as he can without arousing your suspicion or making you uncomfortable.
♡ Definitely the type to lean against doorframes or walls just so he can cross his arms over his chest and show off his bulging biceps.
♡ He calls you a good girl or good boy whenever you do something that pleases him.
♡ In his own way, he’s trying to train you to seek his validation.
♡ Dominic’s a master at reading a room, and he uses this power of perception to act when he knows you’re at your most accepting. Or your most vulnerable.
♡ Had a bad day at work ? He offers you his open arms, his shirt sprayed with an irresistible collection of colognes to create a distinct scent (one which he’s also tried on others with positive effects. Though, as previously discussed, things which sent his prior conquests wild seemingly have little effect on you).
♡ You have something big to celebrate ? He’ll take that opportunity – your good mood – to pull you into his arms, lower his lips to your ear and congratulate you: “That’s such good news, Sweetie !” he says, laying on the pet names. Then, his volume dips as he pulls you just a little closer, just brushing the area between your legs with his thigh.
♡ “I’ll have to take you out somewhere so we can celebrate properly.”
♡ As to what this is will be a mystery to you until a box is delivered to your doorstep, a formal outfit inside, coupled with a note with the address of an upscale restaurant, and…
♡ A keycard to a hotel room.
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rinsoap · 5 months
bf! suna who loves to hear you talk. he is an incredible listener, you could talk about anything and he will retain a surprising amount of detail on it. most of your facetimes end with you talking until you fall asleep, suna remembering to buy that bag you were talking about before wishing you a late goodnight and adding a soft "i love you".
"ah sorry i know i'm rambling again" "that's okay pretty, you know how much i love your voice"
bf! suna who lets you take all his things. his shirts and hoodies always coming back months later, the smell of his cologne replaced by the smell of your shampoo and he wonders how long it'll take until he starts smelling like it. his rings that slide down your fingers easily from how big they are - although one he'll never let you steal is the one cheesily placed on his ring finger, paired cheesily with your name engraved in his very own cheesy handwriting. his heart that beats a little too fast whenever he hears your sweet laugh escape your perfect lips ... but he'd never tell you that.
"are you sure you don't want it back? it's your favourite shirt" "nah i don't need it, i was planning on donating it or something but since you like it so much... it looks better on you anyways"
bf! suna who is always taking pictures of you. if you're sleeping, be prepared to wake up to twelve pictures he sent, all him posing obnoxiously next to you snoring. anytime you two go out, he must add to his highlight on instagram dedicated to you, making every song one he thinks you embody. he needs to capture every single moment, maybe because he's scared of it slipping away, losing his grip on this feeling he has with you, or maybe its for the simple fact that he thinks you are beautiful.
"babe over here!" "oh wow its like you're my personal paparazzi" "well you know i'm your biggest fan" "eeeew rin thats so cornyyy. and a gaga reference i'm pretty sure" "shut up"
bf! suna who is pretty, point blank. there's nothing more perfect than the blush that appears on his cheeks when you tell him so. he rolls his eyes because he can't seem to look you in yours. maybe you'll see how his typical calm composure completely doubles over just by a mere compliment. but you can see right through him - you always could. when you poke his cheeks and point out his clear flushed face, he distracts you the best way he knows how. and then his lips are on yours, his hand is on the back of your head and you make a mental note to call him pretty more often.
"pretty boy? that's so dumb" "you are literally blushing shut up!!" "fine. maybe i did like it. what are you going to do about it?"
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caramel-flavor · 5 months
𝐅𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐬
please link this post somewhere where people can see the original :-)
—————— ♡ violet— do you like to cook or bake? if so, what is it that you like to make? white carnation— would you ever want to get a piercing? if so, where? snowdrop— would you say that you have been in love before? lilac— is there anyone you currently miss right now? if so, who? primrose— how long does it take for you to get ready for the day what does your routine usually consist of? jasmine— describe your dream partner or best friend. what kind of personality traits do they have? orchid— when you're being extremely quiet, what are you typically thinking of? daisy— what is your idea of the perfect date? azalea— what is the most recent song you listened to? how do you feel about it? cosmos— what's the best compliment you've ever received? who was it from? iris— would you describe yourself as a sensitive person? why or why not? lotus— what is your favorite color and in what shade? e.g. sage green, navy blue, ect. crocus— do you have any significant dreams that you remember? what were they about? bluebell— do you have any pets? if so, what are their names? tulip— do you wear makeup? if so, how do you like to wear/style it? red rose— how do you tend to act around someone you have romantic feelings for? (are you more shy, do you prefer to be bold, ect.) marigold— do you wear any kind of jewelry on a regular basis? if so, what kind? poppy— out of the four seasons, which season of the year is your favorite and why? tigerlily— do you have any favorite quotes from any movies, tv shows, books, or poetry? (or from people in real life) peony— would you consider yourself to be tall, short, or average height? dahlia— do you like to follow current fashion trends or do you have a particular style that you prefer to stick to? aster— do you have any 'fictional crushes' on any movie, tv show, or book characters? who and why? cherry blossom— how do you feel about perfume or cologne? do you personally wear it or do you prefer not to? zinnia— would you say you think more with your head or with your heart? plumeria— are you currently working on any creative projects? if so, what kinds? sunflower— in your opinion, what is the best photo on your phone of? (serious or non-serious answers) lavender— what is currently on your mind (aside from this ask game)? freesia— what do you want people to remember you for? (serious or non-serious answers)
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ch3rryfunk · 1 month
More random leon headcanons pls! ❤️
Tumblr media
YAY i love random hcs.
Random Leon Kennedy Hcs
★ He collects leather jackets. You’ll never catch him wearing the same jacket twice a week. Unless he’s on a mission.
★ HATES when people touch his hair. (unless it’s his s/o then he’s all for it.)
★ He takes care of his hair. He’s got money, so he doesn’t mind spending a little extra to buy the best products to keep his hair looking good.
★ Loves cologne!! He likes to smell nice and clean.
★ Likes to play relaxing music before going to bed (sometimes he leaves it playing while sleeping.)
★ Is a patient person, unless he’s veeeery angry. Don’t test him.
★ He’s quite good at comforting everyone, except himself.
★ Even though he struggles a lot with his mental health, he’s incapable of crying most of the time.
★ When he feels overwhelmed and sad, he likes going on walks. Helps him clear his head.
★ An avid dad joke enjoyer. He finds them so amusing and genuinely funny.
★ He’s got a flip phone but isn’t used to carrying it around, so he usually forgets it at home. He never forgets to take his work phone with him though.
★ and he’s also terrible at texting. He’d probably lose his patience trying to type out a message on a flip one.
★ is a motorcycle enthusiast. He likes going to bike shops to look at the latest models.
★ He doesn’t love driving cars, but he certainly loves riding motorcycles. He’s a pro at it.
★ He doesn’t know how to react to unexpected compliments.
★ but he enjoys when people flirt back, he’ll give them a cheeky smile.
I am so so SO SORRY I took so long to write this. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been able to work on requests :(( I’ll try my best to post them as soon as possible but life is an L rn 😭 anyway hope you enjoy!! <3
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lxclerc · 2 months
𝐠𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐜𝐥𝟏𝟔
summary: when a world famous singer's reputation takes a hit, she never expects to meet a man determined to stay with her through it all. pairing: charles leclerc x reader warning: none, fluff note: part 1 of the reputation series. let me know if you want to be part of the tag list!
Tumblr media
you should take it as a compliment that i got drunk and made fun of the way you talk
your head is absolutely pounding and you’re sure that someone must be attempting to crack your skull open, but the arms wrapped around your waist reminds you exactly why you’ve spent most of the night downing shots after shots. ‘
you needed the alcohol to distract you from walking over to the other side of the room where he stood – bright green eyes and a brighter laugh that caught your attention the moment you walked in. or maybe you needed the alcohol to give you the courage to walk over to him. 
people surrounded him and you’d seen a few ask to take a picture with him, requests you yourself have been getting the entire night but had to politely decline with an offer to buy them a drink instead. this man is gracious though, definitely not as patient as you – he smiles for every picture, chats with anyone that talks to him. 
he must be someone, you thought. someone important, someone that matters. and someone that you’re not likely to forget anytime soon and so you down a shot.  
“charles leclerc,” your friend says, having watched you watch him all night. “formula 1 driver.” 
you feel a little bit caught but you’re drunk enough not to care as you turn to him again. he’s magnetic, a type of beautiful that had people turning. he definitely had you turning.
“let’s go over to them,” your friend says, already looping her arm with yours and pulling to the group before you could respond. you see some of their eyes widening as you approach, you see him turning to you, green eyes filled with recognition as he realized who you were. you almost wish you’d brought a bottle over with you.
“y/n,” one of his friends say, pulling your attention away from the driver. you’re almost thankful, being so close to him now feels a little overwhelming. “i’m a big fan.”
you feel him watching you and so you grin. you try to ignore the small voice in your head grimacing. it’s a wonder you still have fans nowadays. after the massive fall your reputation had taken, you’re a little bit surprised your friends had managed to drag you out of your apartment. 
“thank you,” you say, hoping you aren’t slurring. 
you’re not exactly sure how it happened but somehow, the rest of your friends ended up on their table too, the two groups merging together seamlessly as the music grew louder and the alcohol keeps flowing. you’ve talked to nearly all of them, laughing and sharing stories and joking around as though you’ve been best friends for decades.
all except him, of course. he remains in your line of vision and you feel his stare on you the entire night but you refuse to look. it’s a horrible idea, your reputation’s never been worse, you remind yourself. getting tangled up with another man to add to your long list of scandals might just have your media team resign on the spot. 
of course that was up until he shattered whatever self control you had left as his hand wandered to your waist. it wasn’t anything with purpose, barely even a touch just something to get your attention but goddamn this man needed to think about the consequence of touching you in dark rooms.
��are you avoiding me?” he jokes and before you knew it, you’re face to face and you can smell the whiskey on ice mixing with his cologne. 
and he’s gorgeous – just too goddamn beautiful that it almost makes you mad. 
“your accent is funny,” you say and then you cringe. 
his eyebrows scrunch together. he definitely hadn’t expected those to be your first words to him.
“Vous préférez que je parle français ?” he says, the words rolling off his tongue like honey. Would you prefer that I speak French?
god truly has favorites because of course he speaks french. he can’t possibly be just beautiful. 
charles chuckles. “i speak italian too.”
oh. you hadn’t realized you said it out loud. “i didn’t mean to say that out loud.”
and then he laughed and you knew damn well he’s going to ruin all of your plans. 
you're so gorgeous i can't say anything to your face
and so here you were, head pounding and dealing with the world’s worst hangover but having whatever ridiculously expensive cologne charles leclerc uses clinging to your skin. 
you aren’t sure if you’re relieved or disappointed to find yourself still wearing the sparkly dress you were wearing last night. and though charles’ shirt had disappeared to god knows where, the dark cargo pants he wore is still present. 
dimly, you remember your drunken slurring, arms wrapped around his neck. he was only a little less drunk than you were, but he’d mixed up french and italian with english sometime after you’d lightly pulled at the hair on the back of his head as you both attempted to dance to the beat. 
and as the sun began rising and both your friends had decidedly chose to call their own cabs, charles hadn’t even needed to ask you if you wanted to go to his hotel with him. he’d simply grabbed your hand and gently led you to his car. he doesn’t let go of your hand as he drives and not as you enter the elevator. even now as he sleeps and you’re cocooned within his arms, his hand is tightly entwined with yours. 
it feels a bit odd; waking up so intimately wound with someone knowing nothing sexual needed to happen first. it feels odd to be held knowing he expects nothing in return. pure intimacy booths excites you and frightens you.
“ne veut pas encore partir,” you hear him mutter as he shifts, burying his head deeper against your neck. his arms around you tightens as he pulls you flushed against his chest.   
you don’t know what to do with yourself, you can only be thankful that you aren’t facing him because god knows you’d end up stuttering and flushing being subjected to those green eyes. the man was far too gorgeous, it almost makes you mad.  you only hope he can't hear the way your heart is beating so furiously against your chest. 
“i have no idea what you just said,” you say.
“i said,” he mutters with a sigh. “i don’t want to go yet.” 
disappointment hits you like a hot brick. “do you have to?” 
he pulls his hand from under you, looking at his red richard mille watch. “i have to be on track before eleven.” 
right. you forgot he drove for a living. you heaved a sigh as you pulled yourself away from his hold, ignoring the way he groaned and the sudden chill as the air condition hit your bare arms. you pick up your phone, finally breaking the safe bubble you’ve both created. you can’t help but release another sigh at the messages sent by your publicist; all consisting of different articles showing pictures of you leaving the club, hand being pulled by charles with his head ducked. thankfully, his face is pretty hidden apart from a blurry side view with him turning towards you. 
you don’t want to drag charles into your bullshit more than you already have. 
charles finally stands, putting on his discarded shirt. “breakfast before i go maybe?” 
you couldn’t help but smile, putting your phone into your pocket as you return to your safe bubble. “yeah, i’d really like that.” 
taglist: @ricsaigaslec @dragon-of-winterfell @coffeehurricanes @rdtbattinson @privcherry7 @miniminescapist @sebsdaniel @strelcka @writing-about-current-obsessions @amsofftrack @lostinketterdam @bisexual-desi @cialovessirlewis @multilovebot @lovelynikol16 @troybolton-14 @ohthemissery @dr3lover @myescapefromthislife @sunf1owerrq @the6ccnsp6cyy @t-nd-rfoot
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vylithscat · 4 days
their colognes and smells - obey me! hcs
prompt: you’ve spent your time around demons, angels and even a human sorcerer so often that you've begun picking up the smells that signal they're nearby. genre: general, slight fluff, you/your pronouns pairings: bros, dateables (minus luke) & sides word count: 1.5k
Lucifer doesn’t pile on his cologne, he prefers a lighter one with faint traces of citrus and cedarwood. As long as the scent will get you clinging to his side and commenting on it, he’ll try it once. His chest puffs out slightly each time you do, a smile tugging on his lips as he mumbles a thank you. When he isn’t going out, and your face is buried into the crook of his neck as he works, you can pick up traces of the ink he uses and a faint hint of rose and lilac. It’s almost dizzying how well everything gently mixes together, and it helps you drift to sleep in his lap before he carries you to his bed.
Mammon’s cologne is the heaviest of anyone around you. You can tell when he’s approaching, and when he’s found his way next to you. He often prefers smells that are pleasing to you; warm and an after scent of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. It compliments him well and doesn’t hurt your nostrils. Despite how much he piles on, when it finally begins to dwindle and you stuff your face into his hair, you can smell Grimm. It’s subtle, carefully acknowledging how much of his time is spent around the currency. The metal doesn’t burn, and the paper smell of it is all the more subtle, but you can still smell what he’s around the most, besides you.
Leviathan never really wears cologne. He finds it stupid and a waste of his time, adding some random scent to yourself. If you like it, he won’t care, but he’ll snip a comment about his brother’s cologne from time to time, especially if they pile it on and burn his nose. Since he doesn’t wear any, the only thing you can smell when you’re laying with him is shampoo. A gentle mix of hibiscus and mint greets your nose when you rest your head near the demon, the scent grows a slight bit stronger if you mess with his hair and his chirp of embarrassment sends a smile across your face.
Satan doesn’t care much about cologne and sticks to the same one if he likes its fragrance. The only time he’ll try something new is if you hum over a different bottle’s scent. It’s applied sparingly but you can tell when he’s around. He often prefers earthy, woody scents that carefully compliment each other. When it’s faint and the two of you are together, carefully wrapped up in blankets, you can smell his books and their papers gently wafting off of him. It was like waves, carefully cascading over you and helping you feel at peace as you nuzzled deeper into the blankets, stirring the demon next to you with a soft groan.
Asmodeus prefers perfume over the smell of cologne. The smell is more intense and concentrated, and has more pleasing scents to him. He prefers the floral scents, as they’re more common, but won’t hesitate to try something new or even lend you one if your interest is piqued. When he isn’t wearing anything, which is rather rare, he smells like a freshly run bath, the smell of eucalyptus relaxing your body as if you stepped into a spa. A faint trace of rose petals will often compliment it, the smells mixing together perfectly to help lure you to sleep.
Beelzebub rarely ever puts on cologne. He doesn’t mind it, but it’s not his thing in the slightest, but he doesn’t need it. When you’re walking, you can tell when he's soon to follow. A light trace of meats follows him anywhere. Anything he eats will often be picked up by him, and it will all carefully compliment each other throughout the day until he ends up falling asleep. Even as he sleeps, a new day of foods and sweets follows him, mixing to make the most delicious smelling meal you could think of.
Belphegor doesn’t wear cologne. Doesn’t care for it, never has. However, he doesn’t need to care about adding a scent onto him, as he always smells like fresh linen, a gentle trace of freshly cut grass and morning dew following. The smell is the strongest at his waist and hair, and if you were to bury your face in to pick up more of it, you would hear a soft giggle escape the demon’s lips before he tried to hold onto you. The smell helps you feel at ease and will make you sleepy, even more so if he curls himself around you.
Diavolo wears a lot of cologne, it overpowers those around him but its scent is lovely. It’s the scent of amberwood, carefully brushing against you when he comes up to greet you. When it finally dims, and the scent is faint, you can smell a mix of ink, tea and demonus. On some days, the ink and tea is stronger, and freshly out of a party, all you can smell is demonus. When all together, they come at you in waves, none too strong, but not too subtle. You know he was hard at work when ink hits you first, the scent stronger than anything else.
Barbatos wears colognes that are heavy but refreshing when he passes by. He prefers those that smell like citrus and fruit, his favorite is a careful blend of apple, lemon and plum with a gentle amount of floral following it. When it becomes faint, it compliments the teas he owns that he picks as he goes about his day. The occasional day where he’s in the kitchen, cooking his heart out, his cologne manages to mix together perfectly with his food, especially those of the sweeter kind. When you’re able to huddle close to him, every scent will fill your mind and make you forget what you were doing for a second, until he coaxes you to a seat to serve you, even for a brief moment.
Simeon wears his cologne very sparingly. His preferred type smells the most like sage and rosewood, and it compliments the smell of bread that often follows him. Considering where he lives, it’s not much of a surprise he smells like food. Although bread is the strongest, focusing in and nuzzling your face into his side brings out the sweeter, gentler scents. He may smell like a freshly baked pie or a cupcake depending on the day, but they all manage to mix together into the perfect combination.
Solomon has been through a dozen different colognes throughout his life, and he’s managed to settle on one that’s gentle on those around him. Its strongest scents are cucumber and camelia, carefully mixing together to compliment each other. When it dims and you’re curled up studying with him, he smells like a different mix of woods, almost like you had stepped into a forest. In the morning, if you stayed with him overnight, you can often smell coffee and caramel wafting off him. The woods are still there, making you bury your face into his shoulder to mix everything together into the perfect cabin getaway.
Raphael’s cologne is another of the lighter scents. He doesn’t pile it on, which makes it hard to pick up the amber and citrus from him, but if you’re able to get close enough, it’ll all mix together nicely. Coming by to visit him at night will greet you with a gentle lavender scent, if he’s freshly out of the shower, it’s even stronger. Messing with his hair will have you hum as it rolls off a little stronger than before. He often gently grumbles and glances at you, asking if you’d like to see what he uses. Aside from his hair, it’s subtle on his shoulders and back, making it a little easier to catch the scent.
Thirteen has never worn perfume or cologne, she finds putting it on a little stupid. The only way to convince her is during some big event, and even then, she may not agree. In general, she smells like a field of grass and flowers, almost like she had just walked through one. When you first met her though, she smelled like nothing. A faint trace of iron and sulfur floating around her, but not overpowering any earthy or rock smells from her cave. She’s always a dice roll on what she could smell like, day after day, you’re greeted with something new, but you always smell a subtle amount of grass when near her.
Mephistopheles wears a heavy amount of cologne that it burns ever so slightly. His favorite smells strongly of oakmoss, cedarwood and musk, and it overpowers other smells around you when it’s fresh in the morning. As the day goes on, and his cologne is barely clinging on, when you get closer to him a trace of demonus brushes your nose and sends you looking back at him. He may snap at you when you stare for too long, but the prideful look on his face when you compliment his cologne sends a smile to your lips. The strongest scent of his cologne and the demonus can be found at his jaw and crook of his neck, but good luck getting that close out of nowhere.
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reqxxyt · 2 months
"I can't pretend" c.l
Tumblr media
pairings: charles leclerc x f!reader
warnings: drinking.. pretty sure that's it (please tell me if I missed any) there might be some first to second pov.. I swear I will edit it out soon
_________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐
“Charles!” I let out a shriek feeling myself being lifted off the ground from the tight embrace that Charles held me in after having just come back from his celebration at the win from today. I let out a fit of giggles as he settled me back down giving me his smile that rose to his hazel eyes. Congratulations we’re heard all around us as they patted him on the back and he gave them all a simple thanks. 
“See I knew you could do it” I told him with a proud smile. His arm slung over my shoulder bringing me in closer to where I could smell the faint cologne that he was wearing. 
“You're my good luck charm” he complimented with a simple smile only looking forward as we headed to the back. I could feel my cheeks burn beneath as I felt my heart speed up at the close contact. The silence lingered for a couple of seconds as we waved goodbye to the rest of the crew. “You’ve been to all the races I’ve won. Truly a charm”
“I just sit on the side” I try to deteriorate the given credit even though the coincidence of me simply being there linked somewhat to his wins. 
“And surely look pretty while doing it” his smile curved down to a smirk as we neared his car. 
“Wouldn’t that be considered a distraction, Leclerc?” reflecting his same expression as him while he opened the passenger door.
“It would, wouldn’t it?” His eyes analyzed my own as I entered before shutting it closed and going to the driver's side. He turned on the car as I adjusted the seating to my liking. “Coming to the party later?” 
“You know I don’t like parties” my voice came out softer than intended. He shrugged letting out “at least I tried”. I felt a song of guilt hit my lower stomach feeling bad but knowing I will need to drive him back. 
“I’ll drive you back anyways,” I said, twirling the hair tie that was wrapped tightly around my wrist focusing my gaze on the motion rather than looking at him. “Just call me when you need me to”
“It would be more fun with you there” he started lowering the music but I didn’t want him to do that. He was well aware of how good at convincing he was and I, as the reciprocator, hated how good he was. With a simple “please” I could ignore every one of my morals. 
“Nope,” I said, forcing myself to drum him out, to not hear his voice. “Charles, you always end up leaving me”
“Not true” he sounded offended. I should be the one that’s irritated. Based on past events he’s always left me. I would find myself by the end of the night in conversation with someone else when I started to get comfortable before he pulled me out for the night.
“What about last week, huh?” I reminded him. 
“I can’t believe he forced me into this,” I thought to myself, itching my bare arms from the nerves already hitting. Charles walked beside me with a large smile as I gave a nervous one while we walked to where everyone else was settled. 
“Y/n! I can’t believe you’re here” I heard from a distance and I looked up from the wooden floor to spot Lily, Alex’s girlfriend walking towards me with her kind smile. My tense shoulders started to relax once she pulled me into a hug. Charles was quick to leave me and head towards the others without warning leaving me with Lily who I barely knew. 
“How come you’re here tonight?” She asked, grabbing my hand and linking it in a friendly manner with her own. I shrugged, not really knowing why I was in such a loud and crowded environment when I could be at home, sleeping. 
“Charles forced her probably” the next voice came in. Someone I was familiar with but wasn’t as close to. Daniel Ricciardo. I could only let out a smile, not feeling the most comfortable. “You okay y/n?”
“Yeah. Fine” I said a little too quickly. They gave me a strange look before dropping the question. 
“Let’s go get drinks,” Lily said, once again grabbing my hand and leading me to the bar. “Any requests?” 
“I’ll just get a mojito,” I said the first thing that came to mind and she just gave me a smile before ordering it and her own. 
“I didn’t know you were into fruity drinks” she commented leaning against the counter. I honestly didn’t know either. 
“I don’t like strong drinks” I simplified. “I honestly don’t know why I came here”
“Did Charles force you?” She questioned with a look of sympathy washing her face. I didn’t want her to get the wrong impression so I quickly shook my head. 
“Usually I have work to finish after his races but I had none tonight so I decided to change my mind” 
“You like him, don’t you?”
“What? No, of course not” I said trying to laugh it off as if she said the most hilarious thing possible but she kept a straight face. “He’s like a brother to me. We’ve known each other since we were five. No way I could like him like that”
Before she could say anything, our drinks were placed down and she took a quick sip of hers while I practically chugged mine down. Her face went from impressed to worried. 
“I don’t like him,” I said, placing my drink finally down only leaving ice cubes behind. I turned to her and all she did was smile and nod. 
“That’s fine too,” she said as we headed to the end of the bar where the rest were. 
“Not going to happen this time. I promise” he said with that same pleading tone. I groaned seconds away from saying fine. Before I could, my phone let out a ding. A sense of curiosity washed over Charles as he tried to take a glance at my phone, wondering who would be texting so late. 
“you received a match with ******”
Okay, let me explain. 
Last week scared me. So much so that I downloaded a dating app to distract myself from Charles. It didn’t work.
“Who was that?” Charles asked, dropping his smile, scared that it was an emergency. 
I bit my tongue trying to leave my options. He’s my best friend. I should tell him I’m exploring, right?
“No one” after moments of hesitation which did not go without notice by Charles as he gave me a quick glance before shaking it off. 
“Right” was all he said turning into the hotel we were staying in. The topic of a party was now the last thing on Charles's mind. 
We shared a room with double beds, we were used to having slept together (platonically, obviously). Our parents were close, therefore, having us stay over at each other's houses when one of the pairs was away. So we were used to it. 
I laid my bag down on my bed ready to get myself to go to bed before I noticed Charles doing the same. 
“I thought you were going to the after party” I questioned. 
“Changed my mind. Unless you want me to leave” I gave him a confused look not sure what he meant. 
“I mean, no? You do what you want” I said, still confused why he cares what I thought. His eyes narrowed, giving it too much thought until he shrugged
“Yeah I’ll leave,” he said as if we just finished an argument making me all the more confused. 
“Uh okay,” I said as he headed out the door. 
“I’ll call you later” was the last thing I heard before the door shut. I was left confused about what to do before I let out a frustrated sigh and continued getting ready for bed.
2:00 AM
Hours passed. I woke up at 12 thinking he would call me around that time because he usually would but instead of going back to sleep my mind ran miles every time I would close my eyes. 
My phone rang beside me and I quickly pressed accept not taking the time to glance at the caller ID. The first thing I heard was the loud music in the background followed by muffled voices. 
“Shit” was the only clear word I heard after a crash sound. My upper body leaped forward asking frantically if he was okay. “I dropped Charles. Uh, y/n are you there?” 
“Yeah. Is everything okay?” 
“Not entirely. Charles doesn’t want anyone to take him home but you, could you come by and pick him up?”
“Yeah, just send me the address” 
After he hung up I quickly received the address and went out of the hotel only wearing pajamas and my hair all messed up but too frantic I couldn’t care less about how I appeared. 
The drive to the bar was the fastest I’ve ever driven, considering I’m usually not a hectic and reckless driver but tonight was completely different. I spotted Carlos right outside the bar doors with Charles clinging onto him and other drivers heading out. 
I parked nearest to the entrance and got out feeling the most guilty. With a frown and furrowed eyebrows, I helped Charles get into the car and thanked Carlos before apologizing millions of times for Charles actions.
“It’s no big deal. I’ll see you later” he waved and headed with the others. I let out an exhausted sigh wanting to go back to sleep now feeling how heavy my eyes were. I turned back to the passenger door window to see Charles sleeping peacefully mumbling quiet words. 
I traveled to the driver's seat and left to go back to his house. The drive was silent only hearing a couple of non-coherent mumbles and light snores. Once I set the car in park I looked beside me, where Charles had his head on the window still sleeping. 
I let out a reassuring sigh before bringing my hand up and slapping his arm, jolting him awake with wide eyes. He looked around the car and spotted me, giving me a warm smile while I glared back. 
“You had me worried” was all I said as I left the car intending to help him get out but instead he tried himself and almost fell face-first onto the concrete before I caught him. “Jesus, Charles you really need to control your alcohol intake”
He mumbled more words before I heard “coward”. I gave him a confused look as I did my best with dragging him inside the house. “I love you, y/n”
With those words, I couldn’t help but stop in the middle of my tracks catching him off and falling to the wooden ground of the interior. “Shit, I'm sorry” I apologized before bringing his arm back to my shoulders and lifting him up. 
“I’m such a coward, y/n,” he said with a pout, still having most of his eyes nearly closed. “I can’t even admit it to myself, how am I supposed to tell you”
“Charles you’re drunk,” I told more myself than him intentionally which only made him pout even more.
“You don’t believe me?” He asked as we started heading to his room. “I’ve loved you since we were 10 when I won my first race. I’m in love with you”
I tried to drown him out but the words kept repeating themselves in my head. I gently laid him down on his bed and pulled his covers over him. My eyes trailed on his own which were the softest I’ve ever seen them, we stayed silent before I tried getting up, I felt a hand teach fro my own. 
I looked at it and saw Charles with a small smile, “kind of staying for a bit?”. I smiled to him and sat down on the edge still barely touching hands. My fingers played with his palm only looking at it for a couple of minutes until I heard light snores come from him. 
I hesitated before I bent down, near his temple and planted a soft kiss whispering “I love you too, Charles”. I brought my hand back and left the room. 
the next morning
“Good morning,” I said with a tired voice, receiving no response in return from Charles as he refilled his bottle with no intention of turning to me. My smile dropped a fragment, thinking something was wrong. “Is everything-“
“Can we pretend it never happened?” He interrupted me. His eyes looked like they were pleading and mine filled with sorrow. That confession was because he was drunk, he didn’t mean it. Not receiving a response, he dropped his gaze to the floor. “I just don’t-“
“I can’t pretend it never happened,” I said in a stern tone meaning every word. I wanted it to be real. I needed to know it did happen. His eyes went back to my own. 
“It’s for the best. I know you don’t like me and I don’t wish this to ruin our friendship”
“I don’t either”
“What happened last night, every word I remember saying is true. I would’ve never told you in the future because I was scared and I still am. So please just pretend-“
My lips interrupted him as I kissed him before he could finish his line. I could feel him tense before relaxing against me and allowing the kiss to continue. My rush of adrenaline wanted to forward whatever this was but I pushed myself off. 
“Why- Why did you do that?” He asked under his breath, barely audible to me who was nearly inches away. 
“You were rambling and I didn’t want you to think I didn’t like you for a second more” my breath started to quicken. His eyebrows pulled down, narrowing his eyes analyzing the situation. “I like you too, Charles. Hell, I think I’m in love with you” 
His eyes were still searching for any sign of a lie or pity in my expression but none were found, the corners of his lips curved upwards and his hands reached to the sides of my face before pulling me into another kiss, one that was a lot more gentle than the first. 
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cowboybxtch · 5 months
Hello you ! I’m the alphabet anon <3 I read your "How they flirt and how they confess to military!reader?" Can I ask it for Alejandro and Soap please ? I wish you happy holidays cutie <3
Hi love! Tysm for your request. I loved writing the last one so I'm super glad you've asked for a follow-up! <3 (also i accidentally prematurely posted this lol so I'm sorry if anybody saw!) CW: mentions of canon-typical violence GN!Military!Reader
Tumblr media
Johnny "Soap" MacTavish
Johnny knows he has feelings for you very quickly. He's a touch-starved fool, so if you ever find yourself tenderly touching him, in a friendly or even medical matter, he'll fall in love immediately.
He's like an excitable puppy. He'll be constantly chasing your attention and affection, even going as far as to injure himself (does a paper-cut count? Johnny thinks so) just so he can get to see you in the barracks after a mission to receive treatment.
You might have to hold his hand when he gets his flu injections, though. He's such a baby.
Noticeably funnier when he's around you. He pulls out every joke he knows, laughs at you enthusiastically, and becomes a little bit of a show-off, to be honest. Simon has noticed and rolls his eyes whenever he's around you two.
He's also a gawker. He will stare at you from across the room when he thinks nobody has noticed, quite leisurely check you out, and often zone out when staring at you. Gaz has had to elbow him a couple of times to get him to realise he's staring right at you.
I think he'd be quite confident when confessing his feelings to you, he was just waiting for the appropriate time to do so. He's a little nervous about your rejection considering you both work in the same professional environment, but he prepares himself to take it on the chin.
I think he'd probably confess post-surgery, however, when he's high out of his mind on painkillers, might give you some inappropriate compliments and regret it when he's sober. You secretly liked it.
Probably asks you to be his plus one to a medal ceremony. He would be so flustered seeing you in formal wear over your typical military gear or scrubs, but he finds you beautiful/handsome either way.
Tumblr media
Alejandro Vargas
I think that Alejandro would be the most up-front about his attraction and feelings toward you. He's a confident, passionate man - he knows he's attractive, and he's pulled plenty of lovers in the past. When you first meet, he kisses your knuckles and compliments your appearance and prowess.
He'll start to put a bit more effort into his appearance when he notices you. His hair will be gelled more stylishly, his beard trimmed more sharply, and he'll even go out of his way to use his expensive cologne when you're around.
I imagine that you're part of 141 and meet him when you travel to Las Almas to find Hassan. He'll flirt with you so much that everybody will be sick of it by the end of the trip. You're likely to be very stubborn in rejecting him, even if you do enjoy the attention.
However, all it takes is one smile in response to his incessant flirting for him to feel brave enough to continue. Imagine teasing, hinting comments, promises of lavish nights, telling you that you deserve to be spoilt.
Very protective, he watches over you on the field like a hawk. Will whistle and verbally compliment you on missions well-done. Expect to be constantly showered with praises when you're training together.
Decides to ask you out in the middle of gunfire. He had an inkling that he liked you just by speaking with you, but when you save him in the middle of an attack and take down eight men by yourself, he's completely enamoured.
"Do that again and I'll fall in love with you, corazón."
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daryldamnson · 7 months
Caught Up In You
summary: jason manages to corner you at a party. you’re saved by a knight in shining leather jacket who does very well at playing boyfriend. maybe too well. fem!reader
quote from the vampire diaries: "you seem nervous" / "i'm not nervous, i just don't like you"
word count: 2k
title from caught up in you by 38 special
Tumblr media
It was a rookie move - separating from the pack.
It’s gross to think of yourself as prey that needs to stick together, but when the basketball team insists on acting like predators - stalking around the room for some poor, unsuspecting girl to push their affections on - then it was all too easy to recognise yourself as prey.
Especially when one of them has you cornered in the empty back room.
“You look exceptionally pretty tonight.”
It’s a compliment, but something about its delivery gives you the ick.  Maybe it’s because you know he’s only saying it as a means to an end, maybe it’s because you know he probably would’ve used the exact same line on any other girl were she in your place.
Maybe it’s just because Jason himself gives you the ick.
“Thanks, Jason,” you say, boredom practically dripping from your tone.  You’re too polite to not thank him, but rude enough to make it clear you don’t want to talk to him.
He doesn’t take the hint.  Somehow, you’d thought he wouldn’t.
“Noticed you’ve been hanging around Harrington a lot lately,” he starts, clearly expecting you to speak up and continue the conversation.
You’re sorely tempted to snap back so? or why the fuck do you care? but you stop yourself in time.  You won’t give him the satisfaction of an answer.
The silence stretches about three beats too long past comfortable but you power through, picking up various bottles as if in indecision just to avoid looking at him.  He clears his throat awkwardly before stepping even closer and almost leaning into you.
Neither of you notice the quiet creak of a door or the figure making its way into the room.
This close you can smell his expensive cologne - it’s nice, in the way most expensive things are, but to you all it stinks of is desperation.
You want to tell him that but before you can he places a hand over yours on the bottle of soda you’re feigning an interest in and speaks, smarm oozing from every word.
“You seem nervous.”
Your hand slips out from under his as you finally turn to look at him over your shoulder, all polite pretence thrown out at his presumptuous touch.
“I’m not nervous, I just don’t like you.”
Jason lets out a choked sound of shock and, feeling a little like you’re living in surround sound you hear a choke behind you as well.  It’s Eddie Munson, frozen in position at the back door, glee lighting up his chocolate-brown eyes when they lock yours in a gaze.
He’s clearly attempting to temper the smile stretching at his lips but all that does is highlight the lines of his dimples.  Your eyes remain locked with his for what was probably a moment too long before you twist back to see Jason’s face speckled with embarrassed red splotches.
He’s glaring straight over your shoulder at Eddie and you take his momentary distraction to slip a few steps backwards.
Away from Jason; towards Eddie.
Two sets of eyes flick to you and track the movement.  It’s eerie how different two gazes can be in a mirror image.  One humiliated and angry, the other amused and kind.
You know which one you prefer.
Especially when Jason spits out a venomous “What the fuck are you doing here, Munson?  I know you weren’t invited.  You never are.”
There’s a look that crosses Eddie’s face - something hard but so softly sad at the same time - for barely even half a second before he’s shooting Jason a grin so clearly intended to wind him up.  You’d almost think you’d imagined it if you hadn’t been staring so intently.
He’s pretty in a way you’d never really taken the time to notice before.
“Well, actually, Carver, I was just—”
“Looking for me,” you cut him off in what has to be an act of madness.  You send Eddie a slightly pleading look as you continue, “right?  Babe?”
The term of endearment comes just a moment too late to be believable but Jason’s too in shock to notice.
So is Eddie, based on the wide-eyed look he shoots at you before he schools his expression.
You don’t know this, but he’s a sucker for the puppy-dog eyes - especially when they’re coming from a pretty girl (or Steve Harrington, apparently, but that’s a different story) - so he’s immediately on board, stepping forward to slip one hand onto your shoulder.
There’s a moment where he panics.  He’d gone for the most neutral touch he could think of, and you’d certainly wanted him to play along, but maybe he’s overstepped anyway?  It’s a very strange and new situation to be in - the role of boyfriend, real or not - he’s not entirely sure how to play it up as realistic without knowing your boundaries in this situation.
Then you bring up a hand to tangle with his, resting them against your collarbone, and he’s filled with relief even as his heart ratchets up its pace at the contact.
You’ve never really interacted but he’s not going to pretend he hasn’t noticed you before.  He might be The Freak but he’s also a man - one who can admit to himself that pretty girls twist up his insides in an uncomfortable yet somehow pleasant way.
And good god are you a pretty girl.
“This has to be a joke.”  Jason sounds torn between disbelieving and disgusted.  His expression tells a similar story.
Jason’s response isn’t that shocking to Eddie, having been on the receiving end of his and his friends’ scorn for more than a few years now, but you seem genuinely angry when you hurl back your rebuttal.
“Y’know, I think I heard that one: jock asshole can’t tell when he’s clearly not wanted.”
You glare over at Jason before turning away from him once more to face Eddie.  Your hands are still tangled as you gently place your other palm against his chest and he tries to calm his swirling thoughts.
“Pretty sure I did too,” he murmurs, not even sparing Jason a glance.
“Yeah, right.”  Malice practically drips from the words as Jason continues, apparently ignoring both the subtle and blatant dismissals.  “We all know Munson couldn’t get a girl like you without kidnapping her.  Or even a girl at all, right, Freak?”
Odd choice of words from the guy cornering girls in the back room, prick.
“Hey,” you murmur, quietly enough that he knows it’s just for him.
Eddie refocuses on you.  He finds your gaze darts between his eyes in question and, not really sure what you’re asking but certain he’d do almost anything for you right now, he nods gently in assent.
Almost immediately your hand starts to trail upwards, brushing over his collarbone to his throat in a way that sends a shiver up his spine.  It’s not until your hand lands at its destination, cupping his jaw gently, as your gaze dips to his lips, that he realises what he’d agreed to.
Nervously excited, Eddie’s breath hitches as you lean close to him, eyelashes brushing your cheeks as they flutter closed.  Eddie leaves his open for as long as possible, desperate to store this memory away in the most detail he can, but instinct takes over and they close right as your lips ghost over his.
The gentle pressure is there one moment and gone the next.  Eddie doesn’t have time to mourn the loss as you press back almost immediately, lips moulding against his for a moment longer this time before retreating again.  
Driven entirely by impulse, Eddie chases after you, lips following yours as his free hand comes up to cradle the back of your head.  He’s not pulling you back towards him, but the press of his hand encourages you not to pull back any further as his lips meet yours once more.
Both of you now oblivious to Jason’s cursing as he storms out of the room, you press closer to him, your still clasped hands pressed between your chests as you do.
Your tongues meet and he tastes almost overwhelmingly of cigarettes.  It’s not something you’d normally appreciate but something about Eddie has you chasing the flavour with vigour, unwilling to pull back even to breathe as you slip your hand from his jaw to grasp at his waist under his jacket.
Eddie appears to be just as entranced based on the way he’s pressing back into you, mouth open and eagerly following your lead.
A barely-there noise escapes him and is immediately muted in your mouth when your fingers grasp at his waist just a little tighter.  He’s clearly receptive to this attention as his own hand slips to the nape of your neck and presses - just enough pressure to pull you towards him.  As if there was any room left.
Eventually, the need to take a breath deeper than a quick gasp overcomes you both and the kiss slows to a halt, mouths parting slowly, reluctantly, and eyes fluttering open to meet in a gaze.
You’re both panting gently, still wrapped up in each others’ personal space as the sounds of the next room seep back into your consciousnesses.  Loud laughter, louder music - the house party essentials.
There’s a thump against the door and you both practically leap apart, twin gazes set on the doorway where no figure appears.  Not someone coming in, then, just an unruly dancer.
The awkwardness sets in all at once.
Apparently years of being barely acquaintances doesn’t lend itself to post-kiss congeniality.
“So–” you begin, speaking directly over his “Do you–”
“Oh, sorry,” you both stumble, hurriedly apologising over each other.
There’s a moment of silence where neither of you seem to be able to bring yourselves to look the other in the eye.  It’s uncomfortable.  Almost as uncomfortable as your purposefully engineered silence with Jason earlier.
Why was it easier with my tongue in his mouth?
The thought makes your eyes flicker over to him, more specifically to his lips, flushed and pink and still a little wet as they are.
“Um, thanks,” you start, clearly surprising him based on his wide-eyed expression.  “For, y’know…  With Jason.”
You’re starting to think maybe the reason it was easier earlier was because your tongue was too busy trying to lick the taste out of his mouth to spew out awkward sentences like that.
“Yeah, I…  I mean, of course, he’s - Jason’s a dick, I…”  He trails off, cheeks flushing as he bounces between looking at you and somewhere vaguely over your shoulder.  “Of course.”
“He is a dick.”
You aren’t sure if it’s the statement or the conviction behind it but something about it  makes him smile.  The overall effect of his pink cheeks, abused lips, and awkwardly adorable smile is very charming and a warm affection blooms somewhere in your chest as you smile back at him.
The uncomfortable air isn’t completely gone, but the tension is cracked at least.
Interruption finally comes in the form of three giggling, drunk girls as they stumble into the room.  They each spare you one odd glance before deciding that the refilling of their cups is more important.
Their chatter fills the room and Eddie does this odd little swing of his torso, left, then right, like he has too much energy and isn’t sure what else to do with it.  It’s kind of endearing.
You’re gearing up to speak but Eddie beats you to the punch.
“So, uh, you wanna head back to the party?”
He gestures over to the door as the three girls walk back through it, greeted by shouts of excitement.  His nervousness is evident on his face as he’s clearly offering to go back with you.
You have a better idea.
“Y’know what?  I think I’d rather go home.”  Eddie’s expression falls, shoulders dropping ever so slightly.
“Yeah, sure, I–”
“Drive me?”  You request, rather presumptuously, if you think about it, but the grin that lights up his entire face reassures you even as it turns your insides to goo.
“Yeah,” he breathes, nodding enthusiastically.  “Yeah, absolutely.”
requests are open but no promises i just go where the inspo takes me
huge thanks to @gathered-moss for being my cheerleader and pointing out my insane pov switches
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kozumaguchi · 1 month
Jujutsu Kaisen Smells
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ft. Most of JJK, sorry if I missed one of your favs (💜)
Warnings - Unintentional slander of some of your favs, I swear I love JJK.
Tumblr media
Yuuji - Yuuji doesn't smell bad per say, he just sweats a lot since he's very active. He doesn't smell strong ever, the only thing that do are his feet... But those are usually covered.
Megumi - He owns cologne, body wash, face wash, and many packs of gum. He's always minty fresh, not overbearing but instead like a mint flavored chapstick.
Nobara - She's overly analytical of herself, so she would be petrified if she smelled bad in public, you won't catch her slipping she's always smelling like tutti fruity jelly beans.
Gojo - He's good at everything he does, so to top it all off he doesn't even try to smell good he just does. He smells like strawberries and cream, and some hate how he doesn't seem to have a flaw.
Nanami - Pencils and fresh books, he just does don't fight me on it because I will win. He may dabble in some light cologne if it's a special occasion however.
Maki - She doesn't really care how she smells, she doesn't think about it. That's why she doesn't have much of a scent at all, she washes her face, wears deodorant, and calls it a day. The only noticeable smell is her citrus scented shampoos that she uses.
Yuta - During JJK 0 he 100% smelled like axe spray... But got called out by Maki and fixed his mistakes. He know smells like cinnamon and firewood.
Inumaki (My husband) - I love him... But he is definetly not a flower and the books confirmed this. He most likely smells like gas stations and soup at best, it's not disgusting but not something people get candles of.
Panda - Smells like fresh grass and summer days or a wet dog if he's caught in the rain. Sometimes he will smell like soup thanks to Inumaki feeding him whatever is for dinner.
Sukuna - Blood, a bit of dead body, but mostly a strong blood scent... Kinda smells like period blood but nobody asks.
Mahito - Smells like hand sanitizer and really overbearing soap, he smells too clean, too the point it's a bit much. Oddly enough his hair smells really bad because he doesn't take care of it.
Geto - Geto smells like dark chocolate with a hint of red wine, he smells expensive which he uses to his advantage if need be. It for some reason lures people in easily.
Todo - Todo smells like protein shakes, Sweat, axe, and orange juice all at the same time. It's a lot but it's not terrible, the dominant smell truly depends on the scenario.
Mai - She uses beautiful perfumes (sometimes over uses), and her hair smells like pineapple even if she is using shampoo that smells nothing like it.
Noaya - Shit he smells like shit because he is a peice of shi- (He actually smells like freshly vacuumed carpet but I hate him so...)
Toji - cum Toji smells like cheap cologne, gasoline, dirt, and rainy days. He smells like a sugar daddy without actually being one because he's broke... So I guess he's just a daddy (He failed at being that too tho... Just saying).
Shoko - She smells like whiskey and cigarettes, mostly cigarettes but that should be assumed.
Ijichi - depression Ijichi smells like a new car, and a fresh basement. He smells like nice cars because he takes care of his very often too make sure its perfect.
Junpei - He used to smell like apple pie and popcorn, thanks to visiting theatres so often. His smell was comforting and captured his sweet nature perfectly.
Miwa - Miwa smells like fresh cookies and wooden stoves, she smells really good and has been complimented on it before. (She blushed for quite a few days after it.)
Rika - Rika smelled like fresh daisies and the first days of winter, her smell was pure just like her soul and heart.
Yoshinobu - He definetly smells like an old man, take that as either moth balls and drug stores, or beef and farts. Either one could suit him.
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shuichiswritingcorner · 6 months
Danganronpa Protagonists crushing and confessing to you
Characters: Makoto, Aoi, Hajime, Nagito, Kaede, Shuichi, and Kiibo
Mod Shuichi's note: I've been wanting to get back into writing for Danganronpa, so I thought I would start off with something simple. This was something I whipped up during my free hour, but I still worked very hard on it. Hope you enjoy, lovelies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Socially awkward might as well be his middle name!
Makoto is a sweetheart deep down, but he’s also an easily flustered one
He’ll be stammering a lot around you, and stutter out compliments
God forbid you ever compliment him. The poor boy might have cry out of happiness on the spot
He values your opinion a lot, so when he’s not trying to squeak out praises, he’s a very attentive listener towards every word you say 
He likes to give small gifts to you, nothing too fancy though. Like a keychain with something you like, perfume/cologne that had a nostalgic scent, books/games you liked, etc. 
He always wants to take a selfie of you and him, but he backs out due to shyness
Confesses to you in a really cheesy way 
Okay, but let’s be honest. Sayaka and Aoi probably hinted at it towards you multiple times. If you didn’t catch onto Makoto liking you, that’s really on your oblivious ass 
Probably writes a cute love letter in your backpack, but it’s anonymous. He always wants to write something along the lines of “Meet me at the back of the school at 4 pm”, but he’s too shy
The whole class basically pushed you two in an empty classroom and kept you two in there until Makoto told you "you know what” ;)
“H-Hi Y/N…..I….I, umm…..what everyone is saying is that….I have a crush on you. And….I would be honored if you would let me take you out on a date. O-Of course, o-only if you want! I-I didn’t want to surprise y-you with this so suddenly,” 
Tumblr media
Aoi is very loving and sweet towards her crush! 
She really likes to spend time with you and talking to you is such a joy for her! 
She’ll invite you to hangouts whenever she gets the chance and chats about anything she can think of
Are those friendship bracelets she’s gifting you? Perhaps….sharing her favorite donut with you? 
That’s true love. When a woman shares her favorite food with you
Just like she is open to your interests, she also wants to share hers with yours. It’s her way of seeing if you two are compatible or not
She totally understands if you guys are different, though! Just more things you can recommend for each other 
The only way you can tell if she likes you or just thinks of you as a friend is when YOU praise her
That blush is no secret whenever you compliment her on the littlest things
She went to Sakura for advice on what to do, and she just said to be straightforward and honest. If they were really the one, they would love Aoi for her
So she did exactly that! Asked you to meet her after her swim practice and confessed to you
“Hey! So….This was something that I was meaning to tell you for a while. I….think I’m in love with you. Of course, I completely understand if you just want to be friends. I’m fine with whatever you want! Just thought I’d let you know,” 
Tumblr media
Hajime tends to be a lot more patient with his crush 
Like Makoto, he feels pretty insecure about himself, so he values his crushes opinion. Even if he is less open about it
He enjoys talking to you, and he’ll let you do most of it. Only throwing in off handed comments that unintentionally turn out to be compliments
He doesn’t even know what he said until you started to hug him 
He honestly hangs out with you the most, since all of his classmates feel….off to him. Not in a bad way. I mean…what’s so wrong about wanting to spend time with your crush the most? 
He smiles a lot more around you
He tries to open up more about his past and talk about himself as you two become closer. But he never wants you to think he’s full of himself 
Hajime may not be very open about his emotions towards others, but around you, it’s slightly more noticeable 
Like that faint blush or awkward smile he gives you when you start to talk about your hobbies/interests
Talking about your favorite food? Maybe he can cook it sometime. You mom took you to a really nice place over the weekend? Perhaps you two can visit there together sometime. You got a pet? Maybe he can see a picture of it 
Chiaki forces him to confess, c’mon now. Only he doesn’t need to be pushed into a classroom with you, unlike Makoto’s situation
He sighs in annoyance, but still goes up to you and confesses his feelings
Straightforward, at the point, but he really hopes that you will say yes
“Hey…..so, Chiaki is making me say this, but….she said that if I didn’t do this myself, she would tell you. And, uh, I….think this is something you should hear from me. *sighs* I…..like you. And I’ve been wanting to ask you, but I kept pushing it off. But I’m not going to run away this time. Do you want to go out this weekend with me?” 
Tumblr media
Nagito is both open with his emotions, and also not
If that makes sense
While Nagito wants to be on good terms with all of his classmates, he genuinely feels at peace with you around
He’s seen enjoying his time with you and chatting about anything
He lets you do most of the talking while he listens. It’s sweet he’d rather let you share your interests with him, but it’s also kinda….strange. Like the only things you know about him are his first and last name
Attentive and observant boy. He’ll compliment you on the little things. Possibly things that not even your own parents would recognize about you
“Oh, Y/N-san! I see you are wearing that bracelet you got from the street fair last year. It look really nice on you. The colors really compliment your skin tone, and those charms really capture aspects of your hopeful personality,” 
“Oh, umm….thanks, Nagito,” 
Compliments galore with this guy! But if you are an ultimate, he’ll apologize after every conversation for wasting your time with someone like him, and take his leave
As much as he really likes to be around you, he tries to end your hangouts short. He’s worried his luck might hurt you if you spend too much time together
Because of his insecurities and luck, he has trouble confessing. So he devises a simple way 
Romance novels pay off for his guy. He gifted you a bouquet of roses with a card attached that said “I love you”
The….roses whitered the day he was going to confess to you ;-;
But even though you ended up with dead flowers, you still read the card with a big smile on your face
Tumblr media
Like Makoto, Kaede is a very open person about her emotions 
She just has a little more confidence and charm in comparison 
Since Kaede is a naturally bubbly and kind person to everyone, it’s actually quite hard to tell if she likes you, or if she is just being friendly
Lots of time spent with her, questions about your life, doing your favorite hobbies together, etc. 
She enjoys any minute she can spend with you 
Heck, she may even flirt with you, but play it off as her ‘just kidding’
“Haha, you’re really funny, Y/N! Almost as you are pretty too!” 
“H-Huh?! Kaede?!” 
“Hehe, just kidding! Well, it is true I think you’re kinda cute. Your smile reminds me of one of Mozart’s most famous pieces. People think he was known for depression and mellow songs, but he had this one work that was—“ 
Yeahhhh…..get ready for you to compare you to her favorite music pieces, so elegant and beautiful you are :)
She’ll even offer you free piano lessons just so she can, quite literally, get closer to you 
Asking you out is pretty straightforward, with some creativity 
She’ll play you an upbeat song on her piano, but it’s not a piece that you recognize
Consider it an Akamatsu original. She’ll start to sing lyrics about how much you mean to her
After it, she asks you if you want to go out with her 
“Did you like it? I worked really hard on composing it just for you! I….really meant every word in it, too. You’re so amazing, Y/N. And I would be very glad if you let me take you out on an date,” 
Tumblr media
Ooooohhhhhh boy
If you thought Makoto was flustered, Shuichi really takes the cake
He blushes and stammers (more than usual) around his crush and breaks into cold sweats more frequently 
For his sake, don’t….hug him…..
He appreciates it, but he may just have a breakdown/pos
One compliment is enough to make him turn into a tomato and hide his face with the bill of his cap 
It’s……honestly pretty obvious to tell when he’s in love
He’s basically the human embodiment of social anxiety 
Shuichi can also be a little—just a little—obsessive over his crush 
It’s a ‘mini worship’ he does with you. He already has low confidence, so he basically holds you on a pedestal 
No objections towards what you say. Anything you are down for, Shuichi is too
Miu once called him your ‘bitch boy’
I’m also gonna be honest, he constantly annoys Kaito, Maki and Kaede with how amazing he thinks you are. If they ask the obvious (do you like them?), the poor guy will go red and stammer out a series of “i’s” and “well’s”. But the look on his face is enough of a coherent yes
It’s….painstakingly obvious he likes you. He just doesn’t have enough courage to ask you out on his own 
Either you have to say your feelings yourself or his friends will have to physically push him and you together 
“I, uhhh…..I….I like you, Y/N. I have for a while now. S-Sorry that I kept it from you so long. I was just nervous about ruining our friendship. But I suppose it’s now or never, haha” 
He clears his throat, coughing from some embarrassment 
“S-Sorry….anyway, would you…want to go out with me sometime?”
Tumblr media
Kiibo was….confused for a lack of better words
Were all humans this kind and sweet to him? 
Well…..you had Kokichi and Himiko who teased him for being a robot, so……no
Who else could make his internal fans blar out or his system overheat like this? 
“Kiibo? Should I get Miu? You seem like you’re….overheating,”
“P-Please do not wo-worry, Y/N-san. I’m just fine….” 
He went to Miu for advice about what this feeling was
She…..wasn’t any help….
So he went to Kaede and Rantaro instead. They were help! 
They told him he might be in love with you, and he should do something nice to express his feelings
Kiibo didn’t quite understand his feelings himself, even with further explanation. Plus, this was a special kind of emotion. His words wouldn’t be enough to tell you 
Kaede offered to help him write a song, but Kiibo…..isn’t the best singer
So Rantaro suggested he can get you a gift and write a letter with it
So Kiibo started to research all the poetic and elegant ways to write a love letter and confess it clearly, yet lovingly 
He asked Miu to make you a teddy bear with a voice chip (but told her to leave out any…..weird nosies, just simple “I love you’s”)
“Ughhh….what kind of dickhole doesn’t like being called a nasty little slut or whore?! I got no idea what you see in them. If someone called me that, ohh….p-please, I would—“ 
“Iruma-san, please refrain from speaking out your….fantasies with me. They’re making me quite uncomfortable and I wish to focus on Y/N,”
After they were done, Kiibo came to you with a stuttering greeting and shakily gifting you the bear and letter
Research really does pay off! The letter was written in a fine cursive and explained his feelings in a poetic manner
“I….have come to a conclusion that I have developed romantic feelings for you, Y/N-san. I assume this might come as a shock to you. That is alright. You do not need to say anything back just now. I encourage you to take some time to think about it. There is absolutely no rush,"
He’s a sweetheart, please date him :)
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sooblus · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SHOW NOT TELL ┆ㅤh.hyunjin
pairing. hyunjin x gn!reader | genre. fluff | cws. established relationship, mention of marriage | wc. 268
précis. how hyunjin shows he loves you without saying it
notes. ib @hyunverse loved their post sm I just couldn't help it 🤭
Tumblr media
— showing you his paintings !
only a few people have had the chance to see anything he creates (his members taking over majority of the list)
so if your relationship comes to the point where he welcomes you into his studio with open arms just know he's professing his undying love for you and can only hope you accept it
It will get to the point where he starts painting stuff for you or painting you so once it reaches to that point just know that marriage is the next step
— taking pictures of you !
smallest thing everr but it's the thought that counts
but like imagine having hyunjin, literally the most perfect man to exist giggling about how pretty you look in candid photos, scrolling through his phone or viewing them on his camera and occasionally showing you with a bunch of compliments right after
biggest hype boy when he's taking the ones you actually know about too, I'm talking bending to get you in the your prettiest of angles, constantly instructing you on how to pose and tell you to smile brighten or move one of the props you include in the photo
— gifting you hand written letters !
now I have no recollection of hyune ever mentioning writing letters but it's such a him thing and I'm sure all stays can understand where this is coming from
goes alll out, spraying the letter with the cologne he knows you love and leaving kiss marks with one of your most used lipsticks, being all smiley about how you'll react (probably giggling out loud which would result in jeongin telling him to shut up)
— hugging you a lot !
definitely not a clinger when it comes to relationships but for you he would jump over the moon and back if you asked him only once
sometimes he comes to your home just to cling onto you after a long day of schedules, I love yous thrown around between tender kisses and loving head rubs as you tell him to talk all about his day, nothing but admiration as you look down at him
always has open arms for you, no matter how busy he is— he will drop all tasks if it means he gets to spend forever wrapped in your warmth
Tumblr media
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tyonfs · 1 month
GENRES ▸ angst, smut
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, infidelity
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ i wrote this in an hour because of a writing exercise i wanted to try out. another note at the end
Tumblr media
You liked to pretend that you forgot all about it, but the reality was that you remembered every single detail of that moment, like it was burned into your memory. It was the first year of college, and you were in a relationship with Kim Jungwoo until he caught you in a bedroom with Johnny Suh one night. You were drunk out of your mind, your mascara smudged your cheeks, and you couldn’t feel anything.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you kept crying and crying, but Jungwoo left you in the end.
It was a record that never stopped playing; they touched you, they loved you, you fucked up, they left you. No second chances. No do-overs.
Your next boyfriend was Jeong Jaehyun, who always showered you with compliments. You’re so pretty, you’re so beautiful, your body looks so good. You loved the thought of Jaehyun, and you thought he maybe loved you at some point. He was every girl’s dream, but he made you feel so anxious.
Anxious even when you lowered yourself onto him so slowly that he cried out, grabbing your hips and moving you the way he wanted. Anxious when he whispered praises in your ear. Anxious when you smelled the cologne on his warm chest. Anxious when he slept soundly afterward and you set an alarm to wake up early and do your makeup.
Nothing was worse than feeling undesirable. If no one was there to touch you, then were you even real?
Maybe that was why you put the flame out yourself.
“You’re kidding.” Jaehyun’s voice was hoarse—more sad than angry. You felt like a monster to have made him so upset. “I should have listened to my friends when they told me about you.”
That you were what? A cheater? A slut? You were sure you heard it all by now, but it wasn’t like any of your other exes had a scarlet letter over their chest when they slept with other girls.
You met Na Jaemin shortly after that. He wasn’t much older than you, but he was more mature. Less of a mess. He was exactly the sort of pretty face that you would have accidentally let slip from your fingers, let him shatter like glass around your feet, let his sharp edges cut into your skin and make you bleed out until you were empty again. You didn’t want to do that, though, and it didn’t seem like Jaemin was interested in you in that way.
He rubbed the back of his neck shyly when you asked why he was single.
“I have a crush on someone,” was all he said. His ears and cheeks went red, and all you could think about was how innocent he was compared to you. How much better he was.
He showed you a picture of her on her Instagram. She was so much more different from you with her bright eyes and dazzling smile. Someone who was cute and dainty, like a doll. Her clothes were nothing special, but the way they framed her figure suited her well. She was surrounded by friends in most of the pictures, so you figured she was someone who was well-liked.
Someone who wasn’t you.
“You should ask her out,” you told him, passing him the cigarette you had been taking long drags from, but he turned you down with a scrunched nose. “It’s not like she’s gonna say no.”
“She could,” he said. “We’re not that close.”
You laughed. “No way. She’d be stupid to turn you down.”
“What? ‘Cause you’re cute.”
It was his turn to laugh this time, but he sounded embarrassed and flustered. “You think so?”
“Mhm. Do you think I’m cute?”
Jaemin stared at you for a minute, like he was really trying to look at you. The red was creeping back up his neck again, and he was about to murmur a quiet yes when he decided to clear his throat and nod instead. You were silent yourself until you placed your hair on the back of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss.
Jaemin was gentle with you, unlike the other men who pushed you down with rough hands and fucked you until you had little to no grasp on reality. Jaemin held you with careful hands and pushed his cock into you with such tenderness that you wanted to cry.
This must be love, you thought.
But that was a lie. This was not love in the slightest. You thought of the girl with the bright eyes as you rode Jaemin, and you thought about how sick Jaemin must have felt to be having sex with someone who was damaged beyond repair.
You would have liked to think that you and Jaemin could have had a happy ending, that he would finally be the one to set you free from your cycle of self-destruction. But when have humans ever learned from their mistakes?
Tumblr media
ENDING NOTE ▸ so my writing prof said you should not be concerned with morality and should write all of your characters with love and compassion. i agree! to an extent. i don’t think characters should be let off the hook for their immoral actions but i think you can pour love into writing them. cheating is like one of the things i despise the most. especially when it’s romanticized. that’s why i chose to try writing mc as someone who’s the embodiment of what i hate but i still wanted to sympathize for her at the same time. obviously this is not romanticized in the slightest because mc is stuck in a cycle of pain and heartbreak, but even though she has her bad qualities, you can still feel bad for her, even if it’s just a little. i hope LOL but what do you think?? did you feel bad? thank you for reading btw :’) i will not be putting this on my masterlist but i hope you enjoyed <3
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aemoonie · 10 months
dating svt's hip hop unit ✰
somebody pinch me 😰 henna writing again? and for svt?? unheard of 🤭 i tried to change the format of these a little, so lmk how it is! <3 | gn!reader, mlist. wc: ~1k cw: fluffy af, based on their natal charts
Tumblr media
leo sun, mercury and venus
he knows what he wants and may have high expectations of himself and his partner. but he is a very loving person, absolutely not afraid to show his love. he wants the same energy from the person he loves, and he will melt anytime his s/o praises him even in the slightest. is the most loyal partner, and will fight for what he loves and wants. loves gifts, and romance and takes pride in his romantic side. may be prone to jealousy and possessiveness because he has no intention of sharing his s/o or their attention. with his airy mars, he will probably get whiny when he needs some love from his s/o <3
cap moon, libra mars
he may take his time to fully warm up to someone new, and maybe someone he is friends with first will make him feel more comfortable as a partner. it's hard to get through his shell and make him open up because he himself may sometimes lack in checking up on how he is feeling. he is far from cold or detached however, his leo stellium and libra mars balance out his cap moon quite well in my opinion. he can be flirty when he wants to and loves LOVES talking to his s/o! the type to take better care of you than of himself :( <3
dating seungcheol is like finding comfort in a person. like warm embraces, head-pats and hushed promises. like inside jokes and leaning against each other as you laugh. like sweaty hands refusing to let go of each other during summer. like not being able to sleep without being in each other's arms.
cancer sun, leo moon, leo mercury
he is committed, he is loving and he is romantic. he likes knowing what he's on with the person he likes. i don't think he would be the type to actively hide his interest in someone, but it will be hard to notice anyway (it's the resting c: face lmao). he loves hard though, but with his airy venus and mars he may have a hard time placing these heavy emotions. also a sucker for praise and compliments, and would get so so shy when his s/o is the one giving it to him.
gemini venus and mars
he likes variety and needs mental stimulation in a relationship! he'd love someone witty and smart, who likes to have fun with him. i think someone playful would help get him out of his shell. is the type to randomly check up on you during the day, maybe he texts you during lunch or sends you a small reminder to eat and drink enough! it's the little things with him that make a difference. do the same to him and you'll catch him giggling and blushing at his phone smh :')
dating wonwoo is calm and sweet. like finding little notes in your pockets from him, like smelling his cologne on practically everything he touches. like finding your favorite snacks in his bag and sharing earbuds. like finding each other's eyes from the other side of the room and quietly checking up on one another.
aries sun and venus, pisces moon
mingyu loves deeply and passionately. he is impulsive and may go into a romance head first, he is likely the type to fall head over heels for someone right away. his earth placements could try to shake some sense into him, so i can imagine him being shy in his passionate nature. he probably like to test the waters beforehand and may idealize his s/o, especially at the beginning of a relationship. loves love though, he wouldn't it trade it for the world.
taurus mercury, virgo mars
a little stubborn and set in his ways, mingyu likes to be organized and will probably not like someone overly messy or wishy-washy who would lead him on. i think genuine people will fuel his interest way more. he would love to do acts of service for his s/o and would genuinely be over the moon if they tell him how much it means to them. he is someone who can be very rational and could need some time when arguments happen, but with his pisces moon, he is easy to soften up <3
dating mingyu is like knowing the other's favorite orders inside out, it's bear hugs and soft kisses, homemade dishes, and lukewarm tea. it's freshly washed towels, vanilla soap and warm baths. it's getting ready for bed together in the middle of the night, blasting music, and pulling faces in the mirror.
aquarius sun, mercury, capricorn venus
a bit aloof sometimes, maybe even a bit clueless, but he is committed throughout. the best friend type of boyfriend. will need time and trust to open up and similar to seungcheol, he sometimes doesn't know himself what he feels. he could go decades admiring his crush from afar unless he is suddenly struck with a boost in confidence (likely from one of his close friends). will probably love domestic or chill dates like movie nights, shopping dates, or visiting museums. more the act of service type of person, but quality time might be just as important to him.
scorpio moon, pisces mars
under his clueless demeanor, there is a big big heart, someone just needs to dig it up hehe! i said he needs time to pursue a crush, but his water placements suggest that he would fall hard for them regardless. his scorpio moon (and cap venus) make him a pretty loyal person, he'd be the type to be stunned if his partner ever expressed the fear to be left by him. his pisces mars would have such a soft spot for his s/o, he'd likely idealize them a bit in his head. i think he'd like someone genuine but dreamy, who is artsy and committed.
dating vernon is like wearing your favorite oversized hoodie, sharing an umbrella on a somber afternoon in the city. it's hot coffee and intertwined fingers, finding weird pictures and going "that's you". it's shared meals and laughing with just one look, knowing smiles from others, and doing kind of everything together.
© a͏e͏m͏o͏o͏n͏i͏e͏ all rights reserved.
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corriganatheart · 13 days
His Maddest Desire (He LOVES her, but she HATES him) Jude Bellingham x reader
Tumblr media
Synopsis: She was the opposite of what he needed; the shadow that no one noticed but him. Since the beginning, Jude had always liked Y/N, and his feelings grew every time he saw her. His reputation as a womanizer only makes her question his intention and pushes him away, but that never stops him from chasing after what he wants.
Pairings: Jude Bellingham x reader x Richarlison
Genre: Forbidden romance x Enemies to Lovers x One-sided love x Dark Romance
Warnings ⚠️: Cursing, mention of sexual content 🔞
You weren't sure if you should be depressed about the situation or be relieved. Your family has totally forgotten that you existed and moved on with the welcoming speech without you. On any occasion, you would've been ok with it, but today your distant family was here, and you wore a beautiful dress that complimented your beauty in every way, but instead of flaunting it in front of everyone, you are hiding behind a concrete pole, away from the crowd.
"The L/N family will like to welcome you to our 100th anniversary in business!" You heard your dad exclaim and could see his hand raise his cup, but you were too far to see his face. You look at the number of people in the room; they've doubled since last year, and most are influential people worldwide. From current presidents to famous celebrities, you name it all, your family is connected to everyone. Your heart rate increases as you glance from one person to another, realizing he might be here too. "And my precious gem, my daughter Anastasia will take over the family's business and become the heir of the L/N family!"
Your heart immediately stops for a second, and your vision begins to blur as people clap and cheer for your sister. From the distance, in the spotlight, you see your sister, in the most beautiful dress and most beautiful face standing on the stairs waving and smiling at everyone. She looked confident, ambitious, and strong, something you weren't and would never be. Deciding that it was best to remove yourself from the gathering, you start running to the far end of the mansion, away from everyone.
The cold weather immediately hits your face when you enter the balcony. The city light shines from afar, away from your family's mansion on the mountain. Everything about your city was beautiful, filled with lights you'll never see in person. And even if you did, you’ll still feel ashamed, saddened, and distressed that tinted people ran the city—a family that doesn’t care about anything but power and money.
You look up at the stars and examine their beautiful design. They were all gorgeous, showing their beauty on the blank black canvas, and each star formed its meaning. One particular one formed a shape like a woman with Angel wings. She was floating with a knife-like structure in her hands. She looked powerful among the other stars.
“Her name’s Nemesis,” a familiar voice with a deep English accent says. You don’t even have to turn around to know who it is. His voice and the smell of expensive fresh cologne were enough to confirm that he was one of the most influential football players in the world. “She is the goddess of revenge and quite literally an underrating woman.” Your heart beats faster as you feel him getting closer to you, and you want nothing more than to leave without having to look at him.
Jude Bellingham is known for his looks, accent, personality, athletic abilities, influential status, and womanizer. He was everything you needed to avoid, but he always seemed to find you no matter where you were. “Myths say she is more beautiful and stronger than Athena and Aphrodite, and I can assure you she’s everything they say she is.” Your heart skips a beat, maybe many more, as he stands next to you. "Why are you alone, angel?"
Tumblr media
Since birth, you have always been in your sibling's shadow. Your sister Anastasia was the golden child of the family. She had the looks, brain, personality, and quite the influence on others. Everyone loves her, and she was your parent's whole heart. Your brother, two years older than you, is the middle child and your mother's son. He was a mommy's boy, and even though he was now an adult, your mother would do anything for him. Your father, on the other hand, was too occupied with Anastasia and the family business to care if he had a son or not. The L/N family was complete with a daughter and a son, but you came into this world unexpectedly. Your biological parents passed away the day you were born, and your birth mother was the best friend of your adoptive mother. And even though she didn't want you, she wanted to be a hero, so your parents went along with the adoption, and you were taken in unwanted.
Growing up, you had quite a fancy life. Money, food, maids, fancy parties, and private schools, but you were never provided the same treatment as your siblings. You understand that you aren’t their biological child, but you’ve been in their family for so long that it seems that way.
Your father, who was always busy, would only talk to you when needed, such as school work and attending events, and your mother would only speak to you when it concern your physical image or family photos. Overall, besides being ignored by your family, you lived a comfortable life and were used to the cold silence from your parents, but it still hurts.
"Y/N?" He asked softly after realizing that your mind was no longer with him. "Why are you alone, angel?"
You close your eyes at the nickname that he gave you years ago. It does many things to you, and no matter how much you try to tell him to leave you alone, Jude Bellingham is always around. “Go back to the party Jude. My brother will be looking for you.”
He remains calm, and from the corner of your eyes, you can see him twirl the glass of whiskey while looking ahead. “Rowan is fine. He’s got blondes, brunettes, red hair, and black hair surrounding him,” Jude says with amusement. You rolled your eyes and placed your hand on the concrete rail, feeling the coldness of it. “My brother’s player ways will never die down,” you mumbled disgustingly.
Your brother, Rowan L/N, is a womanizer, and he doesn’t necessarily have a type. As long as you were a girl and were down for a one-night stand, he would take you to a hotel within a heartbeat. He wasn’t picky with Women either and found all types of women beautiful: curvy, skinny, average, tan, pale, dark; he liked them all. And although he may not seem like it, he respects a woman a lot, and that’s why he’s a mommy’s boy. You and your brother get along just fine, and in high school, he protected you from bullies, but now that he is a university student, you have distanced yourself a little. He wasn’t the older brother you knew from high school; your brother has become colder, bolder, and more like your father.
“You haven’t answered my question. Why are you out here alone?”
The concern in Jude’s voice causes you to look at him angrily. You didn’t need his concern, and you didn’t need his pity; you’ve had enough of those. “What game are you playing, Bellingham?” You asked. Jude raises an eyebrow and places his cup on the rail. You watch one hand disappear into his pocket while the other reaches for your hair, tugging it behind your ears. “Now I see you,” he mumbles and smiles softly.
You look at his lips and then his eyes; gosh, he was beautiful, with a sculpted jawline, thick lips, and a smile that could make a girl get on her knees. But you couldn’t be one of those girls; you were not his type. You have seen the girls he surrounds himself with, and you weren’t them, and he was playing games with you.
“Go find Rowan. He wouldn’t like his best friend with his little sister,” you said as you started stepping away from him. Jude doesn’t budge; he oversees you, examining your moves like always. “He wouldn’t think any of it,” Jude says. You bite your lower lips, “because we just don’t fit,” you immediately spit.
Jude’s eyes go dark as he focuses on yours, and you see how his jaw tenses. You’ve said many things in the past that hurt him, and you knew it’s one of these that gets him railed up. “Why do you hate me?” He asked casually, mainly because he had asked this question many times. And you wish you could answer him, but you don't know either.
Tumblr media
You first met Jude when you were 12, and he was 14. Your brother befriended him while they attended an all-boys junior high, and he was one of those friends that would always come over. You remember the first time the two of you made eye contact. It was an immediate attraction on both ends and like the curious cat you were, you stayed and watched him play football with your brother.
Since the beginning, you always attend an all-girls school, and the only boys you've been around are your brother, cousins, and your dad's men. Seeing Jude for the first time, you were immediately drawn to him mainly because he was the most beautiful boy you have ever seen and because of the way he handled the soccer ball. Jude must've also noticed you because he showed off more and was constantly making sure you saw his dribble, scores, tricks, and everything he did; he did it with a purpose. After that day, Jude came over more often, and you always watched him play with your brother. And when you finally reached high school, he became bolder and started flirting with you, asking you to homecoming, inviting you to his games, and doing everything with you in his mind. But never once did you fall for him because, in the back of your mind, you were incapable of being loved, and Jude was only going to break your heart. Unlike you, he was everything everyone wanted, the golden boy, and he was still one.
"Why are you so mean?" he asked, stepping closer to you.
You back up, and he looks down at your shoes, unpleased by that movement. “Don’t step away from me,” he demanded softly as you stood four feet away. “Why?” You asked, even though you knew his answer. Jude grabs your wrist and pulls you into his chest, “because I am your man,” he whispers in your ear.
Your heart races rapidly as you feel his hand trace the back of your dress. He was so close to you that his cologne almost caused you to faint. Jude was much taller than you, and your head barely reached his shoulders, and it was so easy for you to hear his heartbeats. And just like you, he was also under the influence, and his breathing was getting harder and harder as his hands trailed up further.
“I am yours, and you’re mine. We fit Y/N,” he says and places his forehead on yours. You close your eyes and imagine the two of you alone, entirely away from everyone. Your life would’ve been more straightforward if you were born into an average family and met Jude accidentally. But you weren’t normal, and you were born into a loveless family that controls your every move. And Jude was a professional footballer that everyone loved. You knew Jude was destined for greatness the moment you looked at him, and unlike you, he was meant to be loved by the world. In the future, he will marry someone important, friendly, beautiful, and loved by everyone, like your sister. And you will be left behind closed doors as his mistress and never be seen again. The two of you just don’t fit.
“What do you want from me, Bellingham?” You asked while exiting his arms and stepping a couple of steps away. “Do you think I will fall for your tricks? Do you think I’ll say yes, and we'll marry in the future while you take one girl after another like your football buddies?” You aggressively asked. Jude glares at you frustratedly as you continue to speak your mind. “Look at me and look at all those girls. We are opposite!”
The two of you stare at one another for god knows how long. The conversation was familiar, and it was giving you deja vu. Jude was very persistent; no matter how many rejections he got from you, he was still chasing. But that never stopped him from fooling around with other girls to show you what you missed. But the two of you knew damn well he would drop anyone in a heartbeat if you came to him.
“I’m not like that,” Jude says softly, his hands hidden in his pocket to keep himself from reaching for you. “You know I want only you.”
It was hard to concentrate on hating him when he said the sweetest, most beautiful things in life. You knew who he was, and the womanizer image was only to make you jealous. But if you admit that you hated the blondes, brunettes, redheads, ginger, and many more girls that he had been associated with, it would only confirm your feelings, and you weren’t going down that path.
“Why?” You quietly asked while looking at the floor, avoiding eye contact with him. “Why are you so nice to me?”
You feel his fingers lift your chin, and in a second, you make eye contact with him. “Is it that hard to see yourself the way I see you?”
No one would’ve ever thought that Jude Bellingham could ever get rejected by a girl. There have been numerous times when he respectfully refused girls, and there have been times when he would use them for pleasure. But it was now getting to him that no matter how many girls he got; his heart still yearns for you and it will only be you that he wants.
"You will eventually marry someone else," you mumbled. "Someone older, wiser, prettier, and at the same level as you."
With a heavy heart, Jude reaches to stroke your face, but you slap his hands away. "Stay away from me, Bellingham.”
Tumblr media
You wander back to the hall room, and from the corner of your eyes, you see your brother standing near the champagne fountain, surrounded by numerous girls. On one side, he has another friend of his, Trent Alexander Arnold, and on another side, he has Kylian Mbappe. They all smiled while chatting and flirting with the girls. You take in the way Trent constantly looks bored, and his eyes wander around the crowd, whereas Kylian is very invested in the ladies. To their right, a couple of tables away, your sister was talking to some women around your mother’s age, one of them being Jude’s mother.
It was no secret that your mother and Jude’s mother always wanted to be in-laws. And you were never an option, but your sister was perfection and the apple of everyone’s eye. Jude’s mother had always liked your sister, and the engagement between your sister and Jude would be brought up soon. That is another reason why it was best you stay away from him.
“The party is a bit dense, don’t you think?”
Your shoulder jumps from the voice, and you immediately turn around to see Marcus Rashford standing behind you, with a drink in his hand and the other hand tucked in his pant. He was wearing a white dress shirt with some buttons down, revealing some ink on his chest. His hair was freshly cut, making him look more handsome than you remember.
Marcus was an acquaintance of your dad and one of your sister’s friends. He was always rumored to be dating your sister, but you don’t think there's any potential because despite your sister showing interest in him, Marcus rarely acknowledges her.
“You don’t speak much do you little one?”
You frowned at his nickname for you because you guys aren’t anything at all for him to give you nicknames. This was probably the first time the two of you have ever spoken.
“Why are you talking to me?” You asked quietly despite the room being loud. Marcus smirks and sips his drink, “why haven’t I talked to you is the real question,” he mumbles. You frown and was about to walk away when he grabs your elbow. “Care to dance?” He asked. You look behind your shoulders to see your sister staring your way, eyeing the part where you and Marcus are touching. “Your girlfriend won’t like that,” you said, and Marcus glanced at your sister. “She’s not my girlfriend.” And that should’ve been enough for you to take him up on his offer, but you instead think about your sister’s wellbeing and decide it was best to decline. “I’m sorry but I have to go,” you said and quickly excused yourself.
As you quickly exit the ballroom again, you feel a couple of eyes on you, sending shivers down your spine.
Tumblr media
“Jude!” Rowan exclaimed when he walked into the private room made for his casual hookups.
Jude nods and looks around the room, seeing a couple of his friends and acquaintances surrounded by girls, many girls. Your brother has two blondes next to him, with white lingerie on. On the couch in front of him, Mbappé was getting sucked off by two girls while the others were close to having sex. At the center of the room stood two naked girls dancing on the pole with red eyes.
Your brother nods his head towards the couch next to him; a girl that looks similar to your sister is sitting on it, and there is no question that she was brought in for him.
“Enjoy yourself, man,” Rowan says with a smirk. Jude grabs a bottle of champagne on a table and approaches the girl. She was beautiful, with a banging body, a girl he would usually hook up with but never chase. It was honestly torturing to want someone that doesn’t want you back, and the only way to get rid of that feeling was to drink, snort, and fuck. But even that didn’t help.
“Heard my mother and your mother talking. I know they want you all together, but it ain’t happening, man,” Rowan says, “my sister wants Rashford.” Jude chugs his bottle of Champagne, not giving a damn about who your sister wants. The only thing on his mind was to get you out of his system. “You have anyone else in mind?” Rowan asked. Jude smirks and lays both of his hands on top of the couch. The girl next to him was very bold and seductive. Her hands were already roaming his body and unbuckling his belt. “Anastasia is not my type,” Jude shrugs. Your brother raises an eyebrow, clearly not understanding why Jude would say that. He has seen the way Jude interacts with your sister and the way he is constantly being nice to her, so he assumes that Jude has a crush on her. “Then what is your type?” Rowan asked.
Jude lays his head back on the couch and guides the girl’s head down into his unbuckled pant. He then closes his eyes and sighs. “I prefer sexy (eye color) with (hair color) that is always perfectly straightened or perfectly curled. She also wears innocent-looking dresses and looks like an Angel but is a sexy beast that I can never let go.”
Your brother stared at him blankly and looked down at the girl that was now sucking off Jude. She looked like your sister but was the total opposite of what Jude described. Rowan then narrows his eyes, “Careful, Bellingham. I might have thought you were actually describing Y/N.”
Jude chuckles darkly and rolls his shoulders, “We fantasize about things we can’t have; that’s in our nature.” He then closes his eyes, and the image of you appears as he guides the girl’s head to his climax.
Tumblr media
You stare at your reflection. Fresh out of the shower, wet hair, smooth lotioned skin, and no scars anywhere.
It was ideal for the women in the L/N family to look their best no matter what, and maybe your mother took that way too far. Growing up, you and your sister were constantly showered with lavish clothing, the best skin care product, the most expensive makeup artist, and the wealthiest designers. Of course, your sister had everyone's best interest, but still, your mother did not forget that she has an adopted daughter with her genes.
"Your sister's birthday is coming up," your handmaiden, Virginia, says as she combs your hair. You smiled and nodded, "she'll want to throw a big one," you mumbled. Virginia hums, agreeing with that statement. She was a couple of years older than your sister and has known you her entire life. She was only a teenager when her parents started working for your family. And when she turned 18, she immediately became your maid. "You know everyone will be there with a date," Virginia says while applying scented oil to your hair. You look at her through the mirror knowingly. She was the only person who knew of your complicated relationship with Jude. “Everyone but me,” you smiled. Virginia chuckled and started braiding your hair so it could be curly tomorrow. “I’m sure there are many single gentlemen that would love to accompany you,” she says. “For example, Marcus Rashford seemed to be interested in you. Or maybe Trent Alexander Arnold, who has always stared at you, and don’t forget Kylian Mbappe, who may be a little older but is a fine gentleman.”
You wait for Virginia to laugh and say it was a joke, but unfortunately, she doesn’t. “They’re all friends of my brother and sister. There is no way they would accompany me,” you said. Virginia smiles and starts tying your hair. “There is always that one person who would take you in a heartbeat.” You glare at her through the mirror, knowing who she is suggesting. She has always supported your feelings for Jude, even if it’s just a simple crush or something more significant. But you’ve told her several times that the two of you just don’t fit. Jude was different from you, and he was also your brother’s best friend. Someone of that high status would eventually get a proposal from the president’s daughter or a princess; you were never in the picture.
“I will say, though, that Marcus Rashford has always been a gentleman to everyone. He may be a bit older than you, but he would care for you perfectly,” Virginia says before she excuses herself from your room.
You sighed and opened the door to your balcony. It was warm with a slight breeze, and the star shone brightly through the dark sky. The oil scent of roses warms your heart, remembering her suggestion about Jude. But even you knew that was a mistake. Your sister will eventually be Jude’s fiancé and you’ll be nothing but his sister-in-law. It was best you have no interaction with him in the future.
“It’s too late for you to be outside Y/N.”
You froze at the deep voice and turned to see your brother closing your bedroom door. He looked like he had just left the shower, with damp hair, a towel around his neck, a black t-shirt, and black pajama pants. He looked exhausted, angry, and annoyed as he walked towards you. “You got school tomorrow; I’ll take you.” You frowned and looked at him, “Mr. Hale can take me,” you said. Rowan crosses his arms, and you notice his muscles are bigger and leaner. His athletic life must be intense. “My university is that way. I’ll drop you off.” You rolled your eyes and leaned against the cold rail. “You’re just making sure I am not skipping school with some boys,” you accused. Rowan raises an eyebrow and stares at you tensely, “If I see or hear about you fooling around with some boys, I will make sure he doesn’t see another day.”
“Rowan,” you sighed, “the school is owned by our family. Do you really think Father and Mother don’t have eyes on me?”
Your brother shrugged and sighed, “I’m just looking out for you.” You nodded and smiled, “I know.”
Rowan smiles slightly, and you notice an eyelash sticking on his cheek. Stepping closer to him, you brush off the hair with your thumb. “There, your skin looks good now.” He stares at you blankly, and you take this chance to look at him. He was all grown now, with a sculpted jaw, thick black hair, dark hazel eyes, and not like the innocent-looking brother you remembered. “Y/N I-“
“Rowan get out of your sister’s room!”
The both of you turned to the door to see your mother standing there with arms crossed, angry eyes, and nothing but her gown on. “She has school tomorrow. Do you know how bad it would look if she were late?” You glance at Rowan and quickly walk back inside and rush to your bed. “My bad, mom. I reminded my little sister that I’ll take her to school tomorrow.” Your mom rolls her eyes, and Rowan chuckles before kissing her on the cheek and waving bye to you.
You smile at your mom awkwardly as she stares at you. Her eyes wander your room, and she looks at your ideally hung school uniform, your finished homework on your desk, and your braided hair for school tomorrow. She smiles satisfactorily and nods at you. “Go to sleep. Tomorrow is your exam. I’m expecting a perfect score. You will be a future doctor and will show the world that your parents raised you wisely,” she says, hinting that you should be listening to her because she adopted you. “Yes, Mom,” you said through gritted teeth. Your mother smiles before saying goodnight and exiting your room.
Sighing, you closed your eyes, hoping that tomorrow would go smoothly and you wouldn’t do anything to disappoint anyone.
Tumblr media
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ugh-yoongi · 3 months
your hand is touching mine and i can't stop myself from taking it & Yoongi
thank you for the request! i've had this sitting in my drafts forever, so it gave me an excuse to finish it (and why it's so long dgkjd one day i will learn what a drabble is). i hope you enjoy it. <3
i call this yoongi's romantic comedy of errors.
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x f. reader
genre: friends to lovers, miscommunication, fluff/comedy
warnings: reader is taehyung's sister, they're coworkers, yoongi is really bad at asking people out on dates someone pls help our boy, some swearing. this was long and i was too lazy to edit it, so if you see any mistakes no you didn't.
wordcount: 2100
taking valentine's day drabble requests here ♡
Yoongi reaches for his wallet, cheeks aching from hours spent laughing.
He’s glad he did this—took a chance, asked you out properly. There’s none of the usual awkwardness that comes along with nights out, none of the dread of having to turn someone down, none of the guilt. No, this had gone well. Better than he ever could’ve imagined, and instead of preparing his trademark I had a great time, but… speech, he’s trying to figure out how to ask you out again without being a floundering, incompetent mess.
But then you reach for your wallet, too, and Yoongi—
“What are you doing?” he laughs, aiming for casual.
It works. You laugh softly, quirking an eyebrow. “Getting my card so we can split the bill.”
The words are out of his mouth before his brain can catch up. “What? I can’t let you pay on a—”
Everything comes to a screeching halt. A record-scratch moment. Because he finally figures out what’s going on, sees the way your eyes widen in panic at Yoongi calling this a date. Surely, he’d been clear enough when he asked you to dinner. He had to have been. He distinctly remembers wearing his best shirt into the office that day. He’d even worn the expensive cologne—the one he’d carefully rationed because you’d complimented it before and he didn’t want it to run out before he got a chance to use it properly.
No, he couldn’t have been that dumb. Still—he wracks his brain, tries to remember how he’d worded it, except now he’s in survival mode and everything’s coming up blank. So he does the only thing he can think of—“I can’t let you pay for your birthday dinner.”—and lies.
What a fucking idiot.
“Yoongi,” you say slowly, like you’re talking to the idiot he most definitely is. “My birthday isn’t for another four months.”
The laugh he forces out can only be described as a hellish witch cackle. “I know that,” he insists, “but I just figured why not, you know! Who says you can’t take your friends to birthday dinners four months early?”
You’re nearly stunned into silence. “But this isn’t even our traditional birthday dinner restaurant.”
“I wanted to try something new,” he answers, even though it comes out more like a question. He had wanted to try something new, and look where that’s gotten him. “Hoseok said this place was nice.”
“Yeah, but Hoseok’s been with his partner for eighty years.”
Yoongi’s laugh is pained, now. No more witch cackle, just the dying wheezes of a man running out of excuses and time. One of his favorite things about you is how smart and unwilling to put up with bullshit you are. A week ago, he never would’ve entertained being on the receiving end of it, but now it’s all he can do to tread water. “Oh, really?” he asks, playing stupid. “I didn’t think this place had, like, partner vibes.”
“There’s a little candle on the table,” you deadpan. “There’s a woman in the corner playing a violin. It absolutely has partner vibes.”
“Maybe I just wanted to splurge?”
Your stare is pointed, gaze full of suspicion. “Did you, now.”
There’s a moment where the light breaks through the clouds. Clarity, and Yoongi doesn’t make the same mistake twice. You’re not buying anything he’s selling, so he’s not going to force it. This wasn’t a date for you. He’ll tuck his tail between his legs and take the loss, and it’ll hurt, sure, and it’ll be one of those things that keeps him up at night years into the future, the embarrassment agonizing, but keeping your friendship intact is more important.
So he just sighs. Hands your credit card back to you and ignores your protests. “Of course I did,” he answers. Tries handing the envelope with just his card inside to a passing waiter, but you throw your arm into the aisle to stop him.
“Quit playing with me and tell me what’s going on,” you snap. “You’re being weird and I don’t like it.”
The waiter side-steps your arm and says, “Please unhand me, ma’am.”
(God, Yoongi’s going to have to triple his tip.)
“Shut up, Taehyung, I’m not even touching you.”
(Quadruple it, by the looks of it.)
Taehyung just sighs. “Fuck you, dude. I didn’t bother you the entire time you were on your date, and now you wanna mess with me when I’m just trying to cash out and go home.”
Yoongi says—“Oh, do you know him?”
—at the same time you say, “He’s my broth—what do you mean my date?”
Taehyung looks at you the way you’d looked at Yoongi. “Do you know where you are right now?”
You snap your fingers. “Because it has partner vibes, right?”
“Definitely has partner vibes,” Taehyung agrees. “There’s little candles on the tables.”
You turn to Yoongi. “I told you!” All he can do is shrug. Candles aren’t really his thing, mostly just ambiance, so what does he know.
Taehyung looks between the two of you, clearly running numbers in his head. How to not lose his tip, probably, or maybe envisioning what Yoongi would be like as a brother-in-law. No, wait—
“Okay, I’m gonna go. This is really weird and you’re both very stupid. Bye.”
You roll your eyes. “Yoongi’s just—”
“I literally do not care who my sister is dating! It’s none of my business!” Taehyung calls over his shoulder, much to Yoongi’s horror and the dismay of the rest of the patrons.
Once he’s gone, the two of you sit in awkward silence. He’s surprised you’re sticking around. The night has turned into an absolute shitshow, and Yoongi wouldn’t blame you a bit for leaving, though the fact that you haven’t has him hesitantly optimistic. Maybe he can salvage this, figure out a way to explain the miscommunication in a way that doesn’t sound condescending, because I’m sorry I thought I asked you out properly makes you sound like a dunce who can’t comprehend when they’re being asked out properly.
What a mess.
It’s not until Taehyung returns with his card, he’s tipped 50%, and he’s moving to put on his jacket do you speak. “Was he right?”
“Your brother?” Yoongi asks reflexively. You nod and his palms get all sweaty. “Um. I’m not really sure how to answer that.”
You snort. “Honestly, for a start.”
“I—okay,” he acquiesces. “Maybe not here, though. People are still staring and it’s making me want to throw up.”
The two of you move to his car. He turns it on and lets it idle, turns on your seat warmer and the heat because it’s cold outside and he’s already sweating buckets so what difference does it make. He’s got the anxiety shakes, anyway. And it’s not lost on him that this is new, too. Before, the two of you always met up in the city. Separate cars, separate ways. He’d picked you up tonight. Right at seven, just like he’d said, so he can’t figure out where everything had gone sideways.
“Okay, I’m just gonna—I did think this was a date,” he says. Feels good to get it out there, he supposes, but the way your jaw drops doesn’t make him feel too great.
You snap it shut. “Oh. Okay.”
He picks at his dress pants. He knows the fabric is expensive but not what it is. The salesperson at the store said it was one of their best and the charge on his card confirmed it. He’d bought three-million won pants for a date and he’d managed to fuck it all up. “Yeah. Sorry.”
“For what?”
“Huh? What d’you mean for what. For thinking it was a date when it wasn’t.”
Friendships have survived worse, right? There’s a guy who works with both of you who divorced his wife of ten years and they still go on vacations together all the time, so the two of you are going to be fine. Shit, would Yoongi be able to go to Saint-Tropez with you after a divorce? That’s some heavy shit. That’s almost insane, he thinks. Does he have that kind of maturity? Is it maturity? The guy works in the communications department, so maybe he’s just… good at that? Maybe Yoongi should’ve asked him for some pointers.
“Can I just ask,” you start, and it’s the way you turn in your seat, angling your body towards him, that activates his fight-or-flight. Yoongi’s anxiety is not built for this kind of confrontation. Not at all. “What made you think it was a date?”
“My pants are three-million won,” he blurts out.
“You thought this was a date because… you’re wearing expensive pants?”
He groans. Bonks his head against the steering wheel and nearly has a heart attack when the horn beeps, far too loud for this parking garage. “No, it’s not just the pants. I thought I’d been very clear when I asked you to dinner that it was, like, a date. And then I almost said that and you looked really panicked, like you’d rather be buried alive, so I lied and said it was a birthday dinner even though it obviously wasn’t, and then your brother—and, yeah. I don’t know. Clearly I’m not as good at this as I thought I was.”
“Okay, first of all: yikes.” Yoongi nearly wails. “Secondly: Yoongi, you said you don’t date coworkers! Why the hell would I have thought this was a date?”
“In my defense, I said that a long time ago.”
“And never rescinded it!” you argue back. “Why would I think that’d changed?”
“Well—because!” Your stare is blank. “Because I picked you up—”
“I told you my car is in the shop three days ago—”
“And I’m pretty sure when I asked, I said, do you want to go to dinner with me—”
“Sure,” you concede, “as friends! We always go to dinner together!”
“But…” He sighs, runs his hands down his face. Might as well rip off the bandaid. “My pants.”
“Yoongi, all of your pants are expensive. You make an ungodly amount of money a year.”
“It’s Valentine’s Day?” he tries again.
You groan. “Yeah, and I’m supposed to give you a gift.” You run your hands over your face, and it’s really stupid, Yoongi thinks, because you’re wearing makeup. Did you always wear makeup when the two of you went to dinner? He can’t remember. He knows “no makeup” makeup is a thing, so he’s not all that confident he could tell what is and isn’t makeup, and it hits him for the millionth time this evening how bad he is at this.
“Look,” you continue, “let’s just… go somewhere else.”
“Maybe you should pick, since…” He gestures vaguely at himself.
You nod. “Yeah, good idea. That new ice cream place is close. We could go there.”
Yoongi glances out the window. It’s cold outside. A little gray, too, so it’s probably going to snow, considering it’s the middle of February and it’s been unseasonably cold, even for winter. But it’s not an outright rejection. It’s your idea, and if he dares to think it, the look you’re giving him is hopeful. He’s sure the wires in his brain will overheat and start crackling at the mere thought of you wanting to spend more time with him, so he’s agreeing before he can think twice. If his fucking pants are three-million won, they better keep him warm.
He doesn’t know what to do once you’re out of the car. Does he try to hold your hand? Does he loop his arm through yours? Throw an arm over your shoulders and pull you against his side? He’s already ten steps behind. He’s got a few centimeters on you, but your legs are longer, and it’s a little embarrassing, the hurried waddle he does to catch up. And he must sidle up too close, because your hand brushes against his.
Still warm, even though it’s going to snow. Even though you aren’t wearing gloves. All he can think is that the two of you are on your way to some new ice cream place because you wanted to go there, even though he’s put you through the ringer tonight, so he exchanges his stupidity for bravery. Closes in a little more, smiles when you look up at him and cock an eyebrow.
Because your hand is brushing against his, and he can’t stop himself from taking it.
For the first time all night, he knows it’s the right move when you smile.
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