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purlty · 2 days
Newborn ghoul kits won't open their eyes until they are 3 -7 days old, so they can first off get used to the scents and sounds of the people around them.
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Cuffing season, boys
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miasmaghoul · 3 days
Divine, You Feel My Thrust
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Mountain/Cumulus
Contains: thigh fuckin', body worship, clothed sex, soft mommy domme Cumulus and needy Mountain
"I thought you were gonna prove how much you love these thighs. Isn't that what you said?" Another yawn threatens to break through but Cumulus suppresses it. Five minutes left. Mountain gives a frantic nod.
"I am, I- I was, but-"
"Then why," she interjects, "is your dick in your hand and not between them?"
For @forlorn-crows because what started as a ficlet became 3k of...whatever this is. Again. Oy.
Read the rest on AO3!
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owlghuleh · 1 day
Why do I love everything about this photo …
- Mounty in the background, just being mounty
- Aether looking dazed as hell
- Swiss just being hot
- Rain looking like he’s about to murder someone
Tumblr media
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forlorn-crows · 2 days
I come with trinkets for my Crow ♡
Option a: MountRain bathtub sex
Option b: t4t sunny/swiss sharing a double ended dildo
Option c: cumslut Dew getting just c o v e r e d in it
once again, i find myself fulfilling another one of miasma's prompts. she is truly my muse ♡
this is, surprisingly (or maybe not), option a. but DAMN are those other two good as well.
rain is permanently trans in my brain now. pretend this was posted on tuesday, im shy of about 40 minutes
"How's the water, darling?" Mountain mutters against Rain's temple. 
The water ghoul sighs and melts further against his chest, dropping the back of his head against Mountain's shoulder. "So nice. Missed this."
"Mm, those hotel baths are simply not big enough," Mountain agrees.
"Some of them don't even have baths," Rain pouts, floating his hands over the lavender-scented bubbles. 
Mountain chuckles, the sound reverberating through Rain's own chest. "How rude of them." 
"It is." Rain flexes the fingers on one hand, clenching and unclenching them beneath the warm water.
"Sore?" The earth ghoul asks, his own fingers already trailing down Rain's arm, reaching for his hand. He pulls it close to his chest, wrapping his other arm around to meet in the middle, massaging before Rain has a chance to answer.
Rain chirps happily and lets his hand go limp in both of Mountain’s. He melts even further, if that were possible, draping his other arm over Mountain’s thigh and sinking more into the warmth of the water. “That’s nice,” he hums. 
The earth ghoul works his hand quietly, gently stretching the tendons and kneading into the fat of his palm. He pays careful attention to the thumb and pointer fingers, perpetually tense and strained from playing. Mountain works up his wrist and forearm, smiling at the way Rain groans in response. He places a kiss to his temple, digging his thumbs into the tight spots across the muscle. 
Rain’s fingers twitch against his shin as a soft whine escapes his throat. 
“Too much?” Mountain pauses his ministrations, worried he’s pushed too hard on a tender spot. 
“Oh, don’t stop,” Rain whines, petulant. But there’s a hint of something else, something that goes straight to Mountian’s gut when the water ghoul shifts and presses closer, nuzzling his head into the crook of his neck. He squeezes Mountain’s thigh, just hard enough not to be written off as absent-minded.
“Rain,” he says huskily.
“Hm?” The water ghoul kisses his jaw. Sweet. Tender. Just soft enough to set his heart alight with yearning. Mountain slowly drops Rain’s hand back into his lap, sliding his arms around his torso in a loose hug. He drops his head down to kiss along the column of Rain’s neck. It earns him a happy trill and another squeeze to his thigh. 
“Is there something else you want, tadpole?” Mountain mutters against the soft hollow of his throat. 
Rain bares his throat further, dropping his head back as far as it’ll go. “Oh,” he sighs as Mountain kisses along his collarbone. Rain’s hands drift up and down the earth ghoul’s thighs, searching, wanting. “You. Want you,” he says into the air above his face, whispered like an unholy prayer. 
“Can I touch you?” Mountain’s hands trail down his ribs and stop at the v of his hips, cradling Rain in a delicate, reverent grasp. 
“Yes,” Rain breathes. “Yes, anywhere. Everywhere.” 
Mountain pulls him close then, bodies slotting together like well-worn puzzle pieces. The earth ghoul lets his hands roam down to Rain’s legs, smoothing over the soft skin of his inner thighs, back up over the dark freckles on his stomach, over the lilac blush blooming at his sternum. He kisses at the side of his neck, mouthing at a slow and lazy pace. Rain purrs at it all, little sighs falling from his lips as he loses himself in Mountain’s touch.
His hands move lower once more, teasing above and around where Rain really wants it now. “Mount . . .” Rain pulls him into a kiss, a little awkward with the angle, but intoxicating nonetheless. Mountain smiles against the water ghoul’s mouth, letting himself be pulled in. He licks at the seam of Rain’s lips, who lets him in without a second thought. Their tongues slide together with ease just as Mountain dips his fingers between Rain’s legs. 
A shiver runs through Rain’s body. A soft moan escapes his lips, ghosting over the earth ghoul’s mouth. Mountain pulls away and nuzzles against the side of Rain’s face instead, sighing as his clit plumps up beneath his stroking fingers. 
"Fuck, yes," Rain sighs, grinding against the touch. Mountain groans; he can feel his cock fill out, bumping against the swell of Rain’s ass. He pulls the water ghoul’s hips back against his own, groaning again at the friction. “Oh,” Rain gasps, gripping at Mountain’s thighs as he continues to rub lazily at his cunt. 
Mountain takes one of Rain’s earlobes into his mouth, sucking and nibbling gently. Rain whines as another shiver runs down the length of his spine, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He’s trembling against the earth ghoul, desire seeping out of his very pores. 
“Mountain,” Rain breathes. The earth ghoul dips his fingers lower, teasing. He grinds against Rain’s ass, teasingly acknowledging what he can already sense hanging off the tip of his tongue. 
“Yes, darling?”
Mountain teases two fingers around Rain’s entrance, prying the smallest of moans from his mouth. Rain pushes back against his cock, making Mountain groan in return. “Need it, inside—fuck, put me in your lap, please.”
“Turn around, need to see you.” Rain does as he’s told, careful not to slosh the water too much. It’s a tight fit with Rain’s legs bracketing Mountain’s hips, but there’s just enough room for him to settle on his knees, hovering over his lap. There’s slick already making its way out of Rain’s cunt; no longer hindered by water pressure, it drools out past his folds. “Fuck,” Mountian breathes, dipping two fingers into it. Rain grips his shoulders, gasping as he teases his entrance once more. 
"Mountain," Rain whines, almost desperate. "Please."
"Yeah," he breathes as he drags the slick gathered on his fingers over his cock, lining up the head to Rain's cunt. The water ghoul sinks down of his own accord. It's a slow, lazy slide all the way down, Rain heaving little sighs until his ass meets Mountain's hips.
Mountain's forehead falls against Rain's as he forces himself to remember how to breathe. He can feel the way Rain throbs around him, how his thighs shake against his hips. 
“Fuck," Mountain chokes out. "Sometimes I forget how good you feel.”
Rain smirks at that, shifting his hips. “How could you forget? You—ah—tell me every time.”
Mountain trails his hand back down to Rain's clit, circling the reddened bud with nimble fingers, mouth dropping open at the way his folds stretch around his length.
"Remind me again, darling."
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iamthecomet · 21 hours
Hi Comet! I haven't asked for headcanons in a while, and inspired by your last fic where Dew talks about Rain crying I simply must ask: Which ghoul is a pretty crier? Who is an ugly crier? Is there a ghoul who is a secret crier and never cries in front of others?
- Ghoulette Anon
Crying ghouls, coming right up. Swiss: Says he doesn't cry. Is lying. Absolutely gets misty during certain movies. Cries a little during intense sex. No one has ever seen him really cry though, and he intends to keep it that way. Aether: A silent crier. Doesn't sob, or hiccup. His only physical tells are the tears themselves, and a little pink dusted over his cheeks. His voice gets thicker when the tears start to well up. Tends to hide his face when he cries. Mountain: Takes a lot to make him cry. But when he does, he doesn't fight it. A messy, thorough crier. Pretty enough when he cries that the other ghouls seek it out. There are only a few things that are guaranteed to make him cry every time. Only Rain knows what they are. Cirrus: Has only ever cried in front of Cumulus. Usually only cries when she's angry. Does not cry during sex. Will tear up from stimulation, but does not experience the emotional build-up.
Cumulus: Frequent crier. Can't help it. Cute animal commercials on TV? Tears? Two orgasms in a row? Tears. Not a sobber. She's a quiet, clingy, crier who tends to bury her face in the nearest Ghoul and lean on them until it's over. Rain: Pretty when he cries. Knows it. Can cry on command. It's a disastrous combination. Also tends to cry easily when feeling needy. Cries during sex almost every time--whether it's real or not is always a mystery. Dew: A sobber. Hiccups and sobs and buries his beet red face into his hands to try to hide it. Messy. Inconsolable until he's cried himself out. Especially after sex. That's what he gets for bottling up all of his emotions. Sunshine: curls in on herself, cries into her hands or her knees drawn up to her chest. Hides her face not because she doesn't want to be seen but because she doesn't want to see. She likes to be alone with her tears. Rarely cries during sex. If she does she wants her space after. She'll usually come back to bed for cuddles after. But cannot handle affection when she's so vulnerable.
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gayrickgrimes · 2 days
Please bless me with stoned as hell Mountain and Zephyr making out and dry humping teehee
im kissing the ground you walk on cause all my other prompts were straight and i am errrrrrrrr… not a straight author. ONE BATCH OF STONED HORNY GHOULS FOR YOU!!!
This happens often.
Zephyr, tired, maybe in a little pain, wandering into Mountain’s cozy room and throwing themselves on the bed, demanding a joint. And Mountain, ever the caretaker, obliges, taking one (or two, if they really wanna get stoned) from the stash of emergency pre-rolls in his drawer. They’ll snuggle together and pass it back and forth, eventually too lazy to do even that, they end up shotgunning it.
It only goes on from there.
Mountain gives a soft groan when Zephyr shifts in his lap, the friction is a little too good on his chubbed up cock. The air ghoul tilts their head back, flushed, eyes glassy, with a smile that could tell anyone that they are, for lack of a better phrase, extremely blasted. “Hi, Mount,” they purr, nudging him again lightly and drawing out another low noise, “what’s that?”
“My dick, Zeph, what else?” He smiles back, equally stoned, and holds Zephyr by their waist. He doesn’t miss the little gasp. “How you feeling? Any pain?”
Rather than give Mountain an actual answer, they take one of his hands from their waist, pressing the heel into their bulge with a reedy moan. “I’ll take that as a no— turn, face me?” He asks, delighted when Zephyr obliges, now straddling the earth ghoul’s hips as they stare up at him.
They drag Mountain into a soft kiss, just as loving as it is lustful, slowly rolling their own hips down. Both ghouls groan with it, Mountain’s hands back on Zephyr’s waist as theirs tangle in his hair, needy. “Happens every time,” Zephyr sighs against his lips, “don’t know why I expect otherwise.”
The rhythm is lazy, slow, but constant and surprisingly even, Mountain sliding their bodies together, moaning with each pass and press. “Too lazy to let me fuck you this time, though,” he pulls them back into another, harsher kiss. All either of them have the capacity for right now is this, too uncoordinated to get their clothes off.
“Who said you’d be doing the— ah— fucking?” Zephyr purrs back, and for good measure, they tug on what they can of Mountain’s hair. He whines for a second too long, opening his eyes again to the sight of a charmingly cocky smile on Zephyr’s soft lips.
He rolls his eyes. All he has to do is add a little more pressure and squeeze their ass just right and, “Fuck, Mount.”
There it is. “Feels good?”
“Fuck yeah,” Zephyr groans, wrapping their arms around Mountain’s neck to kiss him yet again. They can feel themselves leaking into their pants, but the thought evaporates between the zing of pleasure and the weed still running through their system.
It gets a little more desperate the longer they kiss, from slow and mostly-even ruts to jerky, quick shifts of their bodies, moaning louder and louder with each push and pull. Zephyr pulls away to catch their breath, peppering kisses on Mountain’s neck— not without a nibble here and there. When their moans pick up in volume again, he asks, “You close?”
“Yeah, a little,” and judging by the breathlessness, they’ve tacked on the a little to escape any snide comments from Mountain, who’s too high and too horny to shoot back anyway. He picks up the pace and smiles when Zephyr devolves into soft grunts, grinding more insistently now.
Their angle shifts, Zephyr groans, loud and low, and Mountain feels a small patch of warmth seep through their sweatpants. He rubs their back, gentle as ever, working them down from it slowly.
“Fuck, that was good,” their hair sticks to their forehead when they pull back, a thin sheen of sweat on their face.
Mountain thinks they’re pretty. And then they flush red and he realizes oh, shit, I said that out loud. “You don’t have to flatter me for a handjob,” they murmur, sultry, “just ask.”
“You’re gonna make me?”
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Tumblr media
finished. or, as finished as I'm making it.
I wanted to do something a little different when painting Swiss's skin, so I ended up with going for a random color to contrast the brown shades. Took me forever trying to think of a multi-element color, and ended up defaulting to purple... thoughts on that, anyone?
Reference photo is from this image pack by Satine Zillah.
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vnsomniac · 2 days
Sister Imperator and Papa Nihil, having a serious and important conversation:
Copia and the ghouls passing by with Copia’s speaker: I WOKE UP IN THE NEW BUGATTI
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p1nkcanoe · 2 days
Love Like Ghosts
Tumblr media
[mountain x swiss smut]
summary: aether finds a toy in his closet and decides to tether his magick to it so that it connects to another ghoul. mountain unknowingly tests it. swiss gets fucked.
warnings: magic fleshlight, anal sex, masturbation
Click Here to Read on Ao3
Chapter 1 - 919 words
Chapter 2 - (incomplete)
Chapter 3 - (incomplete)
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your-ghoul-pal · 2 days
The ghouls and being on time (headcanon)
Aether: generally a few minutes early, maybe a minute or 3 late.
Cirrus: Always on time, if she's late then something truly important came between
Cumulus: Minimum of 5 minutes early. Absolutely hates being late more than almost anything
Dewdrop: either 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late, no in-between
Ifrit: Somehow he is on time even though he doesn't really live by the clock and never really knows how late it is. (the others tried to see how far it went, he fully believed whatever time it was they said. Even thought it was bright outside and he was told it was 3am)
Mountain: neatly a few minutes early, not too early and rarely late
Mist: Somehow always late yet on time, no one knows how they do it
Rain: he tries to be on time but is standard a few minutes late as he gets caught up in things (to make that he is on time they just tell him things start 10 minutes before they do so that he's on time)
Sunshine: Is rather an hour early than a few minutes late.
Swiss: Arrives when he wants. But he is generally on time, maybe a few minutes late
Copia: At least 15 minutes early, being late is about one of his biggest fears (thank Seestor and Nihil for that)
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juliuscider · 3 days
Dear god, I stayed up far too late thinking about how the ghouls sleep
Dew- Either dosen’t sleep at all, sleeps restlessly rolling around all over the place, or sleeps peacefully like and like death. There will be no waking him from this slumber, he looks like sleeping beauty, hands crossed and everything. Its like playing Russian Roulette every night, you neve know what going to happen.
Aether- Is a super heavy sleeper and lays on his stomach with the covers pulled over his head, he WILL snore, and it WILL keep everyone in a 60 foot radius awake(18.3 meters for my metric friends). Someone will have to fight to turn him onto his back to solve the problem, then he will more than likely roll back over and start the process again.
Rain- barley sleeps, and very poorly at that. Takes extra strength melatonin and still can’t sleep. Complete night owl, but if anyone gently strokes his forehead he’s out like a light. Once Mountain learned this, it became his secret weapon.
Mountain- Doesn’t do late nights or early mornings very well, and rises with the sun. Always the base of the Ghouls pile, because not only would he crush everyone, but they would all be late because they couldn’t get up to get ready.
Swiss- Takes up the ENTIRE bed, he doesn’t even toss and turn, just lays cats-corner and won’t move.
Ghoulettes- practically one unit and always sleep in one single pile, plus or minus Rain on some nights. Cumulus also learned how to put Rain to sleep, so sometimes he joins there puddle.
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nocturnalghoul · 2 days
From the Morning
Managed to get this out real quick before the end of Mountain March :D. I just want good things for that earth ghoul and so do the other ghouls. He deserves to be a blushing mess surrounded by love.
It's technically the main work and an additional prequel ficlet that I just threw into two chapters of the same work because they came from the same idea. Both are stand alone, and you don't need to read one to read the other, but I just wanted to tie them together. I went ahead and published both 'chapters' together at the same time
Featuring He/They Rain and Mountain growing stuff with ghoul magic :)
Words (total): 2205
No warnings apply. This is just pure fluff.
Summary: Of course he loved his pack, and knew that they loved him, but it had been a while since they had so forcefully and plainly reminded him of such. He felt like he was drowning in their admiration as the soft notes of the love song continued. Or in other words: Let all the boys show Mountain how much they love and appreciate him.
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blanchebees · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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quintelance · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨the Impera era ghouls✨
ps. some of you wanted stickers and prints, you can find those here 💖
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p0piaz · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some more trezo and copia mini drawings hehe 👀🖤
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iamthecomet · 1 day
BITCh you know why im here. rain/sunshine/mountain. stoned. in the bath. soft kissies. mmmmmaybe they get a little handsy tee hee
Hi BITCH. Thanks for the brain rot about these three. This has taken me 600 years to write because writer's block is an asshole. But it's here now. I hope it's just as indulgent as you hoped for.
Rain's oversized bathroom is hazy. A dense mix of steam and smoke. The joint is long gone, and Rain is pleasantly stoned. The bathtub is wide enough for the three of them to lay together, pressed close. Mountain lounges against one end of the tub, narrow shoulders pressed against the porcelain. Sunshine and Rain are glued to either side. Rain cracks his eyes open and finds Sunshine watching him. She drags one of her hands through the sudsy water like she's making a current, and Rain feels it get warmer. More steam rises. Mountain makes a low, content noise that rumbles through all three of them. Their legs are tangled together. Sunshine's thigh is thrown over Mountain's hips so she can hook her foot over Rain's calf. There are so many points of contact that Rain isn't sure where his body stops and Sunshine and Mountain start. Mountain's hand drags up and down Rain's back, fingers dipping against his vertebrae. He melts further, head resting half in the water and half on Mountain's shoulder. He nuzzles closer, nose pressed tight to Mountain's skin. The room smells strongly of weed, but when Rain presses up against Mountain like this he can still smell him. Mountain smells like he always does when he gets warm and comfortable. Eucalyptus, sage, thyme, hints of spearmint, and lavender. "You smell like soup," Sunshine says, giggling as she presses closer too. Mountain huffs out a lazy laugh, slow and easy. He shakes his head a little at her. Rain presses his lips to the space under Mountain's jaw in lieu of engaging in the conversation. Sunshine isn't wrong necessarily. But really Mountain smells like home, warm and green and alive. It's mixing with Sunshine's sweet summer spice, and the heady smell of weed. Rain feels like he's drowning in it. He never wants to come up for air. Mountain gasps softly as Rain grazes his teeth along his pulse, tasting soap, sweat, and lavender on his skin. Sunshine laces her fingers with Rain's, resting on Mountain's chest. The solid thump of his heart picking up speed under Rain's palm. "Mount," Sunshine says, nosing against his jaw. Mountain turns his heavy-lidded eyes to her and Sunshine kisses him. It's slow, lazy, a little messy. Rain can see the slide of their tongues together. It's enough to make his stomach clench. He rolls his hips against the side of Mountain's thigh without much thought, cock fattening up slowly as Mountain's hand dips a little lower with each pass over his back. Mountain pulls away from Sunshine just to turn his head and catch Rain's lips on his. Mountain kisses him with the same slow thoroughness that he just saw with Sunshine. Rain can taste them both, juniper and peaches. He squeezes Sunshine's hand and whines. Hips rutting forward. The head of his cock grinding against Mountain's hip. Sunshine gasps. Rain pulls away from Mountain just in time to see her eyes flutter closed. Rain watches the way Mountain's shoulder moves in a telltale rhythm. Rain's about to claim it's unfair when Mountain shifts his hold on Rain. Using the virtue of his long limbs to curl his arm over Rain's hip and squeeze the base of his cock. Rain's forehead thumps down onto Mountain's shoulder as Mountain strokes him slowly. The sensation washes over him. The increasing warmth of the water, the glide of Mountain's hand over him. The high makes everything so much more intense. He ruts into Mountain's hand. "You're both really going to make me do all the work?" Mountain rumbles. Rain's eyes snap open, he finds Sunshine looking at him from her spot on Mountain's other shoulder. They move at the same time, knuckles knocking into each other under the water as they both reach for Mountain's cock.
Mountain groans long and low as they both get a hand on him. Sunshine reaching down to cup his balls, Rain curling a fist around the tip, rolling his thumb over the spot under the head that always makes Mountain shake. Sunshine shifts, Rain meets her halfway kissing her as they brace themselves on Mountain's chest. Tongues meeting lazily as Mountain begins to unravels beneath them. Hips jerking up into their hands, noises spilling noisily from his lips. Mountain's hand on Rain's cock stills, Rain thrusts up into it instead, mewling with every drag of the head over the pads of Mountain's fingers. He tucks his face into Mountain's neck and breathes in deep. He cums just like that, face pressed against Mountain's skin, awash in the smell of home.
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