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iamthecomet · 3 days
What if i said on this fine Mountain Monday that i thought ol' Mounty might be secretly harbouring a thing for being embarassed and debased hidden behind his stoic visage? He LOVES the feeling of the heat in his cheeks spreading to the tips of his ears and way down his chest when one of his packmates spends a while just breaking him into tiwgs pieces. Especially when everyones favourite kinky meanie Rain makes him hold his bladder until he can't, only to chide and chastise him for the results. Ffs the way i never even thought about piss for a second until i got into the ghost fandom. Now look at me now lmao.
It's the last Mountain Monday of Mountain March. And that calls for blushy, embarrassed, shame-filled, Mountain.
and also piss.
@miasmaghoul and @forlorn-crows this one's for you two. The pissboy club gets a little bigger every day. ♥
Mountain can't think. He's trying. He's trying to compute the words Rain is saying--the orders he's being given. But they aren't landing. He squeezes his eyes shut. He bends over his dresser, hands braced on the edge.
Sharp bright pain blows through his scalp. It's almost enough to counter the ache in his stomach. Rain pulls his head around, and forces Mountain to look at him.
"Are you listening?"
"Rain," Mountain whines his name, pathetic and broken, desperate. He feels heat flash over his cheeks. He'd look away if Rain would let him, but Rain's grip is firm. Mountain can't look away.
"You aren't."
"Rainy, I don't...I don't know." Mountain bows his head, strands of brown hair falling into his eyes. He sucks air in through his nose, breathes out through his mouth. He wills himself not to lose it right now. He tells himself he's gone longer. He's done better. He doesn't know if that's actually true.
"I'm trying."
Rain sneers at him. He drags a hand down Mountain's torso, slipping his hand up and under his t-shirt. He dips his fingers under the waistband of his jeans, behind his belt. He presses those fingers down and Mountain bows inward, his whole body caving in on itself. His breath catches in his lungs. He thinks his knees might buckle. The pressure is unbearable. A painful ache that he's starting to feel in his legs. His stomach flips. Mountain groans low, gut-punched.
Rain laughs, cruel, dark. "Full?"
Mountain would speak if he could find the words, he can't. His mind is locked on the searching press of Rain's fingers. He wants Rain to take his hand away--he wants him to push down harder. He nods when he realizes Rain wants him to answer. Rains' fingers loosen in his hair.
"I bet you can hold it a little longer, can't you?"
Mountain whines. Rain's fingers retreat, dragging softly up over his happy trail raising goosebumps in their wake.
Rain slips his fingers back down to Mountain's belt. He undoes the buckle. Mountain sighs in momentary relief before Rain cinches it, fastening it a notch tighter than before.
Mountain feels like he might cry. Another five minutes and he swears he's going to start tasting it. At this point he's starting to picture his entire body filled with piss. He wants to think about something else, anything else.
"Kneel for me, Sunflower," Rain orders.
He is focused, entirely, on not pissing himself until Rain tells him to, on holding it until he can't anymore. His face is hot, he can feel the blush spreading down his throat, up to the tips of his ears.
Mountain listens. He sinks to his knees without hesitation. The new position doesn't offer him much relief. He can at least clamp his cock between his thighs like this, that makes him feel a little more in control. The new position gives him something else to think about. Namely Rain's tented zipper right in front of his face.
"You can hold it until I'm finished."
It's not a question. Rain unzips his pants. He shoves them down just far enough for his cock to spring free. Already pink and leaking. Mountain's mouth waters as Rain strokes himself from root to tip, a spurt of pre dribbling over his knuckles.
"Give me your mouth," Rain orders. Mountain opens his mouth. He tries to stay still. It's hard. He wants to widen his legs, wants to lean back. Wants to do anything he can to take pressure off of his bladder. He stays still, digging his fingers into his knees.
"That's right. Let me feed it to you." Rain says, guiding his cock into Mountain's waiting mouth. Mountain closes his eyes. He focuses on the weight of Rain's cock on his tongue. On the steady stream of precum drooling onto his tongue, the heady sea-water taste of Rain.
Rain pushes in until Mountain chokes. Then Rain grabs the back of Mountain's head and pushes him down the rest of the way, nestling his nose against the soft skin at the base of his cock.
Rain groans. "Swallow."
Mountain does, and Rain moans low and loud, his fingers tightening in Mountain's hair. Rain holds him tight as he fucks into his mouth. Mountain focuses on it. On each rough thrust of Rain's cock into his throat. He keeps his eyes closed. He tries not to think about the ever growing need in his stomach. He drags his tongue along the underside of Rains' cock just to hear the noise he makes, but that's all he can manage.
His thighs shake under his hands.
"Spread your legs," Rain pants. Mountain does, dragging his knees apart. Without the pressure on his cock everything is so much worse. He shudders. He feels spread open, like one wrong breath will break him down.
The toe of Rain's boot digs into his stomach. He presses just enough that Mountain feels the urgency in his bones. Mountain's eyes snap open. He mewls around Rains' cock.
He pulls off, desperate, panicked. Breath coming in harsh pants. Eyes wide, and wild. It's too much. He can't take it. He can't breathe. He can't think. Rain digs his toe in a little harder and Mountain heaves out a sob. His head dips. His fingers clench and release on his thighs.
"I didn't tell you to stop." Rain almost sounds bored when he says it. Mountain wants to scream.
"Rain--oh fuck--Rain. I can't. You can't--"
"I can't?" Rain asks, incredulous. He shifts his grip on Mountain's hair to put his head where he wants it. He presses the head of his cock against Mountain's lips. He chuckles a little as he pushes a little harder and Mountain opens his mouth for him. "I can do whatever I want, remember? You said: whatever you want, Raincloud. Is it too much for you now? Can't handle it anymore?"
Rain shoves his cock in until Mountain gags on it. Tears spill down Mountain's pinked cheeks, but he shakes his head.
He can handle it. He will. He needs to.
Mountain feels drool drip passed his lips and down his chin, trailing down his throat as Rain starts to thrust again. The head of his cock bumps against the back of Mountain's throat roughly.
Rain grinds his toe down harder and Mountain's brain shorts out. His eyes roll up. He's not aware of the release, the sudden warm wetness seeping into his jeans, until it's too late. He can't stop it once it starts. It feels too good to finally let go. He shudders from the relief of it, sobbing around Rain's cock. As it soaks through his jeans and drips onto the floor.
"Pathetic," Rain snaps. "Couldn't even hold it until I came."
Mountain whines. He's really crying now, tears rolling down the column of his throat to soak into the collar of his shirt. He's beet red. He wants to bury his face, to hide, to curl up, but Rain keeps his hand on the back of his head and holds him in place as he chases his orgasm with Moutain's mouth.
Rain cums hard, with a pained groan. He shoves himself as far into Mountain's mouth as he can, smashing Mountain's nose against his pubic bone and holding him there as he spills down Mountain's throat.
When Rain pulls away Mountain folds in on himself with a harsh sob. Rain steps between his spread knees, heedless of the mess. He puts his fingers under Mountain's chin, tipping his head up with much gentler fingers than before.
"Hey," Rain says softly. He thumbs tears away from Mountain's overheated cheeks. "You ok? You did so good."
Mountain hiccups on a sob, but nods. His eyes are glazed over, he sighs, it sounds happy, blissed out. Rain smooths his hand over Mountain's hair.
"Good." Rain reaches for one of Mountain's hands, still balled into fists. "Come on then. Let's get you cleaned up."
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forlorn-crows · 2 days
I come with trinkets for my Crow ♡
Option a: MountRain bathtub sex
Option b: t4t sunny/swiss sharing a double ended dildo
Option c: cumslut Dew getting just c o v e r e d in it
once again, i find myself fulfilling another one of miasma's prompts. she is truly my muse ♡
this is, surprisingly (or maybe not), option a. but DAMN are those other two good as well.
rain is permanently trans in my brain now. pretend this was posted on tuesday, im shy of about 40 minutes
"How's the water, darling?" Mountain mutters against Rain's temple. 
The water ghoul sighs and melts further against his chest, dropping the back of his head against Mountain's shoulder. "So nice. Missed this."
"Mm, those hotel baths are simply not big enough," Mountain agrees.
"Some of them don't even have baths," Rain pouts, floating his hands over the lavender-scented bubbles. 
Mountain chuckles, the sound reverberating through Rain's own chest. "How rude of them." 
"It is." Rain flexes the fingers on one hand, clenching and unclenching them beneath the warm water.
"Sore?" The earth ghoul asks, his own fingers already trailing down Rain's arm, reaching for his hand. He pulls it close to his chest, wrapping his other arm around to meet in the middle, massaging before Rain has a chance to answer.
Rain chirps happily and lets his hand go limp in both of Mountain’s. He melts even further, if that were possible, draping his other arm over Mountain’s thigh and sinking more into the warmth of the water. “That’s nice,” he hums. 
The earth ghoul works his hand quietly, gently stretching the tendons and kneading into the fat of his palm. He pays careful attention to the thumb and pointer fingers, perpetually tense and strained from playing. Mountain works up his wrist and forearm, smiling at the way Rain groans in response. He places a kiss to his temple, digging his thumbs into the tight spots across the muscle. 
Rain’s fingers twitch against his shin as a soft whine escapes his throat. 
“Too much?” Mountain pauses his ministrations, worried he’s pushed too hard on a tender spot. 
“Oh, don’t stop,” Rain whines, petulant. But there’s a hint of something else, something that goes straight to Mountian’s gut when the water ghoul shifts and presses closer, nuzzling his head into the crook of his neck. He squeezes Mountain’s thigh, just hard enough not to be written off as absent-minded.
“Rain,” he says huskily.
“Hm?” The water ghoul kisses his jaw. Sweet. Tender. Just soft enough to set his heart alight with yearning. Mountain slowly drops Rain’s hand back into his lap, sliding his arms around his torso in a loose hug. He drops his head down to kiss along the column of Rain’s neck. It earns him a happy trill and another squeeze to his thigh. 
“Is there something else you want, tadpole?” Mountain mutters against the soft hollow of his throat. 
Rain bares his throat further, dropping his head back as far as it’ll go. “Oh,” he sighs as Mountain kisses along his collarbone. Rain’s hands drift up and down the earth ghoul’s thighs, searching, wanting. “You. Want you,” he says into the air above his face, whispered like an unholy prayer. 
“Can I touch you?” Mountain’s hands trail down his ribs and stop at the v of his hips, cradling Rain in a delicate, reverent grasp. 
“Yes,” Rain breathes. “Yes, anywhere. Everywhere.” 
Mountain pulls him close then, bodies slotting together like well-worn puzzle pieces. The earth ghoul lets his hands roam down to Rain’s legs, smoothing over the soft skin of his inner thighs, back up over the dark freckles on his stomach, over the lilac blush blooming at his sternum. He kisses at the side of his neck, mouthing at a slow and lazy pace. Rain purrs at it all, little sighs falling from his lips as he loses himself in Mountain’s touch.
His hands move lower once more, teasing above and around where Rain really wants it now. “Mount . . .” Rain pulls him into a kiss, a little awkward with the angle, but intoxicating nonetheless. Mountain smiles against the water ghoul’s mouth, letting himself be pulled in. He licks at the seam of Rain’s lips, who lets him in without a second thought. Their tongues slide together with ease just as Mountain dips his fingers between Rain’s legs. 
A shiver runs through Rain’s body. A soft moan escapes his lips, ghosting over the earth ghoul’s mouth. Mountain pulls away and nuzzles against the side of Rain’s face instead, sighing as his clit plumps up beneath his stroking fingers. 
"Fuck, yes," Rain sighs, grinding against the touch. Mountain groans; he can feel his cock fill out, bumping against the swell of Rain’s ass. He pulls the water ghoul’s hips back against his own, groaning again at the friction. “Oh,” Rain gasps, gripping at Mountain’s thighs as he continues to rub lazily at his cunt. 
Mountain takes one of Rain’s earlobes into his mouth, sucking and nibbling gently. Rain whines as another shiver runs down the length of his spine, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He’s trembling against the earth ghoul, desire seeping out of his very pores. 
“Mountain,” Rain breathes. The earth ghoul dips his fingers lower, teasing. He grinds against Rain’s ass, teasingly acknowledging what he can already sense hanging off the tip of his tongue. 
“Yes, darling?”
Mountain teases two fingers around Rain’s entrance, prying the smallest of moans from his mouth. Rain pushes back against his cock, making Mountain groan in return. “Need it, inside—fuck, put me in your lap, please.”
“Turn around, need to see you.” Rain does as he’s told, careful not to slosh the water too much. It’s a tight fit with Rain’s legs bracketing Mountain’s hips, but there’s just enough room for him to settle on his knees, hovering over his lap. There’s slick already making its way out of Rain’s cunt; no longer hindered by water pressure, it drools out past his folds. “Fuck,” Mountian breathes, dipping two fingers into it. Rain grips his shoulders, gasping as he teases his entrance once more. 
"Mountain," Rain whines, almost desperate. "Please."
"Yeah," he breathes as he drags the slick gathered on his fingers over his cock, lining up the head to Rain's cunt. The water ghoul sinks down of his own accord. It's a slow, lazy slide all the way down, Rain heaving little sighs until his ass meets Mountain's hips.
Mountain's forehead falls against Rain's as he forces himself to remember how to breathe. He can feel the way Rain throbs around him, how his thighs shake against his hips. 
“Fuck," Mountain chokes out. "Sometimes I forget how good you feel.”
Rain smirks at that, shifting his hips. “How could you forget? You—ah—tell me every time.”
Mountain trails his hand back down to Rain's clit, circling the reddened bud with nimble fingers, mouth dropping open at the way his folds stretch around his length.
"Remind me again, darling."
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nocturnalghoul · 2 days
From the Morning
Managed to get this out real quick before the end of Mountain March :D. I just want good things for that earth ghoul and so do the other ghouls. He deserves to be a blushing mess surrounded by love.
It's technically the main work and an additional prequel ficlet that I just threw into two chapters of the same work because they came from the same idea. Both are stand alone, and you don't need to read one to read the other, but I just wanted to tie them together. I went ahead and published both 'chapters' together at the same time
Featuring He/They Rain and Mountain growing stuff with ghoul magic :)
Words (total): 2205
No warnings apply. This is just pure fluff.
Summary: Of course he loved his pack, and knew that they loved him, but it had been a while since they had so forcefully and plainly reminded him of such. He felt like he was drowning in their admiration as the soft notes of the love song continued. Or in other words: Let all the boys show Mountain how much they love and appreciate him.
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fourleggedocto · 1 month
Prompt: Mountain in his bestial form stalking rain through the woods and having his way with him? I’ve been seeing a lot of talk of Mountain his monstrous/forest cryptid form but none of it in a smutty way :(
I'm gonna be honest I had every intention of writing this from Rain's pov but i have terrible brain rot so...
Mountain’s reduced down to base instincts. He’s lost control over his magic and every lift of his broad paws leave baby’s breath and forget-me-nots behind. Every swipe of his tail against a rock or tree trunk leaves behind a smear of moss. A growl bubbles up in his chest, through his clenched fangs sharp enough to kill, itching to sink all 3 inches into supple skin, to smear sweet, dark liquid over his lips, let it drip down his chin. 
He picks up his pace. His footfall stays nearly silent, padded by the underbrush that Rain doesn’t quite seem to understand how to take advantage of. The small ghoul’s steps are heavy, landing loudly where he tramped brush. Mountain could smell the distress coming off the plants just as strongly as the ghoul himself, the light scent of decay wrapping around and between Rain’s algae, heavy and wet, hanging in the air. Mountain almost feels sorry when it hits him hard suddenly, at the realization that Rain must have been trying to suppress it. He was doing a terrible job. It makes Mountain’s mouth water.
He stops to listen. With Rain’s scent kicking up he doesn’t have to, he knows exactly where the water ghoul is hidden - hidden, not even trying to make it fun anymore - but he enjoys feeling his ears flick towards each small noise, like stretching out a rarely used muscle. He tunes into Rain’s direction, and lets out a low, grizzly laugh under his breath when his rabbit-quick pulse beats in his ears. His breath is loud too, picking up faster which each moment Mountain stands still.
He suppressed his scent, slows his heart rate, and stalks. Soft steps working with the terrain rather than against it. He flexes his hands, forces his claws even further out of his bestial form’s soft paws. The fur is deceptive, a soft, shimmering brown-green carpet meant to help him disappear into the background of the forest. One of the garden’s water earth ghouls he never bothered to learn the name of had caught a glimpse of him during one of these episodes and made the mistake of calling him cute. He never made that mistake again, not after Mountain tracked him much like this, used him much like how he would Rain soon. His mouth watered again remembering how wet he was.
He pauses when he rounds on the other side of the boulder Rain has chosen to lean against. He sighs deeply, and in low gutteral ghoulish says,
“You better start running Seaweed, I might let you cum if you make it a challenge.” He barely finishes before Rain is off again, darting between trees. Mountain scoffs at how clumsy he is. He counts to ten, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath in.
He comes back to himself pinning Rain to a tree by his throat. They’re eye level, and Rain’s feet kick uselessly between them, scrambling for purchase, though on what he can’t say. The ground is a good foot and a half below him. The closest thing to his own paws is Mountain’s hip, but even he knows better than to try that. Mountain’s claws dig further into bark, effectively caging Rain in without the worry of killing him. The only part of his mind he still has access to dreads the thought, and at least his instinct agrees, can’t kill him yet.
Rain whines when his fist flexes, and he switches his grip to flip him onto the ground behind them, his claws now pinning Rain’s head to the soft dirt. His shoulders hunch farther and he laughs at the way it casts Rain’s fear filled face in shadow, his pupils blowing wide from the lack of light as well as arousal when Mountain snarls. He brings two fingers up to Rain’s cheeks, cautious of his claws yet, and forces his mouth open. He spits into it. Rain swallows hungrily, and he can’t hold back anymore.
He shreds Rain’s clothes off and laughs again at how tiny they seem like this. Rain’s cock weeps against his stomach, just as wet as the rest of his Mountain notices now. Mountain bodies Rain onto his stomach instead, pressing his face into the dirt-turned-mud from Rain’s moisture, and Rain’s scent starts to kick up again, salty and just as thick and far too obvious which just won’t do. He picks up a handful of mud, smearing it across Rain’s neck and back, taking the excess and working his own aching cock with it. 
He hikes Rain’s hips up, slapping his cock against Rain’s back with a loud, wet thud that has Rain grimacing and pulling in on himself. Mountain uses a large hand that spans most of his back to pin him back down, nice and open for him. He lines up and sinks fully into Rain in one smooth motion.
He’s tight. Mountain growls. He barely fit, but Rain would adjust. He knows his Water Lily can do it. Rain whines and fails against Mountain’s hand uselessly. So weak, so small. He’s nothing like this. “That’s it, take it,” he snarls, pulling out fully just to feel Rain stretch around him again when he pushes back in. Rain screams, Mountain can feel his shoulders shaking with silent sobs. The laugh he lets out this time is humorless, terrifying, has a large spurt of slick rushing out of Rain and aiding his next excruciating slide in.
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miasmaghoul · 3 months
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Mountain/Rain
Contains: 11k words of stoned ghouls edging, JOI (jack off instruction), ruined orgasm, forced orgasm, overstimulation, crying, a very wet water ghoul, Rain being a lightweight and Mountain taking full advantage of it (positive)
“Will you-” he whispers, feeling his skin prickle in the wake of Mountain’s barely-there touch, “will you help me now?” It’s pathetic and he knows it, but he’s beyond caring. Something dark flashes over Mountain’s face then, and Rain feels an anxious flutter in his chest.
“I believe I said I was having fun watching,” he rumbles, and Rain’s stomach plummets through the floor when he remembers what game they’re playing.
“Oh no,” he whines, biting hard at his bottom lip.
“Oh yes,” Mountain growls, moving himself closer to Rain as the smaller ghoul digs the heels of his hands into his eyes. “But if you listen closely, maybe I’ll reconsider.” The words are liquid in Rain’s ear, flowing into the folds of his brain in a silvery spiral, and he feels himself melting into the mattress all over again. Powerless to resist.
This one is special to me. It's a gift for the one and only @st-danger, to whom I owe a whole hell of a lot more than this. You're a wonder Saint, and I hope this ends up being worth the wait. 💜
Read the rest on AO3!
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kroas-adtam · 1 month
Happy Valentine's Day
I asked @budgieiofor a warm-up prompt to get me back into the right headspace for writing. And what's a better warm up than porn?
Mountain x Rain
18 + MDNI Explicit
Powerbottom Rain Nervous PRINCESS Mountain D/S undertones WC: 1838
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dewymorningstar · 2 months
[Aether and Mountain watching Dew and Rain play in the pond]
Mountain (sipping he’s tea): you know, I pack all organic snacks for Rain for when he takes a break
Aether (opening a red bull): that’s neat. Dew eats candy off the floor…(jolts up from he’s seat) Hey! You better drop whatever that is in your hand right now! We are not going back to the infirmary today Dewdrop!
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I read the words "Hot Art Teacher" and "Mountain" in this post last night featuring @gayrickgrimes 's conversation with Miasma and blacked out and wrote whatever this is. Hope that's okay (both that I made this and tagging you in it. Just wanted to give credit).
Happy Mountain March I guess :)
Words: 1136
No direct smut but light mentions of sex at the end.
Summary: Copia had asked if Mountain would be willing to lead a painting class every few weeks for the siblings to attend. He enjoyed seeing the siblings' own skills and enthusiasm for the nature around them grow as the classes went on. Typically, they would recreate a landscape Mountain had previously painted as he walked them through it, and encouraged them to make it their own. Recently at the end of class, a few siblings had recently expressed an interest in other types of still life, mainly human figures and other living things. He didn’t have as much experience outside of landscapes though, so today he was trying his best to practice capturing a different beauty than normal. If they would stay still that is. ~~~ Painter Mountain taking a little artistic inspiration from a certain water ghoul, and him feeling... inspired... in return.
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st-danger · 5 months
uhm..how do you think an ✨encounter✨ between rain and mountain would go? asking for scientific purposes (i think they would be boyfriends)
Rain tops 75% of the time.
Overall, they're there to have fun. And they trend towards affectionate more often than the other hookups that occur in the band. Even when Rain gets bossy, it's expressed in a more playfully teasing kind of way than, say, the way Rain or Dew tend to get with one another. Not to say things don't get intense (oh boy do they), but it's slightly less tooth and nail and more like...well. Rain's able to work him over good, draw it out.
Take it away from him when he starts needing it most.
Rain enjoys vocal partners, and loves being talked to. Words finding always gets difficult near the end, especially if Rain's taking him from behind, but he's deserving of a gold star for the effort he puts it.
Mountain likes getting Rain's legs around his waist and fucking him against a wall. It's true. Aether was in the hotel room next door.
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voiidghoull · 1 month
Tumblr media
i've become obsessed with them recently hrrhdhrrjgggh
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decayyayy · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
teaser from the mountrain fic im working on should be done tomorrow
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iamthecomet · 1 month
Here's a thought, pillow princess mountain having sex in a garden surrounded by flowers~ ;)
Surrounded by the prettiest most beautiful flowers of them all UwU
Just like him and his lover.
basking in a beautiful experience.
day or night, either way what bliss~
This is basically a full fic at this point.
I'm not sorry.
Some weird ghoul magic/full moon nonsense below the cut
and also smut, duh.
It's rare that a full moon falls on the Solstice. Rare enough that it catches Mountain off guard. The moon always does weird things to the ghouls. Rain usually is the most affected. Pulled from his bed by some unknown force and out to the lake, or into someone else's bed. Drawn by the pull of the moon like a tide. Mountain's spent enough full moon nights with Rain to know that it's an all-night affair, exhausting, exhilarating. They can all feel it coming. Dew withdraws, disappears for days at a time, locked in his room. Moodier than usual, sullen, withdrawn. The girls get restless. Sunshine accidentally lights Papa's blinds on fire. Cumulus and Cirrus take to the orchards and don't come back for hours. Swiss gets snappy. His usually easy temper turned short. Aether is the only one of them not affected. Like whatever magic that lives inside of him is above and apart from the moon. Mountain envies it. Because right now it feels like his body is trying to tear itself apart from the inside. It's not painful. But something low in his gut is trying to tell him something. It's never strong like this. On full moons he usually spends his time with his plants, tending to them, listening to them. It quells the need in his muscles enough to get by.
But he's been in the greenhouse all day and the only thing that's happened is he's gotten more restless. The plants are good, blooming, flourishing under the new summer sun. The moon is high in the sky when Mountain really realizes how bad it is. He brushes dirt from his hands and intends to go to bed and finds the idea makes his body scream.
When he takes stock of his own body he finds himself rock hard in his sweatpants. Aching. No stimulation needed. Now that he isn't distracting himself with magic and plants his need is acute. It's not a heat or a rut. His are on impenetrable schedules. He's got another month. And it doesn't feel the same, there's nothing primal tugging at his brain stem begging for blood and a chase.
He just wants-- He catches movement out of the corner of his eye, through the greenhouse walls. It's Rain, long legs carrying him towards the lake. His pale skin glowing under the moonlight. Mountain doesn't think, all logical thought fled the second he became aware of his own body again. He throws open the door and calls for Rain. Stepping out of the greenhouse and into the garden that surrounds it as he does. It's cool out. Spring still clinging to its last breath. Rain turns to look at him. Then without hesitation jogs over to him. He runs an unsteady hand through his curls when he gets close. "Mount? What are you still doing out here?" "Lost track of time. And something...somethings weird with the moon, I feel--"
"The solstice makes it extra weird. Stronger. I don't know. It sucks. Swiss almost bit Sunshine's finger off. Dew hasn't spoken a word to anyone all day and I--" Rain cuts himself off. There's enough moonlight cast over his face that Mountain can see him blush. "You what?" Rain looks away. "You know what. All day. Nothing helps. It's like--" "Being in heat, except not?" Rain's eyes snap to his. And then Rain is on him, curling his long arms around Mountain's neck and kissing him with full force. Tongue licking into Mountain's mouth, hands digging into his hair. Rain pushes him back, off of the path towards a softer patch of grass amidst freshly bloomed irises. Rain catches him off guard, and before Mountain knows it he's on his back on the ground with a lap full of needy water ghoul. Rain's mouth never leaves his, tongue plundering. Rain tastes like fresh water, cool, refreshing. Mountain feels like he's been without water for days, parched. He curls his fingers around the back of Rain's neck and drags him closer. Rain's hips roll over his, he grinds down and Mountain can't think about anything except getting Rain out of his pants and sinking into him. He wants it now, he wants it five minutes ago. He fumbles with Rain's sweatpants, pulling until Rain laughs into his mouth and pulls away. Rain's steady when he shifts up to pull his pants off, then he gets to work on Mountain's. His hands move with ease. Mountain's body is shaking.
"How are you so calm?" Mountain pants. Rain looks up at him, head tipped to the side, fingers pausing on the button of Mountain's jeans. "I'm used to it." It's simple, easy. Rain doesn't elaborate, just finishes undoing Mountain's pants and slides them down to his thighs, not even bothering to pull them all the way off. Mountain sits up. He can't just lay back and take it right? that's bad etiquette, but Rain pushes him back to the ground with a hand on his sternum. "Relax, Mount. I've got you."
Rain makes quick work of stretching himself. Mountain can see the slick on his fingers as he scissors them in and out of himself. Mountain feels impossibly warm despite the cool air. His cock jumps against his stomach as he watches Rain work himself over. Fangs worrying his plush bottom lip. Mountain isn't used to letting someone else make all of these decisions. But Rain isn't allowing him any forward motion. He's pinned to the ground by Rain's gaze. By his insistence that he will help Mountain through whatever this is. He's helpless to it. Rain curls his wet fingers around Mountain's cock and strokes him, once, twice, Mountains' head thumps back against the grass hard. Pleasure rolling through him, already too much. It's only a hand, how's he going to handle it when-- He misses the moment Rain straddles him, rocketing back up the second he feels the press of his cock against Rain's hole. Rain sinks down, only an inch or two and Mountain has to touch him. He reaches out, putting a hand on each hip, digging blunt nails into his skin. He tries to keep calm, keep steady. His body screams at him to thrust up, to rock into Rain's tight body, and take what he needs. He grits his teeth. He waits. Rain sinks down the rest of the way, a broken sigh leaving his mouth as he does. He barely gives either of them time to adjust before he's rocking his hips, rolling Mountain's cock against his prostate and whining. He clenches hard around Mountain and Mountain swears his vision fails for a second. It has never been like this. Never felt like this.
Rain tips his head back up towards the sky. Moonlight washes over his skin. His precum glitters as it drips onto Mountain's stomach. Mountain uses a slow push and pull of his fingers to guide Rain how he wants him. But mostly Rain does all the work. Bouncing with slow, leisurely, strokes. All Mountain can do is watch Rain, take in the undulations of his body as he gives Mountain everything he has. Mountain drags his fingers over Rain's side, across his ribs, to rest up between his pecs. "Pretty," Mountain pants." Rain looks down at him, flushed and breathless. He laughs. "What about you, Sunflower?" Rain reaches down, he cards his hand over Mountain's hair, between his horns, and Mountain is suddenly hit with the smell of flowers. Hyacinth, lilac, roses. He smells summer. Rain comes back with a flower between his fingers, plucked from somewhere behind Mountains' horns no doubt, a deep purple violet. "You're a bouquet," Rain murmurs. Mountain feels his face flush. Rain laughs again, he reaches up to touch what must be more fresh flowers. "C'mon Rain," Mountain pouts, rocking his hips up to get his point across. Rain can play with the flowers in his hair later. Right now he wants to cum. Needs it. Rain rolls his eyes but there's no malice in it. Instead, he sets a pace that makes the breath rush from Mountain's lungs. It's not long before Mountain's toes are digging into the grass, and Rain is whining with each downward stroke. Mountain reaches for him, wraps a hand around his slick cock, and strokes him in time with Rain's thrusts. It's only a few more moments before Rain is bowing in on himself and clenching down hard on Mountain. Spilling hot and thick over Mountain's stomach. Mountain follows right on his heels, roaring with his release. Rain collapses, his head pressed against Mountain's chest as they both gasp for breath. Rain looks up at him and starts to laugh softly. "What?" "You're more flowers than hair." Mountain scowls, changing the subject before he allows himself to be embarrassed about it. "Do you feel better?"
Rain pulls off of Mountain's softening cock and stretches his lanky body, curling it against Mountain's like a cat. "Yes. Do you?"
Mountain nods. He does. The ache in his gut is gone, the pull and drag. The moon casts ethereal light on them. Rain reaches up to pluck another flower from Mountain's head, this time a bunch of lilacs. Rain brings them to his nose and inhales deep, sighing. "If I knew that was going to happen I'd do this more often." "Don't make fun of me," Mountain says quietly, eyeing the lilacs in Rains' fingers. Rain spins them, he turns his too blue eyes to Mountain's his face twisted in confusion. "I'm not," Rain says softly. "I love it. You're always calling the rest of us pretty, but look at you. Beautiful." Mountain bites the inside of his cheek, then pulls Rain up into a soft kiss, pulling Rain down so their foreheads rest together.
"Next full moon, right here." Mountain promises. Rain grins. "It's a date."
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forlorn-crows · 17 days
Requesting, if I can, Rain asking Aether to use his Quintessece powers to force him all relaxed and pliant so Mountain can knot him- something Rain can't take without a little h e l p. >:)
“That’s it, raincloud, you’re doing so well,” Aether mutters against the water ghoul’s temple, fingers methodically running through his hair. Quintessence flows through the digits and into Rain’s cradled head resting by the foot of the bed, leaving a pleasant, hazy nothingness in its wake. 
Mountain hums in agreement where he’s buried in Rain’s cunt, mouth lazily lapping at his folds. The taste becomes increasingly tangier the longer Aether works Rain’s mind. It’s not as deep of a trance as he could induce, just fuzzy enough to make the water ghoul pliant—and wet. 
Mountain licks a stripe from Rain’s entrance all the way up to his clit, the tip of his tongue flicking its small length on the upstroke. Rain gasps and arches with it, the smallest of moans escaping his slack mouth. 
“Can’t wait to hear those moans when you’re full of me,” Mountain says huskily, darting his eyes up towards his face. It’s perfectly lax, eyebrows upturned and just a sliver of white showing behind dark lashes. His cheeks, as always when he’s aroused, are blushed a pretty lilac, with matching flush along his collarbone and at the tips of his pointed ears. It’s endearing, the earth ghoul thinks, how Rain trusts them both to see him so open, every reaction on full display. 
But that’s part of Aether’s power—to unravel, to present that which gets buried under nerves and insecurities. Even now, Rain still sometimes gets nervous to take Mountain, regardless of how badly he wants it. Needs it. Craves it. Mountain will never tell him, but the times he asks Aether for help are some of his favorites. 
He flicks his eyes over to Aether’s as he sucks on Rain’s clit, holding his gaze as he works his tongue over the water ghoul. He loves the way Aether looks down at his mouth, then back up again to his eyes, biting his lower lip as he presses at Rain’s scalp. He can’t see past the middle of the quintessence ghoul’s torso, kneeled on the floor as he is, but Mountain can bet he’s at least a little affected. 
“Bet that mouth feels so good on you, doesn’t it Rainy?” Aether rumbles against the side of his face. Mountain’s mouth quirks up in a smile, and he winks at Aether before dropping his gaze once more. The earth ghoul sucks hard, wringing from Rain a long moan and a buck of the hips. 
“I’d say so,” Mountain answers for him, pulling off and sitting back on his haunches. Rain whines at the loss, but the noise turns to one of pleasure when Mountain replaces his mouth with his fingers, stroking through his slick folds. “Fuck, you’re soaked, tadpole.” And thoroughly debauched, Mountain notes; Rain’s hair clings to his forehead and neck, damp with sweat, and that lilac blush has bled down his sternum and even spread across his ribs. He can’t even keep his eyes open anymore, not with the way Aether has him pulled under and the way Mountain circles his clit. But the earth ghoul wants him to try, if only for his own enjoyment.
“Rainy,” Mountain sing-songs. “Look at me.”
Rain tries, by Satan he tries. It’s a glazed-over look, but he manages to dial in his focus just enough. The moment Mountain’s confident he actually sees him, he pushes two fingers into Rain’s cool, slick, cunt. The water ghoul’s eyes immediately roll straight back into his head as he keens against the digits, claws digging into the bed. 
“Poor thing, feels too good, doesn’t it?” Mountain smirks, ignoring the way his cock kicks at the sinful display. He pumps his fingers in and out of Rain’s heat, collecting slick and spreading it over Rain’s cunt. If it was wet before, it’s practically dripping now. Rain twitches and gasps with each thrust of Mountain’s hand, responsive as ever. 
“Need it, don’t you?” Mountain mumbles, a little lost in the feeling of Rain’s muscles already clenching around him. He adds a third finger and feels his own mouth go slack at the sight of slick drooling into his palm. Rain doesn’t really need the precursor, not with magick loosening him up in all the right ways, but Mountain likes the prep and the tension it builds. The pining. The yearning. The basal need.  
“Please,” Rain whines. “I can’t—I need—”
“Shhh, raincloud,” Aether soothes. “Mountain’s got you. He’s gonna give you what you need.” He moves his hands from Rain’s scalp to the tops of his shoulders, squeezing lightly. 
Mountain removes his hand and spreads the coated digits over his own length. He sighs at the feeling of Rain against his skin, tossing his head back as he indulges in a few strokes.
A grunt from Aether makes him drag his head back up. Rain’s chest heaves as he cranes his neck back to mouth at Aether’s jaw, hips bucking against the air. Aether’s trying and failing to ignore Rain’s ministrations, one of his hands having crept up to drape gently across Rain’s flushed throat. 
“Having fun down here, boys?” Mountain teases, slotting himself on top of the water ghoul’s lithe body. Rain pulls off Aether’s neck like he’s been burned, gasping at the contact of Mountain’s body. “Don’t I get some?” he purrs, guiding Rain’s mouth to his own neck as he pulls Aether into a kiss. It’s messy and sloppy, but none of them care. Aether lets Mountain turn it filthy, opening his mouth with a groan as the earth ghoul licks into it and grinds his cock against Rain’s cunt. The water ghoul falls away from Mountain’s neck with a loud, unbidden moan, pressing his hips up to meet the slide of his length.  
“Try to keep an eye on him, hm?” Mountain whispers against Aether’ lips, nipping his bottom lip before pulling away. He puts his attention back on Rain, kissing along his neck and down his chest. He pushes back up onto his hands and looks down at the—already—wrecked water ghoul beneath him.
“Rain,” Mountain says, almost a growl. “Let me see those pretty eyes.” 
It’s easier this time—Rain cracks his eyes open, cerulean quickly locked onto emerald. In his peripherals, Mountain can see Aether press his palms more firmly into Rain’s shoulders, waiting. Mountain rolls his hips again, dragging his cock through his slick cunt. Rain’s eyes flutter, but he holds steady, fighting hard to keep them fixed on Mountain. 
“Fuck, tadpole,” the earth ghoul groans, slipping the head of his cock between Rain’s folds. “Gonna knot you so good, gonna make you take it all.” Mountain watches Rain’s eyes roll as he takes his cock inch by inch, mouth open in a silent cry. “That’s it,” Mountain breathes, looking down to see Rain’s cunt drag him all the way in. 
All of them groan when Mountain bottoms out—Rain, unsurprisingly, the loudest of the three.  There’s little pinpricks of tears at the corners of his eyes as his chest heaves. 
“Yeah, cry for me while I fuck your pretty wet hole,” Mountain raps, pulling halfway out and slamming back in. “Fuck, you’re so good for me, Rain.” Tears run down the water ghoul’s cheeks as Mountain thrusts into him, wasting no time in setting a feverish pace. 
“So good, raincloud,” Aether echos, lips pressed against his temple once more. 
Rain sobs with every snap of Mountain’s hips. The wet sounds of skin hitting skin is loud and lewd, a rhythm broken only by wanton moans and heavy sighs. 
“Will you cum on it?” Mountain asks after a while, now hunched over on his elbows. “If I touch you, will you cum on my cock for me?” He’s desperate to feel it, feel Rain drool even more slick over him and onto the sheets. 
“Yes,” Rain cries, tightening his arms where they’ve wrapped around Mountain’s neck. “Please, make me.”
Mountain sneaks a hand down between them, daring a glance at Aether. The quintessence ghoul’s watching his arm move with rapt attention, chin resting on his own arm. It’s a calm focus, with only the hint of desire deep behind his eyes. Mountain tears his eyes away and looks back at Rain’s face, which is screwed up with anticipation and pleasure. 
Mountain barely has to rub at Rain’s clit—once, twice, three times—before he’s spasming around him, whining high and feminine as he cums. The sensation nearly makes Mountain’s arms buckle, but he keeps his pace steady, knot already starting to swell. 
“Fuck, Rain, oh,” he moans into his neck. “Aethe, you gotta—oh shit—you gotta give him a little more, I’m gonna—” Mountain gasps. 
Aether nods. “Little more,” he agrees, gripping the shoulders of his writhing water ghoul. Rain sobs as the last bit of quintessence shoots straight down his spine, back arching off the bed. 
“That’s it, that’s it,” Mountain cries. 
“Please,” Rain keens. 
“Fuck, gonna tie you so tight, oh Lucifer—” Mountain cuts off with a groan as his knot pops in with one hard thrust, taken in by Rain’s body like it was meant to be there. Rain wails, clawing into Mountain’s shoulders hard enough to draw blood. 
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fourleggedocto · 2 months
Not sure if you take requests but I’d love something with Mommy!aether and Daddy!mountain taking care of Rain <3
Anon, I feel like you must have read my thoughts because I was just about to open myself up to requests. Here, just for you, I have a little, cute, Rain being overwhelmed and his sweet mommy and daddy helping him through it. You may or may not have induced brainrot so there could possibly be something longer and dirtier in the future.
“Rain, please sit still,” Mountain asks, annoyance starting to seep into his tone. Rain sinks in on himself, his head absently lulling when his mask becomes too heavy to hold up.
“We’re almost done Rain, at least try to pay attention,” Aether huffs from his other side.
Rain whines low in his throat. He can’t help it, his mask just feels so heavy. And his pants are scratchy and the lights are bright and Papa’s voice is booming through his head despite being sure he wasn’t speaking any louder than he had been 10 minutes ago. He tries to pull on Aether’s shirt sleeve, but as soon as his fingers brush the fabric it sends him recoiling. He brings his fingertips instead to dig under his mask as far as they can go without knocking it off, cupping and digging into the chub of his cheeks under his balaclava.
He’s too distracted by feeling everything to notice Mountain and Aether having a silent discussion over his head, so it catches him completely off guard when the moment mass ends he’s being scooped into Mountain’s arms, mask slipped off carefully while a large hand lays over one ear and presses the other into Mountain’s steadily rising chest, so all he can hear is his heartbeat. The hand supporting his ass shifts, dragging his jeans harder into his tender thighs and he whines again.
“I know darling, just another minute and we’ll get those off,” Aether coos. If his hands weren’t pinned between their chests, Rain would have reached out to grab Aether’s. Instead, he wraps his legs tighter around Mountain and tries to ignore how hot and itchy his body is all over where Mountain’s wrapped around him. It’ll be over soon, he just had to get to his room, and he appreciates how much they care when he gets like this.
Rain can feel his chest rumbling around a growl, which is too loud for his own sensitive ears but he can't make it stop. Mountain tries to start purring, which makes him growl louder and flinch at his own reaction, so the larger ghoul quickly stops and picks up his pace even more. It feels like it takes years, but eventually, they make it to Rain’s room.
“Floor or nest buddy?” Mountain rumbles. It’s soft, barely a whisper, but it still catches in his chest and sends an unpleasant shiver through the water ghoul.
“Nest daddy,” he croaks out, and Aether quickly moves the bad-texture blankets away before Rain’s set down. He closes his eyes against the lights, too bright without the shield of Mountain’s body now, and when he opens them again the lights have been turned off and his noise-canceling headphones are placed over his ears. He trills, barely audible to himself, but Mountain and Aether both pause in their quests to smile down at him. They turn to each other, have a soft conversation that Rain is content not to hear, and Aether starts towards the nest while Mountain cracks the door open only enough to slip through into the hallway.
Aether kneels next to him and gently helps him out of his clothes. He’s careful not to drag the thick material against his skin too much, working slowly until Rain is in just his boxers. The little ghoul starts swaying back and forth where he’s sitting, and Aether finally takes a full breath now that he’s settled. Without much more he can do until Rain comes back, he settles next to him, making sure not to touch him other than snaking his tail around Rain’s bicep.
Mountain comes back with a glass of water after a minute. He’s quick to adjust Aether into his lap, looping his tail around Rain’s thigh. Aether tilts his head back onto Mountain’s shoulder. The earth ghoul relaxes into the rhythm of Aether’s deep breaths and Rain’s back-and-forth rocking.
They sit in a comfortable silence until Rain stops moving, which is all the warning the other two get before he pounces, knocking them back and pushing his way in between them.
“Feeling better baby?” Aether groans, having taken most of Rain’s weight right into his stomach. Rain nods, trying rather unsuccessfully to nuzzle them both at the same time without knocking off his headphones. Mountain lets out a low chuckle.
“Ok little Iris, is it nap time now?” He lays a large hand across Rain’s chest, rubbing gentle circles before he can start wriggling too much. Aether does the same on his thigh. He sighs and nods, settling between them and letting their sweet touches lull him to sleep.
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finding-jinx · 2 months
no but that unreleased big thief song 'you jump under my palm and we come under the shower, you lay upon my pillow and you open like a flower, I wanted to see you naked, I wanted to hear you scream, I wanted to kiss your skin and your everything' is so mountain x rain core
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ghoulish-fiction · 2 years
Wet Earth
Rain x Mountain fluff. 460 words.
Inspired by my wife's love of her two favorite ghouls and my love of stormy evenings.
I'm far too lazy and busy to properly proofread and edit things I write for fun for myself. Nevertheless, I hope you like it!
Find me and this fic on AO3 as well by clicking here!
"Mountain!" Rain shouts excitedly as he bursts into the living room.
Mountain looks up from his book, suddenly startled by Rain's energetic entrance.
"What? What's wrong? Why are you wet?"
Rain jumps into Mountain's lap, making the legs of the old chair they now both occupy creak. Mountain stretches his long arm out to place his book on the couch, far from Rain's dripping form.
"Its raining! Finally! Its been FOREVER! Come play with me! Come dance with me!"
Mountain had been so absorbed in his book he hadn't noticed the soft sound of rain drumming on the roof and the windows.
"I'm not a water ghoul. I don't know I'll enjoy it as much as you."
"Yes you will! It will be fun. You can walk barefoot in the mud, come on lets go! I don't know how long it will last."
Rain scrambled out of Mountain's lap and pulled at his hands, not giving the earth ghoul a choice in the matter, but Mountain truly did not mind. He was happy to spend this time with Rain and see him so delighted.
So off they went, Rain nearly running down the halls of the Abbey to the courtyard entrance. Even with Mountain's long legs, he had to take long, quick strides to keep up.
Once they got to the entrance Rain quickly kicked off his shoes and socks and rolled up his pant legs. Mountain did the same, and was promptly pulled out into the storm. Thunder boomed overhead and rain poured down on them. The smell of rain and the wet earth was refreshing. Mountain paused to take a deep breath and watch Rain shout with delight and spin around with his arms outstretched.
Rain then turned his attention back to Mountain.
"Dance with me!" The smalled demon said.
"Always." Promised his lover.
And so they danced. They didn't need any music. The sound of the rain pounding on the roof and the pavement and the loud claps of thunder in the distance was music enough for them. They twirled in the grass, kicking up mud and water as they went. They went on like this until they were breathless.
Mountain pulled Rain close to him for a long embrace.
"I love you, Rainy."
"I love you, too, Mounty."
Mountain leaned down to kiss Rain sweetly, tilting his mask up to the top of his head. Rain did the same.
"Come on, let's go in before we get struck by lightning." Mountain said while lowering his mask again.
"Awww... okay."
Hand and hand they made their way back into the Abbey. They spent the rest of their evening cuddled up together in warm pajamas and blankets next to an open window to watch the storm pass overhead.
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