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‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Evil Party’ Ichiban Kuji figures, August 2023.
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llovinghome · 2 days
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cream-and-five-sugars · 17 hours
Jaune’s daily to do list:
disastrous lighting of the morning lantern (stop the first fire)!!!
save PP from the residual water from stopping the first fire
patrol the town - check-in on individual PP
stop the pebble tower from toppling!!
secure the dam
save Ren from falling into koi pond
watch out for tearable twos!! >:(
keep away from shredder!
if any traveling salesman / traders come through, check for hazardous goods
if you wouldn’t give it to a baby, DON’T give it to the PPs!
help w/ daily construction / beautifying projects (so PP don’t get injured)
no more fried foods (too much grease)!
tea shop fiasco
stop the second fire
save PP from the residual water from the second fire
check-in at sandpaper knife-shop
help rake the sand (*you’d be surprised how dangerous a rake can be!)
keep Oscar away from anything that can be used as a kite string
repair scarecrows in rice fields
**if late, fight off giant crows / make new scarecrows (Ruby will help)
stop carts from crashing --> east marketplace
stop the coffee maker at the café before it EXPLODES
[call? get all?] paper indoors before DAILY WIND SURGE
stop Nora from climbing pebble tower during the storm (trust me, this one ends poorly :( )
take the scissors from Neptune
stop the “bandits”
stop the third, and final – hopefully? – fire
help Pyrrha w/ her hw :)
stop the un-foldening (*you’ll know it when you see it)
take away the makeshift lightning rods during the storm
get Paper Pleasers to bed
final rounds
find a way home...
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itsmariejanel · 1 day
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they take their job very seriously 🤭 ft. this baby tee recolour by @yekkiz
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southfarthing · 2 days
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tracedecay · 2 days
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Will Graham, Hannibal 3x06: Dolce // Fallen Angel, Alexandre Cabanel
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fouralarm-fire · 10 hours
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lesbian cannibalism ❤️
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nostalgiahime · 2 days
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Lena Katina & Julia Volkova of t.A.T.u. photographed by Sheryl Nieds (2002) [✩]
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uuuuuhhhhlana · 2 days
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queermania · 3 days
no offense but the idea that jensen was some naive sheltered little bible thumper that danneel and/or misha had to drag into the real world and open his eyes is so fucking weird to me. like. he was christian and kinda shy sure but he’s also told stories about getting arrested in texas and all the dumb shit he used to do when he was young and supervision-less in los angeles. he was gonna maybe be the gay character in days. he did devour and blonde. he signed on for supernatural. he played fucking priestley in ten inch hero. like??? im sure they’ve all influenced (don’t even think about it) each other’s views to some degree but to think that his wife dragged him kicking and screaming into a progressive social agenda instead of that probably they grew together like most couples in a successful long term relationship/marriage do is just so fucking weird and infantilizing. why do you think she dated, let alone married, him in the first place?? why do you think friendship blossomed between him and misha so easily?? it’s because they’re all a bunch of hollywood weirdos with similar values
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highdio · 19 hours
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6 more days until the broadcast finale!!
Foo Fighters and Weather Report by Stone Ocean sub-character designer Kei Tsuchiya.
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llovinghome · 3 days
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the grissoms + crouching
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will-deb-beh-bond · 2 days
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Here we are passing an ITC freight train on Benld siding looking north. September 10, 1955
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