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what if mr lancer adopted little baby man
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nerdpoe · 26 days
fucking shit here's another one
danny is heir apparent to the realms, and while he cannot be summoned as he has not been crowned yet, he can still receive gifts.
bear with me
as he is heir apparent, his will is mirrored by the infinite realms. so in the middle of English class, as he's staring at Mr. Lancer, his deep, resonating thought is
"Fuck man I don't get any of this, I need like, a really good English tutor."
meanwhile, in the batcave, constantine goes fucking rigid and stares at Red Hood, who he just knows that the High King wants for some reason or the other.
"Hood, were you aware that the High King of the Infinite Realms wants you handed to him on a silver platter?"
meanwhile all over the world English professors and teachers and straight A students are going missing and turning up in Amity of all places.
cultists are confused because like, normally the King of Death wants cheeseburgers and frenchfries, but now it wants people? weird but alright, they'll send over people they guess.
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Dumbest thing Danny’s ever done while sleep deprived
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Showed up at Mr Lancer’s house and tried to fistfight him unprovoked.
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night-wilf · 2 months
Writing prompt 64:
Lancer is overjoyed to finally leave the ghost infested town, teaching at a small rural highschool needing better teachers. The super heroes and Justice League nothing to him as he settles into a new routine.
It doesn't even register to him he's teaching the kryptonite family in the small town.
Clark manages to finally meet him after a few weeks and finds out the hard way his 'fill the gaps' trick doesn't work. Seemingly blocked by the man's mind somehow.
His strange appearance dismissed with a wave of the hand and "Mr Kent please stop trying to influence how I perceive you. I can assure I have seen worse with my previous students."
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miracle-fandom · 2 months
Look, maybe I am not looking in the right places, but can we talk about how shady the Fenton's "parenting style" must look to everyone else in Amity? Maybe not cannonically, but the fandom really needs to start thinking about it.
We should talk about how easily it is to confuse vigilantism with abuse.
I want Danny with unexplained bruises every other day and the A listers assuming the worst.
I want Mr Lancer seeing Danny start struggling with school for, apparently, no reason and see him sleep on class and realize those are signs of abuse.
I want people to see how protective Sam and Tucker are and realize there's something they are protecting him from.
I need Valerie to see Danny run off at any sign of ghosts and suddenly "oh Fenton doesn't look scared of ghosts" and it clicks in her mind that maybe he's running from his parents.
I want people to see Danny do uncanny things, or have too much pain tolerance, or brush off whatever Dash came up with today and think "huh, that doesn't sound right"
I want the metaphor for child abuse in the show to become a little bit more real in the narrative. Is that too much to ask? I want them hearing the horror stories of the Fenton's cooking and start putting together that "oh, maybe they don't actually... mind experimenting on themselves" and who's to say the same fate didn't happen to Danny or Jazz?
Who's to say where evil scientists stops and child endangerment starts? And if suddenly, Amity Park has started to make Danny's life a little bit easier by making the Fenton's life harder, well, correlation and causation are one hell of a drug.
[ Check reblogs ]
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cadelinhadomiranha · 2 months
Amity park is chaos, and I love it.
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asyl-ym · 7 months
Invisobang piece for @lexosaurus’s "Emergency Contact" :D
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it's been a joy, hope you like it :)
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mightydragoon · 8 months
Amity Park citizens canonically commit tax fraud
Welcome to my TedTalk
Doctor’s Disorders:
Tumblr media
Jack: Oh yeah and why should we trust you?
Tumblr media
Betrand: Because I’m with the government and we can audit your taxes if you don’t.
Double cross my heart.
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Mr Lancer: And what makes you think I want to co-operate with the feds
Tumblr media
Operative K: Because ghosts are a constant threat to your student body.
Tumblr media
Operative O: And because we're with the government and have access to your tax records.
Tumblr media
Mr. Lancer: What do you want to know and how fast do you want to know it?
Amity Park says fuck the government and taxes.
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home-of-renn · 3 months
I love the hc that Danny can't help but trigger this innate, subconscious fight or flight response in everyone he meets. I love it even more when it's the reason why he still gets bullied by Dash.
Truth be told, Dash grew up years ago. His mean streak had been a short-lived phase that left a bad taste in his mouth. The sudden influx of hormones brought on by the onset of puberty had apparently muddled his brain and left him emotionally stunted for the duration of his freshman year. He'd shoved nerds into lockers and stolen their lunch money. He sorely wishes he hadn't been so excruciatingly cliche.
But he'd somehow managed to unstick his head from his ass pretty quick and he hasn't laid a finger on anyone since - well, except for Fenton.
Fenton had always been the exception. Small and slouched, with a messy fringe that fell into his eyes. Danny Fenton always made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end whenever he walked past.
His arm would brush too close or his shoulder would bump into his in a crowded hallway and Dash's arm would lash out before he could even comprehend the accidental touch. Fenton would be pinned against a locker with Dash's forearm against his neck in the blink of an eye.
The funny thing is though, no one stops him. The other kids don't call him out and the teachers are always coincidentally absent.
Dash isn't a bully - at least not anymore. He helped Lester get his locker door open after a ghost attack left the damn thing jammed shut. He stays late after practice so the girls on the cheer team don't have to walk home when the sun starts dipping low. He holds doors open for the people walking behind him and even offers a polite smile. The other day he stopped to help some little kid struggling to tie their shoelaces.
He's trying to be better. His mom cried about how proud she was on his birthday last month and principal Ishiyama made a passing comment on how nice it was not seeing him in her office every week. He enjoys being nice to people. It's gratifying, and some kids have started coming up to him when they need help.
Once upon a time, Dash had been a chubby self-conscious kid who'd hit the gym as soon as his dad had gotten sick of his begging. Puberty had hit him like a truck and he'd started shaving a year before anyone else. Since then he'd bulked up and was far larger than the average high schooler. He'd been honing his reflexes for years and never drops the ball. He's the shield that everyone hides behind during ghost fights. He's big and strong and has damn good aim - which is better than nothing when going up against a ghost.
But there's something wrong with Fenton.
Danny makes sweat gather beneath his collar and Dash has to grind his teeth any time he walks past.
At least he's not the only one.
Kwan's hands are always clenched into fists when they walk past Fenton's locker, even if he's not there. It feels wrong to have your back to Fenton in the changing rooms and Lancer's the only teacher still handing Danny a detention slip - Dash suspects it's cause none of the other staff can stand to be alone with him for that long.
No one steps in when someone lashes out at the Fenton kid. No one says a word or runs towards the teacher's lounge when Dale has Danny by the arm, eyes wide and gripped so tight his knuckles turn white.
The hallway goes silent and the world steps back as Dash's team flank his sides while the front of Danny's shirt is bunched in his fist. His heart thuds against his ribs and pounds in his ears as Danny opens his mouth to make a sarcastic quip. Danny's always been a sarcastic, mouthy little shit, but Dash can't find it in himself to laugh, not while his body forms a physical barrier between Fenton and everyone else - not when Dash has him by the throat but he's the one feeling cornered and exposed. He has to dig his toes into the soles of his sneakers to resist running.
It's not normal.
Dash plays along, keeping his cool as he goes through the familiar routine. He spits out a pathetic insult that misses its mark and thumps Danny against his locker before dropping him to the ground.
It feels rehearsed, like he's stuck in a cycle he can't seem to break. It's one big act that Dash walks away from with adrenaline churning the contents of his stomach and sweat gathering in the palms of his hands. The hallway parts as Dash walks away. He spares a glance at Kwan, whose dark eyes are trained on the floor in front of him, his fists clenching at his sides, shaking under the fluorescent lights. Dash hides his own hands in his pockets. The one he had bunched in Danny's shirt trembles, his nerves vibrating with the sensation of pins and needles. It feels like static under his skin. He tries wiping it off on the inside of his jacket.
The entire student body of Casper high follows behind him.
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sykloni · 22 days
Tumblr media
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shower-phantom-ideas · 7 months
Dannys class gets into a heated debate over how ghosts are formed and so Mr. William Lancer, wanting the class to get back on topic, decided to ask Danny Fenton. “Maybe Mr.Fenton could shed some light on this for us?” Of course the whole class turns to face him. He doesnt shrink from the attention anymore, far to tired. Before he can respond Dash blurts out a taunt “Fentianas parents hunt ghosts, what could he possibly know about making one!” A little chuckle of a laugh from Danny chills the whole class. “Oh i know plenty about how a ghosts is formed Dash. Its when someone dies but they still have a stronge emotional bond with the living world.” And in a softer voice he adds “that or theirs enough ectoplasm around.” His voice isnt taunting. Its empty but they can all almost feel how tired the words make him. And that last bit. How could he know. He sounds so sure of it. Not a hint of doubt. How does he know. That bit about the ectoplasm. Just how did the Fentons get the ghosts they studied. They are ghost hunters but not very good ones, that much was clear. Are they… are they making them?
No one dares to ask. What if their next. “Well there you have it class… Now back to the topic we had been previously discussing!” Mr. WILLIAM Lancer tries to forget what he just heard. He isnt paid nearly enough for that. He just wants to teach English. The students are also eager to forget the implications of Fentons words welcome the change in subject.
Its probably the most interactive and engaging he has ever had a class.
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Tim*panics*: What are we supposed to do, what are we supposed to do, Danny?
Phantom: Sweetie, you are the "brain" part of our ship. According to my parents' publications I'm not even capable of coherent thought, and judging by the grades Mr. Lancer is giving me, he deeply supports their statements. So calm down and you will find a solution.
Tim: You're completely hopeless...
Danny: and useless :D
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theshadowrealmitself · 3 months
Danny as Ghost King and the tiny ghost blobs trying to do his bidding so he’ll just be sitting in class thinking about how thirsty he is and there they are, outside the windows, trying to sneak in a soda for him (did they even pay for that?), while Danny panics and hopes Lancer doesn’t see
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astravis · 9 months
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Revelations Week Day 2 - Comical
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night-wilf · 3 months
Writing prompt 42:
Mr. Lancer waves goodbye to his tearful students and colleagues. His new job at a private school in Gotham city.
His niece, Harley, has been getting into trouble and kept in asylum for the last few years. The last of her resources used up as her family can no longer stand her.
He had agreed as soon as he heard what was going on. He doesn't know much of her situation but wants to help her regain a normal life. He's dealt with ghosts, he can deal with someone lost in mental illness.
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ohmygodletmesignup · 4 months
HC: multilingual! Danny
-he knows spanish and french (and esperanto bc of wulf)
-knows ghost speak (obviously)
-latin too (cause yk, summoning shit)
-fuck it, he probably speaks like japanese or smt bc he was fighting a ghost that didn’t speak english or he was trying to research a ghost but the only things on it were in a language that isn’t french/spanish/latin
-probably didn’t get into different languages until Vlad insulted him in french/spanish and danny only learned it so he could understand and insult back
-then he got really into languages
-he definitely swears in different languages under his breath
-yells things at ghosts in different languages to throw them off guard so he can attack
^^ technus (technis?) def installed google translate to deal with this and is often confused by the mistranslations
-when he’s really tired he switches languages
-does the thing where he’ll forget a word in language and will causally switch to a different language
-lancer is teaching and says smt like “and this sentence in (language) means (thing)” and danny says “no it doesn’t.”
-they argue over it until danny goes “i speak (language) i think i know what it means. it means (thing).”
-lancer looks it up. danny is right.
-another time lancer sees danny taking notes in ANOTHER language
idk i’m rlly tired rn but i’ll probably add more eventually
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