Animal Crossing museum. Let her look at fossils.
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She's having a great time!
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Catedral de Gloucester
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⭑˖‎𐦍˖☽𖤓𓊈 Pandora Bardott 𓊉𖤓☾˖‎𐦍˖⭑
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Medieval Persian pottery bowl from the Ilkhanid period, dating back to 1250-1350 CE. Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA.
Photo by Babylon Chronicle
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You could be the The Escher of Early Rising! The Van Gogh of the Golden Hour! The Dali of Dawn! I know I'm trying!!!
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A Woman with a Dog. 1740s. Credit line: Maria DeWitt Jesup Fund, 1930 https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/435864
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New video! Ridley Scott has been talking shit about historians. Here is my response.
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ahedderick · 2 days
Daring Docent
A few times a year I volunteer as a docent for a very small local museum/gallery in town called the Gilchrist.
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It was built in 1843 by a judge, and it is very much in the "wide doors to fit the ladies' hoop skirts" style of architecture. Lovely, gorgeous, highly impractical to heat. As I went around turning on lights and unlocking doors I noticed one of the "staff only" doors ajar. It's the one that leads up to the big, interesting attic, down to ? (I have never checked that part out), and out to a hidden second story porch. I peaked in just enough to admire the secret porch, then left and shut the door more firmly. Unfortunately, when I did that, the other "staff only" door right next to it popped open with a loud creeeak. At which point I nearly jumped out of my skin. Oof!
I was very brave and continued turning lights on and checking thermostats. I said hello to the three headless mannequins wearing period clothing in the parlour. But my heart was thumping for a while! There are very few visitors on Friday afternoons (which is why I volunteer then.) I made good use of the quiet time to work on small illustrations for a book. I don't want to do them and I've been stalling . . sooo it was good to get started and have lots of peace and quiet to do it. The author wants one scene to include: Father Goose flying through the air with two children on his back, at dawn, just about to crash into a haystack, whilst two villagers look on from thatched-roof cottages and a butcher chases a rooster wearing roller skates around a barn.
This drawing is supposed to be 5 x 7 inches. I. How am I going to fit ALL THAT? In 5x7 inches? Why is the rooster wearing roller skates?
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Girl with Pearl Earring, at the museum - Johannes Vermeer
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The Swedish warship Vasa. It sank in 1628 less than a mile into its maiden voyage and was recovered from the sea floor after 333 years almost completely intact. Now housed at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, is the world's best preserved 17th century ship
Tap for more
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2,300-Year-Old Plush Bird from the Altai Mountains of Siberia (c.400-300 BCE): crafted with a felt body and reindeer-fur stuffing, all of which remains intact
This artifact was sealed within the frozen barrows of Pazyryk, Siberia, for more than two millennia, where a unique microclimate enabled it to be preserved. The permafrost ice lense formation that runs below the barrows provided an insulating layer, preventing the soil from heating during the summer and allowing it to quickly freeze during the winter; these conditions produced a separate microclimate within the stone walls of the barrows themselves, thereby aiding in the preservation of the artifacts inside.
This is just one of the many well-preserved artifacts that have been found at Pazyryk. These artifacts are attributed to the Scythian/Altaic cultures.
Currently housed at the Hermitage Museum.
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William Mason Brown (1828-1898) "Raspberries in a Wooded Landscape" Oil on canvas Located in the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas
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Louvre, París
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Walking through a Pokemon Museum in real life would be amazing!
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Tears in Paintings
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