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tinagodiva · 2 days
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Switzerland 🇨🇭
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bba3lo · 1 day
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Urgent Appeal: Help Yusuf and his Family Evacuate Gaza!🆘🆘🆘🚨🚨
Youssef birth was marked by deep feelings of compassion and sadness. He realized that something was very painful on the first day of his life, so he took the responsibility of taking the mother out on foot, who was very pregnant, to give birth to him in battle in the shadow of war.
In addition, Youssef suffers from a lack of nutrition and healthy eating, which increases his fatigue and negatively affects his color and growth. Such circumstances pose challenges that the child faces in living a normal and dignified life
🔴🔴Any donation could save the life of Youssef and his family.
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sliceofdyke · 23 hours
chappell roe (if chappell roan was a fish)
you can fish a hundred kois in ponds
cast another rod, try to stop the reeling
you can say it's just the bass and gar
make a new excuse, try to stop the reeling
good luck bait, well good luck bait!
you'd have to stop the waves just to stop the reeling
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@penroseparticle, this one's for you.
Pick a country (for occasionally loose definitions of "country") song from a bad description! You do not need to recognize the song from the description, although one of them is very very very very very obvious this time. Go by the vibes. Go for what makes you chuckle or sounds intriguing. Follow your heart.
At the end of the week, I will post a playlist with all the songs in order, from the song with the least amount of votes to the song with the most amount of votes. If you would like to hear the playlist but don't want to put a lot of effort into it, leave a comment or put it in the tags on your reblog and I'll tag you. If you really just need to know about a specific song and don't want to wait, shoot me an ask and I'll answer.
And please reblog! It's time to make your mutuals listen to some straight-up (maybe not that straight) country music for a change. Especially that one. You know the one.
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leilanihours · 20 hours
Hi! Could you do a Nika fic where we surprise her at one of her games in Seattle then we join her for when she signs autographs for fans?
Tumblr media
pairing: nika muhl x girlfriend!reader
word count: 1750
warnings: barely suggestive idk..
summary: even in a sea of nika's most supportive fans, you always stand out the most.
from lani: fuck writers block bc im tryna finish the two paige and nika fics that ive been teasing but i literally cant for some reason someone punch me in my gut pls! anyways enjoy this short oneshot for ml nika <3
THE ENTIRE ARENA was booming with pride, excitement, and energy as the buzzer signaled the end of the game. the seattle storm had beaten dallas wings 98-85 here at climate pledge arena. the game sold out completely and still had tons of viewers watching on streaming. the whole night had been amazing - both for the reputation of women’s basketball and for you personally. 
your girlfriend, nika muhl, had been having some struggles with her visa, which resulted in her not being able to play for most of the games at the start of the regular season. whenever the storm had a game, you could see the frustration hidden on her face despite still showing up for her teammates and cheering them on. that’s just the person she was. she was caring and supportive through it all, but was also a fan favorite.
when word got out that she wouldn’t be able to play until she got sorted out, fans shared her irritation. they believed that the wnba should be better at handling these types of things, especially as they work toward expanding the franchise.
after nika’s incredible collegiate career at uconn, many viewers fell in love with every aspect of her - on and off the court. her powerful defense, striking offense, and electric motivation. also her selfless tendencies, bubbly humor, and magnetic personality.
you were one of those viewers. as a huge fan of women’s basketball, you naturally had to show your passion at every single home game the huskies would play. your booming cheers and echoing chants often caught the attention of the players - but specifically nika.
there was one game they played against syracuse where nika scored a deep three-pointer and gained the lead against them, and let’s just say you were not quiet about it. the second the ball fell in the net, you were screaming your lungs out and pumping your fists.
having being sat relatively close to the floor (just above the courtside seats) nika noticed you almost immediately. she was drawn to you and couldn’t help but smile brightly at your actions.
she knew she had to meet you and thank you for your support, so after the game where the team took pictures and gave out autographs, she took the opportunity to shoot her shot - literally and figuratively.
whenever the two of you tell this story, you warn the listeners of how cheesy it is because it is cheesy. you laugh when you tell this part of this story as your girlfriend blushes.
you didn’t have anything to ask the girls to sign, so you simply smiled watching their interactions. as nika gradually made her way closer to where you were standing with your friend, she saw that you were focused on your phone, head tilted down. however, she wouldn’t give up that easily, so she asked paige to throw her one of the mini basketballs they were giving out. she made eye contact with your friend, pointing to your oblivious state as to signal for her to get your attention. 
when your friend practically shoved your shoulder, you questioned her sudden aggression. you were confused before she pointed to below, right at nika. she knew that she was your favorite player so she had to make sure whatever this plan was, was executed perfectly. you locked eyes with the beautiful brunette before slightly furrowing your eyebrows in confusion.
quickly, nika wrote down her number, a small note, and signed her name before throwing the ball in your direction. you caught it (surprisingly) and observed the basketball player’s nervous smile.
you tilted your head in confusion before she pointed to the ball in your hands and made a pretend phone with her hand. when you looked down at what she wrote on the ball, your jaw was practically on the floor.
“to my biggest fan - saw you cheering earlier and wanted to say thank you
care to show your support another way?”
just below the short note was a set of digits, presumably her phone number. you internally screamed at the whole interaction, especially now because all you did in that moment was nod with a stupid smile.
and even after three years of talking with nika privately and eventually becoming romantically involved with her, you were still her biggest fan. the media saw it during the entire march madness tournament, at the wnba draft, and now the wnba season.
but there was one minor problem…you were pursuing your major at grad school in connecticut, meaning you were thousands of miles away from nika. navigating a long-distance relationship was definitely hard and had its bumps. regardless, you promised to be there for each other every step of the way. just because you lived on opposite sides of the country didn’t mean you stopped loving each other.
which leads us to now, at a seattle storm home game - one that was just won with the help of your talented girlfriend who actually isn’t aware of your presence at the moment. you had a few weeks before classes start up again, and you decided you wanted to surprise nika at her game. after checking both of your schedules, you booked the flight, bought the tickets, and started packing.
you were joined by one of your close friends and nika’s former teammate, paige bueckers. she knew about your private relationship with the brunette and was practically the captain of the ship fully supported it, which is one of the reasons she wanted to come with you.
the two of you were spotted as soon as you stepped foot onto the arena’s property. while paige was recognized for her own basketball career, you were recognized for being one of the team’s closest friends, as seen in their lives, tiktoks, and photo dumps. 
less than ten minutes after you guys arrived at the venue, the internet was going crazy at the unexpected visit. normally you would’ve been concerned by the attention, as you didn’t want to ruin the surprise for your girlfriend, but you knew that she doesn’t go on her phone before a game, so you were covered.
as you stood next to paige in your seats, you were practically jumping with excitement. it had been weeks since you had seen nika in person, so the thought of being able to kiss her face, hold her hand, and wrap your arms around her undoubtedly made you giddy.
“yo, are you good?” paige laughs as she sees you smiling to yourself.
“yeah i’m just excited, man, i haven’t seen her in so long.”
“you nervous?”
“a little,” you start, “but the plan isn’t that complicated so hopefully i don’t fuck it up.”
“you should prolly get on that plan, like, right now.”
you watch as the seattle girls make their way towards the people in the stands with markers in their hands. that was your cue for you and paige to make your way down to the first row.
you had informed seattle’s coach of your idea and she was automatically on board. she told you that she would have you stand at the end of the first row so that nika had easy access to you but would also be surprised.
as you spotted your favorite brunette making her way down the row through wholesome fan interactions, you prepare her jersey in your hands for her to sign. you had no idea how she would react or what she would say, all you knew was that you couldn’t wait any longer to be in her arms again.
she is now signing the poster of the fans to your left and has yet to notice you. you smile feverishly at her beaming joy as she interacts with her fans. you can’t contain your excitement when she has finally made her way to you.
you had a whole ass pickup line planned out for her but you were too caught up in your head to go through with it (probably for the better) so all you could get out was a “hi, nika” with the widest grin ever.
her eyes shoot up to yours as soon as she recognizes your voice - the same voice that has comforted her through her best and worst, coaxed her into relaxation, and become her safe space.
“Y/N! OH MY GOD,” she practically screams as she throws her arms around your neck, “how are you here right now??”
“do you really think i have enough self control to stay across the country when i could easily be here with you?” you laugh, hands grabbing her waist as you bury your head in her neck and inhale her comforting scent.
“fuck, y/n, i’ve missed you so much, my love,” she says into your hair, placing a delicate kiss there. at this point, the fans around you two had started recording the reunion, along with paige and the rest of nika’s teammates. you wouldn’t hear the end of it tomorrow, but here in each other's embraces, neither of you could care less.
“i missed you too, angel. been waiting so long to see you,” you sigh in content before you pull away to plant a sweet kiss on her forehead, “you did so good out there tonight, i’m so proud of you, nika.”
“thank you, baby,” she smiles genuinely, “probably because you were in the audience.”
“but you didn’t even know i was here,” you giggle.
“yeah whatever,” she responds. she goes in for another hug but is stopped.
“wait! you still need to sign my jersey!” you exclaim, holding up the yellow and green shirt.
“really, y/n?” she deadpans jokingly.
“yes, really. i didn’t come all this way just to not get an autograph from my favorite player,” you wink.
“alright fine,” she says before taking the jersey and splaying it against your upper body to write on. she uncovers the sharpie in her hand using her teeth (an action that definitely did not make your knees buckle) before beginning to sign it. her head is lowered close to your chest for a good thirty seconds while she gets to work but you have no idea what she’s writing. “there, all done.”
she takes the jersey from your grasp and holds it up so you can see it. her note has you shaking your head and smiling immensely.
“to my biggest fan - saw you cheering one day and now wanted to say i love you so much
care to let me show you how much?”
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Jamiroquai - Stillness In Time (1995)
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Horror music composer
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you were tailor made for this era!
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 days
Me and my friends were putting on a spontaneous performance of Ride the Cyclone and I was supposed to sing Noel’s Lament, but I forgot to lyrics and ended up singing Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance instead.
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canmom · 2 days
long but fascinating video. the basic criticism is p much spelled out in the thumbnail there: Western music that labels itself 'Persian', 'Arabic', 'Egyptian' etc or serves as soundtracks for Middle Eastern settings is always a mishmash of wildly geographically separated regional elements that almost exclusively refers back to other Western orientalist music, but passes itself off as the real thing enough that most people have no idea what, say, Iranian music actually sounds like. it's certainly true... but the really interesting part for me is the details: Faraji breaks down the stereotypical elements of that orientalist style (the Armenian duduk, melodies that walk up and down the double harmonic major scale, a certain very specific vocal style) and describes what's missing (e.g. the many more common modes of Iranian music which use microtonal quarter tone steps, the complex ornamented articulations, the specific 'accents' of different regions) and in a fascinating bit, makes a similar mishmash of regions applied to Europe to make a parody 'Scottish' song which honestly kinda slaps. he's also got a pretty good analysis of where this stuff comes from in the affordances of Western instruments and VSTs - it's nearly impossible to play microtonal music on a guitar or piano, and Western musicians don't really learn how to do it
I don't have much to add besides 'interesting video!' but I'll definitely be using this channel a bit in the next big music theory post I'm cooking up (which will mainly be about trying to understand the process of composition). he's got another long video on Iranian music theory too and I'm looking forward to checking it out...
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