st-just · 22 hours
Enjoying some piece of media with a tumblr fandom really does bizarre things to how I relate to it, just because, like - I basically barely have the sort of obsessive fannish instinct on my own? Or I mean, I'll obsess over it as I'm reading/watching/playing and maybe for a bit after. But then I'm on to the next thing, and I'll only really think about it if it's directly brought up or something happens to remind me of it.
Which is to say I basically blame all of you for the fact that I still think about worm like >onece a day on average despite it being a decade fucking old at this point.
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I think Hideo Kojima should make a Fallout game. In think that is something we should let him do. I think that would be fun.
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inthedarktrees · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Julie Newmar
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eefrostpoetry · 2 months
in the midst of my chaos i found solace in you
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Tumblr media
Calliope, Hob, and Dream.
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livstarlight · 4 months
In my personal (impossible) dream scenario nashuri evolves like this.
We start with a tentative alliance in which Wakanda and Talokan don’t trust each other at all, they tolerate each other at best, and just because deep down they know that if they want to survive against the rest of the world they have to work together. They are basically each other’s best (if not only) option.
And Namor and Shuri are the prime example of this. She downright despise having to deal with him, but she still does, for the sake of her people, and probably his too, because she is selfless. But of course that doesn’t mean she has to like it and in fact she never misses the chance of reminding him how much she hates this. How much she hates him. [deep down she doesn’t, she’s annoyed, resentful, but she doesn’t fully hate him]
He is a whole other story. He recognizes the benefits of the alliance, he is of course still blissfully impressed by her, taken even, but he doesn’t share her hopeful point of view. He thinks her naïve in some thing, yet still admiring how despite everything that has happened to her, she still manages to see good in the world. But still, he stays, he cooperates, in his own insufferable manner that drives Shuri mad at every chance. Sometimes (more than some) he does it on purpose just to get a raise out of her.
It’s the alliance, the need to join forces that eventually starts bringing them closer in time, and not just them, their people too. It opens both parties to more and more awareness how alike they are, how they are not completely good or bad either, that there is a shade in between. A bridge that can connect them. Namor and Shuri more than anything.
But of course Shuri would rather choke than admit it, would rather set herself on fire than say she doesn’t just understand Namor. She feels for him. He is less blindsided by it, more aware, but you know how it is, honor and responsability for his people keep him from fully giving in to this, besides it doesn’t help she keeps pushing him away every chance she gets. Especially when they seem to make a little progress. What happened between in them the past, the guilt Shuri feels anytime she allows herself to forget even if just for one moment keep them severely apart.
The vibranium disputes happen. They persevere. They win. All the while denying (Shuri), agonizing (Namor) and still subconciously growing closer.
Then Kang happens.
Shuri has to convince him to join forces with the avengers and the rest of the heroes. A lot of talking, of knocking sense into him, has to happen (because yes, this involves Talokan and Wakanda too, all the multiverse is in danger).
Eventually he relents. But just because of Talokan (and because she asked).
Obviously there is a lot at stake. Their push and pull keeps going strong even in the face of the biggest danger staring right at them in the face. War, danger, possible death. She keeps him close, just to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid, yet at safe distance, to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.
Something snaps when they are both full into deep. Conflict is around them, they could die at any moment. And that’s when Shuri realizes that she has lost sight of him. Doesn’t know where he is or if he is alright. That she probably should have said something sooner, and she doesn’t know if she will even be able to because who knows if they are both going to survive this. She should have been smarter, learned from experience. That life is short. 
She finds him eventually. They find each other. They both survive. [She still doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t either, but he doesn’t even need to. It has been written all over his face for so long it might has well been there since a particular conversation that involved a tour, a cave and a old bracelet]
It’s the aftermath that helps.
When there is nothing to fight anymore (for now), nothing to hide behind, when everything falls apart. When Shuri lets herself falls apart and accepts it. Him. Because you don’t know how much you have, how important people are to you, how much you love them, until it’s too late. Or you lose them. And truth is she doesn’t wanna lose him.
And the feathered serpent god finally realizes that maybe he has some love for some things on the surface world after all.
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hedgehogoftime · 4 months
Denji Chainsaw Man and Bocchi the Rock are both seventeen and I personally think it would be very funny if they both went to school together.
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rpdepartment · 3 months
i ' m
e x i s t i n g 
o u t
o f
s p i t e
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disquiet-doll · 3 days
people who still use "fujoshi" to mean "women who like anime boys in any capacity" (if not just "women in general") are very funny to me
looking at an ad for a gacha featuring a bunch of anime boys and going "ah yes, this is targeted exclusively toward women who want to ship them. no other possible reason."
(which is of course not actually what they mean when they say "targeted toward fujoshi", they just mean "straight women", but
they're the ones using the word wrong, so I will laugh)
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ghostofwhitestone · 5 months
The people of Whitestone do not ever follow the names of the slain de Rolos and other revolutionaries with “may they rest in peace.”
That’s not what they wish, after all. You see, they desire something much simpler.
There was darkness in Whitestone for longer than anyone could bear. Their nightmare came in the form of a creature of the night, his wife and her minions, and the darkness they brought with them carried more fear than they could know.
Even the darkness of rest felt like a curse.
So they didn’t wish them to rest in peace.
Instead, when a citizen of Whitestone mentions one of the fallen, they say one simple phrase.
“May they look upon the sunset.”
Not a wish to sleep in darkness.
A wish to reflect on light. To earn a peace the Briarwoods could never steal.
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autumnslance · 5 months
As I said earlier on the Bird app:
Actually I can’t blame FF14 devs for all the “modern” glamours. We know despite the rules they do see modded screenshots and how much of those are ultra-modern streetwear, party clothes, and otherwise leaning more toward technofantasy than medieval. So they design what it seems is wanted.
And it’s not like the entire Final Fantasy series doesn’t mix SciFi and Fantasy as it is; look at the designs and outfits for iconic party members and NPCs from other games in the franchise, and there’s often a very “modern” look anyway, so why not design glams that fall into the same vein.
I’d love more traditionally fantasy fashions myself. Glamours inspired by older time periods around the world to reflect the various inspirations for the game’s regions and settings. But given the franchise history and what I see most often in modded screenshots, it’s no surprise we’re not getting that.
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st-just · 23 days
Say what you will about the politics of A Song of Ice and Fire, 'a feudal army marching through the countryside doesn't become any less horrific, abuse-filled and starvation-causing for the local peasantry just because they're the Good Guys' is really a point that like 90% of epic fantasy that's trying have any sort of serious/coherent morality could stand to learn.
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People like to romanticize the relationship between Zelda and Link in a whole “destined reincarnated soulmates” kind of way, but am I the only one who thinks it would be more interesting if Link didn’t love Zelda?
Like, think of it. Hylia is a Goddess, basically Hylian Jesus, and she loves this mortal man. A hero who stepped forward to defeat a Devil in the world’s hour of greatest need. But, he didn’t do it for her, he did it for the World. Even when he binds his soul to the Triforce, locking himself in an endless pattern of reincarnation with her against the Devil Demise, it’s not because he loves her. He loves Hyrule and its people.
But that’s okay, maybe in the next life they can be?
But it isn’t. Over and over, Hylia becoming Zelda, Link doesn’t love her. He loves Hyrule. He loves to dance to its music and ride its fields and wants to preserve it against the threat of Demise. He loves different women each time, and sometimes it is Hylia’s reincarnation, but they’re never the core of his heart.
It’s always Hyrule that he loves. From it’s savage and arid deserts to the cold and harsh tundra, he loves it, and steps forward to save it each time.
Duty, he calls it. Responsibility and Purpose, but Hylia/Zelda knows the truth. He’ll never love her the way she wants him to.
Hyrule will always be Link’s first and greatest love.
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elaectrahrt · 1 year
                    go on.                         UNDERESTIMATE ME.
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rpmemesiwanttosee · 9 months
I did meet some of the most insufferable people. But, they also met me.
Shane Madej
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misty-caligula · 26 days
Shauna refuses to connect to Bruce, and she’s so caught up in her own fear of doing so that she leaves him to his own devices and he escapes, unsupervised and alone. There’s something there about Callie, really, that Shauna’s refusal to connect with her doesn’t protect her, only leaves her more vulnerable, and Shauna’s like setting her up to fail, making a self-fulfilling prophecy that she’ll lose her.
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