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Fast sketch because she’s gorgeous
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Was in the mood to sketch up my favorite Marvel villains
Earth-911b Sabretooth and Mystique colored.
For context I imagined around the lines of Sabretooth and Mystique damaging some Elite Antimutant Soldier and them finding where they were hiding from them after that.
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He's just so spicy. Step aside Rogue, W.Y.D is hungry for Cajun.
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Double-Mutated Mikey
Chapter 26: Imposter Syndrome
Continued from the short story written by @boots-with-the-fur-club
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"Wait, back up, so who is Bishop?" Leo asks.
Casey sighs with exasperation as he repeats himself for the third time.
"I told you, he was a commander in the resistance! He helped to lead so many refugees to the base, and even helped to lead it before you and your brothers took over. He was a good man, great instincts, manned several stations when you were absent... He's a war hero!"
"No no, I get that, I mean, who is he now? Why are you freaking out?"
Casey shakes his head.
"Oh, right, right! He approached me at the pizza restaurant, he gave me his number -- he works for the EPF --"
The room erupts into multiple people shouting and yelling, and Mikey whimpering and hiding behind Raphael's legs.
"Everybody, QUIET!!" Leo bellows, commanding silence.
For a moment, Casey can see the leader of the resistance standing in the room again...
"Okay, Case... what happened? He approached you, and...?"
"He offered to help," Casey says with a shrug.
"Help?!" Donnie yells. "The EPF?! I highly doubt it!"
"He showed me that they had some security footage of me," he admits. "And of... Leo and Mikey."
"What?" Leo asks nervously. "How?"
"They caught you on camera when you went to the tunnels looking for Mikey, I think," Casey explains. "He only showed me a pic... but it was you. You even made a portal on camera."
"Great," Leo sighs. "There goes my secret identity..."
"What do we do?" April asks. She'd arrived some time before Casey with some extra drawing supplies for Mikey. "Do we trust him? I mean, we shouldn't, right? They're the bad guys?"
"I don't think Bishop is, though," Casey protests. "He was a respected member of the resistance in the future -- I mean, alternate timeline... and I think he genuinely wants to help us."
"How can you be so sure?" Raph asks, reaching down to pet Mikey's head to calm him; the poor kid is trembling.
"He told me that Mikey has a tracker imbedded under the skin," Casey informs. "Why would he tell us that if he didn't want to help?"
"A tracker?" Dee exclaims, disgusted. "Impossible! My tech would have picked up any --"
"Dee, just check him. He hasn't been in the lab for days, how would you have known?" Leo says.
Donnie grumbles and goes to look Mikey over with his goggles. Mikey flinches under his gaze.
"What else did Bishop say?" Leo asks, looking back to Casey.
"He said that we needed to leave. They know where we are --"
"I could have told you that, I've been fending off their drones relentlessly," Donnie growls.
"He said they wouldn't give up. He said that they would use drills if they had to."
"Drill?" Mikey asks, turning to Donnie. Isn't... Doesn't Donnie use drills?
Wait... how does he know that?
A vague recollection of Donnie pressing buttons on his wrist tech and giant corkscrew machines erupting from the ground flutter into Mikey's mind. For a moment, Mikey is dumbfounded. Did he just... remember?
"Waaaaaaait a moment, what's this?" Donnie says suddenly, pressing his hand against Mikey's shell and lifting the scutes up. In the soft underbody beneath the armor, Donnie reaches down and touches a spot besides Mikey's spine. "I think I may have found it... aha, there it is. A foreign subdermal tracker."
Donnie pauses, looking for something.
"...But... just the one...?"
Mikey feels Donnie's hands curl into fists. He turns to look at him.
"They took it out," he growls, low and guttural and deeply furious. "They took away my tracker."
"What?" Raph asks. "Dee, it's just a tracker, you can make more--"
"That's not -- you don't get it, I'm not --" Donnie stammers before grumbling and smacking his fist against the floor. "They took away my protection for Mikey. I put that there so I'd never have to worry about him -- about any of you -- and they took that from him. From ME. They took away my security for him, and --"
Donnie growls angrily, unable to communicate any further. Mikey chirps at him softly. Donnie doesn't respond, he simply mutters furiously at himself. Mikey climbs onto Dee's lap and hugs him, his tail wrapping around him for security. He rests his throat against Dee, creating rumbling purrs that he can feel. The vibrations ground Donnie, he stops, calms, hugs Mikey back.
"Sorry," he says, sniffling. "I didn't mean to lose focus. I just... it makes me so mad... they took everything from you... from us."
"S'okay," Mikey rumbles. "Donnie do good."
Dee smiles.
"Thanks, Michael. Okay, so back to the matter at hand... I need to remove and destroy that tracker!"
While Donnie has Mikey in his hold, he creates a small device with his ninpo. It looks like a miniaturized pressure gun, but with some extra doodads attached to it. Dee slides the device up under the scutes, presses it to where the tracker is, and pulls the trigger. Mikey yipes from the small pain, but the tracker is pulled out almost instantly, stored in a tiny glowing purple jar. As the old tracker is removed, it is replaced with a new, sleek and slender, bright purple tracker.
With the press of a button, lavender sparks fill the tiny ninpo jar and disintegrate the EPF tracker.
"All done," he says, releasing Mikey. "Thank you, Angelo."
Mikey grumbles to himself as he scoots away.
"Alrighty then, so the tracker is gone, what do we do now? Where are we supposed to go that the EPF wouldn't know about?" April asks.
Splinter suddenly snaps his fingers.
"The Hidden City! I'm sure I could persuade Big Mama to make some allowances for us and --"
"Why not just stay with Draxum?" Donnie interjects. "He's been asking for help to fix his old lab, anyway."
"Fine, I guess we could go there," Splinter grumbles.
"So, we're going on a vacay!" April cheers. "I can't wait to visit witch town again --"
"If they'll let you in after last time," Donnie chuckles.
"You know that whole thing was your fault, Dee."
"That does not sound like me."
"Anyways, let's all get to packing. Dontron, you call Barry and see if he can take us in immediately," Leo directs. "The rest of us will get to packing. Only essentials, guys. This isn't exactly a vacation, but we have no idea how long we'll have to stay in the Hidden City. Bring what you think you'll need for an extended stay."
The group disassembles quickly, each one going in a different direction.
Mikey isn't sure who to follow. At the last second, he chooses April, trotting a few feet behind her as she makes her way to the kitchen. She pulls out a cooler before opening the fridge. Mikey takes an extra step back.
"What you doing?" Mikey asks.
"Packing some snacks," she replies. "I kinda doubt Drax has any human food at his place, so I'm just bringing what I can."
"You come with us?" he asks, tilting his head.
"Yeah! Of course!" she says with a smile. "I mean, I can't stay the whole time, I still have classes and stuff -- but I'll hang with you guys for as long as I can. You're important to me, Mikey!"
Mikey hums. His tail wags softly, but he purses his lips as he tries to understand.
You're important to me, Mikey.
April pauses, flinching at the question. She turns to face him, her expression concerned and maybe even a little hurt.
"What do you mean, 'why'? Because I love you, silly! You... you do know that, right?"
Huh. Mikey kind of did... he felt her kindness when he first met her. She cried for him. He knows she likes him very much, like his brothers do. They all love him.
"So, then why do you wonder why you'd be important to me if you know I love you?"
"What did I do to make you love me?" he wonders.
April sucks in a breath.
"Mikey, you didn't do anything to make me love you. I just... you're my brother. Of course I love you, regardless of what you do. You don't have to earn my love, it's yours! That's why you're important to me."
Mikey hums, pouting in confusion. It doesn't equate, it doesn't make sense. Shouldn't he do something? A test, an exercise or experiment, something to help her or prove his worth to her? She barely knows him, he barely knows her. Nothing about how they're treating him makes much sense. Especially compared to the labs. He had to earn everything there, he had to earn his own life most days.
"...What is your name again?"
"April," she replies sadly.
"April. April. April. Okay... Can Mikey -- can I ask another question?"
"Sure," she says with a kind smile.
"If you're my sister, then why don't you live with us or look like my brothers?"
April's expression looks shocked. Her mouth opens and closes, trying to find the right words...
"Hey, guys! I was wondering where you'd gotten to," Leo says as he enters the kitchen, interrupting and effectively ending the conversation between the two. "Whatchya doin'?"
"I-I was packing some snacks for us," April stammers, "when Mikey came in and-- huh?"
April looks around the room, suddenly noticing the strange lack of Mikey.
"Where'd he go?"
Mikey left the kitchen as soon as Leo came in. The soft limp and new bandages wrapped around his leg and neck made him feel sick to his stomach with guilt.
So he crept away while Leo was busy with April. Mikey sniffs the air, trying to find a scent of his brothers. Casey and Donnie are in the labs. Raph is in his room. Splinter is in his bedroom. Splinter is closest.
Mikey trots off to find his father. He hasn't spent a lot of time with him.
Mikey pokes his head through the sliding paper door, and spies Splinter holding a thick and heavy book. He smiles fondly at the pages. His ear twitches, and he turns to look at Mikey.
"Ah, Orange! Come in, my son."
Mikey hops in, sitting himself beside his father. He likes when Splinter calls him 'Orange', like the fruit. Sweet and simple. It makes him think maybe he can be as sweet as that... though he's not sure how he earned the nickname. He hopes he can live up to it.
"I was just packing up a few things, and found this scrapbook! Look at how young you all were..."
Mikey peers over the page and stares at the photos. They are such tiny babies... Leo and Donnie are in teacups getting bathed with a toothbrush. Raph is eating a strawberry twice the size of his head. Mikey is sleeping on a sponge.
April's not there. Neither is Casey. But, aren't they family...?
Splinter turns the page before Mikey can finish his train of thought. The next page has images of them all as toddlers. Splinter smiling in front of a lemonade stand run by Leo, with Raph crushing lemons into a bin behind them. Donnie is fiddling with a wrench and a toaster. Mikey is painting.
Huh. He looks so different.
Well, they all look a little different. Leo's stripes aren't as big or noticeable, Raph's tail isn't as long and spiky, and his scales aren't pointed. He doesn't have the hole or the chip in his shell and plastron. Donnie's head looks too big for his body.
But Mikey is so much more different. He traces his finger across the photo.
Splinter turns the page again.
Mikey gasps when he sees the next picture.
It's all of them together. Splinter, his brothers, April, and... and...
Is that Mikey?
Is that what he looks like?
Looked like...
Mikey leans into the page, his beak bumping against the paper as he sniffs it, hoping in vain that he can smell himself to prove that the child in that photo... is him.
Where is the tail?
Where are the claws?
The teeth are small and non-threatening. There's a gap in the upper jaw.
His skin is lighter, less spots. His shell is perfectly intact and whole, the patterns on it are bright and brilliant and beautiful. Nothing like the dull and scratched-out marks on his...
Mikey looks like his brothers. But not anymore... he had no idea...
"Orange? What is wrong, dear boy?"
Mikey is no dear boy. That title belongs to the kid in the photo. Not him. Not this monster.
Mikey slinks away from the photo and runs out of the room. He passes Leo in the halls.
"Whoah -- hey! Mikey, slow down, where are you--?"
Mikey doesn't slow down. He runs away and hides in Raph's room. Raphael jumps and shouts in surprise as Mikey hops up onto his bed and curls under the sheets.
"Aiiee! Mikey? What are you--"
He stops when he hears Mikey crying.
"Mikey? Big man? You okay?"
Mikey shakes his head no.
"Aw. Well, do you want me to sit with you?"
Mikey thinks it over. He lifts his arm, signaling for Raph to climb into the blanket with him. He sets down the box and sits on the bed, wrapping the sheet over his shoulder. The height difference between the two of them makes the blanket drape like a tent over Mikey.
"Wanna talk about it?"
Mikey shakes his head no. Talking about it will reveal how Mikey is lost. He couldn't even remember what he looked like! How is Raph supposed to love him when he finds out he isn't Mikey anymore?
He doesn't care what April said. He HAS to earn it. If he isn't their Mikey anymore... then whatever they think he did before doesn't apply. He has to start over with them, get their affections back for this new Mikey that they have. But... if that's the case, then he's off to a really rough start.
"It'll be okay," Raph promises. "You'll lick this."
Raph pats Mikey's shoulder, trying to comfort him. Mikey sighs.
This feels... familiar...
Mikey sits with his brother, rubbing his shoulder softly. Raph whimpers under the blanket, crying.
"Dude, it's not that big of a deal."
Raph peeks out from under his pillows at Mikey and whines.
"B-but your face..."
"It's just a bruise!" Mikey says, smiling brightly at Raph. His round face is slightly rounder, one of his cheeks is puffy and black and blue. Mikey had come in to wake him for breakfast and Raph had freaked out, forgetting he was home and smacked his baby brother in the face as he flailed awake.
Raph whimpers again, reaching out and cupping Mikey's swollen cheek.
"It looks so baaaaaad..."
"I'll be fiiiiiine," Mikey assures him. "It's all okay!"
"B-but I--"
"Raph." Mikey says sternly. "I scared you. You reacted. It happens. Do you know how many times I've been smacked by Donnie when I try to wake him up? And have you seen how many times I've kicked Leo in the face when he tries to get me to go to bed earlier?"
"This is different!"
"You're right, this time it was an accident, and not on purpose."
Raph sighs.
"You know what I mean. I can't... I don't want to be like this."
Raph subconsciously starts to scratch at his eyepatch again. His eye is still injured and slightly irritated, and he knows it will only get worse the more he scratches at it, but he can't help it. He's the protector of the family, the biggest and oldest and arguably the strongest... though, Donnie can carry them all with his hover shell, and Leo can block a mutant's punch without even flinching, and Mikey can flip a whole building. He isn't supposed to be this frail, fragile, frightened mutant ninja turtle.
Mikey's expression falls. His gaze softens. He scoots in closer, taking Raph's hand in his as rests his head on top of Raph's.
"You won't be like this. It WILL get better."
"How do you know?" Raph asks nervously.
"Because I know you. You'll lick this, like you lick everything. Nothing is too tough for my big brother."
Raph sighs with a chuckle.
"Some big brother I am, having to rely on my little brother to help me get outta my head..."
"Even big brothers need to take a break and get some sense knocked into 'em," Mikey jokes, smacking Raph upside the head playfully.
"Haha!" Mikey jeers, jumping up and pulling Raph along the with him. "Now come on, let's go make brekkies! I'll do your favourite -- chocolate chip pancakes!"
Raph smiles, following his baby brother out the door...
Mikey comes back to reality and turns to look at Raph.
"You zoned out on Raph. You all good, big man?"
Mikey doesn't say anything. He reaches up and touches the area around Raph's injured eye. Raph smiles, and takes his claw in his gentle giant hands.
"...Lick this," Mikey echoes. "Y-you won't be like this. It WILL get better."
Mikey stares up at Raph, who looks like he might start crying.
"...It will get better for Mikey, too?"
Raph nods with a smile.
"Absolutely, big man. It will get better."
Raph hugs Mikey tightly before going back to packing.
"Hey, wanna help Raph pick out which plushies should go with us to Draxum's?"
Mikey chirps in agreement, hopping down from the bed and shuffling through the stuffed animals and plush dolls. The two organize the collection for a few minutes before Leo pokes his head in.
"Hey Raph, have you seen --"
Mikey jumps into the pile and hides.
"-- Mikey. Uh, what is going on?"
"We're choosing which stuffed animals go with us," Raph explains.
"But why is he in the pile now?"
"I'm, uh... not entirely sure."
Leo approaches the pile cautiously. Mikey's tail is still hanging out. Leo taps it.
"Hey, Mikey --"
Mikey bursts out of the pile of stuffies and runs away again.
He's not ready to talk to Leo yet.
Instead, he runs into the skate room and scurries up into the jungle gym Donnie made for him. He hides in the tube, waiting to see if Leo will come after him again…
Maybe if Mikey is quiet, Leo won’t find him… but, he sorta does want Leo to find him.
It’s hard to explain, and hard to understand. It’s the same as when he left the lair and got scolded by Leo. He wants the scolding, the anger, the unpleasantness to be done with so he can hurry up and feel better. But it's not Leo that's angry with Mikey... Mikey is the only one angry with Mikey. So, he's not sure what to do.
Twenty minutes go by before Leo finally makes his way into the rec room.
“Mikey?” he calls out.
Mikey unintentionally makes a despondent chirr. It’s quiet and soft, but he thinks maybe Leo heard him.
His theory is confirmed when he hears Leo walk directly underneath the structure he is hiding in and call up to him again.
“Mikey, come down from there. We have to leave soon, and I need to know what stuff of yours we gotta pack!”
Mikey doesn’t budge.
“Mikey, what is going on? Why are you avoiding me?”
Mikey doesn’t say anything. His tail twitches.
“Are you gonna come down?”
“Mm-mmngh,” Mikey mumbles, shaking his head despite the fact that Leo can’t see his head.
“…Fine then. I’m coming up!”
Mikey jolts, sitting upright and watching in surprise as Leo grabs hold of the rope and starts climbing. It’s not quite so easy on his leg, and Mikey suddenly feels bad for making him come up. But Leo isn't one to be deterred, and pulls himself up to wriggle through the tube tunnel. He smiles at Mikey, who crouches and slinks away from him sadly.
“Mikey, don’t run away again, I just got up here!” Leo gripes, crawling towards his brother.
Mikey whines, shrinking into himself. His tail wraps around him. Mikey taps the floor of the tube sadly. He won't run again... if only because it might hurt Leo's injuries.
Leo sighs with relief as he crawls closer.
“So what’s up? I mean, besides us right now,” he jokes.
He hopes it will lighten the mood. Mikey makes a half smile, but turns his face away from Leo.
“Mikey? What’s wrong? Do you not want to leave the lair or something?”
‘Not that,’ Mikey signs.
Leo’s smile falls when he sees Mikey isn’t talking at all. That’s not a good sign.
“Then what is it?” he asks. “Why do you keep running from me—“
The words stop in his mouth. His eyes widen. He’s figured it out.
“…Oh. You’re scared… of… me? Or of hurting me again?”
Mikey nods.
‘Leo going to be mad. Mikey… scared. Mikey hurt Leo, Mikey monster.’
“You’re not a monster, Mikey. We talked about this last night, and I already told you I’m not mad!”
“But I am!” Mikey snaps back loudly, tears in his eyes. “And I want you to be mad at me! It doesn't make sense, I don’t get why you won’t be mad at me!!”
“Because I already forgave you for what happened! It was an honest accident and —“
“But it wasn’t! I did that myself!! It wasn't Instinct, it wasn't sleepwalking, or whatever else could happen! I knew what I was doing, I knew I was g-going to hurt s-someone, and I didn't care who, a-and I-- I--!”
“But not me. You wouldn’t hurt me.”
“But I did—“
Leo's tone is stern, severe, strong. Not angry, but maybe a bit irritated. Leo reaches forward, and Mikey flinches, eyes squeezing shut and muscles tensing. He waits for whatever Leo will do. He waits for the punishment.
Mikey feels a pat against his cheek. A soft slap. It doesn’t hurt, but it does surprise him.
He opens his eyes and stares at Leo, brow folding in confusion.
“There. We’re even.”
“I hit you back. We’re even. So you don’t have to be so upset about it anymore. I’m not mad, so you don’t have to be mad either.”
“B-but… that's it? That can't be it! What if I hurt you again?”
“I don’t think you will. Do you think you will?” Leo asks with concern.
“I… I don’t want to! But what if I can’t control it?” Mikey asks, digging his nails into the tube. “What if Instinct lashes out? What if I can’t keep myself from attacking someone again?? What if I really am a monster —“
Leo takes Mikey’s hands.
“Mikey… I won’t let that happen. You cannot ever convince me that you are a monster. Not ever. I don’t care what they did to you in there, I don’t care what bull-crap they made you believe about needing to earn things and what your worth is, but none of that is true. You mean everything to me, and I don’t care how many times I have to say it to you. I’ll say it every day if I need to! Mikey, we love you no matter what, no matter the mistakes or mess-ups or whatever else happens. We love you. And we want you to love yourself just as much as we do, so whatever I have to do to show you the real worth you have, the real value that we see in you, I'll do it. Because Mikey, you're worth -- you are worth --"
Leo hyperventilates, trying to catch his breath and force the words out.
"-- You are worth everything to me. I'd sacrifice anything and everything for you... I-I'd even go back to the P-P-Prison D-Dimension for you!"
Mikey stares at Leo, terrified. He has no idea what the Prison Dimension is, but from how white Leo's face went when he mentioned it, Mikey is certain that the 'Prison Dimension' is his version of the labs.
Leo is shaking. Mikey reaches over to take his hand --
It's been one of those days again... Leo is having a hard time recovering, and hasn't spoken a word at all. He made tons of jokes on Staten Island, and he talked up a blue streak in the tank with everyone on the drive home, but... once he got home... he went silent.
Some days (usually the days when he's high off of painkillers) he'll goof and laugh and joke and converse to no end. But they can see the mask, Mikey can tell Leo is secretly terrified about everything that happened. Simply because he won't talk at all about the invasion. He won't even recognize Casey as a part of the room. He just pretends it never happened.
But most days (like today) Leo sits in his bed in the medbay and stares off into space.
Mikey likes to come in and talk with him while he's being quiet but present. If Leo won't say anything, Mikey can say enough for the both of them.
And that's what he's doing now. Mikey just spent the past hour talking about a new Lou Jitsu reboot prequel television series he heard about. It looks cool, but of course will never match up to the real deal. He mentioned what Barry was up to during the invasion. He talked about what toppings they should get for Casey's first pizza once Leo is out and walking again...
But Leo seemed to not respond to anything, so Mikey figured he was dissociated. Mikey sits in the quiet, twiddling his tremoring hands.
"...I tried cooking again today," Mikey offers quietly. "I-I burned the eggs. Remember when I kept burning the food when you tried to teach me how to cook for myself? I burned everything in the kitchen! Heck, I almost burned the whole kitchen down!"
Mikey laughs to himself at the memory. It's a shaky laugh, and it turns into soft whimpering cries as he tries to maintain the positive facade.
"I g-guess my hands still aren't r-ready to do that yet."
Mikey's breathing speeds up.
"I tried to d-draw again, too. But the pencils -- my hands won't stay still. I keep sh-shaking. I keep, I keep --"
Mikey gasps for breath as he fights to keep the tears from escaping.
"I-I tried using my chucks. I hit myself in the face. I tried t-to paint, to do r-razzmatazz, I, I-I tried making a sandwich! I couldn't do--do it, I can't, c-can't --"
Leo takes Mikey's hand in his.
Mikey turns to look at his brother in shock. He wasn't sure Leo even knew he was in the medbay with him. But here he is, fully lucid and watching Mikey with concern.
"I-I'm sorry," Mikey blurts out. "I didn't mean to dump all that on you -- I shouldn't have said all that, you need your rest and to not worry about me, I'm fine , I just -- I thought you -- I mean, I just wanted to vent, but I -- You don't need to know --"
Leo pulls Mikey's hands closer and looks them over. The bandages cover over all the scarring that the mystic mishap caused. He smiles weakly, before choking out a quick sentence.
"Th-thank you for... opening the portal."
Mikey's eyes sting with tears. A lump forms in his throat. Leo hasn't spoken in so long, and... He looks up at Mikey, eyes welling up with tears. Leo starts to cry, sucking in deep breaths.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry you had to do that for me..."
Mikey throws himself across Leo, wrapping him in a hug despite the injury to his ribs and arms and legs and... well, to his whole body.
"Leo, I would do it again and again and again and again and again and --"
Mikey loses the plot and just weeps over Leo. Leo weeps right back into him. The two are a sobby, teary-eyed, bleary-eyed mess of martyrs.
"I don't care about my hands, I don't care about the cooking or the art or anything else, I'm just so so so so so so so glad that you came home!" Mikey yells through the tears. "I can handle waiting on my hands to get better! Please don't think that I'm -- don't think that you don't mean more to me than all those things, you mean everything to me! I really would open up a portal to the -- to that place again! I just want you to be okay!"
Mikey sobs, his tears so loud that he can't hear anything other than his own pathetic blubbers.
"...I love you so much, Mikey," Leo snivels quietly. "I'm sorry... I love you... Thank you... I know what you gave up for me... thank you... thank you... thank... I didn't deserve that... you shouldn't have had to... but you did... f-for me....."
"Of course, Leo," Mikey whimpers. "You're more than worth it, and you deserve every good thing. You didn't deserve to go through the pain you've endured, you didn't deserve to get hurt and scared, you didn't deserve to be trapped in a heckscape with an evil alien warlord. But for every day of the rest of my life, I will make sure you get all the love you deserve, and it will still never be enough..."
Mikey squeezes Leo tighter. He can't let him go. He won't ever let him go. Never again.
The two suddenly feel more arms around them, as Raph and Donnie appear out of nowhere and pile on the cry-fest hug party.
Mikey stares wide-eyed at Leo's hand in his. He slowly looks up at him.
Leo smiles, tears in his eyes.
Mikey is starting to see his worth now... he did something... something that cost his hands for a while. Something that saved Leo from the Prison Dimension. Whatever that is.
Mikey swallows slowly, and looks back down at his hands.
They are not the same ones that saved Leo. They are the ones that hurt him.
You cannot ever convince me that you are a monster. Not ever. I don’t care what they did to you in there, I don’t care what bull they made you believe about needing to earn things and what your worth is, but none of that is true.
Don't think that you don't mean more to me than all those things, you mean everything to me! I really would open up a portal to the -- to that place again! I just want you to be okay!
You mean everything to me, and I don’t care how many times I have to say it to you. I’ll say it every day if I need to!
Because Mikey, you're worth everything to me. I'd sacrifice anything and everything for you... I'd even go back to the Prison Dimension for you!
Mikey starts crying again.
He crawls forwards and wraps his arms around Leo, sobbing into his shoulder.
"D-don't leave me," he begs quietly. "I don't want to lose you."
"O-okay," Leo whispers back, patting Mikey's shell. "You won't..."
"Please don't leave me..." Mikey repeats. "Don’t go away from me, Leo… I can’t lose you…..”
"Mikey, what are you talking about?" Leo asks, stroking his shell. "I'm not going anywhere, I was just --"
"Leo, please," Mikey begs. "Just promise me. Promise me, that... no matter what... I won't lose you."
Leo holds Mikey stiffly. He's not sure what Mikey is getting at, but...
"I promise you, Mikey. I won't leave, and you'll never lose me."
Mikey rubs his face deeper into Leo's shoulders.
"I'm so sorry, Leo... for hurting you..."
Leo shushes him and squeezes him tight.
"It's over and dealt with. We don't need to worry over it anymore, right?"
Mikey nods slowly.
"Good. Now, can we get down from here? I'm starting to get claustrophobic!" He laughs. "But seriously though, it's too tight for me."
"We're telling him."
"I thought we agreed that was a bad idea?" Donnie argues.
"I said it was a tough discussion to bring up," Leo retorts. "But I think he needs to know what's going on about the anti-mutagen hitch. And I also think we should tell him about the rest..."
"The rest?" Raph asks timidly.
"His contributors to his mutant DNA," Leo clarifies. "We said we wouldn't talk about it at the time, mostly due to the fact that he was mutated using Krang DNA. But I'm thinking that..."
Leo looks over at Donnie anxiously.
"...Since you don't, uh... well... y'know. Since it doesn’t look like Mikey will be getting un-mutated anytime soon, I think he deserves to know."
The trio are silent as they stand in Donnie's room.
"I don't know, Leo," Raph sighs. "Wouldn't that just... make it worse?"
"Maybe it'll add to whatever he's dealing with, maybe not," Leo says with a shrug. "I don't think he understands what the Krang are yet. I mentioned the Prison Dimension and he didn't even bat an eye!"
"But... I... don't want to tell him," Donnie squirms. "I don't want him to know I failed..."
"Well, obviously we won't phrase it like that!" Leo says, balancing on his heels as he leans back and forth with his hands on his hips. "But he deserves to know how his condition is going to progress, Dee."
Donnie sighs and clutches his bow staff. Raph pulls him close into a side hug.
"We're telling him everything. There's no point in keeping secrets from him," Raph agrees. "I'm just worried how it's gonna affect his mental health stuffs."
"However it affects him, we'll be there to help him get through it. And, uh, there is something else, too..."
"What now?" Donnie sighs. He doesn't mean to gripe, but he's just so tired of all these problems that afflict Mikey that he can't fix or solve straightaway.
"I spoke with April and Dad. I think... there might be something Mikey hasn't told us about his memory problems."
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Omega Level Mother Energy ⚡️
#XMen97 #Storm
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trying to sketch out this fish man design
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I've been getting into X-Men lately! Or, well. One specific X-Man.
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Back to back with my recent Storm piece and the older piece. Nearly 11 years difference!!
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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan X-Men (2000) X2: X-Men United (2003) X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) X-Men: First Class (2011) The Wolverine (2013) X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Logan (2017) Deadpool & Wolverine (2024)
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@squidinu drew my mutant chimera enjoying a lovely beverage. I call him Hodge :>
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'Dune: Part Two' by Matt Taylor.
Officially licensed 24" x 36" screen print, in a numbered TIMED Release (Sepia) edition for $70; and a numbered Variant (Orange) edition of 315 for $85.
On sale now until Monday March 4 at 12pm CT through Mutant.
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Jubilee by Vincenzo Riccardi
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Double-Mutated Mikey
Chapter 27: Ecology
Continued from the short story written by @boots-with-the-fur-club
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Casey is helping Mikey to pack essentials.
Mikey nods.
Mikey nods.
"Any clothes?"
Mikey stops mid-nod.
Huh. He actually hadn't thought about that...
Mikey looks down at his bare self. Casey wears clothes, April wears clothes, Drrrrrrrrraxum (he forgot his name for a sec) wears clothes, even Splinter wears clothes! His brothers wear clothes, to some extent. Sometimes they wear sweaters or hoodies or shirts, but mostly they wear things like masks and belts and gloves or wrappings over their arms. Mikey doesn't wear anything at all.
"Mmm, yes, pack clothes. Wwwwwhat, uh... what should Mikey -- I, what should I pack?"
"Well, in case it gets cold, maybe a sweater or something," Casey offers. "Do you wanna look through some of your stuff?"
Mikey nods and creeps next to Casey as he opens up a dresser drawer. It's filled with sweatshirts and jackets and pullovers.
"Which one looks good to you?"
"Mmmmmm.... um, I-I don't know," Mikey mumbles, somewhat overwhelmed by the number of choices.
He didn't think there would be this many clothes to pick from...
Casey sees the slight agitation on Mikey's face.
"Well, we should probably pick one that will keep you warm, so a thicker one is best," he suggests. "And maybe something soft? Oh, and let's look for a bigger size to fit over your shell..."
Casey starts to rummage through the drawer. He pulls out a hoodie with a sun decal and examines it.
"How's this one?" he asks.
"Looks good," Mikey says, sniffing it. It smells kind of like him! A little different than he smells now, but still similar... "W-will it ffffit?"
"Let's try," Casey replies, spreading it open and helping to direct Mikey's head and arms into the corresponding holes.
It's a big size, and Mikey vanishes in the hood. His talons are hidden by the sleeves, he flaps them around with a giggle. It's a surprisingly big hoodie, and Mikey wonders why he ever got something so huge. He doesn't recall that it was a gift for Raph but he'd outgrown it quickly, and gave it to the sunniest brother in the group.
"I like this one," Mikey chirps gleefully. "Can I keep it on?"
"Sure," Casey smiles. "It's yours anyway. We should find a few more to pack, though..."
"Big one!" Mikey requests. "Like this big!"
"Uh, well, I think that might be the biggest hoodie you have... Raphael might have a few we can borrow. I'll find some extras of yours to pack, though... while I do that, why don't you go get your blankets and pillows ready?"
Mikey chirps and crawls over to his bed -- whoop!
Mikey trips on his sleeve and crashes.
"Mikey! You okay?"
"Mm-hmm!" He says quickly, regaining his balance. "All good!"
Mikey shakes himself out and goes again -- whoop!
Mikey tumbles slightly, but catches himself. He tries folding the sleeves up above his wrists, but they fall loose and drape over his knuckles and drag across the floor as he trots. Mikey grumbles softly as he tries to figure this out...
"What's wrong?" Casey asks.
"Mmmngh... can't move right," Mikey groans. "Sleeves too long..."
"Do you need me to cut them or --"
"No, just... hmm. I can't mmmmove. Won't fold up right... can C-C-C-Casey help?"
Casey looks over the situation carefully, coming up with possible solutions.
"Well, if I fold them, they'll probably just fall loose again," he says. "You won't be able to crawl around in that."
"Do I have to take it off?"
"No, but there is another solution."
"Eh?" Mikey perks up. "What to do?"
"Have you tried walking upright?"
Mikey pauses, mouth open. His hands fidget.
"Haven't tried yet.... a l-little nervous..."
"Do you wanna try now? I'll help!" Casey offers, standing up and offering a hand to him. "I'll catch you if you fall."
Mikey swallows nervously. He reaches out for Casey's hand and takes it, careful not to grip him too hard for fear of cutting his skin with his nails. Casey pulls him up, causing Mikey to stumble with a cry.
"I got you, I got you!" he reassures him. "You're okay... Okay, you've got your balance?"
"Mm-hmmmmmmm," Mikey says with a nervous twinge in his voice.
"Alright, so follow my lead, one foot out --"
Casey swings his right leg forwards, taking a small step. Mikey watches as if Casey just jumped fifty buildings in one leap. He shakily lifts his own leg, and follows. He wobbles as he moves, almost losing balance and tipping over, but Casey holds his hand with determination.
Casey then moves his left foot to match. Mikey follows slowly, weakly. His legs shake. It's mostly just the balance that's his issue. The new tail is throwing him off, trying to readjust to the new center of gravity. But Mikey is figuring it out. Casey holds his hand like he's a toddler, walking with him around the room and giving words of affirmation and praise as he starts to pick up the pace. Casey steps further and further away from Mikey the longer they walk, letting him gain confidence in himself and get used to walking alone. The two get distracted from the packing and start roaming the halls. Casey lets go of Mikey's hand --
"No wet go!" Mikey scolds.
He's only a year old, and can barely get his points across, but he's trying. Splinter holds his tiny, stubby hands and uses his own claws to keep him upright as the tiny tot tries walking for the fourth time today, sixteenth time this week, fortieth time this month.
"I won't," Splinter promises with a sigh.
It's only been a year since the mutations, and he's still getting used to walking himself. Every once in a while, his tail will smack him in the leg, he'll forget it's there and think a strange snake got into the lair and try to protect the boys from it before realizing in embarrassment what it actually is. He's getting better with it, though...
Though parenthood is a new challenge he can't say he ever expected. The worry that he may mess up irrevocably without realizing it, the fear that maybe there will be an issue in health that he doesn't know how to solve, and even small things, like the differences in each son and learning curves or gaps.
The rest of the boys are walking. But Mikey is the baby, he's having trouble. He seems to be the 'special' baby, the late bloomer. He can crawl like his brothers do, but not as fast. They all can walk, Raphael can even run by this point! And the others can swim like experts. But Mikey almost drowned in his very first bath. Splinter might be babying him a bit, taking extra caution with him in some aspects... he does it for each baby. He's terrified of Donatello getting hurt because of his soft shell, so he is extra gentle. He's sure that Raphael is never alone because he'll start crying, and he lets him sleep in bed with him at night rather than in the box with the others. Leonardo is an attention hog and cries when he doesn't have the spotlight, so Splinter has to praise him a lot to help him feel validated. And Michelangelo is smaller than the rest, and for whatever reason he can't seem to stay on his feet for very long.
Despite all this, Mikey is determined and optimistic. But he's still nervous, and holds his father's hand with all his might. He fits within Splinter's palm, and Splinter helps to balance the baby boxshell as best he can without knocking him over.
Mikey takes a deep breath and swings his leg out. His foot hits the floor with a loud 'plap', and he swings his other leg out as well.
Splinter holds his hand behind him gently, his youngest son clinging to his fingers. Eventually, he takes the hand behind him away. He slowly leads Mikey around the area, guiding him by moving his finger in certain directions.
"Mikey say no wet go!" the baby shouts again when his father's hand drifts away faster than Mikey can keep up.
"I'm not letting go," Splinter explains. "I'm just moving my hand a little."
"Dada go too fast," Mikey scolds. "Dada no wet go."
"I won't," he promises.
Splinter and Mikey travel all around the room, with the little baby toddling around as best he can. It seems like he might be getting the hang of it!
Mikey trips and tumbles, having been distracted by the memory.
Casey grabs his arm as he reaches out for him, pulling Mikey back up as best he can.
"Whoah! Mikey, you okay?"
"Uh-huh," Mikey mumbles quickly, regaining his footing and holding onto Casey as though his life depended on it. "I'mmmmmm okayyyyy... jus' tripped."
"Okay," Casey says with a smile. "But so far, are you okay? Walking all good?"
"Shaky," Mikey says. "T-r-r-r-ricky... but, okay."
"Great," Casey nods. "It'll be a little difficult at first, but you'll get it!"
"Casey doing good job helping," Mikey says with a chuckle as he takes another step forward. "Thank you..."
"It's no problem," Casey says with a soft chuckle in return. "It's nothing compared to helping Sensei with his physical therapy after he lost his arm..."
"Huh?" Mikey asks in confusion. He's mentioned 'Sensei' before... who is he?
"Oh, n-nothing. Just something that happened in the alternate future..."
"Casey wanna talk about it?" Mikey asks.
Casey looks at Mikey in surprise. Everyone has been avoiding the subject of the future as though hearing more about it will bring about a crazy time curse or something.
But... if Mikey wants to know... what can it hurt?
"Well... okay! See, in the future..."
Casey talks on and on, explaining how Leo had lost his arm and had difficulty getting used to the physical therapy, and Casey helped him to adjust. Casey talks about how Donatello created a prosthetic arm that was equipped with weapons and equipment, and when Casey (who eight years old at the time) wanted one, Donatello made him a special glove fitted with a grappling hook so he could match his Sensei. Casey talks about how Mikey was an inspiration and kept the positivity in the Resistance, using his mystic powers to create all kinds of beautiful magic for the people and immeasurable protections and attacks against the Krang.
Mikey listens to Casey intensely, despite the fact that none of it makes any sense whatsoever to him.
Leo walks out and places his stuff down by the exit. There's a pile growing already, with duffel bags and totes and a few boxes of things that the group will need to occupy themselves. Leo packed several comics for himself, as well as puzzles and games for Mikey so he can exercise his brain. Raph packed up a flurry of stuffed animals, and was also tasked with packing Mikey's memory goop. April finished packing snacks for them to munch on while at Draxum's, and she also took the lead for gathering up Mikey's art supplies, too. Donnie packed an army's worth of purple jackets and hoodies and all of his tech and information on Mikey's double-mutation. He still hasn't given up trying to find a cure, despite knowing that there won't be one. Splinter packed up a few robes, his Lou Jitsu film collection, and as many scrapbooks as he could fit.
Leo notices that -- despite the enormous pile -- there are still a few bags missing.
Specifically orange bags.
Casey was supposed to help Mikey get packed up, but he hasn't seen or heard from either of them for a while. What are they up to?
Leo searches the lair, finding the two walking along one of the halls together. Mikey is standing upright, rather than crouched down on the floor on all fours. He's walking! Actually walking? Leo had been wondering about that, whether or not Mikey could still stand up or not.
He's a little shaky, but he's got the spirit. Mikey looks happy, but not completely confident in himself; he's holding onto CJ like a lifeline, refusing to let go as they roam around the rec room together, arm in arm.
Casey keeps Mikey entertained as they walk, talking on and on about...
Leo stops and feels his head go numb as he hears what Casey Jones Jr. is talking about.
"...And then Sensei grabbed the Krang dog by the leg and threw it at --"
"Hey, guys," Leo says, waving at them. "What's going on in here?"
"Oh, hey Leo!" CJ says with a nervous smile. "I was just helping Mikey try walking again. And, uh, we just started talking, and..."
"Casey is confusing!" Mikey announces proudly, stating it like it's an award or title that Casey earned. "Learning a lot!"
"Learning?" Leo asks.
"Future," Mikey explains. "You have an arm -- uhh.... Casey, what is the word?"
"Yeah, that. Leo gets a cool arm! Like a gift! You lost your old one, so Donnie made you another! Why did you have multiple arms?"
Leo turns and stares at Casey, his eye twitching.
"...It's.... uh.... a long story," Leo manages. "But, um, maybe we can talk about it later."
Casey shrinks a bit, his head goes low and his shoulders slump. Mikey notices the shift in the room, and is about to ask why they're both acting weird when Leo changes the subject.
"So, are you all packed?"
"Oh, uh, n-no, not yet, we kinda got distracted..."
"Well, why don't I help you out real quick?"
Leo pulls the two back into Mikey's room. He has Mikey pick out several more sweatshirts and hoodies to wear while Leo and CJ go to bag up his blankets and pillows.
Mikey listens to them as they whisper; eventually they catch on and sign to each other instead. Mikey watches from his peripherals, trying to not let them realize he's eavesdropping on them. It's tough, they both turn away and he can only catch bits and pieces.
'...why would you tell him...'
'...didn't think... issue... he asked....'
'...he's confused...'
'What do you mean?'
'Memory... doesn't know... aliens...'
'...sorry... didn't know...'
'...don't want to make it more confusing for him...'
'Besides... talked about this...promised to keep it secret...'
'...just wanted someone to talk to...'
'....why should they know... painful... don't want them to hurt...'
'What about my hurt?'
Casey and Leo turn away from Mikey fully. He can't see the rest of their conversation, but by their body language he can tell it's not going well. CJ gets up and storms away. Leo sighs and droops in the corner of the room. Mikey hops over to him and nuzzles his back.
"Leo okay?"
He turns around and fakes a smile at him.
"All good, mi hermano. Just... trying to figure some stuff out with Casey."
"Is Casey okay?"
Leo heaves a sigh.
"...Let's just get you packed up. Do you wanna bring your chucks?"
Leo holds out the sticks he tried to give Mikey a few days ago. Mikey still doesn't understand what they are.
"No," he says with a shrug. "I don't. Unless you want them..."
"No, I don't -- Mikey, they're your weapons!" Leo clarifies. "You use them for your ninpo, remember?"
"What's a ninpo?" Mikey asks as he starts digging through his shirts again.
Leo is silent for a while. Mikey gets nervous that he said something wrong and turns back to look at him. Leo's eyes are wide and his face is shaken. But he blinks and resets, his expression changes to a feeble smile.
"Uh, nevermind. I'll tell ya later..."
Once Mikey's supplies are all compiled, the group meets in the garage.
Leo pulls out his katanas and slashes the air, creating a portal.
"All right everyone, let's go!"
Leo directs the group as though he were directing traffic, each person jumping through with their stuff one at a time. Mikey and Leo are the last two left in the room.
"You ready?"
Mikey nods, slowly pushing himself up and standing with a wobble. Leo takes his hand, and the two step through the portal.
It disorients Mikey more than he expected, and he stumbles after the second step, almost falling over before Leo wraps his arms around him and steadies him again.
"Well well, it's nice to see you finally arrive," Draxum grumbles as he greets Donnie. "Although, I didn't expect you to bring so many guests... I thought you said it was just your family?"
"Yeah, that's me, Mikey, Raph, Leo, Splinter, April, and Casey Jr.," he explains without looking up from his phone. "Oh, and S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N.2.0."
Mikey notices CJ perk up with a smile when his name is mentioned in the list of family members.
But Draxum sighs as he pinches the bridge of his nose.
"I see. I didn't account for that... I'm afraid I don't have enough room for everyone."
"I won't be staying overnight," April offers.
"Still, the addition of the rat and the time traveler was unexpected."
"Well, it's a good thing you have a certified genius to help with construction, then," Donnie says, cracking his knuckles. "S.H.E.L.L.D.O.N., prepare the schematics!"
"On it, dude," the robot says with a laugh as he starts to scan the building.
"You don't honestly think that we can add two extra rooms from scratch by this evening?" Draxum challenges.
"You doubt my skills?"
"In addition to the rest of the renovations? Finishing by tomorrow night would be a miracle," he growls. "We'll have to find somewhere else to house you all until it's finished..."
"Like where?" Raph asks. "Not the Hotel Nexus..."
"Big Mama is not the only hotel proprietor in the Hidden City," Draxum huffs. "I know of a nice resort that could take us in..."
"Wait, resort? Not the one that only takes in people with hair, right?" Leo fidgets, his hands reaching to cover his bald head.
"I do have a membership there," Draxum says. "But there is another one --"
"Not the one across the street!" Leo begs, almost falling to his knees.
"No, of course not. There's more than one, don't worry. I'll call for a coach, and you can stay there until my home is repaired."
Draxum summons a flying cart with a pegasus, and the group fill the trunk with their belongings and climb in. The winged horse brays and jumps into the air, carrying the cart away.
"Not exactly a simurgh ride, but still pretty cool," Leo smirks. "Whaddya think, Mikey?"
Mikey leans over the side of the cart, the wind in his face and the underworld beneath him. It's so pretty, incredibly bright and colorful! For so long, all he knew was white coats and grey tiles and pitch black machines...
Mikey hoots as the cart flies. He loves this! Raph reaches over to keep him safely in the wagon when he thinks Mikey might fall out.
Mikey takes in the many smells... there's an entire world down here! And another world above! Mikey starts bouncing with excitement and anticipation...
The cart lands in front of a large Yokai resort, multicolored palm trees dotting the lawn and enormous shells decorating the entrance.
The group step out, oohing and awing at the underground beaches and beautiful views from behind the building.
"How do they have a sky and ocean?" Raph asks, pointing.
"It's a form of portal magic," Draxum states.. "There are many parts of the world still uninhabited by man, hundreds of undiscovered islands in the ocean. The Yokai use special spells to create bridges between those islands and their own cities, folds in space and reality, creating the illusion that the sandy shores are here, when in fact we are --"
"Less talking, more vacay!" Splinter shouts, running into the hotel. "Papa needs a suntan and a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella!!"
April cackles as Draxum rolls his eyes.
"And to think I chose him as the mightiest warrior for my experiments..."
Mikey turns to look at Draxum when he hears the word 'experiments'. But no one else seems to mind. Leo notices Mikey's nervous twitch and pats him on the back.
"It's okay," Leo whispers. "He means something else. He is a good guy. I promise you're safe."
Safe. Safe. Safe.
Mikey trusts Leo.
The duo follow after the rest into the lobby as Splinter rings the front bell several times over.
"Be right there!" a surprisingly cheery voice calls out.
A moment later, two small bat-like creatures fly out to greet the guests.
"Hi, and welcome to -- DRAXUM?!"
Draxum's eyes widen.
"Huginn? Muninn? You work here now??"
"Yeah!" Huginn cheers. "Can you believe it? We got such a cushy job here! I mean, well... it's okay. The pay stinks, the manager is the owner's son, we have to give rent for our own room, which is actually the supply closet..."
"But at least we have dental!" Muninn chimes in.
"...You're gargoyles. You don't have any teeth," Draxum states flatly.
"Yeah.... we didn't really think this through," Muninn sighs.
"Well, you're looking... um, good," Draxum says quickly. "I wasn't sure what happened to you two after the incident with the Dark Armor."
"We kinda... went off the grid after you disappeared and the arrest warrants went out," Huginn sighs. "It was tough finding work. But you're off the hook now! Congrats!"
"We've never been prouder!" Muninn smiles. "So, what's up with you? Looks like you finally got the turtles to team up with you!"
"It's a long story. But I've, uh..." Draxum swallows. "Been busy. Restoring my old home."
"Wow, really? Still?" Huginn asks. "Well, if, uh... you ever need someone to perch on your shoulders again, or y'know, do menial tasks like bridling ravenous ponies or filing taxes..."
Draxum smiles.
"I'll let you know. In the meantime, do you have any rooms available?"
"For you?" Muninn grins wide. "Private luxury suite!"
He tosses the key to the warring warrior scientist, who catches it with ease.
"We'll take your bags up for ya!" Muninn says, fluttering over to the pile. "You guys can go check out the pool, spa, bingo hall, buffet, and beachside!"
The teens immediately run out the back door to explore the beach as Draxum and his former goyles start to gather up the luggage.
Huginn notices Mikey scurrying past.
"Hey boss, isn't that...?"
"Like I said, it's a long story," Draxum says with a sigh.
The teens rush out and explore the beach. An aurora of rainbows wrap over the edge of the property, creating an archway that leads to a hidden tropical paradise. Mikey can feel the breeze and smell the water from where he is. Casey stares in shock at it all. He starts to tear up.
"You okay, CJ?" April asks.
"...I... huh? Oh, yeah," he says, coming back to reality, sniffing a bit as he wipes his eyes. "I just... I never knew that the world looked like this... it's so beautiful, and intact, and... big..."
April smiles, taking his hand and leading him to the beach.
"Come on, future kid. We're gonna introduce you to the magic of a beachside vacation."
Mikey chirps happily as he runs alongside them. Leo and Raph are already at the water's edge, splashing in the tide. Donnie watches from just beyond their reach, smiling softly, letting his feet sink in the sand as he basks in the sun.
It's so warm here, the sun is so bright and the water is so sparkling...
Mikey presses a hand into the wet sand. It squishes under his pressure. Casey mimics him, pressing his hand into the soft sand. He laughs. Mikey laughs with him, digging his claws deeper and deeper. His knuckles feel something hard with ridges. He pulls out a shell. Casey awes at it, staring in wonder. Mikey hands it over for him to examine.
Open. Space. Run. Free. Zoom.
Mikey starts bolting, running along the water's edge and kicking up sand as he races against the wind. He shrieks with laughter. He circles around and races back, zooming back and forth over and over again. He can hear Casey and April laughing at his speed, enjoying the fact that he's enjoying himself.
Mikey turns to the water. Leo and Raph are up to their knees in the waves. Leo beckons him out to join them.
Mikey, crouches, getting ready to pounce...
His animal intuitions take over. Rather than jump in the water... he runs. His legs speed under him, his back straightens and he runs on two feet instead of all fours. He bolts across the water, going past Leo and Raph in an instant and speeding away. He runs atop the water, the webbing in between his toes creating air pockets beneath that keep him afloat as he runs.
Mikey runs on water, never having felt more free in his life.
He can hear the others shouting for him and cheering him on. Mikey laughs loudly as he runs in an arc and returns quickly, coming towards Leo and Raph, who realize too late what Mikey's plans are.
Mikey leaps and jumps them. The two shout in fear as he pounces, knocking them into the water.
Donnie howls with laughter. April woops and Casey cheers. Leo and Raph are sputtering under Mikey but laughing all the same. Mikey cackles with joy as Raph splashes Mikey in retaliation and Leo flips him over, crashing him into an oncoming wave. Mikey swims around them like a snake before jumping out and pouncing on Raph again.
Splinter watches from the shore with a smile as his family lets themselves be kids for the first time in a very, very long time.
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Tumblr media
Lisa Frankenstein's soundtrack is available on vinyl via Mutant. The score is composed by Isabella Summers (Little Fires Everywhere, The Offer) and includes songs from JoJo, Pixies, Galaxie 500, Jeffrey Osborne, Elise McQueen, and The Zombies.
The album is pressed on two color variants. It's housed in a jacket featuring art by Allison Reimold and liner notes by screenwriter Diablo Cody. Priced at $30, it's due out on April 12.
The Lisa Frankenstein soundtrack is also available on cassette for $15.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
DARK X-MEN • MADELYNE PRYOR • art by David Nakayama [2023]
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