#mutuals who wants to play mermaids with me
Entering my mermaid era
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fuckmymunson · 5 months
🎄𝗨𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗺𝗮𝘀 𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗲: Send me a character + prompt from this smut list ;)!
Eddie munson + “God, you feel amazing.”
Completely not inspired by my last post speaking of the song swim by chase atlantic. Short but effective cuz now I'm horny af.
18+, smut, drinking, pool sex 🥴.
🎄Join the Celebration!♑️
It was late at night, everyone was already back inside, sleepy and desperate for a hot shower. The chilly summer air had a painful bite on your body, nothing another beer couldn't fix.
Eddie and you were the only idiots who decided to stay inside the pool, and as he tossed you another can of cheap beer and slid back to the water, you couldn't help but to eye him. He was shirtless for once, and your eyes lingered on his tattoos and his happy trail, all the way down to his simple black swim shorts. He noticed you staring but he remained silent, not wanting to test his luck.
"Thanks" You muttered opening the beer and taking a long sip, hoping it would calm down your nerves.
"No problem" He shrugged and pulled his hair back into a bun, not missing the way you saw his arms and shoulders flexing. He did it slowly, putting up a whole show.
"My fingers are all wrinkly" You complained swimming to the edge where he was, placing the can on the stone edge and resting your forearms there. Your cherry red swimsuit clinging to your body like latex.
Eddie couldn't help but to stare as well. Everything about you was intoxicating and attractive. The curves of your body, the way your exposed back and neck glistened with the chlorine water. He wanted to yank your hair and smash his lips with yours, he wanted to devour you.
But friends don't do that, I guess.
But, you were so close to him… so, so close.
"Hey, Eds" You called him ever so sweetly. He leaned closer like a sailor attracted to a beautiful, singing mermaid. Close to his downfall. Close to a sin. "I like your hair like that, looks pretty"
"Yeah?" He asked, moving closer again, his naked arm touching yours. His eyes trailed your back to the curve of your ass, and you enjoyed it. Maybe too much. "I like your hair any way"
"You do?" Placing a hand on his arm, you squeezed the wet skin gently. "Hey, Eds"
Although it wasn't the only thing wet.
"Yes?" He could lose himself in the way your voice talked his name.
"Have you ever had sex in a pool?"
"No" His heart skipped a beat.
"Would you like to?"
He was on you in a flash. His lips crashing against your messy and hot. Eddie groaned into the kiss when you palmed him over his swimsuit, rubbing his half-hard. The need was mutual. His hands groped your ass rubbing his cock through the thin, soaked layers.
"Are you gonna let me fuck you?" He asked breathlessly against your neck, kissing your soft skin. "Because I've been dying to. You look so fucking hot in this swimsuit. Like a damn cherry I just wanna pop"
Eddie's large hands spun you, pressing your body against the pool's wall. His big hands squeezed your tits and yanked the swimsuit top down, quickly playing with your nipples. Your head rested on his shoulder, moaning in ecstasy. You could hear the others laughing inside, a reminder of how close you two were of getting caught.
"Do it, now" You parted your legs wider as his hand slid down, pushing your swimsuit away and quickly inserting a finger inside you.
Eddie groaned at the feeling and bit your neck, sucking your skin and leaving flashy marks. He hoped every time you looked at them you would remember him.
"Okay, okay" He nodded and hurriedly pulled his shorts down, his cock now fully exposed.
It really had to be quick.
He wasted no time aiming for your wet pussy, teasing your entrance with the tip, sliding it between your folds and even rubbing the leaky head over your clit sending sharp jolts of pleasure to your body. You whined impatiently and he just giggled.
"I know, I know princess" The pet name made you whimper again, causing his cock to twitch. "Gotta keep it down, okay? Don't want the others to know how much of a dirty girl you are" The bastard cooed at you while he slid in, splitting you open with his big cock.
You knew it was big, but dear heaven. It felt like he was never going to stop.
"Fuck—" Eddie groaned, placing his forehead on your shoulder, panting. You were his irl wet dream, everything he ever wanted. And this was happening. It wasn't him masturbating at the thought of you. "Fuck, you feel so—so good, baby"
You were on the same page, struggling to keep it down as he pounded in and out of you. "God— Eddie you feel amazing" You arched your back and snapped your hips back meeting his thrusting.
"Keep moving like that, yeah, shit. Baby you feel amazing too" Eddie gripped on your hips like if his life depended on it, panting and breathing heavily. "You are so tight— I'm trying so hard not to cum I swear"
"Let's go to your van" You suggested and he moaned in response. "Just grab a fucking towel and help me get out of here— I just want to ride you all night"
You felt his dick twitching inside you at your words. It was gonna be a long night.
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geeky-politics-46 · 11 months
Can you do headcannons for Doctor Strange having a crush on a close friend? (Like, Im talking about when your in that "ah shit these feelings are NOT platonic" phase lol you know what I'm talking about 😂) If you want to do different versions for the different Stranges feel free!
This is a man who definitely tends to shove his feelings down or let's them come out in different ways before he confronts them.
Tumblr media
When he realizes he likes you he starts showing off more than usual. Anything to impress you so you'll want to be around him more.
The more he's around you the more he catches himself studying your mannerisms or the little things that make you unique.
When he realizes he has a little crush on you he'll deny it at first. He'll pretend it's just a mutual respect, but he'll start doing little things for you. Like bringing you coffee or getting that book off the high shelf without you asking. Maybe little gifts that made him think of you.
When he realizes he really likes you, as more than friends, his attempts to show off start getting a little klutzy. He'll trip over his own feet a little bit. Not full on running into doors, but his dorky side pokes through his usual cool demeanor.
He'll also tease you a little extra. Nothing mean, but playful. Like hiding things only for him to "find" them in plain sight when he looks after you swear it isn't there. Poking you in that ticklish spot he discovered just so he can touch you.
He has his "Oh shit" moment after you squeeze past him one day in the kitchen or the library & your body slides against his. The smell of your skin, the swell of your ass against his groin, the arch in your low back. It gets him thinking of all the ways he could get you to arch your back even more & he has to excuse himself.
He will also get suspicious of any guy that smiles at you, even if they are friends. He's definitely a protective guy anyway, but he'll be extra worried about you getting hurt or taken advantage off.
If it's one of the other Avengers you better believe he won't be happy. He'll constantly invite himself on your assigned missions just to make sure none of that "oops there's only one bed" thing happens.
Though he will fantasize about the 2 of you ending up in that exact situation, or some other compromising position.
If you aren't an Avenger or a sorcerer he will think about swooping in & saving you from something. Literally sweeping you off your feet only for you to suddenly see him in a different light. It's really cheesy but he evens hopes you'll call him "my hero" if that happens.
Wong will of course tease him about this constantly & try to drop little hints to you so you'll make the first move since Strange won't. Like randomly deciding to sing "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid when you are all out at karaoke.
If a guy flirts with you when you are out as a group or at a party he will siddle up & make his presence known. Putting his hand on your back or calling you sweetheart to scare the other guy off.
He'll try to play it off as "it looked like he was making you uncomfortable" or "I saw him/overheard him do something sketchy" or something like that.
After he does this several times you drag him outside & end up in a screaming match, only for him to end up blurting out his feelings. That he doesn't want anyone else to have you because he wants you.
You still have to be the one to make the first move physically, though he does hope you'll just slam him against the nearest wall & make out with him. It's what he want's to do to you anyway.
He's gonna have a hard time keeping his hands off of you. He doesn't like PDAs, but he will make plenty of excuses to get you alone or make you play hooky to stay in bed with him.
Back to my masterlist
Let me know if you want to be tagged in stories for everything or for a specific charector. It's currently a lot of Strange & Bucky ❤
Stephen Strange Taglist: @starkiller-queen @glitterylokislut @verycollectivecreator @chatampr @maskmare931 @lovecleastrange @wheredafandomat @mkixx @katefullerrr @littlepinknightmare @foofarny @stygianoir @moonroyalt @saturnsbabe69 @blaxdet @blackrose-92 @ironstrange1991 @rindulacre @nancy-thompsons @wolfatheartandsoul @dangerouslittlefairy @n0obmaster-69 @oliveoilthoughts @onebatch--twobatch @yourmajesty13 @blondekel77 @lil-sweater-slut @gwephen @sinceimetyou @possessedjoker @coeurgrenaty @cc13723things @just--a-magpie @supervengerslock @strangelockd @dont-feel-so-good-peter @kingsmanperfecthartwin @ghost-lantern @thefalconandthewinterwidowshield @itssmaugtheterrible @katherinemaximoff @veryfancydoilies @cute-angi @mochacake2016 @prix19 @alexfanficnook @anotheroddfish @mando-is-the-way @xourownsidee @baes-x @dreamingsmile @negar77rd @imaginesfreetotake @ppatricia34me @rougepetale @evelynrosestuff
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genshinlover101 · 1 year
Ah, I’m glad to see you back! I love your writing! I hope it’s not to soon to send in new requests, but I discovered you not long before your hiatus and I’ve been dying to!
So I didn’t make the original request, but one of my favorite writings of yours is the modern high school AU “Seven Minutes in Heaven with Her”. Would it be alright if I could request a Part 2 of that same prompt with Kokomi, Yun Jin, Hu Tao, Ningguang, and Lisa?
Seven Minutes in Heaven with Her (Modern High School AU!) Prt. 2
Characters: Kokomi, Yun jin, Hu Tao, Ningguang, Lisa x gn!reader
Warnings: none
Original Request: Modern highschool au where the girls and their crush are mutual pining one another, however their S/O's friend group is sick of them not making a move with each other and decides to set them up by going to a party and playing party games (Like seven minutes in heaven or spin the bottle) and that's where the fun part begins since we know the girls might confess or even kiss their crush ;))
A/n: Ah yes! I loved writing that <3 it was like a little playground of my personal headcanons 
Link to Prt. 1 (Not connected, only if you want more)
Tumblr media
• Kokomi was the captain of the girl’s swim team, no one could resist her bubbly personality and her petite frame as she darted through the water like a mermaid. She probably had her own little fan base that would greet her before practices and watch her compete in tournaments. 
• Your friends got tired of watching you be one of many of her fans that greeted her before practices. Your pathetic little attempts to give her warm water after a lap, you even were offered to become the swim team’s manager after Kokomi began recognizing you.
• Surprisingly Kokomi was a struggle to get to the party, her introverted tendencies were a challenge of its own. Your friends had to bribe her with Bird Egg Sushi and a personal library that the host’s rich family-owned in their home. Even mentioning your name on the guest list was enough to soothe her nerves.
It didn’t take a rocket scientist for someone to see how out of place Kokomi was from the moment that she stepped through the door. her small figure getting easily lost in the crowd as her eyes grew dizzy and anxious. That was until she felt a tight clutch around her wrist as she felt herself gravitate into warm arms. As she looked up it was none other than a familiar face, her little manager. 
Although, it wasn’t long till you both got dragged into a stupid game rigged by your friends. A bottle conveniently landed on you two who sat together like glue, forcing you two to spend the next seven minutes in a small compact closet.
You both were shoved and locked into a dimly lit room, sweat dripping down your forehead as your hands were stiffly to your side, careful not to make her any more uncomfortable than she looked. “I-I’m sorry Kokomi, my friends are stupid and I didn’t mean to trap you here like this with me,” you rambled.
You both were obviously lacking in confidence, uncomfortable, and equally nervous. She cleared her throat, such a weak mental for the team captain was shameful she remembered. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have been peer pressured into coming, but I wouldn’t have preferred to be stuck in such a tight closet with anybody but you,” she tried mumbling, her words meant to comfort both of you.
Although it was too dark to see, you could vaguely make out a blush on her face as she averted her eyes from you. “You wouldn’t mind me resting here no? This closet is kind of a blessing in a way, the noisy crowd isn’t for me.” She raised her hands to rest on your shoulders as her head nuzzled underneath your chin and against your chest.
You could feel your heart skip a beat, something you hoped she wouldn’t be able to hear. She mumbled even quieter than before. “You’re always supporting me during my practices and tournaments, even now you’re supporting me when you should be out having fun. I-I appreciate you for that,” she hesitated as if she had something else to say. “I... I think what I’m feeling for you is greater than just appreciation between friends.” 
Tumblr media
• Yun Jin was a theater kid no doubt about it. However, unlike those weird stinky kids that many bullied and made memes about- Yun Jin was a star. Many would attend the school plays solely to see Yun Jin perform her craft. She always had intricate dresses and wild make-up on, lulling everyone to fall in love with her. 
• Your friends grew tired of watching Yun Jin’s plays two, sometimes three times within the same week. They said you were like a stalker and you should just muster up the courage to talk to her during the meet and greet portion after the show. You vehemently rejected thinking you were some sweaty loser but little did you know she noticed your figure in the crowd each and every time.
• Yun Jin was easy to get to the party, she recognized your friend’s familiar faces from you dragging them to all her performances. When she was told she’d finally meet her biggest fan she couldn’t help but grow a little excited at the anticipation. She hoped of nothing less that you two would bond well.
The instant Yun Jin walked through the main door she shined like gold through the crowd. Her popularity was certainly no joke, when the word spread that Yun Jin arrived, they swarmed like flies. Yet every small conversation she had she spoke your name even if she had never met you personally before, asking where you might be.
It wasn’t long till one of your friends pulled her into a living room area, sitting adjacent was none other than her shining star. However, before she could stand up to sit beside you and start small talk, a bottle landed on both of you. Your friends sneers as if it was all a calculated plan. 
You both were urged into a small closet meant for storage, barely a single person could fit, how you both managed to fit was beyond your imagination. Your heart beating fast as your idol was standing chest to chest with you, your head snapped to the opposite direction so she wouldn’t hear your unsteady breathing. “I... I’m sorry,” you managed to say.
Every evasive action you took to widen the gap between you two, she took even bigger action to close it. Without hesitation, she dug deep into your mind. “Now that we have seven minutes alone, I wanted to ask you one thing,” she said ignoring your apology. Her hands raised to grab yours which were glued to your sides. “I see you in the crowds of all my performances,” she tip-toed around the topic.
Her hands fidgeting around yours making your heart race even more. You could sense her stare on you, even see her face focused on nothing else but you from your peripheral. “You must be blind to not see me searching for you through every crowd, it’s almost become a game to me at this point,” she continued bravely. “Now that I have you in my grip, I don’t plan on letting go. So why not plan and see me during the after-show from now on, don’t be such a stranger. Won’t you be one more thing I look forward to seeing after my shows hmm?”
Tumblr media
• Hu Tao is that annoying emo kid that made one too many sarcastic jokes to cope with life. She had a strange fascination with graveyards and would often try and drag poor little you to one late at night. She wasn’t particularly into any clubs or afterschool circulars, but she had a bunch of cool interests and hobbies.
• Your friends grew tired of watching you from the other end of the classroom as you blushed while she teased the life out of you. She would grab your hands and put her big fancy rings on your fingers, she’d might even custom make you your own bracelet after complimenting her own so much.
• At first Hu Tao was kind of apprehensive about attending your friend’s party. She said it was for nerds, she would rather binge Netflix shows or fix the chipping black paint from her nails. That was until they told her you were attending, ‘her little hampster’ she called you. 
Although you were the only one at the party that Hu Tao was looking forward to seeing, she wasn’t so shy to need to depend on you even if she was arriving alone. She even gave you one of her rings at school the day before, saying it was a charm to bring you together at the party. With her prankster nature, she was a natural magnet for people in all types of social cliques. It wasn’t hard for your friends to pull her into a single room where you all pretended to play seven minutes in heaven. 
Your friend’s collective giggles as they practically shoved the bottle in your hands to go first, Hu Tao making a small sarcastic joke that she hopes it’ll land on her. Ironically, it did. Hu tao bit her lip to suppress her impending blush. 
As you both were hurried into the small closet meant for a single person, you heard the door slam shut, and locked from the outside. “Hehe- sorry Hu Tao, I didn’t expect us to be here alone,” you mumbled. No matter how quiet you were it was impossible for her to not hear your apologies. 
“Hey hey, don’t be sorry,” She said with a goofy smile that she only gave you. “You know that ring I gave you at school? Maybe it worked a little too well.” she tried joking. Her words tried to make her seem smug like this wasn’t anything special, but in her mind, she didn’t want the bottle to land on anyone else but her.
It was a rare moment of silence between you two as she contemplated her feelings towards you, and why she felt unnecessarily jealous about the other girls at this party. Your head was turned in the opposite direction as you tried to not get intoxicated by her silk flower-scented perfume. She gnawed on her lip before so shamelessly staring at you. “You know, you’re not too bad looking,” she thought out loud, a blush clearly plastered on your face as she tried to get a better look. 
Her words of flattery made your heart beat faster, her flirty personality with you was no surprise. She often was very touchy and gave you many compliments before, this was no different. What was different was her standing on her tippy toes, grabbing your cheek with one hand and the back of your head with the other, leaving a big wet smooch on your cheek. “Just as I thought- nice and easy on the eyes.”
Tumblr media
• Ningguang was the rich kid who upheld the position of the student council president, however, she might as well have been the school’s treasurer. She did her job splendidly, many students and teachers alike respected her, they would say the school has never been so successful since she was elected.
• Your friends grew tired of seeing you get scammed of all your weeks allowance on Ningguang’s private tutor business that she created, only for you to sit back and drool as you didn’t retain any of the information she was telling you. You’d sign up daily, she’d even poke fun at how you seemed unteachable and how you must be broke by now.
• It was fairly simple to get Ningguang to the party your friends were hosting, they offered her simple monetary gain and listed all the pros and cons about attending. Although she was just a simple high school student, she surely had the brain of a successful CEO already.
It didn’t take long for Ningguang to be surrounded the moment she stepped through the door, everyone trying to get the recognition of the Student Council President for good college rep. Most of her crowd were too poor to pay for her time, so to see her appear at a lowly high school party was a sight to see. Even the sassy Keqing and shy Ganyu patronized her for attending.
Yet through the sea of people, she only recognized one face that she was comfortable with- her precious pupil. She pardoned her way through the crowd in your direction to get stuck in a tiny resting room with couches occupied by your friends, a bottle in the center. Within seconds she was peer pressured into playing seven minutes in heaven, her partner? None other than you.
You both were shoved into a small closet, condensed into a small space by boxes of storage and clothes. The rotten smell of dust and blankets surrounding you made you feel poor by Ningguang’s standards, slightly embarrassed at the mess. “I’m sorry Ningguang- I didn’t think my friends would go this far,” you apologized.
With a deep sigh, she adjusted herself to mold with your body more comfortably, her eyes squeezed shut to help her grasp the situation more and make it more tolerable. “It’s quite alright,” she tried playing it off. “It’s not like we haven’t ever been this close before.” 
You dug deep in your mind to remember such an incident. Maybe you were so focused on her tutoring that you never noticed such a close vicinity between you two before. But now that you took it into account you remembered her close body. You could feel her breath like this before on your neck, the way her arms intertwined with yours as she guided your pencil. The sheer surprise and ignorance on your face was enough to give her all the hints she needed that you were clueless. 
“I certainly knew you struggled with your school work, that was no secret. But I never assumed you were also dense socially,” she lifted your chin with her index finger. The gold jewlry laced around it makes your skin feel the chills of cold metal. “So all this time you’re telling me you didn’t know my feelings for you?” 
Tumblr media
• If there was such a poll of ‘most likely to graduate as Valedictorian without trying’  Lisa would surely win. She spent most of her time in the library, not reading, but sleeping on a wooden table as she actively avoided all her homework. Regardless of her negligent behavior, most teachers revered her as one of the smartest students to step foot in your high school.
• Your friends grew tired as you ditched them every day to go ‘study in the library’, they all secretly knew you were visiting the woman known as the purple rose of the school. Sometimes they’d watch you shyly wake her up as she wrapped herself around you and convince you to do all her homework. From an outside perspective, others would say she was bullying you.
• At first Lisa had no interest in attending your childish parties, she’d much prefer to have tea in the comfort of her own home. However, all your friends did was mention your name and something clicked in her mind. Her little helper- how overjoyed she was to see you outside of school. 
You arrived at the party with Lisa, she didn’t have the motivation to come unless you dragged her personally, and how could she possibly say no to her little helper. You grabbed her hand tightly as you mingled with all your friends, otherwise, she might be found laying on some random couch taking a leisurely nap.
That wasn’t until you were lured into a small room with your friends, they all had this cheeky sneer on their faces that made you incredibly suspicious. Lisa still had the same unimpressed look on her face like she was bored of life in general. That was until a bottle was brought out, forcing you to spin it... the victim? None other than Lisa. 
Her eyes lit up for once as she made a “fufufu~” while shoving you into the closet. She didn’t have to be told twice to willingly be condensed into a small space with you. Her upbeat attitude about the entire situation really bent you backward, you didn’t even know if you should apologize as it seemed like she was thoroughly enjoying herself.
She had a devilish smirk on her face, all it took was a moment of willing eye contact from you and she knew when to strike. “Hmm?” She tried to inquire, her head cocked at an angle. Realizing your mistake you snapped your head in the opposite direction to avoid any more embarrassing contact with her. “Why so shy? You’re never like this in the library. Now that you get the chance to be so close to me why hide yourself?” She tried to pry deeper and deeper.
You tried to fight the blush that was so obviously spreading through your cheeks and your ears by chewing on your inner cheek, your eyebrows knitting together. “Perhaps you need a little reminder of my admiration for you cutie,” with a gleeful grin she wrapped her arms around your neck, squeezing you oh so tight against her. A single motion was all it took as she planted a quick peck on your lips. 
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Stilts(2019 Short Film)Watching Con-Tent for #? Days cause I need serotonin
Pre thoughts. The fact that we all make short jokes about Con makes this a necessary watch for me.
It's 7 minutes long. I would love for you to post your interpretation of it before you read mine, I want to see what y'all think.
It's 7 minutes long, just watch it before you read. This won't make sense otherwise. It's really fucking cool. A whole concept and world is built in a short film.
Also, below is an updated Con Ranking list including all the stuff I've watched! (Not this, it's just too short to fairly rank)
As usual, thanks to my mutuals who have seen this?
(special thanks to @kimmy2364 for the gifs)
@gydima @dianetastesmetal @ivegotnonameidea @treesofgreen
Hey! that looks like Montana!
Also, walking on stilts is hard as fuck. As a stage manager, I did Little Mermaid and we had 2 Jellyfish guys on stilts. They almost broke their ankles multiple times. Not fun. It's impressive that the actors pulled this off.
Alright, so there's a society that walks on stilts?
Love the aspect ratio btw.
You are not making any progress on that at all my guy
Tumblr media
Hi Con! Oh, giving disapproving father vibes.
Tumblr media
Love the som just screaming in the background
Yeah, father, go check on him
I just love how this looks! Everything is just so tall, with so much empty room in the house. So fucking unsettling!
Earthquake? Monsters? Why is the world-shaking?
Love the TV with a whole channel of feet. Is he trying to see how 'normal' people walk?
Love Con's grunting in the background.
The number of questions I have.
OOHHH Shit. It's a whole society of people who walk on stilts?
So??? Why does she(the sister) accept him?
Tumblr media
Okay, this is giving, Religious Trauma, moving out of cult vibes.
Love the laughing.
UH, The way the son stumbles! GOD! The kid running without his stilts! That's exactly how people look when they step off of stilts after walking for a few hours. Just like how people look odd after taking off rollerblades, it takes a bit for your brain to catch up!
GOD! Con using crutches to go faster with stilts is just so fucking Cool! makes him look like a creature!
Tumblr media
I'VE SAID IT ONCE AND I'LL SAY THIS AGAIN! Con needs to be in more horror shit(ignore the 130k horror OFMD thing I wrote, I am unbiased and correct).
AHHH! FATHER'S ACCEPTING!! He probably knows his kid will never come back, but his kid will be happier for being gone. GOOD FOR HIM!
Tumblr media
THE STACE! The dad looks so fucking alone watching his kid leave.
AHHHH!!!!! HE JUST WANTS WHAT'S BEST FOR HIS KIDS!!!!! Fuck, look at him! SMILING!!!! Encouraging her, even though he's scared. AHHHH!!!! I HAVE EMOTIONS!!!!! The fact that the credits are just over a long shot of Father trying not to cry!!!!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Due to this being 7 minutes long, I'll just wrap up with my interpretation.
The fact that there's a whole system where you must get chosen to get your stilts removed. You can't just want it, you need to be chosen, it has multiple interpretations.
Growing up in a cult and you finally decide to leave? Sure.
Kids finally leaving the nest and questioning their parent's view of the world? Yeah.
A family in poverty watching as their kids are finally given the resources to leave and grow up happy? Yeah!
Did some filmmaker have a really cool idea for a dystopia/horror world and built characters around it, Yeah!!!!!
BUT Con playing a stilt dad who just really fucking wants what's best for his kids is so GOOD! You get the sense that, while he doesn't want this for himself, he really just loves his kids.
I really fucking liked the cinematography and set design. They made a hospital feel off-putting and alien. The costumes! THE HOUSE!!! AHH!
I really fucking loved it for what it was, and want to see a whole movie/novel about this concept. Why is the exit an air hanger? Is that hospital linked to their society? Do they always need to ask to be let free? It's all just so cool.
Con's performance was just amazing, it has depth without any dialogue. He reads as sad, and scared, and proud and AHHHHHH!! It takes a lot to get me emotional, but they did it in 7 minutes and very few words. LOVE IT.
Tumblr media
(Updated ranking)
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yoongis-tangerines · 1 year
human!yoongi x mermaid!y/n
Tumblr media
➼ pairing: human!yoongi x mermaid!reader
➼ genre: fluff, 
➼ summary: when yoongi stumbles across a mermaid, treasures found under the sea don’t really feel like junk anymore... not coming from you, at least
➼ word count: 6k 
➼ what to expect: “look! he gave me a shiny.”
➼ totally willing to write more parts to this, just lemme know if that’s something you guys would want
Tumblr media
yoongi is not excited to be here
his friends have dragged him out of the comfortable confines of his home to the beach
unfortunately for him, all of his friends are outdoor, social people
taehyung, especially, who orchestrated this operation to get yoongi away from his music and into the sunlight
for once
he desperately needs to see the sun
sometimes, yoongi wonders why he lives so close to a beach when he won't even take advantage of it
"... no one would believe you're 28 right now."
yoongi stands, bored, with a towel in his left hand and his laptop in his right, an excessive amount of sunscreen smothered wherever his skin is showing, a hawaiian button down shirt adorning his torso, buttoned all the way up, with colorful shorts and a bulky pair of sandals
not to mention the circle sunglasses
"what's that supposed to mean?" yoongi pulls down his sunglasses at jimin, his and taehyung's mutual friend, who shrugs innocently
"you look more like 82." jimin giggles
yoongi rolls his eyes
"i'm not dressing to impress anyone, i'm here to get this over with." yoongi grumbles as he spreads his towel over the sand, propping up one of the folding chairs the group had brought with them
to be specific, there are seven of them
some of them taehyung and yoongi knew from university, some were mutual friends with jimin and on from there
there's seokjin, both taehyung and yoongi's senior in university
then hoseok, a happy-go-lucky classmate of jimin's
namjoon, one of yoongi's childhood friends
and jungkook, who was a freshman when jimin and taehyung decided he would be their freshman, to tease and to nurture with the group
yoongi sighs as jungkook props open the umbrella behind him and sticks it into the sand, twisting it deeper
"i thought you'd rather have shade if you were going to sit here." jungkook smiles brightly as yoongi turns to face him
"thanks, kook." yoongi raises a can of soda from the cooler in a thankful motion as jungkook nods
"wanna join us, hyung?" hoseok tosses a beach ball once and catches it, motioning it toward yoongi
"i'm good." yoongi groans as he props open his laptop, quickly typing his password
hoseok sighs but shrugs, tossing the ball to jimin
"we'll be in the water if you need us!" taehyung steals the ball from jimin and dashes away quickly
"hey!" jimin takes off after taehyung and the group follows in suit
well, except namjoon
namjoon stays behind with a novel and a smile
"mind if i keep you company?" namjoon gestures to the spot on the towel beside yoongi's chair and yoongi nods
"sure. but, i would have thought you wanted to play, considering you've been working out." yoongi teases, pulling his sunglasses down his nose with a smirk
namjoon's cheeks turn pink and he rubs unconsciously at his massive arms
namjoon has always been easy to tease, although he doesn't mind much
"i haven't had much time to read my novel, thought i would get a few chapters in." namjoon shakes his novel and squats down beside yoongi
after a long moment, yoongi realize that nothing is connecting
... he should have accounted for the fact that the beach doesn't have wifi
he groans and slams his laptop shut, startling namjoon
"no internet." yoongi places his laptop on the towel next to him and crosses his arms stubbornly
"maybe you should do something that doesn't include technology?" namjoon suggests with a knowing smile
yoongi scowls and stands from his chair
"fine. i'm going for a walk." he grumbles as he puts his sunglasses on the bridge of his nose
namjoon shrugs, "okay, have fun." he waves him off absentmindedly and continues on with his book
yoongi wanders, barefoot, to the shore and lets the diminishing waves brush against his feet
he wanders farther, drifting from the noise of his friends and others, carefully placing his feet in front of each other
he shoves his hands in his pockets and focuses on how the wave drifts up the sand and erases the footprints laid out before him by people walking in front of him
he doesn't know how long he walks or how far he goes until he comes to a rock formation, that seems to separate the beach into two
one side, the side he came from, seems alive with noise and moving people, colors everywhere and nothing is still
on the side he's about to cross over, it seems motionless
there's no one there, as if there's an unspoken rule that if you're going to the beach, you stay on the other side
there's no noise apart from the crashing waves and the occasional seagull
yoongi smiles widely
he found his spot
if only he'd brought his belongings with him, this would be the perfect spot to bring a notepad and steal some inspiration from the atmosphere
he takes one last look at the beach behind him before continuing on into the quietness of the other side
it seems surreal, like he's just stepped into a parallel universe
he steps up onto a sturdy rock jetting out from the bigger formation, hoisting himself onto the smoother, less slippery surface
he walks carefully, watching as the waves crashes against the rock and falls back into the ocean with a splash, disappearing until the next wave comes behind
yoongi lowers himself to sit with his legs dangling off the side
he takes a deep breath in, breathing in the salty sea air, and heaves the air out of his lungs, feeling at peace
maybe coming to the beach wasn't such a bad idea
he closes his eyes and lets the sun bathe his skin, falling victim to drowsiness as the warmth envelops his body, paired with the gentle coolness of a breeze
before he drifts off, there's a splash
not like the splash of a wave against the shore or the rocks, no
something made that splash
something alive
there's an odd stillness before yoongi cracks open one eye, trying to decipher whether or not his mind was playing tricks on him
when it doesn't happen again, yoongi begins to let his eyes shut again, when-
it's gentler this time, more like the movement of water, but it's closer
yoongi cautiously moves his head to survey around him, finding nothing out of the ordinary
he hears it again, and this time rises from his seated position, determined
he tip-toes around the large, jagged wall of rocks, and peaks behind it, finding...
what he can only describe as someone spying on him
you squeak and move behind a rock, trying to hide yourself
you'd been scouting the area for treasures when you'd noticed him, pale and lanky, but most importantly, with two sticks instead of a tail
yoongi can still see your hands perched upon the rock you've been resting against, rolling his eyes
"i can see you, you're not slick." yoongi comes into full view with one hand on his hip
you groan and pop up into view to apologize
"sorry! i don't mean to stare, i just don't see a lot of creatures like you around." you grin sheepishly
yoongi raises an eyebrow
was... that supposed to be offensive?
he shrugs it off
"i thought everyone was on that side." yoongi points to the other side of the beach
turns out his paradise wasn't so tranquil after all
"oh, no! there are way too many people over there." you peek anxiously at the people on the other side of the beach, feeling your chest tighten with uneasiness
"yeah, that's why i'm over here. not a fan of crowds?" yoongi supposes he can deal with talking to one person for a little while
plus, you're pretty cute for a stalker-
you turn back to him, finding him seated near you and your adrenalin picks up
he hasn't been driven away by what you are, he must be one of the good ones
you had only heard of them in stories
(truthfully, yoongi hadn't even thought of glancing past your upper body)
"no, not at all. people don't like me very much." you rest your head on the rock with a pout
yoongi chuckles, "that can't be entirely true, you know."
you shrug
"how'd you end up in this spot." yoongi tries to make small talk, chewing on his lip and watching the horizon from a distance
"oh, i was looking for treasures and they led me here. i saw you when i was searching." you present him with your bag of treasures, lumpy with your findings
"wow- where did you find all of that?" yoongi notices that the beach is barren- no shiny treasures like the ones in your bag
"behind coral, in the sand, buried in seaweed, you know." you shrug, looking through your treasure bag
"do you scuba dive?" he's thoroughly confused now- you're not even wearing gear
"scu-... scrubra dive?" you repeat the word unsteadily, tilting your head
"how do you find things like that?" yoongi peers closer at your treasures, soaking and filled with rust
how did you get those?
"it's not hard, as long as the tide is high and the currents aren't strong. they're just lying there at the bottom." you grin
he seems silly, you like him
"how do you stay under that long without air?" yoongi moves closer, his eyebrows furrowed in thorough confusion
"air? silly, i don't need air. but can you imagine, not being able to breathe underwater? wow." you scoff
yoongi stills a moment
you don't breathe air?
how can you not-
"what are you?" it comes out more bluntly than he intended it to
your face falls, "what do you mean?"
for the first time, the water stills around both of you, the beautiful clear water allowing everything to show through
he realizes that you're not just an avid swimmer
you have a tail, not legs
he rubs his eyes and glances again, but your richly colored, glimmering tail still shines brightly against the sunlight through the water
"wha-" yoongi babbles, causing your heart to sink
"wait, wait, wait! you're a mermaid?" yoongi's mouth hangs open
you nod
"i thought you knew." you tilt your head
"i'm dreaming, i'm sooooo dreaming." yoongi looks around for any other sign that this might not be real
"you are? ooh! am i dreaming too? are we in a dream together?" your eyes are wide with wonder as you watch yoongi stagger around, baffled
"mermaids aren't real." yoongi repeats, shaking his head
"of course they are, i'm right in front of you." you wave your hand near his face
yoongi settles back down with a deep breath, "how..,,. how are you-? how,,., did this happen?" yoongi pushes his hair back and exhales deeply, staring unabashedly at your gently moving tail
"how did... i happen? well, my mom and my dad lo-"
"no! no, no, no,,.,. not what i meant." yoongi chuckles as he hurries to stop you
you close your mouth and wait for him to say something else
"i.,,... don't know what i meant. this is just..,.."
"do you wanna touch it?" you interject, propping yourself up on your elbows and leaning in closer to him
"touch it? what, your tail?" yoongi chokes on a breath
you nod, swinging your tail up onto the rock and gesturing to it with the jerk of your head
yoongi is hesitant, still processing all of this in his mind
after a moment of silence, nothing but a beat, yoongi reaches towards your tail, his eyes squinted shut and his head turned away
under his fingertips, he feels something smooth, moist, scaly?
he opens his eyes and they land on his hand, softly stroking over your tail, now in awe
"i try to moisturize every day, but, you know." you shrug, lip caught between your teeth excitedly as you watch him get lost in wonder over your tail
yoongi retracts his hands and unconsciously rubs his hands together awkwardly, "well, um-"
"wait! before you go, i have something for you!" you squeal and duck under the water
yoongi leans over and watches the glimmer of your tail against the sunlight slowly disappear the deeper you get
he starts to panic when he realizes you've been gone way too long to be able to hold your breath-
oh, right- duh
you pop back up to the surface and startle him slightly
"here! you remind me of this shell, so i thought you should have it." you place the shell before him on the rock
yoongi peers at it a moment before taking it, observing the markings
it's a little jagged, but it's beautiful nonetheless, just a little beat up
he almost laughs, but he gets the feeling that it wouldn’t be received well by you if he laughed at your gift
it’s almost like a little peace offering
“it’s beautiful.” yoongi turns it over in his hands in wonder
“yeah, just like you!” 
yoongi’s cheek flush a pretty pink and he stammers over his words, “i- uh, well-”
“yoongi-hyung!” he nearly jumps three feet in the air when someone from the group calls his name. you seem to be startled, too, crouching further behind your rock
“i guess i gotta go-” when he turns back, you’re already gone, the only traces left by your are the small movements of water 
“oh.” yoongi frowns as namjoon comes jogging around the corner
“yoongi-hyung, there you are. who are you talking to?” namjoon peeks around a rock to find nothing
“myself. yup, myself.” yoongi cringes at how fast his response is
“okay... well, the group was wondering where you were, so...” namjoon jabs his finger in the direction of the other boys
“yeah, yeah, i was here.” yoongi hoists himself up from the ground and moves to head back when-
“cool shell, hyung. where’d you find it?” 
he freezes, probably longer than acceptable, “um... over there.” yoongi points off in a vague direction and once namjoon is looking that way, he diPs
he’ll come back tomorrow... just to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating ofc
    ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡    
it becomes an almost daily routine
yoongi would usually find a way to sneak away from everyone and head down to the spot on the beach
everyday, you resurface with a new treasure for him
maybe it’s something you’ve had for a while, maybe it’s something you’ve just found, there’s no telling
but this time, he doesn’t get away so easily
“hyung! where are you going?” jungkook calls as he watches yoongi try to quietly tip toe away from the group
yoongi cringes
“um... the beach?” that shouldn’t have been a question
“oh... okay, i thought you didn’t like the beach?” jungkook tilts his head innocently
“i like the... sand.” yoongi tries
it’s getting worse
“um... okay, go enjoy your... sand.” jungkook shrugs as he turns back to the group
yoongi sighs and dashes off so that no one can ask anymore questions. 
it’s a bit later at night, as his visits so often tend to be, because you’re not very comfortable seeing him in the daylight when other people can see you
for some reason, you trust this human
at some point in the midst of your secret little rendezvous, yoongi had finally told you his name in exchange for yours
you have a very mermaid-y name
you really like his name but you had trouble pronouncing it the first few times you called him by it
finally, he realized you might be messing with him
right now, you call him yoonie. he thinks it’s your favorite
“hi, yoonie!” you seem to be waiting for him with the eccentric wave of your arm in greeting
“hi, y/n.” he greets fondly upon arriving at your shared rock
“i have something for you today!” you plop a slightly damp bag onto the rock and start digging through it
“don’t you always?” he grins
“it’s squishy and it makes noise and it’s super cute! i thought maybe you might know what it is.” you slam a rubber duck on the rock with a pathetic, distorted squeak
yoongi gawks at the treasure, “how on earth did a rubber duck end up on the floor of the ocean?” he takes it in his hand to inspect it
“what is it for?” you subconsciously squeeze it, resulting in high-pitched squeaking as you wait for yoongi’s explanation
“ah well, humans, um... bathe... with it?” 
“what is a bathe?” 
yoongi snorts at the innocent tilt of your head, “well, a bath is when a human washes themselves with water. you know, to stay clean.” 
“oh! how do you wash yourself with this?” you rub the duck up and down your forearm, expecting it to leave a clean wake
“uh, well, you don’t really... it’s kind of just a toy.” yoongi chuckles fondly as he watches you with the duck
“mm. interesting. well, i wanted you to have it. it keeps trying to go back up to the surface and it’s really difficult to keep down here so, here!” you gently place the duck in his hands
“that would be because it’s filled with air.” yoongi squeaks the duck once
“ah, air. i will never understand why you humans stay so dry.” you shake your head with mock disapproval
yoongi sighs, “i actually have something for you today.” yoongi digs through his pockets
“oooh.” you marvel at the circle of metal in his hand
you carefully pick it up, inspecting it with a thoughtful expression
“... what is it?” 
“oh- right, sorry. it’s a ring. you wear it on your finger.” yoongi demonstrates, gently taking the ring and sliding it on to the most fitting finger
“oh! it’s beautiful! shiny.” you flourish your now decorated finger with flare
“i thought it was only fair, since you bring me stuff.” yoongi scratches the back of his neck awkwardly
at least you aren’t aware of the social implications of giving someone a ring
“thank you, yoobi.” you giggle, playing with your new piece of jewelry
so we’re onto yoobi, now
    ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡    
“yoongi-ah! are you joining us for the beach today?” 
“yup!” yoongi hops off the couch nearly before jin finishes his sentence
“uh...” seokjin’s eyes follow yoongi as he dashes out to the car and is the first one to get strapped in
“alright, then.”
arriving at the beach, the youngest group members and hoseok take off with boogie-boards and jump straight into the waves without a care in the world
namjoon, of course, settles under the umbrella with his novel and seokjin settles in next to him for a cat nap
“i’m gonna... take a walk.” yoongi mutters under his breath, hoping no one would have heard him to know which direction he’s going
“i might join you later.”
yoongi freezes at namjoon’s voice and turns to meet his questioning eyes
“you really don’t have to do that...” he sighs, avoiding eye contact
“nonsense. i’ll join you later, you go ahead.” he waves yoongi off
hopefully namjoon won’t be able to find him
he carefully sneaks off and arrives at your spot
he might have to wait around a bit, it’s a bit early in the day and broad daylight doesn’t typically bring you out
luckily for him, you happen to be scavenging for new treasures nearby at this time in the murkiest water so no one can see you
when you spot movement by the surface, you freeze and take a careful glimpse of what you thought to be an ordinary human
but no
it’s yoobi
you gasp and hastily pile your treasures into your bag and race to the surface
you pop up unexpectedly
“hi, yoobi!”
yoongi nearly screams, flinching so hard he almost falls off the rock into the water
“jesus, y/n! don’t scare me like that.” yoongi clutches his shirt where his racing heart is, panting
“besides, no one is supposed to know i’m over here.” he lowers his voice considerably
on instinct, you hunch your shoulders and mimic his volume
an action that yoongi finds endearingly adorable; his heart swells
“you brought your friends today?” you have heard quite a lot about them
“well, they brought me and i just managed to sneak away.”
you ponder that a moment
“can i meet your friends?”
yoongi blinks owlishly at you
you... want to meet his friends? other humans?
well, of course, yoongi is a human, but still-
he thought he was your human :(
“is that... really a good idea?” yoongi rubs the back of his neck apprehensively
“i mean... are they nice?” you slightly crouch behind your rock, peeking at him with only your eyes
yoongi’s gaze softens
he’s not worried about the fact that they might report you to someone for experimenting, or the fact that they might drive you away
he’s worried about one of them charming you before he has the chance himself
he hasn’t figure out the logistics, but-
you are... half not human and he is full human so..,,.
whatever he’ll figure it out
“they’re nice... i just.,,.,” yoongi isn’t able to find an explanation for not introducing you to his friends that he’s willing to share with you
yoongi seizes up upon hearing his name called by an all too familiar voice
the moment he turns back to face you, you duck under the water with a frightened gasp
he groans in disappointment as namjoon comes jogging around the rocky cliff
“hey! what’re you doing over here? i heard you talking to someone.” namjoon glances around and expects to find someone
“i was talking to... myself?” yoongi even questions himself
well... if this isn’t a sign to introduce you to at least one of his friends, he doesn’t know what is
“listen, joon, there’s someone i want you to meet.” yoongi begins to search the surface of the water for you, but you must have gone deeper than he can see
“there’s no one here, hyung.” namjoon chuckles, lowering himself beside yoongi
“yeah, yeah i know.” yoongi waves him off distractedly, letting his fingertips dance along the water
“what are you doing?” namjoon snorts
“just wait.” yoongi reaches further into the water and opens and closes his hand rhythmically
“c’mon.” he grumbles, repeating the motion once more as a sign of encouragement 
slowly but surely, your well-groomed hand places itself in his hand allows him to pull you to the surface
when your head breaks surface tension, you carefully peek at the second human joining yoongi
“oh my god, there’s a girl in the water.” namjoon gasps, shocked
as you carefully bring all but your waist and below above the water, namjoon comes to a second realization
“there’s a mermaid in the water.” he carefully shifts backward and keeps his distance at first
“hello.” you squeak, placing both hands on yoongi’s knee and slightly hiding behind his leg dangling into the water
“are you like... some cosplayer? cause that’s really good-”
“no, namjoon. it’s not a costume. y/n is a real mermaid.” yoongi watches you as you creep slowly toward namjoon as he retreats when you advance
“are you one of yoobi’s friends?” you ask cautiously
“yoobi?” namjoon replies, fascinated with the way you move in the water
“oh, sorry, yoongi.” you quickly correct yourself with a nervous giggle
“i knew you know my name.” yoongi scoffs playfully
“yeah, but it’s so much more fun to call you yoobi.” you giggle, pressing your cheek just above his knee and gazing up at him with an innocent smile
“how do you know a mermaid?” now more incredulous, namjoon inches forward to get a better look at you
“dunno... we just sort of.. met, and she’s been giving me treasures ever since.” 
“look! he gave me a shiny.” you display your beautiful ring for namjoon proudly
“a ring, huh?” namjoon eyes yoongi playfully. yoongi shoves him in the shoulder
“just... something i had lying around.” yoongi eyes dart to the left and land on the skyline
“oh! i’ll give you a treasure, too, namoon!” you hop off yoongi’s knee and dive into the water
“namoon?” namjoon questions, glancing to yoongi questioningly
“ah... she seems to give people incorrect nicknames.” yoongi shakes his head
you resurface quickly and gently shake your hair, handing namjoon the treasure
“i’ve had this a while. i feel like it should belong to you.”
from you, namjoon takes an ancient, tattered book filled with artwork of mythical creatures including mermaids like yourself
“oh, wow... how old is this?” namjoon flips through the pages with wonder
“i’ve had it for a long time, you remind me of it.” 
“good eye. namjoon does like to read.” yoongi nods, glancing at namjoon’s expression of incredulous shock
“this is in really good condition.” namjoon flips the book by the cover and smooths his fingers along the binding
“i keep most of my treasures in an air tight cave underwater. a lot of them are metal and would rust.” you shrug, hands folded under your cheek on yoongi’s knee
“i have to go get the guys-” namjoon starts to get up and yoongi pulls him back down
“i don’t know if she’s ready for five more guys yet, joon.” he glances apprehensively at you
“oh, right. sorry.” namjoon offers your a sympathetic grin
“are your friends nice?” you twirl your finger in the water near you
“they’re very nice. they’re a little rambunctious, though.” namjoon tilts his hand back and forth to show just how minimal it is
“i think... if they’re friends with yoobi, i would like them.” you squeak quietly, sinking until only your shoulders are above water
“are you sure?” yoongi places a hand over your own hand
you nod tentatively, a slow smiling tugging at your lips
namjoon is immediately on his feet giddily, “awesome. i can go get them.” suddenly, he’s gone, out of sight
yoongi turns back to you, “they’re a little much, are you sure?” he raises a brow
you nod again, “i like you, yoobi. i’m sure i can trust your friends.” you take a deep breath 
“yeah? i like you too.” yoongi grins, blessing you with a gummy smile that brings a grin out of you
bringing out of your trance, you hear yelling and laughing coming closer and closer until they’re right around the bend
“i’m nervous.” you whine with a nervous smile, between yoongi’s knees and sinking farther into the water
“it’ll be okay,” yoongi swings his legs on either side of you
jungkook is the first to round the corner, a dopey smile on his face that all but disappears when he spots you and yoongi in the water
you duck instinctively, peering around yoongi cautiously as he looks over his shoulder
“hyung.” jungkook calls blindly, reaching out for seokjin, the next to join jungkook 
“what-” seokjin cuts himself off when catching sight of you
the rest of the boys follow in suit- jimin, taehyung, hoseok
yoongi glances back at you a moment, “you’ll be fine.” he mouths. you nod
jimin is the first to approach you, cautiously stepping toward you and yoongi as you watch him carefully with wide eyes
“hello.” he smiles brightly, lowering onto his knees beside yoongi and offering you an eye-smile
his contagious smile causes you to give him a cautious grin, “hello.”
he places a hand on his chest, “i’m jiminie, one of yoongi-hyung’s friends.” 
“nice to meet you, minie.” you giggle mischievously. jimin smiles wider at your nickname and coos
“you’re so cute.” he giggles
“i’m y/n.” you perch on one of yoongi’s knees so that you’re more visible
your tail sways back and forth under the water, catching a glimmer of light and jimin’s eye
“i like your tail. it’s very pretty.”
“thank you.” you beam, glancing at yoongi excitedly at the compliment
jimin turns and gestures for jungkook to come closer, who does so hesitantly
“this is jungkook.” jimin introduces as jungkook shifts his weight timidly behind jimin, offering you a small wave
“hi, kook.” you offer the same type of wave, earning a grin from him
“she likes nicknames.” yoongi pipes up on your behalf. you nod cheerfully
“well, aren’t you just a vision.” seokjin crouches beside jimin to observe you
your cheeks flush a pink hue, “thank you.” you nearly whine, hiding your face in yoongi’s t-shirt embarrassedly
yoongi’s breath catches in his throat at your proximity to him between his legs
as a reflex, he gently pets your hair, “shy?” he chuckles
“the flirt’s name is seokjin.” yoongi rolls his eyes as you peek at seokjin carefully, a cheek-splitting smile on your face
seokjin offers you a wink and you giggle, “you’re funny, jinnie.” 
“wow...” the boy with the boxy smile marvels, inching ever so close to you as you bite your lip anxiously
“are you a real mermaid?” taehyung seriously has to restrain himself from ducking under water and touching your tail
“mhm.” you nod
“i’m taehyung. can my nickname be tae tae?” something about taehyung’s eyes sparkle, and you adore your shinys
“okay.” you giggle
“i like your eyes, tae tae.” you admit shyly, still gripping the fabric of yoongi’s t-shirt
“thank you!” he snickers with a wide grin
“who are we missing?” yoongi glances back and finds hoseok still apprehensive, mentally debating whether or not to come near
“come on, hoseok, she won’t bite.” yoongi scoffs jokingly
“i promise i won’t!” you shake your head to emphasize your point
“i know that.” hoseok rolls his eyes, coming to stand behind yoongi
“we usually call him hobi.” jimin chimes beside you
“i like that. can i call you that?” you peer up at hoseok with wide, innocent eyes, causing his heart to melt
“yeah...” he nods absentmindedly, marveling at your tail in the water as it moves gently against the current
“i’m not objecting if this is a dream.” seokjin lets his feet dangle in the water below
“even so- how did you meet a mermaid, hyung?” jimin inquires curiously
“she’s been bringing me treasures for a while... she just appeared one day.” 
“treasures?” jungkook’s ears practically perk up at the notion
“i can give you guys treasures, too.” you gasp excitedly
yoongi frowns. he honestly thought that was something special between the two of you, exchanging treasures between each other
“i have the perfect treasure for you, jinnie.” you slide from between yoongi’s legs and quickly dive under water, disappearing momentarily
“yoongi-hyung has a mermaid girlfriend!” taehyung chirps with a wide smile
“she’s not my mermaid girlfriend, you idiot.” yoongi scowls, earning a giddy laugh from taehyung
as you resurface, you present jin with an elegantly decorated piece of glass with a handle - a mirror“you’re so handsome- i thought you would like to see yourself.”
for being underwater for so long, the mirror is in surprisingly good condition
“how thoughtful of you!” jin gasps, fidgeting with his hair in the reflective piece of glass and smoothing a finger over his lips
you’ve brought your bag with you, digging through it and finding a beautiful, ancient, intricate broach that you hand to jimin
“it’s pretty and reminded me of you.” you smile sheepishly
“aw, that’s precious.” jimin turns the broach over in his hands, drying the jewel on his t-shirt
you glance at jungkook with a thoughtful expression, gasping with a realization and fumbling with the items in your bag
“you’re wearing a lot of these... do you want another one?” you hand jungkook a pretty dangling pearl pendant earring
“that’s so pretty...” jungkook inspects the earring for rust or anything of the sort before slotting it into one of his empty piercings, smiling proudly
pulling out an item you’re unsure of, you carefully put it in taehyung’s hand, “i’m not sure what this is... but i’ve seen humans wearing it before.” you tilt your head
“these are glasses. really cool ones.” the glasses are rounded and almost in perfect, new condition. taehyung dries them, cleans the lenses, and slides them on to the bridge of his nose
grinning with pride, you glance at hoseok, observing him before a light bulb flickers to life in your mind, causing you to dig into your bag until you find what you’re looking for
“this thing has foreign symbols and the little pointy thing is always moving... it makes a tick noise, do you want it?” you hand hoseok an old pocket watch with roman numerals instead of numbers- surprisingly still keeping correct time
“this is cool.” hoseok dandles it by the chain as it drips and ticks away
“i love mine!” jungkook gushes as he pushes the earring back and forth while looking in jin’s new mirror
you swim back to the space between yoongi’s legs and fold your arms over one of his thighs, “just pretty things i had lying around.” you shrug modestly
jimin is the first to notice yoongi’s bitterness about the whole situation
“thank you very much for the gifts, y/n. but, unfortunately, it’s getting a bit dark... you guys wanna head back and pack up?” jimin suggests, gauging the group’s reaction
seokjin picks up on his subtle vibe, “i think that’s a good idea,” he hoists himself up, “it was lovely to meet you, y/n.” he sends you one last wink and jimin departs with a wave, the both of them gesturing for the rest of the boys to follow
“bye, y/n...”
namjoon salutes you mockingly, “see ya ‘round.” he follows the other boys
yoongi is left alone, finally, with you
“that was very nice of you to give them your treasures.” yoongi acknowledges as the last group member disappears
“they’re nice boys... but i save my good treasures for you.” you admit cheerfully
“yeah? like me that much?” yoongi teases, moving his leg gently which in turn 
“mhm! i like you a lot.” you giggle. if you had legs, they would be swinging back and forth
“what do humans do if they like each other?” you tilt your head curiously
yoongi chuckles, “well, i guess it depends on what kind of like.” yoongi shrugs
“well... i like you like i saw two humans the other day! they liked each other.” you gasp excitedly
“yeah? well, what’d they do?” yoongi doesn’t expect this conversation to go much further
oh, oh but it does
“i don’t know what it’s called. close your eyes!” you gasp, flailing your hands excitedly
“should i trust you?” yoongi teases. you pout and he sighs
“fine.” yoongi shuts his eyes
you grin and lift yourself by your arms on his highs, raising yourself to his height
the act you observed seemed awfully intimate for two humans to just be friends
i mean, putting your mouth on someone else’s mouth? why would you do that with just any stranger?
but, when you think about putting your mouth on yoongi’s mouth... it feels oddly nerve wracking- like you’re scared to mess up
you slowly lean in and pucker your lips, placing the softest, feathery kiss upon yoongi’s lips and lingering there only a moment
it takes yoongi a moment to process what you’re doing- but it soon clicks
are you... kissing him?
so... you like like him?
wait a second, where did you see two humans doing this-
you pull away far too early for yoongi’s liking, so he opens his eyes immediately, watching you cower between his legs with a sheepish smile
“i don’t know if humans do that with friends but i thought it looked... cool.” you settle for, smile growing wider and more nervous
yoongi smooths his hand over his lips with a grin he can’t suppress
you taste like a fresh ocean breeze- without the salt and with all of the calming, coolness
“i like you like that, too.” yoongi declares, still in disbelief
“really? yay! i can’t wait to tell-”
“now come back here so i can teach you how to kiss properly.”
you squeak as yoongi pulls you to sit in his lap, your tail draping across his thighs as he plants his lips against yours, cupping your jaw sweetly
you smile softly- you could get used to this
Tumblr media
want to read more? check out my masterlist 💜
how can i make your dreams come true? request something 🌹
have any questions? ask me here 💌
like what you read? leave a like 🤍, or better yet, reblog or comment any feedback you might have
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maliagf · 9 months
narnia headcanons part two!
You ask and I shall deliver! ...several months late. Part 1
— Peter would totally be that kind of freak who loves mornings. He’s just the biggest morning person, gets up early, other weird shit etc. Edmund is an evening/night person, and (rightfully) calls Peter crazy for being so happy and energised in the mornings. Lucy and Susan are just normal. 
— They’re all amazingly really good at cooking but Peter is the best. 
— Lucy is the BIGGEST musical theatre fan. Ever since her dad took her to see one for her 8th birthday she’s been obsessed with them. She has a pretty good voice and has been in every musical production at her school, though she’s never played the lead, but this is by choice. She much prefers playing secondary characters. Of course her siblings have come and seen every single one. 
— Now, for a way more silly one: I’ve gone on record several times before saying that Peter is a slut, and I stand by this. Some people seem to think that this is impossible since he’d 100% be such a gentleman, but those things aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have sex with loads of people and be totally respectful to all of them. What seemingly does contradict this, however, is that I’ve also said before that Peter is a hopeless romantic, but I actually think it feeds into each other pretty nicely. I see Peter as the kind of person that would constantly rush into new relationships, but because he’s more in love with the idea of love than the actual person, they inevitably don’t last very long at all. This actually makes sense with the slut part because psychologically, having sex with someone early in the relationship makes you think that you’re more in love than you actually are. This is why I think, that for Peter to be able to find a relationship that actually lasts, which is what he wants, the love needs to grow over time with a person he initially didn’t see in that way. Maybe this is just me and my obsession with love that comes from unexpected places though.
— Already covered this but Edmund is def a closeted swiftie. Lucy is also a swiftie and she knows this, causing endless teasing but he still always denies it. Susan will listen to her occasionally. Peter never got into her music but one day he listened to Never Grow Up and cried for five hours straight. Eustace absolutely hates taylor swift.
— Ever thought about what the Pevensies’ favourite Disney movies would be? Well I have. Edmund’s favourite is Mulan, obviously. Reflection IS an Edmund song, I will not take any criticism on this. Also he definitely had a crush on bisexual legend Lee Chang, cause why wouldn’t he? Peter’s favourite is Aladdin. I have no other reason for thinking this other than vibes. Susan’s favourite is The Little Mermaid, and Lucy has a mental break down every time someone asks her to pick her favourite Disney movie.
Not as many this time but I’ll probably still add more lol
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glassprism · 4 months
i've never watched the rah concert but i've seen clips and the way sierra acted especially in motn and the final lair was very different of the way she acted in other productions, she was way into him. did she choose to play that way or the director told her to
Well, I certainly think it can be both; Sierra Boggess wanting to play it that way and the director wanting it a certain way, are not mutually exclusive. For all we know, they were in total agreement as to how Christine should be interpreted in the concert.
That being said, I do understand what you're saying: that Sierra Boggess acts differently enough in the RAH concert compared to her Las Vegas and Broadway runs that it seems like something was different. So yes, it is very possible that the Laurence Connor's direction in the RAH concert pushed her to be more receptive towards the Phantom, and some have theorized that he was trying to make the show line up better with Love Never Dies, which had only just opened in London about a year ago.
However, from what I've heard, Connor apparently denied LND being an influence on his direction, but I do think it's likely that it had an influence on Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo, who were only just in the show some months ago. It's a good possibility that, with LND still so present in their minds, the two played the Phantom and Christine in a way that leans closer to that show, whereas by the time Boggess was on Broadway (in early 2013 for its 25th anniversary and mid-2014 when Norm Lewis joined the show), enough time had passed that LND was no longer such a strong influence on her.
That also brings up another related factor: Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess's famous chemistry with one another. Sometimes, certain actors just click better with each other, and that's the case with Karimloo and Boggess; it's a strong possibility that Sierra Boggess is just more responsive to Ramin Karimloo, and that came out in the concert. I will say that I personally don't think Hugh Panaro and Sierra Boggess's interpretations worked very well, and coupled with her only having a six-week run, it could very well have caused her Christine to seem more standoffish and fearful of Panaro's Phantom. And on the opposite end, Sierra Boggess already knew Norm Lewis from The Little Mermaid and that might have contributed to her being a bit more receptive towards his Phantom, though still not as much as with Ramin Karimloo.
And the last possibility is in regards to the direction, but in another way: that the Broadway direction pushed Boggess to be a little more afraid and less attracted to the Phantom. At least to me, I find that the London direction is a little more experimental and willing to let actors try new things, while the Broadway direction is more consistent and traditional, and that might very well have applied to the RAH concert and Sierra Boggess's time on Broadway, respectively.
Or it could have been a combination of all of those factors. Or some. That's just the nature of creativity and collaboration.
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treason-and-plot · 1 year
Check In Tag
I was tagged by @nectar-cellar: Thank you very much!
Why did you choose your url? 
I used to be active on a site called NationStates and treason-and-plot was a nation I founded and used for RPing. The name had a lot of fun memories attached so I decided to use it again when I created my Simblr.
How long have you been on Tumblr?
Eleven years this year.
Do you have a queue tag?
I have no idea what this is. I barely know what a queue is, lol. I do have story tags though?
Why did you start your blog in the first place?
Ten and a half years ago I was on FB, but then my mother died. I found it very difficult to cope with the avalanche of messages and sympathy. It was lovely that so many people wanted to express their condolences, but I found it really hard to deal with my own grief, let alone the outpourings of emotion from so many people on FB. So I deleted my Facebook, and as a distraction created a Tumblr blog for my Sims 2 pics, which I had heard about on GoS.
Why did you choose your icon/pfp?
Harry was my icon for years which was interesting- for some reason there was a presumption that just because I had a male icon I was male myself! I chose my current icon (Naomi) a few years ago because I felt it was time for a change and because I loved that particular pic.
Why did you choose your header?
I won it in a competition!! The prize was a picture of your OC as a mermaid/ man drawn by @simdaisies. It makes me so happy to go to my blog and see Mia as a mermaid. And not only that, but a mermaid WITH BREASTS!
What’s your post with the most notes?
This one 
How many mutuals do you have?
I have no idea how to even find out. I do try and follow everyone back though if they are active Simmers as I just feel that this is the polite thing to do, lol- I don’t care what version of the game they play! I will unfollow/ not follow people though if they don’t tag stuff correctly, spam the dash every couple of minutes, or if they post stuff that doesn’t align with my values, obviously.
How many followers do you have? 
5653. I think the majority were gained during Baby Jessica’s heyday and a ton are not active any longer. 
How many people do you follow?
Have you ever made a shit post?
Did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? Who won?
I’ve had a few trivial disagreements with different people through the years, but these have largely remained private. An exception was the flame war that once blew up in the comments section of one of my posts featuring one of my lesbian couples, started by a former mutual who became very vocal about her disapproval of lesbians. She thought lesbianism was immoral and unnatural and disgusting and that lesbians were on their way to hell, etc etc. What I found mystifying was that this person’s blog featured lots of very sexual gay male Sims!   
How do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts?
I have no feelings about them at all. They’re not part of my Tumblr reality. 
Do you like tag games?
Yes. I love tagging other people too.
Do you like ask games?
I love receiving asks!
Which of your mutuals do you think is Tumblr famous?
All I know is that the Fangirling I did when @aikea-guinea and Sandy from @aroundthesims followed me back has never been equalled!
Do you have a crush on a mutual? 
Not currently, but I did have a giant crush on @simsgonebye back in the day, and I still miss her beautiful Sims, wonderful writing and wit and wisdom. 
I would like to tag @anamoon63 @curmudgeonness @windermeresimblr @jolifleurbleu @lalunebleue and @bool-prop. Cheers, dears!
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afairywithacrown · 2 years
International Love
A/n: Hellooooo, so everything you need to know about the past of tamaki and y/n is here. If you have more questions feel free to ask them on the ask thingy. Kinda long 1.2k, not necessary to read but it will help you understand better.
“WHAT?” the sound of the game was playing in your headphones as you turned around to see the angry silhouette of your father standing next to the door.
“I mean… yes dad?” Putting your headphones down to actually listen to what he was trying to say, leaving the remote aside. Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes and letting out a sigh.
“I asked you 3 times if you are coming for dinner.”
“Oh, no dad, thanks I already ate” Showing him a big smile.
“What exactly did you eat?”
“Izuku bought me a hot dog after school.” He only looked you up and down after leaving the room. Of course you were lying, but telling him that the only thing you did all day was play while eating a bag of chips when you skipped school wasn’t a good idea. Probably you should leave the game before it is too late. The ding of a notification made you turn your attention back to the screen
“Suneater83 is online”
Yeah, well, I guess you’ll be sleeping late again. You quickly put on your headphones and send him an invitation. The last couple of weeks both had gotten along so easily that watching his username pop on the screen is like free serotonin for you.
He is so nice and easy to play with, he has become one of your favorite mutuals. Not like other users you played before who only yelled at you because you died or blamed you over things that were their fault.
“Hello sunshine, how is it going?”
He didn’t respond like always but him greeting your character was enough for you. After 2 or maybe 3 hours of playing your clock read 1:30 so your dad was about to knock at your door to either see if you were asleep or he had to put you to sleep. You turn on your mic again and before you could say anything, Suneater spoke.
“Hey… do you know where I can find another sword like the one you have? I tried to find one last night where you told me you got yours but I couldn't see one.” He finally spoke! After weeks of trying to get him to say anything through the microphone he did it and even if his voice was calm and quiet he had a pretty voice.
“YeS!” you yelled but then lowered your voice avoiding your dad to enter your room “i mean… Yes, I can take you. There is a little town where some people make them for a price”
“thank you” both happily walked to the store where that man made them, you couldn’t express enough how happy it made you to hear him speak, sometimes you could imagine how he would sound like, he has a raspy voice, lower? pinched? Did he have an accent? What kind? All of those questions were finally answered.
“What are you still awake?” the lower voice of your dad made you jump in place, putting a hand in your heart.
“well… you see. My friend wanted to find a mermaid silver sword, but since the place where I found it was empty, I took him where there are people who do. You see? I was helping someone.”
“say goodbye, because you will not have your computer in a while”
“WhAt? What about school? I need it to study!”
“You skipped classes today, don’t think i didn’t notice. 2 minutes, when I'm back I hope it’s turned off.” He closed the door and you could hear his steps getting more far as they go.
“hey! suneater.”
It looked like he didn’t expect your voice because he immediately responded in a scared tone”
“give me your phone number”
“your phone number! I'm going to be grounder for a while but I like talking to you. So… could you?”
“I don't know… I don't know you.”
“Well, that’s why you are giving me your phone number, so we can know each other! come on, because my dad it’s coming to my room”
“okok, do you have anything to write on?”
After that you occasionally send him a text. Telling him “good morning” asking about his day and eventually you knew more of him. Like he lived in japan, He was studying to be a pro hero, his hair was a mix between blue and purple, his favorite food wss Takoyaki and his real name was Tamaki amajiki. You couldn’t explain how comfortable you were talking to him, like you both knew from years ago.
You tried to take things slow, you knew if you talked to him a lot he could get annoyed or scared, neither was good.
One day, after a long day of work he texted you first, he asked you if you could play tonight which the answer was obviously yes. a little tired but with a lot of happiness, you got online and played, you played all night, tamaki talked more, even you could say he was speaking more than you and far from annoying you, you were so happy to think he was comfortable around you too.
For tamaki went a little more different. He tried to talk to you so many times but everytime he deleted the message thinking he might bother you, you were busy or probably asleep. He loved to know anything about you, your favorite color, what you were studying, about the little pink pig he saw in the picture you sent of your desk.
He wanted to know everything, only if wasn’t too scared to mess up.
That day he was especially happy, the day had gone great, the big ass 10 in his exam, the butterfly who placed itself in his thigh during break, and when the professor told the class they could go home earlier, he decided to talk to you. 7 months passed by and talking to you was the best part of his day, mirio knew about you, he saw in his friend’s face the happiness he sometimes saw when something really good happened.
He understood at that moment that Tamaki was starting to fall in love. a little comment about it here and there. Mirio asking more about that y/n that had Tamaki smiling at his phone with every notification he received. Everything was coming clear for him.
Tamaki understood his feelings for the first time when he saw you being vulnerable.
You stopped texting for a couple of days, you didn’t seem to be online either so he thought you got bored and just disappeared. But late at night when he was about to go to sleep he saw your username on the screen. His heart jumped of happiness and a big smile on his face appeared. But when he heard your broken voice and sniffs behind the microphone the fluster feeling got replaced by fear.
“Sorry for disappearing the past couple of days, but I had a really rough week and well… My phone broke. I hope you can forgive me?”
The sudden urge to hug you and comfort you for whatever reason had you so upsted invaded his head.
“You can talk to me if you want to, i'm willing to listen to everything you have to say” The tone of his voice was firm, not aggressive or rude, but honest and comforting.
That day Tamaki discovered he wanted to protect you, to know you and love you. He understood the invasive feeling he had the past weeks, that feeling he couldn’t understand.
You knew at that moment he was your safe space and he was everything you needed.
The only problem was that the ocean was between you two.
Taglist(open): @stars-in-line @basicsofdying @fluffy-wolf @afterglowshounen @deeshyonigiri1122 @kirbyscreeper @capricornliar
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dolores-hazy · 1 year
I was tagged for some random question fun by the skilled wordsmith @apotypocalypse...so here goes...
1.     Which celeb would you want as your other BFF and why?
None, I don't feel connected enough to any to want them as a friend let alone a best friend
3 (What happened to 2? 😋)   What’s the last lie you told??
Probably saying I was okay, downplaying how I was feeling so as not to risk burdening someone else 
4.     When’s the last time you felt inspired to create something?
Today. Now it remains to be seen if I actually do something with the inspiration
5.     What’s your favourite dessert?
I don't play favorites with food lol. But I've been missing and craving some bananas foster for a while now
6.     If you were an animal, what would you be?
A cat perhaps
7.     Have you ever used a dating app?
No they don't seem a good fit for me
8.     What’s your No.1 karaoke song?
I don't subject other people to hearing me sing, probably akin to torture 😅
9.     Have you ever been on a blind date?
Kinda sorta. We were introduced to each other through a mutual friend and chatted for a little while before going on the date
10.  If a song played every time you entered a room, what would it be?
Idk...probably something like Constant Craving or some other such broody and wistful tune
11.  When’s the last time you got to really experience nature?
I'm more of an observer lol
12.  What’s an unexpected movie that makes you cry?
I not too long ago rewatched Lolita and for the first time it had me in actual tears at the end. That story has always disturbed me but this time i guess it made me more sad than before
13.  Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?
I'd like to think so
14.  If you could listen to a one singer or band for the rest of your life, who would you choose?
Don't make me pick just one
15.  What was the last movie you watched in a theatre?
Not even gonna say because it was like a million years ago 😋
16.  Who is your hero?
My loved ones I suppose
17.  What is your favourite animated film?
I will always have a special love for The Little Mermaid, My Neighbor Totoro, Anastasia, Tangled, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (yes I know it is only partially animated but I'm counting it)
I now tag @ending-thoughts @coffee-obsessed-writer @definegodliness @strikezilla01 (only if you want to) and anyone else who would like to answer these
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I'm actually very annoyed to see all these directors talk about Harry auditioning when he's not landed the role. The last one that I found super strange is for Nosferatu. At the time the director talked about Harry, the movie was in PRODUCTION and only Anya Taylor Joy was announced on the casting. But they're going out of their way to talk about Harry auditioning when he's not even getting the part, telling how Harry is so good but still could not get the job (I think for schedule issues if I remember correctly, how convinient). I've never seen anyone talk like this before. After the movie is done, yeah maybe we get to know who tried to have a role and didn't get it but so early? And talking about how they don't audition "bad actors", whatever that means. I get talking about him during early stages for The Little Mermaid et Elvis bc it's very much fancasting for these big productions and he's a singer so it's relevant in the way that they could consider musicians before actors, I'll admit that but the rest? Who cares about this? The general public will judge in the cinema. Cinephiles as well, they might be effy about him trying out acting but still, they don't care if the director say he's good. They'll want to judge themselves. And fans will see his films no matter what, they're garranted good numbers so for WHO is it? The industry doesn't take recommendations from articles and they could literally ring someone to discuss Harry in projects if they really wanted to so what? I've never seen something like this before. Yeah I've seen articles when actors step down on a project they initially were on but had schedule issues bc they're BOOKED and BUSY. Seeing all these professionnals go out of their way to talk about how he's so good all the time but decided to hire someone else makes me instantly think he's not that good. I know casting is complex, you can be great but someone else will be perfect for the part but honestly ? He was fine in everything I saw so far and I believe it's bc his parts were so shorts you really have to be bad to mess it up, and with a lot of people in the casting it's almost easy to blend in. They need to stop talking about how good he is on such early stages, especially when they don't tell what makes him so good it's worth mentioning to the media. It's the strangest and most annoying thing ever. I don't see its purpose, it's not helping him. Even the Oscar thing for My Policeman was a little weird to me bc it was only for him when honestly I feel like the rest of the cast playing both young and old protagonists could lend nominations as well. But bc he's new to the thing and aparently "so good" they're pulling a Timothée Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name type of narrative? They need to let the projects come Out. Enough with the talking bc it's a little ridiculous at this point.
For a truly great actor, maybe it’s better to let the acting do the talking, and so far Harry has done nothing equal to what he’s been puffed up to represent. As you said, his role in Dunkirk was fine. He wasn’t terrible; Nolan wasn’t embarrassed in casting him. But to compare him to icons — people who were so spectacularly talented in their youth like Pacino, DiCaprio, Heath Ledger, Dustin Hoffman, Brad Pitt— when Harry is clearly just famous? It’s a little strange.
Posting this from a mutual:
Harry is not a fucking icon. I wish people would stop kissing his mediocre ass. Or 101: His team started calling him a fucking icon in 2016 when he was 22 years old and fresh out of 1d. Why aren’t these people fucking embarrassed to blow smoke up this bland boardroom-created pop star?
Harry really is not remarkable. He’s fine. Good looking enough, good enough voice, polite enough, fame-hungry but not getting in to big trouble, attention-grabbing and ambitious, enough to do whatever the corporate big heads want. His acting so far is mediocre at best. Even Star Fox cameo was cringey as fuck. His latest album has word-salad lyrics that make him sound like a teenager embracing sex and drugs. He spews platitudes - love, peace, be kind, I love you - but has nothing of substance to say. He’s okay - a dreamy hero for 9th graders everywhere to idolize - but the furthest thing from an icon. It’s all about money and clout, selling concert and movie theater tickets, allowing the rich to get richer.
And that’s really the bottomline, isn’t it?
Harry sells movie tickets.
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non-fantasy · 2 months
to clarify i dont play d4dj i just have a mutual whos into it and who ive been asking questions. and i know some d4dj songs too but theyre mostly merm4id songs because i wanted to listen to them purely bc their name has mermaid in it and i love mermaids
my username for several websites has been SirenaKo because my dad called me a mermaid (this is only tangentially related)
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Trick or Treat
The next A Very Bouncey Halloween installment and a belated birthday gift to my darling @veritasrose. Thank you so much for the last year of friendship, I look forward to celebrating with you again. <3 you are much loved.
tw: curses, Geralt is an idiot, competent Jaskier
Tumblr media
Light flashes through the room and momentarily blinds Jaskier, who stumbles back against Geralt. He mumbles an apology to the ever-sturdy Witcher as he waits for his vision to return and when he blinks clearly for the first time after a few long moments, the bard feels utterly and totally confused by the scene unfolding before him.
The Duke’s grandest ballroom, which had been bustling with excitable party guests only moments ago, is now flooded with ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and monsters of all sorts. A woman with swan’s wings is huddled in one corner, squawking angrily at anyone who tries to draw near. A minotaur stumbles through the center of the dance floor, lowing in frustration as he tries to control his bulky limbs. Two werewolves wrestle for dominance atop the furthest banquet table to their left. As Jaskier takes it all in, he feels Geralt’s hands wrap suddenly around his bicep; the Witcher is clinging to Jaskier fiercely, leaning his not insignificant weight against the bard’s side as his eyes grow round and watery.
“What’s happening?” Geralt finally asks. His tone of voice seems breathy and high, filled with a terror - almost totally foreign to Jaskier’s ears. Geralt fears nothing and yet… “Let’s get away from this dreadful place, please!”
“Aren’t you going to try and solve this problem?” Jaskier asks, glancing at his companion. He gestures at the various monsters roaming freely past the buffet table. “You’re likely the nearest Witcher, after all.”
“I’m no Witcher,” Geralt declares. He splays a hand over the very center of his blue velvet doublet (a nearly perfect imitation of the way Jaskier reacts to a perceived offense). “I am a Count. Witchers are dirty things, not meant for such a public life as my own.”
“For fuck’s sake, Geralt, now is not the time for a prank of this nature,” Jaskier huffs. “Something is clearly going on here. We need to help these people!”
“I know something is wrong,” Geralt sniffles - fucking sniffles - and squeezes the bard’s upper arm even more tightly. The sound of Geralt crying shakes Jaskier into understanding, even as Geralt begs: “But I don’t know how to help! Please get me out of here, Milord, I’m scared.”
Milord? Jaskier mouths to himself, even as he wraps one comforting arm around Geralt’s waist and ushers him away from the growing chaos at the center of the ballroom. Jaskier hurries them down one suspiciously empty hallway after another until he reaches the small suite that he had accepted as payment for his performance at the party. Jaskier ushers Geralt inside and locks the heavy oak door behind them.
“My Lord Geralt,” he gets the not-quite-Witcher’s attention. “Do you mind taking a seat by the fire for now? I’ll be right with you as soon as the room is secure, and then we can figure out what’s going on and what to do from here.”
“Yes, Milord,” Geralt nods. He hurries to comply with Jaskier’s request, to the bard’s continuing shock and awe, and stays still and quiet as Jaskier removes his doublet and rolls up his sleeves. Using the strength he’s spent twelve years at Geralt’s side developing, Jaskier shoves a bookcase, a dresser, and an unfortunately designed roll-top desk in front of the locked doors for added protection.
Moving behind Geralt with practiced efficiency, Jaskier also closes, shutters, and locks every window in the room, pulling the curtains closed to keep any light from spilling out and alerting stray creatures of their presence.
When he’s finished locking down all of their room’s possible entrances and breathing hard from exertion, Jaskier tugs the Witcher’s xenovox from his bag and flips it open, waiting with bated breath until Yennefer’s irritated voice snaps: “What do you want, Geralt?”
“Who is that?!” Geralt cries from his place near the fire. He has a white-knuckle grip on the overstuffed armchair he’s perched in and his clothing is mussed; Jaskier motions for him to be quiet and Geralt bites his lip, worrying the soft pink skin between his unusually dull canines.
“Was that Geralt?” Yennefer asks. "Did Jaskier summon me?"
“Yes and yes,” Jaskier replies. “I think he’s been cursed or enchanted or something. I was hired to play at the Duke of Rinde’s All Hallow’s Eve celebration and Geralt accompanied me - even dressed up for the occasion - but something happened at the party and now he’s acting strangely. I don’t know what to do.”
"What's happening?" Yennefer prods.
"Geralt is acting rather out of sorts. He’s speaking strangely, he wanted to flee the party rather than investigate the source of the changes-”
“What changes?”
“Everyone sort of… Well, a good portion of the party guests suddenly transformed into their costumes,” Jaskier explains, his speech stunted by his disbelief. “I know it sounds incredible, and it was! One moment we were all enjoying the music and the next… there was a minotaur and a mermaid and a faun… Geralt went nearly mute and started clinging to my arm like some sort of aristocratic maiden!”
“Oh shit,” Yen groans.
“Who is that?” Geralt repeats. Jaskier continues to ignore his companion. He knows that the moment he turns his attention to caring for Geralt, he won’t be able to tear it away again, and he needs to finish this conversation with Yennefer first.
“Why are you swearing?” he asks the sorceress. “What is it?”
“Geralt asked me for advice about this stupid ball a few days ago, while you were busy making arrangements with the Duke. He wanted to impress you with his All Hallow’s Eve costume and prove that he could be just as fancy and well-mannered as all the other men of your status.”
“Why in the world would Geralt want to dress up and act like a nobleman? It makes no sense! He detests small talk, he hates vanity, and he finds most men of my station to be cowardly and overly delicate - myself included! I just- I don’t quite understand why he’d go through all of this just to impress me. Or why he thinks this kind of thing would be impressive in the first place.”
“Jaskier, please tell me that you aren’t as stupid as our mutually beloved Witcher…”
Jaskier considers for a moment, pondering the things that he does to impress Geralt: gathering wood, learning to cook with game meat, preparing the Witcher’s potion ingredients while he's out on hunts, organizing their packs when they're spiking camp, brushing Roach’s mane… Realization dawns suddenly and all at once. He has a moment of pure understanding, a moment much beloved by every poet, bard, and playwright across the Continent: “Oh.”
Yennefer gives a tired laugh. “Yeah.”
“So he’s stuck as… a noble?”
“I suppose,” she sighs. “I’ll portal you to my location and we can figure things out in peace. Get your things together, I’ll open it up in precisely five minutes.”
“What’s happening!?” Geralt demands. Jaskier pulls the Witcher/Count to his feet and bows shallowly.
“I am Jaskier Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhove. I will be your protector and chaperone for the foreseeable future, Your Lordship,” Jaskier bows shallowly. “I’m going to gather our things together and then we are going to meet up with a very lovely sorceress, Yennefer of Vengerberg.”
“Is she a friend of yours?”
Jaskier barely manages to hide his surprise at Geralt’s utter lack of recognition. His memories of Yennefer have also been taken, then.
“She’s a mutual friend.”
“Are you my friend?”
“I would like to think so,” Jaskier smiles. Geralt remains oblivious to the bard’s heartache, even as he curls himself against Jaskier. He tucks his face against Jaskier’s shoulder and sobs quietly. The bard runs his hands comfortingly up and down Geralt’s spine for a long, soothing moment. The smooth, royal-blue velvet tickles his fingertips. “Shh, dear heart. I’ve got you. Everything will be alright, I swear.”
“I trust you,” Geralt whispers.
Just as Jaskier is about to reply, Yennefer’s portal snaps open in the center of the room. Jaskier hands Geralt a set of bags and hauls his own over his shoulder. “Time to go, Your Lordship. Just take one little step…”
“Do you know who I am?” Yennefer asks. Geralt shakes his head before burying his face in the back of Jaskier’s shoulder-blade.
“I’m so frightened, Milord.”
Frightened? Milord? Yennefer mouths. Jaskier shrugs nearly imperceptibly and makes a panicked gesture in the Witcher’s general direction.
“I don’t know what to do either!”
“Well, start from the beginning. Tell me what happened at the party before all of… this.”
Jaskier recounts every detail he can remember in the most straightforward way possible, momentarily renouncing his poetic skills in favor of efficiency - for Geralt’s sake, of course, not Yennefer’s. When he's finished he asks: “And you said he did all of this to impress me?”
“But why?” Jaskier repeats his earlier question. Yennefer understands that his meaning is different; Jaskier understands that Geralt is interested in him romantically, but the bard can't seem to get it through his head that Geralt has deemed him worthy. Although, knowing the Witcher, he isn't even sure how to go about doing such a thing in the first place.
"I just... I don’t quite believe you," he adds.
“He loves you,” Yennefer reiterates. "And now he’s stuck like this until the effects of the spell wear off, so I suggest you take his precious Lordship to one of my spare rooms and make yourselves comfortable. I’ll see you both for breakfast, providing the magic is null and void by then.”
“And if it isn’t?”
“I hope you enjoy small talk, you bardic bastard.”
Yennefer smirks and disappears from the room in a whirl of black and white silk, the scents of lilac and gooseberry curling through the air in her wake.
Geralt clings to Jaskier’s bicep again as the exhausted bard stands, keeping his larger body pressed against the human’s side as if Jaskier is the one who wields the Witcher’s swords. “So I’m under a spell?”
“Yes, darling.”
“At least I have you here to protect me, Jaskier. You’re so brave and strong; my hero!”
“It’s usually the other way around, dear heart, but I appreciate the sentiment. Now, how about we find a comfortable place to bed down for the night, Milord?”
Jaskier moves Geralt's hand so that it's curled around the inside of his elbow, the proper etiquette for a platonic escort, and leads him quickly down the long hallways of Yennefer's sprawling manor house. He chooses the blue-themed bedroom at the back of the East Wing, far from the sorceress' own suite of rooms.
He has to help Geralt change out of his lordly costume, the Witcher-turned-Count fumbling uselessly at the laces and buttons as if he'd never seen a fastening before in his life. Geralt whispers shyly as Jaskier pulls a nightshirt over his head: "Thank you again, Milord Jaskier. I feel as if I can't help but continue indebting myself to you."
"Think nothing of it, dear heart," Jaskier smiles, ignoring the pang in his chest. "I am happy to help you."
Jaskier tucks Geralt into bed before changing into his own nightclothes, tossing his things back into their travel bags as he swaps outfits. He feels Geralt tense up when he sits on the edge of the bed and his eyebrows narrow in concern.
"Are you alright, Geralt?"
"Are you going to share a bed with me?"
"Would you rather I didn't?" Jaskier answers with a question of his own.
"I... I wouldn't mind it if we shared."
Jaskier wishes he had Witcher sight, so he could catch a glimpse of the blush no doubt attempting to stain the Witcher's face. Despite the mutagens, Geralt's face still went pale pink when he encountered a strong emotion. It was adorable. And incredibly rare.
As soon as he pulls the covers over his chest, Geralt glues himself to Jaskier's side, snuggling close. "Feels safer," he says in lieu of explanation.
"Goodnight, dear heart."
"Fuck," Geralt groans, sitting up in bed. Jaskier sits up beside him, wiping the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand.
"Good morning, Milord," he teases.
"Shut up," Geralt groans. Jaskier does get to see him blush this time, and the bard revels in it; he would trade all the gold in the world to see Geralt flush like this. "I can't believe I cried on you!"
"It was rather adorable, actually."
"Still..." Jaskier reaches out, tentative, and cups Geralt's cheek with his palm. He turns the Witcher's face and locks their gazes together, blue meeting gold. "Still, I think I prefer you as you are. My big, strong Witcher who cares so much about defending the little guy. Willing to step in and help wherever and whenever he can."
Geralt's eyes get a little glassy and he leans forward, pausing and letting Jaskier make the final decision. The bard meets him halfway, pressing his lips against Geralt's without any sense of urgency at all. It's warm and sweet, time fading away as they let their feelings pour through this one simple gesture. When they pull apart again, Geralt gives a surprised, lopsided smile. "Oh."
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cheollovr · 2 years
𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥
yes, you want her
look at her, you know you do
possible she wants you too
there is one way to ask her
it don't take a word
not a single word
go on and kiss the girl
⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰
pairing : sunghoon x reader / yn
genre : slight angst , nonidol!au , best friends to lovers!au
trigger warning : mentions of other idols (enhypen jay and jake | aespa ningning | loona yeojin) , mentions of food , intended auto-caps , kissing [not anymore that i can think of but if you spot any please let me know <3]
a/n : heavily inspired by the little mermaid's kiss the girl bc disney is life
⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰
"Bro she definitely likes you back anyone can see that," Jake said, putting down his cola bottle. Sunghoon made a face, clearly expressing his doubts. "You're so oblivious," Jay shook his head.
It was a boys' night. Just the simple video games and pizza at jay's apartment. The heated debate on whether four arms were better or four legs were better slowly drifted to Sunghoon's massive small crush on you. "You know I'm not good with words. I can't do that," Sunghoon leaned back. "kiss the girl ," Jay said absentmindedly. "if she kisses back, the feeling's mutual."
"We're not gonna force anything on you but you should confess to her. You won't regret it," Jake said, taking another slice of pizza. Sunghoon was lost is his thoughts. Very generically, like all the other fics, he didn't want to lose his friendship with you just because of some stupid feelings, so he resorted to keeping it to himself and maybe the guys.
The boys' night continued with the sunghoon and yn topic left alone for the rest of the night, but it was swarming through Sunghoon's mind the whole time. Should he really confess? No. Not if several years of friendship was on the line.
"I'm telling you. Sunghoon will like you back. Believe me please just confess to him already," Ningning whined. "Yeah. You better snag him before somebody else does," Yeojin pointed out. Similar to the boys, you guys were having a girls' night too. Facials, lotions and creams were passed around as you guys did a skincare routine, some playlist playing in the background. "And ruin our friendship? Nope," you scoffed, rubbing a lotion on your cheeks. Their convincing would be futile. You were a stubborn person and they knew that.
Sunghoon tossed and turned. He thought sleeping would get him away from all this love, but there he was, staring at the ceiling. He thought back to what the boys had said; she definitely likes you back. what did that mean? did she tell them she liked him? or did they just assume? Millions of thoughts came crashing down on him like a tidal wave and he ruffled his hair in frustration. Pulling out his phone, he opened your chat, typing a short 'i love you in a more than friends way' only to erase it off. Suddenly, a surge of adrenaline rushed through him and he leaped out of bed, grabbing a pair of shoes and ran out of his house, instinctively turning right and headed to your house.
You'd left Yeojin's house and was preparing to head to bed when your doorbell rang. Who could be looking for you at 02:17am?
Opening your door, you met with a panting Sunghoon, his hair stuck to his forehead with sweat and his face slightly red. "y/n," he said, but before you knew it, his lips came crashing down on yours. It took you by shock at first, but you reciprocated, smiling into the kiss.
You both pulled away, smiling. "I take that the feeling's mutual?" Sunghoon asked, a bright pink tint dusted the apples of his cheeks. You nodded shyly. He fiddled with your fingers unsure of what to do. "Come inside first, it's cold out," you pulled the boy in, preparing two cups of hot cocoa, as he sat on your couch. "Be my girlfriend? Let me be a part of your world " he asked, holding his steaming cup carefully, as you sat down beside him. "All yours, Park," you said playfully.
And on that day, the 13th of november, they were in a new part of each other's worlds, and it all started with one kiss.
⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰
a/n : it's my first time doing a song inspo fic but i really liked the way it turned out !!! i did lots of research for this like the dates and the songs so i hope you guys like it <33
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eleutheramina · 2 years
The Whale Star Thoughts
Read the English translations / tried my best to understand the Korean of the manhwa The Whale Star / The Gyeongseong Mermaid (up to the most recently released chapter) and wanted to process it - spoilers under the cut. 
First off, since only about the first 39 chapters or so are translated into English, my understanding of the events after that is much spottier, but I think I was able to follow the main character dynamics and plot points. I also didn’t know much about the Japanese occupation of Korea beforehand (and still don’t know a ton now beyond what’s touched on in the manhwa).
Regardless, I can say even without knowing Korean that the art is gorgeous with great colors, lighting, and details; the characters are fleshed out well and the women play prominent roles; and the motifs of the Little Mermaid, the ocean, being a fish are used beautifully and compellingly. For example, I loved how the water which Yoonhwa is that allows Soo-a to breathe is described to be living in is “poison” in ch 14 - I think referring to the patriarchy that resulted in Yoonhwa’s treatment and also how even someone from a high status, Japanese-pleasing family like her is still susceptible to the toxic impact of Japanese occupation. 
Though to be honest, the main reason I’m writing is the process the character Haesoo, whom I didn’t think too much of initially but eventually became the most interesting character to me. He clearly has lived an extremely sad life and feels the effects of the trauma inflicted throughout the fight for Korean independence keenly. He’s a great foil to Eui-hyeon - arguably more morally gray, more viscerally/personally traumatized by violence - which I think results in the “fear” that Haesoo admits to feeling before their mission that Eui-hyeon does not. While Eui-hyeon teaches Soo-a how to read and write, Haesoo teaches her how to use a weapon. Soo-a seems to trust Eui-hyeon implicitly while having a very justified aversion to Haesoo, and she’s driven throughout the story by both her feelings for the former and her desire to get revenge against the latter.
And I can’t not mention how the Haesoo and Soo-a relationship is rich and complicated. While not entirely surprising, I did not expect Haesoo to develop feelings for Soo-a in the way he clearly does. Even though I started the story mostly invested in the development between Soo-a and Eui-hyeon, and it’s clearly the more mutual, healthier relationship and isn’t short of thematic richness, I ended up wishing for more interactions between Haesoo and Soo-a (even though I knew it was never going to be a thing and probably shouldn’t in the narrative). 
Haesoo, of course, poisoned Soo-a, leaving her voiceless and traumatized. Soo-a understandably feels very on edge around him and tries to attack him when she sees him again for the first time. Haesoo also didn’t leave the experience without any scars, clearly feeling haunted himself for poisoning her even if he knows he would make the same decision again. 
I like how a recurring theme in their relationship is Haesoo being ready to die and Soo-a forcing/urging him to live - stopping Haesoo from taking the poison, carrying his wounded body to the monk’s place, yelling at him when he says he wants to rest. “Why do people throw their lives away so easily?” Soo-a asks, and I think it’s a well-established part of her character that she values life - she expresses great sorrow over the dead whale and urges the doctor to help Eui-hyeon.
Tumblr media
It’s significant and shows Haesoo’s growth that his last words to Soo-a are asking her to live.
Now, it is indeed hard to see them as a healthy, feasible couple without a lot of development in fanfiction land (and also without Eui-hyeon out of the picture in some way), but I think it could be fun to write about their dynamic, which is certainly less wholesome and sweet than Eui-hyeon and Soo-a’s is, but I think still with care and respect (for the most part aha). 
I also find myself dwelling a lot on the monologue Haesoo has leading up to his death - especially the thought that Haesoo has about wondering about how he would have made the same choice if he had met Soo-a again in the same circumstance, and ultimately rejecting the idea of him owing his life to her like Eui-hyeon did in favor of the time in the mountain in the winter they shared together. (I think represented in the different fairy tales evoked for them - Little Mermaid vs Snow Maiden). 
“If I could go back to the mountain where I spent the winter with you, that’d be good.”
Tumblr media
Part of me is just a sucker for any time a character wistfully says something like “I wish we could just go back to X time/location,” but I think it is also heartwarming that toward the end of his life, for someone who suffered so much tragedy and hardship and brushed with death on multiple occasions, he still ultimately really treasured his relationship with Soo-a and the brief period of time they were together.
I also find his final scene -- “waking up from a dream” in Yeonhaejoo with his brother Haeyoung and surrogate little sister Nokjoo beautifully tragic and fitting. I found it strange that we don’t see much of Haesoo mourning or generally thinking about Nokjoo after her death (unless there is more in the latter half of the series that I missed because of not understanding the Korean), especially compared to Soo-a who has known her for much less time. Of course, it’s clear he’s upset when she dies and he thinks of her when he breaks down in tears in front of Soo-a, but I wonder if part of his lack of thinking about it overtly can be explained by how much he acts toward her like he’s not secretly part of a dangerous Korean independence organization and tries to preserve her innocence as much as possible; i.e., he still mostly associates her with Yeonhaejoo. 
In the end, his last line is about his dream being in Joseon, which obviously refers to the physical location where he spent his life after leaving Yeonhaejoo, but also I think could refer to Soo-a, who is often representative of Joseon as a whole. 
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