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SWARM (2023) — title cards
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i roll my eyes @ low effort tumblr hypno inductions until im get so dumbed down that they work on me and its extra hot bc i realize that im not too smart for anything if ppl just make me dummer
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saintbleeding · 22 hours
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[ID: Digital painting of Martin and Jon from TMA, set post-MAG 159. They are seated side by side on a moving train. Martin is a short, fat, white man with greying brown hair and faded-brown eyes, wearing rectangular reading glasses, a reddish scarf, a grey shirt, and a dark grey waistcoat. Jon is a tall, thin British-Indian man with curly silver hair and a patchy beard with many scars on his face and body, wearing rectangular glasses, a grey pea coat and an off-green business shirt. Jon’s arm is around Martin’s shoulders, with Jon smiling cautiously down at Martin, who stares miserably out the window, his forehead resting against Jon’s cheek. Martin appears mildly waterlogged, and there is dried spattered blood on Jon’s hand, the front of his shirt, his beard, and the scarf. Outside the window is an overcast sunset over a landscape of dense trees. End ID.]
i think we, collectively, don’t talk enough about the fact that jon probably still had Exploded Peter Bits™ all over him. i’m gonna be honest.
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He's coming back today!!!
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Alexander McQueen | Fall/Winter 2023 RTW PFW
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hot girls stay up late just so they can finally have some alone time
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Screenshot yassification moment
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losing my mind over this image
© Oliver Höner
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Sweet fantasy
Gaz, Alejandro, Rudy, Valeria, and Graves
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WARNINGS: Pure smut here, swears, a singular spank, praise, LOTS of begging, Fem!reader/afab body desc
RATING: Just your typical god honoring mw2 smut 😋
SUMMARY: The types of fantasys the mw2 gang have about their girlfriend at the right and very wrong times
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- Red light
You look gorgeous. Utterly stunning bent over the bonnet of his newly cleaned car. Your hands grasping onto his forearms for some form of support against his sharp thrusts. He has never seen a better sight. You whimper ever so slightly at feeling of his hand making harsh contact with your ass. The action make your walls enclose on him, the rather wet, lewd sounds that radiate of the two of you indicate your close. His hips are starting to stutter, "C'mon baby, you feel so fucking good." he isn't going to last long either at this rate. "Fu-fuck kyle!" Oh god you sound fucking intoxicating, so intoxicating he almost forgets that it isn't real. He's in fact driving, just a little over the speed limit.
"Holy shit" he thinks to himself. How long has he been daydreaming? He could've ran a red light, hit something and he wouldn't even know. So lost in the idea of bending you over his beloved car. He remembers now. He's on his way home. Home to you and your plush lips, your perfectly curved ass. Holy fuck he's missed you.
- Tan lines
You always loved the beach. The beaming sun, the sound of the soft waves and the tan lines you would get afterwards would always make you feel nostalgic. Alejandro always loved going too. He adored how the sun would (without fail) always hit your face in the most flattering angle and how you insisted on buying a new swimsuit every time you went. Its not his fault his girlfriends new choice was a lingerie worthy bikini. He simply can't stop the wandering thoughts of him softly kissing your neck with you sat on his lap. Those tiny jean shorts would be long gone, thrown on a near-by lounge chair. Between continuous soft kisses you manage to giggle out "Ale- what is someone sees!" your soft moans make him think differently to your protests, he just continues to move his hands edging closer and closer down your body. He attempts to soften your worries with enticing coos of encouragement "C'mon honey, we both know no ones gonna see. Sólo quiero hacerte sentir bien mi amor."
Before his wandering hands could move any further hes rudely awoken by his favorite sound. "Hi baby, this the right one?". You. You were holding out a cold beer waiting for him to grab it. God you looked even better in the flesh. Were his pants this tight earlier?Before he could get lost in his thoughts again his grabbed the bottle out of your hand, the cool glass making a nice contrast to his warm hands. Hes so glad you bought that bikini.
Counter tops
He was loved coming home knowing you were there, he always wondered what you were doing while he was gone. More often than he would like to admit he would always think about him pouncing on you as soon as you got home. His favorite was the idea of him bending you over in that cute little apron he got you for your birthday. Just the thought of you coming undone due to his doing made his breath catch in his throat. On a rather long drive home his mind began to wander once again.
The only thing he can see is you. You're once perfectly done hair is now ruined and your lipstick is everywhere but your lips, unless you count his. His stained lips make quick work making love bites across your neck, between the kisses he manages to breathlessly pant "Fuck. You're so beautiful amor, you know that right?" His fingers finally enter you after what feels like hours must have only been about 15 minutes of teasing. "Oh god Ru-Rudy!" Your moans sound like a soft melody to his ears he wants nothing but to drown in the noise of them. "You want me to go faster sweetheart?" A rhetorical question he already knew the answer too. You mange to moan out a soft chant of "P-please" to convince him but before your convincing can work he's jolted awake.
Instead of your chaste smile hes met with his best friends menacing one "Sweet dreams my friend?". He didn't realize how much you had an affect on him. He is never gonna live this down.
- Dream come true
Look what she's become, what she's become for you. She's killed people with her bear hands, those same hands that are currently teasing the ever-loving shit out of her rather needy girlfriend. God she loves how you look right now. So ruined from a simple make-out session and a few grazes across your thighs. Lipstick long gone, tears brimming at the sockets and (her favorite) her t-shirt bunching just above your thighs to show your newly bought underwear. She knows what you want and by no means she intends to give up this easily.
"Plea-please val, i need you!" She murmurs a laugh at your futile attempts of begging, the sound muffled due to her lips being occupied with wet kisses along your stomach. "C'mon honey, you can last for me cant you? Sé que puedes ser mi niña buena". Her lips place a good distraction from her fingers slowly trailing their way to your clit. She teases the nub just to steal a whine from you.
Right as her index finger is about to finally enter you... "VAL!! YOU HOME BABY?" She silently curses the person who stole her away from the moment. Wait she was home alone wasn't she? Her guard is safely lifted back down as its the very girl wandering her very daydreams, you. She very well intends to make her dreams come true tonight.
- New mattress
His favorite sounds hit his eardrums. The sound of your sweet, ever-loving voice seeping in through the small cracks in his brain. He can just imagine your innocent like expression looking up at him through water lined lashes, squirming underneath him. He always thought you looked the cutest when whining for him to just "ple-please move". He couldn't leave you begging for long. Not when you look so pretty, so so pretty all for him to selfishly devour. His thrusts began to quicken with every little moan you made. He placed a chaste kiss upon your forehead before groaning out "C'mon baby jus' a little longer." I mean who could blame him when you decided to wear his favorite sundress this morning.
His rather dirty thoughts of you laid out plush along the pillows are interrupted rudely. "We have your mission reports sir, like you asked?" That's right. He's at work, not fucking his girlfriend across the new mattress. He's stuck here all alone, nothing but his callus hands to satisfy his thoughts. He finally responds with "Thanks, that'll be all" and a quick nod. He can't wait to come home to you, he's gonna break that god damn mattress.
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Alphys is a tad lazy for being the new royal scientist.
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Dominique Fishback and Kiersey Clemons as TONY & RASHIDA SWARM 1.07 “Only God Makes Happy Ending”
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mayb i shouldnt spend all morning on hypno abt wantiing to please men and be filled with cock. i was walkin 2 work this morning and a guy was catcalling me and i was like genuinely like. maybe i should wait and talk 2 him. like. girl
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a post-32 fic where there is only one bed (derogatory)
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Yes I finally watched Trigun
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