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fouryearsofshades · 3 months
hi! do you have any information on how hanfu were traditionally washed and stored? thank you :)
First, sorry that it has been so long. Then, sorry that it is a short answer. Hope it is alright.
Expensive clothes were not washed. In the old days they used a lot of plant dyes and those things discoloured when they came in contact with water. Modern plant dyes are slightly better due to the fixative used in dying but the colour still faded with every wash. Hence, people in the old days used to wear layers to avoid dirtied their fancy clothes with sweat.
Clothes can be scented with something called 熏笼/Xūnlóng (lit. "smoke cage").
Tumblr media
It is usually made from bamboo, but rich people could have them made from porcelain, like this one from the Three Kingdoms period.
Tumblr media
A book on incense from the Song dynasty, 洪氏香谱/Hóng shì xiāngpǔ (Hong's Book of Fragrance), recorded the method of scenting clothes: first placed a bowl of hot water to moisturize the clothes, then smoke the clothes with incense.
Tumblr media
Sometimes clothes could be washed separately.
护领/Hùlǐng (lit. "Collar protector". They are usually white in colour) were often detachable so people only needed to wash that instead of the whole clothes. It could also be made from paper.
Tumblr media
Those type of embroidered/painted collars from Song dynasty were attached separately, so it was possible that they were removed while the body of the clothes were washed separately.
Tumblr media
People usually washed clothes in water with the aid of a 捣衣杵/dǎoyī chǔ or 洗衣杵/xǐyī chǔ 搓衣板/cuō yī bǎn wash stick and/or a washboard.
Tumblr media
The earliest type of of soap recorded being used was 草木灰/cǎomù huī (wood ash). Other plant based soaps were also used, such as 皂荚/zàojiá (Gleditsia sinensis, black locust), 无患子/wúhuànzi (Sapindus saponaria, soapberries), 茶箍/chágū(the dregs from pressing oil from camellia seeds plus hay) etc.
Tumblr media
There were also records of potassium soap. Those soaps however were usually in liquid form and often used in fabric manufacture [我国古代的洗涤剂].
猪胰子/Zhū yízi Pig pancreas was also used. 白国斌/Bái Guóbīn (in 2021) wrote how they made pig pancreas soap when he was young - pasted the pig pancreas, then dried and powdered it. Later mix with alkaline water and made into ball to air dry.
Tumblr media
澡豆/Zǎodòu was made from the combination of powdered pig pancreas, bean powder and other herbs. There are many recipes, such as a recipe by 孙思邈/Sūn Sīmiǎo from Tang dynasty includes 16 materials. They were also known as 胰子/Yízi.
Aromatic herbs and other xiang (fragrant things) could also be added into the water in the end to add pleasant fragrance to the clothes, such as a book in Ming dynasty《多能鄙事》/Duō néng bǐ shì ("I can do a lot of humble things") by 刘基/Liú jī recorded: Tree Peony Bark 31.25g and Spikenard 3.125g, powdered.
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teecupangel · 2 months
Put me down 4 leverage pls!
Nonny, that is not how voting works.
At least spam my ask box with different asks pretending to be different people.
On the other hand…………
I applaud your audacity and shall accept all 4 votes.
With these, CoD and Leverage are once again: tied!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
AND together with @rasdan-hassel's COD vote: COD is still on the lead with 3 votes!
The Leverage AU or Call of Duty Crossover sorta-poll for anyone interested
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xanadaus · 4 months
hey hi hello tobi! because you've been so sweet about the wings au, now that it's done and I'm doing dialogue prompts to tide me over for nanowrimo (they're on my blog), I wanted to offer you the opportunity of first pick if you'd like!
if there's something you like out of the lists I chose, or another idea you had, I'll focus on that one first! there is, of course, absolutely no pressure to do so at all. but I wanted to offer as a thank you :)
Quil I can't tell you how incredibly sweet this is!! My face really just went :O.
I would. Love to offer a prompt (this might take a minute for me to answer because I'm indecisive hold please. Actually this doesn't matter to you about that bc you're already reading this) But dude this is actually so cool!!
My brain is constantly plagued by previously mentioned wings au, so I think I want a prompt from one of my favorite dynamics that you write, Sophie and Tam.
Along w/ this prompt if it's chill:
“ jeez, i don’t even wanna know how you got that battle wound there; sit down and let me fix it up, won’t you? “
Seriously dude this is so cool, and I really feel like I should be the one thanking you! I haven't actually read the last chapter yet, (as all of my teachers have apparently coordinated to make each day of this week living hell) and I really want to save most of my comments as something I can actually leave on Ao3.
But to shorten it a little bit; thank you so much for making such a wonderful story. The twists were delightful, the characters and their interactions were fabulous, and I'm in love with the world you built that is everything and nothing like canon all at the same time. Thank you for making something so marvelous and being so kind when I told you about all the things I love.
I literally love interacting with you so much, (it always puts a smile on my face) and I cannot believe I was lucky enough to step into your brain for over a year. Thanks so much for the journey <33
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Closing ask box for a bit
Hey guys!  So my last final is on December 10th and so to focus on studying as well as packing up to head home for Christmas break, I’m going to be turning off my ask for a little bit.  So if you want to submit your headcanons make sure to send them in by Sunday at 11:59 as that’s when I’m going to be closing my ask box.  I hope y’all understand why I’m doing this
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scottishoctopus · 1 year
davey jones is an unsympathetic character.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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superchat · 11 months
Have you ever watched/read girls' last tour? I just finished the manga and am Feeling It™️
OHHHHH ANON!!!!!! ive done both!!!! but i dont own the manga (yet, i 100% plan on buying the volumes)
Tumblr media
I did buy the boxset for the anime tho...
I deeply love this series. its got so much to love. i absolutely love how tkmiz is able to say really big things or make you ask really fundamental questions with just a small remark or a single question that gets brushed aside. i think i remember this, there was a comment with the lady who "flew" the plane and they made a comment abt how they are happy someones gonna witness it, and yuuri says "is it really that big a deal someone else sees it?" and like, that was it. the conversation moved on, but moments like that like....they say so much, and open the doors for so much introspection. idk, its such a wonderful melancholic series... theres so much humanity in it, and i love how much humanity is in it with just two people for the majority of the series...
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prettyponyblog · 2 years
darigan w sugar belle :o!
Tumblr media
“haha what do you mean this ask is months old??” i say sweating profusely as i try to walk away but i trip and hundreds of unanswered months old asks spill out of my coat “those arent mine i swear” i say as i struggle to fit them back into my pockets
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darkshrimpemotions · 1 year
I means that’s love — to love despite the cheating — that is true love, even if greater on his side than hers. I’d kill (figuratively) for that.
I'm of two minds on this one. On the one hand, yes, loving someone means giving them grace and forgiveness when they mess up.
On the other hand, I would never continue a relationship with someone who actually cheated on me, i.e. slept with someone else when we had agreed to be exclusive. Even if I forgave them and still loved them, the relationship would be over. Why? Because relationships require trust and respect, and cheating is a clear indication on their part that they cannot be trusted and do not respect me.
I don't believe you can just go on autopilot and not realize what you're doing for the length of time it would take to initiate and complete any single physical act of cheating, much less an extended affair. People say they do, but I think what really happens is they want what they want in the moment than they want to be true to their partner or consider their feelings. Any claims of "I wasn't thinking straight" are just an excuse and an attempt to minimize what they did.
Emotional cheating I give more leeway for, because we don't always realize where our emotions are headed immediately. But I love myself too much to stay with someone who actively betrayed my trust to the extent required to physically cheat or carry on an extended affair. I would consider it extremely unhealthy, one-sided devotion to continue a relationship with such a person.
That being said, every single person who brings up Jada "cheating" on Will is full of it and lowkey implying she deserved to be mocked for her illness and appearance because of it. Which would be ableist bullshit even if she HAD actually cheated.
Both Will and Jada have said outright that they were separated when the relationship between Jada and August occured. It's also very clear based on both their statements that Will knew about the relationship, he wasn't being lied to. Nothing was happening behind his back. There was no betrayal of trust there. And unless and until they tell us otherwise, anything else is just gossip and speculation.
So Will's support of Jada isn't despite anything. It's because of the respect and trust they've built with each other in over two decades of marriage. I think this quote from one of Will's anniversary posts sums it up beautifully:
"Love is Like Gardening… I have learned to focus on HELPING you to BLOSSOM into what YOU want to be (into what you were born to be)… Rather than Demanding that you become what my Fragile Ego needs you to be.”
- Will Smith to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith on their 20th anniversary, December 31st, 2017 (source)
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milfcoven · 2 years
for u min <3 ily and i hope ur doing good today!!
Tumblr media
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aledethanlast · 1 year
i keep reading your url as 'aled and the last' idk why
Lmao new band name
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stinkrascal · 1 year
Hey jaidenmn, i find that sometimes when I'm in that mood tm, listening to lullabies always calms me down. I'll leave some recommendations here in case you wanna try it out!
~ song of the sea - nolwenn leroy
~ the lullaby - sophism
~ the jellyfish song - kleonlumi
~ wanderers lullaby - adriana figueroa
~ daughter of the moon - adriana figueroa
this is rlly cute tbh, thank you for the recs!!!!
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vhsshopping · 2 years
requests are open again!
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rangikuxmatsumoto · 2 years
Anon love for you
Tumblr media
❤❤❤❤❤❤ Right back at ya ❤❤❤❤❤❤
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spiderrrling · 7 months
The Price of a Kiss - Eddie Munson x reader
Tumblr media
Summary - You start trading Eddie little nick knacks for kisses
A/N - Tiiiniest little drabble from my drafts because I feel bad not being able to post any new writing, 1k words
“What’s this?” Eddie’s eyes weren't even looking at the rock you were holding up in front of him, his dark, doe brown eyes were linked to yours, and he wasn’t planning on looking away.
“A rock,” you smiled proudly at him, the small stone glinting softly in the sunlight as you held it up, with tiny streaks of crystal scattering the light and reflecting onto his face.
“I can see it’s a rock sweetheart,” he said as he picked the small rock from your fingers before holding it up to the sunlight and admiring it. “But why?”
“I dunno- I saw it and it looked pretty, I wanted to give it to you,” you wrung your hands together as you spoke and in that moment Eddie knew you had to be the most adorable creature to ever walk this earth-
“So you saved it? Brought it all the way here to me?” Eddie asked you with big eyes, the rock long since pocketed in his black ripped jeans, and you nodded in response to his question, biting your lip ever so slightly.
“Why thank you sweetheart,” his voice was soft as he spoke, and he was close enough that you could hear every slight shift in his voice, every breath and tone change. Eddie’s arm was wrapped around your waist bringing you impossibly close to him. “How could I ever repay you?”
It was painstakingly clear what he wanted, his lips were hovering over yours, almost brushing but just barely not, yet you could still swear you would know what he would taste like when he finally kissed you.
“A kiss perhaps?” your eyebrows raised ever so slightly and you tipped your head to the side, pursing your lips together as you looked at him.
“A fair trade indeed,” Eddie cooed at you softly, his rough hands grabbing your face and cupping it in his hands before he connected your lips together. His lips slightly chapped, but yet they were always softer than you expected, and he kissed you with such gentle care almost as if he was worried about shattering you in his grip.
“There, I think that is reward enough don’t you?” Before you could protest Eddie’s lips had left yours and you could tell he was fighting back the smirk that was nipping at the corner of his mouth. You pouted at him and stood on your tiptoes to try and reach his lips, which easily cracked his facade and his grin broke out over his face.
“Nuh-uh my love, that wasn’t our deal, I’ll suppose you’ll just have to trade me more.”
That was the first time you and Eddie exchanged a trade, and it was only the first of many times. After that you did whatever you could to find things to trade with him. Little knick knacks, a scrunchie, more pretty rocks you would pick up on the walk to his trailer, and once you made him a friendship bracelet that had him peppering your face in kisses.
“You know, I think you might end up collecting all the pebbles in Hawkins if you keep this up,” he once told you just before he gave you your well earned kiss. “I don’t care- if it means you’ll kiss me like that again I’ll do anything.
“Well, do you have something else to trade with me?”
It wasn’t as if he wouldn’t gladly give you as many kisses as you wanted, all you had to do was ask him, and you did. But you still loved the little trades you shared, and you loved finding little things to trade with him.
It almost became a little game to you, find the prettiest rock, the most perfect shell, make him something that you knew he would appreciate for more than just your small deals.
However, what you didn’t know was that Eddie kept everything you traded him, while he would pocket whatever little trinket you had brought him, when he got home, or when you weren’t looking he would slip it into the little box he had started keeping under his bed.
Even the bracelet you made for him, after he had given you your kiss he excitedly asked you to help him tie it around his wrist and after that it became a regular accessory, sitting just below his usual leather cuff. It was almost a little funny seeing the hand braided colourful friendship bracelet tied around his wrist next to the hard and cut black leather, it was such a stark contrast that it shouldn’t make sense yet somehow it did so perfectly.
It was almost like a sense of pride for him, every now and then he would reach under his bed to fumble around for the box, pouring out all the small trinkets onto his bed just to scoop them all up into his hands. Like a goblin would with his gold coins.
And it would lead to the silliest little pieces of conversation between the two of you. Like the time you were sitting on the couch, his hand tangled with yours when you pulled a slightly cracked shell out of your pocket, you didn’t even have to say anything. He simply picked it from your hand and started examining it against the dimmed light in the trailer living room.
“I don’t think this is enough for a kiss my love, my rates have gone up,” his voice was silky smooth as he spoke, and his thumb was on your chin forcing you to part your lips ever so slightly and the softest whine escaped from your lips. “Would you settle for a kiss on the cheek?”
“Everything is so expensive in this economy these days,” you muttered and complained, pouting ever so slightly at him to try and gain some affection in your bargaining.
“Oh but you’re so cute, how am I supposed to resist?” Eddie let the question hang in the air for a moment before he kissed you.
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hbdttg · 15 days
Part 1 / tag list below the cut
“I’m quitting,” Eddie declares, “I’m out. Call me a tree, ‘cause I’m leaving. Call me a banana, ‘cause I’m splitting. T-t-t-t-that’s all, folks!” he adds, doing his best impression of Porky Pig’s signature stammering.
Chrissy’s laser focus doesn’t stray from her monitor, even when Eddie bodily throws himself into the chair across her desk with a long, strangled groan. Wordlessly, she raises her left index finger at him in a silencing gesture. With her brows furrowed in concentration, she drags her mouse around on its pad and double-clicks something on her screen before nodding decisively to herself. After another few clicks, she finally lowers her finger, raises her eyes, and meets Eddie’s gaze.
“Would you mind grabbing what I just printed? Please?” she asks, smiling at him imploringly.
Chrissy could ask Eddie to bleach his hair and shave off an eyebrow and he’d do it. She’s actually who he has to thank for landing such a cushy job with HHH—a referral from a trusted associate like her goes a long way in a place like this.
And despite Eddie’s many complaints about becoming a corporate sellout, he can’t deny that it certainly has its perks. The office is only a ten-minute commute from his apartment, the compensation agreement he signed amounted to more money than his last two jobs combined, his benefits package is frankly ridiculous, and he gets to work with one of his best friends in the world. Overall, not a bad gig.
Even so, he makes a show of sighing, loud and longsuffering, before doing as Chrissy asks, leaving her office to grab her job off the printer. Eddie knows she works in HR and some of her stuff can get pretty confidential, so he doesn’t even try to skim the contents of the page as he walks it back over to her.
“Here,” he says, thrusting the paper at Chrissy facedown.
“Thanks!” she says. She makes no moves to take it from him. “That’s for you, actually.”
Curious, Eddie takes the paper back and flips it over. In the center of the page is a graphic of safety sign one might find in a cartoon factory, though Chrissy had edited the original from “[___] Days Since Last Accident” to “[___] Days Since Eddie Last Threatened to Quit His Job”. There’s a big red zero in the counter box.
Eddie tries to glower down at Chrissy, but it’s sort of hard to maintain when she bursts into laughter. It’s been years, but the sound of Chrissy laughing like this, all bright and breathless and unrestrained, never fails to transport him back to his (third) senior year of high school, when they first became friends over a failed drug deal.
“Don’t be cute,” Eddie says with a laughable lack of authority, dropping heavily back down into the chair.
“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Chrissy counters, brow raised archly.
Eddie rolls his eyes, crumpling the page into a ball and lobbing it in between them.
Chrissy lets the ball land harmlessly on her desk before sweeping it into the trashcan by her feet. ��“Just so you know, I’ve had that saved on my desktop since Monday—and I haven’t had to edit the days count a single time.”
Eddie scoffs, but it’s hard to defend himself when this current visit marks the fifth day in a row he’s floundered into her office, vainly announcing his resignation. “Yeah, well,” he says weakly, “printing it seems like a gross misuse of company resources.”
“What are you going to do, report me?” Chrissy says with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.
“Let me guess: you’re the one who receives those reports?” Eddie says dryly.
“Yep!” she says cheerfully. “Now, go on and tell me about your latest trainwreck of an interaction with Steve Harrington.”
“Christ, Chris!” Eddie hisses, leaping to his feet and immediately spinning around to check if anyone was around to hear her damning words. The coast is clear, luckily, but he still scrambles to shut her office door before falling back into his chair. “You can’t just go around saying his name all willy-nilly.”
“He’s not gonna suddenly appear if you say his name three times, Eddie. See, watch. Steve. Steve. St—”
“Don’t risk it!” Eddie squawks loudly, cutting her off.
“You’re an absolute mess,” she says through a laugh, shaking her head at him.
And well, Chrissy’s not wrong.
Eddie’s been a mess since Monday morning, when he unknowingly produced, directed, and starred in The Roast of Steve Harrington. He blames his shitty memory for forgetting what floor his new office was on—if he’d known he was sharing the elevator with someone he could have potentially worked with (let alone someone whose surname made up a third of the company name), he wouldn’t have opened his big, fat mouth in the first place.
When he finally gathered the courage to make it back down to the fifty-second floor and show his face at the HHH office, he kicked off his onboarding with Chrissy with a strangled, “I know it’s my first day and I technically just started ten minutes ago, but I quit. Thank you for the opportunity and good-bye forever.”
Chrissy, the traitor, spent a full five minutes laughing in his face over his shamefully recounted story before patting him twice on the head and informing him he wasn’t allowed to quit for at least six months. The overly saccharine tone of her voice alone told Eddie there was no room for argument there.
Still, that didn’t stop him from following her into her office after the all-hands meeting on Tuesday, all the while whining in her ear, “I can’t thrive in these conditions, Chrissy. Please, I beg of you—accept my sincere and humble resignation from this cursed hellscape.”
‘These conditions’ consisted of any rooms and/or conversations that contained Steve Harrington. Eddie hadn’t been expecting to see the guy doting over the catering when he walked into the conference room that afternoon, and he certainly wasn’t expecting his supervisor and trainer, Murray, to lead him over to Steve to introduce the two of them (though that was likely just an excuse to head straight for the sandwiches that were laid out for the meeting).
While Eddie choked on his own tongue trying to spit out some generic, inoffensive greeting, Steve merely watched him with an amused smirk before thrusting his hand out and offering a perfectly friendly “It’s nice to meet you, Eddie, I’m Steve”, as if Eddie didn’t have Steve’s name and face (and stupidly fit body—who the fuck looks that good in a pair of khakis?!) burnt into his memory from the day prior.
Afterward, Murray, who most assuredly did not have a filter of any kind, bluntly commented on Eddie’s awkwardness, then spent the next five minutes trying to determine if it was normal, strangers-meeting-for-the-first time awkwardness, or something more sensational. Eddie stubbornly kept his mouth shut until the meeting started.
Wednesday followed a similar pattern, with Eddie flouncing into Chrissy’s office with a dramatic “I choose to break my blood oath. At this point I’d welcome the sweet release of death if it meant I didn’t have to work here anymore.”
Chrissy just corrected him, patiently explaining that he was employed at-will, rather than by blood oath, and that if he left before his sixth month, she’d personally skin him alive. Eddie had to pause and weigh the pros and cons of being skinless. Surely it couldn’t be worse than his latest exchange with Steve—via email this time, mercifully.
He’d just learned how to field helpdesk tickets and received one from Steve Harrington himself. It was a simple enough software request ticket, so he assigned it to himself and replied with next steps, asking Steve for a code so he could remote into his computer and install the program.
Steve replied back, asking where he was supposed to find the code. It was an innocuous enough question, but then Eddie noticed something a little off about his email signature: his last name was bolded.
Eddie ignored it, assuming it was a stylistic choice—nothing to read into, surely—but then Steve sent another email shortly after to let him know to disregard his last email; he’d found the right app and was just waiting for it to generate a code. This time, Harrington was bolded and at least two sizes bigger than his first name.
Then, in Steve’s third email, sent not a minute later with the requested code, Harrington was bolded, two sizes bigger than his first name, and highlighted yellow—a tactic Chrissy found so hilarious that she had to shoo Eddie out of her office with tears in her eyes so that she could compose herself and actually get some work done.
Thursday was a blessed reprieve from Steve’s unique brand of psychological warfare, but Eddie still somehow managed to royally humiliate himself in front of him. After he slunk into her office and silently pushed a scribbled-on napkin across her desk—
Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as Systems Analyst II at HHH, effective immediately. Effective yesterday. In fact, I’ll pay you back the entirety of my wages earned if we just forget I ever worked here.
—Chrissy tutted at him sympathetically before taking the napkin and reaching over to dab it at the large wet stain on his shirt.
He’d been walking back to his desk from the breakroom when he rounded a corner and bumped into Steve in the hallway. Literally bumped into, bodily contact and surprised yelps and everything. And it probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal, really, if not for the fact that he had a newly refilled mug of coffee in his hand.
“Eddie, oh my god, are you okay?”
No, Eddie wasn’t okay, because he just splashed himself with hot fucking coffee and now Steve Harrington was worriedly fussing over him and tentatively trying to mop up the liquid with his own fucking hands for some reason, and he was embarrassed (and a little turned on?) and he had to get the fuck out of there now.
“I’m okay, sorry, it’s fine—” he managed to squeak before whirling around and scurrying to the bathroom.
So yes, Eddie’s been an absolute mess the past few days, and today is no different.
…Actually, scratch that. Today is different. Today is worse.
“Okay, now spill,” Chrissy says. “What happened?”
With another drawn-out, pitiful groan, Eddie sinks down in his seat and lets his neck hang off the backrest, blinking up at the ceiling.
“Talk to me, Eds,” Chrissy says, concern starting to bleed into her voice. “If he’s actually bullying you, you can file a complaint. I have a form here somewhere.”
Eddie hears her open one of her desk drawers and reluctantly sits up. “He’s not bullying me, Mom,” he says with a huff. “We actually…we talked.”
“You talked?” Chrissy asks, eyebrows raised.
“Yeah, about the elevator. Buried the hatchet and everything. I said sorry, we laughed about it, it’s over and done with.” Eddie’s gaze darts around Chrissy’s desk, searching for something to distract him from the warm and fuzzy feeling growing in his stomach at the memory of their conversation.
“That’s great, I’m so proud of you!” Chrissy says cheerfully. “But wait, if you two are good now…”
Eddie doesn’t want her to ask what she’s about to ask, because the answer might be more embarrassing than all of his other Steve stories combined.
“Why are you still going on about quitting?”
Eddie drops his face into his hands, feeling totally and utterly pathetic. “Um, because I think I’m sort of, kind of, just a little bit…in love with him?”
tbh I didn’t think I’d be writing a second part, but if strangers on the internet validate me enough, I guess I’ll do anything~
Y’ALL. I’m blown away by the response to part one of this silly lil au. I didn’t reply to any of the lovely comments or tags, but please know if you engaged in any way (or even if you just read the fic and snorted a little through your nose at a bit you found funny) I love you with my entire heart and you’ve made my entire life.
[Now for the tag list, which I’ve never done before. Sorry if you didn’t actually want to be on here! Or, sorry if you’re stumbling upon this post on your own after asking to be tagged and I missed you oops.]
@messrs-weasley @n0-1-important @bornonthesavage @thing-a-ling @eddiemunsonswife @changenamelater @ispyblu @thesuninyaface
@invisibleflame812 @4nemo1egend @ikolanatari @mavernanche @songbird-garden @trashpocket @original-cypher @over7joyed 
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tiedyedragonswrites · 10 months
I saw a post about your ask box being full but I just had to send this before I forgot (btw, just found and fell in love with your blog!)
Eddie walking in on you, his best friend, going to town with a vibe moaning his name 😩
I’d sell my soul to live this out 🥴
Not gonna lie, super excited to write this! I am glad you like my blog! I hope to see more requests like this from you, to be honest! This is different and I love it!
Tumblr media
Say it Again. Say my name.
[ ⛧ ]Paring: Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader [ ⛧ ]Warnings: Female masturbation, P in V, cockwarming, missionary sex, male and female orgasm, sexy time talk. [ ⛧ ]Word Count: 2.3k [ ⛧ ]Summary: Eddie catches you masturbating and moaning his name. He's not opposed to the idea at all, in fact, he wants you to feel the real thing. [ ⛧ ]A/N: I was not expecting it to be this long! But I got into it and it just started to flow out of me. I hope it's what you wanted. Sorry for any errors I might have missed.
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It wasn't unusual for Eddie to show up at your place whenever he felt like it. Your home was practically a second home to him. After all, you are his best friend and have been for a long while now. Today was like any other day. The plan was for him to come over after Hellfire Club, hang out, probably get a little stoned and watch a movie that you rented for the weekend. Tonight there were two choices, between Nightmare on Elm Street and Teen Wolf, both of which had finally come out on VHS and were featured at the Family Video store. Typical Friday night, right? 
You have just gotten out of the shower, heading to your bedroom to get dressed when you decided you want to unwind before Eddie came over. It was a pretty normal thing for you to do, almost every time he came over. He didn't know that and he also didn't know was that you often, probably almost every time, thought about him. You cherished this friendship, but at the same time, you were heavily attracted to Eddie. You adored him in a way that he had no idea about. He was blind to it, never really picking up on the signs that you wanted more with him. Maybe he thought that because you were his best friend, you wouldn't be sexually attracted to him. 
What you weren't expecting was for Eddie to show up earlier than usual. Walking into your place, he drops his black metal lunch box down on your coffee table and slides off his Dio vest and leather jacket, tossing them to a nearby chair. He takes a look around and his brow arches. Normally, you'd be sitting on the couch watching the tv when he showed up. He does a quick glance at his watch, realizing how early he actually was. "Maybe she's not home." He thought as he headed to the fridge and grabbed himself a beer, cracking it open and taking a swig from it as he leans against the counter. But a slight noise from down the hall caught his attention. It was faint, but loud enough that he tilted his head and peeked around the corner. 
The noise happens again, a little louder and he recognizes it as a moan. Eddie chuckles slightly, clearing his throat as he sets down his beer and head steps out into the center of the hallway. For a moment he debates on heading back into the living room and giving you the privacy you deserve. But his curious nature got the better of him. Slowly he approaches your door, noticing that it was slightly ajar. For a moment he stands there, hearing the sound of your vibrator and the little moans and whimpers that come from your lips. Eddie licks at his lips, gently reaching up to push the door open a bit. He catches your reflection from the mirror in the bedroom and watches you, seeing you slide the toy against your wet cunt for a moment before you slip it into yourself.
"Fuck, Eddie." You whimper, unaware of his presence there as you continue to work the toy in and out of yourself, thinking about his cock. Eddie arches his brow. His head tilts slightly as a small smirk comes to his face. He feels himself start to harden in his jeans at the sound and sight of you. Another moan comes from you as you move the toy from inside of you, back to your bud. He can almost see it glisten with your juices from the reflection in the mirror. Catching his thoughts, Eddie realizes that he's actually very much enjoying the idea of you getting off on him. He suddenly wants to know what his best friend feels like gripping around his hard self. 
"Hmm, Eddie. Eddie..." You moan a louder, still in your own little world. You're taking your time, but your legs start to tremble slightly, you can feel yourself hitting that edge of wanting to finish. But the sound of your door creaking open fully startles you and you jump slightly, sitting up in your bed to see Eddie standing there, leaning against your door frame. His arms are crossed, but his breathing is a little heavy. Looking over him, you notice his a little excited, the outline of his cock a little visible against his dark jeans. 
"Eddie? What the fuck?" You stammer, going to reach for something to cover up your nude frame. But he chuckles, licking his lower lip before he pulls it in to bite on it slightly. You watch as he shakes his head. "What are you doing here?" You say, glancing over to the clock on your nightstand. He was earlier than usual. He gives you a slight shrug of his shoulders. For a moment, you weren't sure how to respond. Your mind is surprised to see him standing there. You wondered how long he had been here, what he heard, but judging by the slight tightness of his jeans...you knew he heard enough.
"Don't stop on my account." He says, slowly approaching you with a slight swagger to his step. A smirk creeps across his face and he moves the blanket to keep you from covering yourself up. Seeing you like this was new for him, something he felt like he could get used to. His dark eyes look over you, gazing at you with a curious nature. He wondered how long you felt like this. He wondered how often you did this thinking about him. But most of all he wondered what you felt like. "On second thought..." He says, reaching for the toy in your hand. He gently takes it from you, setting it on your nightstand. You can feel your heart pounding in your chest, your breathing still heavy from your own excitement. 
"Eddie, what are you doing?" You ask, looking over him. 
"I'm curious." He says simply, his eyes meeting yours for a moment. 
You catch his eyes moving back over your frame, watching as his hand reaches for your leg. He gently touches your thigh, running his fingers against your soft skin. Is this really happening? You think to yourself, feeling goosebumps form on your skin. His rings touching your hot flesh bring a cooling sensation that you weren't expecting. You let out a breath and he smiles. From there his hand slowly pushes your legs open and he reaches down to graze his fingers against your wet, swollen, bud. Feeling how wet you already were from your own thoughts, Eddie hardens more in his jeans. 
"I make you that wet, huh?" He asks softly. All you can do is nod your head, letting out a small whimper as his fingers slowly start to work you. He keeps a soft circular motion against you. You feel your body tense up slightly, your hips lifting just a bit at the feeling. It felt good, but at the same time, there was this feeling of worry in the back of your mind about what this would do to your friendship. However, you couldn't bring yourself to stop him, in fact, you wanted more. 
"You wanna feel me, Y/N?" He asks, leaning over enough to bring his lips to hover over yours. He could feel your breath against his lips as your breathing started to pick up a little more. Your eyes close, feeling his fingers continue to work you, hearing his voice fill the room, feeling his lips so close to yours. "I bet I feel better than that toy you've been using." He says softly before he presses a quick kiss against your lips. Ths kiss takes you by surprise and you wonder if this is all just a dream. Maybe you had fallen asleep after unwinding. You're eyes open back up to see him still, feeling him so close in such a new way. This wasn't a dream. Far from it. 
A rush comes over you in a wave of heat and you reach up, pulling Eddie into another kiss, a deep and feverish one. Your tounges meet in a heated passion, playing against each other for a moment. With little hesitation, Eddie moves his hand from you and reaches for his jeans, quickly stripping himself down. His pants and underwear drop to the floor and he steps from them. Breaking away from the kiss, he's quick to strip his shirt away and tosses it aside before he moves between your legs. You watch as he grips his cock, dragging the head against your bud in a teasing motion before he presses himself into and slips in his thick full length. 
You press your back against the bed, letting out a moan as you feel him fill you. He groans as he feels your body grip tightly around him. Coming to hover over you, one hand coming to rest by your head, the other hand gripping at your thigh, Eddie starts off with a slow pace. He wants you to feel every bit of him pressing into you. He wants you to savor the feeling that you thought about for so long. His lips come to the collarbone and he starts to kiss at your skin, nipping at you slightly as he lets out another groan. 
"Is this what you think about, Y/N?" He asks you softly in a breathy tone. 
"Yeah." You whimper, your hands trailing up his back. 
"Tell me how good I feel. I wanna hear it." He groans, pressing his length into you and holding himself there for a moment. This causes you to let out a loud moan, your fingers pressing into his back as you go to grip him. You go to move your hips, wanting the motion, but he grips at your hip with one hand as if to tell you to stop. "No, don't move. Just feel it. Tell me how good I feel." He says, his eyes moving to look over your face. "Do I feel better than the toy?" 
You nod your head. "Yeah..." A whimper escapes you. "You feel good, Eddie. Really good." You admit. He licks his lips and smiles, still holding himself still inside you. He can feel the way your body flexes around him, keeping him warm, begging for the motions of his length pressing in and out of you again. He groans and smiles. 
"Tell me again, Y/N." he tells you. 
"You feel so good." you respond in a moaning tone. 
His motions start again. You can feel his length pressing in and out of you. With each thrust, he's groaning, feeling the way you take all of him. Your moans match his, your hips pressing up as you aid to his motions. Feeling as you get into it, he starts to pick up his pace. He presses faster and a little harder, moaning more frequently and loudly. "F-Fuck, you're so wet." He mutters, his hand gripping the sheet on the bed next to your head. Eddie can't help himself now. He's pumping into you as hard as he can, his flesh meeting yours with a slight slapping sound. 
"I wanna hear you say it again. Say my name." He commands you in the heat of the moment. 
"Eddie!" You cry out in a moan, your fingers gripping at his back as your nails drag slightly against his skin. He moans for you, feeling you scratch at him, hearing as you moan his name. A euphoric feeling comes over him as the pressure of his finish starts to build in the base of his spine. He tenses, continuing to press into roughly. "Say it again!" He moans as his hand that had been gripping at your hip moves to play against your clit, his cock still sliding in and out of you. 
"Eddie...Eddie....Don't stop, I'm right there!" You manage to get out between heavy breaths and moans. You feel his fingers working you, and the sensation of his cock at the same time causes your legs to heavily shake as you start to finish. "Oh my god, Eddie!" You cry out as your hand quickly moves to grip slightly at his hair, your back arching as you ride out your finish. 
"Fuck! God damn...Y/N!" He moans, feeling that finish, he keeps pressing in for another moment. He tenses as he starts to release inside of you, realizing what he's done, he goes to pull out too late. His seed leaked from you and what was left landed from the sensitive head of his cock into your bed. He quickly grips at himself, feeling himself twitch as the last little bit comes out, another groan leaving his lips. "Shit." He mutters, looking up at you, only to see you smiling slightly with a small chuckle. 
Both of you start to have a bit of a laugh as you try and catch your breaths, coming down from the heated moment. Your legs are still shaking, your skin is hot, and your cunt throbs with your pulse from such a strong finish. Eddie moves to lay down next to you, throwing his body down on the bed for a moment as both of you let this moment sink in. Maybe this wasn't going to affect anything. Maybe in the end you'd be friends with benefits or you would start dating, but what mattered was that nothing really changed between the both of you. 
"How long have you been wanting that?" He asks, looking over at you. 
"A long while." You respond. 
"Was it everything you expected?" His brow arches slightly and he flashes you a rather proud cheeky smile. 
"Better than expected." You say softly as you move to rest your head against his chest and he embraces you. 
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