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I am unable to write scenes without homoerotic tension. Everytime I reread what I've just written I'm like "Oh these bitches gay! Good for them, good for them." It's not even intentional. I'm writing ship fics about characters I don't even ship.
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merry crisis
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insecuregodcomplex · 14 days
im excited to see how tk being raised jewish and carlos being raised christian could come into play for the wedding (and their future family!) especially because they each have different connections and foundations to their faith approaches
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lonestardust · 11 months
rafael *on set, literally just functioning*
ronen and brianna : 📸 📸 📸
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gerry + 64 pleaseeeeee
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[Image ID: A monochromatic digital sketch in cool and eerie teals. Gerry stands in a forest of snowy pines, surrounded by fog and darkness. They are facing away and look back over their shoulder at the viewer with an expression of profound exhaustion. Text above them reads "I don't want to be the only one living when all my friends are gone." End ID]
Frozen Pines by Lord Huron + (beloved of my heart) Gerry = Lonely!Gerry
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attaboy-art · 5 months
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day 07: legacy
[Image ID: A darkly colored digital painting done with oil brushes of Alfendi Layton, from Layton Brothers Mystery Room, sitting at his desk in his office at dawn, as seen from the back corner of the room. He is sitting cross-legged with a cup of tea in his hands and he is blankly staring forwards. Behind him is a large window with the blinds half-down showing a grey dawn sky with mutliple buildings and Big Ben in within view. The same wall the window is on also has shelves, newspaper clippings, and a framed letter of apology addressed to Alfendi. In front of him is a messy desk with a lamp, a rotary phone, and a typewriter sitting on top, dimly shining in the light. /.End ID.]
#lb;mrweek#i know im late im sorry im so sorry#i spent tonight and last night looking for my cat up in the park for a couple of hours so i havent had much time to paint#but. I really didnt wanna miss the last day. So#fun fact i started seeing bugs on my ipad while drawing this#anyways. ANYWAYS its time for me to Explain My Reasoning#originally i had a ton of different sketches right. i couldnt choose which one i wanted to do for this prompt#one was of the layton fam greeting al post-game. one was a polaroid of lucy and al posing next to the letter of apology#and the last one was gonna be an abstract-ish portrait of al#but none of them were working with me so i decided. Actually. What do /I/ Think#basically. u know me u know im always on my poor little alfendi shit.#and i was like. well. post-game#post-game hes probably still reeling from everything that happened. Fendi that is but also Al#and hes probably just. like. Holy fuck. Holy shit man#after 4 long lonely years he's finally gotten his name cleared and has gotten an apology from the Nebulous Yard#but. its not like he can go back. Its not like hes going to pretend that none of those years ever happened#he cant forget that ostracization. the alienation. the demonization. The Izations#the wounds of being left behind cannot heal just yet. and thats okay#and its just. What really is al's legacy. He doesnt fight a big robot or save the world. He fought trauma. He fought suppression. And he won#and you KNOOOWWWW my babygirl is a workaholic. you know he stays at the office because its better than being surrounded by reminders at home#AND. LASTY.... dawn is a recurring motif in the laytonverse. dawn symbolizes the end. it symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth yadda yadda#lastly* good lord#so i reallt wanted to capture that feelinf of like. Pulling an all nighter when youre in a fucked up area of your life#and just looking at the grey skies above and thinking sunrise was supposed to be more worthwhile than this#hope u all enjoy. im going to hide my ipad and stylus in a safe for the next week#art#professor layton#lbmr#layton brothers mystery room#alfendi layton
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chaosgoblinhours · 5 months
rotating 'au where fox somehow never made it to coruscant and crashed on tython where he just vibes with the local passive wildlife and strange force-imbued shenanigans until suddenly why are there people on my planet wtf are they doing what do they mean the war is over?' in my head
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people who made friends in their mid to late twenties how did you do that
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myemergence · 2 months
Say You'll Remember Me (1/?)
Pairing: Ryderdie (Judd Ryder/Grace Ryder)
Rating: Teen +
Summary: In the wake of the car accident during Saving Grace, Judd wakes up to Grace in a coma, unsure if she'll ever wake up. When she does come around, Grace doesn't remember the last ten years of her life, including her entire relationship with Judd.
Possible triggers: flashback of car accident, coma
A/N: This story idea has been in my head since Saving Grace aired and has been sitting partially written for entirely too long. Please don't come for me. Thank to SkyHighRollins for the beta!
Even before he opens his eyes, Judd knows where he is. There’s the dull hum of monitors, a distinct scent of antiseptic that cuts through his senses before he blinks his eyes open. The smell jars him, making his gut twist as it triggers memories years in the past from when he woke up in a hospital bed just like this one. Judd’s body aches with each breath and he winces as he shifts.
His throat is sore and tight with disuse as his gaze lands on Tommy, where she sits at his bedside. That’s the first thing that makes him realize this ain’t just a nightmare, the one where he relives the night he lost his entire family at the 126 all those years ago. When he finally did wake up after that explosion, Tommy wasn’t the one sitting vigil at his bedside waiting for the moment he’d wake up. Judd’s forehead creases as he tries to move through the brain fog. It doesn’t matter what landed him here, not really. There’s only one thing he gives a damn about.
“Where’s Grace? Where’s my wife?” he asks.
Tommy’s mouth opens slightly, a look crossing over her face as she looks away from Judd. That’s when Judd realizes that they’re not in the room alone. Captain Strand is sitting in the chair on the far side of the room, closest to the small row of windows overlooking the hospital’s parking lot.
“She’s here too,” Owen says, though the hesitation is clear in his tone, in the barely there pause before he’d answered. Instead of turning his attention to Judd, his gaze remains on Tommy and that aversion makes Judd feel like he’s going to be sick.
“What?” Judd croaks. “What aren’t you two tellin’ me?”
“Here,” Tommy says softly, grabbing a styrofoam cup from the table beside his bed, holding the straw to his lips.
“I’m gonna tell you what’s going on, okay? Just take a few sips of water, please, Juddy.” Judd isn’t happy about it and his eyes never leave Tommy’s face. As he takes a few sips, he winces as the fluid works its way down his parched throat.
Read the first chapter on AO3
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guardian-angle22 · 28 days
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S2E2 -> S4E6
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bluescreenl · 1 month
so i know i’ve been Alearposting a shit ton but i think Lumera should get some appreciation as well
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I have a whole bunch of dao stuff in mind but no drive to actually draw them so,, have some random older 'renan doodles
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