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free-my-mindd · 23 hours
It’s not your job to figure out people and why the mistreat you, your responsibility is to get out of harm’s way and start doing what’s right for you.
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mocatbj4 · 11 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Pet House (?)
Recently like to draw animal, dunno why
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i had this beamed directly into my brain as soon as i saw this dialogue from the wasp king
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So … this is probably going to sound corny as hell, but I was just on Twitter and someone’s post got me thinking.
I truly don’t know how anyone watched Supernatural without seeing that, or not wanting, Sam and Dean to be the heart and soul of the show. They ARE, of course.
Literally, Dean is the "heart." He’s the throbbing, open wound of emotion on the show. Our emotions aren’t always good or something we should let dictate our decisions. They aren’t even always truthful, but they are what drives us a lot of the time. He loves like crazy, for better or worse. He embodies bravery in a fight and fear of being alone. Dean starts the show as heartbroken (for his family, especially Sam) and lonely, and he ends it feeling completed.
Tumblr media
When Dean is the most not-Dean, it’s when he is a Demon. He still technically has a soul, but he’s lost his humanity (or heart).
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Sam is the "soul." He’s the ethereal or cerebral, the essential spark that gives a body life (there is no show if there is no Sam, and there is no Dean if there is no Sam). It’s where the conscience and compassion come from, and where faith dwells. Sam starts the show as the soul that is tainted and needs redemption and, by the end, he gets it. Sam is hope and the yearning for more than the base (hunter) life.
Tumblr media
Sorry, this just popped into my head when I was thinking of Sam (🎶he wants more than this provincial life🎶) … and I can’t find a soul gif with Sam, so here he is soulless.
Tumblr media
When Sam is the most not-Sam, it’s when he’s soulless. His lack of compassion and care make him almost alien.
This even makes sense for why Sam can live on without Dean, but Dean can’t live without Sam. The soul can exist without the body (depending on your belief system). This doesn’t mean Sam is whole without Dean, just that he can exist without him. But Dean, being the heart, needs a spark to keep on beating. The heart can beat, or go through the motions, with artificial assistance when someone is brain dead (or has lost the spark of life), but they aren’t truly alive anymore. No one is home.
Tumblr media
Okay. I need to go to bed. This is a big oversimplification, and metaphors got pretty messy here, but I just needed to get my thoughts out there. Thanks to anyone who bothered to read my rambles! 🫂
Tumblr media
One more thing before I go to bed … The Impala is the body. The show is complete because it has Sam, Dean and Baby: the soul, the heart and the body.
Tumblr media
Okay, this is the last, last thing because I can’t help but write it … A human body doesn’t need wings. So, the feathered one is, in fact, not essential for the show to be complete.
Tumblr media
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ultramori · 18 hours
People in the OMORI fandom who are familiar with Basil being referred to as Bagel and such! There's Basil basil, Basil bagel, watermelon Basil, lemonade Basil, tofu Basil, and maybe some more I can't think of! So would any of you be interested in an official Basil menu (by yours truly)? I'll clearly need suggestions, but feel free to turn Basil into whatever food you want!!! What if I called it the Basil buffet....
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mikimeiko · 16 hours
I have seen various thoughts and concerns and explanations about how Ted is handling Zava vs how Ted handled Jaime.
The thing I feel is missing is a bit of context, a bit of bigger picture: where Richmond was then vs where Richmond is now; Ted's professional arc.
When Ted first arrived in Richmond, he came with the idea that he was there to make things better, both from a professional point of view and a personal point of view. Ted likes working on the second to achieve the first, and feels like even if you don't achieve the first it's fine because it's not as important (Beard has to remind him that yes, when you play football professionally, it is important if you win or lose).
And Richmond? It was a premiere league team, but it was struggling. Jaime was already there, already doing his "me me me" bit, and the team was still struggling. Everyone agreed that there was space for improvement, and so even though they found Ted's way weird and off-putting they still had no good reason to actively go against him.
Compare to now: Richmond had a good run last season, they even managed to get back to the premiere league, but then everyone thought they were gonna finish last because they were not good enough. Enter Zava: a player so good that it feels like a miracle to have him on the team. And he scores, and scores, and scores, and they win, and win and win. And his self aggrandising is much less grating than Jaime's was, he doesn't come with a side of bullying and instead is accompanied by those moments where he puts his (apparent) undivided attention on you and makes you feel like you're the center of the world. Currently everyone (except Jaime) is buying into the myth, and there is no obvious reason to challenge the new status quo. (Will there be? Of course there will. But there isn't for now)
And Ted: yes, he is going through his own, incredibly distracting shit; yes, he explicitly said he feels out of place and kinda useless. But he has also been listening to Beard, telling him (with good reason) this are not teenage highschool players, these are professional adults whose livelihood depends on how the team is faring. And he listened to Rebecca when she said I want you to fight.
And so there's definitely gonna be a reckoning, there will definitely come a time where the Zava miracle stops working (either on the field or in the locker room) and Ted will have to step up. But he's not going to do it by reverting to season 1 Ted! That Ted was lovely but fully flawed, and he grew and learned and now he's got to integrate the different parts and find balance; and my guess is this is also what Richmond will have to do.
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sugar-grigri · 2 days
You have not experienced depression and this chapter proves it to me
I'm going to sound harsh but there are two camps of readers for this chapter: those who complain that the story is slowing down in a negative way, that we are witnessing yet another emotional crisis of Asa, on the other hand those who see themselves in Asa or at least conceive this chapter as the logical continuation of her emotional arc.
I wouldn't say who is right or wrong: the pace of the story does slow down. But several things. Forget part 1, you were following another protagonist, completely inhuman (in a self-destructive way) locked in a hellish system. Now you follow a high school girl with the war demon in her gut, even if super-powerful demons show their face, the story has changed setting. We are no longer crushed in a system, where the logic is that of abnormality: characters who die quickly, and those who survive were completely crazy. Here you are faced with the opposite pattern: it is in normality, the so-called normality, that abnormality and horrors slowly and more deeply begin to appear.
Asa is trapped in a vicious circle of self-deprecation, of lack of confidence, what "these repetitions" prove to you is that every time she initiates something, dabbles in happiness, simply loves someone: from a friend to an animal, it ends irreparably bad and in the worst way.
You are faced with a high school girl who does not evolve. Why is that? Because she refuses to move on. But the demon that represents rage and warriors is nestled inside her. Don't read this chapter as the umpteenth time Asa has a temper tantrum. But a young girl who is first of all undergoing what her opponent is serving her as an appetizer: the taste of trauma, the soup.
I don't know if I'm wrong, but in my opinion, forcing Asa and Yoru to cooperate and not let one of them take the upper hand over the other allows one thing: for the war to understand that it can be done otherwise than by enslavement, and for the girl to understand that even a demon nestled in her void.
Is a form of company.
And that she can no longer be alone.
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princess-unipeg · 3 days
You can condemn Misaki for endangering Miri by sending her to her dangerous bio father. You can call her out for calling Miri a burden behind her back. She still didn’t deserve to die like that.
Misaki by means is no model of motherhood but in terms of worst anime parent ever, she wouldn’t even make the top 10 or even the top 20.
Have you thought about how despite of her growing resentment she still did her best to raise Miri with no outside help? How Miri still grew up to be happy and healthy with a loving view of her mother?
Have you ever thought about how she was desperate to the point of having to send Miri away in the hopes of getting compensation?
Misaki was singing in a run down bar in the red light district being abused by her pimp boyfriend. She was clearly not in a good place to continue caring for Miri.
The hardships didn’t stop for Misaki even after sending her daughter away. It took losing everything else did she start to value Miri again. Have you considered how hard it was on her to know that she basically lost track of her daughter and how happy she might have been when Kyu-chan contacted her to inform her of Miri’s whereabouts? How ashamed she was that two random hitmen who had no obligation towards her daughter did a better job as caretakers in the few months Miri’s been with them then she has since Miri’s birth.
Misaki knew her time was running out and she wanted to spend it being the mother her daughter deserved. But she wasn’t even granted that much mercy when a hitman shot her with no remorse and Miri would have lost her life as well had Kazuki not made it in time. Misaki couldn’t take her daughter back the first time around and now she’s overly involved to the point where Miri is in harm’s way. Misaki couldn’t even make it to her daughter’s first performance and had to say goodbye to Miri while sleeping and oblivious since otherwise Miri’s last memory of her mother would have been as a bloody corpse.
Misaki made mistakes and was willing to make up for them. She didn’t deserve her fate.
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ragnarvizsla · 1 day
In my brain i feel like Ragnar and the other foundlings were busy babysitting the dragon foundlings
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Tumblr media
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itsalexwin · 1 day
Jamie had all the brain cells he lacked throughout the show in this one episode I respect
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free-my-mindd · 23 hours
Don’t ever do more than your part.
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dinojisan · 2 days
i’m not going to get too deep into it but anyone who uses fujo/fujoshi as an insult is a weirdo and a creep for co-opting a word that isn’t even theirs and using it as a shield to be an open homophobe and misogynist.
a japanese word that was coined by cishet men to debase “rotten women” for daring to have “weird” interests and oftentimes be unavailable to men, that has since been reclaimed by those very same women. in japanese fandom space, it literally just means “a woman who enjoys BL”. that’s it. end of story.
and that’s not even touching on the offshoot terms since, like fudanshi (men who enjoy BL) and fujin (non-binaries who enjoy BL).
never mind that sometimes, fujoshi themselves are closeted wlw and it’s a way of safely signaling to one another in their fandom spaces. most fujoshi are lgbt allies in some way, shape or form.
one of my dearest japanese friends is a fujoshi and she is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people i’ve ever known. i never felt unsafe with regards to my sexuality around her. she never judged me and my relationship with my girlfriend (now wife). she even offered me advice from time to time and sent us gifts in the mail. this harmful stereotype that fujoshi are weird predators out to harm and fetishize real lgbt people needs to go asap. it’s so gross.
the funniest thing to me is, oftentimes the very same people who use fujo/fujoshi as an insult often follow and support fujoshi content creators without even realizing it, because y’know, they don’t know any japanese.
newsflash: if you follow a japanese artist and they’ve got this cute little guy in their bio (腐) or some variation, then you’ve got a fujo!
grow up. i hate people like this. if you take offense to anything i’ve said, get bent and scream at the wall about it. i don’t care.
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plzfeedmebread · 3 days
Giving Thanks for 500+!
Tumblr media
Holy shit I've made it to 500! Thank you to all my followers and moots! I wouldn't be here without you. I appreciate every like, reply, and reblog you so graciously send my way; truly words cannot express my gratitude in its entirety!
I would also like to give a big thank you and shout out to the following people:
@mechformers, @milknhonies, @villiansimpqueen, @loaksbitch, @starkay, @tarrynightss, @kurogxrix
You are all such amazing writers, and reading your works inspired me to take the leap and write my own! Thank you, truly, for the amazing work each and every one of you puts out. I send you much love! I hope one day you perhaps take the time to read some of my own works. Your opinions would mean the world to me! <3 I hope you guys keep continuing to bless this fandom with your presence; I am humbled in your glory.
I also want to give special thanks to the familiar faces of (sorry if I miss anyone!):
@rsclopez, @manymaria111, @olivia-the-weirdo, @sarcasticrandy, @royallaufeyson, @essenceinpink, @totesnothere04, @mechformers❤️, @angel-of-silver369, @the-hufflebird-girl, @villirios
Thank you so much to you guys! It brings a smile to my face every time I see any kind of interaction to a post from you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️
SO! I was supposed to draw this pic in celebration of 500, but uhhhh I got distracted writing and getting sick and working lmao. Anyway please enjoy the rough sketch then!
This is Recom Miles being confronted by my version of Eywa from Lie of Providence.
Tumblr media
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laufire · 2 days
would it be annoying if I straight up campaigned for flint blacksails in this poll against the omfd dude. mutuals pls he HAS to win. for me 😔
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undead-vices · 2 days
Spreading her legs apart slowly. Watching her fight against it, but you just keep going at a slow, steady pace. Showing her how easy it is to overpower her as you spread her open.
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