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Steve and Billy driving the backroads of Hawkins, Steve says; “I love this song,” and turns it up louder. Billy watches colours from the street lamps cut lines across Steve’s cheeks, collarbones. Says something under his breath; “I love you…” it gets lost somewhere in the lyrics of a REO speed wagon song. Billy lights a cigarette with one hand, passes it to Steve. Steve chokes - Billy laughs. It’s winter but summers still around here in this car, here in this ageless moment.
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trepuntini · 2 days
[volevo non cambiasse mai nulla]
sono cristallo crepato
in fuga da ciò che sento
© Trepuntini
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“and ezra was always destined to become his daddy.”
—the hauntings, olivia garrett aka rollergirl ♡
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mmmichyyy · 19 hours
Tumblr media
a lot like love - part one: stay with me
rating: m | words: 4.7k | tags: hooking up, friends with benefits, alternate universe - different first meeting, hurt/comfort
Ian wants more than what Mickey is offering. Mickey doesn’t believe he deserves love.
“You can stay the night, you know.” Stay. “You don’t need to leave so soon.” Stay.
Mickey stops shuffling and looks at him. For one, three, ten seconds too long. Before Ian jumps out of his skin, he hears Mickey’s quiet voice, two words–
“I know.”
But he doesn’t. Doesn’t stay, even though the bed is warm and the outside is cold. The invitation lingers in the air and Ian is left in the darkness once again, nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.
🖤 read part one here 🖤
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little-teatime · 1 day
Dying for a morning where thick muscular thighs are squeeze my face while thrusting into my face feeding my breakfast.
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rumor-imbris · 2 days
Tumblr media
Autumn-eyed warrior made my chaos bloom to vernal peace and all the briars in my veins forest turned to gentle rain
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Waves, caress the shore,
As we walk under the
Pale moonlight, silence
Brewing between our lips
And an urge to linger in bliss...............
everytimeyousaygoodbye ©
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tsthearcher · 3 days
she is baby
Tumblr media
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Why is every episode of Game Changer where all three contestants are non-men just an absolute fucking banger. They're the wildest, dirtiest, funniest, most unpredictable episodes of the entire series. Bonus points if one of the contestants is Izzy Roland. Everything about her is chaos and she has maybe the best comedic timing of everyone on Dimension 20. She is so funny and quick-witted.
The episode where they have to complete random tasks and remember the order and Izzy ends up just smashing shit for a solid 30 seconds? The one where they conspire to end up with an equal number of points just to change the contest from "us against each other" to "us against Sam". The absolute stressful insanity and ingenuity of the everything factory? The fashion cosplay episode.
I know we all love the little clips of Brennan performing his famous rants on Game Changer but I think these episodes deserve more attention.
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i want to be held by someone. this isn't due to lack of affection from friends or family, they embrace me and it's well and good, but they all are just as fragile as me. Even when I do hug back, I never fully give them my weight as to not crush them beneath it. I want to be held by someone firm, by someone far stronger than me. Someone who doesn't have burdens like mine, so they have the strength to hold me even just for a night. I wish to crawl into someone's arms and tuck my face into their neck, their chin resting on the top of my head as they softly pet my hair and tell me everything is going to be alright. I want to fully lean into someone and not fear that they'll suffocate under the pressure of caring for me.
I wish to be held like the child I never got to be.
- me
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maggiemae873 · 5 months
I love how "ok so" has become shorthand for "get comfy this gonna take a while"
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May, 1987
Steve tastes of salt, the ocean. Steve, in his orbit, golden sand dunes.
He smiles, Billy feels it. Feels like the sand stuck to his body, like the sun beaming down. Blisters his skin. 
Steve’s there, on the dunes, says something that gets lost in a gust of wind. “Yeah, I can see it, why you love California. Why you love the sun…”
Billy watches him on the board, clumsy - proves himself to be more of Hawkins breed than Steve will ever care to admit. “You’ll get it, practice makes perfect and shit…”
Billy buries half of Steve’s body in the sand. “Don’t make a habit out of hiding bodies…”
Their condo is small but it’s theirs; gotta jimmy the lock to get it open with a knife. Steve’s still all Hawkins High Tiger and keeps a flag on the tiny lounge room wall. “Let’s go Tigers!…” can take the man outta Hawkins and all that small town good shit…
Steve’s shaving in the shower and Billy’s brushing his teeth. “You missed a spot…” - “Because I can’t see, you’re blocking the mirror…” his head’s hanging out from behind the shower curtain, checking the strip he missed at his neck. 
Sometimes Steve will see something anywhere - everywhere, all around him - that will remind him of Robin. “I miss Robin, do you?…” - “No, but I get it…” it’ll earn Billy a dig in the ribs but he does get it, because sometimes he misses Heather so much he’d do anything to see her face. 
And they make the trip for the first time. Steve holds Robin so tightly, Billy thinks he’s trying to absorb all of Hawkins out of her frame. Heather’s there and it feels so good to have his fingers linked with hers. “Jesus, Billy. This is how you guys live?…” if she means in love and happy, then she’s right. They eat Chinese food and they all sit around their coffee table with their legs crossed and their laughter filling the place. 
And then it’s time for Heather and Robin to leave. And the house is too quiet for it. And Steve seems to lose a little of that Hawkins glow. 
Max visits early on in their new life and in the days she’s there, she insists she sleep on their bedroom floor and her snoring keeps the two of them up. “Why does she need to sleep by us?…” Steve will whisper and Billy will whisper back; “it reminds her of when we were kids…” he doesn’t bring up the part where she’d curl herself up like a cat at his feet every time his dad would beat the shit out of him.
And Steve probably pieces those parts together anyways.
Steve gets a job at a bar slinging drinks and he finds that Californian girls over-lick their lips when they’re near him and their fingers linger a little longer, a little further down. “Sorry, baby, I’m taken…” they’ll laugh about it when they’re drinking coffee the next morning and Billy will remind Steve that he’s all his. 
Billy’s made of Californian bones and whenever Steve’s watching, it’s like he’s part of the sea. Even his sweat tastes of it and he’s an uncountable amount of grains of sand in Steve’s hands. Steve loves that the entire beach reminds him of how big the world is.
And how Billy is his own personal piece of it. 
the road is long, we carry on // Harringrove
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5ummit · 1 year
PSA regarding tumblr’s latest Censorship Nightmare
For those of you who haven’t seen this announcement, tumblr recently made some changes to the iOS version of the app, purportedly to comply with Apple’s content guidelines. These changes took effect on Dec 21, starting in version 22.5.1 of the iOS app. As some of you may recall, Apple’s strict guidelines were the driving force for the infamous Great Purge of 2018, which coincidentally also happened around this time of year, but it seems banning all of the female-presenting nipples wasn’t good enough for Apple.
Below is a summary of the important changes. Note that these changes technically ONLY affect those using the iOS app. If you’re accessing tumblr through a different app or operating system (Google Chrome, Android app, etc) it won’t affect you directly but it will affect your followers who use iOS so you should definitely be aware of it.
The list of banned tags has been expanded. As before, there’s no way to know which words or phrases have been banned until you try searching for them, in which case you’ll either get no search results or the following message: “This content has been hidden because of potentially suggestive or explicit content.” You may think this doesn’t concern you if you don’t post explicit material, but do not make the mistake of expecting the banned tags to be logical or reasonable. I've already encountered multiple completely innocuous posts (random fandom gifsets) that seem to be hidden on iOS for no discernible reason.
Blogs that have been flagged as explicit can no longer be viewed. Previously, flagged blogs just had their posts hidden from searches, but if you knew the username you could still visit it after clicking through a warning about sensitive content. Now you can’t access it at all.
Likes and reblogs from blogs that have been flagged will no longer show up in your notes. This one won’t affect most people’s user experience as much as the others, but it does mean you may be missing notes. It’s unclear if likes and reblogs from flagged blogs will still count towards the overall note total (and only be missing from the activity feed and note viewer) but I suspect that’s the case.
THE BIG ONE: ANY POST TAGGED WITH A BANNED TAG WILL NO LONGER SHOW UP ON YOUR DASHBOARD. Previously, if you tagged a post with a banned word or phrase (even if the words were used inside another tag), that post would not show up in searches, but your followers would still be able to see it on their dashboard. Now those posts are hidden from your own followers as well. This includes both original posts and reblogs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s the real kicker: even if you don’t tag something with one of the banned words, if the OP used a banned tag, any reblogs of that post will not show up on anyone’s dashboard (on the iOS app). The only saving grace here, and I hate to even call it that, is that the blocked posts are still visible if you visit a blog directly or if you have post notifications turned on.
As usual, tumblr was extremely unclear and evasive about all of this in their official announcement. Not surprising, of course, since if more people were aware of these new draconian tactics I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be more of an uproar about it. Tumblr claims that these changes are somewhat temporary and that they are currently working on something that will allow for a less restricted iOS experience, but they refuse to say what that something is and when it will be implemented. And let’s just say, considering their track record, I’m not hopeful.
All of this is horrible and infuriating for many reasons, but the worst part is how insanely counterproductive it is to creating the “safe” environment tumblr (or more specifically Apple) supposedly wants.
Tags have always been used for both blog organization and filtering purposes. Tagging posts with triggers and content warnings is a common practice that gives users the ability to filter out content they may find upsetting or just don’t don’t want to see for whatever reason. By choosing to ban a bunch of unlisted “sensitive content” tags, all they’re doing is encouraging people who want to share that kind of content to come up with alternative less well-known tags or simply not tag that content at all anymore if they want it to show up on their follower’s dashboards, thereby making it more likely for someone to encounter it when they didn’t want to.
So really, with all of the alleged concern for safety and “protecting the children,” all they’ve done is make tumblr less safe for everyone. Typical.
UPDATE (Jan 11, 2022): An optional toggle setting now exists to disable these changes. Please follow this tutorial to allow “sensitive content” on the iOS app.
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sunsweeties · 4 months
oh you're sad? do you want to see my tits about it
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cheesecakeoveryou · 1 year
sorry i unpacked all my trauma do you still wanna kiss
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psychastria · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
simran, full of emptiness
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