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馃敶& 馃數 and march is no longer no draw month yay
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~Have some transparent jjk chibis~
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I will never miss classes
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(I have no idea who to give image credits to, I found them on pinterest)
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oh no!!! gojo is late for his date with nanami!!!! can you guys keep him busy until he gets there?
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kento nanami is a busy, busy man - people know better than to bother him when he's overworked and overloaded. one day he comes home to find the kitchen spotless, all the dishes cleaned and put away, and a fresh pan of muffins cooling on the table. most days you were equally as overworked as him - if not more, so he was used to coming home to some mild clutter and cleaning to do. but you had had a rare free day, so you spent it baking some treats and dutifully cleaning up after yourself - it was the least you could do.
kento sits down, loosening his tie and catches a whiff of the muffins - he can see the fresh blueberries dotted all over the pale surface of the tops, juicy and plump. he gently unwraps one, and takes a bite and groans - the flavor is amazing. the fruit bursts into his mouth, coating his tongue with both sweet and tart flavors. it contrasts with the sweetness of the muffin batter - he detects a hint of nutmeg and other spices gently mixed in. he's slightly low on blood sugar so it doesn't take him long before he wolfs down the entire thing. you catch him in the act - the middle of his lips slightly stained with purple and a tiny crumb tucked in the corner of his mouth. you chuckle and walk over to him, and tap the corner of your lip wordlessly, to signal that there was a mess he needed to clean.
without thinking, his tongue swipes out and catches the spare crumb - lips smacking as he gets the last morsel in his mouth. your cheeks redden at the sight - normally kento's so polite and cordial, he'd never be this brash before. he looks at you with a warmth in his eyes, cups your cheek in his hand and captures your lips in a kiss - sweet, and brief. you deepen the kiss before pulling away, and smiling brightly.
"i take it you liked the muffins?"
"oh...they were just what i needed, darling."
you begin to walk away before a strong hand grabs your wrist, and pulls you back towards him. shocked, you gasp as you fall backwards, but he catches you and holds you securely towards his chest. you feel his lips brush past the shell of your ear before you hear him murmur -
"i never said i was done eating, love. my sweet tooth is particularly aching today, and i know just the treat to satisfy it."
[i wrote this on my phone because i had a shitty day, sorry it's not spell checked at all. i needed to get something stupidly fluffy and self indulgent out]
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driving instructor!nanami who knows as soon as you step into his car, that you鈥檙e going to fail.
with your hot pink acrylics that click, clack against the wheel, your mini skirt that just about covers the round of your ass and the see-through mesh top you hone that you wear absolutely no solid material underneath. with driving instructor!nanami knows he shouldn鈥檛 look but he can鈥檛 help his eyes that glance towards your perked nipples that are clearly begging for attention.
and the thing is, it鈥檚 not like driving instructor!nanami wants to fail you, but he does have his doubts when you ask him if you can finish the test early because you have 鈥渁 more important function to attend to.鈥
But alas, driving instructor!nanami let鈥檚 you take your test. and despite his misconception, you鈥檙e not a bad driver. you end the course with no major faults but you just about have one-too-many minors and sadly he has to fail you.
鈥渨hat?! only one minor over the threshold?!鈥
your glossed pout is adorable and driving instructor!nanami hates that you look you鈥檙e about to cry 鈥 especially since he鈥檚 the one who鈥檚 caused your sadness.
but its when you ask if there鈥檚 really nothing you could do then and there to make things right or fix the mishap, that driving instructor!nanami suddenly has a change of heart and mentions how maybe there is something you could do to maybe fix it.
driving instructor!nanami is absolutely mesmerised by how your breast bounce in his face, your pathetic little whines of 鈥渋 can鈥檛 do it, i can鈥檛, i can鈥檛!鈥 as you struggle to ride his heavy cock in the back seat.
he bunches your now pleatless skirt in his hands as he grasps at the fat of your ass, swishing his fingers inside your puckered hole as he chants back 鈥測es you can鈥 with the utmost lack of remorse.
the double penetration is so overstimulating that you squirt a messy spray of wet juice all over driving instructor!nanami鈥檚 dick, his tan coloured trousers and back car seat darkening in colour. driving instructor!nanami moans loudly into your ears as he pulls out and cums just over your moist pussy lips. he makes sure to tap the head of his cock over the steady stream of liquid that pours from your sex.
鈥測ou think im gonna let you pass after you just spoilt my car?鈥
you whimper at his sign of possible denial of passing, your mind still hazy from your shocking orgasm. on impulse, your hand comes down to languidly stroke at driving instructor!nanami鈥檚 dick. as if it wasn鈥檛 wet enough from both of your cums, you swaddle a bout of saliva in your mouth before dribbling it down over his curved and semi hard cock.
as a string of spit still dangles from your chin and lips, you give driving instructor!nanami a teary eyed yet manipulative look.
鈥減lease.鈥 you whisper.
it鈥檚 safe to say that on that day, you gained your driver鈥檚 licence.
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鈥⒙癏is Perfect Little Wife 掳鈥
Nanami turning feral over your submissive domestic ways.
鈥 CW : Nanami being a slightly hard Dom, Rough sex, pet names, impact play [If you squint], Cursing, Cervix touching.
Nanami Kento was considered a very upkept man. His colleagues could tell you that they have honestly never seen him discombobulated, or angry or disorganized. Some would say he was the 'perfect' man. He always came in with his calm, cool and collected manner. It was envious that he never seemed to have trouble in his life.
Hair combed back, suit clean and pressed to perfection. Coffee, just the way he liked it, in hand and all documents organized in folders, perfectly set so that he could have a perfect day without any disruptions to his continuous everyday cycle. They always asked him how he did it. How he was able to always have a smooth, uninterrupted day.
And to put it in the most simplistic way that he could, he always replied with a very simple answer. You.
Now to most of his colleagues, they couldn't quite understand what he would mean. How could a simple housewife, who possibly did nothing at home, make sure this very successful man had a perfect day almost every day.
Nanami, of course, never went into detail. Men were greedy, especially these men. He would never give them the many details about how you always turn him into the most discombobulated man ever by just being a good wife.
Even now, his cock was straining in his suit pants with a never ending need for you. You were so on schedule and so on point for him. Always getting up at 6:30 to get his clothes and suit case ready, soon after, starting his breakfast so that by the time he's out of the shower, you both can eat together.
Making his lunch and filling his thermos with coffee so he can take it to work with him. He loved that he never had to take care of the small things in life. You made it easier for him to focus on the bigger picture. You made it easier for him to take care of you. He always made sure that you were well taken care of and the simple fact that you took care of his home, even his smallest of needs, made him work harder to please you.
You were perfect. You were his.
He would've never considered himself a possessive man, but that was until you entered his life, and as much as he would love to brag about you and show you off, something in his just wouldn't allow him to share anything about you. Of course you've been seen with him on occasions, but Nanami never brought you up if he didn't have too. And when anyone would ask about you, specifically a male, he would always give cold answers, his irritation growing quickly.
Apart of him hated you for how out-of-place you made him feel, and that pent up aggression would always be released upon your soft body.
God, your body. He loved how soft you were compared to his rough and hard one. He loved the way his hands sunk into your flesh. Your plump thigh that he loved to grab and squish.
The fullness of your tits (small boobs can be full too!) ,down to the plumply flesh of your ass.
But his favorite was the soft, delicious set of lips that you held between your legs.
"Nanami? You alright there bud?" He didn't realize he had spaced out. Mostly caught up in his head over all the things he would do to you when he got home. He was sweating but his face kept a stoic expression, but no doubt he knew they knew.
For the first time in years, they had just witnessed Nanami acting out of place. Anger silently crept and soon you were going to be at the end of it's wrath.
It was your fault for being so perfect.
Looking at the clock, Nanami quickly grabbed all his stuff, stuffing whatever he could into his briefcase, before he left without saying another word. Gojo cackling in the back ground at his sudden lack of composure. If anyone knew about how you made Nami feel, it would him.
Quickly getting into his car, he sped off, racing home to you.
There you were. Slaving away over the hot stove, just too have a nice dinner ready for when he got home. Sadly it wasn't ready as Nanami didn't have to come home for another hour.
He stood there watching you move back and forth. Seasoning whatever meat you decided on for tonight.
You were in a pair of black booty shorts and a regular sports bra that nicely lifted your breast. He couldn't help but give you a once over. Shamelessly letting his eyes fall down your legs then back up, stopping at your ass, before his eyes landed on the back of your head.
Some would say he's being creepy but to him, he was just admiring the woman who chose him to be her husband. You were his and he was going to look and appreciate your beauty whenever he could.
Blood rushed to his groin making him grip his hard-on. It was so hard and ready to be seathed in his second home that resided in the neighborhood of your legs. He thought about the many times he had came home to ravish you. Bent over the bathtub that you were cleaning. On top of the washer machine as you did his laundry. Over the table you had just set for dinner, shit, he fucked you all over the house.
You were unaware that your husband was home. To busy fixing dinner and finishing the rest of your chores to notice. It wasn't until you had bent over, opening your oven to place the stuffed chicken inside. It was faint, and if you could identify the sound it would've been the faintest sound of a zipper pulling down.
You shot up, quickly turning to face the noise. Your breath hitched seeing your husband home so early. "Hi honey, how was work?" You asked, glancing at your phone to check the time.
He was about 45 minutes early which was unusual. When he didn't respond, you faced him again with worry. "What's wrong baby?" A pout graced your lips as you caressed his sweaty face.
"Oh my God, your hot and sweaty! What happened?" Panick filled you. Your husband was home early, not responding, hot and sweaty. You've never seen him like this unless he 鈥
Wait. . .
You glanced down at his undone suit pants, he dick already out and throbbing with need. You could clearly see the shiny bead forming at his tip.
'Fuck' you thought to yourself, 'he's never come home like this before. What the hell happened.'
You lift your gaze to meet his eyes. A soft gasp left your lips. You knew this was serious, seeing as his glasses were already off. No time to think, a hand gripped your throat. A squeal leaving your lips at the same time your arousal started to leak. As if your body was reacting to his. The same intensity, the same heat.
You could feel sweat start to form under your pits as well as your forehead. Nanami placed his warm lips against yours with so much passion. Sucking and biting them. Tasting them like it was his last meal. He backed you into the nearest counter, picking you up but your fat and placing you on top of it. Slowly making love to your tongue with his, he let his other hand drift to the inside of your panties. Finding your little pleasure nub, rubbing with just enough friction.
"Ah!" You moaned out only for it to be caught abd muffled by your lust-filled husband. Nanami felt your slick gathering 鈥 hiding behind your folds and sliding down to your entrance. He took this chance to plunge his two middle fingers inside your wet cavern, quickly finding his favorite spot to play with.
"Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!" You couldn't help but break from his mouth to wail out profanities. He was fucking you so good with his fingers that you already had the urge to cum.
Clenching and un-clenching in a repeated cycle over and over again. "Are you gonna cum for me baby? Yea?"
"Yesss Nami! Fuck!" You screamed, making him chuckle. He loved that you were being compliant today. Usually he would have to pull it out of you, but today was different. She knew he needed control. She knew he didn't need anything to make him feel worse than he did.
He had lost control today, and you were going to let him fuck you to get it back. To help him sate his lust and find composure. First he needed to hear you.
"Who's pussy is this baby?" He thrust his fingers deeper in you, but at a slower pace. pushing you to the edge but not over. "Pleaseeee Nami! You know it's yours!"
He sent a smack to your back side. "I didn't ask what I know, I asked you who's is it my pretty little wife." Nanami pressed a quick kiss to your lips before you had a chance to deepen it, making you whine for him.
Sometimes you hated when he acted like this, you hated not getting what you wanted, and that was rare, but the other side of loved his torment. You loved knowing that you were the only one who could make him this way. "It's yours daddy."
"You're such a good girl, and do you know what good girls get?" He spoke to you in a deep husky voice. You loved it. You loved how it made you feel.
Your pussy throbbed around his finger and your pretty sure he felt it. "Good girls get to cum." He smirked, working his fingers faster and faster and faster until the damn broke.
"Ahhh yesssss!" You pulled him closer to you as your hips undulated with every thrust of his fingers. Nanami felt his hand drenched as your essence shot from your swollen wet pussy.
"You made such a mess baby, see? Look." Taking his hand, he smeared your juices on your face before pulling you into a sloppy kiss.
You didn't even have time to catch your breath before he did. He pulled you down from the counter, turned and bent you over the same said counter top. Folding your arms behind your back, he plunged his hot dick inside your spasming cunt. "Ah! Nami! Be g-gentle!"
But he doesn't. Instead he fucked you harder, faster. Deep calculated thrust that penatrated the deepest parts of your canal. Every thrust caused you to stand on the tips of your toes. He was hurting you, yes, but it was a pleasurable pain. A welcomed pain.
He pressed his cock into your cervix as he was fully seathed inside you. He was fueled by every 'ugh' and 'ah yes' you made. Driving deeper into you just to hear you scream 'Daddy!" Everytime.
"Please daddy! It's too deep, it hurts!" You cried out. Your pussy was pulsing as you came, and he was riding your wave to his peak. No matter how much you wanted him to come, he took his sweet time getting there. He loved hearing you beg, to scream his name.
He was feral, and it was all your fault.
With a few more quick thrusts, he stilled himself, shooting his warm seed deep into your womb. You felt it coating your insides 鈥 even spilling from your throbbing heat.
"Whew. . ." You felt your husband's breath on your back. He was breathing heavy. He rubbed up and down your back, caressing your asscheeks whenever he could.
"Sorry my precious little flower. I promise to make it up to you."
And he would. How could he not. You were his precious little wife.
And he loved his precious little wife.
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nanami i respect u so much,
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
minors do not interact.
鈰 啵. ft. gojo, geto, nanami, toji & choso
鈽 鈥 contents ! explicit sexual content 猞 sexting, mix of gn/f!reader, pre-established relationships, suit kink, ex!boyfriend, suggestive/smut, mention of fellatio, daddy kink, masturbation, hand kink, kink shaming reader?
Tumblr media
鈰 啵. 鈽 GOJO SATORU 鈥 mirror pics
the faucet squeaks as gojo turns off the shower. he pulls back the curtain and steps out to grab his towel, using it to dry his hair before wrapping it loosely around his waist. he stops before the mirror on the way out and can鈥檛 help to admire his half naked form. his damp hair hangs low on his forehead which he flicks out of his eyes with a swift movement of his head, hands flexing slightly as he runs his fingers through it to smooth it back. beads of water slowly run down his chest and chiseled abs before disappearing beneath his towel that hangs so dangerously low. his perfect v-line, so sharp it looks like an arrow coaxing your eyes to travel down, imagining what could be hidden under that towel. yeah, he looks good. with a mischievous grin, gojo picks up his phone off the counter and opens the camera. before snapping the photo he drops his towel slightly, holding it in his hands to drape just between his legs to hide his cock while exposing his muscular thighs. he pulls up your message thread, selects the photo and hits send.
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chosen one <3 just got out the shower. why don鈥檛 you hurry on home so you can make a mess of me again? ;)
鈰 啵. 鈽 GETO SUGURU 鈥 dick print
fuck, geto misses you. more than he鈥檇 ever let on. how dare you dump him when he was just about to consider getting his act together? geto sits in his bed in the dark scrolling through your instagram. the bright light illuminates his irritated expression as he lurks through your vacation photos. he guesses your no good friends decided to wist you away on a trip to get him off your mind. tsk, those bitches鈥 they were always against him. geto feels his chest tighten in anger seeing you laid up on the beach in that skimpy ass bikini. just thinking about any other man seeing you like that and getting to touch you has him fuming. how dare they oggle at what鈥檚 his? and how dare you show yourself off like this for all the world to see? flaunting those perfect tits and the curves of your body as you鈥檙e splayed out amongst the sand, your skin now glistening and tanned from the sun. it has his dick stirring in his boxers seeing you look so sexy, happy and carefree. you never looked like that when you were with him. geto adjusts himself letting his dick sit against his thigh creating a delicious print in his boxers. his long shaft and mushroom tip imprint explicitly through the fabric leaving nothing to the imagination. he knows you miss him 鈥 you have to. why else would you pull a stunt like this? he closes instagram in favor of opening the camera app letting the shutter flash as he captures what he knows you鈥檙e after.
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+1 (555)-555-0203 I know you miss this dick, baby. Why don鈥檛 you stop being a tease and come sit on it for old time鈥檚 sake?
鈰 啵. 鈽 NANAMI KENTO 鈥 shirtless pics
sometimes nanami鈥檚 work takes him out of of town, which he hates. he hates working more then he needs to, but most of all, he hates leaving you. when you send him a message requesting he 鈥渟end you something,鈥 nanami can鈥檛 help but feel a little flustered. he has never been into sending lewd images but the thought of you thinking of him while he鈥檚 away stirs something in him. he feels a little silly as he loosens his tie with those skilled fingers. the ones that always managed to reach so deep inside you rubbing all the places you can鈥檛. he slowly unbuttons his dress shirt to reveal inch after inch of pale skin pulled taut over his ripped chest and abs before folding it neatly and setting it on the hotel dresser. he thinks briefly about removing his tie, but decides to leave it, letting it hang loosely around his neck. an embarrassed smile forms at his lips as he cringes at the absurdity of it all. nanami slinks back in bed, phone in hand, letting out a deep sigh before opening the camera app to snap two pictures: one a straight shot of his torso, and a second cheekier one, his strong hands tugging down his dress pants slightly, exposing a small tuff of blonde hair.
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kenny <3 I hope you find these to your liking. Now, I believe it鈥檚 your turn.
鈰 啵. 鈽 FUSHIGURO TOJI 鈥 nut vids
it鈥檚 just past midnight and toji is sitting on the couch in your shared apartment watching reruns of some sport game. like he fucking cared. he would rather be with you, but earlier this evening when you asked him with those puppy dog eyes if you can go out with your friends tonight he just couldn鈥檛 say no to you. it was rare that he ever did. but he misses your cute self. now鈥檚 about the time that you鈥檇 be cuddled up on the couch with him watching tv before things got too close and you ended up on your knees with his dick lodged down your throat. toji needs you and bad. his growing erection is already creating a strong print in his grey sweats like clockwork. without you here, he鈥檚 left to take care of it himself, but not before making you aware of the situation you鈥檝e created. toji slips his dick from his pants, it鈥檚 hot, heavy, and pulsing as he takes it in his fist, milking the clear liquid that slowly seeps from his slit. he picks up his phone with the other hand, opens the camera at and presses record, stroking himself as low grunts and filth spill from his lips.
Attachment: 1 Videos
daddy <3 鈥測ou see the things you do to me? look how hard daddy is for you鈥︹ he groans as he strokes the sweet spot on the underside of his cock. the lights from the tv flicker in the living room, reflecting off the slick that coats his shaft. 鈥渂ring your cute ass home, so you can take care of this mess you made鈥︹
鈰 啵. 鈽 KAMO CHOSO 鈥 hand pics
choso doesn鈥檛 understand what your obsession is with his hands. they鈥檙e just鈥 hands? but still when you ask him to send you a picture of his hands for 鈥渟cience鈥 he pauses his game and sets down his controller to try to figure out about them that drives you wild. could it be the vein that bulge under the skin? the rings that stacked up his slender fingers? his thick knuckles that rubbed against your sweet spots as he pumped his digits inside you? the roughness of his palms that gripped the soft skin of your hips as he gripped them firmly? choso can鈥檛 imagine them tasting like much of anything yet still you never failed to hum eagerly as you took them in your mouth. maybe their strength is what did it for you then? like when he clutched them around your neck while we bullied himself into you? he guessed he could see the appeal there but they鈥檙e still just hands. whatever. if that鈥檚 what you want, he鈥檒l give them to you. pulling out his phone, he poses his hands under the dim light of his room and snaps a couple pictures.
Attachment: 3 Images
choso <3 here, i guess. weirdo鈥
Tumblr media
if you don鈥檛 have an age on your profile pls don鈥檛 like, reblog, or comment under my work as it makes me deeply uncomfortable. thank you for respecting my boundaries.
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kiyoily 3 months
rich bf nanami who gets physically upset when you won鈥檛 accept his gifts
rich bf nanami who takes you shopping when uni becomes too stressful, and will buy you everything you so much as look at
rich bf nanami who holds your girly hand bag with all sorts of keychains while you shop, and smiles at you sososooo brightly whenever you show him something cute
rich bf nanami who makes you try on everything you got and watches, and if he really likes what you鈥檙e wearing he goes ,鈥漵pin for me, baby,鈥 . you swear you hear him mutter 鈥榤y god鈥 when you do [SCREAMS]
rich bf nanami who barely even calls you your name anymore, opting for 鈥榖aby鈥, 鈥榓ngel鈥 and [his favorite] 鈥榮weetheart鈥
rich bf nanami who never stops telling his parents about you- so when they meet you they already know you as 鈥榢ento鈥檚 sweet friend鈥
rich bf nanami who makes sure his friends know that you鈥檙e not just anyone to him, and that if they ever talk badly about you he will find out, and he will confront them
rich bf nanami who would let you paint his nails, do his hair, anything bcus he just loves you so much and sees how happy you get when you do
rich bf nanami who looks at you with such admiration that everyone around you notices
rich bf nanami who is so insanely patient with you when you cry over anything small, when you become snappy, when you鈥檙e stressed because you deserve to be taken care of
bf nanami <<3333馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄
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gardenofnoah 3 months
鈥測ou鈥檙e going to hurt yourself like that, my love.鈥
you startle at the voice over you, having been nearly asleep.
you turn your head to see Nanami looming over your side of the bed. if you were fully conscious, you would see the tiny look of mischief in his eyes as they roam your body, but you鈥檙e not, so you take it as his tendency to mother hen you.
and then he鈥檚 pushing you to the middle of the bed despite your whining, climbing in beside you. you try to settle in and find you鈥檙e still being moved鈥攈e鈥檚 on his back, shuffling himself down the bed and pulling one of your legs over his chest. you feel him turn his face into your belly in a move that feels suspiciously like nuzzling.
鈥渨hat鈥檙e y鈥檇oin,鈥 you slur, a little petulant at being woken up like this, despite it being well past the time you meant to rejoin the living and despite your own desire to seek out the warmth he鈥檚 emitting next to you.
鈥測ou鈥檙e going to hurt your hip, laying like that,鈥 he says, like it鈥檚 the most obvious thing in the world. he runs a hand up the back of your thigh and over your hip, and you sigh a little bit, comforted by the feeling of him.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 know how you sleep like that,鈥 he continues, absentmindedly dragging his fingers over your skin, making you shiver every now and then.
鈥渇eels good,鈥 you grumble, face shoved into the pillow. talking about your bizarre sleeping position and maybe also the way the rough pads of his fingers leave a trail of warmth in their wake. you think you hear him chuckle softly, and you feel him press a kiss to the skin of your belly, right above the hem of your sleep shorts.
it鈥檚 soft, chaste鈥攁nd then it鈥檚 not, and you suck in a breath when you feel him kiss you there again, feeling the tip of his tongue drag along the skin that stretches over your hip bone.
and evidently he hears your sharp inhale, because you feel a strong arm sneak around your lower back, pulling you closer to him.
鈥渨as still sleeping, you know,鈥 but it鈥檚 lost all of its bite and you鈥檙e a little breathless now, fixated on the way his free hand slides up the back of your thigh to brush over the sensitive spot just under the curve of your ass.
鈥済o to sleep then,鈥 he says into the soft of your belly, pressing another kiss, opening his mouth a little wider to catch the skin of it between his teeth. he鈥檚 turned into you now, and despite yourself, you drag your leg up from his chest so it鈥檚 over his shoulder.
he moves to rest his head against your thigh that鈥檚 trapped underneath him, and distantly you think that it is more comfortable like this鈥 his head squeezed between your legs having alleviated some of the pressure against your hip from laying on your side. that thought quickly becomes muddled in your head when you feel him latch on to the skin of your inner thigh that rests against his face.
you whine, hips bucking weakly as you squirm under tongue and teeth鈥攂oth leaning into and trying to get away from the sting of his bite.
鈥渕y sweet love,鈥 he coos, running his tongue over the fresh bruise, placating you. you shiver, pressing your face further into the pillow to try to breathe鈥攖o ground yourself despite the heat that curls up your spine. he stops, then, and you peak down at him to find that he鈥檚 staring back up at you.
鈥渉i,鈥 you whisper, fighting another shudder at the way his lips pull at the corners into a smirk that looks absolutely sinful on him.
鈥済ood morning,鈥 he drawls, deep and far too awake. he rests his chin in the space between your hips, pressing a quick kiss above your pubic bone. your hips buck toward him a tiny bit, and his smirk widens when he feels it.
you bring a hand down to run it through his hair, tangling in the blond strands and scratching at his scalp. he closes his eyes and hums, deep in his chest, nuzzling into your thigh. it makes you smile, and it makes you ache.
鈥渨ant you, ken,鈥 you murmur, squeezing him gently between your thighs and reveling in the groan he lets out.
鈥渋 know, sweetheart,鈥 he coos, hands coming up again to grope whatever skin he can reach and pressing a tiny kiss through your shorts, 鈥渋 can smell you.鈥
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Tumblr media
just a normal day in the household.
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my babygirls
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Some Nanamis 鉁
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natsumeisu 6 months
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he cleaned the sink. PERFECT MAN
(yes it is bare minimum but again. Its NANAMI KENTO. That man could鈥檝e not cleaned that sink and he still be perfect. But because he is Nanami Kento he cleaned it while being sexy)
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aeane 6 months
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Nanamin hitting Gojo. Friendly competition.
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