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justwritingforfun · 5 months
Nami and Sakura are together!!
This is something I did today!!
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squidpus · 3 months
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hm...Uchihas again
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hinakazino · 7 months
The Uchiha Princess || Uchiha Family/Child!Reader
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Summary: The third born child of the head of the Uchiha Clan, younger sister of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. You're the known princess of the Uchiha Clan! (That everyone may or may not have a protective side of.) Warnings: None! Just Fluff!
Tumblr media
It was no secret really, Mikoto had really been hoping for a girl! So she was really happy to have you, her little princess.
Literally loves you, gives you the best of care.
Enjoys dressing you up or doing your hair (you look so cute and small in all those mini garments!!)
Honestly worried for awhile how you'd get along with your brothers or the clan, as it was mostly men.
Worries were quickly blown away though, who would dare hurt you?
Super nervous dad, he was used to the two boys, yes. But a girl? He was already worrying himself over how things would work.
Secretly you’re his favorite, literally held you so softly like you were the most precious baby ever.
You were his precious girl, and he admits he may have spoiled you a bit more than he should've.
Doesn’t like the idea of boys, nope he isn’t agreeing to ANY arranged marriages!!
He also doesn't like admitting it, although he hopes you become a great strong kunoichi. The idea of sending you, of all people into the battle field frightens even him.
The funny cousin, always comes over with treats just for you.
He just can’t stop poking at your chubby cheeks and practically squealed when he saw your stubby legs as you ran up to him.
Always makes sure to scoop you up and tell you plenty of his awful jokes. You love it anyway though! He loves hearing your giggle.
Enjoys closing his eyes as you trace over his scars in awe.
Heart throbs as you pecked his scarred cheek asking him whether he was okay and that you’d make the pain go away.
Literally the sweetest cousin ever, knows exactly what you like and spoils you whenever he is back from a mission.
The cousin you tell all your secrets to. (Who may or may not be secretly reporting to Itachi about it.)
Loves carrying you on his back, gives him sweet flashbacks of mini Itachi.
Is super dramatic with you, you both are like each others twins. He loves it whenever Sasuke and Itachi walk in completely bewildered at the play you guys have been acting.
You two are also pranksters, who have lots of fun pulling stuff on Sasuke, Itachi, and occasionally best of all, Obito.
Second most at poking at your cheek besides Obito too, vowed to protected you from evil at all costs.
Your big brother, who greatly inspires and motivates you. He is such a sweetheart!
He honestly has the same fear as his father because his life as a ninja hasn't been a walk in a rosy garden.
Can't describe it, he just loves you. Every time he is with you, he feels at peace.
Has been there for all of your tantrums, he is basically your comfort.
Knows best out of everyone how to take care of you. You're injured? Distract you with food, something you like, etc, to get rid of the pain as he treats you.
Sobbing cause you can't have something? He'll get it for you-- wait no his parents said no so he'll tell you maybe next time to make you forget.
Was the most nervous out of everyone.
But greatly adores you because you look up to him, he feels noticed and appreciated whenever he is around you.
You love Sasuke because he understands you the most as you're both similar in age.
Playtime is always fun, and mainly with him. He always tries to bring new games, not just to entertain you both but also to keep you active. He shows his care in different ways!
When he got older he still made time for you, there was always a reserved soft spot for his little sister.
You're his favorite Uchiha kid, and he isn't afraid to admit it.
He lets you play with his hair, he surprisingly didn't mind it. Honestly he loves your awe with it.
You spent a chunk of your time with him anyways since most of your other family members were busy so it wasn't before long you both developed a strong bond.
Out of everyone he deeply hopes you never experience war in your lifetime. He knows from personal experience, and it warms his heart that you're so innocent.
He teaches you a lot of things, madara knows a lot! From weapons and combat, all the way to gardening and game tactics. He's got to spend a lot of time having fun being the retired Uchiha.
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coockie8 · 2 months
Sasuke: What is your type!? Naruto: Black hair, pale, brooding. Vengeance on the brain. Sasuke, frantically trying to keep Naruto from bleeding out: YOUR BLOOD TYPE, YOU MORON!! Naruto: Oh. Red.
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chromaticdrip · 9 months
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I think Hinata should have had more weird girl energy. She should say weird shit and offer no explanation.  
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ankifantasy · 3 months
uchiha!reader dating shikamaru and he meets your older brother itachi for the first time? thank you in advance!!
Headcanon: Shikamaru in a tight spot
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Characters: Shikamaru Nara, Itachi Uchiha
Word count: 680
Warnings: Fluff, female reader, Uchiha!reader, Itachi overprotective
Sypnosis: Itachi asks you to introduce him to your boyfriend Shikamaru after you told him about him, will itachi accept?
Masterlist, Request Here
Tumblr media
✽ Shikamaru felt that he already knew your brother, although he had never had the opportunity to interact with him, he had only seen him from afar and knew him because of the great things they said about him. The reason why he felt that way was because you always talked about how great your older brother is and how much you loved him, you had also told him some funny anecdotes.
✽He thought it was cute the way you talked about your brother and how your face would light up with joy when you saw him in the distance and you would run to him.
✽ It was a random day when you cheerfully told him that you had told Itachi about your relationship and that he had said he wanted to meet him, I'd be lying if I said he wasn't intimidated.
✽ He knew that Uchihas tend to be possessive and overprotective and he felt intimidated at the thought that he might be rejected by your older brother, he did not want you to leave his side if he did not accept him as your boyfriend/girlfriend
✽ He wasn't one to judge the Uchiha clan like the rest of the village, but hell, it was about your older brother, you were the princess of the Uchiha clan and it was obvious that they were going to overprotect you tooth and nail.
✽ He is from a good clan so he didn't worry about being rejected for not having a good lineage, his clan was well known in the Leaf village so he didn't worry so much about that aspect.
✽He prayed that itachi wouldn't be like that impulsive idiot Sasuke, it would be problematic to have to deal with 2 older brothers with that temper.
✽ When the day of the meeting arrived Shikamaru was already mentally prepared for any trick questions Itachi might ask him.
✽ Itachi greeted them with a friendly smile and invited them in, they immediately took a seat in that room and Itachi's questions were not long in coming.
✽ The questions at the beginning were typical things, "How serious are you with my sister, how long have you been dating, what do you think of the ideals of our clan? Shikamaru had no problem answering any of them, he really loved you and didn't have to think about it much to say he was serious.
✽ Itachi's questions were increasing as the conversation progressed, "do you see yourself in a future with my sister, do you plan to ask for her hand at some point, do you wish to have children because of your future leadership in the nara clan, do your parents accept my sister?"
✽ Shikamaru on the outside looked totally serene, but the truth in his mind he thought very well about the words he would use so that they would not be misunderstood.
✽ Shikamaru was no fool, he felt that on several occasions itachi tried to intimidate him with passive aggressive questions and questioning his feelings about his sister, but he did not let himself be intimidated on any occasion and knew how to respond.
✽ Time passed quickly and the conversation became a little less serious after Itachi asked all the questions he had wanted to ask.
✽ The conversation between Shikamaru and Itachi progressed quickly and ended up focusing on their mutual interests, such as military strategy and ninja tactics. Itachi was impressed by Shikamaru's strategic and analytical mind.
✽ Although Shikamaru at first worried that his relationship with Itachi might affect his relationship with his girlfriend, he finally understood after that meeting that Itachi only sought to ensure his sister's well-being and happiness.
✽ When the meeting ended they both said goodbye with a firm handshake and Itachi welcomed Shikamaru as part of his family, Shikamaru could finally breathe easy.
✽ Weeks passed after that meeting and you had to say that you were happy for how everything went, Itachi and Shikamaru after that meeting had trained together on several occasions and many times Itachi invited Shikamaru to dinner. You were happy that the two men you loved were getting along.
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Anki: Overprotective Itachi with his little sister to the rescue
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druidic-focus · 2 years
see, THIS is what gaming’s all about
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paulinaaam · 5 months
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iamthe-walnut · 11 months
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Some teen Hashirama and Madara for fun(⁠ノ⁠◕⁠ヮ⁠◕⁠)⁠ノ⁠*⁠.⁠✧
Hashi did mention he had a gambling problem so-- Also I wanted to draw some sibling shenanigans doodle dump
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Them💖 These 3 were a solid unit back in the day when they were still all together. It's fun to think up potential scenarios and dynamics. I didn't properly mention but Akirama and Madara will have a *thing* when they got older, it's complicated.
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justwritingforfun · 6 months
This is my naruto OC Nami Uzumaki, she is the older twin and is the more mature out of her and Naruto.
If you have questions feel free to ask! 
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moxiepoxart · 3 days
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Idol!Ino has my whole heart
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squishyneet · 5 months
Orochimaru Dating Tsunade’s Sister Headcanons
Tumblr media
(Orochimaru is like 25 and reader is like 21 idk)
- It starts out with Tsunade warning him not to talk to her sister too much, everything is reverse psychology with Orochimaru. If she hadn’t said that, he wouldn’t have even thought about it.
- When you two were younger, he thought you were cute when he met you. But as you got older, you began to catch his eye. Tsunade’s sweet and bashful little sister, how could he resist?
- If he has a crush on you, he starts showing up to your house unexpectedly hoping you made some food or needed his help so he could stay longer. He loves when you ask him for a favor, it’s his chance to impress you. If you cooked or baked and you share with him, his heart aches he wants to kiss the hell out of you.
- If you have a crush on him, he can tell immediately. It’s nonstop flirting. Coming too close to you, chatting you up when Tsunade’s not there, brushing the hair out of your face. Anything to make you blush.
- Either way, he’s the shady type to just keep showing up wherever you go and make excuses like “I had a meeting” or “I had a mission nearby” and you believe him because duh the shinobi have all kinds of work he’s busy. But in reality, he’s been asking Tsunade questions about what you’ve been up to and your whereabouts.
- He acts innocent in front of Tsunade, but once she’s gone, he’s all over you. He gets off more on flirting than actually dating you so it takes a while.
- If he finally starts a relationship with you, it’s a complete secret. No one needs to know he seduced his teammate’s sister.
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chiopuff · 7 months
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Having fun at the beach
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inner-sakura · 1 year
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blurry-low · 2 years
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Tamaki in my clothes
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