sunglassesmish 1 month
About the photo where Jensen looks at Misha. I remembered this gif and didn't remember it was yours:D Thank you for this! 鉂わ笍
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i saw you mention you were looking for a gif in the tags but i can't believe it was mine! 馃榿 what a perfect moment
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queermania 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for @nastyasurovtseva
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regardingjenmish 3 months
I'm blessing that fan with you鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉁 Can you imagine? Well, we saw it with our own eyes, even if not in person, but still. Wow. W h a t we saw j u s t because they turned that wheel (also because they're wonderful and amazing but because no wheel in the world could work this way without them being them but that's another topic). One small moment (they use the wheel all the time, come on) led to the moment of history. To a very important part of history. Am I going too far? Lol. Who cares, we should celebrate! 馃帀
That fan gave us all such a great thing. I do think that Misha being like 鈥榟ey sing something from your new album鈥 definitely helped because at a solo panel jensen turned that wheel and when it landed on something(i think it was sing) he just moved it to 鈥榙rink鈥 hdjekw so bless that whole event that happened
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valleydean 4 months
Wooow, your fic ideas are getting better and better: first they're pirates (still haven't read it) and now they're boxers. Don't like this kind of sports but I'll take it because I love their more AUs (more than anyone's! But at the same time I have only two fandoms I've read fanfiction from and destiel is ths first with their AUs) Thank you! How many chapters do you plan? Want to wait till it finished lol (no offence but just don't really like to wait especially when I love the story - you never truly know when or sometimes if you'll get another chapter).
lmao i'm sorry but this ask had me cracking up. "i love your fics! (i haven't read any of them.) (i refuse to read them until they're complete but even then it's iffy no offense)" i know that's not how you meant it but it's soooooooo funny to read it like that. like thank ? you??
anyway, for real, thanks so much for the compliment! i'm usually pretty good about keeping to a posting schedule, and if i have to miss a week, i'll tell everyone in the notes so it's not a surprise. i don't like to leave anyone hanging hahaha. but totally get it if you're more of a binge reader! hope you like it if you decide to read it once it's finished!
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wanderingcas 2 months
Hi:) I wanted to ask - you decided to stop writing The Common Hours for now? The idea about these lighthouse keepers is great. I will probably wait till you finish the fic because I love binge-reading but still:)
ah good question! im actually still writing the common hours too, in conjunction with the lighthouse au - it's just slower going haha. and with the lighthouse au i think the posting schedule will be totally different because a) the plot isn't as complicated as the common hours so i think it'll be written faster and b) it'll be shorter. i think im just going to write everything i have for the lighthouse au and either post a chapter once a day until it's done or just throw it out in the atmosphere all at once!
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inacatastrophicmind 5 months
Sending love and support to you, hope you'll feel better soon 鉂わ笍
Thank you 馃枻
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beaujensen 9 months
Thank you SO much for making gifs with the scene where Beau talks about his daughter with Cassie and Jenny. I loved that he opened up to them, didn't lie that he was fine. Warmed my heart:) And I was upset that no one makes gifs with it but here they are鉂わ笍
You're welcome! I loved this moment, too 馃ズ. It really tugs on my heartstrings to see him open up. 馃槩馃挆 This first ep gave us so much to enjoy about Beau; it's hard to cover all of it in one week! It's wonderful to have so much. But since I only make gifs in my spare time from work and personal life, I tend to go for the quicker, easier, eye candy gifs first 馃槉. I do hope to get around to more of the longer scenes, and I'm sure other gifmakers are doing them, too. Beau is already a character I want to spend more time with, and I love his dynamic with the rest of the cast so far.
Thank you for your nice message!
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starcrosseddeancas 1 year
Congrats that you got a chance to go to Jonas Brothers' concert and it was good:)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Literally had the absolute best time oh gosh I miss them already and I鈥檓 begging and pleading for them to have another tour soon because I already want to see them again!! Their concerts are always *chefs kiss* and I had the best time screaming and singing and dancing and oh gosh it was amazing *dreamy sigh* <3
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dreamstaken 2 years
Hey! Hope you're well:) Just wanted to ask why do you miss 13th Doctor? The first two episodes of the new season is out, is it unavailable in your country?
hi hello!! im doing good, thank you! hope you're also doing well :)
oh welp, i wrote that tag 'i miss the thirteenth doctor' before the new season comes out and i just put the post on my queue so yeah it's kinda like a thought from past me馃槀
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becauseofthebowties 3 months
I never say it personally but thank you! For the gifs from The Winchesters' finale, they are good, & in general, I love your blog鉂わ笍 Good luck!
oh thank you so much for your message and your support!! 馃ズ it means a lot 馃挅馃挅
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sunglassesmish 2 months
These Collins brothers. I described it as "when you don't know what to do on a train". And did you hear the music in the second video? I know it and it suits them:D Also I love seeing the resemblance between Misha and Sasha:) Of course it's not the first time but I'm glad the vid just reminded me. Glad you've uploaded it here because I don't have TikTok btw:) Thank you!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
of course! i mean these two look so similar and i always forget that. really random that they were doing that on a moving train but like the above picture shows they do this stuff a LOT, which is why i wasn鈥檛 surprised and the picture was the first thing i thought of.
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queermania 7 months
Hello! I don't know whether you take gif requests or not but if you do, could you make gifs with Carlos from 1x05 of The Winchesters? I liked his outfits there. And how he took off his jacket after they talked with that councilman's secretary. I didn't see it anywhere.
so there really aren't a lot of good like full body shots of carlos in his little outfits this episode but i still wanted to get you the gif of him taking off his jacket. i also thought him tossing the button was funny so here's a quick little set.
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regardingjenmish 4 months
Oh that wonderful mode "what Jensen's wearing", I'm with you 鉂わ笍馃
It鈥檚 a tradition at this point
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evesbeve 3 years
Thank you for finding time to explain the situation with Justin! I didn't know anything, saw just his recent tweet yesterday and it surprised me, worried a bit, thought he was going through some hard times, something personal. Sometimes the Internet just makes everything a mess and everything spreads too quickly...
Aaaa, it was no problem! And yeah, definitely agreed. The internet is wild sometimes, I really hope Justin is okay after this
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wanderingcas 1 month
About that lube thing in SPN. I believe I read something about it recently but I was so confused:D and no one explained it in the tags. This is interesting, god, why would they do it
my ONLY guess from someone who knows nothing about set design whatsoever (me) i would think that maybe it helps the water "show up" better on the face for comedic effect? like plain old water wouldn't stick to his face quite as well to show the "effect" of the water going all over jensen's face but like?? idk. this is me working with the knowledge of what lube is like: sticky, globby, clings to goddamn everything
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phoebe-does 4 years
Do you have a favourite book, movie and music band?
tbh I don鈥檛 really have a fav book or movie, it really varies on what mood I鈥檓 in. However, I love聽鈥楾he Good Place鈥, just fantastic!聽
My favourite band is 鈥楾he Herd鈥, in particular their song聽鈥楾he King is Dead鈥
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