#nate major problem is that he dated women too old for him
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Heyyy if you’re still doing HCs please can you do one where y/n and Sam are besties, you used to have feelings for him but he still does and he finds out your bf is cheating on you?
Oh, man.. Cheating is a sore subject for me as well as for many on here whom I personally know. So I won't tag anybody in this, just in case, and I won't put much detail into what happened.
(I want every single person on here who's been cheated on or double-crossed by a previous partner to know that YOU deserve so much better. YOU are an amazing human being, who has to keep moving forward and constantly be reminded that YOU are worth so much. Nothing is worth your time and attention. Focus on YOU and know your worth because YOU are so fuckin' precious. I'm always open to talk to and remind you just how much you're worth and that YOU deserve the world. Never settle, you guys, and don't EVER let a massive dickhead dictate your worth. Never wonder what you've done wrong or whether you were adequate or not. You ARE enough (whatever that might entail for you). You're always enough. I love you. ❤)
TW// Cheating:
-Everyone always knew that what you and Sam shared was something way deeper than just a platonic friendship.
-It almost seemed as if anyone but the two of you admitted to being completely and utterly enamored with each other.
-Whenever anyone would bring it up, you'd just shrug it off and say that you were just friends.
-Sam would do the same, except that he'd add that you were pretty damn amazing and that he'd hate to get into a relationship with you, lest he fucked it up and lost you for good.
-But everyone close to both of you knew that there was something behind the stares you gave each other– something far deeper than just admiration.
-It seemed to be something closer to pure, unadulterated adoration.
-The amount of times Sam would cancel on Nate or Sully just to spend hours with you, strolling around town, grabbing a drink or two, or even spending the nights at each other's places, watching movies or playing cards and cooking dinner together.
-Some nights, Sam would put on some upbeat country music and danced around with you, elated by the sound of your joyous laughter as he dipped you or spun you and glided across the parquet floors with you.
-And it was an odd feeling to Sam.. So foreign to fall in love so hard and so unexpectedly. And, God, did he wish he didn't have his guard down to save himself the pain of watching you go on multitudinous, failed dates with the most unlikely of men who weren't even your type.
-But, oh, Lord, the moment he knew he had it way to deep for you was after one of those miserable dates.
-You'd just had about enough of those. You thought that maybe they weren't the problem, but you were.
-And you went home, disgruntled and tearful and frustrated.
-One drink brought another and two glasses were followed by almost an entire bottle of wine.
-The movie you had playing was completely muffled by the overlapping sounds in your own head. Everything seemed like a big blur– Whether this was a result of alcohol consumption or your own tears– you didn't know and didn't care either.
-Sam had tried to call you about a thousand times. Texted you a billion. Left hundreds of voice messages.
-But the sounds from your phone were just as muted as the sounds from your TV.
-He knew that you should've been done with your date by then. And he knew that there was no way you'd go back home with a guy on the first date. It just wasn't you.
-But just when he was about to ring you again, you were calling him. And in an instant, he answered.
-He heard your voice. He knew that you were drunk– instantly. He heard your sniffles and your breaking voice and he was up on his feet in seconds and on his way to your place in milliseconds.
-And so he spent the night with you, sobering you up and holding your hair back while you knelt in front of the toilet, gasping for air after every retch and trying to not seem so disgusting in front of him, but he didn't mind.
-He wanted to talk to you– to be there for you. To make this all go away.
-And when you were done, Sam stayed with you, watching you brush your teeth, giving his back to you as you stripped from your clothes and stepped into the shower.
-The tension was palpable and he wasn't uttering a word.
-Not even when he was cleaning you up, fighting himself about a trillion times– fighting his mind. He fought the urge to study your body. Every nook and cranny beckoned him. Called for him to touch and to hold and to please and to show what love would actually look like.
-But he kept his eyes on your shoulders as you turned to him, his hands gently cleaning down your arms and up again, then across your sternum.
-But he didn't catch the look in your eyes until you softly said his name.
-And he saw it. That glint in your eyes. It was all he needed.
-The way your fingers curled against his chest, gripping his t-shirt as you pulled him in almost made him dizzy.
-And in what seemed like mere seconds, his clothes were off his back and his lips were agains yours, hungrily connecting and parting, only to connect again with more fervour and heat as he climbed in with you.
-And when you two were done, you promised each other..
-You promised that it'd never happen again and that it was only in the heat of the moment.
-That you'd never bring up how inexplicably good it felt to be chest to chest with him, his steamy breaths shattering against your neck and his lips tracing the most tender patterns on your skin, completely contradicting the rough, well-paced movements of his hips against yours.
-That he'd never bring up how incredible it felt to be buried inside you to the hilt. To feel your nails digging into the skin of his shoulders. To feel your legs hugging his waist intimately. To feel your body arching off the wall in his arms. To hear your shameless, loud moans echo throughout the bathroom.
-You made it clear that you didn't regret it and that he didn't either, but, God, did it awaken something within both of you.
-It's not the sex he couldn't shrug off. He had plenty of that.
-It was that look in your eyes. The way you made him feel even when your bodies aren't molded together.
-It was the cheeky grin you'd give him or the small giggles or your hugs or the care you displayed.
-Sam then knew that he was in deep shit. He was hooked beyond repair and he wasn't sure how long he'd keep it hidden. He was usually a very vocal person about what he felt toward a woman, but this one was different.
-'Don't fuck this up, Drake..' , he reminded himself. Over and over again.
-And you kept it natural. You hung out and forgot that ever happened. Dating was off the table for you for quite a while and you started realizing your feelings for Samuel too but– much like him – you didn't wanna ruin whatever it is you two had.
-It wasn't until you stumbled upon a great guy in your workplace that things started to change for you.
-He was very sweet, extraordinarily funny, very helpful, and had a great smile. Overall, he was very eye-catching.
-So when he asked you out on a date, the natural answer was yes.
-A part of you was afraid to tell Sam anything because you were aware of what he was feeling.
-But at the same time, you wanted him to be the first to know.
-And he was.
-He took it surprisingly well, gave you advice, was completely calm about it, and even helped you pick out a dress from your wardrobe.
-But, oh, was he absolutely boiling on the inside.
-However, he loved you. He cared about you more than anything and thought that if this was what it took to see you happy, then so be it.
-Besides, he faced himself with the truth as one must. Which was that he was an absolute coward.
-And as a result, he was probably going to suffer with his feelings more than he already did.
-As expected, the date went marvelously well and one date turned into two and then four.
-Sam didn't take a major chunk of your time as he did when you were single and he made sure he didn't drop by at your house as much because, if Sam were your boyfriend, he wouldn't like to know that there's another guy spending way too much of his time around you. Alone.
-Months rolled in and Sam was trying to get himself out there again.
-He went on some great dates with great women but all of them seemed to have the same problem.
-They just weren't you.
-And it drove him to the brink of madness.
-He'd scroll through your old chats and chuckle lightly at the way you aggressively flirted with each other or when he'd see the memes you exchanged.
-Periodically and exponentially, those chats seemed more dull and very uncharacteristically platonic as he scrolled lower until he figured out that you only texted every two days or so.
-And as if by magic, just when he was starting to spiral down into a deep, dark hole of depression, his phone lit up with your name.
-He sat up so fast, he actually became dizzy but he didn't care. He'd never swiped 'accept' so fast but closed his eyes tightly, grimaced, and mentally groaned at himself at how desperate that might've seemed to you.
-But you didn't care.
-This was the LEAST of your problems apparently..
-"Hey, what's wrong..?" , he gently prodded you, his eyes flickering around as he heard your sobs on the opposite line and he swore he saw red when you uttered the words that he'd be damned to ever hear from you.
-"He's cheating on me.."
-Sam didn't know what to say. The anger was running so quickly through his veins that he wanted nothing more but to act on instinct and bash that fucker's skull in.
-Prison style.
-But, again, he wanted to be there for you as you were for him numerous times before.
-That's what friends are for, right..?
-"You sure..?", was all he managed to say. His voice was surprisingly calm as well.
-"Mm-hmm..", you sniffled, "I saw the text messages and I confronted him."
-At that, he smiled softly and closed his eyes, his head hanging low as he listened to you.
-No amount of ass-kicking from Sam Drake can compare to how painful your anger-laced words could be.
-"..And I kicked him out." , you finished, making his smile drop and his lips press together in a thin line.
-Awkwardly (almost shyly), he picked at the loose threads in his duvet and cleared his throat, "Do you want me to come over?", he asked you, hesitantly, causing you to laugh lightly through your tears.
-'What a fuckin' idiot..' , He thought as he shook his head. In his opinion, your boyfriend (now ex) must've been a complete idiot to do that to you.
-And for what?
-Because you were too occupied with work to actually get in bed with him.
-"That's why I called you, Sam.." , you replied. It was your turn to seem all timid. You also picked at the threads in your duvet, tearing some with your nails as you bit down on your lip, awaiting his answer.
-You heard him sigh softly, "I'll be there in a minute." , he promised and when you smiled and said your goodbyes, you felt comforted. Content and relaxed, for some reason.
-You took the opportunity to push yourself up from your bed and tidy around the house a little and, just when you finish, you hear the doorbell ringing.
-You put the couch cushion in place and quickly make it to the door, opening it up for him.
-And, Lord, you felt your chest swell with happiness.
-Not only was he there, standing tall with a warm, inviting smile and a bag of your favorite take-out food with him, but he had the most adorable puppy eyes as he opened his arms for you.
-And you never leaped into anyone's arms so fast and so excitedly. It made him stumble back a little with a small chuckle.
-Sam had his chin on the dome of your head and his free hand rubbing slow circles on your back that made your eyes sting with tears and your face buried in his chest.
-When you pulled away, your hand was in his as you led him into your house.
-It only took half an hour to get you smiling and eating with him.
-He took your mind off things by telling you all about the disastrous details of his dates. He made some of them up, but then you said something that made him stop chewing his food mid-way.
-"And, of course, none of 'em were half as fun as me."
-It came out in a joking manner and you didn't even pay attention to the way he completely froze. You didn't see the way he looked at you, either.
-"Not even close." , he said. His tone was what made you look up at him to see the look in his eyes, "Not even a little.."
-A small chuckle left his lips as he looked down at his hands, fiddling with his fingers and chewing on the inside of his cheek.
-"That was all I could think of on these.. pointless dates.." , he muttered, shaking his head slightly.
-You blinked in surprise at him and put down your food and beer on the table and took his and did the same with them.
-And before he could ask you what you're doing, you grab his face and pull him in for a deep, passionate kiss again that made him inhale sharply, close his eyes, and arch his brows in surprise.
-But it took him exactly a second to kiss you back with equal amounts of passion.
-When you pulled away, your forehead was against Sam's and all he managed to breathe out was: "Fuckin' finally.."
-The small giggle that erupted from you awakened the same burst of warmth within him again and, in mere seconds, you were pushed on your back on the couch, laughing loudly as he showered you with kisses and promises to never let you go again.
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Fic: The Talk
Title: The Talk or on AO3
Rating: T 
Word Count: ~2000 words
Summary: Nate and Sara attempt to give newly human Gideon The Talk but chaos ensues as usual with the Legends. In which Sara wants to be inclusive, Ray blushes a lot, everyone thinks Martin is too old, Amaya just wants to understand 21st century logic, and Nate was just trying to be helpful for once. And Rip has just given up with this team and Gideon.
AN: I don’t know what happened, I was supposed to be writing serious fics for Gideon week next week and instead this attempt at humor happened. But any feedback is always appreciated! Hope you still enjoy it!
“Sara, we need to talk.”
“Nate, you’re dating Amaya, not me. You’re supposed to have the serious conversations with her,” Sara responded without even looking up from her papers.
“What? No! We need to talk about Gideon,” Nate exclaimed.
“Any problems with Gideon should probably be taken up with Rip,” Sara replied.
“No, Sara. Just listen. Look, Gideon only recently became a human and it’s not exactly hard to notice that she’s well…you know…” he trailed off.
Sara looked up from her papers at her desk to see Nate standing by her chair. She gave him a look, “Hot?”
“Right, exactly,” Nate snapped his fingers as Sara got it in one, “And the last three missions she’s been accosted by men and every time one of us has to stop it because I don’t think she even notices that she’s beautiful and nice and men like that.”
“So men are assholes, what else is new? This is why I tend to go for the women.”
Nate sighed, “It’s not about that. Look she’s been an AI for her whole life, no physical entity. She probably doesn’t know much about…you know.”
Sara shrugged, not getting what he was saying.
Nate huffed again, “Okay, you know what? We need to give her the sex talk. Because I don’t think she’s ever gotten it and we can’t always be there to help her. So yeah, we need to give her The Talk.”
“Why us?” Sara crossed her arms.
“Well Jax is too young. Martin is too old. Amaya only recently learned about the sexual revolution so her values are also a bit outdated. Mick has no tact. Ray blushes at everything. And Rip…”
“Is far too English and stiff to even consider giving his former AI the talk?”
Nate shrugged and nodded.
Sara sighed, “You’re probably right. Okay, let’s just get this over with.”
“What? Now?” Nate questioned as Sara marched to the door.
Sara raised an eyebrow, “What you got something better to do?” Nate shook his head and hurried along after her. Eventually they found Gideon in the kitchen cutting up fruit for herself.
“Gideon, we’ve been looking all over for you!” Sara exclaimed as she and Nate pulled up a seat at the counter.
“Captain Lance, Dr. Heywood. How can I help you?” Gideon smiled pleasantly.
“Actually it’s more of what we can do for you,” Nate started.
“And what’s that?” Gideon asked.
“Well, the thing is…you know, you’re a very beautiful woman,” Nate began.
“Thank you, Dr. Heywood. Although physical beauty standards are-” Gideon got cut off.
“What Nate means to say, is that you’re beautiful and men and you know, some women are going to find you attractive. And then things happen,” Sara tapered off, apparently she wasn’t as forward as she thought she would be.
“Things?” Gideon questioned.
“Look, we’re trying to give you The Talk,” Nate interrupted.
Gideon took a bite of the apple she had in her hand and chewed slowly, once she swallowed she responded, “Most of my programming covered only the basics of 21st century colloquialisms. You’re going to have to be more specific about what you mean.”
“Right, well when a man and a woman, you know, really love each other,” Nate started.
“Hold on wait, why does it have to be a man and a woman?” Sara interrupted, “It can be a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. There’s no need to pigeonhole her. What if she wants choices?”
Nate turned to Sara, “Okay, alright. I didn’t mean it like that.”
“I’m just saying if we’re going to do this, we might as well do it properly and be all inclusive. Because I know my parents weren’t and that was hard to figure out for myself,” Sara explained.
“Okay, so when two humans love each-”
“Wait,” Sara interrupted again.
“What?” Nate groaned.
“I’m just saying, what about Supergirl?”
“What about her?” Nate asked incredulously.
“Well you said two humans. Supergirl is an alien, are you trying to insinuate she doesn’t want sex? I mean aliens probably do it too, right?”
“Okay, fine,” Nate turned back to Gideon, who was all wide-eyed at the ensuing conversation, “When two people,” here he paused for emphasis and shot Sara a dirty look, “love each other-”
Once again Nate was interrupted this time by the trio entering the kitchen.
“Look all I’m saying is make sure the little guy doesn’t get into my room again. I have a lot of wires and stuff and he could mess it up,” Ray said.
“Your wires nearly killed Axel,” Mick growled in return as he coddled his rat in his hands. Behind them Amaya was holding back a grin at their conversation.
“Mr. Rory, please do not let that rodent loose around the food,” Gideon stopped the argument, “While it does not have any known viruses, Captain Hunter would be most displeased to find it in the kitchen.”
“Sure thing, Gideon,” Ray answered for the pyromaniac, “What’s going on here?” he asked taking in the serious looks on Nate and Sara’s faces and the permanent smile on Gideon’s face.
“Captain Lance and Dr. Heywood were just giving me The Talk,” Gideon answered happily.
Immediately Ray’s cheeks turned a deep pink and Nate merely groaned again while Mick began laughing at Ray’s face. Meanwhile Amaya looked rather confused.
“What exactly is The Talk?” she asked Nate.
“The sex talk,” Sara sighed, “Just to have safe sex and dos and don’ts.”
Amaya nodded, “I keep forgetting it’s normal to talk about these things openly in the 21st century.”
“It’s more of a personal thing really,” Ray scratched the back of his neck as he refused to look at anyone.
“Anyways, if we can continue?” Nate asked, motioning to the exits as he wanted this to be a private conversation – well as private as it could be on the Waverider.
“Go ahead Pretty, no one’s stopping you,” Mick pulled up a seat and grinned.
Nate sighed, “Where were we?”
“When two people love each other,” Gideon prompted.
“Right, when two people love-”
“I thought you said things in the future were ‘chill’?” Amaya interrupted with a frown on her face, “Now you’re saying it’s only if they love each other?”
“It can be both,” Sara spoke up at last, “As long as both members are consenting. Or you know if you have more than two people, that’s fine too.”
“Do we have to get so specific?” Ray asked with a squeak.
“We just want Gideon to know that whatever she chooses is fine as long as she’s happy and we will support her,” Sara said tersely, daring anyone to cross her.
Nate nodded in agreement, but mostly because he didn’t want Sara to kill him, “Right, so when people love each other or when people have mutually given consent,” Nate looked at Amaya and Sara here for their approval.
Sara nodded and added, “Consent is the most important thing.”
“Right, so then-”
“Grey, I’m telling you I got this.”
“Jefferson, I know you are a smart young man, surely you can see where my distress is stemming from.”
“Yeah, I know you care, but you’re also getting up there in the years, Grey. Just relax. Hey guys, what’s happening?” Jax asked as the two halves of Firestorm entered the kitchen only to run into the majority of the team in there.
“Mr. Jackson, how are the engines looking?” Gideon asked as she sliced up a mango and put it on a plate for Mick. Mick in response glared at the offending fruit until Gideon gave him a sharp look and he huffed and put the plate between him and Ray to share. Nate did a double take as he watched it all happen, when did Gideon fabricate the mangoes? And the strawberries? Was she even listening to them?
“Engines are good, we’ll have to look at the stabilizers if you have time though,” Jax answered happily grabbing the blueberries on the counter. Where was all this fruit coming from?
“Of course Mr. Jackson,” Gideon said as she cut up another apple for Amaya.
“What’s happening in here?” Jax asked again.
“Yes, was there a team meeting we weren’t notified about?” Martin asked Sara in particular.
“No, Nate and I just wanted to have a conversation with Gideon and these three interrupted,” Sara gestured to the trio.
“They’re giving her The Talk,” Mick said with glee.
“Ah, perhaps I should help?” Martin asked, “After all, I am the only one in this group currently that has a daughter and has given this speech before.”
“Lily is a time aberration, you know?” Ray asked softly then quickly backtracked, “I mean not that she isn’t real. But do your memories with her count if you remember both life with and without her?”
“Be as that may, Raymond, I am the most qualified to direct this conversation,” Martin scowled.
“Your views are old fashioned though,” Jax interrupted, “This isn’t me trying to be rude, Grey. It’s just that times have changed, haven’t they? You didn’t even know what ghosting was.”
“He does have a point,” Nate said, “And Sara is the only one that actually gets any action in like every time period we go to.”
Jax and Mick nodded appreciatively, Sara merely shrugged with a smug look on her face. She knew she had game.
“Yes, I suppose you do have a point there. The intricacies of relationships have changed a lot since I was a young man. But still, some things must remain the same.”
“Okay, fine. I guess everyone is staying,” Nate acquiesced to the silent proposal, “Where was I?”
“You were talking about how it doesn’t matter if the people love each other or not as long as there’s consent,” Gideon refreshed as she put the chopping board and knife into the sink.
“Right, so-”
“Now wait,” Martin stopped Nate this time.
Nate groaned and dropped his head to the counter, “What now?!”
“I’m merely saying that surely we can all agree that this is something you should do with the person you love most of all, your other half, soulmate if you will?”
“I mean that’s kinda hard to do in this day and age,” Ray started.
“Besides, Marty, we met you when we were young. Remember?” Sara flashed a wicked grin.
“I’ve just recently gotten over the fact that it doesn’t need to lead to marriage,” Amaya groaned. She knew this conversation was for Gideon, but she was hoping to learn from it too.
“I don’t think the kid is old enough to hear about all this,” Mick threw out just to stir the pot a bit. It was getting boring.
“Hey, now wait just a minute-”
“Ms. Lance I thought I asked you not to bring that up again. All I’m saying is that if I were telling my daughter about-”
“Did you give her the talk, or did Clarissa?”
“You’re just mad that you found me sexy.”
“No, the two people don’t need to be married-”
“What’s the point of teaching her 21st century etiquette if we time travel all over the place?”
This was the chaos that Rip walked in on with his empty tea mug, a set of files tucked in his arm. He sighed as he took in the usual display of all the Legends squabbling over one another. Obviously he decided to take a stance next to the only other sane person on this ship; Gideon didn’t even bother trying to hide the smile on her face at the team’s quarreling.
“What exactly is happening?” Rip asked his former AI quietly.
“I believe the Legends were attempting to give me The Talk. So far I’ve learned about polyamorous relationships, LGBT rights and the importance of consent.”
Rip raised an eyebrow at her, “Gideon, they do realize that you’re an AI from the future so to speak with knowledge about just about everything? Including sex.”
“Actually Captain, I thought it was rather sweet that they cared enough to talk to me about it,” Gideon smiled at him with big eyes.
Rip sighed as he set his mug into the sink and gave her a disapproving look, “You got bored again didn’t you?”
“We have been stuck on this ship for almost two weeks and they keep taking over the media room and someone is stealing my books. Of course I got bored. Besides, it was worth it to see the blush on Dr. Palmer’s face,” a devious look of glee shone on her face.
Rip shook his head at her, “Gideon,”
“It was your idea to form a team, Captain,” Gideon pointed out, “I didn’t get a say. The least you can do is allow me to use them for entertainment.” She gestured to the commotion around them, Sara currently had a knife in her hand and Mick and Jax were almost at each other’s throats, with only Ray and Martin trying to appease them.
Rip nudged her side to get Gideon’s attention again, “I think you need a hobby. One that doesn’t interfere with your job.”
“Oh Captain,” Gideon laughed, “My only job is supposed to be looking after you. Helping you raise the Legends is my hobby.”
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