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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⊹ . . oh ᥴᥲrιᥒ̃o, ᥴómo ᥒo ᥲmᥲrtᥱ! ᘊ
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Mai Natsume and her pole.
Get NSFW version, High res, and organized .PSD file on my Gumroad - https://fuya.gumroad.com/l/gvMp?layout=profile
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free to use Switch and Fine icons from Ensemble Stars! (pls credit me thx)
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Harvest Moon 64 (Victor Interactive Software, Natsume, 1999).
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locker talk -
Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling: Fight da Pon! (Natsume - SNES - 1994)
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Mermerizing and delicate field of hagi (clover) made from raden (mother of pearl inlay) for this box (probably a natsume/tea box used for tea ceremony) crafted by Nomura Takuya.
You can also watch here a video unveiling the glittery makie (gold dust lacquer) inside. That must look so pretty when filled with bright green matcha powder!
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so i had a random epiphany a few days about how if Dazai were to have pet Sensei while at Lupin he would’ve nullified I Am a Cat and seen Natsume as a human
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Natsume :3
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i decided to watch drifting home on netflix to accompany me during breakfast and oh my god am i sobbing right now. i didn’t end up finishing my food because i was crying so much :,,)
the story and the characters are just so good and the visuals are just absolutely gorgeous. the movie really showed how someone can struggle with feeling they belong or if they’re even doing anything right,, especially when everything seems to go wrong. it’s also about grief and letting go of long time guilt. the bond between friends even when you don’t get along with each other at that moment, the care and determination to keep them safe, really makes up for some emotional scenes. there’s definitely comedic characters and moments to make up for it all for sure! keep in mind they’re all elementary school students :,,) some physically and emotionally tough kids for sure.
i believe this one is done by the same studio that did a whisker away which is also one of my favourite comfort films.
definitely prepare your tissues. or not. just maybe don’t salt your food with tears like i did.
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I’ve started rewatching natsume’s book of friends
so here’s a scene from the show in my style :)
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Switch Amusement Park Headcanons!
Natsume x reader | Tsumugi x reader | Sora x reader ˗ˏˋ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Gender-neutral reader 𓆩♡𓆪
Fluff + amusement park dates + gifts ˗ˏˋ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Requested? no 𓆩♡𓆪
Words: 1148 ˗ˏˋ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Warnings? : None!
Tumblr media
Yo yo yo! Koi here. I apologize for making you all wait so long, our exams just finished 4 days ago and I took a break after that. A sudden inspiration took over me when I was at the amusement park. Instead of enjoying myself, I found myself writing this, so I hope you all enjoyed this. ♡
Tumblr media
Natsume Sakasaki
He was the one who invited you to go to an amusement park.
Natsume is the type to put an arm around your shoulder or the type to hold your hand while walking around.
He isn't the type to take pictures every second unlike some people, however Natsume will slowly agree if you gave him a good reason. But in his mind he just wants to see your cute pouty expression.
Natsume will tease how cute you look when you begged for him to take a picture.
Natsume will maintain eye contact with you as a small smirk creep on his lips.
As the magician he is, he can win every single game inside the carnival like magic.
Shooting a ball in just 3 attempts? Natsume will shoot them all perfectly.
Popping balloons with darts? He will shoot every single one of the balloons.
Every prize he won, he will give it to you. Even a bigass teady bear that is bigger than the size of your body? he will gift it to you.
Of course he will help you carry the prizes as the kind and loving boyfriend he is.
In rides, Natsume is the type to invite you to take the craziest rides for fun. If you don't like those rides then he will settle down for a ride on the ferris wheel.
When you two are at the top of the Ferris wheel, he will kiss you on the cheek or on the lips as a surprise and will tease you when you blush.
"oH? Is my loveLY kitTEN flusTERED? how cuTE~" (Natsume will move closer to you after saying that-)
He is the romantic type of boyfriend so he will do anything just to make you feel butterflies on your stomach and making you blush.
Once you two are finished at the amusement park, he will take you to a dinner date on your favorite restaurant.
Natsume loves to spoil his s/o, he believes that it's fate that brought you two together, he also believes that you deserve the world because you're such a sweetheart for him.
(I love Natsume sm im sobbing)
Tumblr media
Tsumugi Aoba
Knowing that Tsumugi is an over worker himself, you did all of his remaining tasks and invited him to go to an amusement park.
At first he was surprised that he doesn't have any remaining tasks, but when you told him that you did his remaining tasks you swore that you can see him in the verge of tears.
He then thanked you later on and accepted your invitation.
Once you and him arrived inside the carnival you can see Tsumugi's eyes sparkle.
Tsumugi is someone who rarely goes to fun places due to his busy schedule.
Tsumugi is the type to hold your hand while he's looking around the amusement park with a smile on his face.
He would ask you how was your day while you two are walking around the amusement park, he cares about you deeply.
I can imagine Tsumugi losing when playing a game inside the amusement park however, he can win a few games if good luck is on his side.
If he did lose, he promised that he will buy you something and will treat you in the cafeteria tomorrow.
If you managed to win a game and give it to Tsumugi as a gift, he will treasure it like his child. It's a gift from his s/o afterall.
If it's a plushie, he will put it beside his bed and he will hug it close to his chest while sleeping thinking that it's you.
I can imagine some people staring at how cute and sweet you and Tsumugi are.
He will buy you (drink of your choice) as a "thank you for inviting me here"
Tsumugi prefers calm rides like the spinning tea cup, the ferris wheel, the Carousel and etc..
He might find it childish when you invited him on riding the Carousel but after riding it, he felt more relaxed and he seemed to enjoy it.
Most amusement parks has fireworks when it's night time so imagine you and Tsumugi watching the fireworks.
He will let out a quiet "wow.." while watching the fireworks.
Tsumugi is the type to lay his head on your shoulder but he's also the type to ask permission before doing it.
As you and Tsumugi are watching the firework show, he will whisper "I love you so much.." in the most quiet tone he can so you won't hear it.
Tumblr media
Sora Harukawa
Sora was the one who invited you to go to an amusement however, I can imagine you and Sora inviting each other at the same time.
He already planned what rides you two are going to take, you can obviously tell that he's really excited about this.
Once you two are inside the amusement park, Sora will pull your arm and will run towards a ride that caught his attention.
Sora is the type to run off somewhere when he founds something interesting so please keep an eye on him and hold his hand so he won't run off.
If he did run of somewhere and you're finding him, he will surprise you by hugging you behind.
He absolutely loves the surprised expression on your face right now.
Sora likes to cling on your arm while walking around the amusement park.
While you two are walking, Sora will hop every second because of how excited he is.
When he tries out the games, he will win many of them. He is a pro gamer afterall.
When he founds a plushie that looks like you, he will do his best to get it and gift it you.
Sora loves how your color gives off such a positive and sweet vibe when he gave you the plushie.
Sora is the same as Natsume, he likes the craziest rides but sometimes you can sense he's quite scared at some of them.
Sora is the type to wave his arms and keeps shouting how happy he is when you two are inside the rollercoaster.
After riding the rollercoaster he won't stop until you and him ride all of the rides inside the amusement park.
The big and genuine smile on his face will never fade throughout the rides.
After the rides, he will buy cotton candy for you and him, he will also buy a few desserts and sweets with it.
You can sense Sora's color brighten when he took a bite of the cotton candy.
Sora enjoys every single second he spends time with you, he is brimming with delight every time he founds you smiling. Sora is absolutely grateful and happy to be with you. He loves and adore you so much that his colorful heart cannot take it.
The end..... ✩
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ルーンファクトリー フロンティア Homestead River ✧ Rune Factory: Frontier (2008)
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beads of fury - Pocky & Rocky 2 (Natsume - SNES - 1994)  
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