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Neteyam x Fem!Omatikayan!Reader
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+ MDNI, dubcon for both parties, drug-like state, rough p in v, both uncontrollably horny, pre-established friendship, Neteyam and Reader are pining eachother but neither can make a move untilllll…
Syulang - flower
txe’lan - heart
tanhi - bioluminescent freckles
kuru - neural queue
“Keep up!” You yelled back to him
“I’m trying! Damn it!” Neteyam called up to you “Just, just wait for me!”
“I always wait for you Neteyam- Ah!” You scream, tripping onto the ground
As you fall out of Neteyam’s line of sight, panic courses through his veins.
“Syulang! Are you alright?” He called out as his pace sped up to find you
“Neteyam!” You call back “I- Something- happened!”
Neteyam approached you carefully, peering over silently.
You laid there on the ground, a pink dust covering your chest, along with a heavy sweat.
“Are you alright, Syulang?” He asked, towering over your body
“Mmm… Teyam, it hurts…” You whine, trying to reach for him
Neteyem drops to his knees by your side. “What hurts? Tell me what happened, it’s alright.”
“Something, poofed, in my face.” You tried to explain as you uncomfortably tried to also sit up
“Poof?” He reaches down, helping you sit up
Suddenly, he knew what you meant.
He was suddenly in a pinkish-lavender haze as you invaded all of his senses.
“Uh- Um, where did you say it hurt, Syulang?” He asked, trying to compose himself
“Mmm.” You take him by the hand, guiding it to your chest. “txe’lan…”
Then you bring his hand lower, to your lower stomach. “Here feels empty…”
Empty… unfulfilled… yearning.
“Eywa help me.” He whispered a silent prayer as the drug-like-dust engulfed his mind
You didn’t remember who initiated it… you didn’t even really care. And neither did he.
It seemed that all you cared about right now was begging Neteyam to go deeper.
It was like a constant instruction in Neteyam’s mind: “In and out. In and out.”
He couldn’t even begin to count how many times you both had cum.
Like right now for example.
Your teeth were sunk into his shoulder as you tried to hold in a scream, and he was uncontrollably rutting into you like an animal.
He felt like an animal, but he couldn’t help himself, the feral feeling of needing to be inside of you overcame him.
He felt like he was being burned every time he would even try to pull away from you.
You clung to him desperately as you were just as deep into it as he was.
You might have been worse, you got the brunt of it.
It was like you never stopped whining, never stopped whining for him, or his cock, his tongue, his fingers, him.
All that you were able to think about was how good it felt for him to be thrusting into your right now.
No matter how many times either of you had cum, it was never ending, never enough. Neither of you could be satisfied.
It was unlike any rut or heat either of you had ever experienced.
More like you had both been hypnotized and this was the only thing stopping the both of you from actually going crazy.
“Ah- Uh! Fuck!” Neteyam called to you as he thrusted one more time, spilling into you for the umpteenth time today.
It was dark now, but the bioluminescent plants lit up the clearing.
You two lit up the clearing, your tanhi glowing brighter than ever.
Knowing Neteyam since birth, you saw a lot of him, all the time. You had memorized the pattern of his tanhi, how many there were on him, and where he glowed the brightest.
He nestled his head into your neck as he pulled out, making you whine for him. He peppered kisses on your neck while reassuring you that it was okay.
Neteyam slunk down in between your spread legs, watching as his load poured out of your pussy.
“So pretty.” He smiled up at you, making you whine
“Neteyam, it hurts.”
His hand gently squeezed your thigh, to let you know that everything was alright.
You can feel his breath against your clit, and you gasp in pleasure as his tongue circles around it. He licks and suckles, and you can feel the pleasure radiating from your core.
He moves lower, and you feel his tongue slide inside of you. He teases and teases until you can feel yourself close to cumming. He moves his tongue up and down, forcing you to get closer and closer.
And then, you feel his fingers slide up and find that spot inside of you. He moves his tongue and fingers in a rhythm, and you can feel yourself trembling with pleasure as you come. He continues to move his tongue and fingers until your orgasm fades away, and he slides his fingers out of you.
You feel his lips press against your neck, and you can feel his breath against your skin. You can feel his warmth radiating through you as he holds you close.
You push him on his back, sitting up to straddle him.
Immediately, you sink his throbbing cock back inside of you, a guttural moan escaping your lips.
Everything felt raw, like a throbbing open nerve.
“I wanna- I wanna.” He whines up at you
“What? What do you want?” You whine back as you ease down on him
“Want you.” He growled “Mine.”
He leaned up, holding you by the throat and roughly thrusted into you.
He worked his hips hard against your ass as he speared his cock deep inside of you. You relax against him, letting him completely take over.
“Want you to be just mine.” He whispered to you “All mine.”
You whimpered as you felt his hand tug on your kuru. “I want to- ah! I want to be yours Teyam.”
“For life.” He clarifies “As my mate.” He grunts as he continues to thrust into you
“Teyam!” You cried, completely falling apart in his arms, becoming similar to a rag-doll as he fucks you senseless
“How do you feel about that Syulang?” He whispered to you, “Mine forever?”
“Please Neteyam! Wanna be yours!” You cry
He smiles, pulling you against him tightly. One more thrust and he’s done for, spilling inside of you once again today.
The intense burn for you never stopped, his stilled inside of you, pulling you impossibly closer and holding onto you for dear life.
“Wanna make the bond.” He whispered to you quietly
“Tsaheylu?” You whimpered
“Mhm.” He moaned in your ear
“Please!” Your voice breaks him, it cracks as you cry out to him, begging him to make the bond.
His hand gently takes yours, letting the thick braid run over his fingers before he brought it up to your face.
The small tendrils dance around, a shiver runs down your back as you watch it.
Neteyam uses his free hand to grab his own Kuru, bringing it close to yours.
The sight was similar to watching magnets. Both of your queues had a magnetic pull to each other.
You bring your own hand up, and you gently ease your finger over the tendrils on his, making him gasp as they grip onto your finger
“Ah- Ah! Syulang! Mmm!” He moaned out as you played with his most sensitive part
You pull your finger away gently to relieve him.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” He emphasized the “You.”, a worried look on his face, “Because I- I’m completely sure about you, you’re all I’ve ever wanted.”
“All I’ve ever needed was you, Neteyam.” Your bright eyes shined up at him
Neteyam smiled down at you, his eyes now shining as well.
You took a breath before continuing, “I… I see you, Neteyam.”
“I see you.” He beamed at you, “I love you, so much.”
“I love you too.” You gushed
Slowly, he began to bring both queues together. And suddenly, the emptiness feeling you’ve felt since being sprayed in the face by that plant, was gone. Completely filled by Neteyam.
A moment of complete comfort. Complete clarity. Like this was meant to be. Written in the stars. Designed by Eywa.
“I see you!” You cried out to him again
“I see you, my love. I see you.” He embraced you, holding you impossibly closer. “I am with you forever.”
You lean up, kissing his lips passionately.
Neteyam takes care of you in the most tender and loving way. He wraps you up in his embrace, holding you close until the aftershocks of pleasure have faded away. He kisses your forehead and tells you how beautiful and special you are to him. He makes sure you are comfortable and taken care of, and that all of your needs are met.
Gently, he finally pulls out of you, coming down from the intense high of the pink dust. He soothes you with quiet praises, telling you how good you were for him, and that he was so proud of you.
You can feel the love radiating from your lover, and you know that you are safe and cherished in his arms. His aftercare is gentle and caring, and it's exactly what you need after a night of passionate lovemaking. With his touch, you can feel the bond between you growing even stronger.
taglist: @danniackerman @loaksslut
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Neteyam x female human reader x So‘lek
⋆。° ✮ Warnings: threesome (mmf), spitroating, p in v, oral, hints of anal, size kink, praise, reader is basically their human sex toy but she’s into it (and so am i)
⋆。° ✮ this is for my lovely @neteyamsyawntu and was definitely inspired by our conversation from yesterday 😌🩵
Tumblr media
Forming an alliance between clans is a difficult task, but Neteyam has his ways of convincing different na’vi of importance to join the omatikaya. Everyone has a soft spot for something, it’s just about finding out what it is. And by the way the leader of the resistance had been ogling you the first time you met, Neteyam knew just what that soft spot was for him.
"You said you have more humans like her in your clan?" So‘leks voice is calm and steady as he eyes the warrior in front of him. Neteyams grins.
"Many. Like I said, I promise they can be trusted."
So‘leks gaze wanders down to where his hands are squeezing the delicate curves of your hips, so fragile under his touch. You’re warm and soft, and he uses his firm grip to pull you back against his deep thrusts. He enjoys the little noises you make around Neteyams cock, whenever his own brushes against your cervix with ease. Such a small little thing, he thinks.
Tilting his head, he admires the view of your back as it arches further, the faster he pounds you from behind. Despite the suffocating tightness of your sweet little cunt, there comes no sign of distress from you, only sounds of pleasure mixed with the clicking of the dog tags around his neck.
"She’s so tight", he chuckles lowly, his thumbs drawing soothing circles on your hips, "but she takes it so good."
"Hmh", Neteyam purrs proudly, brushing a gentle hand through your hair to keep them out of your face. "I trained her well. She’s always so eager to serve me, am I right? Such a good girl for me."
You make a gagging noise just as the tip of Neteyams cock hits the back of your throat, and then clench around So‘leks. They both appreciate the way you moan around his length in agreement, with low grunts and groans from deep within their chests.
"If all humans in your clan are like her, I’ll gladly join", the warrior smiles down at the little human almost fondly.
You whine and squirm between the two na‘vi, thick strings of saliva dripping from your mouth around Neteyams cock when he draws away. You moan louder as you finally catch a gasp of air, but it’s quickly muffled when he pushes his length all the way back inside your mouth. They continue to fuck you between their two lean bodies, pushing you back and forth, gentle but firm.
"Not all", Neteyam admits with a chuckle, "but if she likes you, I promise to share her again. That is, if you accept my offer and fight with us?"
It’s a question that hangs heavy in the air, and So‘lek is almost too distracted by the pulsing of your sweet pussy as you come around his throbbing length to find the words to respond to the other man. Your moans turn more high pitched as they both fuck you through it, and it amazes him how little effort it takes to get you trembling. He really could get used to this…
"So, are you in?" Neteyam asks, just as he tightens the grip on your hair and pushes your pretty, swollen lips further down his cock. He holds you there for a long moment, So‘lek watching your throat constrict around him as you swallow what he assumes is Neteyams cum, before he finally pulls you off again so you could catch a breath of much needed air.
It’s a tempting offer that only gets more appetizing when the na‘vi in front of you crouches down and seems to be whispering something in your tiny, round ear, before placing a tender kiss to your forehead. A flustered blush spreads over your cheeks as you suddenly shuffle into a different position, your back arching even more and your cheek resting on the cold hard floor now.
"Maybe that will help make up your mind, brother", Neteyam grins a knowing grin as you reach behind yourself and spread your ass for So‘lek to see, the small puckered hole clenching around nothing. The warrior swallows thickly at the sight.
He‘s still inside you, holding onto your hips and keeping himself buried to the hilt. What finally snaps him out of his admiration, is your whiny voice calling out for him.
"S-So‘lek", you whimper, pleading with those big round eyes staring back at him over your shoulder. Pleading for more, something, anything.
So‘leks gaze then meets Neteyams, who nods at him with a cocky smirk,
"Join us. I promise, you will benefit of this alliance."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*cutely whimpers* girlies, we really are in a shortage of dilf jake sully *moans* smuts with inexperienced/young reader😩😩😩 i mean…💔
it is getting so dark outside and much colder, i need him and i need to be wrapped around those big titties and biceps, to the point that i will not be able to breathe or move (a dream🤤) only he could warm me up, you know, i need to be stuffed with his d…
dear santa, please gift me daddy jake sully *😩😩😩* and thank you, james cameron, for giving us the ultimate mega dilf who makes me wanna be throat fucked and carry his babies every time i look at him… 🤰🏻*chooses names*
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Tumblr media
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blooming-words · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can we take some time to appreciate the beauty of his smile? No because it radiates ✨ So much softness in his eyes too 😩🥰
You just cannot! Cannot. Not smile when looking at his little squishy cheeks and smooth fuzzy bunny ears 💕
Y'all. It's unlocking the early grandma reflex. We need to pinch those little soft, plumpy, cushiony, adorable cheeks. So affectionate I swear... 🤤😪
It's not a wish. It's a need!
Imagine having him laying in your lap and you craddle his gentle face with tenderness in your hands while talking about sweet nothings with him 🥺💖
Okay I am out 🏃‍♀️😆
Lots of Love 🤲🏻❤
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Tumblr media
doodle doodle time because i cant sleep
uncensored on twitter: wain_fleets
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Can’t catch me now; N.Sully
Months. Even years after the passing of neteyam y/n cant seem to shake him.
I this is my first neteyam fic so be nice. And i kept hearing this song and I think its neteyams anthem now.
Tumblr media
There's blood on the side of the mountain
There's writing all over the wall
Shadows of us are still dancin'
In every room and every hall
Y/n found herself staring at the ocean from the beach, it hadn’t been long since the war had ended. Since she lost her neteyam. She still couldn’t fathom that he was gone, even though all she thought about was the feeling of his heartbeat seizing, the cries of his mother, and the complete and utter emptiness in her body like all of her insides had just dissolved. Gone. Y/n sighed as tears brimmed her eyes, threatening to spill over. She heard quiet and stealthy footsteps coming close to her before they stopped right beside her. She looked up to see Neytiri. Her heart clenched, as she saw traces of neteyam all over his mother’s face. “It is nice to see you out of your cot,” Neytiri said quietly looking from her to the horizon. Y/n sighed “I hate to be that person, but I don't think he’d appreciate me closing myself off from the world,” she said following Neytiri’s gaze back to the horizon. The Navi took a seat next to her “he wouldn’t” she said.
There's snow fallin' over the city
You thought that it would wash away
The bitter taste of my fury
And all of the messes you made
Yeah, you think that you got away
“How are you?” Y/n asked with a quiet voice. “Furious” Neytiri said simply, y/n nodded “Me too, I want revenge because of all people neteyam deserved it the least.” Y/n said shaking her head “All to save spider, who didn’t even need saving.” She said, cursing to herself internally because she had known he didn’t but he was her friend as well. Neytiri nodded “I know, but just because he isn’t here in physical form doesn’t mean he isn’t here at all. Think about how we connect with Eywa, she is everywhere. In the trees, the breeze, the water, and the soil. We just have to know how to listen” Neytiri said to Y/n. The younger na’vi shook her head “I don't” she said looking up to Neytiri, who turned to return the eye contact. “You will.” She responded.
But I'm in the trees, I'm in the breeze
My footsteps on the ground
Y/n found herself running through the forest, hair whipping at every turn, heartbeat racing using her body went to an abrupt stop. She felt a familiar feeling set in her stomach, one of complete safety and content. She looked around on full alert, the wind had started to blow softly, almost making a barely audible tune, one that only Neteyam had known of. Her stomach dropped and she smiled. She closed her eyes and listened to the tune before whispering “neteyam” and just like that the wind had settled and she was met with complete silence. However, the feeling in her stomach didn’t falter.
You'll see my face in every place
But you can't catch me now
Through wading grass, the months will pass
You'll feel it all around
I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere
But you can't catch me now
No, you can't catch me now
The day was hot and y/n decided she wanted to spend some time in the water with her ilu. Shed been so focused on learning a new trick that she hadn’t noticed anyone come up behind her. Shed had a glance at the water and saw him, in all his glory. She whipped around with a look of shock on her face, only to let out a breath when she saw the person was Jake Sully. he looked at her in confusion “You okay kid?” He asked. Y/n quickly nodded “Yeah, yeah I just thought you were… so body else,” she said, disappointment lacing her tone. “You see him too?” Jake asked. Y/n looked at him shocked, before nodding “Yeah. Like everywhere. In you, neytiri, lo’ak, tuk.” She said looking him in the eyes, studying his expression. “Sometimes I feel him when I’m hunting, his presence is so strong, but as soon as I acknowledge me it’s gone, ripped away over and over.” She said, “All I want is a touch, or a glance, just something.” She finished. Jake came closer to her and brought her into a hug “I know kid. I know.” He said with a quiet voice. Just then the water had begun to ripple making the two break away from each other. Jake’s face mirrored her amazed expression. Jake went to speak but y/n cut him off when she put her fingers to her lips as to ‘shh’ him. He nodded. Y/n began to follow the trail that the water led. And it had led right to the spirit tree, y/n heart dropped. She hadn’t been here since neteyams ceremony. She looked back to Jake who had dismounted his ilu ready to swim down and connect to the tree. Y/n followed right behind him without hesitation. She connected her queue to the tree and was immediately sent in.
She opened her eyes just to realize she had been in her and Netayam's shared cot. She looked around in confusion, neteyam wasn’t in sight. Until light from outside had made itself apparent in the room, she wasted no time turning to the opening. Tears quickly filled her eyes “neteyam?”
Pt. 2?
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quiwilove · 1 day
Like a Tattoo - Prologue
Tumblr media
Pairing: Neteyam te Suli Tsyeyk'itan x Omatikaya!Reader.
Synopsis: Neteyam’s backstory.
Genre: Angst.
Warnings: Depiction of violence, Mentions of blood, Death, War, Arranged betrothal, Grief, ED, Nightmares. MDNI.
Word-count: 3.1k
Author’s note: This will be a multi-chapter series and I thing having a backstory gives the readers(you!) a better understanding of the characters. If you don’t want to read the prologue it’s totally fine! Also this is my first time publishing a work of mine on tumblr, so be patient with me, please! Write to me if you have any suggestions or advice regarding the story.
- At the age of fifteen he had already learned silence.
It was his fourth time at a raid. Everything was planned, calculated to the very last drop.
Jake Sully, the great Olo'eyktan and his father, had stayed till late hours perfecting the plan of their raid. The tent in which they were staying was mostly used for gatherings of all the skilled warriors within the clan including Toruk Makto. The meetings consisted of strategic planning of their upcoming attacks, they would draw on a makeshift map of the area that surrounded the tracks made by their oppressors. The tent was large enough to hold a dozen, it had a lengthy table in the middle making the space feel confined. Air felt thick, hard to breathe in.
Jake Sully had his hands pressed against the rough wood, eyebrows furrowed and eyes searching for an answer that could not be seen. Neteyam wondered if his father’s muscles were always so tense, almost as if they were about to snap.
“The RDA has taken a huge blow on their equipment. They won’t be willing to sacrifice more. I presume they’ll bring reinforcement, Sir.”
“That’s for sure, the question is from where they will hit us.” Toruk Makto’s hand went to trace over the previously drawn lines of the movement they were planning. Ink smudged beneath his fingertips slightly staining them with black. Everyone had left the gathering hours ago, pleased with their work. But to Jake it felt like nothing was finished, nothing felt right.
“It could be from anywhere, Sir. We should be prepared for the worse. Gathering a larger group of warriors on the ground would be our best option.” Neteyam felt confident in his answer, or rather tried to.
“Why so?”
“It would be easier for us to not be seen. Sky people have a pattern to their attacks. They have no ground force, only air force, so-” His fingers traced next to the lining of the tracks on the map. “-if we move here where the trees keep us cover. We would have a greater plane to move across, they wouldn’t know where to hit.” Neteyam’s eyes glanced up to his father’s, searching for validation. But Jake Sully’s face remained stoic thinking over what his son stated.
“Spotters will still be vital for us but only a few are necessary. The less we are seen in the sky the better.” He continued. His father hadn’t uttered a word. The tent's walls painfully closed around, making it hard to inhale. The confidence he once felt had drained from him. An apology for his futile comment was about to slip off his tongue as he took his last sharp breath.
“Come on, we’ll need to get a good night’s sleep.” He patted his son’s shoulder and walked out of the tent. Yes, sir, it was a whisper, almost like he had said it to himself. He leaned against the table folding the scruffy piece of paper, placing it where all the other maps and plans were situated. They smelled like poison. Once you touch them you would be marked with the blood of the ones that died during the raids. You would be part of the reason for their death.
The fifteen-year-old tried to wholly blame their invaders, the men who shot their bullets at them. But after the names of the warriors who laid deceased on the battlefield were announced, guilt consumed his mind. The blood on his hands couldn’t be washed.
Morning had come. Everyone rushed from place to place picking up weapons. Their faces were painted in different colours, masking their fear. No one was sure whether they would live throughout the day. It was a gamble, each of their raids was a gamble with death. All members of the gatherings knew of this - an unspoken truth. A truth that was too hard to swallow. Felt taboo to even think about it, so it was never spoken of aloud.
The young boy’s footsteps matched the ones of all the skilled warriors, the sense of confidence radiating off of them - they were fast and controlled, each step very well calculated. He was marching off to the tent that had been occupied by him and his father many hours ago, knowing that Jake Sully would be there. He needed to apologize for his previous outburst. He felt compunction clawing at him, he needed to learn to be silent - to keep all fruitless comments to himself. Neteyam was consumed by his own thoughts, each yell or noise was blurred only making a slight vibration passing through his skin. Then he heard it. Her voice.
“Neteyam, yawne!” The voice of his soon-to-be mate. She jogged through the crowd, a smile on her plump lips. Her face was decorated with warrior's paint complimenting her seraphic features. Her eyes were big, having so much life in them.
“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be with Kiri and Mo’at helping them?” His eyes narrowed.
“I won’t be needed there.” She took his larger hands into her own, squeezing them lightly. The smile on her face remained. ”I’ll be joining you, fighting with you.”
The scowl plastered across his face deepened. A sudden premonition came over him. He had been terrified of the thought of other na’vi, unknown to him putting their life on the line. But his future mate? He could not let such a thing happen. The mere idea of losing her left him petrified.
“No. You won’t be. You’ll be staying with Mo’at, where I know you’ll be safe.” The Olo'eyktan’s son tried to keep his voice soft.
“Your father told me I can come.” Her hands moved up to his shoulders then to his face, gently caressing his freckled skin. ”I am a warrior, Neteyam. I know how to keep myself safe and… I have you to protect me.” His gaze softened, grasping her hands in his rough ones. ‘How could my father permit such a delicate girl on the filthy field?’ He thought displeased.
Neteyam and Syay had met a year ago, not by fate but their parents. Her family being a respected household in the clan, it was no wonder they would soon cross paths. At first their interactions were forced, neither of them wanted to be betrothed to the other but they knew this was their duty. They had to get along for the clan, for the people. Months went by and the hours they spent together seemed less painful and felt less like a chore.
“Promise me you will stay by my side at all times.” It was a demand. Leaning forward Syay touched her forehead to his. She could sensor the cold sweat clinging to the boy’s skin, his muscles taut
“I will, yawne.”
The brown cloth that was used as an entry was moved to the side revealing several combatants gathered around his father. On the table beneath their palms was placed the worn out map. Their gazes shot like arrows in his way, ready to pierce through the thickest flesh. Agitation was written on their faces, mortality blooming under their skin. Toruk Makto had gathered them once again due to his own fear of failure. The Olo'eyktan was the last to pick up his head.
Neteyam’s posture was awkward, out of place, his fingers still gripping the cloth. Their predatorily stare made him feel weak as If he were to be hunted. Cautiously he took a step forward, the tent’s entrance sliding closed, then a few more steps until he was at the base of the table.
“Sir, may I speak with you?” The young boy spoke with pseudo confidence, all eyes on him but his own bore through his father’s.
“Go on.”
“Privately, if possible.”
Jake Sully dismissed his comrades with a hand gesture. They all exited the tent without questioning. Authority radiated off his father. A thing he admired about him. He often wished to be more like his father - a true leader with no fear.
“I-I want to apologize for yesterday. I was creating some stupid war plan in my head and I thought it sounded smart but after saying it out loud, it lost all sense. I should have-” He was quickly cut off by his father.
“No, you are too quick to blame yourself. You are still learning Neteyam, yes but what you stated previously was quite an idea.” He licked his chapped lips, pausing for a moment “I talked with the other warriors about it. Perhaps you were right about their lack of ground force. What I am saying is that we’ll try out your plan. With that you need to know that you and some of my men will be the only spotters.”
The boy’s yellow eyes widened at the thought. Recognised by Jake, validated. He was proud of himself. The embarrassment he had felt was draining from him but then he remembered. ‘What about Syay?’ His mind raced.
“Father, Syay told me she will be coming with us. She will be with me, a spotter, right?” He leaned over the table with his hands on the edge. The size of the wooden surface seemed to shorten as his father remained silent.
“Look, Syay’s father will be on the ground and she will be with him. We both know he is capable of keeping his own daughter safe so you shouldn’t worry.” Neteyam did the opposite. He began to worry. Even if the best known soldier to Pandora was with his beloved, he would still fear for her wellbeing. He needed her to be next to him, eyes to be locked on her. The boy was painfully aware that on the ground death was promised and mercy was granted to the strongest.
“I want her with me. Switch her with one of your men, the sky is safer and you can easily dodge bullets. I can’t allow her to get hurt. Please understand me, Sir.”
Jake Sully shook his head. Contemplating whether his decision will be fatal later on. He knew his son was responsible but still a child.
“It will be for the best this way. It’s too late to change plans.” Jake spoke and hoped his boy would accept this and move on.
“Sir, I can protect her, she'll be better off with me.”
“I won’t let her out of my sight!” The young na’vi was beginning to bargain. Desperate to be with his Syay.
“Father, please…” There was a pregnant pause.
“A-a-a-h, you must take full responsibility. No playing around, understand me?”
“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” Neteyam let out a small sigh of relief, a breath that was caught up in him from the first steps he took into the tent.
“Now get outta my face.” With that the child warrior left the tent almost too quickly and eagerly.
Ikrans soar through the sky as their riders inspect the air nervously. Before take off all na’vi gathered listening to the words spoken from their mighty Olo’eyktan. His words were like a soothing song to the mothers, wives and children. The ones afraid their family would not return this moon. Neytiri, Jake’s mate and Neteyam’s mother was there, standing close, cradling her youngest in her arms. Prior to going on raids she felt the need to ease her children, hold them close to herself as if they were to perish. She was never too scared of a war, she knew the necessity of it and the sacrifices to be made but as her children grew they joined the war. Their safety was at risk and that is when the fear blossomed within her.
Neytiri’s gaze fell on Neteyam. Many said he inherited the strong features of his mother. The eyes, the nose, the lips all resembled her’s, but she could only see Jake in her son. He had a face stoic but gentle and pure as Jake’s. Her eyes quickly moved to the ikran’s rider gliding next to the young boy. Syay, a girl tough for her age. She was a talented warrior, her bow like an extension of her arm. She never was the type to mess around the other young na’vi girls, to weave baskets with them, to make bracelets together, to even gossip. But this was not looked down upon as her hunting skills out maneuvered the need of acquiring other expertises. Once, Neytiri tried to teach the child how to thread a piece of clothing but soon she understood it was impossible. The child couldn’t even slide a bead on the thread without it disappearing in the ground. Too sloppy with her hands to make a simple cloth but skilled enough with the knife to kill in seconds. ‘Such a strange thing.’ Neytiri would often think.
Before her thoughts could wander any further Jake’s voice boomed through her ear piece. The noise piercing her ear drums.
“We are approaching the target. Be ready.”
Bullets hit their target, fire spread on the ground, na’vi screamed and cheered. If a painter had the chance to portray the scene that absorbed the battle ground, it would have been a grotesque depiction of the colour red, splashed all over the canvas. Another shipment vehicle had been taken down. Quickly, the soldiers started searching through the containers with the intention of finding valuable weapons. In spite of that, a thud of empty boxes could be heard. It didn’t even take long for Jake Sully to realize that he had been tricked. He took the bait. Shock was what he felt, which was swiftly outlived as many dark and gruesome thoughts absorbed his consciousness. Depictions of everything in their plan going wrong.
“Sawtute!” Humans.
Jake cursed under his breath. He looked around and saw all the combatants looking in his direction, ready to take action, to listen to his command. At once it went silent. A painful silence. And so he began to scream and yell. But he couldn’t hear his own voice. Deafening ring went all around the plaine. The humans have begun their maschere. Their firearms pierced the air and then the flesh of the na’vi.
“Fall back!” The Olo’eyktan yelled. Some soldiers ran, others shot at the helicopters soaring in the wind. Several fell and the other remained. He, himself, fought however he could, but their opponents were too strong. The fight wasn’t fair and they were greatly outnumbered. An ignoble fight, a bloody and messy war.
“Dad!” Neteyam called though the throat mic distressed.
“Are you okay, son?” A premonition came over Jake.
“Dad, I don’t know w-what happened. I-I was on the ground with Syay, she-“ Neteyam’s voice broke and a pained cry erupted from his throat. “She wanted to help her dad with the cargo and-“ Jake’s patience was thin.
“What happened?!” The Oly’ektan screamed.
“Syay is dead, dad!”
The silence. Present again. A helicopter crashed 10 metres away from Jake Sully. But the silence continued. Neteyam shook with every breath he took. Stream of tears and snot went down his chin onto the burning ground, as he held his soon-to-be mate. He held her tightly, close to his chest. The hot blood that stained his skin and clothes didn’t bother him. He thought that if he held her for long enough she would come back to life, and her chest would start to rise and fall. But she was still, awfully still. The young boy wailed, unable to accept the inevitable. ‘At least her father was next to her. At least in her final moments she was next to the people she loves.’ He thought. Lucky.
With eyes red and hands trembling, Neteyam was found embracing Syay by his father. The battle was ongoing around them, but it didn’t seem as if the boy cared.
“Let me see you.” His father ordered him. The boy-soldier looked at his father with desperation. Jake brought his hands to touch his son’s scraped face and then observed his body for any fatal injuries. Relieved, the man then turned his attention towards Syay who laid next to his son. A sense of bitterness went through him as many memories of the sweet girl were brought back into his mind.
“Your mother will be here soon, she’ll take you home.”
“But-“ Neteyam didn’t want to leave his precious girl, however war comes with its many sacrifices and heartbreaks.
“Learn to be silent.” His voice was sharp. Neytiri soon landed with her ikran.
The following hours after the battle ended, the usually turquoise sky was gray. The na’vi mourned and grieved their losses. After Neteyam’s family understood of the death of his ‘soon-to-be’ mate and her father, they were all devastated. Misery loomed over them because of the major loss. However they couldn’t sulk for days to no end, because they had duties - the people were waiting for them.
Months went by, the funerals passed. Neteyam still blamed himself for everything that went on during the infamous battle. He continued to think that if he were more assertive and stern, he and Syay wouldn’t have gone to the ground where all hell broke loose. He thought that maybe… he should have been the one shot. Neteyam couldn’t sleep for days without having nightmares. Food for him seemed almost unpleasant. He was carrying the burden of death with himself. …But as many say, time heals. The said words would often cross his mind, a simple reminder that life continues. Thus, he devoted himself to work. Every chance he received, he would occupy his time with chores and training, no time for rest as it brough unwanted thoughts. The Omatikaya clan was looking up to him as the next Olo’eyktan in line and the expectations were high.
Five years later…
The Sullys had to take a leave. They had to depart from their people, their clan. The RDA hadn’t backed down and only grew stronger with time. Recently, Colonel Quarich came back from the dead in search of his target - Jake Sully. Not long ago, Neteyam’s siblings were under grave danger when they were captured by the dream walkers. In result, Jake took the hard decision of leaving their home for the good of the people and themselves. He was soon stripped of his title of Olo’eyktan and there was no turning back. The younger Sullys were distraught by the unexpected news, but it wasn't up to them to decide, so their pleas and bargains didn’t affect anything. Neteyam, already an adult, 20 years of age, was rather objective about the choice as he understood the vital nature of the resolution and he didn’t say a word.
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caffecal · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
atwow characters as humans compiled together!
tried making the human sully kids resemble themselves more + cleaned up my sketches of the metkayina kids
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starneteyam · 11 months
🖇️ char. Neteyam x Omaticayan! fem! reader
🖇️ warn. Spicy, jealousy, fluff
🎥 In which Neteyam is an extremely affectionate boyfriend whose love language is physical intimacy, and when some Metkayinan boys start getting a bit too flirty with you, be gets jealous and sulks
A/N Just a short drabble
Tumblr media
Neteyam was your mate, and you were his. Ever since he first hooked his eyes on you a year ago, he had been obsessed with you in every way. The way you looked at him with loving eyes, or the way you never complained whenever he held your hand while you did whatever you needed to do. You understood Neteyam loved being physically intact with you.
When he was sitting next to you, even that wouldn’t be enough. He would lay his head on your shoulder, or hold your hand, or wrap his arm around you. Around his family, he would play with your hair—the tiny unbraided strands of your goddess braids, or he would just hook a finger around yours.
He had separation anxiety, though you would never comment on it. You didn’t mind, one bit. You thought that part of him was adorable, like a little puppy.
Because you were his mate, it was decided that you would move to Awa’atlu with Jake and his family, leaving your family behind. You were heartbroken, having to leave your siblings and parents behind, but you said your goodbyes and left anyways.
When you arrived at the Pandora Reefs, Neteyam never let go of your hand, not once. But this time, it was to reassure you. When Au’nong and Rotxo stepped forward, he pulled you behind him, while they smirked.
At your new home, he huffed in displeasure. “They were looking at you.” He sulked, sitting next to you with his head on your collarbone, your body leaning against the wooden pillar, his pointer finger hooked to your pinkie.
You smiled reassuringly, shaking your head. “And I was looking at you, Neteyam.” You told him softly, playing with the bead on his braid. Your heart was full, your throat tightening at how adorable he was.
Another instance was when you were at the beach with Tuktirey, accompanying her and looking for seashells on the shallow waters. The two of you knelt on the sand, her laughing in joy. “Look, there’s one!” You laughed, pointing at a pink shell when you heard the water behind you splashing as if somebody was walking near you.
You turned around, seeing a stranger your age walking up to you with two of his friends. You furrowed your eyes. “Tuk, come here.” You whispered, ushering her.
She whimpered in fear as you grabbed her arm and pulled her behind you. You then stood up. “What’re you doing?” The boy asked, tilting his head. You gave him a dirty look. “Can I help you?” You asked, ignoring his question. His friend laughed. “We just want to get to know you, chill out.” He shrugged his shoulders, and you tried your hardest not to roll your eyes.
“I like your hair.” The third guy commented, running his fingers through some braids on your hair. “We should hangout sometime, I can show you some islands around here.” The first guy said, smiling. You huffed, frowning.
“Excuse me.” You mumbled, making sure to keep Tuk away from the guys as you walked past them, and away. “O-Okay! See you around!” The guy yelled after, and you shook your head in disbelief and sighed. Pathetic.
Unknown to you, Neteyam had seen it all. He had the urge to go in and just punch those guys square in the jaw, but after fighting the Au’nong and his friends yesterday, he was sure his father would skin him alive if he were to cause more trouble.
So instead, he stayed out of sight, and watched quietly as his nails dug into his palms. He was glad you quickly had left and even barely spoke to them, displaying your clear unliking to them, but still, he couldn’t help but feel jealous.
Later that day, when the sky was dark, you stood in your home, your back turned to the entrance as you were busy taking the leaves off of berries Kiri had picked. You heard Neteyam enter, turning your shoulder and glancing at him. “How was your day, Neteyam?” You asked, not having seen him all day. He stayed silent, which you ignored. If he didn’t want to talk, he didn’t have to talk. You respected that of him, because you had your moments too.
You heard him dropping his things on the floor, then walk up to you. Without saying a word, his hands slid around your waist, pressing himself against your back as he kissed your shoulder. You smiled, leaning your hair into him as you continued to pick at the berries. His butterfly kisses trailed up your shoulder, to your neck, and his kisses became longer. Your breath hitched as he started sucking softly on the skin on your neck, his thumb rubbing your stomach.
“Neteyam.” You whispered, turning your head slightly towards him, but he ignored you again. You were confused on why he was acting this way. His tongue pressed against the bruises on your neck, before he turned you around and kissed your lips. You immediately responded. “Netey- mm- What’s- Mmph!” You tried talking, but he kept cutting you off by kissing you, each kiss more aggressive than the last. “Shh.” He hushed quickly, before kissing you again.
You did as told, letting him pour his feelings out on you. Your fingers brushed his back, tracing his spine upwards, before lightly tugging on his hair. He pushed his lips against yours, trying to get as close as he could to you, his eyebrows furrowed. He felt goosebumps on his skin as your tail brushed up the inside of his leg. After leaving his final kiss on you, he hugged your waist, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
Surprised, you looked at him, before smiling softly and rubbing his back. “What happened, Neteyam?” You asked quietly, closing your eyes as you leaned your head against his. He was silent for a couple heartbeats, but then finally spoke. “I saw those guys trying to hit on you today.” He whispered, and it almost broke your heart—how cute he was. You laughed at his sulking sight, hugging him tighter. “Neteyam, you are too perfect for this world.” You told him, kissing his head.
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ollisid · 10 months
“Mighty warrior” Neteyam. Sketch
Tumblr media
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bubblebaththoughts · 9 hours
Neteyam x Fem!Omatikayan!Reader
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+ MDNI, p in v, loss of virginity, semi-innocent reader, corruption kink, cutie caring Neteyam, 18+ MDNI!
The morning started off slow for you, yet the day seemed to go by in a blur.
There wasn’t much you had to do today but right now you were heading home from a little hunt with your best friend, Neteyam.
He was going on and on about this girl he met the other night and you had begun to tune him out, his little sexual endeavors no longer interested you.
“Is everything alright?” Neteyam interrupted your train of thought
You must have spaced out on your walk home, as the clan was now in sight, not too far now.
“Yeah, I’m alright.” You responded distantly
“How are you feeling?” Neteyam prodded
“I feel good. Why?” You ask, turning your head back to look at him briefly
“No reason.” Neteyam shrugged “Just figured it wouldn’t hurt to check on you.”
“Well I’m fine Neteyam.” You smiled, now facing your path again
“I- I have a question.” He hesitated
“Okay, Um- ask it then.” You responded, not sure where this was going
“How come you’ve never…” He looked around, making sure there were no other listening ears “Done anything?”
Your eyes squint in confusion, “What do you mean?”
“I mean, you listen to all of my experiences but you’ve never told me anything about your own.” He explained, his face now faced the ground as he scratched the back of his ear
“You mean like… sexual things?” You now whisper as your face burns in embarrassment
“Why are you saying it like it’s a bad thing?” Neteyam queried, his hand grabbing your elbow to stop you in your tracks
“I- I mean it’s definitely not a bad thing, but I, I don’t know, it’s just never happened for me.” You stuttered out, your voice almost quivering as Neteyam towered over you.
“Never?” Neteyam’s head tilted in confusion “So, what, you’re a virgin? Really?”
“Shush!” You smacked his chest, making him laugh in amusement
The two of you had been best friends for years, so it wasn’t a particularly uncomfortable thing to talk about with him. But, still, you found it embarrassing for yourself, and you avoided eye contact with him.
“How do you release stress?” Neteyam asked, almost laughing as he looked down at you in amazement “How can you hold out for so long?”
“Because I’m not a sex addict?” You quipped, making him laugh once again
“I’m not an addict. I have a healthy relationship with my sex life, actually.” He grabbed you by your chin, forcing you to look him in the eye, “You can’t just ignore it.”
You shove his hand away, “Leave it alone, Neteyam.”
“I’m sorry, every word that’s coming out of your mouth just intrigues me more.” Neteyam laughed
You try to push away from him, but he has a strong hold on you.
“Have you, at the very least, ever been kissed, sevin?”
Your eyes widen and your face flushes with embarrassment when once again.
“No?” He analyzes you with his eyes carefully, as if he’d never seen you before now. And, to be frank, he probably had never seen you quite like this before.
“Can I ask you a more personal question?” He asked, his eyes still boring into you
You scoff, “Does it get anymore personal than this?”
“Yes or no?” He insisted, taking you by the chin once again to force eye contact
“Fine.” You stared up at him, awaiting his question
“As I was saying earlier… um, to relieve stress, be honest, do you touch yourself?” He asked, rather bluntly
Your eyes widened like a deer caught in headlights, “W-what do you mean?”
Neteyam’s lips pull into a small smirk. “You know, at night, after a long day…” His hand slipped down to you hip, pulling you gently against him. “When you get all alone…”
“No… No I don’t…” You take a breath, “I don’t do that.”
“What a shame…” Neteyam laughed, his hand squeezing at your hip
“Really?” You asked, eyes wider than ever
“I mean… you are missing out… but who am I to judge you for the pace you decide to take?” Neteyam shrugged
“Neteyam… I don’t like that I’m so inexperienced… but now…” You begin to try and explain but Neteyam cuts you off
“It’s alright, it’s never too late, believe me.” He reassured you
“But, I don’t even know how to… you know.” You hinted, now avoiding his eye contact again
“Touch yourself?” He teased
“…yeah.” You nod
“Just… explore yourself… I don’t know how to explain it without… showing you.” He advised
“That’s not helpful.” You laughed
“I mean, if you want, I could… help you.” Neteyam suggested “By showing you.”
“I don’t know…” You looked away from him
“Exactly! You don’t know. Which is why you should let me help you.” He urged, humorously
“This isn’t a joke Neteyam!” You whined, pushing at his chest
“No, it’s not.” He said, seriously “I do want to help you, let me help you sevin, please?”
The second you agreed he was on you.
His lips connected with yours in a passion that you felt you could never recreate with anyone else.
He pulls both of you off of the beaten path into the wooded area that could cover you both. He lays you down on the mossy ground and sinks in between your legs
You feel a tingle of excitement as Neteyam begins to touch you. His hands are gentle and kind as he guides you through the motions of self-pleasure.
He moves your hand up and down your body, slowly caressing each area as he talks you through it. His words are soft and encouraging, telling you what to do and how to do it.
He takes you through the steps of stimulating yourself, explaining each sensation as it passes through your body. You can feel your heart racing and your breathing becoming more and more shallow.
Neteyam uses his fingers to separate your slick folds, and then he uses your fingers to trace over his touches.
“This right here, your clit, that’s your main focus.” He brings your fingers over it
Neteyam smiled up at you, he wanted to comment on how wet you were, but he didn’t want to embarrass you further. Though internally, it boosted his ego and simultaneously made his mouth water.
He guides your hand lower, lightly touching your most intimate areas. You blush at the sensation, embarrassed and aroused at the same time. He teases and tantalizes you until you can't take it anymore and you let out a moan of pleasure.
“Feeling alright?” He asked, looking up once again
“Mhm.” Was all you could manage
Without any warning to you, Neteyam began to ease one finger into you.
You gasp in surprise, making Neteyam smirk up at you. You desperately clench around his finger as he carefully prods at the spot that made you feel the best.
He continues to massage and caress you, slowly and gently pushing you deeper and deeper into pleasure. You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge until finally you reach the peak of pleasure and let out a loud cry of ecstasy as you experience your very first orgasm.
“There you go, you feel so good.” He whispers to you
Neteyam's hands are still on you, gently soothing and calming you as you come down from the high. You feel exhausted but incredibly satisfied. You turn to him and smile.
“Neteyam, can I ask something from you?” Your eyes had a slightly worried look in them
“Of course. Anything.” He nodded, his hand resting on your hip
“I, I want you to…” You sigh, unsure how to form your words
“You want me to…?” His eyes stared at you intensely “To what? Use your words.”
“To be my first.” You practically whispered
“That’s what you want?” His head tilted slightly in concern “Me?”
You nod, at this point you were ready to just disappear in to the mossy ground you were both lying on.
“Okay… I’ll do it.” He looked at you, almost as scared as you were. “I’ve… never been with a virgin though, I don’t want to hurt you.”
“No it’s alright.” You placed a hand on his shoulder “I want it to be you, I’d rather it would be you that hurt me than anyone else.”
With a gentle touch, he takes your face in his hands and leans in to kiss you. His lips are so soft, and his kiss lingers as his hands slowly make their way around your body.
His touch is so gentle and loving, it sends shivers down your spine. His hands keep exploring, sending sparks of pleasure through your body. He is so patient and understanding, and you feel safe and comfortable in his arms.
You felt a rush of heat flood through you and you opened your mouth to welcome his tongue. His lips moved with yours in a passionate dance that sent shivers down your spine. You felt his hands slide down your back and cup your bottom, pressing you even closer to him.
You could feel his hardness pressed against you and your legs began to tremble in anticipation. He pulled away for a moment, his breath hot against your neck, and you felt your heart pounding in your chest. He took your hand and led you to the bed, his gaze never leaving yours.
He lays you down and hovered above you, his body covering yours. His lips moved down your neck and you felt his hands slide up your thighs. You gasped as his fingers brushed against the most intimate parts of you and his tongue explored the sensitive skin around your nipples.
“You’re really sure about this?” He asks one last time
“Yes.” You make eye contact with him, he could see the fear in your eyes but continued anyways.
Your heart raced and your breathing was heavy as he moved up and positioned himself between your legs. You felt his hard cock press against you and you let out a whinper as he slowly entered you.
“Mn- So- fuck- So tight.” Neteyam grunted softly
“Ah- Neteyam!” You cried out for him
“Right here baby… It’s alright, doing so good.” He groaned as he bottomed out inside of you “Sque- Fuck. Squeezing me so much.”
Your fingers dig into his biceps as you whine for him. A mix of pain and newfound pleasure overwhelming you. He gave you a long few moments to adjust to this new sensation. This new stretch.
“Can’t believe you hid this tight ass pussy from me.” He groaned as he began to gently grind his hips against yours “Shoulda let me in here a long time ago.”
He nestles his head into the crook of your neck, deeply inhaling your scent.
Slowly, he began to rock in and out of you.
He slides his hand along your thigh, feeling the warmth of your skin beneath his fingertips. His touch is gentle, yet firm, and he knows exactly how to handle your body. His lips brush against yours, and you can't help but melt into his embrace.
He kisses you deeply, exploring your mouth with his tongue. You moan as He continues his gentle, yet deep thrusts into you. His hands explore your body, caressing and teasing you, all of the combined feelings turning you into a quivering, trembling mess.
He takes his time, savoring every moment.
“Doin’ so good for me.” He mumbled against your lips
He drove deep into you, intentionally deep, and your cries of pleasure fill the air. You can feel the intensity of his passion as he brings you ever closer to the brink.
“Oh, you gonna cum for me again?” He asked, sounding beautifully breathless
“Neteyam- Yes!” You cry for him.
“Mm… I might just cum for you too.” He groaned as you squeezed around him
His hand reached down, easily finding your clit again and began to rub gentle circles on it, giving you another leap towards the edge.
The sensations were overwhelming and you clung to him as he moved faster and faster. You cried out as your orgasm swept through you. You felt him tense, and then still.
Just as you begin to calm down, he grabs your hips and pushes in deep, filling you with his warm cum.
“Uh- Fuck.” He moaned, his head thrown back as he stilled himself completely.
After a second, he gently pulled out.
He lay beside you, his arms around you, and you felt a wave of contentment wash over you.
“Thank you Neteyam.” You whispered
“Mm, you’re welcome…” He peppered gentle kisses on your neck “From now on, all mine.”
“What?” Your eyes went wide
“You. You’re all mine.” He smiled against your neck, “C’mon, rest now, you did so much today.”
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jujouzdk · 10 months
Tumblr media
This movie lives in my mind 24/7
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w-i-s-e · 10 months
Tumblr media
sully family photo human edition by @calsz0ne on Twitter and @caffecal on tumblr
click for better quality
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cosmictheo · 11 months
𝐢 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐛𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 | 𝐧𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐲𝐚𝐦
Tumblr media
(gif credits to @peace--n--love)
— summary: ao'nung calls you the way neteyam usually calls you, which makes him feel jealous and insecure, but that finally pushes him to confess something he has been feeling for too long. — pairing: neteyam x female!na'vi!reader — word count: 2k —warnings: pure and comforting fluff, ao'nung being ao'nung (an idiot), love confessions, jealous!neteyam, neteyam being the purest and most beautiful angel.
* Neteyam is aged up, for obvious reasons, of course; he is 19 years old. * Sluyang means flower.
neteyam's playlist i made for inspo
writer's note: english is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error. hope you like it!
Tumblr media
You liked to observe the beauty that Eywa gave to Pandora, you were still surprised by how beautiful the forest and the places it could hide, even after having grown up there and having been all those years among its leafy trees, even so, the forest hid secret and beautiful places, worthy of being seen and found by only those chosen ones.
Your mother was sure that you had a special connection with Eywa, practically since the day you were born and opened your eyes for the first time, green as a pair of emeralds. She told you that you had come into the world for a purpose, that you were Eywa's chosen one, in fact, those were her last words to you before she passed away in your arms, haunted all her life by an illness from which she never got better. And since then, Jake and Neytiri had taken care of you, accepting you into their family as if you had always been one of them. You soon became close to their children, especially with Neteyam, as you were close in age.
And because of that special fascination you had for the forest and nature in general, Neteyam made a habit of always bringing you things from his many explorations and hunts, things that reminded him of you; flowers, leaves and even rocks, bright and beautiful, out of the ordinary, that stood out among everything else, just like you.
“You don't have to, 'Teyam.” You always said every time he came to you once again with a new gift. But he would simply shake his head, offering you a charming and gentle little smile, ever so kind, ears slightly bent and gaze so bright every time he met yours that it seemed to dazzle you, leaving you completely mesmerized.
With a coy smile you tried to avert your gaze from his, analyzing the object now in your hands. “Really, it's not necessary.”
“I like to do it.” He would simply reply, seeking your gaze with his big, captivating, coaxing eyes, as if it were something insignificant, something that didn't matter, something that wasn't like the nicest thing anyone had ever done for you. And you would do nothing but grin at him. You couldn't stop smiling, your cheeks felt almost numb, but you were happy, content, he made you happy. And you knew that this, in the long run, would bring serious consequences, not so good, you supposed.
And now, in the huge ocean, when you thought nothing would surprise you anymore, Eywa seemed to turn every assumption you had upside down. Jake had taken you with him and his family to the place where the Metkayina Clan lived, leaving the Omaticaya behind, leaving the shelter that the forest offered you, to now be surrounded by the ocean; salt water and sandy land.
They had been kind enough to accept you into their home and to show you their ways, noting the great difference from your own, but, apparently the younger members of the clan were not as friendly to strangers as the older ones.
Ao'nung had been rather harsh with you, especially Kiri, whom they had addressed as a freak, as they had nicknamed her, and from there, the problem grew larger, for you and Lo'ak had taken up against them in her defense.
“Look at her.” Ao'nung called out, following Kiri like prey, looking at her with big, disgusted eyes. “Is she a freak or something?”
“Don't call her that.” You stated in a not at all friendly tone, scowl and defiant eyes looking up at the chief's son, pointing at him with your index finger and thus causing him to move backwards. “You have no right to call her that, did you hear me? The Chief's son or not, I'll kick your ass.”
With a tilt of your head, you stated the threat, making him snort ungraciously, looking at you with a raised eyebrow.
“For such a pretty little girl, you sure have a big mouth.” His big eyes narrowed as he spoke, demonstrating a smug attitude as he heard a couple of snickers from his little friends at his words. “You are one of us, little flower. Why you waste your time hanging out with these aliens?”
“Hey!” Lo'ak exclaimed, appearing at your side, fists clenched and face angry. “Don't call her that, get away from her!”
“Please, leave us alone.” Kiri grumbled behind your back, hearing how now, you were the target of annoyance from the little group.
Your mouth hung open wide, totally offended now, feeling the fury shake your body from head to toe, your tail wagging angrily as you lunged at him at the same time you heard an 'oh uh' from Lo'ak.
But your movement was halted as you watched as a body larger than yours stepped between you and the bully, leaving you in view of nothing but a broad back you knew all too well and blocking Ao'nung's smug, sneering face from your view.
“That's enough.” Neteyam said in a stern tone, deep voice and tense body, always as diplomatic and calm as ever, braids moving under the command of the wind and his head, which rose slightly, giving him a more stern and much more menacing stance. “As long as we are here you will treat my family with respect and call no one by other than their names.”
His head moved so that he could look at the faces of the little group that had formed, friends of Ao'nung, as silly as he was, apparently, but who, in Neteyam's presence, seemed to have been brought back to reality and put back in their places. They were not so foolish after all, they knew that against him they would have no choice but to flee. Cowards.
“(Y/N) is just fine for you, got it?”
“Whatever.” Ao'nung replied, rolling his eyes and starting to walk, bumping his shoulder against Neteyam's as he walked past him, his eyes met yours for a couple of seconds and he offered you a smirk, making you grunt and by the time you could take a step towards him, a hand found itself on your forearm, stopping any act of violence you had planned to do.
“Cowards.” Kiri spat, rolling her eyes.
When you looked back, Neteyam was looking at you with eyes, dark, but now filled with concern, his fingers barely caressing your skin before he pulled away from your arm.
“Are you okay, syulang?”
You rolled your eyes, sighing heavily. “I'd be better if I'd beaten that skxawng—”
“Hey.” He interrupted you, noticing how your ears were still bent and your tail twitching behind your back and he laid both of his hands on your shoulders now, in an attempt to reassure you, giving you delicate petting strokes. “It's okay, it's all over now.” His gaze traveled to his siblings behind you, moving his head and face transforming to one of authority, chin up. His voice came through loud and clear, almost scolding. “Home, now. You've had a lot for today.”
Lo'ak lifted his hands, looking incredulous. “But they were bugging-”
Neteyam was quick to interrupt him. “Home. We will talk to father later.”
The younger boy let out a snarl and without further ado, began walking back to where his family was staying, followed closely by Kiri, who kept a glum face, arms crossed over her chest.
And now, all of Neteyam's attention landed on you, as it naturally did, as his body always seemed to do instinctively, even though he didn't even intend to, he always focused on you, as if you were the center of the universe, the sun of his world, the core of his heart, the magnet of his mind and the horizon of his eyes. He saw you. He had always seen you. And practically everyone in his family knew, perhaps everyone on the whole planet, except for you, of course.
Neteyam had expressly refused any offer or even, even idea from his parents to find him a Tsahik as his position as the future leader of the clan, it was his duty and it behoved him to follow to the letter the duty that rested on his shoulders as the future chief, but now, all that had been left behind with his leaving. Now all he cared about having was you. All that mattered was you.
With a beautiful sunset behind him, he began to speak to you once again, hands gently running over your shoulders and arms, becoming more attentive, affectionate, but still concerned. His brow furrowed slightly and you knew immediately that a scolding was coming now. “What were you thinking, hm? Fighting them all?”
He was always like that with you, especially when you were alone together. Neteyam never felt he was enough for his father, and he too never seemed to be satisfied of him, let alone see all that his son did for his family, for his siblings and for him, but with you, with you everything was different, he could be different, he could be himself and he knew that was enough for you, you made him feel enough, you made him feel special.
“If that's what I had to do for protecting Kiri, Lo'ak and their family's honor, of course.” You answered immediately and with your words, sounding so sure and affirmative, Neteyam felt his heart be flooded with a most familiar warmth, an emotion quite well-known to him whenever you were near him and said things such as those, always putting others before yourself, putting the welfare of his family before yourself.
A smile tugged at Neteyam's lips, admiring you with bright, big eyes, his hands trailing down your shoulders, sliding down your arms to your hands, taking them between his own tenderly, fingers toying with yours absentmindedly as he watched the clear size difference.
“He called you little flower.” Neteyam stated after a silence of a couple of seconds, twisting his head. His jaw was clenched and ears barely tilted back. “I call you that.”
You bit your lower lip, holding back the smile that threatened to curve your lips at his clear display of jealousy. He was upset about it and you had to reassure him. Your fingers caressed his wrist, tracing imaginary lines down his forearm. “I like it better when you do it.”
“I sure hope so.” He smiled again and tugged on your hand, inviting you to walk with him, both of your hands tangled between his arm, and he didn't waste a second in drawing you to him. “I want to show you something.”
. . .
Neteyam had found the spot walking along the local beach, it was a bit far from the place where his family was staying and it was far from the town in general, but that made it a perfect location. It was a small bay, surrounded by coastal vegetation, a couple of palm trees and soft silky sand, but what was really amazing, was the glows of bioluminescence under the clear ocean water, algae of all colors, small animals swimming, with the sunset light bathing exquisitely over the turquoise sea.
It was beautiful, of course. But your reaction at the sight of it was even better; mouth half-open, eyes huge and amazed, face in wonder.
“'Yam… it's beautiful.” You murmured in a soft, barely audible tone of voice, but he was right next to you, as close to you as possible, so he could hear you perfectly. His fingers were intertwined with yours and he pulled you with him across the sand to the perfect place to sit.
“Yes it is. I found it as I was passing by... I immediately thought of you.” His gaze lowered with a hint of embarrassment flashing across his pretty face. “I know how much you love nature, all the things our great mother has given us, so, I thought, you would like it.” He stated and then shrugged, attitude becoming quite braggy now. “I've seen more beautiful things, though.”
You rolled your eyes, pushing your shoulder against his in amusement as you wrapped your arms around your knees, admiring the scenery in front of you. “Don't lie now.”
“I'm serious.” He laughed, looking up at you, analyzing every expression on your pretty face. “I'm no liar, you know that.”
You raised an eyebrow, turning your head so you could look at him now. “Really, huh? So what have you seen? What possibly have you seen prettier than this?”
Neteyam smiled thinly, stirring his arm lightly, his hand passed down your back, resting on the sand, fingers fiddling with it. “Something prettier than this?”
“Hm.” You hummed, looking at him curiously.
His ears perked up, gaze dropping to his lap, steeling himself inside, trying his hardest to calm the nerves that were practically eating him alive. And then, he moved his eyes up your body, until he met yours. “I'm looking at it right now.”
Your breath hitched and your mouth parted, feeling your body freeze. Your arms fell to either side of your body, adjusting your position.
“Nete…” You whispered in a shaky voice.
“Yes, sluyang?” He tilted his head softly. “I'm being honest.” He swallowed saliva, his hand trailing up your arm, caressing your shoulder and tracing your jaw, down to rest on your cheek, fingers tracing every inch of skin he could, arranging your hair and tucking it behind your ear. “I've always seen you as the most beautiful thing…” His lips trembled, faltering for a few moments. “I see you, (Y/N).”
You closed your eyes and rested your forehead against his, nuzzling his nose against yours. “I see you too, Neteyam.”
He closed his eyes too, caressing your face with his. “When that idiot called you flower and treated you that way… like you were nothing.” His hands cradled your face now, and you rose up to face him, completely silent, breathing agitatedly. He was breathing in an agitated way too, looking frustrated, disturbed. “I was furious. They should respect you. Every one of them should know that you are mine and they should treat you as such, as my equal, as my mate.”
You opened your eyes to find his eyes already on you, your fingers stroking his arms subconsciously. Your lips brushed his as you opened your mouth to speak in an agitated voice. “I want to be yours, Neteyam.”
“I can't pretend anymore.” He declared between shaky breaths, gaze traveling between your eyes and mouth as he shook his head. “I don't care what anyone else says, I don't want anyone else. I have already chosen. I just want you, (Y/N)... I was made for you.”
“Then just take me.” You murmured against his lips before joining them with yours in a needy, agitated kiss that felt as if everything at last, made sense, as if life had been created just for this moment, as if you had been brought to life just this moment, for each other.
It felt as if all the constellations had aligned for you, as if you had all the stars just for you, and that was given just once, you knew. Everything made you feel as if Ewya had created you for each other. You were made for each other and perhaps the Great Mother had aligned the whole universe for it, for you.
“I am yours.” He promised. “I always have been.”
Your legs tangled between his as you landed on his lap, being drawn in by his arms chaining themselves around your body, massaging your waist, tattooing his touch on your skin.
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